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The world's fastest motorcycles.

Fri, 16 Jul 2010 09:09:00 +0000

________________Image source: Free Pictures of Spain Hang onto your hats; we're going for a ride. The Superbike sector which was created during the seventies, would allow mere mortals such as you and I to ride something akin to the machines that our heroes use on the track. Of course we all ride sensibly, but to have that spare capacity in hand is something wonderful. Nobody's had this much power between their legs since Marilyn Monroe died. I can hear you all screaming 'Hayabusa', but here are a few others that turn heads (quickly). To avoid favouritism, I've listed them in alphabetical order. You can make up your own mind.Aprilia RSV1000RThe V-twin power unit is going to generate 143 HP and push you up to 175mph if you're that way inclined. Experience in top class racing has allowed designers to come up with a frame that weighs in at less than 10,000 grams. Introduced in 1998 this bike is not only quick, but has the looks to go with it.BMW K1200SIf I said 'Zero to Sixty mph in 2.8 seconds' you'll know where I'm coming from, and after that it just keeps on accelerating. With a top speed of 167mph, you ain't going to be late very often. I've never had the pleasure of riding this shaft driven beauty myself, but they say that the comfort and handling are second to none.Ducati 1098s160 horsepower and 169mph apart, this is one sexy bike. The high tail section gives the impression of speed, even when the bike is standing still. The whole bike only weighs 173kg, giving the highest torque to weight ratio of any production sport bike ever.Honda CBR 1100XX Super BlackbirdProduction of this superb machine began 1997. The Blackbird gave high performance and touring comfort. At 178mph this bike won the title of 'The World's Fastest Production Bike', stealing the glory from Kawasaki. Some wag once said that the Blackbird cut through the air like a surgeon's scalpel and I can see where that analogy came from. To my eyes, this bike is just beautiful.Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14Known as the ZZR1400 in Europe and Japan, this is Kawasaki's flagship model in the Sport bike sector. It takes just 2.5 seconds for this bike to reach 60mph and has a top speed of 186mph. It can cover a quarter mile from a standing start in less than ten seconds.MTT Turbine Superbike Y2KCreated by Ted McIntyre of Marine Turbine Technologies Inc, this bike is only the world's second wheel driven motorcycle powered by a turbine engine, and doesn't it move; 227mph to be precise. It has a Rolls Royce Allison 250 series engine and is recognised by Guinness World Records as the 'Most Powerful Production Motorcycle'. If you want one, you'll have to find around $150,000.MV Agusta F4 1000RReleased in 2006, this bike which could whizz you up to 185mph in rapid time set a world record at Bonneville Salt Flats and won the title of the 'Fastest Production Class 1000cc'. Massimo Tamburini, the designer had this to say about his creation 'The dream of every design engineer is to come up with the most beautiful sports motorcycle in the world, then turn it into the fastest, most exclusive sought after and powerful on the market. This was my dream too. I wanted to feel the reactions of a racing bike that could put every available ounce of power through to the ground beneath me'. You know, I think he may have cracked it.Suzuki GSX1300RAh yes, the famous Hayabusa. Introduced in 1999, this bike is capable of reaching a speed of 190mph. 'Hayabusa' is Japanese for Peregrine Falcon, a bird known for its speed. The bird is also a predator of the blackbird, which also happens to be the name of the previously fastest production motorcycle. Makes you think doesn't it?Yamaha YZF R1Introduced in 1998, this machine brought the sector nearer to a true racing motorbike. Its 1000cc engine powers the bike up to 176mph. In June of 1997, Nick Sanders of the United Kingdom completed a circumnavigation of the globe riding a YZF R1. His time of 31 days, 20 hours set a record for the fastest motorcycle circumnavigation. He covered 19,930 miles in breaking the record.The original article, along with other motorc[...]

Fast pocket bikes for the Fastest road companions.

Fri, 16 Jul 2010 08:57:00 +0000


Image source: Free Pictures of Spain

Fast Pocket Bikes are shaped in form of mini motorcycles and therefore they are those cute little dynamites always ready to set the road on fire. Constructed robustly with aluminum or steel frame, it is so easy to have a go with these darlings on road. However, how much speed the bike will pick up depends upon the form and weight of the person riding the bike.

The speed of these pocket bikes is a bit slower when compared to the regular motorbikes running on road. It all depends on the size. The miniature forms of these fast pocket motorbikes make you go a bit slower than usual. They are the fastest trend, rocking the world with their speed and strength.

The variety

What is most fantastic is that pocket bikes of the fast variety can run on both gas and electricity. Those powered by gasoline are cheaper because they utilize negligible amount of gas and they are faster too as they can reach great heights with an extra amount of speed and velocity.

Pocket fast bikes can reach to a speed of 50mph but they are not allowed to be driven on any public roadways. If you are a novice, you have to be a bit of extra careful with these pocket bikes. Remember, they are not toys. They are machines for you to start with.

Among these particular lot, those with more power and price are meant for adult experienced riders. They are not for kids who will love to go mad with speed without that extra amount of maturity and sincerity required to run a machine on road.

When you ride a pocket fast bike be sure to take some safety measures prior you plan to venture with the speed. When planning to ride a fast pocket bicycle you should look for a clear open area with less chances of obstructions or injuries. Over crowded areas are not preferable for these particular bike types.

These mini fast motorbikes are simply works of art. Like regular motorcycles, fast pocket bicycles too come in different varieties. Quality and durability are the two key characteristics you should usually look for while planning to purchase a fast pocket motorcycle. For this, it is better that you turn to several reputed companies. Mini pocket bikes are light in weight and so they can easily be transported from one place to another.

Mini fast bikes are not just any motorcycles on the way. They are highly specialized miniature GP Racing motorcycles. They are quite fast with sophisticated 2-stroke racing engines. They have hair-trigger acceleration and can easily hurt you if you are not familiar with fine motor skills.

Therefore, it is essential for you to know that it is a pleasure and a skill to go riding with a pocket fast motorcycle on road. Before you plan to purchase, be sure to gather some information about the model you opt to buy. The fun you are to experience is indeed unique and unexplainable.

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All about motorcycle batteries.

Thu, 15 Jul 2010 18:54:00 +0000


Image source: Free Pictures of Spain

When it comes to buying Motorcycle batteries, or any batteries most people make a terrible mistake by choosing the least expensive option that is available and save the extra cash. However, buying cheaper batteries that are available in the market today will eat up all your savings in the way of maintenance. Moreover, people always have a misconception that all the batteries are the same and they don’t even check the specifications of the batteries.

As the number of motorcycles donning the roads motorcycle batteries come in as many shapes, sizes and power capacities. Each machine's demands vary so very much from that of the others that the manufacturers of motorcycles opt to have batteries from the battery manufacturers. The charging rates of the motorcycle batteries, the discharge rate, the duration and optimum amperage and voltage of discharge define the electrical properties that differentiate each battery from one another. Making a comparative shopping for motorcycle batteries will enrich you with lots of details about the battery industry for vehicles.

