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Inspired to create...a beautiful day


Those of you who are my blogger friends that I've known for so long know that I went through a rough time in life and lost my muse. I have done a few home projects and furniture pieces but I haven't created any mixed media artwork of any kind in a very long time. Today I found a spark, a glimmer of the creative spirit within me. I found inspiration! It's a joy to be alive and get paint on my hands again. Here is a simple example of "Found Poetry" that I've been wanting to try for a long time...The highlighted words...Birds In SummerThey delight And lovingly callThe merry dance.How pleasant life must beWhat joy to look on.Skimming then wheeling awayBy a strong, free wingTo meet face to faceWhen joyful fancy calls.Then play as wild as a child.What joy to flutter,To soar, to seeAnd gladden.How pleasant life must be![...]

DIY Deconstructed Style... Furniture Makeover


I found this wood chair frame on Craigslist for $5. It was partially painted with navy blue and purple spray paint. The wood was old and dry so the glossy spray paint had soaked into the wood in spots and sat on the surface in spots and it was just not a good thing. It was someone's project chair that didn't go quite how they had invisioned. But we've all been there right? Anyway I was happy to take on this abandoned project and make it my own.... I've been a fan of deconstructed furniture for a while now because I love the textures. So I've been searching for a piece of furniture I could try it on without breaking the bank in case it failed lol.   The little thing was a bit wobbly when I got her so I pulled out some of my favorite tools. Some L brackets and screws, some Gorilla Glue, and my Bosch rechargeable pocket driver. (this is not a sponsored post, I just LOVE this driver!)I start by putting L brackets on the bottom attaching them to seat and legs. I don't put these under the chair arms or anywhere they are likely to be noticed. Since I will be painted this chair they will blend into the chair. Now I wouldn't use these on a nice chair but a nice chair isn't likely to need them and if it was I would spend the time to pull the chair apart and reglue all the connections. I then added Gorilla Glue to the joints and any cracks in the wood. This glue expands and fills cracks and holes in the wood so a little goes a long way. .After making sure the  glue was dry and the chair was sturdy I mixed up some home made chalk paint using white latex paint and some nonsanded tile grout. I wanted the paint to be a little chunky since I was planning to added brown wax and wanted lots of texture to hold the wax. After the paint dried I sanded here and there to distress the finish. Next I started adding the wax. Brush on, wipe off, etc, etc.I used Americana Decor Creme Wax in Deep Brown. I had never used their wax before but when I was at Home Depot looking for Ooops Paint I found a jar of that on the clearance rack because it had a cracked lid. There was no price so the guy at the paint counter told me $2. I grabbed it and then later saw it on the shelf at $19! WOW! Sweet! I took it home and put some plastic wrap under the cracked lid. its really easy to work with, very thin so its easy to brush on and wipe off and it gives good coverage. It's also easy to add layers to get darker areas using a dry brush paint technique. The next step in this process was creating some upholstery that was rough around the edges, deconstructed style!~ I worded a piece of muslin in behind the burlap strips and stapled it in place to cover the back of the chair. Next I layered natural quilt batting and then muslin and stapled them in place and trimmed off the excess fabric in the shape of the chair back. Deconstructed style is really easy because you can leave all your raw edges exposed.The cushions...  I gathered muslin, natural quilt batting (because I want it to show!) an old tea sack, stencils, and paint. I also picked up a couple fluffy pillows at the thrift store to make some cushions. I stenciled the word relax onto some textured cotton fabric and let it dry.I tore a square from the old tea sack and layered it with the Relax painted piece torn from the cotton. Pin the pieces in place and then sew around the edges. Layer the top that you just created with natural quilt batting and sew around three edges. Slide the pillow inside and sew down the fourth side leaving all the raw edges exposed. I added some extra stitching here and there to add interest. And something I forgot to take a detail shot of but you can see here is the sewn strips of muslin and batting that I hot glued over the staples. It covers them in a nice way while keeping that raw edge deconstructed look.And...Relax[...]

