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She Dreams Big!

trying everything creative that she can

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What I don't know could fill a book . . .


. . . a FACEBOOK.Dear Connie:We at Facebook hate to bother you but we feel the need to tell you that you are the only person in the world without a working facebook page. Sure, we know you joined a long time ago but suspect it was only to be able to use the ever famous and time consuming Pinterest.In order for us to totally rule the world, we beg of you, PLEASE join the trillions of others who are communicating through this media.  Blogging just isn't getting you anywhere (of course, we have to admit that you have to POST in order to win friends and influence people which you seem to have neglected to do) so try your luck at Facebook. Everyone else is doing it and they seem to be doing more facebooking than they are blogging anymore!So get with the program Connie!  Bring yourself up to speed in the latest technology!  Find new friends!  Forget your fear of being rejected when you make a friend request.  Nevermind that you might be found by that long ago boyfriend that you cringe over every time you think of him or that mean girl from high school or that former employer who is still looking for his stapler (shame on you!).  We promise you will just LOVE facebook and will be inundated with people wanting to know more about you!Sincerely,Mark Zuckerberg(and because you had to look it up, I'm the creator of Facebook) . . . I finally succumbed to Facebook.I still went kicking and screaming but you know what?  It is kind of fun.  And I needed something to do to fill those few hours I wasn't on Pinterest or reading other blogs.  lolOh, I still don't know what I'm doing and I'm having a heck of a time getting a comment to post or a picture  to upload but I'm slowly learning.Can anyone tell me the difference between a 'friend' and a 'like'?Anyway, come check me out and be my friend or like me.  Don't make me regret my decision to be one of Mark's people!Oh, and btw, I HATE this new blogger format!  Can I use that as an excuse not to have been writing?[...]

Neglected, abandoned, destroyed . . .


We drive past them all the time.  We have several within a few miles from where we live.Deserted farmsteads.Beautiful in their own way.But sad and depressing in so many other ways.What has happened to the family owned farm? Bigger isn't always better.Don't get me started . . .[...]

My nemesis . . .


. . . has arrived with a vengeance!Well, maybe not with a vengeance in my dandelion-free lawn but only because I am a Dandelion Digger Demon!Yup, one of the stranger things you should know about me is that I love to dig dandelions!I'm never outside without my antique digger close by to pounce on an unsuspecting dandelion.I've even thought about starting a dandelion digging business.  At a penny a weed, I would quickly become a millionaire!There is nothing more satisfying than to hear that *pop* as the root is broken and you know that you have conquered the dreaded weed.  Well, at least one of those usurpers that sneak into your lawn when you are not looking.  And I suspect that they pop right back up behind your back when you are positive you found them all. And have the pile of wilted yellow flowers to prove it. I can spot a dandelion from a mile away.  Even without their yellow marker of defiance to those of us who despise their actual existence.  I am a dandelion digger extraordinaire!  Oh, and another strange thing you need to know about me . . . I take photos of dandelions.Now who is crazy enough to waste her time doing that?I'm convinced that the only way to rid the world of dandelions is to dig them up one at a time.So get to it!  [...]

A little boy, in a field, running in flip flops, with his . . .


. . . KITE!Remember?  How you would run and run and run and just couldn't get the slight breeze to catch that kite enough to make it soar into the sky?And then finally . . . success! Remember the exhilaration you felt when it finally shot into the air and you ran some more to watch it twirl and swirl, with the tail making those flapping noises?Then the disappointment when the kite suddenly crashed to the ground?  Breaking those flimsy balsam wood sticks.  Bringing the kite flying to an abrupt end.Oh, but what could be a better way to spend a glorious day than with a tenacious little boy, in a field, running in flip flops and coaxing a kite to fly! And succeeding . . . if only for a little while.[...]

Ladies who lunch . . .