It is a well known fact that motorcycle batteries eventually wear out over time and will slow down. This happens because, as time goes by, the sulphate used in the batteries flow over the plates and thereby reducing the conductivity. When you think that it’s time to replace your motorcycle battery, take care that you never remove the battery, leaving the engine on. Another important thing to be noted when removing a motorcycle battery is to make sure that you always remove the negative cable before removing the positive. This process should be reversed when you are installing a new battery.

Installing a new battery to your bike needs atmost care and caution. If you have purchased a conventional non sealed battery, you may need to activate your motorcycle battery. Activating is nothing but adding acid and charging the battery to the point of optimum functionality. This is done by removing the sealing tube, and filling the battery with electrolyte. After filling the battery with electrolyte, leave the battery idle for about 30 minutes. After that the battery has to be charged to the optimum point. Then optimum charging time for a new battery is 3 to 5 hours at approximately 1/6 of the rated capacity.

Sealed motorcycle batteries require much less maintenance and never require additional electrolyte. . Note that you should connect the positive cable first before connecting the negative. Be cautious while attaching the cables so that you identify the correct positive and negative terminals. Reversing the polarity will explode the battery or inflict a great deal of damage to your bike's electrical system. If you are not sure about installing a new battery, get the help of the experts. You can seek the help of the motorcycle battery suppliers from where you buy the battery. Firms like septechnologies sell batteries online and also are experts in the field. They will be always ready to help you in installing or charging or removing your motorcycle battery.


Honda isn't just a popular car company they are also one of the biggest motorcycle makers.

Wed, 14 Jul 2010 11:56:00 +0000

Image source: Free Pictures of Spain

Known for their relatively inexpensive, fuel efficient cars and trucks, Honda has far more to offer. You may not know that Honda is also one of the world's largest motorcycle manufacturers. Better yet, their motorcycles are some of the finest made.

As early as 1949, Honda began turning out high quality bikes. By the year 2005, there were manufacturing plants in more than twenty countries and more than 150 million bikes were sold to eager riders. As years passed, their bikes became better and better. Many of the best motorcycle models were created at the hands of Honda.

Perhaps the greatest of all Honda models, the Valkyrie offered a six cylinder, inline engine. Liquid cooled with a 1520cc boxer, the bike soon became a top selling model. There was no V Twin design here. Instead, Honda went for power by using six different carburetors and lining the cylinders up in opposite directions instead of at angles.

Unfortunately, the great engine noises and smooth idle was not enough. In 2004, the final Valkyrie model, the limited edition "Rune" was sold. Only used Valkyrie's remain on the market, otherwise you must choose from other excellent bikes.

Honda offers both large and small motorcycles. Their bikes are also suited for both street or off road biking. The CR85R, with its 85cc engine, is an excellent starter bike for a teen. Off road models like the CRF50 or XR650L also deliver strong performance and a powerful ride. Meanwhile, the Interceptor is a dream bike for handling daily traffic. If a larger bike is more to your liking, the Goldwing is the man?s bike with plenty of size and power.

Beginners are probably best on the CRF50. The 49cc engine and automatic transmission offer a great bike for honing skills. With three speeds, a 21 inch seat, and a weight of around 100 pounds, youth riders will soon have the training they need to tackle larger motorcycles.

XR650L is a much larger off road bike. It is a single cylinder model that delivers plenty of torque and a low rpm. No bike can beat the XR650L at hill climbing and hairpin turn performance.

The aforementioned Interceptor is an award winning bike and has not lost its title for eleven years. It is one of Honda's motorcycles that are currently on display in New York?s Guggenheim Museum. Even without awards, that does not stop millions of riders from relying on Honda for their riding pleasures.

Regardless of your needs, big or small, on road or off, Honda is sure to have a model that suits your fancy. You are guaranteed many years of top notch performance at a price you cannot resist. With a Honda, you know you are in for a real treat.
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The 50cc pocket bike , ride along and enjoy yourself.

Tue, 13 Jul 2010 11:39:00 +0000

Image source: Free Pictures of Spain

The 50cc pocket bike is actually designed to look like a mini motorcycle. They are usually made of steel or aluminum and are sleek and small. These bikes do not have much speed but are a lot of fun in riding over the hills.

Pocket bikes are very popular nowadays as they give you the same kind of sensation as when you ride a motorcycle but only they are little slower. You should buy a pocket bike according to your size and weight. Different varieties are available with a host of dealers and you should be able to find a bike, which suits your style.

The different types of Pocket bikes

Pocket bikes may be run either on gas or electricity. Pocket bikes that are run on gasoline will be cost effective as they use up very little gas and also will be faster than on the ones run on electricity.

The bikes that run on battery are cheaper than the gas powered ones but they are just as exciting to ride on. Moreover, they are better for children as they do not pickup high levels of speed.

Pocket bikes may be purchased in the department stores or motorcycle shops. But before buying, decide what you are going to use it for. With this in mind gather more information from the dealers. This helps you in choosing the safest and the ideal pocket bike for yourself to have fun with.

What to buy?

If you are planning to use your pocket bike just for fun, you will have to spend around US$400 upwards whereas if you are intent on racing you will need to spend much more to get that perfect bike. The ones manufactured in Italy are considered of the best quality and hence costlier. These are recommended if you intend to race. The Chinese variety is much cheaper and ideal for recreation. So spend your money wisely.

For your own safety

As the 50cc pocket bikes are quite small, they are not very comfortable. When you go for a test ride be sure that your body parts are not touching anything that they should not. After all this is looked into, you can easily control the turns in your bike. Be sure to buy accessories like a helmet, gloves, leather jacket, and chaps as they will protect you in case of an accident.

Moreover, be sure to make enquiries about spare parts availability. These 50 cc variety of pocket bikes include:
1. Engine of 50 cc with loading of 100 kilograms
2. Start and brake
3. Suspension
4. Front line and rear line
5. Drive
6. Battery

With all this in hand, be ready now to buy yourself the perfect pocket bike.


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Quality harley davidson parts for one great machine Yamaha fairing.

Mon, 12 Jul 2010 10:55:00 +0000

Image source: Free Pictures of Spain

By: Andy du

With the company that has built its name to become one of the most respected manufacturers of top quality motorcycles around the world, there is no doubt that each Harley-Davidson part is assured to fit in the category: superior. (

Harley-Davidson was founded in 1903 and had rolled-off thousands of motorcycles since then. For more than one century of motorcycle manufacturing, the company had gone through several times where its toughness is challenged. It is seemed obvious that Harley-Davidson has gone through all. But the real test is not within the company. The real test is outside- on the road where each Harley-Davidson motorcycle is being tested everyday several thousand times over- by Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners around the globe.

What makes each Harley-Davidson motorcycle a living legacy? The answer can be found in the motorcycle itself. From the overall look of the motorcycle, to the tinniest moving part inside the engine, Harley-Davidson is superb.

Of course, every Harley-Davidson part contributes on how the motorcycle performs. The suspension parts provide the smooth ride to the Harley. The seat gives the rider comfort while cruising down the road. The infamous v-engine gives each Harley-Davidson motorcycle the power to conquer roads. The handlebars give the motorcycle the stability that each rider needs. The paint provides the exterior look of the Harley.

