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Homespun From The Heart

Living,sharing,crafting,hoping and trusting all in one wonderful place.

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Caution ... X Rated

Anyone interested in framing
pics from Vintage prints/goodies 
and applying their own 
I'm so bad.
I completely enjoy 
being sarcastic and
edgy based on
my mood at
the time that
I print stuff.
I find it therapeutic
to talk "nasty" without
really hurting anyone's 



Hello Darlings.....Is life treating you and yours Good?I sure hope so.For me it's been busy .... busy withthe grands .... busy with work ....and busy with life in general.My creative endeavors have beenblanketed lately as a result.I plan to change that.Working on small projects has helpedkeep my creative side focused and haskept my feelings of being overwhelmed underbay.Not to change the subject but ....I picked up a cannon point and click camera for 8 bucks theother day and it has built in video!  It is a datedcamera but it's just the toy I need to document my corner of life while in the throes of a project.  I won't need to worry if it gets a little paint or a scratch here and there.I'm painting a kitchen chair or I should say "repainting" a kitchen chair.  I have some lovely material (actually a cloth shower curtain he heee) bought it from Ross's to cover the seats.  The grands put quite a lot of strain on my chairs so they are not fancy. "All" the chairs will be getting a face lift as time and energy dictate.  I also have a "Big" can of dirt/water scotch guard to saturate the seating material with to prevent dirt from busy grand darling feet.  Anyhoo the video above is unrelated to this post but thought many of you would enjoy my video and getting to knowa little more about me and one of my grand loves .... Blessing to ya for the rest of the week. [...]



I Love my reborn darlings.  Their little crochet hats are just too sweet. The soft handmade coverings were initially a means to distinguish one twin from another (according to the lady who gave me the hats and who had "live twins" of her own). 

Being the late bloomer that I am .... I taught myself how to crochet.  I'm not really super good at it and so I tend to pick out patterns that are not only easy but quick.  
                                        Bevs country cottage
I really enjoy this ladies information regarding crochet.  Her many patterns are easy and quick.  She has some awesome baby booty patterns as well.  Please check her out .... and like me you'll be glad you did especially if your a beginner crocheter.



Cheap Shabby Pantry

Picked up this sleeping beauty recently.  Nothing fab about her
other than she is old and came out of a farm house.
I've been working on her a little at a time and am by no means done.
  I love that she is thin and tall ....  and I like that the door opens and closes easy.
 She fits well
 housed between two other cabinets in the kitchen.
She holds my toaster, can opener and
other kitchen items.  I'm thinking I might paint the inside with
some bright happy color or maybe even line the shelves with some
Any ideas?  Do share!! 
I'll try to post after pictures when I'm done.  

Easy Ruffled Beginner Crochet Flower.


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="344" src="" width="459">

              Lovely and Simple Crochet Flower For Beginners.

I'm a late in life learner.  Never picked up the fine arts of crochet until I was a bit older.  I started my adventure with crochet when I took a rag rug class years ago and from that ventured with trepidation into regular crochet.   In all honesty I'm still not that good...but I can swing a hook around some yarn and make hats and other less complicated stuff and actually read a pattern.  I gotta confess that "simple" is best for me so I'm selective about what I do.  One of the fun touches that add enhancements and make a simple easy project such as a hat or even a blanket look attractive are the embellishments.  So here ya go .  I am a member of this wonderful group on Face book.  What is awesome about Crochet Granny is the projects pictured have the written instructions so if you want to test your skill or copycat it you can.  Have fun with's easy and good practice for newbies.  Nothing feels better than curling up with some yarn and throwing out flowers on a hook.

Fairy Lantern Tutorial


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="344" src="" width="459">

                              Fairy Love

Found the awesome project while strolling round the internet.  With Mason Jar madness going round .. what a perfect project that is easy breezy.  I wanted to be sure that credit is given to the artist so please enjoy the vide and tutorial.  This is definitely on my list of must do's soon.

Homespun From The Heart




Hello ... yes I know ... been forever ....