Old Hofner Guitar...Need information...


So I found this beat up old guitar at a thrift store about 6 years ago for $2. I'm never one to turn down a fine musical instrument just cause it's got a little wear on it, and for $2 you just can't go wrong so I took it home and it's been in my closet ever since. We first did some investigating back when I found it, mainly looking into the metal tag at the top from a music store in Germany. The only thing we found out about that music store was that it is no longer open and that Elvis rented a piano from them when he was stationed in Germany. lol.       Well we dug it out of the closet this week, dusted it off, oiled it because it was dry as a bone, pulled the old cartoon sticker off the back and took it up to the guitar shop to get the bridge fixed. The repair guy got excited and told us he didn't want to work on it right away that he would like us to try to find something out about it first so here we are. Trying to find something out about this old thing. I have looked through thousands of images of Hofner guitars online, as one does when trying to identify them, and can't find any that are like mine. I've found some that are similar, but nothing the same. not one. It's frustrating to say the least. I have taken photos of everything the best I can and I'm hoping that someone who has been at this longer than I have and has more knowledge about Hofner Guitars might have a clue or can point me in the right direction.      The repair guy at the guitar shop thought it might be a World War II era parlor guitar. From the ones I've seen online I think I agree with that.        Mainly I haven't found one that has Hofner wood burned into the top. I always see decals. I thought that might help me identify the timeline but can't find that info either.Anyway pictures are attached, hopefully someone can point us in the right direction. [...]

HGTV LG Limitless Design on Pinterest... Rustic Design Inspiration...


I started a new board on Pinterest....  LG Limitless Design 
It's an board with pins inspired by the new LG Black Stainless Steel appliances, which I think are just THE most wonderful color. Almost a vintage black, which goes with pretty much everything I love.
So come check it out if you love rustic, turquoise, good food, texture, antiques, and more.
If you love any of the pics on the above inspiration board please visit my LG Limitless Design Board on Pinterest to find links to their creators and their awesome good talent!

Hope all is well!

A new addition to our family...


Yesterday was such a Looooong day. But so worth it!
A lot of hurry up and wait happened but by the late afternoon our first grandbaby...
Aurora was born...

We all fell in love with her.

Vintage Halloween Charm Swap! 2015 Come Join Us!!!


Hello all! I'm really excited to announce the Vintage Halloween Charm Swap for 2015! YAY!!I did a vintage Halloween Charm swap in 2012 and it was so much fun I've decided to do another one.Anyone can join! And I hope that you all will...Here are the rules for the swap...1. Charms should be no larger than 2 1/4 inches in any direction (not including the jump ring) Think "charm" not focal piece or pendant. (sorry I just realized my typo before it said 1 1/4 inch and was supposed to say up to 2 1/4 inch, sorry for those of you who have already started your charms.)2. Charms should be inspired by "vintage Halloween" style, vintage Halloween images, and subjects.3. Charms need to be well made with lots of detail (no all paper, or "a few plastic beads on a string" entries will be accepted) -use this as an opportunity to learn some new jewelry techniques or pull out a few old faves. We want to see charms that we can wear year after year. Think glass beads, soldering, Ice Resin to seal paper, Wood, Wire Wrapping, Painting, Layers, tiny details, repurposed, etc, one or all.4. Package each charm labeled with your name clearly displayed (to avoid confusion once I start swapping them all) (please do not label them with nothing but your blog name, it's too confusing. Feel free to put your name AND your blog info on each charm, we would love to visit) :)5. Make the packaging for each charm pretty, spooky, etc. We all love to receive a pretty package. Do some stamping, stitches, painting...whatever floats your boat.6. Create 10 charms (they do not all have to be the same, they can be different styles if you prefer, or 5 of one and 5 of another)7. Charms should have a medium/large sz jump ring attached (lobster clasps are awesome for quick connect though not required) 8. Send charms along with $5 for priority shipping (check or cash) to Thespoena McLaughlin, 5130 Silent Grove Rd, Springdale, Arkansas  72762.  Charms must reach me no later than October 5th so that I have time to sort them, package them, and send them back out in plenty of time for Halloween. And it is Halloween so there will be goodies in your return boxes! :)9. Have FUN! ! ! !This is not required for participation because some people don't have blogs etc. But PLEASE share a link back to this blog along with the swap image so we can get lots of people signed up. The more the merrier!  So I hope you will join in, please comment below and let us know who's coming!See blow for some of the charms and packaging from the 2012 swap! I thought the packaging on this one was really great! They enclosed this repurposed charm in white wax paper and sewed the edges with black and red thread, even sewed a little bobbie pin embellishment on it. Adorbs! This book of spells charm was made out of textured copper sheet with clay sculpted eye, so AWESOME! The little wire wrapped pumpkin made from a glass bead was cute and the copper etched medallion was the coolest! I thought the packaging on this eye charm was genius, made to look like the stamped skull was looking our at you, VERY COOL! ( a great example of making awesome packaging to go with your charm) A soldered charm with a soldered spider stuck to the front was unique and fun, and the witchy charm sealed with Ice Resin with the witch hat details was perfect! The potion bottle charm worked perfectly with the poison label and the other charms were very charming additions to our bracelets (some folks made a nice detailed charm and then sent accent smaller beaded charms to go with them)...[...]

