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Obama vs. Ebola


Concerns over Ebola are rising after a second Dallas nurse contracted the virus and flew across the country on a commercial airline while ill.

President Obama is currently holding a news conference in the white house to declare his resolve in fighting the outbreak.

Here is my question for you:

If President Obama WANTED an outbreak in the United States, what would he do differently than he’s already doing?

I’m disgusted that no travel ban is in place from countries where the outbreak is growing. I’m also disgusted that he continues to increase the amount of military he is sending to the area. This is not their purpose and he risks bringing the disease home to the US in greater numbers.

Is this because most military families aren’t going to vote for him anyway?

Yesterday after he cancelled a fund raiser for a special meeting at the white house my theory was that he had quarantined himself. Today he still stays home. We’ll see!


Listening to a Nazi Death Camp Liberator


Last night my husband and I had the chance to hear a man named Leo Hymas  speak about his World War II experiences. As a young soldier he was one if the first few to come across and liberate the Buchenwald concentration camp. 
His talk was moving. He also had a variety of memorabilia from his experiences in Europe and Japan during the war. At one point he unfurled a Nazi banner that he had pulled off of a building  after removing a portrait of Hitler " with his pistol". It was disturbing for me to even see the banner held up
In front of us, but so important to hear him talk about the evil that it represented. 
We will not have these WW II veterans with us for many more years. It is important to remember. 
Learn more about Leo Hymas at 

What Do We Want? $15!


When do we want it? …….Now!

(image) Photo via socialist alternative

Today listening to Dave Ramsey I made a note of a brilliant observation, which is, to paraphrase, that every person has an intrinsic, God given value as a human being. This should NOT be confused with their ECONOMIC value, which is the value of their work to an employer.

Over the past couple months our news here in the Seattle area has been replete with demonstrations, town halls, and picketing to have the minimum wage raised to $15 an hour in the City of Sea-Tac and the City of Seattle. The typical argument shows no concept of economics, and no concept of ‘starting wages’ for someone on their first job.

And now that the Seattle City Council has it’s first freely elected socialist council member they dialog has been elevated to an even higher level of B.S.

In Socialist Sawant’s words, It is “the nature of capitalism to crush small business . . . capitalism overwhelmingly sets up small business for failure,” (Seattle Times)

Neglecting of course that capitalism is what makes small business possible.

I am sickened to see the country’s shift. I don’t know if I am posting this message to whine, or vent, or just commiserate with others while we watch our freedom go down the tubes, but anyway, there it is.  I’m having one of those days where I feel pretty hopeless about our future. But let me add one thing.

Capitalism is a by-product of freedom. At it’s core it is human beings who have found a common value, in our case the dollar, with which to interact in trade with other human beings. The market gives consumers what they want and rewards producers who give consumers what they want. A business person cannot get rich without benefitting scores of people around him, from employees to car sales to gardeners and day care workers. That’s just how it is.

One more observation. My son-in-law was recently in an economics class at Washington State University. At the end of the semester the professor commented that the students this year were less prepared and had less of a grasp of economics that those of previous years.

My prediction is that he will see it get even worse. Socialist thinking is widespread, especially in Washington state, and has been conditioning youth to think counter to logic, and to believe rhetoric rather than take the time to observe what is real.

Meanwhile, the $15 per hour wage already approved in Sea-Tac might just be the tipping point for some businesses to either close, or rely more heavily on automation, but the chances are that the city of Seattle will rush into their own higher minimum wage before they can see the fruits of similar efforts in Sea-Tac.

You may be worth millions to dear old mom, but not to Ronald McDonald.


Update May 2013


I’m a little late….. My husband’s deployment ended in February. I know I’m very behind in blogging, but I am so thankful that he is home. Since he’s been home we’ve taken a romantic trip to Las Vegas, a spring break trip to Utah to visit our daughter and son-in-law, and our other college daughter has been here to visit us.