. . . are the best kind of ladies to be friends with.I love ladies who always schedule any kind of meeting, get together or errand just in time for lunch.*Telephone ringing* . . . 'Hi!  I have to go pick up a widget for the main man.  Want to meet for lunch?'or'I just have a minute to talk.  I'm taking the main man to the emergency room because we were not so calmly discussing how the widget wasn't the right one and somehow he got conked in the head and needs stitches.  Want to meet for lunch?'or'The main man is going to town to get his own gosh-dern widget so I'm free.  Want to meet for lunch?'I recently hosted a 'ladies lunch'. I splurged on flowers but couldn't find my fancy vases.  And discovered that I really don't own alot of 'girly' doo-dads to set a pretty table.But I had pretty new-to-me vintage dishes I wanted to use.  Truthfully, these dishes were the reason I had the luncheon in the first place.  I needed females who would appreciate the beauty of these old, dainty, gold-edged plates, saucers and berry bowls.  I needed their oohs and ahhs when I told them I got a setting of 8 plus 2 covered vegetable bowls for less than a lunch at the local bar and grill fine eating establishment.  I'm needy like that.  It's a weakness of mine.Besides, our usual fare of chili cheese hotdogs don't need fancy schmancy plates and I'm sure enough not going to get any praise for my lucky find from the main man when he thinks that I already have a perfectly good set of dishes so why do I need more.Anywho, we ladies ate.  We laughed.  We caught up on the news (we did not gossip . . . no, not us!).  We drank wine.  We gave solace to each other and we rejoiced over accomplishments. Good friends don't need to see each other often I guess.  We know that we are only a phone call and a lunch away from renewing our ties to each other.And there is one friend who always brings a sweet little gift.Good times, good food, good wine and good friends.   What could be better than that.Here's to ladies who lunch.  [...]

Pondering no longer . . .


. . . I've come to a conclusion regarding one of my ponderings from a previous post (here).I've decided that I'm going to keep on pinning on Pinterest.And I'm not going to feel like a criminal doing it!For some reason, the discussions floating around concerning the controversial subject of people stealing (well, maybe not stealing but borrowing heavily) other's ideas by first - not getting permission to pin a photo and second - having the nerve to announce that they are going to make one of whatever it is too, has really sucked me in.  I've read it all.  I've thought long and hard about it.  Frankly, I've come to the conclusion that the issue is a bunch of hooey and I'm done, done, done.My thoughts (and I know they are usually somewhat skewed in favor of me) are if it is on the web, it is public domain.  Therefore, free to look at and get inspired by and pin for later drooling over if I darn well please. You put the photo of whatever there on your blog yourself for all to see.  Forgive me for being blunt, but 'get over it'.Judging by the responses I received previously, most of you feel the same way.  If you have a different opinion please explain.  My mind can very easily be changed.  Just ask my family.  They know I can change my mind in a nanosecond.  And then change it back faster than a nanosecond. I really think the so-called problem stems from the 'repinning' of things.  If a photo is 'repinned', does it not refer you back to the original post, the original owner or the original etsy/shop/website?  I'm not sure because I very seldom repin.  If I see something I like from someone else's boards, I go to the original location and pin from there.  Giving credit where credit is due.  And I don't just pin willy-nilly.  I'm choosy.  So if something of yours is pinned by me, you have offered something that I find simply adorable in some way or another.  Thank you.'ve found many new-to-me wonderful blogs through Pinterest.  I figure we both win.  They get a new follower and I maybe find a new like-minded blog friend.  I'm discovering new, fresh perspectives on decorating, photography, crafting, sewing, cooking or whatever strikes my fancy on any given day.I've found a couple of my photos that someone has pinned and it is thrilling to know that whatever it was, someone else thought it was 'pin worthy'.  I consider it very flattering.I foresee bad karma for Pinterest in the future.  Someone will sue.  Someone always does and ruins it for the rest of us.To summarize, I'm a Pinterest pinner and I'm not ashamed to say it.    I realize my addiction but I'm not ready for Pinterest rehab quite yet.  I'll just bide my time until it goes the way of Picnik, MySpace and the old Google follower links.  Something bigger and better always comes along.  And brings it's own controversy with it.   Pinteret is way easier than bookmarking every. single. thing.So pin away my friends.  Come visit my boards.  Pin something that makes you happy.  Or don't.  It is A-OK with me.[...]

