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Art enables us to find ourselves & to loose ourselves at the same time. ~ Thomas Merton


Hello again ♥ As I wrote last time I still have some stuff to share in my blog. Nothing "new" really, but new on my blog ;) Today I want to share some ATC's and Tag's from a wonderful Challenge group on Facebook called ArJo's Tag og ATC kos. Every month they put up a challenge to keep the creative juices flowing. Not everyone has so much time to be creative. But to make 3 ATC's or a Tag, most of us can manage. Since my illness is kinda greedy at times :P and takes most of my energy. This challenge group is perfect for me. I can create some minutes here and there. So I can feel a little tingle of creativity at least once in a while ;) The girl's (Arnlaug  and Jorunn) who run it are amazing, and make's everyone feel so welcome and at ease. It is now an international group. They also have guest designers giving us a monthly Challenge. Last month Riikka Kovasin was the guest designer. I got so inspired that I went all in ♥ Just ask my best friend Jorunn how much I love Riikka's art and creations ♥ I noticed her because another good friend of mine told me to check out her blog. I bet Riikka has inspired so many creative people ♥ Well enough chit chat lol! Here are what I have made of ATC's and Tags in this group. So fun to make them all ♥ This ATC challenge was a step by step. It was so fun! These in black I made for Riikka's challenge.The Tags were wonderful to create. Remember these three got my mojo for creating back after not visiting my creative space in a long time. No wonder I love this group ♥I had so much to say last time, so this time I am more to the point lol! But be warned next time there will be a hearty blog post. I am going to write about kindness... I had to make a simple Art Journal about it. I like to write down my thoughts and feelings, and then paint over it.. kinda like getting it out and transforming it to something with hope and tranquility ♥ Hope you all are safe and having a good weekend in every way ♥ Now I am going to paint a little bit before it is nighty night. Take care! More rambling and sharing to come ;) [...]

With empathy, I'm fully with them, and not full of them - that's sympathy ~ Marshall Rosenberg


Hi again, long time no see! Well better than the last gap in my blogging. I have been thinking a lot the last couple of months...There has been hard hits in my private life for 3 years. It got to a point were I had to strip down everything to find my needs. When life gives you a busload of lemon's - you gotta deal. I had to sort out so many feelings and find the needs that were not met.  I am not afraid of feelings (thankfully!) I know they have some message or something I need to deal with.Without spilling my guts out, I can say this. I had to accept that I could not control being sick or my daughter being sick. I only can do my best. As a woman I am the type that blames myself. One innocent example... when I went to a doctor several years ago. The doctor well hmmm I want to express this without judgement- he just was not in a place of non judgement himself :D . He did not have the time to listen and his reluctance to listen, made me feel ashamed. That it was probably because I said something wrong, or I even gave him a pass that he probably had a hard day. It was an innocent example. But when you start giving freebies were your own boundaries are being violated. I had to deal. With who or why is not important. But I needed to say no thank you! I do not want this. I have always felt shame if I was not the nice and good girl. I bet alooot of girls know this feeling. We are supposed to be soft, kind, generous, unselfish and give up our own needs for those we love. In Brene Browns book on empathy I read with such a reverberation. She was writing about me. In men shame is triggered often by feeling weak or not successful enough.. I feel my life has had a big change, when our daughter got sick. It is like our life before she got sick and the life after. No one is prepared for such a situation. Also when the illness has no clear treatment and the expertise in the health profession is slim. It is a rare illness, which means... so few understands. I get that, I understand that... but it is hard. At times it's a very lonely path...Scrapbooking became something foreign and so painful. It was hard to scrapbook pictures from when she was healthy and active. It was hard to allow myself to think about anything but just right now. But isn't that how we are in crises? We try to survive the best we can. We do not know when she will be cured or get better. But I do believe it is important to enjoy every moment what ever the challenges are. If we would focus on what SHOULD have been, instead of focusing on what is RIGHT here right now... we would miss precious moments and important lessons ♥ Putting premises on life does not work in the long run. It just creates a lot of suffering. Everyone has value even though they are sick. They are still them ♥ But our society is so focused on what we DO, were we are supposed to go in life. So we do not have any practice in how to deal with illness or the "not mainstream". It is not that people don't care, they just do not know how to deal with it. I get that with such empathy ♥. I have seen others fear or insecurity when they have talked to me about our daughter being sick. They are so scared of saying something "wrong". I so want to just hug them and say, it't ok. I see you are trying your best to contribute in some way ♥What are you going to be when you grow up is a regular question to kids and young people get. I have said many times - I am going to be thankful for life, grateful for what life brings and I am going to be me ;) Life is so precious, it is so variable. There will be hard times, there will be nice times... nothing is permanent. I really love everyday life. With routines, chores and other activities ♥ That is living, contributing and engagement ♥  So you healthy people, enjoy even the struggle to get the schedule to go up, or driving your kid to practice or so on. It will bring precious memories later ♥ So I am trying my voice again. I am in a place were I accept what is right now. I accept what I can do something ab[...]

Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs, but its your choice to scream or enjoy the ride ♥