(image) My husband also had two months of vacation- a month from the Army, and a month from his job here, before he had to go back to Microsoft. I loved spending so much time with him every day. We ran around town together, eating at restaurants that he had missed while he was away, we even joined a gym and started going together. I love my sweetie!

I have a list of ‘deployment thank-you’s"’ for all the help I received during the time he was gone.

I am very thankful to friends, to my family, daughters, and siblings and all the good times we had together, and for my youngest daughter who was a great companion every day, laughed at my silliness, and was perfectly willing to have a frozen burrito any night I didn’t feel like cooking.

Thanks to those who helped with yard work, visited my sick doggie at the kennel while I was out of town, brought me soup on a sad day, looked at broken cars, sent a cake through the mail, climbed a ladder, tried to help me break into my own house after locking myself out, took me to dinner, or movies, or just were there for me.

  Mostly to my Father in Heaven. For keeping us safe, for giving me strength, for protecting our home and protecting my husband. Knowing that the Lord was mindful of me and my needs is humbling and overpowering. Thank you is not enough.



Theology and Politics


Mormon theology to be precise. Or otherwise entitled “Why I am a Conservative”. I have explained this very thing to people before, on occasion, but I love the way Mike Jensen states it in his Canada Free Press article, Smart Mormons.

Being one myself, (a ‘Mormon’, or member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I hope, smart) I agree with his analysis here completely. I do know Mormon’s who are liberal democrats, and just between you and me, I don’t get it. But they have their free agency to believe that way.


The First Debate


I Had some friends over to watch the Debate. Romney did so well. Later out of curiosity I turned to CNN, and was surprised to see they watched the same debate I did!


CNN Flash poll of likely voters believe Romney won the debate 67% to 25%.


Conservative Side of the Conversation


The conversation continues. My friend asked me to explain a little more about conservatism from my point of view. How do you think I did at answering her question? “What are the guiding principles and applications conservatives use with regards to taxation, foreign policy, education, and representation at the Federal and State level? Please go beyond the typical phrases like "limited government." I get that sentiment...I'm interested in knowing what "limited" looks like to a Conservative, as an example. What do you support (compared to what you oppose)?” To answer your earlier question- and keep in mind that conservative ideas vary from person to person just like liberal or progressives would, and many Republicans, especially old timer Washington types, are not conservative at all. I definitely refer to myself as a C and not an R, - but I will do my best. Taxation-low taxes, fair taxes such as the flat tax are more desirable. A sales tax only would probably be the most fair of all but it would require such a high level of involvement and observation that most conservatives wouldn’t desire it. Personally I would like a flat tax with little or no gradations, just everyone paying the same percent, which is the fairest way to do it, even welfare recipients, because then they have skin in the game. We are nearing a point where only half of Americans pay taxes, and once we cross the line to more than half then they can vote for any increase they want and we become slaves. I do not know much about corporate tax, but I know that a flourishing economy helps towns and states, and I have observed in my lifetime how a state like California gets greedy and will overtax a business, which will drive the business away. States who understand this principle offer incentives to companies because they bring jobs, new homes, more goods and services and a thriving economy. I liken this to the story of the Goose that laid the Golden Egg. You can get a golden egg, in this case taxes and prosperity for your region, on a regular basis, or you can get greedy and cut it open to try and get more, and you will get nothing because the goose will die. Foreign policy to most conservatives means peace through strength. We want to not start wars, but to defend ourselves and to deter war. In the global age we live in though, you can be threatened from the other side of the planet. Terrorist acts, which are acts of war, are taken against Americans wherever they may be, and we also have made a significant investment to protect our allies, and in some cases our national interest, the greatest being to protect fledgling democracies around the world. High on this list is Israel, a lone democracy and an ally (up until president Obama). The liberal tendency of appeasement to those who threaten us seems wishy-washy and naïve. It doesn’t work and only makes our enemies bolder. Education-I think the teachers unions are the main cause of the poor quality of education. (and most conservatives are decidedly anti-union and pro merit). Good and outstanding teachers will not be afraid to stand on their own merit, but instead they are dragged down by the weight of bad teachers that can’t be fired. Also an exceptional 5th grade teacher, instead of being paid on his or her merit as a teacher, will have to move up to high school to get a significant raise, and maybe then on to the administrative side. Much of the technology in the school is wasted. A great teacher is worth all the ipads and smartboards in the state. Personally I think come raise time teachers should be stack ranked based on a combination of student scores, goals met, numbers of special needs students taught and feedback from the parents, The top ranking teachers getting the big bonus, and the bottom ones getting the boot. This may be extreme even for many conservatives. But the product would be a well educated [...]

