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Updated: 2010-12-23T21:38:30+00:00


2010-12-23T21:38:30+00:00 I forgot to add that here is some valuable info on the styles on onesies.


Some cool pajamas:


For the first time ever both my teenage son AND daughter have a latest “must have” item of clothing. An all-in-one jumpsuit that has appeared at several parties recently and been swapped around between the boys and the girls. They all want to wear them to the festivals. I can...

Adult Onesies | Footed Pajamas & Footie Pajamas for Adults


You probably remember footed pajamas made for adults. They were all the rage back in the mid 1970s but as time passed, the craze faded away. But now they are back and more popular than ever! Today's adult footed pajamas are flying off shelves everywhere and they are being offered...


Adult Onesies | Footed Pajamas & Footie Pajamas for Adults
Adult Onesies | Footed Pajamas & Footie Pajamas for Adults

Barbados and the Oistins fish fry with Joel Garner


So far, so clichéd. But then you look up and see a line of dignified elders, waltzing along the waterfront to the unlikely strains of Kenny Rogers. For any connoisseur of Caribbean nightlife, the setting would be instantly recognisable: it is Friday night at Oistins, Barbados. The men are smartly...

Caribbean holidays: 2010 deals and tips for summer savings


Well, the big advantage is that it's low season there. This means that beaches are less crowded, it's easy to secure a table in smart restaurants in Barbados, you won't bump into Michael Winner and, perhaps more importantly, hotels and villas charge up to 50 per cent less than in...

Riga, Latvia: The perfect break


This year, Riga is better value than it has been for several years. Thanks to the recession, prices in restaurants and bars have returned to more realistic levels, and even the hotels are cheaper due to a cut in their VAT from 21 per cent to 10 per cent. Get...





not many goals in the world cup so far