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Attic Rat

vintage, flea market, and wonderful attic finds

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Broken chair? No problem


It has been a really long time since I have posted on this blog.  For the life of me I couldn't remember how to do it .  I tried again and here I am!
A while back, I bought a chair from a church rummage sale.  It was only 4 bucks and it was one of those pretty embossed chairs. I planned on painting it and adding a cool quote to the seat, using my Cricut.

After I got it home, I discovered that the spindles had become loose and someone attempted to repair it with a brad nailer. There was really no hope for it in its present state. Dismantling it was about all that I could do with it.

Sometimes, Plan B is better.

I took a mallet to it and dismantled it. I am going to be able to make all kinds of totes and things with the pieces. At first, I had no idea what I could do with the chair seat. It was wonderful, thick lumber. Turns out, it wanted to be a cross.  Of course, my Cricut had to be employed. LOL


Soda crate cubbie


Shopping at Warrenton is so fun because the vendors bring such cool stuff to sell! I found a vendor on the top of the hill that was selling pieces of old soda crates. Yep, I will take 7 of them, thank you! 

I took this one and made a cubbie with it. It took a bit of planning, but I figured it out. Martha Stewart has nothing on me!! LOL


Chupacabra sighting


Yesterday morning, my Dad and I were watching out the window towards the creek that runs along the back of their property and this strange creature trotted by. I said, "What the heck is that"? My Dad grabbed his camera and said that it was a coyote. It was not a coyote. It ran like a hyena. Fortunately for us, it was kind enough to stop a couple of times to shake, making it possible for my Dad to get a good photo of it.

I told him that it was a chupacabra. It is actually a Xoloitzcuintli. It's a rather odd creature. The picture was taken in Bastrop on Pine Creek. My parents have seen lots of wildlife, but nothing like this!


Hop to it!


My sweet neighbor had a rummage sale and she gave me first dibs! She kept showing me stuff and I kept saying, "Put it in my stack" and almost $200 later, I had quite a stack going. I bought a few magnetic chalkboards and decided that the wooden rabbit that I had picked up earlier would go great on one of them. Originally, I was going to build a shelf and attach the rabbit to the top of it. It was much easier to add the rabbit to something already made, don't ya think? 


Have a seat


 I bought his cool metal patio chair a while back but I was over it. . . until I thought of making it into a cool photo holder, that is.
I made not one, but two (count them, two) photo holders. I am really liking the chair now. (image)

Partying with Binky la Faye


I am so glad that I was invited to Binky la Faye's 11th hour Celebration of All Things Fall through facebook. We were already planning to be in Fredericksburg and Llano wasn't much farther down the road. The party was held inside of her antiques store. Isn't this one of the coolest witch hats that you have ever seen? This is who greeted us at the door. Very cool costume. Part of the celebration was a Halloween fashion show and this costume was my absolute favorite. We even partied with a voodoo witch. (Cindy is probably the nicest voodoo witch you could meet) Binky posed with me for this one. She put on one heck of a party. People at her party were trying to get Howard and I to move to Llano. It's a sweet town. You can live in Llano without paying the high taxes of Fredericksburg. Sounds good to me. We met lots of cool people. I can see the benefits of living in Llano.I even won a door prize. Like my new hat? [...]

Warrenton draws me like a magnet


On Friday, my sister and I got up early and drove over to Warrenton. We saw houses for yard birds . . . . . . and houses for song birds.This bench had so much cool all over it. It would be perfect on someone's front porch. It wouldn't be for mine because we barely have a porch on our house.I even saw my sister kiss a pig. It belonged to Oleta of My Pig Flew. I scritched its snout. I certainly had no interest in kissing it even though it was a friendly pig. I guess most pigs are and I hear they make good pets. I just would have to be paid or lose a bet to kiss one.I even spotted a metal weinie dog.I bet Mike Wolfe would be all over this one!Some people are just plain genious. How fun would this be as an entrance to your side yard?? I saw many, many more really fabulous items, but as usual, my camera stayed in my backpack most of the time.Now Saturday was another story. My sister had to work so she couldn't join me for a second day of shopping fun. The radar made it look like the rain had moved east, so I decided to drive back over there only to have the sky opened up and dump some much-needed rain to the area about an hour after I arrived. It made shopping incredibly challenging. I wouldn't recommend it. You have to be made of tougher stuff than what I am made of.The ladies that I usually see at Warrenton have moved over to Marburger Farms which opens tomorrow. I sure wish I could be there!![...]

