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Customer Service.... is it alive and well?


 I am not one to usually write an article without any pictures for my blog.  Especially if it has nothing to do with saving money or something creative.So in the name of beauty I will add a photo that my wonderful 17year old daughter took. Isn't she talented?  Lately I have been very frustrated with customer service or lack thereof.With a few exceptions it seems like businesses really don't care if you are satisfied with their products or services. Even local government agencies. Let me start with March. My daughter wrecked my car.  Being that this is not something that happens everyday and we are in a rural area I was not sure who to call as far as police go.  She was very close to home and called me and I went to the scene. The other driver who was also very young had called the police. We waited over 40 minutes and when nobody arrived I thought I better call again. I called Ohio State Highway patrol. I explained to the dispatcher that I was not sure if we should have called them or the Stark County Sherriff's office. This guy was sooooo rude to me on the phone it was unbelievable. Among other things he said "Well you can call them but I bet they don't come" He was a condescending ass. I wish I wasn't so shell-shocked and would have gotten his name. However, the young state trooper that showed up was very nice and very professional Onward, to the auto body.  My car was in the shop for over 5 weeks! I know it took my insurance adjuster 1 week to give them approval to work on the car, which I thought was a little excessive, so they actually had only 4 weeks to work on the car.  ONLY, lol. They had more excuses then I can remember. Almassy's Body Shop in Waynesburg used to be a great place, but unbeknownst to me it had changed hands over the years. The people were very nice and polite, but come on... 4 weeks! No offer to reimburse me for a rental, but they did detail my car as an apology, so I was okay with that.  But then I go to pick it up and the bumper was not even on right.  So I had to take it back for another few hours on another day, as I needed my car that day. So I was even more inconvenienced. No offer of making any restitution for wasting more of my time. Suffice it to say I am not going to be using them again. I will make the extra drive to Aman's. On a good note, a few weeks ago I had a good experience with Dole. Their product was full of mold.  I had a phone call back within hours, along with an email. They reimbursed us over twice the cost of the item. Good job Dole, keep it up.  Yesterday my daughter attempted to order a pizza from a locally owned pizza shop, one that we use a lot.  She just turned 17, and offered to help me spring clean and then pay for a pizza for us to eat. Love that girl! Anyway, she ordered, then asked what it would cost if she upgraded to a large pizza. The young man put the phone down and said "Why can't fu*king people look at a menu" She was so shocked she hung up. I told her to give me the phone and proceeded to call them right back. An older woman answered, I explained what happened and asked her to report her coworker to the owners. She agreed. I thanked her and told her we would eat elsewhere that night. We ordered subs.  About three hours later a lady showed up at my door and said "Are you Michelle?" (evidently they had caller ID) I said I was and she handed me a twenty dollar gift certificate for the pizza shop. She also apologized. Thanks West End pizza, you will continue to have our business! I could go on and on, really.  PNC Bank is the latest company to tick me off.   They evidently lost my payment, when I asked the gal to wave the late fee, she refused. She said I did not get payment to them on time.  Well, maybe the mail lost it, or maybe they lost it, but I took the time to call and double check when the payment didn't show up on my statement. Do you think I would do that if I just didn't make the payment?  Boy you woul[...]

What to do with old faded Pyrex bowls


Do you have old Pyrex bowls sitting around that are faded, chipped etc? Not sure what to do with them?
Well, I took my bowls and made them look new again. I simply spray painted them, and then turned them into planters. Voila, new again, and not in a land fill.




Spring at last!!!♡♡♡
 New projects coming!

How to Dry Brush and Color Wash with paint


I promised to stop by and give you a little tutorial on the desktop I posted Saturday. I have used color wash and dry brush techniques on numerous projects.  It is really just something you have to play around with and practice to get the look you like.For the desk top I painted it a base paint color of grey. I used Poppie's Paint powder and Sherwin Williams latex paint.  After that dried. I used the same Aqua Chiffon from Pittsburgh Paints that I used on the drawers and chair of the desk. I add a little paint to a chip brush then dab it on a dry paper towel, removing most of the paint and lightly add color to numerous areas as shown below.  I also added a dark grey and a darker blue as shown in the next picture. I let it sit till it was somewhat dry, I then take the base grey color and apply it with a paintbrush over the whole top. I then use a water dampened cloth to wipe it back.  You choose how much or how little you take off.  Here is the finished top.    I used the same technique on the end table, but different colors of course. If you are just interested in color washing you just skip the dry brushing and let your base color completely dry before you apply the wash.Here are some projects I used this color washing technique on. Grey over blue on this  Light and dark grey on this Golden brown over red on this Beige over dark blue here And dark blue over red on this. Thanks for stopping by, Michelle[...]