It is incredible, but it is almost a year since I have updated my blog. I don't want to give it up. I have accepted I am not one of those who can blog on a regular basis. That has to just be ok ♥ right? The blog is some of my creative journey. But sometimes I forget that I can share that journey :DLife comes first, family comes first and health comes first ;) I am still a creative soul and have so much I want to make and express. It just has to come second and third most of the days now. Creativity is in my core being - it opened me so much up to being-ness♥ . I still create, get inspired and feel more and more connection to life. By just being and accepting what life is right here and right now ♥The last years have truly been a roller coaster for my family. At times I have frozen in fear, other times I have cried thankful tears. But most of all I have felt such gratefulness for the ability to adapt. The ability to learn, to feel grateful - even at the darkest of times.....Meditation, good friends, family and a solid support system. Has really made me believe in good in all of us.Our true nature is to help ♥ each other I think. To connect and give each other compassion, empathy and trust. Through the suffering there has surfaced so many answers. The knowledge that resisting suffering or resisting to adapt - is like building a wall around ones own spirit or the loved ones around us. That fear can lead to disconnect. Though fear is important for survival. Fear can also be a destructive force if not kept in check ;) Being truly honest with an open heart filled with gratitude and empathy. It gives such peace and freedom. Even at the most troubling times. It also gives such strong ways to communicate in a compassionate way.I read Marshall Rosenberg several years ago, and I am still learning. How to communicate in a non violent compassionate way. Listening to someones needs instead of listening to give a response. Knowing that empathy brings connection and deep understanding. Brene Brown who gave me such an understanding in what Empathy is. How important self empathy is ♥ When there is harmony on the inside, it will reflect on the outside.The last years have taught me nothing is permanent, nothing is to be taken for granted and to enjoy every minute with loved ones ♥ Life is precious ♥Between my rambling you have probably noticed the pictures lol! It is of a canvas I made for my goddaughter. It is from the lyrics of Thousand Foot Krutch - Bring me to life. It is one of her favorite songs. I captured a piece of the lyrics and made a stencil out of it with my Silhouette Cameo. Then worked in layers with Molding Paste, paints and also Gold foil and other mediums. Her favorite color is purple, and to make the gold really reflect and pop. I went pretty dark in some parts of the canvas. I made it also like this, so when it is in a dark room; -the gold letters will reflect and express themselves ♥Hope you like it, also I hope you are having a beautiful day ♥Maybe I will be in the zone to share some more this summer, time will tell ♥ Have an amazing summer everyone! Love and light to you all - best wishes from Linn ♥[...]

Art Journal with no words..


Often my Art Journals do not take much time. Most of the time it is just an hour of fun to play. But this one, I truly needed to go deep. Both deep in my soul but also deep in layers and pushing my boundaries. I felt truly the need to reconnect with myself in a way...

I have no formal training of any kind in painting, drawing or art in general. So it is all through trial and error. I do sketch some in a book I have. But drawing and painting things that may resemble something real; I find kinda scary lol! Making abstract things, is in some ways easier. Not always but sometimes.. so well.. this is my practice on drawing and painting an eye.

My energy levels have been truly on the low side that last couple of weeks. So this page has been done, with many many sittings. Ten minutes here and there, layer upon layer.. I could still keep going for more details and seeing if there is more to do. But I also need to learn to let go and trust that it is good enough as it is ♥

Hope you like it ♥

The picture is not the best. I have gotten some dust on my camera's inner shell (?) where the mirror is. So I got to get a can of air to clean it up. So all my picture get kinda grungy and not clear. But it will have to do for now ♥

I have used a lot of different kinds of paints, mediums and pens. I even got my H2O's in action again! So fuuun! I have used both acrylics and different kinds of watercolors (mixed with airbrush medium instead of water) Some homemade stencils also got some playtime ♥ 

Trying to paint some kind of tears, lol. Need some more practice! Also drawing eyelashes, gosh golly they are not the easiest to draw!! 

Well that was all I had to show you today. Have a wonderful Saturday, where ever you are in the world ♥ Love and light to you all ♥

I am in love with K-Designs from Sweden!


My very good friend Silje, surprised me with the most gorgeous patterned papers I have seen in a long time! She said they have written Linn all over them ♥ Then I got them in my hands, and I have not felt this kind of inspiration in years! I kinda went crazy with joy!Not only are they truly gorgeous to look at! The quality is perfect for a mixed media girl like me! I have so looked forward to playing with them! They were just as wonderful as I thought. It feels almost like they have a resin coating on them. ( I have no clue, but they have a very cool finish!) So I went to town with some paint, sprays and OH MYYY!! They take mediums with no problem! I am just giddy inside of the thought! And I am sooo hoping more shops orders their gorgeous papers! K-Designs used to have a webshop. But now the producer is focusing on the production side instead. Si I hope they will be found on many social medias. Right now they have a blog that shows some of the collections. But I hope the whole series will be easy to find on the web in a while. I will at least do my best to shout out a big HELLOO to K-Designs! You rule!! I want the whole series of Color Explosion!!  I have to show you guys some of them!I have borrowed the pictures from different webshops ;) Those were the ones I could find. Most shops in Norway have sold out several of them. That is a good sign right? :D So now to show you what I made! I do not have a picture of the original patterned paper. But it is easy to see how wonderful the paper is!Hope you like my Layout ♥ It is colorful that is for sure! I have stamped with black and white in the background. Used a homemade stencil (the big circle shape misted with black in the background)Since the background is so vibrant and has a lot going on. I just wanted to give it room to shine as it was. I wish I was better at taking photos, especially of things like glitter! It is hard, to get everything in focus, also hard to show the vibrancy. I adore, love, jump for joy for using Stampendous glitters and embossing products. They are so gorgeous and wonderful to work with! The glitter I have used on this one is Halo gold mix. I cut out the inside of the flower pattern some places on the background. To bring some white in to the mix. The black on the left is from an old stamp. The text behind it also. I had forgotten several old text stamps I had. Such a joy to find them again ♥The words "be you" and the circle frame. Are both made in my Silhouette Cameo. It is my own handwriting, that I made to a cut file. Then I used my melting pot with different kinds of embossing powders mixed with ultra thick embossing enamel. To get more of a thick coat on the cutouts. I also painted it with a thin layer of Matte Medium, so the splashes of paint would stick better on it. I also did not want it to be very shiny. Matt medium does the trick ;) I used Dylusions inks since they are so vibrant. But added some Acrylic Glazing liquid and then flicked it on the frame and the title. I added the acrylic glazing liquid so that the Dylusions Ink would become permanent. The feathers I have made from different cutfiles, also some hand drawn. Which I have than added glitter to ♥ The peacock feather is from a stamp I bought off of Ebay. I soo love it!! I stamped it on a transparency and used my Sharpies to color it on the opposite side of where I stamped. I also stamped it once on vellum and used glitter on it. Then I adhered the vellum glitter feather with the transparent one. That is why you can probably see some glitter behind the turquoise color ;)  The circle stencil shape can easily be seen here :) I have so many plans for it. With a Silhouette Cameo in my studio, any stencil is possible! But I am saving my money for a Bamboo tablet! Now I draw on my phone in an app. Or draw free hand and take pictures and use the image in my Silhouette program. There is always a way with the Cameo and Silhouette Studio. I[...]

