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Snow round 3


 Break time from shoveling...

Third go around of snow ...and more on the way...



Go here for a great giveaway...(image)

I am happy to share as this blog is a beauty!

Pumpkin soup



     I just finished baking some very yummy soft pumpkin cookies.  But, first let me tell you about the dinner. Pumpkin Soup. Delicious, creamy, buttery...mmmm. The 17 year old gave it 2 thumbs up and did not tell me to pack my knives and go! The husband loved it, but I figured he would.
Here it is:

Pumpkin Soup
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter or margarine
1 small onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, finely chopped (I used garlic salt/powder as I didn't have garlic)
2 teaspoons packed brown sugar
1 can (14 1/2 fluid ounces) chicken broth
1/2 cup water
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 can (15 ounces)  Pumpkin
1 can (12 fluid ounces)Evaporated Milk
1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Melt butter in large saucepan over medium heat. Add onion, garlic and sugar; cook for 1 to 2 minutes or until soft. Add broth, water, salt and pepper; bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat to low; cook, stirring occasionally, for 15 minutes. Stir in pumpkin, evaporated milk and cinnamon. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes. Remove from heat.
Put mixture into a food processor or blender (in batches, if necessary); process until smooth. Return to saucepan. Serve warm. (I think a dollop of sour cream would be nice as garnish-I had riccotta, so I went with that and it was good!)

Totally Skipped Summer and Enjoyed Every Minute!


            Well, Autumn is here and I haven't posted since June!  My youngest is off to college and spent the summer getting ready...Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.! He is settled and very happy. I hear from him everyday but he doesn't talk for too long, which means all is well!! Second son got a job right out of college as a teaching assistant at a wonderful school for children with developmental disabilities. He is doing great!      Please go to Petit Coterie.......Michelle had a wonderful giveaway which I was so fortunate to win, My prize? Her beautiful pillows! I have 4 out of 6 so far! I can't tell you how amazing  they are! Here are pics:This is her latest post at Petit Coterie and please go to her online  shop having the most beautiful items!!!             The months are just flying by as evident by my last blog post.  We have just had so many exciting things going on and one of them is our new cutting boards. Of course we had to take one of our original pillow designs, the Cafe de Madaline and add it to a beautiful maple board.  We are now offering these boards as custom wedding gifts, with the bride and grooms name and date of their wedding as well as anniversary and house warming gifts. I think it's great when you can customize a gift. We are also offering our Burlap Christmas stockings and our holiday pillows so please stop by our website.I hope all of you have a wonderful week ahead.            Something very special about these pillows besides the beautiful workmanship and fabrics, are the little medals she attaches to the corner...a blessing for me and a sweet addition for others....and her simple tags and  a surprise in the box!I cannot thank her enough for these lovely pillows and I do hope you will pay her a visit!!! Please go  visit her and when you do  please say "hi" for me!!!!~Nancy[...]

Absent with Excuses


Yes I have been absent since Valentine's Day...and before that-Christmas. My intent in February was to start up again. If I have the time, I have been visiting, leaving as comment here or there, but mostly reading up on all of you. Too much has happened in this house to tell...pretty bad and then good, so I will just jump to the present.             Our older son just graduated from college with a BA in English-his hope is to become a special ed teacher ~so off to start the Master's degree. He had been interested in Physical Education when he started, but changed his major-and ECSU did not have a Special Ed degree. He did get his wish to play college baseball and we enjoyed many games. He works with autisticchildren during his college breaks and will continue there while he gets his degree. He is a very special guy and we are sooo proud. He is the one on the far right...with his college budddies.More to come ~but I must send a huge thank you to the beautiful Michelle at Petit Coterie.While reading my google reader one day, I came upon her blog and a giveaway for gorgeous i entered...never dreaming I would I was so luck and I did! With my luck -not so lucky lately, it was a blessing! The pillow arrived and it is so much more perfect than you can imagine! The workmanship is unbelievable! The fabric is strong and sturdy yet looks so delicate! This picture does not do it justice! I have visited all of these places on Cape Cod and couldn't believe it when it arrived! It was wrapped so beautifully and a secret little medal is sewn in the corner. A sweet little burlap wrapped scent was included, too. How lucky am I -extremely!!! I want everyone to go to her blog and especially her Etsy shop and get one for yourself! She also has the most beautiful catalog of work!!!! Go to her shop catalog and feast on these beauties!Her pillows were recently seen on Martha Stewart and if that is not a positive accolade-what is?!Michelle says, "We pride ourselves on our workmanship as well as having the ability to offer our customers custom designs. Our primary fabric, burlap has been a huge success allowing us to have flexibility in the designing process. Our grain sack fabric is a medium weight cotton/ linen blend that has also been extremely popular. We have now added bedding to our line as well as tea towels."Please spread the word!!!! her button!!! Thank you, thank you!!!! ~Nancy[...]