Antiques Road Show Veteran


I am now an Antiques Roadshow veteran. My sister and I got up at the butt crack of dawn to drive to Corpus Christi to get there at 7:30 am. I am NOT a morning person so getting up and functioning at that hour is a major feat for me. We got there just on time and scored an upfront parking space. Being from here, I knew one of the best places to park. Tee Hee.Once inside, we walked 1/4 of a mile to the other side of the building and got into one of those cattle lines. Since my sister and I were among the first to enter the building, we weren't too far back in line. The first stop is at a table where you are given cards to indicate which line you are to get into next.  Everything flowed very fast and I was in the first line only about a minute.I was given a ticket to see an Asian Arts appraiser but this item was really an item that a Metalworks appraiser needed to see so I had to take my referral ticket and get in a different line.I was next up so no big deal. The appraiser told me that these two pieces weren't originally together. They had been "married". He said that the cloisonne egg is modern and the egg cup is English 19th century. I told him that it was a May-December romance. He valued the egg at $10 to $15 and the egg cup at $50 to $75. Based on what I bought it for, I did good. I picked it up at Mary Lewis Kleberg's estate sale.My next item took me to the other side of the venue and I was first in line for that one as well. I bought a set of books that were all written by Rex Beach at the turn of the century.All but one book was inscribed by Caesar Kleberg. I guess someone somewhere along the way didn't return his books. LOL The book appraiser said that these books would fetch more $$ around here since not everyone is familiar with the Klebergs or the King Ranch. Living in Kleberg county, we know exactly who the Klebergs are and all about the famous King Ranch.Even with that, he appraised the set of 7 books to be worth between $250 and $300. SCORE!!Since both of my items were once owned by very important, local people I was sure that they would want to film me for the show. I guess not. [...]

I found Jesus!


I found Jesus! Actually, he wooed me years ago, but this morning, while out hitting the yard sales, I found this Jesus the Good Shepherd figurine.I also found these wonderful Enid Collins purses. Did me a little happy dance. Yes, I did. (image)

Antiques Road Show


Can you see me doing a happy dance? A friend of mine gave me these coveted tickets. The tickets say that we get to take two items each for appraisal. I've already thought two things that I want to have appraised. I just need to decide on what the other two things will be. I have to haul these things around so I know that I don't want to take furniture.

I am so excited!! I think I'll get my hair highlighted in case I get to be on television. I guess I better get my appointment set tomorrow. . .


Renaissance Antiques


One of my favorite spots is the Renaissance Antiques shop in Corpus Christi. It has a very different flavor. It feels like a shop you might find in Austin. Kind of has a Bohemian feel.(image)
It is right next door to Betty's Trash to Treasures where I have two booths. (image)
The upstairs is dedicated to vintage clothing and cool accessories.
Today, I was handed the keys to my very own display cabinet. I am just plain giddy!! I feel like I've been invited to sit at the cool girl's table.

Southern Hearts


I am thrilled to have been invited to become a consignor at Kingsville's newest store, Southern Hearts. It's a fun shop owned by sisters Michelle Smith and Mary Kathleen Yeary. I got moved in last night with the help of my husband and my son. The store opened this morning sharply at 10:00am. They have done a marvelous job in setting it up. The store is located on King Street, right across from the Chamber of Commerce in the Frontier Center. They are planning to even have artist's workshops, make-it and take-its, and girl's nights out in their creative art studio located in the shop.I will sell furniture, jewelry, pictures, and other goodies there. Stop by when you get a chance; you'll love it. [...]

Picture this!


(image) Lately, I've been on a photo display kick. This afternoon, I found a frame that I had left in the workshop and decided to do something with it. My husband says it is HIS shop. Whatever. I would rather that he claim the kitchen.