Creative Soul ~ Layout


Hello everyone ♥ Hope you are having a nice Saturday :) Here it is ok, would be nice to see the sun and feel the warmth from her (sun). But when the skies are gray, I can at least create something inside :) Doing a lot of touch ups around the house. Right now working project is painting our kitchen furniture and giving it a lighter and vintage look. By using a DIY Chalk paint recipe, looking good so far! But enough babbling! I just wanted to share a layout I have used A MONTH to make! But hey when you first draw your own feathers, make your own circle frame (with vellum, paint and glitter), make your own butterflies and your own Glitter-washitape and not to forget my own title! Well it takes a little time. Of course layers in the background too! But I enjoy every bit of the process. Usually when I am the happiest is when I am deep in a project. So no sad face or being stressed out, just enjoying and taking it all in ♥So here is the finished result ♥ Hope you like it :) In the little hearts under the picture it says Happy. Forgot to take a closeup sorry :P Drawing feathers was pretty fun, I am not a pro. But with some patience the were a'okay! Also the little wood clock had to get some love and attention with some white paint.The title I made in my Silhouette and welded the letters, cut it out three times. Glued them together and then I embossed the title. Also drew with a pen to make it pop more from the background. I also found an old ruined necklace that I got to use, wohoo! I get so excited when something can be reused! I loved how the soft vellum with the other layers gave some depth. Look at all the yummy glitter!! Stampendous has the most gorgeous mixes! I have used one called Halo Gold Mix. I will for sure use glitter and vellum together again :) That was all for now, have a good weekend everyone! Also thank you for stopping by ♥Love and light to you all Linn [...]

A soft heart ♥


For the last year I have had the best doctor you could ever imagine. I am talking about a doctor who is brave, sensitive, empathetic, wise, open and honest... She has covered for my regular doctor while he is in specializing rotation this last year. Soon he will be back, he is a good dude too! Though I wish he could be a little more open to listening about my illness; M.E. He treats me with respect and is a good guy. He is a good person to talk to and cares for his patients  ♥But the doctor I have had this last year. Has read up on M.E, so much more than I thought was possible. She knows more about M.E than I do. Usually that is normal right? But with an illness like M.E there is so much stigma and a tug a war  on who knows best. On one hand there is now proof that M.E is a severely biological debilitating illness. On the other hand this illness is grouped as environmental psychological stress-disorder. Or that there is something wrong with what M.E patients eat, who they have in there social circle and so on.. This causes a lot of confusion. On one hand it is a SEVERE illness, on the other hand it is kinda hmm something that will pass, nothing a doctor can fix right? Also when doctors than diagnose it with different pictures of the illness, what happens then wohoo! Confuuusion! So I guess some doctors really do not want to get involved before more proff is on the table. But hey we do deserve adequate care in the meantime, right?But this doctor read up on studies, international studies, she really dived deep in to it... and for the first time I met someone who talked to me with her heart as well as her doctor skills... I had goosebumps all over.. the feeling of being seen, respected, listened to is powerful. Also being HELPED! A doctor who saw the whole picture.. so powerful ♥When you are used to doctors avoiding talking about the illness. Since the little knowledge they have on M.E brings them much discomfort (yeah not kidding :/ They are only human ♥) She dared to be vulnerable and honest and stand in the pain with me. The pain of not having a cure yet. Though it looks like a lot of pieces are now falling in place! There is so much hope yeayyy! Also the more doctors really read up on this rare illness, the more it will help avoiding undocumented treatments from being forced upon M.E patients.Lucky me having a doctor who took her own actions to learn more♥... it has been wonderful. It has also been painful.. her meeting me with empathy and knowledge has also made me connect with my core.. my soul and my own needs. How is it to live with such a severe illness? It is in one way easier to meet a doctor who does not believe in the illness... Yeah they are out here, I have talked to a few *sigh*... because the focus would be to get them to believe you right?.. with a doctor who sees you, and connects.. Well I got to "own" my own feelings in a different way. I am so truly grateful for this year with this wonderful doctor... So I had to just make her a little tag, saying some heart to heart words ♥ I think she deserves to know how much she is appreciated and how thankful I am ♥One big life lesson has been for me: NEVER EVER TAKE ANYONE FOR GRANTED... especially yourself ;) And when you appreciate yourself you have a full heart to give out to others ♥ So enough babbling LOL here is a picture of the whole tag I made :)I truly believe what the tag says. That a soft heart is stronger. It is more flexible, it has room for all and it does not need to protect itself so much. Because it is not hard and rigid lol! You do not have to make cracks in it to function :) Get the double meaning? :DWell hope you liked the tag, wrote her some words on the back. I had planned to make her a card, but my energy levels have not been too high lately. So better with a tag then nothing right?Hope everyone has a good weekend, love and light to you all!Love from Linn[...]

