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Updated: 2014-09-17T09:14:29-07:00


Quote of the Week


"I am a Jew when synagogues are attacked. I am a Christian when Christians are persecuted for example in Iraq. And I am a Muslim when firebombs are thrown at their places of worship." Aiman Mazyek, chairperson of the Central...

911's Unucky 13


I decided years ago to make a special post every 911. So here I am, posting on a dying blog even as blogging itself dies, the victim of spit-it-out-quick technologies like Twitter and Tumblr. I suspect these new "communication" formats,...

Two Religions, One Human Race


A talk-show host in Iraq breaks down in tears as he describes the persecution of Christians as ISIS rapes Mosul. His compatriot describes Iraqi Christians as "the petals of the rose" that is Iraq, and praise their "honorable" moral culture:...