Happy Valentine's Day!


Just in to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!  Still no posts....I visit all of you,but haven't been writing....but I would make you these...and bring you these!And I wish my favoritea very Happy Hearts Day!Love,[...]

Our Christmas Card


Traditional Damask Red Christmas
Shop for elegant Christmas photo cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

Go to Shutterfly and have fun making a beautiful card!  I store all of my photos there and feel safe because my computer could go at any time! You can also make photo books that are better than a photo album. I also made a Season's Greetings version and you can do great montages. Now to write the envelopes!

Almost Too Hard to Start


     My youngest is a senior in high school this year. As if that is not hard enough, right away the guidance dept. wants you to start the application process. With many schools having early action (if they accept you, you have an answer by the holidays and its a non binding agreement) you really need to get going and have it done by November 1. The problem is, everything is on line and you spend hours on the computer. My son did a lot, but I helped out with filling in the forms as he also has to go to school and the AP classes are pretty rigorous and time consuming after school.  We also had Football season in there! That is why my blogging got shelved. It was too much time on the computer!  I even had a really bad problem with my neck, sitting hunched over the computer which cut a week out of my life, also!
           If I go to my Google Reader, I spend time reading and I enjoy visiting all of your blogs and then have no time to write! Then with these applications, I hardly got to read any blogs...I missed out on a lot and now find it hard to get back in. It also seemed that every weekend we had a full house with my college son and moved-out daughter to go to my son's games and then big dinners..Those are the days I love when we are all together so I had to put the blog away and concentrate on my real world! I am so thankful for my family and all the fun we have and I also enjoy visiting in on your lives that I feel I have friends all over the country! It will take some easing back and some moderation, but I will try to fit all of you in, also!
             When I took this photo, it reminded me of the O Henry story "The Last Leaf" so my son said take a picture and put it on your here it is and the story is on the link.
Well the last leaf is there, but of course I paid more attention to Logan!

So, the leaves have fallen and the applications are in  and now we wait with fingers crossed! I'd like to hold on to every day of this year and slow it down!   I do hope to visit your blogs a little more and try to write...we'll see!

Now Summer feels like it is over...


   My oldest son goes back to college tomorrow..... After a very cool week it feels like summer has come to an end. My youngest has been at pre-season since last Monday. Since then we have tried to cram in all the things we wanted to do before it all comes to and end.  (Vacation will be another post!)I love summer. This week my son took out the kayak for the last time here and the 2 "boys" took turns going out in it. There is a nice cove with a beach on the North Shore where I can sit and they can go out without me getting too nervous! When he takes it up to school, I can only imagine what he does! There are beautiful lakes in CT and he says there are always lots of people out in their boats...We also went "out east" to the Hamptons and Montauk for the day. It can take about an hour and a half, but it is worth it as you feel as if you have been away! We go to Southampton to a pretty park to break up the the many shops, then hang on the beach in Montauk (one of the prettiest places in the world-to me), eat a a place called "The Lobster Roll" and finish up with ice cream in East Hampton.  Tonight I am making the requested last meal! Tomorrow we will go to an early football scrimmage to start off the season. My youngest plays center, field goal defense and is the long snapper (I think that's right?)-don't get me on my lack of football knowledge. I finally understand the game!"The End" (a Long Islander's inside joke) [...]

Mark Me Absent-but Grateful!!


