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Chess - One of the Oldest Known Skill Game


The game of chess is the oldest known skill game in the world and it tells us a great deal about the ways in which people lived during the medieval times. If you study the pieces on chess boards, and the way in which they are used while playing the game of chess, you will realize that chess is a history of the medieval times, but in a miniature form using chess boards and pieces. A cross section of the lives of the medieval people along with their grandeur, wars as well as ceremonies can be reflected in the six different chess pieces on chess boards. Though nobody for sure knows where exactly the game originated, it has been found that chess was played in India, Persia and China for many centuries using chess boards. Moors, which were huge armies of the Arabs, invaded Persia in the eighth century, and they were able to learn the game of chess from the Persians. Spain was invaded later by the Moors, who brought along with their invasion, the game of chess to Spain, and very soon the Spanish people also started playing the game of chess with chess boards. Entire Europe was now introduced to chess boards and the game of chess. Chess pieces in those days had Persian names and so Europeans faced difficulty in spelling and pronouncing these names. In those days the Europeans because of this difficulty gave new names to the chess pieces that we know today. Thousands of years back, both the ordinary as well as persons of rank were represented in different ways, and so accordingly the chess pieces too were represented in different names and spread across chess boards.Pawns are the most common pieces on chess boards. They represent laborers or serfs who often have to sacrifice their lives for the sake of saving valuable pieces on the chess boards. At one time in history the serfs, or the pawns as we call them, had a brutal and hard life and were considered no more than the property of landowners. While wars raged around them they were often left without protection and for the sake of saving landowners they had to sacrifice their own lives very often. Even though they were very young they faced hard lives and were sacrificed early for the sake of the rich. Chess boards have castle pieces on them which is the refuge or the home on the chessboard, just like it was in the medieval age. These castles are also called rooks, and each of the sides has two such castles. In the history of chess on the chess boards is the knight whose job is to protect all those ranked persons on the chess boards. The knight, or the professional soldier, has to perform duties that are more important than the pawns on the chess boards but less than the kings, queens and the bishops. Two such knight pieces are available on both sides of the chess board. More important pieces on the chess boards are protected by these knights who have to sacrifice themselves, just as the pawns do on the chess boards.The tallest piece on the chess board is the king, which has been well defended on the chess board. During that period the king was always kept safe from any kind of harm and it was an advantage to everyone right from the lowest serf to the highest ranking official to keep the king safe and secure. Whenever a king surrendered to the army, it meant an entire loss of the kingdom to the armies that invaded, which worsened situations drastically. In the game of chess the king is the most powerful piece and if the player is not able to protect the king then this results in the player losing the game of chess. One can think of the game of chess like a history lesson, as each of the pieces on chess boards represents a way of life in the medieval times.[...]

Know About Wooden Chess Boards And Chess Sets


Wood is a material used since time immemorial for the development and design. Kids do best when they are durable and attractive for the wooden toys. Also there playing, playing field where the wood expanded and one of them is used. Chess's playground is the place where the use of wood is a source of pride. They say the chess game of mind, more attention is required. As per many opinions wooden chess boards are the best aesthetic elegance to it, and makes every detail must be captured, and their carvings.

Wood chess boards and chess to make the type used are selected carefully. First time, chess is a game that is popular. There are chess boards which were carved out of wood expensive attraction between players and fans. There are high wooden chess boards, when he is taken in general perform better. There is a demand for a carpenter to make it interesting and is able to make chess boards but still, the game is playing a certain type of personality.


2 most popular types of wood used for chess boards and set are rosewood and walnut. Though people like a walnut chess boards, Rosewood is the most widely used and is known for wooden chess sets. It's too hard to cut and can only engrain wooden chess boards game is the best. In addition, there are dark lines between them; in different colors from pink to dark chocolate made with wooden chess is a natural color.

Rosewood is cheaper than boxwood but higher place. Rosewood chess boards and chess set are very expensive, so if you want to buy chess boards then boxwood is a good choice. By the end of polished boxwood chess boards look very impressive. Boxwood chess boards are as more expensive depending on the Canaries, they are very limited budget are for people with good advice, which top line is competitive worldwide and are used for all major events.

Chess Boards are great gift item, and to present the story we're happy to play chess. It loves the game and was happy with the power of the human brain for a great gift. Gifts Wooden Chess boards are very simple, thanks to e-commerce. Use your favorite games online chess, and completely customized to your needs may be.

All About Wooden Chess boards


Wood over a longer period of construction and design tools are used. Pharmaceutical comfortable in all phases of life, it's a toy or a small coffin for the deceased's. The wooden toys like chess boards for children because they are durable and appealing. There are also many games where the timber is extended and used to play are one of them. Chess is a board game in which the use of wood to make chess boards is proud. They say that chess is a mind game, and it requires great concentration.

Chess game is the best when it comes to beauty and elegance, like all the little details to be taken care of them while carving needs. Chess and chess boards of wood types used are carefully chosen. Antiquity was very popular with men who played, and the royal family. For example, chess boards and chess pieces carved wood and more expensive players and the fans have an affinity for. The better quality chess boards are in because a number of years there are skilled carpenters who can make it attractive to play chess boards was a demand. Still, this game is a game for some people.


However, Rosewood often used, but it became easier for Rosewood chess pieces do not bite. From pink to dark brown in Rosewood range available, between the dark lines also offer various forms. Therefore, Rosewood Chess has its categories. People who are looking for better quality, but cannot afford to have the opportunity to visit chess board material of rosewood, are made of palm wood. This type of wood is actually a good quality wood with a smooth finish comes in lighter shades of gray, making it an attractive appearance.

Walnut wood chess boards and chess pieces of another type that are used in less expensive than boxwood, and widely used worldwide today. Chess lovers always like wooden chess boards & chess set as gifts. It's a love that chess is a very good gift for a fan. Depending on how much you can afford, expensive rosewood you can choose cheap nut kit. These days, even it is possible that the Internet to save time and effort running the bank is sitting on.