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks . . .


. . . this old dog (me!) learned how to crochet!My goal for the winter was to teach myself how to crochet.  I gave up teaching myself (I'm no good at reading directions.  I'm a hands-on kind of learner) and asked a friend to show me how.Much easier than knitting!My hands cramped up and my eyeballs bugged out but I made a couple of doilies and a whole bunch of flowers.  Notice the loose stitches and the curled up edges.  Not ready to enter anything at the fair quite yet.But it has given me a whole new appreciation for the oodles of old doilies and crocheted tablecloths that I have collected over the years.How could I have ever walked away from any of them if they were priced over a couple of dollars?  They are masterpieces of concentration, time and talent! I'm going to try to crochet a bunch of these!Now, go thank your grandmother for giving you all of her old doilies!  They are truly a labor of love![...]

I've been pondering . . .


Pondering is different than thinking.Thinking gets me in trouble more often than not so I call the conversations that I carry on with myself in my head ponderings.I haven't been commenting on your blogs much lately.  I don't seem to have anything new to say.I still absolutely LOVE each and every post you write.  I am still AMAZED at the projects you not only create all by your original selves but the amount of projects you actually complete.  I cheer you on when you post something inspirational, I sympathize with you when something bad happens and I am happy as a lark when you accomplish one of your dreams.I just haven't been telling you so.  So I'm telling you now.  Each and every blog I visit is a pleasure to my day!But I have noticed some trends lately that have me pondering.Are many of us suffering from blog burnout?I find that there are many more ads on sidebars and between posts lately.  Do they really generate worthwhile money or are they just space fillers?  And the pop up ones that follow you as you scroll down the page?  Ugh . . . annoying!I've noticed more professional photos duplicated from other sources.  Pretty, but not what I come to visit you for.  You all are so creative with your own vignettes and room makeovers.  Those are the photos I want to see!I've heard some talk about too many blog parties out there.  Some bloggers link up their projects to lots and lots of parties.  I will link up to a couple every once in a while.  Parties are loads of fun.  I like parties of any kind.  I've just become overwhelmed when the parties are too big.  I want to visit all of the party goers and I just can't.  Therefore I don't participate.Bummer!  But that is my problem, not yours.  So you go ahead and party like it's 1999!And now I see that some bloggers are upset when others pin their photos on Pinterest.  And leave a comment that they want to make one of whatever it is too!  Well of course we do.  Otherwise we wouldn't have pinned it in the first place.  I'm all for giving credit where credit is due but we all put our own little spin on whatever we create so I don't feel that we are copying.  Just getting inspiration.  Isn't that why we all show each other our creations in the first place?  Am I wrong in thinking that is what Pinterest was created for?  Or are we all just copying someone else's hard work and effort and taking away their profits like some bloggers think?  (I've always considered copying the sincerest form of flattery.  Except when my SIL chose the same china pattern as I did!)If I didn't fall in love with something I've seen, whether it was on the web or in a store or a magazine, I probably wouldn't make a thing!Oh, and I COPIED these adorable flowers from Chipping With Charm.  Thank you Laurel for understanding my need to find ideas somewhere other than in my own head!Must I have a Facebook page to promote my blog?  Is liking you on FB more or different than being a follower of your blog?  Is there other content that I am missing on a FB page than there is on a blog?  Am I the ONLY person in the world that DOES NOT DO Facebook?And this google - linky - follower thing has me all in a tizzy.Just when I feel comfortable with something, someone goes and changes it!  (Isn't fighting change of any kind the first sign of old age?)See what I mean about my pondering?  I'm stumped as how to continue blogging.  Do I go with my own flow and post only when I have something that I think is significant enough to post about?  Am I doing my blog an injustice by not posting any little thing every day or even once a week?  Do I try to post just to party?  Do I discontinue pinning?  (Please tell me I don't have to do that!) &nbs[...]

You all deserve a little lovin' . . .


. . . whether you like hearts - or not.  

Whether Valentine's Day is your special holiday - or not.  

Whether your 'special someone(s)' brings you flowers or chocolates or diamonds - or not.

