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Trash to Treasure, Repurpose, Reuse, Reinvent Junk

Updated: 2016-09-07T21:26:51.798-07:00


Painted Empire Dresser


After searching  for a long time I found an empire dresser to paint. I used Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in the Boxwood Color, it was a struggle between Lucketts or Boxwood and I am glad it didn't  get to dark. I finished it with the furniture wax, I also used the antiquing wax in some areas. Here is the before I painted photo, see the missing blocks on the side under the long grooves right above the "new feet" someone added.Some close ups of the worn areas. This block was missing when I purchased the dresser, my husband cut a piece to fit.Thanks for looking at my post!I haven't posted in a long time, only because I didn't take the time and i was trying to figure out how to post with my phone. [...]

Upcycled Wool Blanket to Christmas Tree Skirt


I have used this tan blanket that used to be my Grandpas for years as a wrapr around the base of the tree. This year I decided to do things different and created a one of a kind tree skirt.

I used a basic easy tree skirt pattern like THIS to start (steps 1 -4 ) I started with a 40" square of the solid tan blanket piece.  I plan to make some thing else from the floral part of the blanket, someday!
 I did a zig zag stitch around the circular part  and just turned under the staight part and stictched it down.  This could certainly be a no sew project, since it is a circle things will not fray and if you adhere the doilies on with craft glue it should work.
 I then place the small doilies I had around the skirt. You can see I did not have enough to go around the whole skirt, I knew this would be ok since the tree is against the wall. I then used a large zig zag to sew on the doilies.
  Blanket repurposed to a tree skirt! 
I may add more doilies if i find a bunch more small ones. This could easily be adapted for any fabric of your choice, burlap, plaid blanket, tablecloth, grain sack, ect. A heavier fabric the better.

Have A Very Merry Christmas

Painted a Table with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint


I found this great table at an auction weeks ago along with 2 more pieces that I will paint,  It was a little rickety so I disassembled it, sanded it, and gave it the first coat of Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in the Linen color. One I painted it, I put it back together, glued and screwed where it needed it and painted it 2 more coats, then sanded it smooth.  Then I added the dark Antiquing Wax from MMS. And, TA DAA! Some chippyness did occur! I didn't think any finish was even on the piece before the initial sanding. More chippy goodness on the legs.I loved how it turned out and I can't wait to try more, but for now it will need to wait till after the holidays.  I am selling this at our one booth!UPDATE - after one day being at the antique mall it was SOLD![...]

Vintage Dress and Car Photo


A vintage dress I found at a flea market and our car! 

Junk Never Looked So Good!
I will have the story and more pics at a later time!

I Went To Miss Mustard Seed's Yard Sale Today


If you follow her blog you knew about her yard sale. The sale was held at the old Distelfink restaurant, know mostly for their giant neon sign, along with the restaurant in need of repair. It is closed and I believe for sale.The ice cream part of the sign kinda looks like a cupcake, too! The distelfink is a PA Dutch type bird meaning good fortune.Back to the yard sale, I bought a mislabeled jar of gold German Glass Glitter and her book, INSPIRED YOU She signed it!  I met her before, but I fiquired she wouldn't remember me until I mentioned that she bought a wicker french shopping basket from me and a wood shoe cart/shelf from my brother at Booth 65 And a Vintage Christmas tableclothThe sale started at 8am I got there about 9am and most of the pieces she talked about on her blog were gone. But I am happy about what I did get to purchase, now I need to go and read the book![...]

Washboard Mirror and....


Recently at an auction I came across a washboard with no scrub board. I immediate thought of a mirror could be added to this!!!! There were a total of three washboards standing there waiting for their new owners and I really wanted the "broken" one and thought they would let the bidders pick which one they wanted for the highest price and then I could get the broken one cheap!! Well, they decided to sell all 3 as a lot, that was OK by me, since I have 3 places to sell them now. As you can tell I got them all!! 
So, I asked my husband to help, and he removed the bottom rail, and measured the opening. It had grooves in to hold the scrub board part so I new it should be easy!! 
The mirror I found at a yard sale a day after the auction and after a trip to the local hardware store for a glass cutter. I thought we had one but after looking for it he just went to get one. After he cut it from the back sade he thought he should have cut it from the front so he measured and cut again, still no break. He then decides he should have got the glass break too. Glass Break tool? never knew of such a thing so off to the hardware store again!  Well, it worked and here you can see the finished project!!