$25 FREE clothes! plue FREE Shipping! Check it out!


Hey guys, I don't usually post non art related things on my blog but this deal is too good to pass up. And every little penny counts so I wanted to share it with ya'll, my frugal blogger buds...

You can get $25 worth of FREE clothes with FREE shipping for a short time. You gotta go get in on this!
Click the link below to get started!

They have kids and adult new and gently used clothing. They have a promotion right now where new accounts get $15 free clothing. (existing accounts get $10 free)
Then after you have created your new account go to Collections and create a collections list for an extra $10 FREE clothes. 

It's super simple! 
I got clothes for my daughter and my son.

Another awesome thing is that they donate a percentage of each purchase back to the schools that sent in the clothes. Awesome!

when you have made your purchase be sure to check the amount to be sure your credits are already applied and your total is 0 then enter your credit card # for verification and it won't be charged. They are a reputable company and I have done this several times with no problems. 

Good luck ya'll! Hugs!

Let me know what you found!

Winners! Free Classes!


Just a quick announcement...
All who entered my giveaway for free class packs as of May 15 please send me an email so I can send you a link to your free classes and thanks for sharing!
Have a happy day!

It's time for a GIVEAWAY ... YAY! And some fun news...


Hi ya'll!So it's spring, and it's beautiful (if you don't count the 20 minute hail storm that ruined my already thriving garden)Today the sun is shining and I'm in the mood for a giveaway!I'm giving away 5 (count them FIVE) online class packs.Each class pack includes three classes as follows...Textured Solder Online Workshop  Textured Solder 2 online workshop And the Metal & Rust Tag Journal online class All you have to do to be entered to win is share a link to this post then comment below with a link where you shared. You can share on Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, Face Book, Wherever you like.You may enter once per day to increase your chances but you may only win 1 of the  5 prizes.I will choose the winners on May 15th!Also I want to share a little bit about my hubby and I. We will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this year. I'm currently running a blog about getting ready for our vow renewal in Las Vegas on The Rockabilly Bride. We just signed up to win a little help with our trip through a Stayful promotion and we would really appreciate your VOTE! Your vote has nothing to do with my giveaway, the giveaway is happening no matter what and a vote will not increase your chance of winning, I'm just asking PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE with SUGAR ON TOP! lol. HUGS! the link above and wait a second for the page to load a pic of me and my DH then vote. Very simple, just takes a few seconds, and know that I would do it for you. Also a little more fun news, my blog is now going to be ! Yay![...]