The different decals make each Harley unique from another Harley. The wheels roll the motorcycle to any place of any terrain. The transmission parts give better run to the motorcycle. And every Harley-Davidson part contributes to how Harley behaves on the road.

It is not surprising that each Harley-Davidson owner would want to infuse a little something out of their personality to their motorcycle. This the reason why there are several Harley-Davidson parts available just to provide better performance to the motorcycle. There are also several Harley-Davidson parts that are made to transform the stunning Harley into a more interesting motorcycle on the road.

Some Harley-Davidson parts act as an accessory. Some of these are the fender trims and instrument trims that highlights the fender and the gauges to become more attractive; the exhaust system that makes each Harley look more sporty, saddlebag and sissy bar bag that act as an accessory and provide additional storage room, backrest pad that gives extra comfort while you ride, windshield that creates a tougher look on the motorcycle, and more. (

With Harley-Davidson parts, your motorcycle can posses the best look possible.
This article is free for republishing.


With Harley-Davidson parts, your motorcycle can posses the best look possible.

This article is free for republishing
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Top 5 wintertime motorcycle tours.

Sun, 11 Jul 2010 09:44:00 +0000

________________Image source: Free Pictures of Spain Just because winter is right around the corner doesn't mean that you need to lock your bike in the garage. There are plenty of places where the sun is warm, the air is cool, and the scenery will take your breath away. Winter provides the perfect excuse to get out of your local environment and take your chopper on new and exciting adventures. In this article, we'll take a look at five of the most beloved bikers choice locations for a wintertime motorcycle ride.Southwest: Las Vegas, NV to San Diego, CA - 333 milesBikers Choice! It doesn't matter what time of year it is, Las Vegas and San Diego are always nice and warm, and so is the path between these two interesting cities. On this trip, you'll ride through beautiful Lake Havasu, Lake Gregory, the infamous Death Valley, and Palm Springs. Make sure to budget extra time in San Diego and in Vegas, both of which are ideal to tour from the seat of a motorcycle.Pacific Ocean: Big Sur, CA to Ensenada Mexico - 500 milesBikers Choice! Coast Highway is one of the most scenic views in all of America and the view continues down the coast road into Mexico. On this tour you'll experience a wide range of scenery from the natural rocky coast of Big Sur, through the beaches filled with sunbathers in Los Angeles and San Diego, and down into Mexico where the food is delectable and the manana attitude promotes relaxation.Arizona: Cottonwood, AZ to Eager, AZ - 210 milesIf you're seeking a relaxing tour with little traffic and lots of scenery, this motorcycle ride through Arizona's state route 260 is ideal. High deserts and dense forests paint the backdrop as you cruise through some of the United State's most interesting landscapes.Florida: Orlando to Key West - 393 milesBikers Choice! This trip takes you from the home of Disneyland, to the tip of the Florida mainland, and across the gorgeous blue waters as you ride through the Florida Keys. If you're looking for a shorter ride, start your trip in Fort Lauderdale or Miami, but don't miss out on the amazing cruise over the long bridges that connect the keys.Baja Mexico: San Diego to Cabo San Lucas - 1059 milesBikers Choice! This is a trip for the serious rider. It will take you approximately 15 days to cruise from San Diego down to the southern tip of Baja Mexico. Make sure to set aside some cash to pay the tolls along the way. Once in Cabo, there is no lack of relaxing ways to occupy your time like fishing, golfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.Before you set out, be sure to gear up with all of the proper safety equipment and any custom motorcycle parts that will make your trip more enjoyable. If you don't want to worry about towing your motorcycle to your starting destination, find a place to rent one in the area. Whatever you do, don't set aside your passion for riding during the winter months-consider the season a reason to have an adventure! Free Articles DirectoryAbout the AuthorAuthor is a freelance copywriter. For more information about aftermarket motorcycle parts, visit[...]

Take a vacation like this on your motorcycle.

Sat, 10 Jul 2010 21:51:00 +0000

________________Image source: Free Pictures of Spain Are you an adventurer? Do you have the spirit of a wanderer? If so, then the hottest new trend in vacation travel, a motorcycle vacation, may be just the ticket for you. Whatever countryside you enjoy, and whatever bike you ride, a motorcycle vacation promises great fun and entertainment.Imagine a history buff that uses a motorcycle to explore old Civil War battlefields. Wilson's Creek in southwest Missouri, Pea Ridge in Northwest Arkansas, and the site of the battle of West Port near the Plaza in modern day Kansas City are all easily accessible by bike. Or, if exploring the west is more your thing, take a trek out west, starting in Sedalia, the scene of the first recorded cattle drive in history. Then on your bike trace the other cattle towns of the old west like Wichita, Parsons and Dodge City in Kansas. Then keep heading west to Colorado the mile high state and visit Estes Park. Go a little south and visit Colorado Springs, park your bike for a day and take a tour of the Air Force Academy and look at the grounds of Cheyenne Mountain, home of Norad.Still yearning for more western adventure, then you can ride your motorcycle to New Mexico and visit Lincoln County where Billy the Kid and his Regulators raised a ruckus in the 1880's. New Mexico has great camping in the mountains near Cloudcroft, so be sure to take the opportunity to visit and if you feel up to it, sleep under the stars, with your trusty motorcycle near you, like a cowboy's horse.While in New Mexico the Apache reservation at Riodosa offers a chance to try your luck at slot machines and the wheel of fortune. Then a visit to a great Mexican restaurant and on to the town of Roswell, site of the 1947 UFO crash that some people say made history. When you get to Roswell you can either take your bike to a campground, or park it at a nice reasonably priced motor hotel so that you can spend some time in the UFO Museum and Research Center on Main Street. While there you can visit with some witnesses to the crash and hear some fascinating stories, and take a side trip out to the ranch outside of town where debris was found, and some say small alien bodies were recovered. When you've seen all the UFO sites you feel like seeing, you can visit the Robert Goddard Museum next door to the Town's convention center. Goddard is the father of modern rocket science. He performed many of his experiments in the desert near Roswell and the museum is great fun. When you get done in Roswell, then hop on the bike and go to Albuquerque near Holloman Air Force Base, and then on down to White Sands rocket test ground. New Mexico is full of interesting sites. If you head up north, be sure to his Santa Fe and appreciate the Native American arts and crafts on display.Next stop on your bike tour should be Las Vegas, Nevada. The most exciting town on earth is just a hop, skip and bike ride away. Here's a chance to really gamble, or if you don't like to bet, then just stop in at one of the casinos to try a very low priced, delicious buffet. It seems like all the casinos have great buffets and try to outdo each other. You'll enjoy them all. Remember too that this is a town made for entertainment. Try one of the shows on the strip, or a comedy club or magic act.Now, after visiting Las Vegas, it may be time to go on to the one place that no motorcycle vacation can be complete without visiting, Sturgis. The town of Sturgis, North Dakota is legendary among those who ride motorcycles, and the town people know how to make a biker welcome. Stop in for a root beer and buy a T-shirt as a souvenir of your trip. You'll be glad you did, and you'll remember your motorcycle vacation for years to come. Hop on your biike, be it hog or Honda, and enjoy the ride.source: Articles Directory About the authorGregg Hall is a consultant for onl[...]