Happy Birthday card using mediums and stocking :)


Hi everyone ♥ I made this card for my dear goddaughter's 14th birthday.  It is amazing how fast time goes by! I still remember holding her so tenderly for the first time. And also her sleeping on my chest so her momma got a nap too ♥ I remember leaning farther and farther down on the couch so she could sleep comfortably. I sat like this for about two hours, just taking in the precious moments. I knew I was lucky to experience this wonderful moment with my goddaughter. Since she and her mom lived so far from were I lived. Every moment was so precious. I love this girl so much, that I do not even have words for it ♥The honor of being her godmother was one of the biggest gift's I could imagine. Someone thought I could be a good influence and an extended family for their precious child...That was big, and I still see it as an honor ♥ So I just had to make a card that was special. Every time I am making cards for my godkids or other very close ones. I always clam up! I just can never pour out enough in the card or in details. I truly have to work on the "good enough" bit. Because my heart says: it will never be enough. As it is when  you love someone. You just want to give them your whole heart ♥ I so hope my goddaughter knows how precious she is to me, what a gift she is ♥ So I knew she loves purple and also turquoise and also some deep pink. The plan was just to use turquoise and purple. But after some layers, I wanted it more soft. So I used a new pair of nylon stockings, the thick kind. And just stretched it to loosen up the masks. I also used black as a contrast. I was thinking of using a very dark purple too. But I ended up with using black. I like using contrasts between white and black. They make other colors pop I think :) I used some mediums, also Golden Mika flakes (pearl) with some bling, to give some extra sparkle to the card ♥ It just hit me lol: this card has softness, contrast, colors and some extra sparkle. I guess that will have to do as a birthday card right lol!The text is from wonderful Papirdesign  It says Happy Birthday in Norwegian. I also used some metal string as a contrast to the soft feathers and nylon stocking. I really enjoyed using metal string, I have some ideas for some new project's using that. Just hope my health will be a bit better, so I can create soon again ♥Hope everyone visiting is having a wonderful day, wish you all the best. Also thank you for visiting ♥Best wishes from Linn[...]

Art Journal Page for TreL - Choose Kindness


Hi! Today I want to show an Art Journal I have been working on for a while. TreL has the store full of one of mye favorite paints! Amsterdam Acrylics ♥ So I just had to make a vibrant page to show off the gorgeous colors.
There was no plan for "design" or to look nice... but my heart wanted to express something that is very important to me. Choosing to be kind when ever I have the chance. Even when the easier way can maybe be not to care or dismiss someones needs or feelings. There is always a choice I feel. So this is what came out of that energy of generosity and kindness...
I so wish I had that color of hair, mine is red but not that red lol! Hair is so difficult to paint! I am a novice and have no formal training as you can se lol! But I am practising with all my heart and patients :) I will get there some day, but for now I love the process of "not knowing". The feeling of I am on uncertain ground and just solving one obstacle after the other. The Amsterdam Acrylics are so wonderful to work with. And helps me along the way of learning to paint faces and people. Also I had the chance to play with Wink of Stella brushes, oh wooow I am totally hooked. I could even paint with wink of stella on top of the paint! It is an pigment ink so that is probably why. the deep violet on the right of the woman is wink of stella. The vibrancy is just breathtaking! It does unfortunately not show as much on the picture as in real life. But I can promise it is wonderful!
Maybe you can see a little of the shimmer and the deepness of the color on the picture here? I used the violet on top of some painted layers. I so wish that the vibrancy and depth would show better on the picture. My wonderful friend  and designpartner Silje har written several tutorials about it. So I had to buy a couple to try. Now I want them all ♥

The background became very busy, but it kinda reminded me of scrapbooking. Like different patterned papers, layers and different textures. I was not planning as said before to paint a woman, so there is a lot of texture under her, like tape, glass beads, regular gel and so on. But I went for it anyway ♥ I did my best and that is good enough always ♥ Because choosing kindness is also about being kind to oneself. One choice at a time ♥

I hope you liked it, and hope you have a wonderful weekend where ever you are. Light and love to you all ♥


Birthday card with glitter


Hi I was in much need of a birthday card and also saw the nice Challenge at Ett Trykk - Jubelerer 28 -Glitter. So I got inspired to make a card with glitter. There is a lot of glitter on this card, but not that easy to see unfortunately. But I hope you can see some of it ;)  

Here is the card: 
The feathers and the wreath are from Silhouette Store. I love these cutfiles. Making a card does not always have to take a lot of time. Though putting glitter on them all weell that takes some time lol! Also do not breath to heard to close before it has dried LOL!
 There is clear glitter on the feathers and the wreath. On the chipboard letters I used different kinds of glitter to bring more colors to the mix.
 On the feathers I have also built up layers of glue and glitter to get some texture to the surface. So somewhere there is a thick layer and other places there is just a little. Just to give the feathers more dimension and life.

Hope you liked the card, have a nice Easter everyone!

Best wishes from Linn ♥

Audiophile 4 Life - Mixed media layout


It must be at least a year since the last time I made a layout. Maybe even more :p.... I guess this one will never be called a clean and simple layout LOL! But I bet my love for layers and texture just had to express itself in some way.This picture is such a precious one for me. It is one of the few pictures I have of my hubby from 1995. This picture was taken by a photographer for a local newspaper here in Bodø. Which made an article about my husbands love of Hi Fi."High fidelity—or hi-fi or hifi—reproduction is a term used by home stereo listeners and home audio enthusiasts (audiophiles) to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound[1] to distinguish it from the poorer quality sound produced by inexpensive audio equipment, or the inferior quality of sound reproduction characteristic of recordings made until the late 1940s. Ideally, high-fidelity equipment has minimal amounts of noise and distortion and an accurate frequency response."So I truly wanted it to be a layout that said a lot. So I have a panel that disguises some of the text, and also on the tag behind the picture. Hope you like the layout and can find the picture within ALL the layers and details LOL!Here it is in all it's glory LOL! As I said,it's a lot going on here! I do not think I have ever used so many layers on a layout before. Oh how fun it is to push the boundries and just go for it! On this layout I have even used my sewing machine both behind the pictures, but that do not show up lol. But also around the edges of the orange paper on top and on the right :) I love using old necklaces as a decor element. To get the color I wanted, I used Alcohol Ink. Also on the chipboard from Creative Embellishments I used paint but also chunky metallics enamel. To give it more life and interesting details. I got this wonderful chipboard from my bestfriend Jorunn. She spoils me rotten with gifts all the time. I bet 25% of my creative space is from her ♥ She is a generous soul in all ways of the word ♥ These patterned papers from KaiserCraft was kinda on the thin side really to use mediums.. even though I used matt medium and clear gesso to cover the paper, It still was very on the gentile side for use of mediums. So I was kinda careful and used mostly some paint, stamping and embossing. I also used some Gel Medium to make texture. It did not show as well up on the picture as I had hoped for. But IRL it is easy to see ;) I loove the button in brass I wish I had more than one of it hihi! I do not throw anything out, I mean well no not really. I fint a purpose for all my scraps and also things that might not be so "Inn" at the time. But at my house the all have a home. Because suddenly there is a use for them. Behind here I have used a lot of old scraps. The painted gold and blue thing on the right here is from an old dies I have. I have cut it and then had on gold leafing and paint :) The white card behind the picture with gold dots are from Project Life. That one is pretty new and had to find it's shining glory on this page :) All the buttons are also old finds, I have taken care of. I just had to cut off the ring thingy behind it, so I could adhere it flat on the layout. Here is the hidden panel I mentioned before. The clasp(? is it called that, do not remember ;) ) is holding the panel closed. There is a lot of text behind here, but all needed to go on this page. I really want to share this story with my daughter when she is older. So she can go read about her dad. Also on the tag behind the picture I wrote about the speakers. These were the one's that really got my hubby hooked and could never ever look back to a "regular" sound-system again. Well finally at the end of this blogpost hihi! AS[...]