You are loved.
(And appreciated, and admired, and inspirational.) 

By me!

Now, go to the mirror and blow yourself a kiss!


Does it make me non-romantic . . .


. . . if I don't like hearts?(I also don't like butterflies but that is for another post.)If you are a heart lover, I commend you.  You are a true romantic.Most of the time, if something has a heart on it, I pass it by (and honestly?  cringe a little).I think my lack of enthusiasm for hearts stems from my 'country' phase when absolutely everything had a heart on it, a heart carved in it, hearts stamped on it or sported heart cutouts.  Hearts were on my walls, pillows, curtains and clothes.  I'm shuddering just thinking about hearts.But . . .Miss Maggie's House was open last weekend and I, in all my holiday wisdom, thought there should be a little nod to Valentine's Day.So I cut out hearts.Put them on a burlap banner.Sewed up little cards.Punched them out of dictionary pages.I also stuck romantic flash cards everywhere to remind shoppers that come the 14th, they needed to be romantic themselves.I've discovered that I'm not the only one who doesn't care for hearts.  Nothing with a heart on it sold!Is Valentine's Day outdated?  Do you love it or dread it?I think I can be romantic without the hearts.  Tomorrow I am making my main man homemade vegetable soup.  He tells me he could eat soup everyday but we very seldom have soup.  Because I don't love soup like he does.But I love him.  So on Valentine's Day we are having soup.Maybe I'll cut the potatoes into hearts.Happy Heart Day Everyone!  [...]

Did you think that I was never coming back?


I thought about staying, I really did.Who in their right mind would want to go from this . . .to this?Or this . . .to this?Since I had no connection to the outside world while on vacation on a resort in the Dominican Republic, I didn't know it was cold and snowy back home.If I had, I just might have stayed on the beach until April.But my sunburn was sunburned, there was sand where sand should never be, I ate so much that my shorts were beginning to get kind of tight, all of the green and sunshine was giving me a headache and I was tired of drinking pina coladas, delivered by very cute cabana boys.Visiting Punta Cana was wonderful but I was ready to come home.  Even if home was cold and snowy.  Even if it meant I had to get back on several planes.  Even if customs in a foreign county made me very nervous.All I want now is a glass of ice tea with actual ICE and a big, juicy Nebraska beef hamburger!It is so good to be back in the United States.Now, back to normal.  And catching up on all that I missed while basking in the sun.[...]

Another special gift to show you {and the winner} . . .


I'll never get to France.  Frankly, I'm not sure I want to visit France.  Oh, if I was a gazillionairess it would be on my bucket list but there are so many places in the United States that I would like to see first.But that doesn't mean that I don't love all things French!  I am so glad that there are blogs out there that supply me with all of the Frenchy goodness that I crave. Rhonda from A Little Bit French is usually where I go to dream of France.  And I was lucky enough (not lucky enough to be a gazillionairess but . . .) to win her monthly giveaway!  Maybe some of the pieces she used to create these beauties actually came from France!  At least that is what I tell myself!She made a pincushion out of a spoon!  Can you imagine the creative mind that thought that up?And little stamped pillows!I'm feeling the amour!  The jen e sais quai!  I'm transported to France!I found the doorknob and it isn't from France (or is it?  hmmmm . . .).The giveaway package is dressed and ready to go to the winner of my birthday giveaway!  Where shall I send it?  Who will the random generator choose?  (Why can't I get a picture of the random generator?)#18!!!!!!Joanna of Fiddlesnips!You are going to celebrate my birthday month with me!If I get your address before Monday morning, I'll get the package in the mail.  If not, you'll have to wait a little longer until I get back from my VACATION!  Send it to me ASAP, okay?(Sorry about the difficulties commenting.  I hear that blogger wasn't being cooperative.  But if I heard from you telling me your problems, I added your name anyway.)Yes, this little Nebraska girl is traveling out of the country.  To sun-filled (I hope!) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!  Scary - YES!  Excited - YES!  Have to white-knuckle it on the plane -  DEFINITELY YES!  Thanks to all of my friends who wished me a happy birthday and welcome to the new followers!  Sometimes we have fun here so the more the merrier!See you on the flip side![...]