Harley davidson,king of motorcycles.

Fri, 09 Jul 2010 21:41:00 +0000


Image source: Free Pictures of Spain

Harley Davidson. The name means motorcycles. In business for over a hundred years, the company is universally acknowledged as the manufacturer of some of the world's finest motorcycles, and justly so.

Beginning in the mind of William Harley and the backyard of his friend, Arthur Davidson, the pair created a 'motorized bicycle' that has evolved into the standard for fine two-wheeled transportation.

Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, their first bike didn't even have enough power to make it up the small hills of the town without pedal assistance. The pair were undaunted. Within a few years they were producing vehicles for the military fighting WWI and it's been the standard for military and police bikes ever since.

From 50 motorcycles produced at the original factory in 1906, the company has grown to produce millions that are sold around the world.

'Harley', 'Choppers', 'Hogs' and other nicknames became attached over the years. Choppers are bikes that have a front fork angle extended, moving the handlebars back. 'Hogs' came into being when live pigs were ridden around on the back seat after winning a race. But whatever you call them, Harley Davidson motorcycles - with the exception of a short-lived hiccup in the 1970s - have always been the gold standard of bikes.

Their large, powerful engines and distinctive pipe sounds make them recognizable before they even round the corner. Seeing one cements the impression that the viewer is watching greatness drive by.

They figure prominently in the major rallies, the Daytona in Florida in March, the Laconia in New Hampshire in June and the Sturgis in South Dakota in August. Thousands of Harley owners attend and there are inevitably a few dropped jaws at the sight of some of the customized versions.

The Harley Owners Group, H.O.G., founded in 1983, now has over 1,000 chapters with over a million members worldwide. Many don't even own a bike. But the passion for this exemplar of motorcycle engineering is the same, even so. You don't have to own a Rolls Royce to appreciate one as an example of excellence in motoring design.

Beyond the bikes themselves, there are co-branded jackets, helmets and hundreds more items carrying the Harley Davidson winged emblem recognized the world over. Though they contribute a modest percentage to the over $5 billion in annual revenue, the advertising is priceless. As if anyone needed to be told that Harley Davidson makes motorcycles!

There are thousands of Harley Davidson forums online - three times as many as there are for Yamaha. One of the few serious competitors for the crown of motorcycle design. BMW, Victory, Honda... many strive - some come close - but Harley Davidson remains the champion. A title they are unlikely to relinquish anytime soon.

After all, there's only room for one at the summit of the tallest peak.


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Some ways to make your Harley match your personality.

Thu, 08 Jul 2010 13:06:00 +0000


Image source: Free Pictures of Spain

I like to observe other bikers and usually get a chuckle out of trying to match the biker to the bike. It's a fun pastime when we are sitting out on the deck on Sundays at Cocodries on Navarre Beach where they have a big biker party every Sunday. Oh, by the way Navarre Beach is in the Florida Panhandle!

Anyway, back to my story. I remember one biker in particular that was easy to match up to his bike. He was an older buy who looked like a mountain man with a huge long beard and everything he had on had fringe on it. Guess what? So did his bike!

There are many accessories that you can get to customize your motorcycle and make it more unique and original so that it doesn't have that straight off the showroom clinical look to it. I don't know about you, but the whole reason to own a Harley is to stand out from everyone else on the little rice rockets! You may have other reasons. You may want to add an accessory to your bike because it fits with you and your taste or for practical or functional needs like a luggage rack or a windshield.

Thank God that everyone has different tastes in choosing ways to customize their Harley. If not they would still all look the same and not only would it be self defeating but a waste of money as well.
Some people opt for minimal customization on their bike and others go all out. There really is no right or wrong, you just do what is right for you. After all it is your bike and your personality. Heck, I just saw one the other night that had blue neon lights all in the motor, it looked cool but I don't know that I would do it.

When it comes to deciding on how to choose accessories for your Harley, I would suggest that you decide on what you want out of your bike. Sit back and have a look at yourself. What kind of biker are you anyway?

If you are the speed demon show off type that wants everyone to see how fast his bike is you may want to look at getting your engine rebuilt for increased horsepower. You can never go wrong with a lot of Harley chrome either, that just says Harley and right when you think you have enough of chrome, you find some more in that motorcycle accessory catalog.

Almost every Harley Davidson motorcycle owner at some time or another has thought about adding an accessory to their bike. It isn't very often you see a stock Harley Davidson! Don't let yours be one.

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Motorcycle road trips in north Florida.

Wed, 07 Jul 2010 12:56:00 +0000

________________Image source: Free Pictures of Spain With bike week just around the corner, bikers from all over the country are pulling their motorcycles out of winter storage and cleaning up their leathers in anticipation of a motorcycle rally like no other. While Daytona is definitely the place to be the week of March 5th, Florida offers some great stretches of road through pristine landscapes to some great biker destinations.About an hour and a half north of Daytona on A1A lies the bustling beach community of Jacksonville Beach, which will be our focal point because, well, that's where I'm from! On any given day you'll find bikers and their motorcycles parked and hanging out at the Jax Beach Pier parking lot. Just across the street is the famed biker bar Mango's, a great place for bikers to meet, have some good home cooking and shoot some pool. Summer weekends will generally find some heavy metal band performing outside on the covered deck.Our first day trip will start from Jax Beach and head north on A1A to Fernandina Beach, a quaint little island town with its own unique attitude. If you follow A1A north, after bearing left at Mayport Naval Station, you will be cruising through the marshlands at the mouth of the St. Johns River and come to a dead end at the ferry in Mayport Village. A traditional fishing village, this is where most of north Florida gets their seafood. Shrimp boats, party boats, and deep sea charters line the docks, and you can even take a gambling cruise from here. If you're hungry, there's an old wooden shack sitting on the water that serves some of the best seafood available. Singletons is not much to look at, but it's been there forever and people drive for miles to sit on the water enjoying the freshest of Florida seafood, while watching the pelicans scrounge for theirs.Taking the ferry across the river, you'll once again pick up A1A heading north. To your right you'll soon see a huge barren sandbar that was formed by the northern jetties at the mouth of the St. Johns. On the eastern edge are the jetties, the Atlantic Ocean, and a beach that is packed with babes of all shapes and sizes. The western side has a lagoon and the Fort George River inlet. A very wide beach at low tide, vehicles have been swallowed up and swept away by the Atlantic because of people parking just a little too close to the water, and taking a walk in the dunes. A great place for jet skiing, swimming, fishing and surfing, Huguenot Park also has a campground with primitive and RV camp sites and showers.For the next several miles, you will be cruising through some of the most pristine and unspoiled wetlands in Florida. Island hopping through little and big Talbot Islands and the Timacuan Preserve, this coastal area is one of the few in Florida untouched by development, and will theoretically remain that way. Flora and Fauna abound, and nature lovers flock to the area in kayaks and flatboats to navigate the waterways in search of trout and redfish.Heading across the Nassau Sound Bridge to Florida's northern most barrier island, the developments once again start to pop up. World renowned resort Amelia Island Plantation has vast acreages of condos, single family houses, an Inn rivaled by none, and a huge convention center that draws business from all over the world. A community within itself, the Plantation strives, and has done a good job, of preserving the natural habitat.Not to be outdone, the Ritz Carlton is just a few miles north and is also a magnet for the well to do, with a golf course and all the pampering the Ritz is known for!Almost there, we take A1A into downtown Fernandina Beach. An old fishing village like Mayport, Fernandina is much larger and has many unique and historical buildings. The waterfront is speckled with shrimp boats and deep sea [...]