Not posted in far too long... shame .... why? .... well I look at what's out there and I think ..."why would anyone want to read what I have to say? ...or share? ...or do? ... but that needs to change ... my attitude that is.  So ... what with the new year and all I want to share a new blog with you that should prove fun and productive.  Do you enjoy food? or eating or anything that smacks of down to earth good ole southern style living?  Check out my co-workers blog.  She is a face book friend and co-worker ... but what I sorta really like about her is the yummiest of food fare she's always whipping up.  That being said ... check it out ... (I think she wants to be Pioneer Woman number 2...but don't tell her I said that). When she publishes her new cook book  (in the near future I hope) ...  I wanna be the first on the list to buy.  Okee dokee now go and check her out. 


Inner thoughts on Childhood


Childhoodshe takes flight and vanishes like a wayward bird ... and quickly dissipatates. Like the moist sparkle of dew in the morning sun .... or as a silken moth in the palm of the hand, it suddenly turns to dust. The inquisitiveness and innocence wanes like the rush of the ocean tide. That magical place, once so full of life and laughter fades. The griviences of life is a poisen. The sweetness of childhood becomes edged with bitter. What was once fragrant and full of color yellows whithers and dulls. The remnants of what was blisters and blows with the beat of the wind.  Sweetness of nature becomes a knowing ... an understanding ... "Life is not always fair and sometimes the days of tomorrow brews pain."  With time it becoms edged and crusty by the cares of life. It vanishes like a velvet midnight mist in the harsh light of day. Reality, commitments, death, sickness and responsibilities often consume and lend weight to the soul and heart. Sadness, overwhelming drudgery and dissappointment smother the sparkle and wonder of life and like a vice around the neck chokes out the vivid spark.   Despite the negatives .... Unrealistic expectations should not shadow nor lord itself over the expression of laughter, creativity, fun and friendship. Childhood can be ageless. Growing up should reflect saftey and love. Nurture and compassion should be the protective ring around the heart. It should be alive with eagerness and anticipation ... like an easy breeze on a spring day.  A little one should don the crown of acceptance and spontaintity ... without malice and discontent.   There is one legacey I wish to instill in the hearts of my grand children. It is to always embrace a childlike attitude in every day life and never allow the wirlwindS in life to crush the spirit of wonder and joy that resides in their hearts.  i HOPE TO LIVE LONG ENOUGH THAT i MAY BE AN EXPRESSION OF CHILDLIKE WONDER IN EVERYTHING i DO. i WANT TO SHADOW EVERY CHILD ... AND EXPECIALLY MY GRAND CHILDREN WITH THE JOY OF SEEING LIFE THRU COLORED LENSES. lIFE IS HARD AND IT WILL OFTEN REAR IT'S UGLY HEAD SOON ENOUGH. lET THEM FACE THIS WITH CLAIRITY BUT ALSO WEAR A SHEILD OF CHILDLIKE PRENSENCE IN THE FACE OF A BIG BAD WORLD.  bjk 2015 [...]

little box redo


This simple beauty started out as a cheap forlorn wine box.  She broad cased a cheap/glued picture of grapes and such depicting her original use.I saw a gem in her plain decor and quickly snatched her up... and for a few measly bucks I made ownership official.  A bit of rough sanding quickly removed the paper remnants. A Black base-coat and white top coat allowed her beauty to shine,  Distressing, old lace and other sundries proved to enhance her appearance as well. I made the gauze ribbon rose by twisting the material to my liking and hot glued it to the top.  I had a jewel looking pin that I also embellished the rose with  (hot glue) and a bit of lace for the leaf.  In keeping with the original handles I streamlined the look a bit with a thin string of natural twine.. thin ribbon and an old key.  I also tied a tear drop gem and allowed all to drip from the enclosure of the box. I added some love on the inside of the box as well.  Old fashioned/vintage wall paper lines the inside and on the under side of the lid is a sweet press board saying.."blessing" and little pearl embellishments.  This is what she looked like as I was sanding the box.  I hated the rope handle! It had to go! you can see two black knobs on the towel...I was at the phase of trying on different ideas.  In the end I did not use the knobs.  I think my finished choices turned out well...what do you think?In the process of her beauty treatment.  Here I used some lace that I literally toreoff a small pillow!  Don't under estimate the small things you have around the house.I save everything.I will try and find a picture of the inside of the finished box.  you get the idea though.never pass up those sweet boxes...there is so much you can do with them![...]