ArJo's TAG og ATC kos - fb group


As I shared in my recent post, I am not creating as much as usual. So it was very nice to follow a challenge on a Norwegian fb group that my sweet friends Arnlaug and Jorunn are running. It is a group where creative people play with tags and ATC. 

I do not have the stamina right now to create that much. But to follow my wonderful and talented friend Jorunns instructions was such a treat. The challenge was to follow the steps shared. Example: add to types of spray inks and stamp on your tag.

The wonderful thing is, the mind shuts down when you create like this. This is truly a good way to get the mojo to create again. I bet this should work very well for when we get in a rut and can not make anything. So it was really fun to participate. This was some weeks ago and they are planning a new one in a few weeks. I hope I have the time and energy to join once again :)

 So these tags are made by following step by step guidance. Not to detailed, but what to use are very much a part of the guidance. I liked the different types of tags, so unlike what I usually make ;)
This one was my favorite, we had to use scraps of patterned papers. Or it was patterned paper, so I found my scraps box and was soo happy to find several scraps I totally loved! I am not known for throwing anything out lol! So happy place wohoo!

Thanks for stopping by ♥ Best wishes to you all ♥

Love - Card made for an awesome challenge at Scrappiness..


I used at least a week to make this card. Low energy but just so full of wanting to create something ♥ So when I saw Scrappiness  challenge I just HAD to try to make something. There is a lot of gorgeous creations that has come in. It is so inspiring to see what people make from some words in a challenge.So after over a week of dabbling, I made a card in the end ♥ Sooo unlike me to use soft pink and delicate tones. But hey I guess I got some of that in me too lol! The challenge was to use two different diecuts on a project. I do not have many metal dies, buuut I do have my sweet cameo. So I was happy to get to use it for some cardmaking.Hope you like the card ♥Here are some detail shots: I have used texture paste from Finnabair (Prima) on the dreamcatcher on top of gold flakes. The dreamcatcher is a cutfile I bought at the Silhouette store. I will be using it again that is for sure. I looove dreamcatchers ♥ Also the layers under the gold circles are also cutfiles from Silhouette Store. In total I used four different diecuts (cutfiles) on this card. I loved layering like this, and will for sure do it again! Under the dreamcatcher I had printed out on silk paper from a scanned book I have with kids word puzzles. I love the layering with silk paper, the translucency gives a soft effect ♥ The feathers are painted with watercolor paint and the white splatters are Dylusions :) I love Dylusion white linen, it really stays white and does not go transparent as many sprays do. The ittybitty feathers, are from a stamp set I bought off Ebay. That I embossed and cut out. I used vellum, so that the feathers would warp and give some life to the feathers.There is a lot going on at home right now so I do not know when my next update will be. But I will try to be a little creative on and off. I have done some painting on canvas and mixed media. Also played with tags, ohh I have forgot to share that! Well I guess I have more to show you, shortly lol! But this card was the first time scrapbooking in a while and it felt gooood! So hopefully it will not be too long until next time ♥Have a wonderful day everyone, thanks for stopping by ♥ Love and light to you all ♥[...]

The last projects I made for Papirdesign this summer ♥ ...


.....and did not blog about it. I was pretty much bedridden, so maybe that can be a good enough excuse ;)  For not sharing it in my own blog lol! As I wrote in my last post, health issues has taken it's toll on my energy and the resources to scrapbook, paint and so on. But now I am at least trying to get all my design work also in my own blog. Of course it should have been posted at the same time as it got put up on Papirdesign. The products are so amazing, but I raved about it on Fb. But forgot about my sweet little blog ♥So here are the last design pieces I made. I had to resign in July last year. I still miss the team and wonderful Line who is the creator herself. But I had many good years on the team. So in a way it was about time anyway. No hard feelings, just a lot of gratefulness and good memories ♥ The last card I made was this one. Look at all the gorgeous products from Papirdesign. I had never ever any problem getting ideas on what to make. ♥♥♥I also made an Art Journal where I filmed the whole process ♥ allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="" width="640">Now I should be up to speed on what should be here I think. Hopefully the next post will be with something new. I also miss filming my process. I got a little inspired myself checking out the last video for Papirdesign. Hopefully soon the health issues will not be so dominant anymore. If just my daughter could get much better... that would be the best thing in the world ♥Now off to have some quality time with the family, best wishes to you all ♥ [...]