Own the best motorcycle tire.

Tue, 06 Jul 2010 09:05:00 +0000

Image source: Free Pictures of Spain

All motorcycle parts are essential and tires are one of them. Tires have different types, sizes and surfaces for varying types of motorcycles. Dirt bikes and other racer's bikes use tires that have spikes. Street bikes, on the other hand have smooth tires.

Tires advance with time. In fact they have become more and more sophisticated in time. Manufacturers have come up with different types of compounds that range from super soft and sticky to hard and a bit sticky. Aside from compounds, there are also different applications. Some are for sports while others are for touring, tracking and cruising. These constant changes are indispensable.

Tires are also susceptible to outgassing. Literally, what happens is that parts of the tire escape into gasses due to heat thus, altering its chemical composition. As a result, rubber becomes pliable and brittle, making a sluggish tire performance.

Nowadays, how do you describe the best tire? Tires, in general, have different characteristics or profiles. Thus, the best tire depends on the standards of riders. It is a compromise between speed, mileage and wear. Some tires have very stiff surfaces and pointy profiles. Others have very soft sidewalls and very round profiles. Therefore, you must choose the tires that will give you confidence in riding. It will surely give a boost.

Tire profiles form a great part of the rider's riding satisfaction. Pointy profile makes a quick turn-in possible. It can also give the largest contact patch while learned over. Nonetheless, it can make the bike jumpy and unstable. Round profile, on the other hand, gives the rider a feel of stability and neutrality. However, it is not give the rider the feel to sharply and easily swerve.

To be able to own the best tire suited to your motorcycle performance and compatibility, you must have ample knowledge on tire details. Another remedy is to talk to your trusted tire dealers or motorcycle stores. Some of the trusted motorcycle manufacturers are Dunlop, Metzler, Bridgestone, Michelin, Avon, Pirelli and the likes. You can grab great deals to get your dream tires at a less expensive price. Be sure to get quality tires for your bike. This will keep your performance soaring and your drive electrifying!

To sum it up, finding the best tire depends on the rider's style, ability and preference. Know first what you want and what you are as a rider, then you can proceed to choosing the best tire for you.


Driving for fun,children's motor scooters.

Mon, 05 Jul 2010 12:44:00 +0000

________________Image source: Free Pictures of Spain In recent years the interest in motor sports has trickled down to younger generations who have now fueled the growth of children motor scooter drivers. Kids younger than 10-years-old have become enthusiasts of riding scooters. Scooters have long been a popular toy for kids and the introduction of motor scooters boosted the demand for children's scooters even more.To appease the growing demand for kid's motor scooters, manufacturers have released all varieties of designs that are tailored for the comfort and safety of children.The diverse selection of motor scooters designs has and continues to increase the popularity of the product among young kids. With each new kid motor scooter model a manufacturer comes out with, the features and accommodations made just for kids become more specific and specialized to better serve the fun and safety of the drivers. For the first time child scooterist there are several starter scooters, with or without a motor, that have the same design as the original t-stand scooters, except a second rear wheel is in place. The two rear wheels act in the same manner as training wheels on a bicycle to help with balance.Beyond a basic starter scooter for kids, the motor scooter designs become more creative and sometimes elaborate. There are several inexpensive types of children's motor scooters with designs mocking full sized vehicles. Because children will not be driving their motor scooters as legal vehicles on the road with automobiles, the scooter designs do not have to meet any requirements to make them street legal. Safety measures are still taken but this factor allows more leeway on the creative designs. These scooters not being street ready also lets the manufacturers make smaller designs, which are more appropriate for young kids.New motor scooter favorites of many young kids are those with a chopper motorcycle design. These scooters are fairly compact like the t-stand styles but the seat, handle bars and wheels have changed position to make a miniature mock of a chopper.Exterior plastic covers are in place to further complete the chopper look. Other creative motor scooter designs completely change the stereotypical designs of scooters by setting them lower and on four wheels. These designs are created to imitate luxury vehicles and classic cars. For the most part the exterior casing is what makes the design what it is. The engine and other functioning parts are very similar or identical to other scooters.Children are not going to drive their motor scooters on streets as a regular vehicle, but safety equipment laws are in place, similar to those set for commuter scooters. The laws and regulations will vary in each state, but in most areas a mandatory helmet law has been set, usually for children under 14-years-old. To enforce the importance that children wear proper safety equipment, some areas issue $50 tickets or fines to violators of the rule. Laws working this way will most likely allow the fine to be dropped if a parent or guardian can prove a helmet has been purchased for the child after receiving the ticket.source:[...]

Motorcycle group rides for ringtown woman.

Sun, 04 Jul 2010 12:36:00 +0000

________________Image source: Free Pictures of Spain Motorcycles with names like Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and more were lined up along Main Street in Shenandoah on Sunday for a good cause -- helping a young woman and her family deal with current and future medical bills.The gathering of motorcycles was sponsored by Thunder Road for "New Lungs for Brittany" as part of a number of events to benefit Brittany Zelinsky, 18, of Ringtown, who is in need of a bilateral (double) lung transplant. Zelinsky and her parents, Gina Hart and Len Margaritondo of Ringtown, are waiting for the phone call that compatible lungs have been found for the transplant.When she was three years old, Zelinsky was diagnosed with a rare lung disease called primary pulmonary hypertension. At the time, the doctors told her parents that she only had a few months to live. However, thanks to a medical research program at Presbyterian/ Columbia University Medical Center in New York, Zelinsky far exceeded the predicted life expectancy so that Zelinsky was graduated earlier this month from North Schuylkill Junior-Senior High School. She will study medical office technology at McCann School of Business and Technology.Time is taking its toll, and Zelinsky's lungs are malfunctioning to the point where they are causing her heart to enlarge, requiring the lung transplant as soon as possible. As the condition worsens, the heart itself can be damaged.The motorcycle run idea began with the help of Tammey Piekarsky, Shenandoah Heights, who is Zelinsky's cousin. She approached Thunder Road owners Bob and Ang Babarsky about a fundraiser."She (Zelinsky) took sick in January, but she started doing a lot better and went back in March for a checkup," said Piekarsky. "They thought she might be able to come off the transplant list, but they decided to bump her up on the list because her heart started to swell and her aorta started to stiffen."After the change on the transplant list, Piekarsky approached the Babarskys for some help. "I just wanted to come up with some kind of benefit, and there are so many bike runs around, and I thought it would be a good idea. I talked to Bob and he was very interested."There was no monetary goal set for the fundraiser, said Piekarsky. "We're just trying to raise anything we can to help out," Piekarsky explained. "Once the transplant happens, she's be in six weeks of intense therapy afterward, and the family will have to stay in Philadelphia. The money raised with help with the financial burden.The transplant will be performed at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia."They (parents) have the pager and everyone is on standby," said Piekarsky. "They did two sets of lungs, but they were rejected by the hospital because they weren't strong enough."Piekarsky thanked the Babarskys for their generous help in this instance"Thunder Road burned down and the community came together to help him," said Piekarsky. "And when I did come to Bob, he was more than willing to help with something like this. I can't thank him enough."The motorcycle run began at 1 p.m., with more than 30 motorcyles leaving Shenandoah along state Route 54 to go through Girardville and Ashland on the way to Lavelle, then to Pitman, Hegins and into Pine Grove, where there was a short break at Buddy's Log Cabin. The next stop was Sweet Arrow Lake Road, took the back roads into Cressona, and head back to Shenandoah. The riders returned to Shenandoah about 4 p.m.Zelinsky, her parents and family were on hand to greet the returning riders, many who stayed for a fundraising party with live music by four bands -- Syre, Nemesis, The Beaten Path and Root 54.Financial donations can be made directly to "New Lungs for Brittany" fu[...]