What a co-in-ci-dink ...


. . . I mean coincidence.Well, you know it's my birthday month and I'm having a giveaway (see post here).  Only 6 commentors so far (what am I doing wrong?  this may just be my last giveaway!) so you have a really good chance to win.Anywhoo, back to the coincidence.Last year, way back in 2011 (isn't it funny that 13 days into 2012 we think of last year as being so far in the past), I was a happy camper to discover that I won 2 (not just one, but 2) giveaways!And I received both gifts ON MY BIRTHDAY!What are the odds of that happening?  Did they secretly know that is was my birthday?  Did they covertly send their packages so that they would arrive on the same special day?Probably not.  Just a very lovely coincidence!Marie from Lost Bird Studio is probably the most talented, creative and prolific artist I know.  Always, always something new and wonderful to see on her blog!  I truly hesitated to open this sweet packaging but I knew inside would be something even more special!And special it is!  I'll treasure it Marie!(Darn post office cracked the glass on my special piece but neither me or my memories are in perfect condition either).Tracie of Fishtail Cottage (one of my 'new' favorite blogs) sponsored a giveaway with a prize from Shellagh of Ticking and Toile.  Another beautifully wrapped package almost too pretty to open.But being the 'can't stand a unopened package' kind of gal that I am, I tore into it to find a wonderful stamped pillow cover.  Gorgeous, no?Thank you Marie, Tracie and Shellagh for unknowingly making my birthday a day of happy surprises!Now, IF you visit my blog and IF you enter my giveaway, maybe you will win and the package will arrive on one of your special days too![...]

Won't you celebrate with me?


It's my birthday.Well, it was my birthday last week.  On the 7th.  (a little trivia for you ~~ Elvis' birthday is on the 9th so I always say 'thank you, thank you very much' when receiving birthday wishes.  and nobody gets it!  my mom would have.)At my age (which is very young!  tee hee!), I can't party hardy all in one day anymore so I spread out the celebration all month.I love to get presents!  I love to win giveaways!  And I know (at least I think) you love to win and get presents too!So won't you celebrate my birthday by entering my giveaway?  Please?  Pretty please?If the lucky stars choose you (by random generator, of course) you will receive a loooong crocheted-edge linen dresser scarf (which I really want to keep for myself), a teeny tiny flower frog (that is just so stinkin cute) and several vintage valentines (they came from my main man's stash so you know they are really vintage. tee hee again!).Now, you know I don't like rules but I think I'll require some this time.1.  Be a follower and wish me a Happy Birthday!  Yup, I think that is an important rule.  I should really require that you promise to leave me at least one other comment during the year to let me know that you still visit me and don't just follow to win but I won't.2.  For another entry, the dreaded 'add my giveaway to your sidebar' requirement.  I know, I know, it is an extra step and time consuming but I love to see my name on your blogs.  I'm going to bask in the knowledge that I can be somewhat famous for awhile and maybe I'll meet some new bloggers out there (even though I LOVE all of my current bloggy friends!).3.  This is an important giveaway rule and imperative to be included to win.  Since the picking has been really terrible around here lately and I'm lost as to what will sell at Miss Maggie's House and what won't, tell me what flies out of your store/shop every time you offer it.  Or if you don't have a store/shop, tell me what you always, always pick out for yourself when you are out and about.  This is worth another giveaway entry.  Or maybe 2!4.  Do something out of the ordinary for someone else.  It won't get you an automatic win for this giveaway but it will make you and that someone else feel really good about the day.  Sometimes a sweet gesture can be life saving!Whew!  Those are alot of rules but hey, it's my birthday and I can do what I want! Let's draw the winner out of the proverbial hat on January 19th, okay?  That will give me 2 days to get the package in the mail before I leave on my beach laying, mai tai drinking, flip flop wearing, zip line screaming, weighing down the para-sailing, swimming with the fishes vacay! Now, get those fingers walking and shoot me some comments!  You just might be glad you did![...]

