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{ late fall twenty fourteen }

Updated: 2014-04-14T08:06:45-05:00


hello ...spring!


One does wonder where I've been hiding for the past 2 months! Lots has been happening behind the scenes over here. So. Where do I begin? For starters there's been a new job. An opportunity presented itself sooner than expected...



It's Friday. Valentine's Day. A full moon. The weekend. And a whole lot of... From me to you! Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie Pies!

today at the shoppe


Good morning sunshine! Some fun things are being added to the shelves at the shoppe these days. As I'm rummaging around the closets I've decided there's enough goods here to fill the shoppe for at least the next year. Maybe...

fresh eggs + sprouts


It's time. I couldn't take another day of popping over here and seeing that photo of fall leaves. And I know that you were thinking the same thing too. Life is happening over here. And it's been good. I always...



For the first time this season... Jack Frost stopped by last night. It appears that he wants to stay for awhile. I have been a bit quiet in this space for the past month. Working on savoring fall and all...



I found the sunlight, the sunflowers and the bees all in perfect unison early one morning. How could I resist? ~~~~~~~~~ Welcome Autumn. I'm ready for you.

such a great day


This morning there was a little gift waiting for me in the coop. It was from Chicken Pot Pie. This little white egg is her signature. She will be the one and only white egg layer in the bunch. It's...

Oh nine.


September. You've been skipping right along. Such good days we've had. You and I. Days at the lake. Time on the trail. In the garden, gathering the goods. But summer's slowly slipping away from us. You can feel it. The...

all good


There are a few things I want to remember about this August week: It never fails. Every single year when the acorns start to fall - I think ... "What's that noise?! Is someone throwing something at the house?! Ack!...

a small view


{ from my parent's farm } Oh and don't you just love those big brown eyes?! Enjoy your weekend!