The Rise of the motorcycle.

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________________Image source: Free Pictures of Spain Economic woes and rising gas prices have led to a significant increase in the number of motorcycle sales. Between 1997 and 2006, yearly motorcycle sales jumped from about 356,000 to almost 1.1 million bikes. Not surprisingly, when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released their motor vehicle fatality report in 2007 the number of motorcycle deaths increased by almost 7%. That was the largest jump in fatalities for the motorcycle sector since the government began keeping statistics for them in the mid-1970s.Although all 50 states and the District of Columbia require a license to operate a motorcycle, only a handful of them require a rider education course. Most states will issue a license with only a passing written exam score and on-cycle skills test. With the ever increasing number of motorcycle riders there has been a surge in the number of programs offering training classes. Unfortunately, the number of class participants does not equal the number of inexperienced riders on the road. This lack of training and experience have contributed to the ever-increasing fatality rate in motorcycle accidents.Coupled with the dramatic increase in motorcycle sales and inexperienced riders, many states also began repealing their motorcycle helmet laws, which continues to lead to increases in motorcycle fatalities. Without head protection riders immediately decrease their likelihood of surviving a crash. Although not all motorcycle helmets are created equally, the Department of Transportation has set standards for the helmets they approve. The safest helmets weigh at least three pounds, bear a “DOT” sticker, have a full visor and have a thick protective inner core that is at least an inch thick. According to the NHTSA data, simply investing in and wearing a safe helmet can increase a rider's likelihood of survival in a crash by almost 37%.There are other safety equipmentconcerns when riding a motorcycle. The stereo-typical image of a rider is one dressed head to toe in leather, heavy boots and a full-visored helmet. That image is also one of a highly safety-conscious rider. Motorcycle jackets are specifically designed for use when riding. The leather is heavier and tougher than in typical mens leather jackets. These jackets provide protection from road burn, better wicking capabilities during rain, and offer better protection against insects and other materials that may be thrown up from the ground while driving. Leather pants and gloves provide the same benefits for their respective areas.Hard-soled, heavy boots provide riders with the best foot protection while riding. They can make all the difference while trying to prevent a bike from falling, because of their sturdiness and structure. Soft-soled sneakers provide little protection against road rash and can easily pop off during a crash. Protecting the foot is an important part of being able to walk away from an accident scene unharmed.Although no safety equipment can completely protect a rider from an accident, it can significantly increase survival rates during one. Use common sense when riding. Drive defensively, being especially aware of high-profile vehicles that may have a difficult time seeing motorcycle riders. Make the bike visible after dark. These simple steps can increase the odds of surviving a crash and winding up a statistic.source:[...]

Motorcycle using for bodyweight reduction.

Fri, 02 Jul 2010 13:38:00 +0000

Image source: Free Pictures of Spain
If you are 1 of individuals individuals who leisurely pedal all-around the block or more than a flat stretch of scenic road, you've most likely been using for sheer delight. Using motorcycles for satisfaction is a great type of aerobic workout. By pushing your cycling range or rate, you are positive to sense some soreness in your leg muscles, your hands, wrists, and your derriere-- even some discomfort in your throat and lungs as your entire body tries to accommodate your enhanced demand for oxygen.

We've identified the guys at the bike shop to be extremely beneficial, and concerned for our special cycling requirements.
Rather than basically steering us toward the most pricey bicycle obtainable (as I had anticipated), they asked how much ride-on we would be accomplishing, whether or not we were seeking for rate or leisure, and whether or not we would be using on paved roads or dirt trails. When you honestly reveal your targets and degree of expertise, the sales clerks can match you with precisely what you require.
They want you to be productive in your biking venture!!

Some state laws need bicycle lights.
But if you will be using anytime from dusk to dawn, frequent sense demands that you have lights on your bicycle. If you currently have a bicycle, consider it to the bike look for a safety inspection every season.
They need to examine the gears, tires and brakes to make positive every thing is functioning properly.
They can change your seat to suit your height and adjust the handlebars to suit your achieve, producing your journey much more comfy. If you want to save cash in the extended run, you can uncover books and videos that teach you how to care for your personal bicycle. It's usually a fantastic idea to know how to modify your very own flat tire and adjust a loose chain.

Verify the tires every single time you get prepared to journey!! We guessed at the air stress 1 summer time day time, and lived to regret it. We rode the bikes to the swimming swimming pool, not realizing that 1 tire was as well complete.
Although we have been cooling off of in the h2o, the warm sun was quickly expanding the air in the tires-a single tire blew as it sat in the parking good deal. The day time in the sun was not so entertaining, after the pool closed and we experienced to wait for a truck to haul us property!

Wellbeing Idea: Talk with your physician very first, and get his or her blessing prior to you boost your rate of physical activity!


Best motorcycle helmets.

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Image source: Free Pictures of Spain

A good helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment for any motorcycle rider – fact! Sure, you need a nice pair of boots, some smart leathers, and flashy gloves – and these are all vital to keep you in one piece should the worst happen. But, to put it simply, your head is your brain is you. Serious head injuries are the number one killer in motorcycle accidents – you can break a leg or an arm and survive, even major damage to your body can be fixed up in the ER. But damage your brain, even slightly, and that can be the end of you. But a well-chosen, high-quality helmet can protect you from injury in many crashes. Helmets are generally made from a tough outer shell, usually of fibreglass, carbon fibre or Kevlar weave, with a softer liner. This liner – usually expanded polystyrene – protects your skull by absorbing the energy of an impact, slowing down the deceleration of your head inside the outer shell, and preventing the bruising, swelling, and skull fractures which are so often fatal. The outer shell also serves to prevent penetration injuries from such items as motorcycle footpegs and roadside fence poles.

A helmet’s primary purpose is protection, but they also have a number of secondary functions. A movable visor is essential, to provide eye protection, while many helmets have quick-release systems to allow a dark visor to be swapped in for riding in bright sunshine. Vents are important to allow cooling airflow into the helmet, and there are a variety of fastening systems available, including ‘seatbelt-type’ buckles for easy fastening.