Birthday card to my daughter ♥


She is a creative soul as her mother. So I had to take it a step further with her birthday card than I usually do ♥ Of course she deserves everything I can give and teach her in life ♥ She is my heart and soul in so many ways.She knows how to gelli print, scrapbook, paint canvases and so on... On my instagram, you can see a canvas she painted. She is a true artist my sweet little ehh big girl, I am suppose to say :D So I know she loves deep magenta the color, she loooves bling, she loves texture. So momma had to make her favorites of course.Hope you like the card as much as she did :D I love love love to work i layers and layers. Also with all kind of mediums and materials. Well that is called mixed media right? I am finally allowing myself to call myself a mixed media artist. That is were i feel comfortable. I still love scrapbooking and cardmaking. I think a scrapbooker and a cardmaker is just as much a mixed media artist. They know how to combine the most amazing products, colors, texture and so on. My daughter loved the sweet cupcake on the card and wished it had been a real one lol! The white'ish texture in the background is Finnabair's amazing Texture paste. I have tried cheap pastes, expensive pastes and so on... and must say: there are of good quality. But I am not suprised, Finnabair is a wonderful artist with a lot of knowledge. So of course she will not put her name on something that is not good. I LOVE my pastes from her, that's for sure!!Well that was what I had to show today. This will be the last Design work for the time being from  I am taking a "siesta" from design team work for a while because of health issues. But I am hoping I can get some painting and meditation done. And hopefully I am able to share more of my journey in life with you all.I have kinda become a reclusive after I got sick. It is not easy to find my voice I guess. Not that I am not just as social and happy to share things. But when ones health issues takes so much "space" it is truly about prioritizing.I started scrapbooking when I was working, healthy, and so on... that is not the case now ;) so I just need to sort out what my needs are.... Thank's to Marshall Rosenberg's books on Non Violent Communication and Eckhart Tolle's books on being present.. I feel I am where I am supposed to/have to be. I am working on acceptance for what is. Finding the answers and solutions, instead of being gripped by my painbody. So right now I just need to find my bearings  again. But I bet I will be creative the next months.. but it will be when the energy and time is right ♥Though it feels really empty without my regular blogposts at The wonderful beautiful and inspiring  owner Linda. Has said: take your time Linn, health and family first. And I can when I have the chance do some design work. If that is not a wonderful person..... well she is. I adore her and she is also my Muse ♥♥♥So I will update probably with more canvas and art stuff, but I really do not know what will come. So will see. Right now I am just playing a lot in my Silhouette Studio Program. Making designs, working on my skills. Also I am painting on canvas when I have time to spare or I am so inspired I just HAVE to paint something hihi!Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I wish you all the best in every way ♥[...]

Last day in 2014 and I am celebrating with an Art Journal


I want to welcome the new year with open arms for what ever may come. 2014 has been a year with a lot of different experiences. It has taught me important aspects both of myself and others. So I really needed to make this page ♥ It also was a thank you to TreL who has me as a designer on her team. Even with my health being unstable. She has the biggest heart *Linda* love you sweetness ♥A background with gesso and here I am using Texture paste from Finnabair - Prima. Making spirals with a stick. I love my soft pastels, they are so versatile and fun to create with. Also I had a plan :) First I activated the pastel with water, but just a little. To be sure the colors covered all the texture. Then I started to play with water in much bigger quanta, and I was so happy to see how much color was spread just with water. No extra pastels. They go a long way! Just look here, I am so amazed at the vibrant colors and yet softness when blended with water. I also had to "draw" a little :) Using my India Ink. But I do need a new pen! So instead for soft elegant words. They became more childlike and playful. But maybe that was just how it was supposed to happen :) Here the AJ spread is finished ♥ I loved the colors and the energy it gave me... when I feel some fear or worry for 2015. I can go back and look at this page and breath ♥♥♥ For those who may not know these are the colors of the Chakra. I meditate and sometimes it is really nice to focus on these ♥ Also as a creative being it is a celebration of colors. Before I could easily say what my favorite color was: ORANGE. Know I love them all, they are like having siblings. You are not supposed to have a favorite, right lol!?Have a wonderful celebration of the New Year everyone! Stay safe, be careful with firecrackers and hug a lot! Love and Light from Linn[...]

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas ♥


Just wanted to say hi :) I so hope for the next year that my health will be somewhat better so I can create more. I am so looking forward to Lifebook 2015 yeayyyy!

Even if my health is as now (not good) I will at least get a lot of growth for my artist soul & also my heart. Tam the creator is a wonderful artist that I just can't wait to dig deep with. Her courses are just amazing. In october I made up my mind to use some of my birthday gift money on Lifebook 2015. Talk about the best present ever, a year with creative souls and guidance with exciting classes! Wohoo! January the 1st, I know where I am going to be! Wohoo!

Now I am just aching to paint and create. But the ME is active after a busy Christmas, so I am keeping my big behind on the couch the next days lol! But mayyybe I can sneak down and at least give my books and paintbrushes a hug.... gosh I miss them soooo much!

But lucky me, I am open for what ever may come.. through art I have experienced it gives me such joy and connection. I also will say it has made me a less suffering person ♥ Acceptance for what is, as well as being here and now and say thank you ♥ I have made a "thank you" book that we write down what we are thankful for right here and now. I have a plan of making these words into some kind of art... it just has to manifest first lol! But it is getting there.

Also with my daughter sick, the perspective on life changes. We live and breathe what is now and make the best out of the situation we are in. To worry about something I cannot fix right now, is futile. With ME I use my energy as wisely as I can. Thankfully also through art journaling I can vent out some of the fear and frustration, so I get back to presence. Yeayy art is the best, right?!