I Don’t Get It


Some friends on Facebook are having a little discussion about a blog post on Mormons For Obama. Her is the post in question, and here is my response:

The author seems to have a twisted and mind boggling lack of understanding of what conservatives actually believe. (Having said that I will add that Mitt Romney, while I believe him to be a great man and well qualified for president, is far from a conservative. Why do you think conservatives were so happy with the addition of Paul Ryan?).
I think free agency is at the heart of it, but not in the way the author describes. First let me say that as far as gay marriage goes, I'm against it because it will corrupt our country so quickly. If gay marriage passes then the first thing that will happen is that the gay lifestyle will have to be represented in textbooks for children of all ages. The leading textbook companies based in California already have vast guidelines of what politically correct illustrations they can show in a textbook. So what does it mean when those who are morally opposed to homosexuality have their children forced to constantly view what is a sin to them? If people would just keep it in their own bedrooms that's one thing, but our lifestyle is under assault.
As far as giving to the poor goes, what is a good rule for an individual is not necessarily a good rule for government. The government can never make things fair. Taking from those who sacrifice and work hard to give it to another deemed more worthy by some council is decidedly unfair. Redistribution of wealth does not work. It leads to more poverty and larger demands. I am not a libertarian because I do believe government has a right to tax those who are enjoying the benefit of public services deemed important by us through our representatives. But there is a proper amount, and we are way beyond that. I do think it's immoral to force on person to sacrifice their time, life and efforts to serve another. And that's really what liberalism is all about.
God knew there would be suffering and unfairness from the beginning. He gave us a Savior to provide a healing atonement for us and hopefully inspire us to serve our fellowman. But forcing everyone to be kind and good and righteous was Satan's plan, and I rejected it once and I will spend my life rejecting it. It cripples the receiver and enslaves the giver.


GOP Convention


Despite last night’s highlights for me, Mia Love and the wonderful Ann Romney, I was a little irritated with the coverage on FOX News. I think they covered more of the convention than other cable news channels, but too many times they would tune in to a speech, only to cut away 5 minutes later for interviews or a panel discussion. As funny as it was to see Juan Williams make his ‘Ann Romney is a corporate wife’ comment and then see him missing from the panel a few minutes later, I would like to hear speeches in there entirety. So tonight I’m parking it on C-Span, except maybe for the musical acts. I may turn it back to FOX but as soon as some one hits the podium I’m going back to C-Span. The theme last night- We Built It. I love it. It’s genius! That simple phrase illustrates the difference in our values and those of President Obama. And now democrats are whining “That’s not what he meant” like a bunch of babies. No wonder what context you take that phrase “You didn’t build that” in, it still means the same. Maybe even worse on closer inspection. You are what you are because of government, not your ideas, labor, or sacrifice. Despite Obama having a large section of the media in his pocket, occasionally something comes along so clear and concise that people just get it and pop culture runs with it. And I think my favorite line so far tonight would have to be from Tim Pawlenty,  “Barach Obama has failed us. But look, it’s understandable. A lot of people fail at their first job”. -Lynnae [...]

Home Sweet Underwater-Eminent Domoain-Bank Cheating Home.