The most important part of a helmet though, is the fit. It’s essential that the user tries the helmet on and makes sure it is the right size – not too large or too tight. A helmet that’s too big can come off your head in a crash, leaving you totally unprotected, while a too-tight lid can cause discomfort and headaches. It’s not just size either – different helmet models can suit different head shapes. If your head is long and narrow, you may find one model will suit you better than another that will better suit a rounder head shape.

 By Alan Dowds, Motorcycle Expert


Trains and triumphs at preserved railway station.

Wed, 30 Jun 2010 11:29:00 +0000

Image source: Free Pictures of Spain

A trains and Triumphs event is being held at the South Devon Railway's Buckfastleigh station on Sunday.

Starting at 10am, the event is being organised by Peter and Jane Christie from the Devon TR Register and Sue and John Franklin, the Devon area organisers of the Triumph Sports Six Club.

Sue Franklin said: "All Triumph car and motorcycle owners are invited to turn up. There is no fee, no booking just come along and enjoy the company of fellow Triumph enthusiasts.

"This is the second year we have held the event and last year we were delighted when more than 40 cars came along, and we would like to beat that number this year if we can."

Last year's event was supported by local members of the Triumph Sports Six Club, the TR Register, the Stag Owners Club, the Dolomite Club and the 2000 Register, as well as a number of Triumph owners not aligned to any particular club.

"Everyone will be made welcome for a fun day, when you can come and go as you please, and take advantage of a steam day at the South Devon Railway too,," said Ms Franklin.

In addition, members of the Devon Area of the Stag Owners Club will be there from around 10am to 11am taking part in the Round Britain trip of SOCrates, the mascot of the Stag Owners Club, which is undertaking this mammoth relay trip to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Triumph Stag in 2010.

Sorates will be travelling on to Cornwall later in the day, before being handed back to Devon members the following week, for onward transmission on July 3 to Somerset and Dorset members.


Harley fired up for ladies' charity day.

Tue, 29 Jun 2010 13:40:00 +0000



Image source: Free Pictures of Spain

WEST Coast Harley-Davidson is hosting a Ladies' Day tomorrow in support of Breast Way Round for Macmillan Cancer Support.
All local two-wheel enthusiasts are invited, but there will be fun-filled activities for female motorcyclists, pillions and non- riders with a hidden passion for motorcycling fashion.
Guests at the open day will enjoy an exclusive first viewing of the Pink Label MotorClothes(R) collection, recently unveiled by Harley-Davidson in the USA. The company donates a percentage of all sales of Pink Label products, to breast cancer awareness charities across the globe.
On this occasion, West Coast Harley-Davidson will donate 15% of sales for female items to Macmillan. The North Street dealership will host a Best Male Bra competition, while West Coast's Harley-Davidson Owners Group, Clyde Valley will look after the Bra-B-Q. The fun starts at 9am.


Bikers roar into new territory.

Mon, 28 Jun 2010 13:34:00 +0000

Image source: Free Pictures of Spain

The popularity of Bob Minion's bank holiday motorcycle tours of Northern France shows no sign of diminishing with the latest trip's clientele, comprising 36 bikers, being the largest for many years.
"Around 70% of the bikers were repeat customers," said Mark Minion, sales director of the Derby Honda dealership, which has been organising continental tours for more than 10 years.
"The reason our trips are so popular is quite simple - no worries. We take care of everything, including the ferry, good quality accommodation, escort to the base in France and a choice of pre-planned interesting routes in the region to enjoy with the benefit of an experienced guide.
"This means there are no hassles and the bikers can relax and fully enjoy the pleasure of riding through the beautiful French countryside.
The fact that you are with a bunch of friendly bikers is another big plus."
On this occasion the group was based in Dinan, an enchanting, medieval town and an ideal location for exploring the north-west region of Brittany. From here the bikers enjoyed ride-outs over three days to the historic U-boat pens at St Nazaire, the famous port of St Malo, attractive seaside towns, the bustling cathedral city of Rennes, the cosmopolitan coastal resort of Dinard, parts of Normandy, and the surrounding area. Despite having previously visited France on Bob Minion trips, Bill Cove and his wife Vivian can never get over how beautiful the countryside is, the low volume of traffic and how considerate car drivers tend to be.


A city treat for classic motorcycle enthusiasts

Mon, 28 Jun 2010 13:13:00 +0000

Image source: Free Pictures of Spain

Classic motorcycles rumble into Swansea tomorrow as the city's museum stages the latest in its long line of shows.
The display of machines has secured support from major motorcycle dealer Garlands of Haverfordwest.
Garlands will be demonstrating the new giants of the two-wheel world at the show, including the mighty Triumph Rocket III family, 2.3 litres of muscle with an incomparable rider experience enhanced for 2010 with the introduction of the new Rocket III Roadster.
There is something for all motorcyclists in T's revitalised line-up, with Urban Sports bikes of 675 and 1050cc three-cylinder engines, Speed Triple, Sprint ST and Tiger, plus the new Thunderbird, underlining more than 100 years of style, innovation and engineering pride.
Around 100 motorcycles are expected to enter, from the huge cavalcade of Honda Gold Wings and solo configuration from the South Wales Wings Club, to Nortons, Matchless and AJS, Triumph, Royal Enfield and BSA machines from the great days of British motorcycling. BMWs and Harley Davidsons share the limelight with hand-crafted Ducati machines, along with competition machines such as the Kriedler and Honda 50cc racers.
The show opens to the public at 10am tomorrow in Dylan Thomas Square and admission is free to visitors.


A look at some Of the different motorcycle engines.

Thu, 24 Jun 2010 19:17:00 +0000

Image source: Free Pictures of Spain Motorcycles have been around for more than ten decades. During this time, motorcycle engines have developed through tweaking and reworking items to get the best performance. There have been more than one dozen engines, but some never met with success. Cost efficiency and customer satisfaction brought failure to a number of motorcycle engines.All motorcycle engines are fueled by gasoline. To best understand engine types, it is important to understand how an engine works. A pole called a rod cranks inside the engine and creates a draft that pulls both gasoline and air into a chamber called the cylinder. Inside the cylinder, a piston and rod quickly move up to push the gasoline and air into a smaller space where it meets the spark plug. The spark plug produces a spark between its two metal pieces.Once the spark plug gives off a spark, the gasoline and air explode. This pushes the piston down, which in turn drives the belt or chain. This action is called torque. The movement of the belt or chain causes the rear wheel of the motorcycle to revolve. A motorcycle's performance is determined by how many cylinders are inside the engine and how they are arranged.Single cylinder engine:A single cylinder engine has one cylinder and one piston. Single cylinder engines are used in all off road motorcycles. The single cylinder provides a lot of torque, but also a load of vibration. The vibration is loud and one of the qualities that dirt bike race fans crave during a race.Twin cylinder engine:Logically, twin cylinder engines have two cylinders. The cylinders are placed together at an angle. Usually the cylinders are positioned at a 90 degree angle, but there are exclusions to that standard. A twin cylinder engine produces more power because there is more torque and more fuel used. Twin cylinder engines do not vibrate as much as a single cylinder engine.Now, as stated above, there are exceptions. The boxed or boxer design finds cylinders placed side by side. This produces even less vibration, but adds a new issue. The cylinders tend to jut out the side of the bike, which makes it hard to take sharp corners. Another issue is the tremendous heat that the cylinders project; it makes leg protection a necessary evil.Triple Cylinder EnginesA three cylinder engine finds the cylinders included in a head. This type of engine offers a load of power, but it also requires more parts. Each cylinder requires an additional fuel injector and carburetor. The more cylinders included on an engine, the higher the engine RPM. More RPM means more power. Triumph makes motorcycles using three cylinders and boy can they fly!Four Cylinder EnginesThe four cylinder engine is just like the three cylinder engine only it has the additional cylinder and therefore weighs more. As is true of any engine, more cylinders equal more power and smoother sailing.It is important to consider how much size and power you require in your motorcycle. If you are taking your bike off road, you need a bike with plenty of torque and a low rpm to make it up hills and quickly navigate corners. For off roading, stick with a single cylinder. A double cylinder is your second choice.If your main purpose for riding a motorcycle is riding through traffic and along roads, do not purchase a bike with less than a twin cylinder engine, although a three or four cylinder engine is a better idea. Source:[...]