Have a wonderful week everyone, filled with lots of belly laughs and kindness ♥

Happiness is homemade - Altering a notebook


Hi sweet souls! ☺ What are you doing this fine day?! I have been creating something again.  My workspace is still totally a mess. So I had to move to the kitchen to make this one lol! BUT I am seeing potentially a date that my room will be functioning as it should again! ☻ I have at least four different ideas for film tutorials. BUT I have to get my room in order, or there will just be chaos. I am very neat in some ways. I like structure in my creative space! I can not handle clutter here for too long. Well now it is chaos, so my brain almost melts when I take a look around! BUT now I have gotten one corner (!yes corner) done! I can see the floor, I can see half of my desk. So I hope my health will be ok tomorrow again to dig inn to the big wall behind me. There is the chaos. I have to sort alooot of things out. I also never ever throw anything away! I am a girl who loves the envoirment and have enought tough time buying a lot of papers I might not need. But I recycle them for sure! Soo I just have to have room for everything! It also helps the need for shopping, cause my room is full. So then I do not need more paper or stuff that I can not use in the near future... ☺So if just the ME in my body can go on a looong vacation I could get a lot done! LOL!But I am sooo glad I got to design this for TreL. I am so honored to still design for her. Even if I do not have the best health.. Linda the owner sees more then my illness. I can never ever thank her for her kindness and support... Glad i dæ Linda mi ♥ This book and all the products used are in TreL's shop!! ♥I am soo glad Rubons are coming back! I love rubons!! These are so sweet!Love my Inktense pencils, I use them often! My daughter loves them too ♥I can still remember the day I got my hands on my first bottle of Acrylic Glazing Liquid... it was like my mind expanded ten folds! All thanks to a wonderful gorgeous amazing smart soul LINDA ♥♥♥ ! She got it for her store, and asked if I wanted to try it out. Oh myyy I have never looked back! She is by the way my Muse. Seriously, if I am in a rut... she could just say a couple of words and I would just jump up and down with ideas!  Sometimes I really need my gold to not be like to "yellowy" so by adding some silver I can make the color colder. That is what I did here, just to make it be the same color palette as the Fran-tage embossing metallic's. It worked out pretty good I think! Ohh how I love my mediums lol! I love love love texture!!Here is the finished backside of the book. I am a fan of bohemian-grunge-hippie-style lol! It feels kinda like myself ♥Detailed picture from the back. Washitape with sticky back canvas works wonderful together! Look at all those lovely crackles! Finnabair has her own amaaazing line of mediums. They have wonderful quality!Here is the front after it had dried and it really fits my style. I am going to use this book to scribble down my creative ideas. Why is it always so that the ideas and intuitions come when I am far away from my creative space. Also often in the middle of the night! So it will be good to have a new book by my bed and in my purse when I go out! I have tried to write it on my mobile, but nooo I like the old fashion way! I want to scribble and draw too! So a good old fashion book works best for me!Also I have to show you something amaaaazing! Glittersheets! I mean come on, my heart could just stop in amazement! I have some plans for sure with this. Stars - Christmas! I hope it will be as good as my idea is lol!Have a wonderful week everyone! Lots of love and light to you [...]

Bli med på TreL sin kjempeflotte Utfordring!


Blå Eller Hvit vinter heter den :) Og jeg kan love dere denne utfordringen er kjempe inspirerende! OG man kan vinne veldig veldig flotte premier! 

Vi i design teamet har også løst utfordringen. Her er min tolkning :)

Jeg så for meg snø, stjerner, glitter osv. Og likte svært godt å kunne lage litt julepynt. Hvert år må jeg iallefall lage to eller tre prosjekter med julepynt. Det gir alltid julestemning for min del hihi! Alt jeg har brukt på hjertet pluss hjertet er ifra

Her kan du se hovedpremien! Er den ikke lekker *sukk* OG det er enda en premie fra oss i DT teamet.

Blir du med? Håper det ♥

Yes finally my blog is working again! Me and all the addons!


I never learn I guess lol! Now I had a new pop up blocker, that was messing with me! I was able to (thankfully) put something up in the TreL blog before this started. But hey I can log on again woho! So here is what I have not shown yet.Yes I know there are NOT many updates in my blog, but hey working on changing my studio, while my daughter is sick and me too. Well then things take time. But every time I have the chance to create I get goosebumps! I just have to push all the mess on my desk, floor and so on up in a corner lol! I wanted to paint today, but just had to give up. I have to throw some stuff away first. Like all the pizzaboxes I have saved for some project in the future or all the jamglasses, boxes and so on. (textbox and text from Silhouette studio also the scallop stencil background)Ok I looove DIY, upscaling and redesign. But hey I have to have room to work too! I am not a hoarder on new things lol! But give me a cardboard box and I am so happy! Easy to please lol!(Used the bottle to show the little but cute AJ book)Well enough babling here are som pages I have made in my sweet AJ book from Ranger. This is the small version, sooo darn cute. I have gotten used to make BIG pages, the bigger the surface the more free I feel. But I was wrong I can feel free on any surface ♥I played with Glass Bead Gel, textured paste, embossing enamel, stencils, soft pastels and more :)The text I added with my vintage typewriter, love it!I love the font on the old typewriters also using real cloth ribbon with black ink. It bleeds so beautifully in to the paper :)The last page to show you all means a lot to me. I am what I would call now an activist. Like so many people today are starting to become. Well what kind of activist.. well one that wants the world to be more fair. That sharing, caring, showing respect, compassion really is important and essential.So I found this quote and it says it all... and my thoughts were... Nr 1 why are we pointing fingers to people who already have little to share? But letting banks and the reaaally rich people "off the hook". Nr 2 Why is it ok for them to be greedy? Nr 3 Why do we accept/allow such greed? Do we belive they deserve more? For what? Is not a janitor just as important as a CEO of a corporation? I believe we are all equal. And it is really rubbing me the wrong way, when I see more and more greed. Also taking from those who do not have the resources to say enough is enough! So I am kinda not buying the old belief systems any more... Well I am kinda a hippie I think lol! Has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with humanity ♥ Politics are I think just as much a game as Monopoly ;) The mustache reminds me of the one in the monopoly game :) I just thought it fit so well with my need to put this on a page in my AJ book. I needed to paint out my frustration and impatience I guess ♥Well that was all for now. Hope the health situation here at home will get better and my studio will soon be done. But so much got to get done before so... but good to have goals in life! Right!? Have a good day everyone! Love and light to you all ♥[...]

Art Journal and Gold flakes I like!