I have been very delinquent this summer and I'm sorry! Too many people coming and going-just the way I like it! With older kids, your days may still start very early, but they definitely go very late! I don't even want to acknowledge that it is August-this summer is flying by! Have I mentioned that I love summer-I think I have. I do not complain of heat, humidity, and bad hair-I don;t want it to end! What am I grateful for? Well, many things, but in particular, that I WON a wonderful market basket! I came from the blog The Pennington Point ! This family blog is just wonderful! Lisa is so funny and tell the best stories about her husband and their 9 children-she is a terrific writer! If that isn't enough, she is  very creative in her home and her crafts are beautiful! In her etsy shop you can get your items monogrammed-(you know how hard that is to find!) and purchase her items monogrammed to your liking! There is jewelry, clothing, baby items, towels, purses, pillows and.....Market totes! How lucky for me that I have won one monogrammed by Lisa! I left it up to her and she designed this:How perfect!!!!Don't you love it? I dooooo! The name if my blog!Thank you, thank you!It is my little secret with the blogging friends. Only my family knows I have this blog!It is also a saying I have loved since a child. I received this pendant at 16 from my parents!So take a look at this very special family blog and check out that etsy shop![...]

Leggo of those Legos!


      Third child is 16 years old. He has always loved his legos-the hand me down (do you believe I even have my old first run legos?) from sister and brother, Duplos, his first sets, Star Wars, Western,boats,  racing sets, etc. The favorite of all are the Harry Potter sets. On Christmas, He would open the set and he was didn't matter if there were other presents to open! He loved sorting the pieces as much as building with them. When he finished, he would play with the set for hours, BUT, he would not take it apart and do it again. I thought that would be fun-he had done that with previous sets but not HP. They were put together and stayed together. Then the models were put on shelves and dressers and displayed. I asked him to take them apart many times-but no....Look, I loooved the Harry Potter days of reading the books together and going to Barnes and Noble to the midnight release parties and dressing up as Harry for Halloween, so I really understood. Then they stopped making the HP sets...(Star Wars was back) or else I couldn't find them...          Now, he needs a bit more room in his space. He decided to take them apart and put them away....Fine -good idea....           NO-now I am the one who can't let go! I guess I feel these are the last "toys" he played with and as long as they were there, that little boy was, too.             So, I said calmly,                   "Why don't you fix them up (blow the dust off) and put the sets into ziplocs and we will keep them for other kids?"                     (am I thinking grandkids?)             Then he makes my day, by saying that it's a good idea and he fixes them up and takes photos of each then puts them into the bags! How great was this! I got to see him surrounded by his legos again and keep that picture in my mind! It took a few days!!          Yes, pretty sad that I can't LEGGO, but this is the baby....senior year in the Fall-and I just can't believe it, I guess...Anyone else going through this? September -take your time!     [...]

Cute Find at Big Lots!


       I found this little rack at Big Lots- $2.00. I figured I could put it somewhere for that investment! Well, it ended up on my counter-even though it has been my mission to put less on the counters. I found a little spot and loaded it up with breakast dishes....The mugs are from Target last year...such great colors!!!These are my beloved Anthro bowls.....making Cheerios happy every day!!!!These candle were $1.60 at 75% off and I could kick myself for not getting more!! I was in a rush and grabbed 2 not knowing they were sooooo inexpensive! They came in green and turquoise, too! Why didn't I grab them??  I knew the yellow would be great with my dishes, but the others could have been used anywhere and later as glasses! Be on the lookout BL shoppers!So everyone likes taking breakfast dishes off the cute rack....not so much unloading the dw and putting them back on...Hmmmm.[...]



These are some freebie’s I found today…

Back to school (groan) offer from Ziploc-before July 30, 2010. Fill out the form here and perhaps you will be one of the 10,000 recipients!

Each gift pack contains:

• One box of 50-count Ziploc® Brand Sandwich Bags

• One box of 25-count Ziploc® Brand Storage Bags

• One package of Ziploc® Brand Containers

For a sure deal-freebie, go into your local 7-Eleven and receive a free small Slurpee on this Sunday, July 11, (7-11). This happens to be 2 of my 3 children’s birthdays! Lucky day and a free Slurpee for all!

Thanks to all who missed me :) or wished me well!!