Ombre desk


 I bought this desk at an auction for 15.00.  My mom needs a small desk for her bedroom. I thought the size was perfect, the color/style not so much. It was pretty beat up , and dirty, so I did a good cleaning with Dawn dish washing soap and cleaned the pulls with vinegar and water. I did the chair a couple of weeks ago, you an see it HERE   As with the chair I used Pittsburgh paints Aqua Chiffon and Poppie's Paint Powder. Poppies can be added to any latex paint and make's it into a chalk type paint, with a great matte finish. I added white and black to the Aqua chiffon to make the lighter and darker shades of the ombre drawers I spray painted the drawer pulls white. The top of the desk and base was painted a gray ( I think it is called Architectural, but is hard to read, as the container is covered in paint) by Sherwin Williams also mixed with Poppie's Paint Powder. I used a dry brush/wash technique on the top, which I will talk about in a little more detail on another posting. (Stay tuned...)  Here is the chair in case you didn't see the previous posting. After I finished painting the drawers, I distressed the drawer fronts a bit with sandpaper.  I sealed the whole project with polyacrylic.  Yes the daffodils are in bloom in Ohio! That makes me so happy! Most of my accessories were 1.00 finds or free bottles, vases and candlesticks that I chalk painted last week. They will be going with me to the Maker's Market in East Sparta May 14th. And the lovely ceramic cream and sugar bowl were Goodwill finds also.  Stop back next week for the technique tutorial on the desk top. Happy Easter, Michelle[...]



Just a little project I finished with Rustoleum and Waverly chalk paint. Decoupaged, stenciled and sealed with poly. Available for sale at the Maker's Market in East Sparta in May.

This chair is just right!


I am working on a little desk and chair for my mom. Her birthday is coming up so it is a surprise. Luckily she doesn't read my blog. I decided to start with the chair. So this is what it looked like before, with a vinyl seat. Kind of ugly!  I wanted a pretty color and Pittsburgh Paints had just the color. Aqua Chiffon. Of course I wanted a chalk type paint, and Pittsburgh does not have one. So I just pulled out my Poppie's Paint Powder. Poppies is perfect for turning any latex paint into a chalk based paint, making it easy to apply and even better for distressing. It is very easy to use. Watch this quick three minute video to see how easy it is to add to your paint.  width="320" height="266" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> It took two coats.  Poppies makes any paint easy to distress, and I did some distressing to the chair, then finished it off with some clear wax and dark wax to seal. I add a pretty black and white toile fabric I had been hoarding, and this was just the right occasion to use it. And the result!  I am currently finishing up the desk , so it will be posted within the next week. I am doing an ombre painting technique, so be sure to stop back.You can purchase your Poppie's Paint Powder HERE Visit me on Facebook Goodnight, Michelle   [...]

Puppy Love


This sweet little guy is Lego. 
Tshirts now selling to benefit our faithful friends.

Poppies Famous Repurposing Paint Powder


I love to paint with chalk-type paint. You can really paint mosts anything, wood, glass, plastic and more. There are many brands and colors available. However, at times I cannot find just the right color for the job.  Not to mention it gets a little expensive trying to buy all the colors I want.  Well, now I have the answer to my problems!! Poppies Paint Powder! Just add Poppies and a little water, stir to a smooth consistency and add the paint of your choice.  I chose Pittsburgh Paints. And you now have a chalk based paint.I had a sweet little Lane wooden box, the kind a lot of kids get when they graduate.  I wanted to take this plain Jane and turn her into something fancy.  I first cleaned the box, just using a paper towel and vinegar. After it dried, I mixed up my Poppies and paint, and was ready to go.  I used an eggshell shade and covered the box, inside and out.  After letting it dry I applied a second coat.  Again after waiting for it to dry I applied polycrylic.  To give it an antique look I used a walnut stain from, wiped it on and quickly wiped it back.After letting that dry, I used sandpaper and distressed the edges to give it an old worn look. You could do this easier before you applied your poly. I love to make life difficult for myself! I chose to line the interior with some scrapbook paper. I used a Prima flower, and some leaves, a old vintage picture, rubons and some pretty lace and pearls to decorate the outside of the box, and voila.... a nice little box to fill with soaps and give as a gift.Are you interested in trying Poppies stop over and pick up a bag. Or visit them on Facebook.Visit Poppies on FacebookThanks for stopping by, Michelle[...]

Checkers anyone?