I almost feel sorry for the guy . . .


. . . the snow shovel.  (It's a guy snow shovel because this gal doesn't scoop snow.)And please notice that I said I ALMOST feel sorry for him.All he can do is wait in a pile of leaves.  He was put on this earth to scoop snow, not leaves.(this guy also scoops bunks and feed but he feels it is really beneath him to mention it)He tries to move a little to the north thinking there might be snow there.Nope, no snow.  Only more leaves and a pile of dead grass.He knows it is January.  He knows he lives in Nebraska.  Normally, he is just about wore out by this time of year.  He hears that it will be in the 60s tomorrow!  What is a poor snow shovel to do?(and he sure doesn't want to think about being moved back out to the lowly feed shed!)Who did this cruel, cruel thing to the anxiously awaiting snow shovel?ME!I wished for no snow.  Ever.(you fellow snow haters can thank me later)Think it will last?No?  Me either.  We technically still have 3 (and sometimes 4) more months of potential snow weather.But I am relishing in the balminess of Nebraska weather today and I snear and laugh at the poor, little snow shovel every time I walk by.He shoots me back a look that says 'You just wait.  You'll be sick of snow by the time this winter is over'.*sigh*  I know this to be true.How is the weather where you are?I'm linking to Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.  Can I also link to Faded Charm's White Wednesday when there is a lack of the white stuff?[...]

Novica - Change your Life, Change the World


Isn't that we all would like to do?  Help change the world, one purchase at a time?  Novica, in association with National Geographic, is not only helping those of us shoppers who love the unique and the handcrafted but are directly helping those who design and craft these products from countries all over the world.  Novica provides assistance to talented artisans who may not otherwise have access to a world market. There is also an Artisan Loan Program that allows these artists to expand their businesses.Novica's Mission Statement :We want to give artists and artisans around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents and to spur their creativity. And, we want to provide you with access to unique, hard-to-find items at great values that only the Internet infrastructure can allow.At the deepest essence of our philosophy, we want to create a bridge between you and the many talented artisans across the globe.We want you to know about who you're buying from. We want you to feel that attachment to the product and to the hands that created it.Handcrafted items are plentiful . . .Home Decor . . .Jewelry . . .Handbags . . .Original Paintings . . .Accessories and ClothingI was offered an opportunity to see what Novica is all about and believe me, it was hard to choose just one item.Sandeep's (aka 'Prince') family is in the business of making shawls.  The most beautiful shawls with hand embroidery and made from the most luxurious wool.  Mine came wrapped in a lovely bag, along with a personal note from the artisan.  Novica's service was outstanding and considering that my shawl came all the way from India, the anticipation time was very short.Novica is now on the short list for all of my holiday gift giving!Novica Live is a new division recently launched because customers wanted to see products live and in person.  Consultants have the opportunity to do just that with Novica's new party plan.  Beautiful gifts and jewelry are showcased through home parties in an entertaining way, while supporting artisans worldwide.  Check out how you can help 'change the world' here.I'll even make searching for some very special items easier.  Just click on the links below!men's accessoriescufflinkswoman's scarveswalking sticksaccessoriesNow, let's make 2012 the year that we help and support each other, whether it is next door or the next country over!  [...]

I can see clearly now . . .


. . . the rain is gone,I can see all obstacles in my wayGone are the dark clouds that had me blindIt's gonna be a bright, brightsun-shiny day.Well, that pity party is over for another year.  (I think.)Time may not be my best friend, but I think we can tolerate each other for awhile again.  But really, what are my choices?  To wallow or to weather the storm.I'm going to concentrate on myself this year.  To find out who exactly I am.  To face the fears and tackle them one by one.  To actually write goals/dreams/plans down so I have to work on them each and every day and not dismiss them as trivial.  I'm not going to worry about what other people think.  After all, I am ultimately the only person standing in my way! It is back to business -- back to DREAMING BIG!Thank you, my lovlies, for the encouragement and kind words.  They helped more than you could ever know.2012 - I'm ready![...]

The year is ticking by . . .