(image) According to the Los Angeles Times, cities in San Bernardino and two other counties have a great idea to relieve the suffering of homeowners whose homes are underwater- worth much less than the mortgage they hold on them. The clever plan is for the city to confiscate the property using ‘eminent domain’ laws, and then return it to the bank with the understanding that a new loan to the current homeowner would be made at the current value of the house. Sounds just peachy, right?

In reality the bank is also an owner of the home. True, they are an ‘evil corporation’, but they own the home nonetheless.

This makes me wonder why the government is so intent on destroying the banking industry as we know it. Surely there are some entities dreaming of a world where all loans are held by the government. And when the government holds all loans, they will ultimately have the power to control all loans given, and be the judge in whether or not a certain loan (or type of house, boat or car) is appropriate for you.

But the point I’d really like to make is regarding the importance of contracts in our free society. The ability to enter into a contract, and to have it be honored by the law and upheld by the courts is what separates us from third world banana republic countries. When contracts are no longer upheld, or they are able to be dissolved for some motive popular to the people in charge, we are one step closer to a ‘might makes right’ system of government.

Cornell Law Professor Robert C. Hockett, advisor to Mortgage Resolution Partners, the designer of the proposal, does not see it that way, declaring “This is actually a pro-market solution”.



One Week Down…….


(image) My sweetie has been gone just over a week now. Over 9 months to go for his deployment. Just writing that sort of takes the wind out of my sails a little bit.

I know I’ve been a crummy blogger lately. Between getting up at 4:30 every morning for an early morning job (which tires me out), and preparing for my husband to be gone (which saddens my heart) I just haven’t had the mental energy to sit and blog and say everything except what I’m thinking about non-stop.


My Right to Contraception and Fresh Apples.


While I agree with others that the Democrats have brought up this whole issue of contraception-being-denied as a way of distracting people from the horrible economy, I do want to chime in a little bit on the topic.


Way back when this all started, George Stephanopoulos asked Mitt Romney a question along the lines of “Do you believe that the states have the right to ban contraception?'”

My answer would have been something like this.

I don’t believe states have the right to ban a business from offering contraception. I also don’t believe the states (or The State) has the right to FORCE a business to provide contraception.

Since this time the focus has turned more to religion and the first amendment, which is very important, but that aside, why should the state have the right to tell any business, moral, religious or otherwise, what services they must provide? That’s like telling a hamburger store they must serve apples!

Oh, wait, they do that too.


What Happened to the Freedom Tower?


(image) Where have a been the last two years? I didn’t know that the new building at Ground Zero in New York City has had it’s name changed from the “Freedom Tower” to “One World Trade Center”.

Some saw the change as being unpatriotic, since the Freedom name symbolized our fight against those who attacked us. In my mind it’s a little worse than that. The name “One World Trade Center” has a completely different meaning when there is no “Two World Trade Center”. No wonder many gave the new name an ‘interesting and warm reception’, as reported on Fox . When losing the symbolism of the name ‘The Freedom Tower’, there doesn’t seem to be any admitting to the fact that the new name takes on a whole new symbolism. I’m sure all those one world government types just loved the idea.

We may share this lovely world with many countries and different peoples, but we have freedom, and a constitution that guarantees that freedom. I am not ready to concede that freedom to the inferior systems of the rest of the world. However they are welcome to join me in upholding and promoting freedom and democracy if they would like.


Obama Says We’ve Gone Soft


Three days ago I read the following comment from President Obama:

“ The way I think about it is, you know, this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft, and, you know, we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track.”

My first thought was that this is Obama’s ‘malaise’ moment. The sad pouty outcry of a destined to be one term president. Well, one can only hope.

Since then I haven’t been able to let go of the second part…..

‘We didn’t have the same competitive edge that we needed’


Is this man blind to the fact that liberal policies are to blame for this?

How can you blame Americans for being soft when you teach them to be greedy for what they haven’t earned, and teach them that they deserve what they haven’t worked for?

How can you expect us to keep the competitive edge when you punish the winners of the competition?