My Go-To Gift for Grads


   Whevever a friend's child graduates from High School, I try to get the same gift. We have been doing this for years and it seems to be a hit. I get a great bath towel monogrammed for them to take to college.  I always do the block letter arrangement in the color of their college choice! Villanova -Navy, Fairfield- Red, Siena -Gold, Eastern Connecticut-Navy, Syracuse-Orange, Cortland-Red, Fordham-Maroon, etc. Sometimes, I do he towel in the color, if available, and the monogram in white or the secondary color of the college. What also makes it fun is that I have to go to the website of the college that they have chosen to find out (make sure) of the color. In that way, I look around a bit nad find out more about their future college. I can write something that I have learned in the card or talk about it when I see them. I had been going to Fortunoff's for a long time, but they recently went out of business. I would get a luscious Ralph Lauren or Nautica towel and they monogrammed and wrapped for free! This year, I used Land's End and was very pleased with the towel and the monogramming, which was free for a few weeks! Here is the finished product...So, this towel (and usually a check!) makes for a happy grad! Nothing says hands off my towel better than a monogram! [...]

Was Feelin' a Little Tipsy...


                                              No, I haven't bee drinkin'. I had the craziest thing.  In May, I felt I had an allergy thing going on...the usual....but then I felt as if I couldn't focus. I thought my eyesight changed almost overnight. I felt as if the floor was not under my feet and I couldn't read. The worst was the computer screen. I kept shaking my head to focus!  I had my eyes checked and they were pretty much the same. Got new contacts, thinking mine were damaged. It was clearer, but out of focus! I was still subbing, but getting anxious! One day, I couldn't read the Teacher edition of the Soc book. When I had to walk the class out I was feeling very weird on the stairs. I went home and took a nap...Every day I felt I needed a nap! And soooo nauseous! Then I felt as if I was walking on a slant. I couldn't walk a straight line! Finally, I went to the doctor...I had a sinus infection and my ears were so full of fluid that I had pretty bad vertigo-I mean, I was holding onto walls, people, chairs -anything- to walk! Antibiotics and clarinex? It took a month for me to feel somewhat normal. I am not a complainer, and I never go to the Doctor, but this was really causing havoc in my life! I had so many events to go to for the end of the year for my son and family- visits, parties, etc.-Driving was out of the question-I could hardly walk so I certainly could not drive- I couldn't even find the car door handle! Even cooking was hard because the counter would be swimming under my nose!  I felt pathetic.... and worst of all -I could not blog!!!! I tried to visit a few of you, so you would not forget me, and because I love all of your blogs so much, but I was so tired after reading one, that I could fall asleep in a blink! At least, I did some gardening and will have picks up soon.         So, I am sorry for this tale of woe, but I am finally feeling better! I think this thing took its sweet time, but I think I am almost back to normal! I am really very healthy, but since having the flu this past year, I never felt 100%! These past 3 weeks, I think there has been something almost every day! SATs, ACT, SATIIs, Regents classes, concerts, final HS sports events and dinners. Now we have the prom (my son is a Jr. but going to the Senior prom) and several friends have children graduating on Saturday. That is when summer starts!  I am thankful for that! Blogiversary came and went... I will get on that, too!        Thanks for not abandoning me! Will be back in the swing of it now! I have been trying to keep up with all of you, but will read "back" now that I can!         If you left a comment, that I can't read, please try again-or is that spam when it has boxes instead of words? These are the things I still don't know!Love,[...]

Happy Mother's Day Video and #7 of BB


#7. M y favorite thing about me is that I am a mom. Simple and true. It is what I always wanted since I was a little girl. No high ambitions....little did I know that it really is the highest. My mom is gone 5 years and my MIL, too. It is so hard not to have them to go to. I still need my mom to run things by and make decisions, I only hope that she is thinking that I am doing okay. Funny, that I never thought Mother's Day was for me until there wasn't a mom for me to honor on that day! Every day, I try to slow time and it does not work. My kids and husband say, "I wish it was Friday." and I say "Don't rush my life!" I want to hold on to every day. We have been blessed with 3 wonderful, sweet and loving children-who love eachother above all. My prayers are for them to "stay safe, healthy and always happy." and to live, love and laugh.So grab a tissue and watch this...Happy Mother's Day to all of my friends who I meet here in blogland.Here is the link for  "The Gift of an Ordinary Day" by Katrina Kenison .Thanks kids!!!xoxoxo(almost forgot this kid!)[...]