I finished this little gem today. I love this color, it's called 50's green, by Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint. Matches my jadeite plates! I love that paint, very easy to work with. I did a dry brush technique on the top then a dark glaze, custom mixed. It is sealed and distressed with clear and dark wax.

The checkerboard was pretty tedious to tape off and when I didn't like my color choices I had to do it all over again, urgh! Now let me say my husband likes this piece, so that has me more than a little worried.
Matching checkers are included.
Tabletop is a nice size 23.5" x 23"
It sits at table height at 29"
This would look great in a sunroom, or screened in porch, or perfect for a lake home. Chairs not included. However, I can custom paint two chairs to match for an additional fee.
Price $125.00

The best chocolate cake.


I tried a new recipe I found online and OMG! is it good. It's called Brick Road Chocolate cake!
You can get the recipe here:

My new Kitchenaid mixer came and I had to try it out, so I made my own birthday cake!

Loving that mixer!
Okay, I have to go get one more piece.

Great Soup Deal at Giant Eagle through Feb 24th


22 Cans for 13.40!

Buy 10 for 1.00 each get one free
Use five .50 off 2 Progresso which double(-5.00)
And use two 
Save .40 on 4 Campbell's condensed soups which also double. (-1.60)

Yes, I love split pea soup!


Kohl's Deal


If there's something you're thinking of buying at Kohl's right now it would be a good time to do it.
Buy two $50 Kohl's gift cards from Rite Aid. You received $10 in Plenti points for every $50 Kohl's gift card you buy limit two.

Kohl's is having a good sale if you use your charge card. Use the coupon code LOVE30 for 30% off, in addition you receive Kohls Cash, and the YES points.
I finally bought a Kitchenaid mixer, a commercial grade, Pro Series, the good one!

Price 449.00
-135.00 (30% off) coupon code with charge
- 60.00 in Kohls Cash
-15.00 for my YES points
-50.00 Visa card Rebate
-20.00 in Rite Aid Plenti points

NET Cost 169.00 plus tax

Just thought I would share. I am sure there are other great buys you could do at Kohl's for Valentines Day or Easter

Kitchen table redo


I was lucky enough to win this table and 4 chairs for $13.00 at an online auction. Evidently someone started this project and never finished. Through some research I learned it was about 100 years old. Boy, they don't build furniture like they used to. This monster weighed a ton.So thanks to my sister for helping me pick it up, and to the guy from the auction house for helping to load it.Here's what I started with:And here is what I ended up with:I wanted a farmhouse country chic look. I am pleased with the outcome. It will takemy husband some time to adjust to it.I did two chairs blue and the other two green.I like a little color! Distressed the chairs with sanding.Some light distressing on the base of the table, more on the chairs. Products used are listed on my Facebook page. Thanks for looking! Have a great day!Michelle[...]

52 Week Savings Plan for 2016


I just wanted to stop by and share the savings plan I do every year.  There are lots of different increments to choose from. Check out Pinterest and find one that suits your needs!

Pinterest 52 week Challenges

Hull Pottery Drip Brown Deviled Egg platter


I came across a great auction a couple of weeks ago, and bought several boxes of pottery, china and glassware. There were several boxes in the lot with what I was after that day. So I have had the fun job of going through the boxes a little at a time. So I will post some of my finds here and there.
This was one of the first things I pulled out, and immediately stuck it in my hutch and thought UGH, that is ugly, I will probably just have to through it away. Well, a few days later I got it out and starting researching it.  I about fell out of my chair to see that it was actually very collectible.  Right now people are really liking the drip brown stuff.  Several companies beside Hull manufactured this type of design.

The deviled egg plate with the rooster seems to be one of the more desirable pieces right now, selling from $30.00-$70.00 depending on the condition.
If you are interested in bidding on this please stop by and check it out HERE.
Or search for me on ebay under seller name antq.freak
Have a great day,

Pretty painted and decoupaged bottles


 Decoupage Bottle I have been decorating and painting old liquor bottles, canning jars and anything else I can get my hands on. And it is all actually pretty easy. My bottle above was decoupaged with napkins. I picked out some pretty napkins then peeled the layers apart, as you only want one layer. I cut the flowers out and then used decoupage medium to apply. I applied the decoupage medium to the bottle then laid the napkin down carefully. Be very careful, these do rip easily.  I was going for a vintage look so did not worry about wrinkles.  There is a method to make your decoupage wrinkle free that I will post about at another time.    The painted jars and glass first must be very clean, I wash them with Dawn detergent and rinse well and are painted with chalk paint and either finished with an acrylic sealer or wax to seal.  I also usually sand to distress them. Painted glass  Give it a try you will love the results!Michelle[...]