My little grand darling Nevaeh enjoys holding my babies.
I collect reborns...and WE do not allow them to cry!

Something about the incessant whine of a baby wracks to the very bones of me.  It's not normal for a darling to cry, fuss, fidget, writhe and basically stay uncomfortable "All" day long.  What in the world can the matter be?. As a caregiver and adult it's supposed to be my job to find out.
I'm a firm believer in swaddling, warm baths and lavender rubs from the top of the head to the bottom of the babies toe.  Warm breast milk if not ideally taken from the breast can be in a cup or even a syringe.  Whatever it takes to get that tiny belly happy and full.  Maybe a good burp and some comfort in the rocking chair.  Slinging or wearing a baby against ones body is another wonderful approach for that comfort zone so desperately needed.  Unfortunately in an institutionalized day  setting this is prohibited. 
I wish we could incorporate some of the natural approaches to child care in daycare. With a dozen babies all needing attention it is not feasible.  I don't wish to offend anyone as I understand many moms need to work and I would not have a job otherwise.



Goodies purchased on the cheap from the Thrift Store.  I'll display them in an old bowl

I LOVE old things. It's crazy ... something in my genetic makeup ... I thrill over shabby, chipped, lovingly rugged and worn. The history, the usage and the homespun look is what appeals to me I guess.

  Nothing in my home is expensive or valuable. My kids quite often fuss and call my stuff junk.

  I'll never change. It's all good though ... it reflects my personality. That being said the kitchen gadgets were .50 each... the clock is not old but looks old. I plan to replace the glass biggie...just a few screws .. it keeps perfect time. The oil lamp is old and missing the glass globe. I have extras around the house. It was only 5.00... Can't wait to use it for a romantic dinner with hubby or when summer storms come and whacks out the electricity. 

Rag Rugs and Rainy Days


    I'm working on my rag rug... Today I sat in my lounge chair with Jordan snuggled comfortingly against me. The rain made such a soft patter against the window. Jordan watched as I made my stitches with the cotton
    strips until he fell asleep. The room was pleasantly dark and cozy. Nothing beats the feel of a large wooden crochet hook slipping in and out to the rhythm of the rain and the sound of my darling breathing. I'm an old fashioned sort of girl and derive a lot of pleasure from something as simple as this. I would not trade it for all the money in the world....really...

My babies....Elizabeth Marie, Amber Lynn and Gracelyn from Ashton Drake,...


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="270" src="//" width="480">

Long time no see my friends....My life has taken a new turn and one of my new interests in life are Reborns.  Please enjoy my little girls and anticipate more to come. 

Life is good and I am still busy making crafts.  I am part---time now so hopefully I will have much more time to post and become active on my Blog site.  Blessings.

Got Red? - Gift Basket


My ex DIL is very much loved.  She gifted my husband and I a beach condo stay for a week.
It's not the first time she has blessed us.  I put together a lovely red gift basket as a "Thank you".
She has the red thing going on in her kitchen.  Everything placed inside had little in cost but lots in
love.  The most expensive items were 4 pier one red coffee mugs that I utilized as the center theme

of the basket.  I made this cute print ... framed it with a red Waverly sample piece and topped it
off with a sweet vintage hankie.  I even recycled the red mesh from a cluster of onions wrapping the sugar and creamer containers.  I thought the basket turned out great.  What do you think?

