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Preview: Gresham Barn Sale

Gresham Barn Sale

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This Blog Has Moved


This Blog Has Moved 

Join us on Our NEW Blog!


Hi friends,

This will be my last post from this site, but we welcome you over on our new blog.

Our sale is still the same great one you know about, but we are blogging and using our new business name more.
Hop on over, sign up to follow and tell me what you think! A great giveaway is on the way soon....

Hugs, Glo & Jodi

Favorite Friday Finds ~ Fun Smalls~


 Lots of finds to share today.... SWEET FINDS... GRAPHIC FINDS..... STACKABLE FINDS.... RUSTY FINDS... FRENCH & FORMAL FINDS.... BIRD FINDS...Hope you have been finding some fun things lately![...]

An Amazing Before & After!


  My friend sold me this project desk...she wasn't up to painting it!  It needed some help for sure!One of the things I liked most about it was it's size....It could be used for a vanity, desk, sofa table, or a cute entry way piece....You can fit a good sized chair in the space also.I had to sand down this piece first because it had lots of layers of bad paint jobs. Then, I had fun painting in chalk paint using old white and duck egg...I added some glass knobs also. Don't glass knobs make anything look better? I also used a medium wax called Rugger Brown by Fiddes and is not as dark as AS Dark Wax...I liked how it turned out! I'm excited to use this wax on other projects as well. Sorry about the angle, but you can see the detail on the piece this way.... There she is...ready for the barn....and maybe you!I have so many more projects, I'm not sure where to start... but for now we are getting my daughter ready for second grade... school supplies, shoes, clothes.  My, they grow up fast!Now, off to the pool for a dip! [...]

Colorado, Here We Come!


 So for the next few days, I'll be waking up to this....

 And eating some ice cream here!
Relaxing with the family, Remembering old memories and making some new ones!

See you in a week or so!

Favorite Friday Finds!


 Antique Type Set Letters! Aren't they fun! I recently picked up a Pottery Barn decorating book and they used them to spell out fun words...they had them stacked on small shelves. My friend Margo makes great necklaces out of them...check her out! We had some for the spring sale, but have since bought more... Letters, numbers, symbols... Capital letters and lowercase.... Lots of choices....What would you spell? Stock up for the fall....I think they would make cute Christmas ornaments or hanging off stockings....endless possibilities...Start Dreaming! Fall is a' coming![...]

A Fun DIY Project Completed!


 Do you ever have a project in your mind and you just never seem to get around to it? Well, that was how this project started. I love ribbon and wrapping presents. There is nothing more fun than having the perfect gift for someone and then wrapping it in an extra special way. To me, it completes the gift...anyway, my ribbon was never in one place or organized, so here was my idea...   If you live in the south, you know what this item is, what it is used for and you probably have one hanging in your house. It's supposed to be used for a gun rack, but I had a different idea. I bought this one for $5 at a garage sale....   Painted it white and hung it correctly on the wall.... Bought some dowel rods at Lowes and put all my ribbon on it! The entire project costs me under $10, it looks cute and is functional! It is the start to my gift wrapping space...I hung up my sweet vintage B-day banner,  I have control of the ribbon, now for a fun tape/scissor holder and I'm ready. Watch out world, a crazy wrapper is on the loose![...]

Decor & More


Often times I end up in a conversation that goes like this... So, you like to decorate...I have this problem spot in my house....What would you do? Can you help me? Of course, I say YES!!!So here is my friend's problem...a very cool mantle with great stuff, but missing the mark for sure. You can spot the problems right? Too much wood, not enough color, no height...Here it is from another view ... Also, throw in that she really loved the cross-stitched 23rd Psalm and wanted that on the mantle, so here we go....What do you think now? First of all, the Psalm picture got top billing, then we added some height, color, light, wood and wicker.... She can easily add in pumpkins and fall decor too...The best part, we used 95% of what she already had, items that were meaningful and precious to them, so very little $ was spent!Simple, clean and well-placed...We decided it needed the iron piece also, but waited on the hubby to hang it in the brick...and to make sure he likes it... It's important that the man in your life likes it also...I wanted all involved to be pleased! I think she was....Where's your "stuck" spot? We all have them... I have plenty, but that's for another post...[...]

Favorite Friday Find!


(image) Okay, I promised, no paint today! Isn't this oak filing cabinet neat? It looks like maybe it was used in a library....remember the days when you had to look in the card catalog to find what you were looking for? That was always a lesson in patience for me!

(image) Nice drawers, fun pulls... what could she be used for now?

(image) I think the options are endless...

What would you put in it?

A blue beauty!


(image) Louis Blue...I'm in love with this paint! The colors are just goes on smooth, but quick and it really has the power of transformation! This is the bottom...