French Country Dresser


This was a very old. 1930's era dresser. I had painted it once and was not happy, so after stripping it I repainted it again to get this aged driftwood feel. It took several layers of chalk paint, greys, off white and blue and then a glaze of darker grey to get this effect. But I was pretty happy with how it came out. My sister in law was too, she bought it as soon as I put it up for sale!
I used water slide decal, decoupage and stencils on the drawers.

 This is my before picture

And here is a close up of the top.

On to my next project...

My latest furniture project


I received this buffet for free from a nice lady.  It didn't have any hardware.  I ran into all kinds of problems when I was working on this. The middle top drawer had broken off at the top. Two of the legs broke off while I was dragging it into the house. I couldn't find the right size hardware. But finally it all came together.
I use Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Serenity for the bottom portion and used a red, I think called Crimson chalk paint I bought at Walmart for the top.
I distressed with my sander and I used white and dark wax to finish it.
It's going into my craft room for storage!
Presently working on an old dresser from the 1930's.  It is in horrible shape, lets see if I can make it pretty again.

Are you interested in learning to use chalk paint?  Let me know I would be glad to give you some pointers. Michelle

Painted side table


I painted this side table a soft grey first then applied a blue wash over that.  After distressing the edges with a sander I applied white wax from Classic Home (purchased at Wal Mart) and buffed. This wax is a liquid, about pancake batter consistency and I really like how it buffs out.  Application can be a little messy if you are like me, so you should wear gloves.
I really love this piece and want to keep it for my bathroom remodel. However, I am going to sell it. I can't keep everything, or so my husband tells me.
Used Rustoleum Chalked Paint and Waverly Chalk Paint. 

Pretty in Pink Painted Mason Jars


Here's a real easy project for you.
Painted Mason jars. 
I use chalk paint, Waverly Chalk paint, on these. I just use a base white and add drops of my acrylic craft paints to produce the different shades.  
First, clean the jars well. I wash them in soap and warm water.  When they are completely dry I paint one coat.  After that dries I apply a second coat. It usually takes about an hour in controlled indoor environment for it to dry.  After the second coat is completely dry I take sandpaper and rub off the letters and logo on the jars.  In addition, since I like the rustic shabby look I add more areas that are rubbed down to the glass.  When I am done I seal with a matte spray.  I have also waxed the jars to seal in the past. Let that dry and you are good to go!

New Kellogg's Family Reward Codes


Hi everyone, just a quick post to add some of the KFR reward codes.


Memorial day bonuses end May 25th, so hurry on over to Kellogg's and enter them

Also, coming in Early June watch for a new and improved KFR. They will be bigger and better than ever. There will be more brands, more rewards and more convenient ways to collect points.

CVS deal


 Nature's Bounty Fish Oil $9.29 each
Buy one get one free
Total 18.28
Use 4 coupons from Red Plum insert 3/15
3.00 off x 4
Use 1 Red Box coupon $3.00 off 15 in vitamins
Pay $3.28!!!

CVS deals for this week 3/22/15


The deals I plan on doing so far this week:Just a quick glance at the CVS sales, and here is what I have come up with off the top of my head.The first two deals are basically freebies.  You would need to roll your ECBs from last week though to make them literally free. Otherwise you pay as shown and get your money back in ECBs.1. L'Oreal Intenza Mascara (get 5 Extra Care Bucks when you buy 2)    Price 7.99 each    Total 15.98    Use two $3.00 off 1 coupons from Red Plum insert 3/22/15    Use Red box coupon that will print from box in store $5.00 off $15.00Pay Out of Pocket:  4.98 plus tax and get back $5.00 ECBs.If you have ECBs from last weeks deals...even better use those to pay and spend nothing.2. Sure/Brut Deodorant  (get 1 ECB when you buy one)    Price: $2.00    Coupon:  $1.00 off in the Smart Source insert from 3/22/15Pay out of Pocket:  $1.00 plus tax and get back $1.00 in ECBs3. Eucerin (buy 2 get 5.00 back in ECBs)    This does include the trial size!    Price: approx 1.99    No Coupon    Buy 2 for 3.98 and tax and get back 5.00 ECBs4. Palmolive    Price:  .99 cents    Coupon: .35 off (printable)    Pay .64 cents!    5. M&Ms (buy 2 get 2 ECBs)    Price  2 for $6.00    Use two 1.00 off coupon from RP 3/22/15    Pay $4.00 and get 2 ECBs back[...]

Kellogg code


Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Text to: 89332
for 50 PTS!