rocker glider redo on the cheap


You can see the images from a sweet children's book Iused too unisex the chair.  They are so vintage and cute.Her is the chair with her coverings that can be removed and washed.I don't have the skills to redo the pillows so I came up with thiscovering.  It was a lovely waffle shower curtain thatI cut and put a sweet shabby rose trim on from another pieceof material. Here she sits looking a bit sadI purchased this reject for $20.00.Her rungs were loose , she smelled likea stale ash-stray and she was ahorrible brown.The pillow cushions were in great shape otherwise tears or damage.They (the cushions) were washed and came out fresh andintact.Our new grand-darling was due soon. Looking around became depressing...thesenew chairs varied so much in price from 500.00down too 159.00 or so.  The cheaper chairs did notlook like they would hold up under stress.The second hand rockers were high in price too.This rocker cost 20.00 from an online local re-sale site.  The supplies included white wash paint from Sherwin Williams and other paints in soft moss green. I also used acrylic in soft greens, blues and rose.Basically I cleaned the wood, sanded it, reinforced it with wood glue, washed the pillows and slapped on a white base coat to cover the brown.  After it dried I rubbed with an old cloth someof the moss green in a slap stick fashion.  I merely layered softly several of mycolors to give it a washed out effect ... nothing special or fancy.I used several colors so I could have a unisex finish.  I wantedthe finished product to look shabby.[...]

Summer theraphy


My dear friends...please forgive my not posting.  My life has been upside down.  I hope to keep up at least once a month or more.  I love your posts and continue to read despite my not being active.  I hope all of you have a great summer.  That being said... my first post in quite some time.  Enjoy.I have this thing I do in summer. It’s refreshing and so very simple.My co-workers are convinced I’m more than a dizzy going grey blond.Quite the contrary, it’s the most therapeutic process I do to regain my inner balance.It’s easy, it’s free and it has fantastic results.It clears the mind and yet invigorates better than a mean cup of coffee.It’s especially nice when the weather outside is a thousand degrees. Nothing beats It on a sultry day so thick with humidity you can slice it with a knife.What in the world can it be?What am I talking about?I’m talking about washing your hair… and not in the sink either … and not with hotwater. Here’s my process. You drench your head with the garden hose first and then using your favorite shampoo work up a thick frothy layer of suds. Massage your head vigorously.Make sure this is done while bending upside down at the hip to get the full benefit. This allows a good view of the cool water cascading down your strands of hair. When the waterruns clear it’s time to work in some silky conditioner. Be sure to remain upside down during the process. Grab a thick fluffy towel that’s been warmed by the sun and towel dry your hair as you slowly stand up. The blood might rush a bit to your head so go easy. You’ll feel absolutely refreshed! Like a new person!The cool tingly sensation, the sweet scent of clean and the simple process just accomplished will leave you with a sense of well-being and natural energy. You’ll feel as though you just wiggled your toes in a gurgling cool brook. No 8 hour energy drink , carbonated soft drink or thick caffeine rich cup of coffee can do that! It’s quicker and cheaper too!. [...]



Darlings.. I take no credit for anything here other than finding the picture of the
 tea party.
In my catching up (is that at all possible?)
I came across this sweet little spot.
I am always saving glass jars
and this project will be a good
one for Halloween. 
Break out the oarnge paint!
Gather up the glass jars!
and lets make it happen!

why is everything sooo expensive?


I love Fall!  So in my need to start embracing the change of season
I went to Michaels to get a peek at some of the fall foliage.
One of the wreaths had a price tag of $69.00!  Please!!
I am not a professional floral designer but I knew I could
produce a lovely design without heavy cost.
I hope you like it.  It was fun, relaxing and cheap.
I had to get the 3.00 plaque at Ross's since I
was in their neck of the woods.  I know it's a bit early for the Halloween
thing but it was just too cute to pass up.

Pier One redo


Looks so nice in my fruit room with all the browns

a sweet brown stool on the cheap

Purchased these foot stools for 20.00 dollars each.  They got a choclate redo.  Much to my surprise I found  they were originally from pier one.  I love them.  They'll provide a nice touch in my fruit room as a foot stool and for extra seating outside for an impromtu glass of wine or picnic.