Mercury Free Light Bulbs


(image) I just heard that Nancy Pelosi during her ‘reign’ had mandated that fluorescent lights be used on the House side of congress.  They are currently being replace, by order of Boehner, with good old fashioned incandescent light bulbs.

And while I’m on the topic, the other day my husband pointed out that even though democrats have mandated that all light bulbs in the home be CFL’s by 2014, another law has been passed mandating that CFL bulbs NOT be used outdoors. It seems they pose a danger to the environment.

As for the environment in your home, who cares! Certainly not the Democrats.

I have a bright idea for you. Why don’t Americans get the freedom to choose whatever light bulb they want. We pay our own bill, let us decide if a higher power bill is better or worse than a toxic light bulb that must be saved carefully after use and disposed at a hazardous waste site.


September 11th, Ten Years Later


I was still in bed when my good friend called on the phone, telling me planes had hit the World Trade Center. It was about time to get up anyway, so I hurried downstairs to watch the TV in shock while I got the kids ready for school. For a while I wondered if I should take them, but decided it was best. Before I left I remember looking at the tv and telling Jon "that building is going to fall, it looks like it's twisting." I never see that image anymore. They mostly show fast little clips.

While we were driving to middle school the first tower fell. I rushed home. I saw the second tower fall on tv and it was horrifying.

After an hour or two a neighbor called my house. The husband had been in the air at the time of the attacks and now had been diverted to Canada. He sounded very upset and had been trying to get a hold of his wife. I told him I'd have her call, slipped on some shoes and ran down to her house. The house was calm and children were playing happily. She answered the door and I told her she should call her husband and she seemed confused. She didn't have television on, and her phone was off the hook. She had no idea what had happened.

I was also in charge of a church dinner for the ladies that night and had been stressed out about it for a few days. I called the woman over me and asked if we could just cancel it, and she said she 'didn't see why.' So I went to Costco and tried to get done the things I needed to do, feeling scared and in shock. It was a sombre dinner. Maybe it was OK to have it, but I was mad at the time. We ate and sang hymns before returning to our families.

The next day, and for several days, I watched Fox news almost nonstop. I did try and turn it off whenever my four year old Jordan came in to the room, but I also remember trying to get her occupied in the playroom so I could go back and watch things unfold. I watched every news conference, and on the National Day of Prayer I prayed a lot and watched all the services. That day I felt very peaceful, and I felt like a spirit of calm and unity was over our country. It was a powerful feeling that I will never forget.

Please read this tribute I wrote two years ago.



I will forever honor the heroes of that day. The first responders, and since then, our military, who sacrifice so we can be free. Thank You!


Government Overspending


I love this quote from Dave Ramsey that’s been floating around today.

(image) "If the US Government was a family, they would be making $58,000 a year, they spend $75,000 a year, & are $327,000 in credit card debt. They are currently proposing BIG spending cuts to reduce their spending to $72,000 a year. These are the actual proportions of the federal budget & debt, reduced to a level that we can understand." - Dave Ramsey

I an not an economist by any means, but this obviously wouldn’t work out.

Where would I start if I had a magic government-changing wand?

Well, You know how government bills for funds always have a ‘projected increase’ every year? Then they make a measly ‘cut in spending’ that is really just a cut in the increase they would have otherwise had? That’s what I’d put an end to.  No spending could have an increase year after year built into it, except maybe limited to inflation.

To go back to the household analogy, what if each year I said I was going to spend 5% more on my car payment than the year before, and my phone bill, and my satellite TV. And utilities, etc. It’s easy to see that in not very many years I would not have enough money.

So according to our government, the thing to then do is decrease the increase spending on one of those things to 4% or even 3%, and take out a loan for the rest.


Thanks for reading,




I’ve been so busy with my daughter’s wedding that I haven’t been posting consistently, but I did want to show you these cool photos we took on Independence Day.

We used sparklers and a digital camera on a long exposure setting. I wrote my name……(image)

Other people did too, but they had to flip the picture. I’m the only one who can write in cursive backwards ‘cause I’m cool like that.