Now since I am on the subject of washboards I want to share a pic of one of my yard sale finds. A washboard cabinet, this was done long before pinterest!!! It has 2 would shelves inside and a latch to keep it closed. It also had 2 saw teeth hangers on the back for hanging on the wall. As you see in the pic I just had it hanging on the display with a jute string, for easy hanging. It did sell pretty quickly!!

That's all the Junk for today!!



After buying one of these from a booth at a craft mall for a gift I decided to make one.
I did a little research online and came up with this!
(the one I bought used 2 copper reducers one smaller than the other) 

 A washer big enough so it doesn't fall into the bottle, and a nut! the inside hole of the nut and the washer are the same, don't know the size, just so the wick fits snug.  I used a funnel to add the tiki fuel to the bottle. The wicks can be found a variety of places, look or ask for replacement tiki wicks. they are about 8 inches long.
I have seen some with flat marbles, stones, etc in the bottles too. It looks nice on the clear bottles and also uses less fuel, when you want to have more bottles.
 Fun project to do with the guys in your life! 
Fire and Wine!!

Here is a photo of what the wicks look like.

Also, any bottle will work, I like the labels on you may not.
Beer bottles for a more casual look!
Or maybe you want to glam them up with glitter!!

What ever you decide!!
All this junk was found in the basement or garage!
Except for the wick and fuel!


Console Table Makeover


I just love this darling little console table and love the way it turned out!Here is the before!I wanted to make better photos so I tried styling it! I love furniture pieces when they are photographed outdoors. Besides that I have no good place inside! If you noticed, this piece only had one knob, with the help of my husband, he measured drilled another hole.The knobs are from Hobby Lobby,  not really loving them but they could easily be changed out.This id my favorite photo, I like the branches of the tree in the top of the frame. Books, bird, camera and nest, just plucked them off the shelves in the house!You can see in the photos I distressed the paint with grit 220 sandpaper, I just used black craft paint I had on hand and also used beeswax to finish the piece. The best part is distressing!! The inside was decoupaged with dictionary pages and Modge Podge. A layer of MP on the furniture and another layer of MP on the page then apply to furniture. I left it dry and then another layer of MP over the pages.No particular order, just tore the edges, and if it didn't fit just tore it again, I filled in small gaps with small torn pieces.Note to self, the books on the inside should be over on the other side!!!Hope you enjoyed this little transformation, as much as I enjoyed creating it and photographing it!Have a Great JUNKIN DAY!![...]

A Couple Quick Projects


Now that I use GOGGLE CHROME I can post pictures now, most of the pics I have been taking are on my phone, but here are three that I downloaded to the computer.
 First is a Memo board using leftover pieces of grain sack from the sewing bench fro the previous post, mounted on foam board, used cotton string and wound it around and glued buttons where ever the lines met. Placed it in an old frame, added hangers on the back and ready to go!!!

 Here is another card holder for a small wedding, anniversary or even a birthday party.

And, last is a vintage aluminum cookie canister, I found at a yard sale, the top was originally copper color and someone painted it green and I painted it with chalkboard paint.
A great way to take cookies to a party or picnic and let everyone know what is inside!
( I also just did a vintage cake carrier too! )

That"s all for today!
One more quick update, We opened a third Booth in Big Valley Antique Mall, Milroy PA.