(image) This is the topper... Sorry, no muscles at home to help me put them together and I just had to show and tell... I couldn't wait!

(image) She distressed beautifully.... and the touch of white just brighten her up like red lip stick...

(image) Here is her "before"

(image) And the top! Oh, the power of paint and color!

Don't worry, not everything has paint and curvy legs...check in tomorrow for my favorite find of the week!

Happy Early Weekend!

Another Chalk Paint Revival!


I found another pair of end tables recently....they have some fun, french curve legs and nice drawer space...but they were IN NEED of a revival for sure!

(image) What do you think of them now? Big transformation right?

(image) I told you I love anything in
pairs. These 2 are headed out to the barn. I think I'm getting the hang of old white chalk paint, time to try some blues!

Before & After's X 2!


I have 2 make-overs to show you today! This cute has good bones, but it was frumpy just needed some new paint and different fabric...It's a little hard to tell from this photo, but the seat cushion was extremely mis-shaped. Some one had not re-covered her very well... No problem!Check her out now! A fresh coat of cream paint and updated fabric in black and cream... She's make a great extra office or bedroom chair don't you think?Now, for the second project... I loved these petite nightstands when I bought them, sweet little legs and the wooden doors have a striped detail on them. I thought they were the perfect thing to try my new chalk paint on....What do you think? I love them....they have been updated with old white paint and a little distressing. I think sweet is the word for them now!I really liked my second experience with Chalk Paint....Now, what to start next?See you soon![...]

Favorite Friday Find!


Just bought a fun set of triple blue lockers! The have the #'s 4, 5, & 6 on them!

Retro and Cool! I'm considering painting them...any color suggestions?

Chalk Paint!!!


(image) It arrived today! I'm excited...for sure the most expensive box of paint I have ever bought, but I know it's going to be worth it! Now, which project should I start with...there are only 9 in my garage right now! Watch for some cool before & after posts coming up soon!

Now, off to paint!

Happy Belated 4th!


(image) Hope your 4th was full of FAMILY, FUN & FREEDOM!

~ Favorite Friday Find ~


I told you, it's wonderful, primitive cabinet ...about 3 coats of old paint...grey, turquoise and that most wonderful green!

(image) It has a shelf with the top longer on the right side. It makes me wonder who built it and what purpose it served? I'm sure it could tell some good stories and secrets too!

(image) Some close ups of the paint colors...

(image) It would be hard to replicate that paint color!

(image) It even has lots of storage too! I think it would make a great potting table, kitchen island or storage piece. What would you use it for?

Happy Friday!

A quick Before & After!


I got this cute chair the other has a sweet matching desk, hutch and side table, but the fabric was not cutting it! So, we just covered the denim with a soft stripe!

(image) It looks much better now!

(image) The colors are much better match now! Here's to quick changes!

Check back for Favorite Friday Finds tomorrow - If you like multiple layers of paint, primitive, handmade and functional, You are going to ADORE this piece!

See you then!

Recent Arrivals



(image) Some terrific pieces arriving at the barn....

The fall sales are going to be good, no GREAT!

Painting Party and Chalk Paint!


4 friends, lots of project pieces, a new paint, lots of girl talk = one fun day!We had to have a picture of Flo and Glo!Here's the crew, they all blog! Brandi, read about her here, Rhonda, who sells here and Flo's who shows her paint perfections here! Check them out!Now for the before's.... this is Flo's project (she bought it at this great barn sale in Gresham) :)Here's mine....dust and all!This one's Brandi's....Here's Rhonda's cute table...Now about the paint! Flo has been using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint for awhile and painting some fabulous pieces, and so I really was wanting to see it in action. If you read blogs, you have heard about it and all the pros and cons...I have to say, I'm impressed and ready to order it!Here's mine done! What do you think? I love her...and the pumpkin who is waving at you in the mirror!Here's Flo's done - I told turned out wonderful! Contact her to purchase...she has matching dresser also!One more shot of mine...unfortunately, the others left before I thought to get the after pics! But their projects turned out great too! Thanks ladies for all the inspirations, sweat and laughs!Here's to doing it again soon!~~ Jodi[...]

Favorite Friday Find!


(image) Mesh Mannequin Lady

(image) She cool! Wonderful for display!

(image) She'll be available at the fall sale!

~Happy Friday~

Delicious Pulled Pork (only 3 ingredients!!)