Delinquent Blogger!!! and # 6!


     So, I got a bit overwhelmed and backed off the blogging...I have been subbing a lot and since there is no routine or pre-arrangement, very often I am not prepared to be running out to sub. Then it's Kindergarten or 6th or Music or Library and I am a little over-extended! Today was a half day, so I was able to recharge a bit...yes, I finally got to go to TJ Maxx for a few minutes! I applaud all of you who work full or part time and have the kids and school and meetings, etc. I think that is what did may PTA and other school meetings and bake for this and that  and run and get the shirt for the concert...and the fact that none of my clothes feel right...ugh.          I also am in the middle of my beautiful blogger and feel as if I have an unfinished homework assignment...So, here I go again!!!!  Grab a cup of tea for this one!6. I LOVE transferware. I started when I found my first plate at a cute shop. It was brown and I fell in love.                                It just says English Ironstone England on the back.                                                                                            Then I discovered Spode and Old English Castles by Johnson Brothers. First I will tell you a bit about Transferware......                                                      Transferware is the term given to pottery that has had a pattern applied by transferring the print from a copper plate to a specially sized paper and finally to the pottery body. While produced mostly on earthenware, transfer prints are also found on ironstone, porcelain and bone china. Most transferware, around 90%, was made in the Staffordshire county of England, but it was also made in other areas of Great Britain such as Leeds, Liverpool, Swansea and Scotland. At first the patterns were copied in style and detail from the Chinese. As transferware became more popular it was anglicized and many patterns were copied directly from prints and etchings that were popular in the early nineteenth century. Transferware first started appearing on the market in the late 18th century, and exploded in popularity in the 1820s and 1830s. Although the styles of the transfers changed over the years, it has been made continuously since then. It is only since the 1990s that the pottery industry has moved its production off shore and out of Great Britain. Although more blue was produced than other colors, colored transferware became popular in America in the 1830s and was exported in red, pink, purple, cranberry, brown, black, green, yellow, gray and various combinations of these colors.Here are a few pieces from my collection!Old English Castle and my lilacs....ahhhhOld British [...]

Beautiful Blogger continued!


      7 Things continued!!! 5.T he furthest west I have ever been was Alabama. Our vacation was booked at the Marriott Hotel in the Florida Keys. The bags were packed and we were driving down the next morning. That’s when the news hit that a hurricane ( I believe it was Charley) that would not affect Florida; would. It was set for landfall in the Keys and possible north of that as well. The Keys were being evacuated and no one was going in. The bridge was one way-out! The kids were upset to say the least! After waiting all summer for the only vacation time we could take, we were desperate! Since we were lucky to be using marriot points for our stay, the Marriott was suggesting other hotels in their chain in Florida, but these would most likely be affected as well. Then, I spotted Alabama. We had never been. The drive, we thought, would be the same distance as the Keys-far, but doable. So, off we set for the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama. We had to drive a way we had never gone-no GPS -just an actual map! Instead of our usual trip down I-95, we turned off around Charlotte and took I-85 or 65? It was quite an adventure! We arrived in the middle of the night and our room was not available. What was so funny is that we fell asleep in the car in the lot waiting for morning, and when we awoke, all the tennis and golf players were arriving. When we were given our room, we knew we had made the right decision. The place was lovely and we filled our days with kayaking, biking, sunning, swimming, croquet, crafts and tea in the afternoon! It was perfectly serene. Mobile Bay was our beach. After that, not sure what Point Clear would be like we had decided to go to Pensacola and drive home from there. We drove along the shores of Alabama and could not believe its beauty! Pensacola was a switch from Point Clear, but we were on the Gulf this time. The beach was so beautiful. We could see the fish down by our toes. No disrespect to our own beautiful Jones Beach, but this was gorgeous. We also did not have one bad day! The hurricane had turned and reeked havoc on Florida (not the Keys!) and the Eastern coast. Even at home it was pouring. How lucky we were! We walked on the famous pier at Pensacola and ate at restaurants on the beach. Very sadly, after we were back at home, and September started, another storm was brewing. This was Ivan….the terrible! It tore apart Pensacola (and its famous pier) and Gulf Shores and ran on through Alabama, practically destroying The Marriot Grand Hotel. What was also sad was that Hotel was quite historic, having been a Hospital in WWII. We actually called the hotel a few weekes later, afraid to hear just a dial tone, and they were repairing and reopening soon after. Not everyone was so lucky after Ivan.  After 5 years of repair, the pier in Pensacola has been reopened. So, that was my furthest trip west, I have been to Canada-just on the other side of the falls, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, all the way down to North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.-east and west coast. I have only flown to the Bahamas, Bermuda (honeymoon) and Puerto Rico; we have driven everwhere else! So for our trip this summer, if you have suggestions, I would love to visit the Gulf Coast again! Or if you have another place, let me know-please comment![...]