Mini motorcycle choppers,fan for all the family.

Tue, 22 Jun 2010 10:27:00 +0000

Image source: Pictures of Spain

These mini motorcycle choppers have really become all the rage for children and adult's alike. They are that one-step above a toy so to speak that teenagers and adults have come to enjoy for their own. You can buy these mini motorcycle choppers in the form of the most popular Harley Davidson style or in fact just about any other style that you may wish for.

Many people opt to have their minichopper custom made to their own specs and plans. It just depends on what you are looking for in a mini bike. If you are a mechanic or are handy in that field you can even build your own. There are plenty of plans and blue prints for sale especially on the Internet.

Depending on what country and or state you live in there will be differing rules and regulations for riding these great little bikes. Some places demand that you must be licensed to ride on the road while others say because the motors are of a smaller size you may ride them on the road without a license.

As much fun as these are they do need the rider to be responsible as some of these bikes can go very fast. In fact some can go up to 60 miles an hour using 4 stroke engines. Children should always be advised on riding them safely and preferably not on the road, as they are not very visual for other vehicles to always see them. But on the other hand the majority of these mini motorcycle choppers are ridden by adults and teenagers.

They really are a lot of fun and they look fantastic. You can pick them up for a reasonable price especially online. They are sold fully assembled or you can assemble them yourself. Don't forget the option of buying a used one either.


Yamaha dirt bikes,always one step ahead.

Mon, 21 Jun 2010 13:02:00 +0000


With a dirt bike you can hit the uneven roads in flying alacrity. These bikes are lightweight motorcycles also known as Trails Bikes and are specifically designed for the cross-country, unpaved and bumpy grounds. Their specially outfitted rugged tires and suspension are just ideal for the toughest terrains in town.

And when it comes to engine power, they have a much smaller one compared to the usual street motorcycles, less than 500 cc to be precise. Talking of dirt bikes is like referring to Yamaha dirt bikes, there is nothing next to Yamaha dirt motorbikes that has taken the world by storm.

Thus, whether it is the serious dirt bike aficionado or the off-road amateur, Yamaha dirt bike is their ultimate choice. The Yamaha YZ series is most well known amongst the Yamaha dirt motorbikes and what is best about this is that it is light and fast and great for some serious fun. If you do not wish to shell out much of cash, you can also go in for cheap dirt bikes.

A second hand Yamaha PW or Yamaha WR off-road motorcycle can be taken into consideration for that matter. Thing is that, Yamaha dirt motorbikes are the ultimate whether it is a great two-stroke dirt bike or a punchy four stroke off-road motorbike.

These sturdy and light weighted bikes with knobby tires for maximum grip gives you that extra bit of edge you need on road. Yamaha dirt motorbikes are great for off-road competitions like for instance Motocross.

Yamaha brand surely stands out amongst its other competitors owing much to its extraordinary performance. What makes them even more loved amongst all professionals and amateurs is that Yahama always takes care of all their requirements.

Bikes you can avail

Yamaha brings with it a whole gamut of motorbikes including the dirt bikes. And Yamaha never runs short of quality products for that matter. Lets find out some of the bikes that you can avail. The WR450F is apt for the serious riders a two-position handlebar, new enduro computer and reinforced swingarms are what you get with it. A 249cc, four-stroke engine and with superior fuel flow; the WR250F is quite a sturdy bike, furthermore, it is priced at about $10,449.

And if you want to go in for something, which is easy-to-handle, then TT-R250 is the need of the hour. You will simply flip over the TT-R230 that is good enough for any competition. TT-R125L/LE is the motorbike that will not punch a hole in your pocket; it is as reasonable as $2,749. Its good breaking abilities and stiffer suspension is just the icing on the cake. All those novice riders, Yamaha has arranged for TT-R125E, the small but powerful bikes.

You surely can not do without Yamaha dirt motorbikes at all.


Gas Scooters - One Means Of Transport Which Is Easy On Your Wallet.

Sun, 20 Jun 2010 14:06:00 +0000

Image source: Pictures of Spain

Because of the high cost of fueling and car repairs, some people have turned to a gas scooter as an alternative form of transportation. They were first introduced to the public in the 1940's. After a decline, they have been getting more popular since about 2000.

One of the reasons for the surge of popularity is because gas scooters have a reputation of being easy on the wallet. This is a well-deserved reputation as they get approximately fifty to seventy miles per gallon. If you know a scooter owner, you will undoubtedly hear stories of how infrequently they have to fill up the gas tank.

Other reasons for the gas scooters being so popular are because of the cost. Depending on where they are purchased, they are only from about $800 to $6,000. This price is very attractive to people who cannot afford a car or even a motorcycle. They can reach acceptable speeds to keep up with traffic and still get great gas mileage.

Women are a big part of the gas scooter revolution. The lightweight and maneuverability make them a very real option to getting on a motorcycle. But women are not the only ones who use them for this reason. Smaller men or those who cannot comfortably get on to or off of a motorcycle will find this a viable option. Or, if the typical motorcycle to wide to sit on for a long time, the scooter is usually narrower and will make for a more comfortable ride.

Ease of parking is another benefit to scooters. It is so compact, that parking, even tight parallel parking, is no problem for the rider of a scooter.

Those other entire reasons aside, the gas scooter is just plain fun. In very recent memory, scooters have become more of a trend in some areas than necessity. Even motorcycle groups have jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak, and have started offering safety courses and comparing models. Freedom and convince are two of the traits enjoyed by scooter owners.

Major, well-known brands like Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda manufacture the bulk of the scooters on the road today. Piaggio is also a well-known name that owns Vespa and Aprilia. These are the ones you will see on surface streets in the cities.

As we look into the future, it is easy to see that we will be sharing the road with scooters, just as we do motorcycles today. They are easy on the wallet as well as on gas. They have a wonderful niche that will just keep getting bigger as time goes on. This is definitely a mode of transportation that will keep growing in popularity.


Many people are turning to gas scooters as a means of transportation due to the rise in fuel prices. They are lightweight and very maneuverable, which makes them attractive to women and people with physical limitations. They are very cost effective and trendy.