Then we did some cool couples photos……(image)

Here I am with my sweetie. We had one person take the picture and two people run around us with sparklers. One person couldn’t go fast enough for the camera so we had one start at the bottom and one halfway up. The ‘runners’ don’t show up because they were moving and we were holding still.

  This picture always reminds me of that ‘Bibbity Bobbity Boo’ moment when Cinderella’s fairy godmother gives her the beautiful gown.

Ok, I know there’s a lot going on in the world that’s worth a comment. I obviously can’t replace the pundit’s out there and you all know where to find them. But I love that you are willing to stop by and hear my two cents worth or just smile at the observations and lifestyle of the average conservative woman.

Captain America


Check out these cool Captain America ‘propaganda’ style posters on WIRED.

(image) This one is by Eric Tan

I can’t wait for the show. But these are so fun. Remember when you were a kid and you used to see ‘Go USA’ type stuff all the time? It’s sad that it’s such a rarity now.


Little Conservatives


This is me on my 9th Birthday. The bicentennial was a big year for us patriots! Grandma made my birthday cake, and this dress was my first sewing project with my mom teaching me to sew. I got to choose the fabric myself! I guess going to Independence day celebrations did make me into a little conservative! ----Or could it be that I was raised by those who appreciate our country and the sacrifices made for it? People who believe it is special, and are trying to keep it that way? Look at this awesome poster Hobby Lobby posted on Facebook: I thought it was fabulous and left a comment to say so, and you would not believe the whiners and complainers that are criticizing that post! You know what? If you don’t like it and say you won’t give Hobby Lobby your business then I’m sure they will do just fine without you. They know who their base of customers are. (Could be why we don’t have a store in western Washington yet…) People love that store and a lot of crafters are patriotic people. I read a lot of craft and decorating blogs and around this time you really see people’s patriotism shine. Why should we have to hide that? Let me go down through my blog roll and see a sprinkling of what’s being posted by people who love America: Besottment Paper Relics Where Women Create Brunch at Saks Creative Itch   As for me, the rain has stopped and I’m going to decorate my porch for our big party. Happy Independence Day everyone! -Lynnae [...]

Summer Travel, Conservative Reading


My husband was gone for another month recently for more army training. They spent some days in the field where he got to put his new uniforms to the test, not with life or death supplies like our soldiers overseas, but things important to him nonetheless. Because I have a public blog I don’t like to broadcast the fact that he’s gone, when he’s gone, but I sure am glad when he’s home again. Things have been pretty busy around here preparing for my daughter’s wedding. One thing we did was go down to New Orleans to meet my future Son-in-law’s family. It went well. I got along great with his mom, it felt to me like we were old friends. And to my surprise and satisfaction, his dad is another one of us crazy conservative types like me. Our conversation went from the presidency to voting, to scripture to great books we’ve read. Once you’ve realized that you have many of the same favorite books, then you really know a lot about someone (i.e. they are as awesome as you are, haha). So that went well. Speaking of favorite books, the long out of print “An Enemy Hath Done This” by Ezra Taft Benson is back in print by a company named Freedom-Books. As a former Secretary of Agriculture under Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ezra Taft Benson fought against farm subsidies from the government in order to preserve a free market farming system back in the 50’s. He later became the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Ezra Taft Benson warned against forces in society that were seeking to overthrow the freedom of this country. This book contains many speeches to the Boy Scouts Of America and other organizations, on constitutional topics and is very relevant today, though the facts and figures have changed dramatically over the years. (I think most of the speeches were given in the ‘60’s). I ordered a new copy recently because I had given mine away. I need a few more! So if you haven’t heard of it or read this book, check it out. It is one of my ‘MUST READ’s’. -Lynnae [...]

My Husband Said…..


…..that today President Obama laid a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier for Memorial Day, before going golfing.

I said “I hope he left the cemetery first”.