Beautiful Blogger Award


Beautiful Blogger Award        I received and award from Nita  at a Mod Vintage Life.  Her blog is beautiful, glamorous, mod and..vintage! Wait till you see her storybook home and what she did with her fireplace is near amazing! She has great style and unique tastes!         It was so nice of her to include me in her list of beautiful blogs! I am at this almost a year and still struggle! She seems to have it down. Check out her list and then see mine below.        I'm to choose 15 other blogs to receive the award so I will  share the following bloggers with you. Please visit their blogs, read their posts and you will see why!  You can just click on their blog titles to go to  their sites. If you look at my blog roll those are also the blogs I visit all the time. And there are plenty more on my reader, which is why I never get to post!!   Designs by Gollum Coastal Charm  Cottage Charm and Family InspirationThe Treat Girl RemodelaholicBella RusticaMammabellarteFiona and TwigPure Style HomeMiss Mustard SeedThe Feathered NestBeneath my HeartBake at 350a beach cottageKnock Off WoodBlondies Journalsand so many more!      "7 Things You (may not) Don't Know About Me"1.   I love to feed people....2.   I love magazines like Country Living and Better Homes and Pottery Barn,Restoration Hardware  Ballard and Art and Artifact catalogs. I can't throw them away. I am in search of  Flea Market Style. I very painfully got rid of some Country Living mags dating back to their first year. Ok, Ok...I kept some Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 3. Strawberry ice cream and lemon ices are my choice when not sharing someone else's fav (which I usually like to do)!4. I am a substitute teacher. I taught 10 years and when my #2 came along I took maternity and never went back. Then, I had #3. I liked being home for the kids everyday and my husband was happy with it, too. I sporadically subbed while the children were little, but sub a lot more now. I am stopping here and will come back to finish! I spend so much time reading all of your beautiful blogs, that I don't leave my self time to post! [...]

Easter Tree and How to Make It


    I saw an Easter Tree in a mag a few years ago and had it stuck in my mind to try-with a little hubby help. Here is how I made it. I won't say tutorial because all of you are so clever and know how to write them up properly!!   You will need 2 1/2 inch dowels  and a 2" by 1" piece of wood about 16" long. All dimensions can be changed to your liking. You will also need a base of scrap wood. Mine is 4" x 6". Sand all edges. Add ons-ribbon, grass, eggs, paint, etc.Limbs-Cut the dowels to 3 lengths-I did 12", 14" , 16".Trunk-Cut the 1" x 2" to length that you like-I used 16". Drill 3  1/2" holes through the side all the way through. ( I guess you could also half the dowels and use gorilla glue.) Sand hole cuts. I painted all with white craft paint and lightly wiped it off, leaving a white tint.Screw base to trunk. Slide dowels through.I picked up these hanging wood eggs at Pier 1 last year, but I habve seen them around. You can use any hanging eggs, or make your own.Add Easter grass or moss.I had my hubby cut this bunny from a pattern I drew, but you can decorate in any way using fun wood things that you can find at Hobby Lobby-but I can't because we don't have one!!Done! In case I am not blogging-(blog neglect-I know)- Have a very Happy Easter!!![...]