This is the easiest, yummiest, most WOW recipe I've tried in a long time! It is perfect recipe for this time of year and did I mention easy?? All you need is a 4 things: A crock pot, 2 pounds pork tenderloin, root beer and your favorite bottle of barbecue sauce! First of all, just get your pork in the crock pot and pour over the root beer. The recipe calls for 12 oz or so, but I added a little more.We really like Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, but you can use whichever one you like! Let the pork slow cook, covered of course, in this all day...5-7 hours!When it's done, it's done....It will just pull away from your fork. Put it in a pan and shredded it with your fork!Perfect, right? Now add your BBQ sauce!And buns...Open wide and insert into your happy mouth!Delicious!!!Slow Cooker Pulled Pork1 ( 2 pound) pork tenderloin1 (12 fluid ounce) can or bottled root beer1 (18 ounce) bottle of your favorite BBQ sauceThis recipe makes a bunch and is great for leftovers! Serve it with all your favorite BBQ sides!Now dig in Ya'll!* recipe from[...]

Favorite Friday Find!


(image) Lamps! A pair! Okay, confession time! I love anything in pairs or triples and I'm always bringing them home. I found these today and thought they were great. The shades had to go, but the detail is stunning!
(image) They are still "farm fresh" (Have not yet been cleaned!), but I'll remedy that soon!
(image) Then, they'll be off to the be stored by other about 6 pairs of white lamps! Maybe I'll find some new shades first!

Happy Friday and Father's Day!

Whoopie Pies! A Sweet Treat!


Recently my husband celebrated his "29th" birthday again and he requested his favorite childhood treat instead of cake! He grew up on these sweet treats called Whoopie Pies! These are a East Coast treat found at every local gas station, but you don't find them at all in the south!They are fun to make and they bake up a large batch, so there are plenty to share! I'll explain first with pictures and add the recipe at the end of the post! Above are the ingredients for the cookie part, as you can tell they are made from all the "good stuff"!Mix all the dry ingredients together first.Then add the wet ingredients. The batter will be thick and light brown in color...Looks good right?Place them on a cookie sheet. I get 9 to a pan...they will expand, so give them some room to grow! ( I use a cookie scoop for this, but you can make them as large/small as you want!)After they are baked, move them to a cooling rack or your counter. They will be like a cakey - cookie, soft on the top with a few cracks. They bake in about 10 minutes, but make sure you don't underbake them...that doesn't work well with this recipe...Now, it's time to whip up the filling. When you see the recipe below, you'll notice that egg whites are in the frosting. ( just a note about egg whites: they last in frosting about one week, so eat these whoopies up!) Also, you could use store bought frosting or cool whip for the frosting, but they wouldn't be as good! The frosting is what makes them so YUMMY!This recipe makes a big batch and you could half the recipe if you didn't want so many, but trust me, you'll have folks lining up to try them!Now, you frost the cookies on the bottom side and then place another on top, bottom side in the frosting. Make sure the cookies are cool and fill them with a generous amount of frosting. This recipe makes about 2 dozen.Here's a side view.And a plate full! I wrap these individually with saran wrap and keep them in the frig. They are great with a large glass of ice cold milk! I have scene lots of variations to these Whoopie Pies, but this recipe is the classic, tried and true. I hope you get a chance to try it some day soon!The happy birthday boy!Whoopie Pies4 C. flour2 C. sugar10 T. cocoa2 tsp. baking soda2 tsp. baking powder1 tsp. salt1 C. shortening4 egg yolks2 C. milk1 tsp. vanillaFilling:4 egg whites4 C. powdered sugar1 C. white shortening2 tsp. vanilla1/2 tsp. saltMix thoroughly until fluffy.Sift together the dry ingredients. Then add the shortening, egg yolks, milk and vanilla. Mix until smooth and well-blended. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 10-12 minutes at 375 degrees until set, but not crisp. When cool, put together (bottom to bottom) sandwhich-style with generous filling between. Makes about 2 dozen whoopie pies.Enjoy![...]

~~ Favorite Friday Find~~


(image) So, I'm starting a new thing...I'm going to post my favorite find of the week on Fridays! I know, it's Saturday, I just started and already I'm behind! Oh well! This wonderful 50's Birthday Banner caught my eye this week and I loved it! It is so 50"s...the colors are great....
(image) The details are wonderful and it is in great shape! It was probably a felt kit that you bought and put has sequins, candle buttons and some of the words are printed on the felt.
(image) Have you ever seen anything so cute? Doesn't it just make you want to break out into, "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...?"
(image) Sweet faces...
(image) I hope this day has you singing!!!
I think for now this is a "keeper", but I do change my mind frequently these days!
Check back in on Fridays for more of my favorite finds! ( most of them will be for sale!)

Getting Organized!


(image) Rebekah is having some fun with Poppi's new kittens at the barn, she's named this one Rose!

(image) Mom and I are trying to get would think after 6 years we would have thought of this before...
(image) We'll see how it goes...I think it will be easier to put together in the fall! We're trying anyway!

~~ JLM