Hello my sweet sweet readers...friends....and comrads in mischeif!  I am so excited of late!  I'm doing  on-line classes...working full-time and making lots and lots of time for my grand-darlings.  My new job is a very busy and exhausting involves 10 little people daily who look to me to change their diapers.  Talk about walking angels/devils!!  They are so smart and so busy!!
As far as my crafting I have been keeping it simple.  I've been making those adorable fuufuu flops.  It's easy, quick and totally relaxing!! I will post soon a "How to do it" tutorial.  Hopefully ya'll will forgive my lack of posting in return.  You better get out there and get those flops on the cheap...Wall-mart has some for 2.50 but the Dollar Genrals boast lovely colors and styles for a buck!!  I sell them for about 12.50 for adult pairs and 9.50 for the little people.  I just sold a pair this past week.
To Say I am happy that spring is fast approaching is an understatement.  We have plans to go on a Weekend Family camping tripas soon as crab season hits.  It will be a first for my youngest grand-darling.  Our Lab will enjoy the water again too as this was his first exposure as a baby on how to swim.  My hubby and I were worse than new parents then.  We allowed just about 3 ruler lengths between us so he could swim to me or his daddy.  It was here too our lovely lab learned to go up and down the big-boy steps.  Now he's boundless and fears nothing when it comes to the water!! He can even go under the water face first to snag a stick!!!
Keep me on your friend list as I enjoy so much the contact.  I love all of you dearly and look forward too a wonderful spring and summer of creativity, frienship and smiles. 

I like being Nosey but I often wonder.


I like looking at what other bloggerrettes have and love in their homes.
Often while browsing at all of the lovely blogs
I am heart-struck.  The beauty, uniqueness and talent
takes my breath away and makes my heart jump.  I will also admit that I get very
jealous ... but in a good way.  I'm always thinking ... how brilliant ... or ...
how did they come up with that ?... or ... why can't I come up with stuff like that?
I want so much to simulate and still remain true to "me" and
my flavor or style.  In other words ... not everything I own
is Pink or white.  Yet I will confess everything is "my touch".
I mean .... who puts a blue enamal pan on the stove and
fills it with surgar so hubby can turn on the burner and
accidently cook it? 
Sometimes when  I go into other peoples homes (and not in
blog-land homes either) I wonder if maybe I should conform
to "normal standards".  I question my confidence in decorating
my home.  You know ... the shabby stuff...the gently used stuff...
the unfinished mess stuff I always seem to have laying around the house.
But then I come to you ... my many bloggerettes...and I get a swift kick in the pants...
and I can hear all of you saying "girl" you gotta be you!! you gotta do what
your heart dictates."  Kindred spirits are like that ... they put things in perspective.
Thank you my dears for keeping me straight "sigh"........



Just a quick weekend hello.   Husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversery On the 26th of Jan.
Since most of us love vintage just thought this Vintage picture would be fun.  I wore a lovely vintage style dress and a soft cool string of beads.  Hair...natural with just a touch of make-up.  Hubby wore the lace front shirt with platform shoes and that red tie!  Thats his sweet mom beside us and in the background my best friend.  We were married at fort macon before she got her face-lift as this is one of the first places I was taken on our first date.

A tangled Web of Grapevine


Hubby has been felling trees.  This results in a tangled mass of grap-vine.  I've always refused to buy grape-vine as it's too easytoo come by naturally.A snip here and a bit of weaving in and out .... voila!!I've been focused on my grand-darlings room.  It's a small room so I decided to make some small wreaths along with the standard size and paint a couple of themWhite.This little Darling will get a white coat as well.This is my back door wreath left in her natural coat.The sticks you see resting along side are going to be walking Sticks.I have too many things I want to do!! I wanted topost these cut dollar tree birds.  I am going to rough themup but for now they are sporting their new paint.I want to purchase several more to embellish the larger grape-vine wreaths for a spring effect.I know I keep promising to show you all the finished projects but I can't help but at least share some of the unfinished ideas.  Maybe some of you can come up with some awesome uses for the grape-vine too.  [...]