I forgot to share this with you! I am working on my studio/craftspace. So my head is not prioritising like I usually do lol! Also with my ME being more active than last year at this time. I need a lot of downtime... so usually now my room would have been done in a week. I am on week five!!!So I have to have some fun while I slowly start reshaping how I use my room. Here is what I made for the wonderful shop. Linda who is the owner, gives me such awesome designer products. She knows what I like and when she asked me, what I thought of using Gold Flakes. I was like: did she read my mind? I have been wanting to use gold flakes since last Christmas. But had not gotten to it yet. My main plan is gold leafing and vellum. But I need my space to be pretty clean before I start with what I am planning lol! Also I have to get my Silhouette Cameo in place first. Got some ideas!! Happy!! 😄Well enough babbling 😉 here is some pictures of the process making the Art Journal.... I love the sea beads (? I think they are called that?) I use them when making jewelry so why not use them in Art Journaling too? Here they have gotten a layer of gold flakes on them. I looved that look, and will for sure make it again!Look at all that yumminess! Here I am adding gold flakes on top of a layer of Molding Paste. I used a tree stencil and added a rough layer of Molding Paste. When it was dry I added glue for Gold Flakes and then the flakes.Her I have used several layers of paint and more Gold Flakes. I love to work in layers with color. The background was pretty textured from the paste, something I think is a nice touch. I could of course add the flakes when the background was finished. But I wanted some of the paint to rub of on the shiny trees to. To give even more play in the gold finish.This spread is about my relationship with nature and especially trees. I love them deeply and they give me such calm when I am around them. I am very active in trying to take care of the planet as much as I can. Get my carbon footprint as low as possible. Of course this will come through in my Art Journal. The text says: Plant some trees it's nature's Gold ♥ Had to have some more gold flakes on the GOLD word lol. This page is so shiny wohoo!Also I had some more gold on these sweetest hearts from Wycinanka, they are so adorable. So they are kinda like small lovely seeds falling from the trees 🌟Well that was all for now. Gotta get back to getting my studio up and running. It is amazing how much I have saved the last ten years. But hey I se gold in everything, may it be an old Pickle jar, cans and so on... so it takes time to sort out what to keep and not. There is so much ideas connected to every thing I have in my room. Also I hate to waste or just chuck something out, that is usable lol!Wish me luck everyone, hope to be finished before my birthday in nine days.. but it does not look good so far hihihihi!Best wishes to you all dear ones ♥ Linn[...]

Here you can see what I am playing with this weekend!


Yes finally I have time for my journal! I am supposed to reorganize my little studio. But I need a break, I have been sorting through a lot of stuff for over two weeks. I am still not done! Waiting for some furniture that I have to get in place, before I can come any further. Also I need some downtime to just relax with the family and also my project with my daughters room! My hubby has to get his tools out this weekend! So we can get some things in place! That will be wonderful!

allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="692" scrolling="no" src="" width="612">

Well just wanted to wish you all a good weekend! Take care of yourself, be kind and have some laughs! I sure am going to!!

Love and light to you all (image)


En svært viktig underskriftskampanje - håper du orker skrive under ♥


Les mer om kampanjen inne her hos SerendipityCat, hun er mye flinkere å ordlegge seg enn jeg er pr tiden.

Direktelink til underskriftskampanjen finner du HER. Den varer tom 1 oktober 2014. Og husk å bekrefte via email din signatur. Ja jeg vet ♥ det er et ekstra ledd, men det lille minuttet du orker det... kan hjelpe mange syke barn og voksne med hvordan de behandles for sin ME.

Tusen takk til dere som orker å skrive under, det er en dyrebar gave skal dere vite. Jeg har tro på mange blir å skrive under, hva tror du?

Ha en god og varm helg alle sammen, lys og kjærlighet til dere alle :)


I made a mess but I fixed it - Mixed Media Card DT


Hi everyone :)

I have made this mixed media card a while ago. I filmed the process also. So you can see me having some issues and a lot of solving problems lol! But that is the beauty with being creative. We can figure it out, be open for seeing solutions ♥ 

Here is a detailed picture of the card: 

If you would like to see my process of making the card here you go. Just a little note, the sound is pretty low. I have to practice on getting the sound right. But hope you will understand what I am saying :P Also I say the word amazing kinda often lol! I will work on using other words in my next video (image)

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="//" width="640">

I was happy in the end with the card. I loved the embedded look of the canvas pieces. I will for sure try this again, also embed other things too in a background. 

I hope you liked the finished card and that you all have a good day ♥

Best wishes from Linn

Shine on Shine on ♥ Gold flakes are fun to play with


Hi everyone!Just wanted to show you a card I made for TreL some days ago. I am in gold leafing mode! It has been several years since I played around with it. Wow it is fun fun fun! It can be kinda messy but with a little practice it is no big thing!Here I am putting on the real type of glue you should use. It is a little smelly but not to bad. But my doggie did NOT like the smell. He seriously gave some big sneeze's because he is so curious on what I am doing. Even though I had him pretty far away in my room, he just had to come up and check what mama was doing lol! So it is a good thing to have a ventilated space while gluing ;) When the layer is dry (drying time depends on your climate but about 15-30 min.) the layer will be really sticky and transparent. That is when the gold goes on. It works just as magic! It is so fun to do! I have read you can also use Mod Podge, I have tried it. It works fine. But I do not know if the gold will change color since Mod Podge is a wet glue. You can also use Glue powder or Glue pad that you heat up to become sticky. I know it handles gold leafing very well :)Here is a whole sheet covered with gold leafing and I tested it in my Cuttlebug with a Tim Holtz dies.It went through as butter and gave the edges a nice finish. I was worried it would just stay white, but the die soften the edges so perfectly. So you see gold all over ♥I love to look at this picture with all the yummi labels and tag with gold on them. The white areas on some of the labels I did deliberately. To give a brushed and tarnished look. Hope you liked it!Here is my finished card ♥I have used Bazzill Classic Craft Cardstock, black Gesso, white gel pen, some ribbon, stickers from MME. Gold flakes and Papirdesign pop up dots.Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! Love and light to you all ♥ Linn[...]