Its Been A Long Time Since I Posted


Not posted in awhile and had tons of trouble signing into Blogger to post. I have had computer issues, and some photos are on the broken computer. But first up if you haven't yet start following me on facebook, Booth 65 here  Thanks!  On Face book you will see that Miss Mustard Seed has visited my booth to buy some things for a spring 2014 event she will be selling at.  I sent her an email about something we had for sale in our booth, and she wanted to buy it. I also got to meet her which was thrilling for me! I also bought some of her milk paint through a local dealer and tried my hand at it, and here is the result.

Well I have been trying to add a photo here for days, blogger help, cached, cookies, compatability view etc etc. no luck.................................

Finally! Thanks to Laurie, Denise!

We Moved To A Larger Space in the Antique Mall


I January we moved all our things downstairs to a larger space!
Here are some pics...


Jar Cloche


I loved making these, started with an ironstone plate and a glass pickle jar!

I added a large wood spool to the top (bottom) of the jar with E6000 glue.
I made a zipper ball, by winding a metal zipper around a styrofoam ball.
Add a part of an old book, vintage photo and a wood letter. Oh and some
shredded book pages to the outside.

What you don't see is the sjpping tape I used to keep the jar in place while traveling
to the antique mall and the scotch tape to hold the book pages, from flying all over the place.

The second one is a smaller one from a marcharina cherry jar.
door knob on top and some other porceline piece.
I side is a clock set on a tin jello mold, old photo and a quilt square.

Happy Junkin New Year 2014!


I did something different in my gold frame this year. Four ironstone plates hung with command strips, and written with dry erase marker.  And just this morning I had the idea of changing the NOEL to 2014!


Junkin Christmas 2013


First, I have these little mold stars, maybe used for cakes or jello molds.Now I transformed them into Christmas tree ornaments. I added burlap for the background, then added some found objects! and a little "snow". Keys, bells, earings, and buttons were some of the things I added!Ribbon and #25!White earing that looks like a snowflake!I had a bunch of these old tree lights, which might work bur they use too much energy, so I carefully bundled them and wrapped the cord around the wires, and added a wool scarf bow. (cut in half lengthwise)This vintage tree holder makes a unique wine chiller,  just add ice then your favorite bottle of wine!Have yourself a Junkin Kind of Christmas![...]

Large Suitcase as a Chalkboard


 When I found this large suitcase I knew I was going to make it into a chalkboard.
I taped off the part I wanted a chalkboard the rest of the suitcase was covered with newspaper as I sprayed the chalkboard paint on, outside this summer. After it was dry I hot glued on some trim around the chalkboard area. Sold very fast at Booth 65
The photo was taken in the trunk of our 55 car.


Vintage Paper Dolls in a New Look


I found these great vintage paper dolls at a flea market, the frames from a yard sale, and the background is scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby.

Would look great in a little girls room!
Currently for sale at my Booth 65

Repurpose For A Little Tool Box


I love this little red toolbox! To cute to use for tools!
Re purposed to a silverware holder for a picnic or party.
 I used 2 clear jars that do not have the wire or there glass lids.
 Also, can be used as a desk organizer, a third jar can be added if needed. You can also add family pics to the back where the note card is.
 I wrapped twine around the area of the jar where the wire was, and a button for fun!
 I used a recipe card in the back for the main dish o the party, easy way to show or give your recipe to others. White hankies as napkins, and a doily just for fun!
Do you have any other ideas for this toolbox?

Bird Cage Wedding Card Holder ETC...


I made this bird cage card holder to sell in my booth.I found this gem at a yard sale.   And it looked like this...   After a clean up it was time to get busy, I found this old paperback book and started cutting...I just make random accordian foldscut, cut, cut...and place inside...Print out the letters on another book page that fits the printer.Cut out in a banner shape and add the sting to the cage and glue the letters to the stringBy the way the cards it in the slots at the top of the cage.I asked my cousin who has a flair for writing to make some envelopes to add to the cage.The bottom comes of to retrieve the cards.Now, it is ready to sell!  The person who buys it can add their personal touch to it easily, add a bow in your color, add a background paper to the letters.Now, if you used this for your wedding what to do with it after the wedding?1. add your wedding shoes, invitation, photo etc...2. add you candles from your ceremony or...3. just add candles, take it outside and hang it from a tree for a romantic evening.4. what would you do with it? (doesn't need to be wedding related)Added this to  Junkin-Joe Linky Partyand this Style Sisiters Linky Party[...]