I Love Candle Jars


Do you keep the jars that candle come in? Sauce? Jelly? I love jars. I also love coffee cans.  Back to jars. I keep them all. I use them for votives and citronella outside in the summer.  I keep buttons, shells from all the beaches we have visited, corks, potpourri, rocks, etc. Recently, I took 3 of the inexpensive candle jars from A C Moore and used Kristine Mckay's  great  printables and mod podged them on in minutes after cutting them out. Check out these numbers here. There's no limit to what you can do! Loooove them!!!thepersimmonperch [...]

What Did I Find in the Pottery Barn Outlet?!


     As usual whenever the college son is home-nothing gets done. Well, fun things do and lots of cooking and eating and surprisingly-shopping. Things that he is interested in, at least. For Christmas he received a kayak from us-a big deal and he can’t wait to use it. So off we went to find a paddle and lifejacket, because mama won’t let him go ‘til she knows that he has a life vest on. They don’t sell those things in December around here. I think we got the only kayak around in December, too-and at a good discount! (It was such a nice but chilly day on Wednesday, he did get to try it a fairly calm inlet. He was pretty happy.          He also like his clothes. So, off we went to the outlets in Riverhead, NY. Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, J Crew, Gap, Pepperidge Farm (gotta have Fish!)….and so many more-We had lunch and then –Now that he has an apartment-new interest in all things "home"-go figure-remember the days of bribing him on shopping trips to  buy curtains and towels...Why not go to the Pottery Barn Outlet? Last time we drove all the way out and it was closed for inventory!!       Not this time!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It is huge and full of furniture, lighting, bedding, frames, rugs and rugs and rugs, bathroom accessories…PB Teen, Kids  and West Elm, too…Wow. I could hardly see as my eyes were glazed! I really did not see a lot as we were running out of time. I wish I had my camera!  Sooooo-Here are the goodies….I had to hold back...when I save some more $$-I know where I'm going!For his room here-Marked $99 $19.97 No other was marked this low- one little chip-not noticeable-others had broken glass and were higher! This is black and white with a green tint to the grass-love it!For brother-Marked  $69 to $34reduced to $14.97 SOLD!! then -paid-$11.23!!? This lamp is really blue to navy-great looking and really heavy!When I looked at it a lady said if I wasn't taking it she wanted it. She followed us all over the store!Two goodies here-I could not leave this lamp there-$34.99  reduced to $10.97!!It is also heavy and perfect!The wood shelf-$49.00 to $24.99 to ....$3.97   reallyI wish there had been another...or ten others! But I will make due with one at that price!!!After we paid we practically ran to the car, thinking they would stop us because they made a mistake!           Williams Sonoma was connected to PB, but we couldn’t do it! It was huge, too. I am now planning the next trip….need anything?           I cut some crabapple branches to force and they bloomed in one day! Love them! I had also forced forsythia-and now they are blooming outside already- too soon but so pretty!linking up to: frugalicious friday[...]

Free cone today at Ben & Jerry's


Free cone day is today, Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at Ben & Jerry's. The ice cream chain is giving away free ice cream all day, from noon to 8 p.m. to thank their fans for more than three decades of business.and you really do get a full-sized scoop. Sadly there are none near me!!!

This year there are three new flavors to choose from, including Peanut Brittle, Maple Blondie, and Milk & Cookies. MMMMMMM!

Anthropologie-got your attention!


First-Happy St. Patrick's Day!!         My birthday was in February, but I did not show you this-Have you ever received one? I signed up for an Anthro card-not a credit card-it just keeps track of purchases. I did have to put my B'day on the form. I got my yellow card in a cute little bag-my daughter swiped it-and then gave it to her because she buys more there than me.           In the mail in time for my birthday came this.....So cute-a candle necklace and 15% off! So, my daughter says-let's go shopping! We did and she got a few things (gorgeous)and I got this-which I love for $1.95-less 15%. It just wasn't a great time for me to spend much $.When we paid, the person next to us says that her birthday was in February, too, and she didn't get one. The salesgirl said that it is done randomly!  So, I am a lucky one, I guess....or my daughter is! So, next time you are there, sign up and see! I made my daughter get her own....maybe if she'a lucky one, I will buy something a little more the meantime -I do like this....there are 5 of us in the family.Have a Happy Wearin' o the Green Day! [...]