The Junk Ranch ... Prairie Grove Arkansas ...


Well hello you guys!
I know, I know, it's been a while...
Yeah, I'm still here, and things are getting better all the time...
I'm still blogging off an on but my focus is on my upcoming 20 year anniversary and vow renewal in VEGAS! If you want to check out my progress check out my newest blog
Yes I'm so aware that I have too many blogs, lol.

It's spring and today is just gorgeous! I love it!
Last night I came upon information for a seriously cool junk show in my neck of the woods.
It's called The Junk Ranch and it's in Prairie Grove Arkansas.
Their next show is Jun 12-13 and then they will have one in early October. 

You guys know me, I can't pass up good junk, and if I didn't need to purge so badly I would totally be shopping this event (and may anyway ;-)
But seriously, I'm sending in my application today to be a vendor. 
I am doing a huge purge of cool junk, old furniture, vintage goodies, mixed media found objects for your art and much more. 

I'm totally letting go of all this junk surrounding me. Much like I did many years ago when I was all about scrapbooking and needed to let go the stuff I would never be able to use in a lifetime. I'm doing it again, only it's COOL STUFF! like metal baskets, old wood boxes, rusty metal, shopping carts, pretty furniture, and more. 

If I'm accepted to be a vendor I'll let you guys know! But still I hope you can go check out this awesome event anyway!

Hugs! :)

Christmas Decorating...and a RED HOT Holiday SALE!!!


!!!! RED HOT Holiday SALE !!!!

For a limited time classes have been reduced to only $20 each!!!
Check out it out in my online store in Square Market. Link at the top of my blog.

And this week only you can get all 3 classes for only $45

on Square Market

Fall Fun Sale! 25% OFF all online classes! Order now above!


I'm so excited Fall is nearly here! I can't wait! So Im started my fall sale early in the hopes that it will bring on the season! Yay!

So I am offering 25% off all my online classes! Woo-Hoo!
Just enter coupon code FallFun at checkout and you will recieve 25% off your entire order at my squareup store above!

And be on the lookout for new classes coming soon!

Classes are up and running!


Ive been working to get my Square Market account up and running and I'm happy to say that my new store is now open! Yay!

To purchase any of my classes simply click on any item at the top of the posts section of this blog under Vintiquities Boutique.  You will be transported to my Square Market online where you can safely purchase classes, and coming soon... digital content such as blog designs and templates, invitations, fun artful images and much more. 

So what are you waiting for?!  Go get your art on!



Have you ever seen that movie Holes?

It's kind of about a bunch of troubled teens in a "work camp" and they go out in the desert and have to dig a bunch of holes and each one has to dig so many holes before they can go back to camp that day. The landscape is full of huge holes. 

The last eight months it has seemed at times like I was stuck in that landscape. Not digging the holes myself but falling unknowing into one as I tried to stroll along. I would claw my way out of one hole finally resurfacing in the fresh air and light, dusting myself off and beginning again only to fall into yet another dark hole. Holes placed in my path by others, placed by the unpredictable nature of life, holes that just popped up randomly for the heck of it, and sometimes I even fell into holes that were destined for someone else. For whatever reason I fell into every hole imaginable and it left me pretty down for a long time, unable to regroup, or think, or move. Like there was a giant boa constrictor around my life.

For now my feet are on firm ground and I'm trying my best to get myself back. To get back to that place where I can make art, where I can feel art in my soul again. It's frustrating to think that I may have lost my muse in one of those holes I had to dig out of. But sometimes I get a glimpse of her and like a mirage, when I reach out to her she disappears again. Like every artist there have been times in my life where my muse took a vacation but I always greeted her warmly when she returned as she did not stay away long. Now I worry that she moved without telling me. I miss her, I miss the creative spirit that used to flow from me so freely, and I miss all of you here online. I miss the support and the comfort and the friendships. I am lost but trying to find my way back.