Sewing Machine Drawer Make Over


I got 4 drawers at an auction, only one of them still had the frame, I was going to add a piece o wood to the top of the drawer frame to finish it, then I thought o seeing all the yardstick tables on Pinterest and thought that wood be easy to do.
This drawer also was missing th original knob, I had this glass one laying around
and it fit and looked good.

Cut the yard sticks to it and sanded the edges.

I aranged them on the top and glued them in place.

Now ready to add your favorite pieces to display!
link party

Opened a Second Booth at Another Antique Mall


I opened another booth in a old barn in Gettysburg, PA, at this time it is all my own, meaning I'm not sharing it with my brother! It is a small space but it is perfect for me. I totally love doing this! Can you see some of my JunkinJane repurposing ideas?    Hankies on display, the same way as I have them in my laundry room. Old Atlas pages used as background for wood shelves and crates. I painted the word VINTAGE on a ols piece o wood from an old door.Old ladder is connected to two old doors. I only had about a week to find a ladder, everyelse I already had, I knew I had to have a ladder 10 foot long, when I found this one it was marked 12' when we got it home and my husband started to put it together it measured just under 10' so he made some extentions.  You probably wouldn't have noticed if I didm't tell you! The doors did not have knobs on so I made "handles" from old spoons to cover the holes and to hand stuf on.I had a typwriter in my other booth and was going to bring it to this booth, bur I sold it thru facebook when people shared it, luckily I bought another one the next day!A suitcase table with 50s stuff on it! My daughter thisnks the little pink watering can is ugly, but she made a nice display with it!Also, there is still room for more goodies!One of my first posts here on my blog, was a pair of rubber boots with flowers in them! Still works today!!Have a Great Junkin Day![...]

Win a Trip to Lucketts


Try to win a trip to Lucketts Store to meet Miss Mustard Seed, Funky Junk Interiors, The Graphics Fairy and Hometalk so follow me on Hometalk! Here  I am new to Hometalk and found some great stuff there! Have you found Hometalk yet?Although I live close to Lucketts and I will be there this Sat. I would like to meet some of my inspiration!  Here are some latest pics from our Booth 65 at Dover Antique Mall, Dover PA. This childs ironing board is currently at home yet![...]

Booth 65 - 1 Year Later


The Antique Mall were We started selling our vintage goodies is celebrating its first year anniversary. We started in May, but it all got started last Easter when my brother found out about the new mall. I went to find out about the place and here we are now!

Just a few of our new pieces at Booth 65!!!
Thanks for liking us on facebook!
link on the top right side!

Wire Strainer Cloche


I made the cloche from a kitchen strainer, added a knob and button to the top.
I have a birds nest in it for the photo, anything can be added to these even the frog!

Shreded some book pages and added some blue shreds in a granite pie pan!
Now for sale in my Etsy Shop!



A fun thing to do with old things not used or not needed anymore is to find new uses for them.
Here are 2 of my newest finds and repurpose.
A pink french fry cutter!
used as a reciped card holder
a salt and pepper shaker holder
Do you have any other ideas?
 Another item is an arched clipboard, used possibly in a store for receipts, now can be used as
a jewelry holder or tie holder or maybe scarves!

Heirloom Bears


These Teddy bears are made from coats that used to belong to a family member.
This is a way to cherish a family member and a memory using their coat and making a Teddy Bear, hence Heirloom Bear! 
I use as much of the coat as possible, bow is from the lining, and this first Bear is wearing a special necklace!
I named her Miss Pauline T. Bear
 This red coat had a great black faux fur collar, I made it fit and added a button from the coat. I added a red heart for the heart of the bear.

This is Miss Miriam T. Bear