. . . and I am holding on.  Again.I'm wallowing in my annual 'holiday pity party'.It starts the beginning of December but really takes hold of me the last week of the year.It hasn't always been so.  But the last few years have left me anxious to see the season end.I know the reasons why and I have resolved all of those feelings but I still can't help myself.I truly have a good life.  People who love me.  Other people who care.Believe me, it is all self inflicted.I am usually content.But I am not confident.This new year will be different.  I mean it!  I really mean it!I will struggle on whether to publish this post but you need to know the real me.  I don't know why I think you do, but you do.I'll catch up with you all on the flip side.  The happy side.  The 'see me always smiling' side.  The 'making future plans' side.Because this will pass.  It always does.Blessings to you, my friends, in this upcoming, wonderful, glorious new year! [...]

I can show you in many ways . . .


. . . and I always mean it from my heart!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Now, go make sure you left cookies for Santa and carrots for Rudolph because I already ate their share at my house!


I'm scrambling today . . .


 . . . because I thought I was prepared.Christmas Eve is tomorrow night!And Christmas is the next day!  Why wasn't I notified that the week was going to fly by!I thought I was prepared.But there is so much left to do!Why do I do this to myself?  Will anyone notice the cobwebs?  The fingerprints on the windows?  If they do, they will have to go to a house with a maid for next year's holidays.I'm going to enjoy the festivities today and anxiously await my family's arrival!Wishing you a 'stress-free', 'no need to worry about the little things', 'take time to revel in the holiday' day![...]

Hmmmm . . .


. . . as I look back on my recent posts, I see a theme of sorts.

I'm very non-colorful this Christmas.

Very dark even.  Very blah.

I thought I was just being neutral but now I just see blah.

Hmmmm . . . I wonder what that means?


Christmas MUST go on . . .


. . . just like the postman, through snow, sleet or rain of night ~~ or the blah feeling of a cold.Christmas preparations MUST go on!This super woman got up, got going, finished wrapping the last gifts, fluffed the decorations just a bit and (I must of been delirious from a fever) even baked!I've been wanting to try these bite size cupcakes for awhile.  And I thought it is 'feed a cold' right?I fed a couple (okay, I admit it, it was many) of these yummy, coconut filled, chocolate mini-bites to my cold. I should be back to healthy very, very soon!ps ~~ if you want the recipe, go here.  but if you want the 411 on the necessary tweaking, email me.[...]

A re-gifted early Christmas present . . .


. . . do you re-gift?No?  Me either.But my grandkids do.Those sweet kiddos of mine gave me an early Christmas gift . . .. . . my very first winter cold of the year!  (sniff, sniff, ah-choo, ah-choo)And as I sit close to my box of kleenex, snuggled under my furry quilt, I can't help but think this snowman is smiling a little too sinister at me.  He knows how much is left to do before Christmas but he wanted the company today.Not too fear though.  This super woman will rally and all will be well.Wishing you a healthy, productive day![...]

Christmas at Grandma's house . . .


. . . is a tradition for many.My family is no exception.Except now, I'm the Grandma whose house is where everyone gathers for holidays.And you know what?  Even though I may grumble to myself about all of the work from time to time (shame on me!), I truly enjoy it!  It just won't be the same when my children have homes large enough to fit us all and we start taking turns.  That IS the plan for the future, right kids?The years take their toll on those we hold dear.  Absent loved ones are especially missed during the holidays.We hold our old, sepia-colored memories close to our hearts.And cherish the new memories we make each year.Where do you hold your Christmas gatherings?  Are you heading 'over the meadow and through the woods, to Grandmother's house you go'?[...]

I think I can start now . . .


 . . . actually 'feeling' the season, that is.

The decorating is finished, the presents are waiting to be wrapped, the Christmas programs have gotten me in the holiday mood, the ingredients for baking are sitting on the countertop, the cards are addressed and ready to be mailed, the Christmas menus are planned and baby, it's cold outside.

Everything is as prepared as it is going to be.  I'm going to enjoy the last week before Christmas without the stress of not being ready.

How about you?

Have you gotten into the 'feeling' of Christmas yet?