Anywho, for anyone struggling out there I wish you quick reunion with your muse, as I still search for mine. 


Black Friday and MORE Sale!!!!!! Happy Holidays!


I'm having a Black Friday Sale in my Etsy shop. Only it lasts all weekend!

Just enter coupon code BlackFriday at checkout from my Etsy Shop and you will recieve 25% OFF your entire purchase! That includes online classes, jewelry, art, home decor and more!

But hurry, sale ends Monday!

Happy Holidays from Vintiquities Workshop on Etsy!

Connie Crystal Blog Hop with the ICE Resin Creative Team...


Welcome to the Connie Crystal Blog Hop with the ICE Resin® Creative team!Today is the start of the blog hop and I hope you will visit each of our blogs to see the fun creations showcasing Connie Crystal!Please go visit Susan Walls to continue on the blog hop journey: Today I want to share with you some amazing products made by Connie Crystal and used with ICE Resin® to create some wonderful wearable pieces that can be used for everyday, a night on the town, or even a special event... IceLander above, is a really fun piece full of sparkle and shine, the Glass Glitter under the ICE Resin® really sparkles and the Connie Crystal just sets this piece off when worn.To make it...1.Choose a bezel from the Media Mixage line.2. Brush in a layer of Enamel Medium3. Sprinkle in Silver German Glass Glitter, let dry.4. Glue an old rhinestone earring into the center of glittered bezel.5. Mix ICE Resin® according to package instructions and pour into bezel. Let cure.6. Use wire wrapping technique to create a beaded chain using Connie Crystals.7. Attach chain at the ends.Vintage Molly is a layered piece that is highlighted very well with the Connie Crystal Drop. To make it...1. Choose two nesting bezels from the Media Mixage Line.2. Brush Enamel Medium inside both.3. Sprinkle ICE Enamels Ivory Relique Powder inside and pour off the excess powder. Let dry, then heat with a heat gun to melt the enamel powder.4. Glue vintage rhinestone jewelry pieces inside the smallest bezel, then glue the small bezel inside the larger one with E-6000 Jewelry adhesive.5. Mix ICE Resin® according to package instructions, pour into bezels, let cure.6. Use wire wrapping technique to create a dangle drop and attach to the bottom of the bezel. 7. Use wire wrapping on torn fabric to create the neck piece.[...]

Antique Heater as Junk Chic Candle Holder...


 Check out this super awesome antique heater I found this week! It has everything I love about old stuff. It's got pretty scroll work, fancy legs, a little bit of rust, gold accents against dark patina metal. 
And this piece is absolutely perfect as a candle holder because it's wide but shallow making it very easy to incorporate into any home's junk chic decor.
I would keep it if I could but alas, I can not. So some lucky person is going to get to enjoy this everyday.
You can purchase it in my Etsy shop...

Cover Girl...Emmy Bracelets e-book from Interweave Press...


Hi all, just wanted to share a new ebook from Interweave Press that shares lots of wonderful bracelets made by the ICE Resin Creative Team for the Emmy Awards Swag Bags for the Stars 2013

Click the link above to get your copy today!
(So proud to have my bracelet chosen for the cover!)

New Online Metal & Rust Tag Journal Class...


I've just finished shooting the video for the Metal & Rust Tag Journal Class.
I taught this class at Create Mixed Media Retreat in Chicago and now I'm offering it online.

You will learn so many mixed media techniques...
Altering books (in a unique way, not something you've seen before)
Distressing and altering pages
paint techniques
fiber collage
paper collage
Tinting vintage photos with paint
Letting loose and getting whimsical
A new way to incorporate tags into journal pages
Working with metal
faux patina with paint
and much more.
Here is a little introduction video I made for Create Chicago about this class, obviously you won't be receiving a class kit for an online class but you get the idea. :)

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//" width="420"> This class is normally $60 but if you order now you will get a $10 discount.
Now only $50...