(image) Photo: CBS


Atlas Shrugged Part 1


Opening night at Atlas Shrugged was great. We went to Lincoln Square in Bellevue Washington. We got there early and it’s a good thing because the house was packed. I wore my Atlas shrugged tee shirt and a chain bracelet, though it wasn’t like the modern bracelet designed in the movie. My friend and I have read the book . I’ve read it three times now.  Our husbands hadn’t. So they had an interesting take. They could follow the story well and liked it a lot. I liked it, because I’m a fan, but missed a lot of things from the book. (For example, a said ‘It left out their entire childhood’ and my husband got thins look of horror in his eyes and said ‘Thank goodness!’) So their you go. The adaptation made this book accessible to a lot of people, and I’m sure many will go on to read the it. The movie avoids the  atheist aspects of objectivism, and greatly downplays the sometimes violent sexuality that is hinted at, though not described in detail, in the book. Occasional conversations had to contain information that is set up over several chapters in the book, so occasionally the dialog seemed a bit unnatural. Most the things I didn’t like were changes made for no reason as far as adapting the novel to film. Some of these are….. Hank Rearden found the motor, instead of Dagny finding it when they were visiting the factory together. The bracelet scene. Lillian's disgust for the bracelet was evident, but she wasn’t making fun of it too here friends at the party like we read in the novel. She said she would trade with anyone but there were no takers. The Dagny confronts her and trades the bracelet for her diamonds. That is one of my favorite scenes in the book, and in the movie it seemed to be just a hint that Dagny liked Rearden, not her appreciation for the intelligence, work, and prosperity Rearden Metal represented. Fransisco just wasn’t cool enough. He looked sloppy. My husband thought he was perhaps some kind of anti-Che type character, which in a sense is right, but in Atlas shrugged he is tall and lean, and the chubby faced sloppy look is reserved for the looters and the moochers. And over all I would have preferred a 1940’3 period piece. What I loved….. Dagny was great. I wish she would have been brunette like in the book, but she was still great. Rearden and Jim were also very well cast. If you have to adapt it to present day, they did a great job explaining why the trains were still relevant. The government, the regulations, and the crooked businessmen who are dealing with politicians rather than relying on the quality of their products are portrayed so well.  So is each blow to Rearden as he tries so hard to be successful and is crushed at every turn by each new government bill. It made my heart ache with frustration. Rearden’s family and Dagny’s brother Jim were just great in their awfulness. What a slimy bunch! That last scene. Oh-it was great. It really captured the sense of frustration and futility Dagny was feeling. So there’s my review. Soon my daughters will be home from college and I’d like to take them to see it too. I’m so glad this movie was finally made. I loved the applause at the end of the show. When does part two come out???? -Lynnae [...]

Mercury Free Light Bulbs


(image) I am desperate to keep incandescent light bulbs legal. I know there are many other more important things going on right now, but this is just one of those little things…….

Please help me in my quest. From now on lets refer to incandescent light bulbs as ‘Mercury Free’.

Just a simple catch phrase can help us turn the tide.

Read my older post on the topic.


It’s Good to Love Reagan


A friend came up to me on Sunday at church and said they had recently visited the Jelly Belly jellybean factory. “And who do you suppose was one of their biggest fans?”

“Ronald Reagan” I said with a smile.

“I saw these and I thought of you.” She said, pulling out a little box of Ronald Reagan presidential Jelly Bellies.

(image) Now if that isn’t sweet I don’t know what is. I know this friend is a devoted democrat, and she saw those and thought of me, which was pretty nice. So I had to share. Standing up for our beliefs we are often on the defensive, and I think its important that we still have a kind and respectful attitude in our day to day lives.

And for heavens sake, smile now and then.


P.S. I just added the picture, and I'm laughing at my den. The flag’s not out due to constant rain, the pull-up bar is for my ‘Army Man’, though my 14 year old daughter has set a goal to do a couple every time she comes in to sit at the computer, and the Bowflex….well, I don’t know why there are Mardi Gras beads on it.