 This class is now being edited and will be available on Sat. October 5th!

Also for a chance to win this class for free you can go to Pinterest and repin the following pin...

RePin It To WIN It Monday!


I'm giving away some classes next month. 
All you need to do to enter to win is RePin It To WIN It!

Click the links below to go to my pins on Pinterest for each class. Repin that pin and you are automatically entered to win that class. I will do a drawing for all three classes on October 13th my birthday!

There are three classes so make sure you RePin each one for a chance to win that class...
Textured Solder...

Textured Solder 2...

Free Bird Canvas Class...

You must rePin these actual pins to be entered.

Good Luck!

NEW Class Textured Solder 2 ! SALE 3 days only!


I've been hard at work preparing a brand new class! 
Textured Solder 2!

It's a whole new way to make textured solder elements for designer jewelry using Spellbinders die cut machines and more.

Learn all the steps to make these uniquely designed elements for use in your jewelry pieces. There are so many variations that no two will be exactly the same giving your work an air of authenticity and unique creativity. 

You won't find this class anywhere else online, the techniques taught are unique, diverse, and applicable to so many projects. 
Jewelry making, cards, gifts, home decor and more!

This class will be live this Saturday afternoon!
Sign up between now and Saturday for $10 off the class price. 
Get it now!
Regularly $50 but just until Sat you get it for $40!
 BUY IT NOW! Below...

Getting Ready for the War Eagle Craft Fair October 2013


I'm so excited to have a booth this year at the War Eagle Craft Fair in October. 
I have gone to the War Eagle Fair so many times for as long as I can remember and it's always a wonderful experience. The crafty eye candy around every corner, the music, and the smells of all the delicious foods. 
People come from all over the country to attend this fair that is celebrating it's 60th year!

I thought I would share a few sneaks peaks of the things I'm working on this week...
 First up is my sweet jewelry display. I've been meaning to make a cage style body for this antique doll head for some time. I still have to cover the "arms" with fabric but I think she is coming along nicely. I think I'll call her "Dolly", I know, very original lol, but she really seams like a "Dolly" to me. ;)
I've also been working on some new necklaces...
 After I fixed the tension assembly on my Singer Genie I was able to get some things sewn. Like some vintage style long stockings, some tattered flowers and more...
 I've also been cruising Pinterest for ideas on how to set up my booth and I've had this board going for a long time, but there are so many ideas for displays I'm having a hard time deciding what to do. Indecision!
Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well! 

Spellbinders design team retreat...and all that comes with it...


You all would not believe the incredible week I'm having with the Spellbinders design teams in Phoenix this week! (you would not believe how far behind I am on this post, I completely forgot about it when I got back from the retreat so here it is...) So much fun, knowledge, inspiration, and peaks into the future of things to come that you wouldn't imagine. Here are a few pics I've shared on FB over the last few days... They picked us up from the airport with a party bus and champagne.This was my roomie at the hotel, Judy Hayes. She is such a sweet gal and I am so happy to be on the mixed media team with her and John. We got to visit the Spellbinders offices where they had set up a "bezzel buffet". They gave us a box and sent us down the line to fill our boxes with whatever we wanted... I think I may have enough bezels to last me a while, only time will tell. LOLEach day we had classes, then breaks, then food, then more classes and every time we came back to the class room there were new goodies waiting for us! Oh my our co-sponsors are so very generous! Some of the most talented and lovely people were there. It was so much fun![...]

Delicious Brass metal finding and making a mold with Silputty 40...


Just had to share the beautiful brass finding I picked up from Vintagebliss on Etsy
 It is just so darn cute I can't stand it. It's the perfect size for making jewelry and using for mixed media artwork. So I decided to make a mold of it to pour ICE Resin® into.

 The mold came out perfectly, but sadly I used every last drop of my Silputty 40. What will I ever do....