Since I have a suitcase full of doileys and laces, I sorted through them until I found one that was a suitable size. I draped it over the wire on the frame, fanned it out and stapled it to the frame. I like the look. I will most likely make more of these.
(image) Before my shopping trip to Warrrenton, I saw a door mortise used as a little shelf on Becky's blog so I added them to my mental shopping list. This one was bigger and a little different than the others. It looked like a great place to attach a photo. I love shopping up there. I wish that I lived closer. If I did, I would be there every day it's open. (except when it is killer hot)

Mega-shopping in Warrenton


Part of the fun of shopping at Warrenton is the friendly faces I see. Here, I am standing with Debra, Robelyn, Cindy, and Sandy. People come from all over to participate in the fun. I wish that I could bottle all of the creativity that is wandering around the place. I also wish that I could post the links to their blogs, but Blogspot is being a brat not being nice today.I also stopped in to see Theresa. She hosts a super blog party that I love to attend. I sadly missed it this year. :( My time was split between seeing my Mother-in-law, my parents, and SHOPPING!Since I only got to shop for 2 days this time, I didn't get to go everywhere I wanted. Most of the people in this line were headed to Marburger Farms. Maybe next time. There were cars as far as the eye could see. It took us about 15 minutes to travel 1/2 mile.You never know what you will find. If a giant moose is on your shopping list, you're in luck!It's amazing how many lovely treasures can be packed in one tent. I filled up the back of the truck at this spot.This sign would be fun at a birthday party. I would have liked taking more pictures, but when I am shopping, I am on a mission and forget to take my camera out of my pocket.I found the perfect way to cool off at Hilltop. Now we're talkin'! It sure was nice to sit in air conditioning for awhile.Apparently, they move the cows to another location during Antiques Week since cattle do not normally go shopping. Better watch where you step. We are in Texas![...]

HGTV at Warrenton


(image) I came across some very pretty frames and decided to make chalkboards for them. I particularly like to find beautiful frames with ugly or damaged pictures inside of them because those are the ones I can get for a song. (please do not ask me to sing; you won't like it)
(image) I made these for my booth at Betty's. I am happy to be able to post to my blog again. Something went wrong with my old laptop and it wouldn't let me upload pictures to the blog. I had no problem uploading them to my online shops or emails. Computers frustrate the daylights out of me sometimes.

Gypsy bag giveaway


(image) Just thought I would tell you about a wonderful giveaway - Jill of Gypsy Brocante is having a giveaway that I'm hoping to win. I'm a good sport, so I am giving you a chance, too. Of course, I have ulterior motives. LOL

More door parts repurposed


(image) In my last post, I showed you how I repurposed the door panels. Yesterday, I repurposed the narrower horizontal portions of the door. I made them into coat racks. I just love the old wire hooks. They are so cool. I figured out a way to make the ends look more finished also. I cut the end of the board at a 45 degree angle then wacked it off straight again so that I could have something to go on the end. I cut another 45 degree angle on the end then nailed the piece to the end. I did this for both ends.
(image) Do you know the trick to getting your hooks evenly spaced? Well, you measure the length and divide that number by how many hooks you are going to use plus one. Therefore, if you have 3 hooks, divide the length by 4. The number you get is the length of space between the ends and each hook. Just like that! I think they would look great in the laundry room or by the door.


Door panels repurposed


When I bought the door, I was planning to make a hall tree out of it. Unfortunately, it didn't survive the trip home. In case you are ever hauling several doors, take my advice - do not stack the doors. The ones on the bottom stand a good chance of getting broken. The constant bumps just pounded and pounded away.

Since I deal in salvaged materials, I am accustomed to looking at junk vintage treasures in a different way. I banged the door apart the rest of the way and pulled out the panels. I put all the pieces in the shop for another day. Well today was another day. The panels spoke to me and here is what they said:

(image) LOL. They both said that they wanted to be coat racks. Didn't you hear it too?


Food, glorious, food!


The first stop on my lovely "cuisine cruise" was the Gasthaus "Kur-Schänke in Bad Soden. I had arrived in the morning and napped on and off most of the day so that jet lag would be well behind me. Once Howard got home back to the hotel from work, we walked to get some dinner. This lovely restaurant was about a block and a half from our hotel and we ate there often, usually with others from the project.The food was good and the menu is fairly extensive. Unless we were handed an English menu, we had lots of guesswork to decide what to order. Click speisen and see what I'm talking about. Porkchops with a baked potato and herb butter sounded wonderful and it was!On another trip to the Kur Schanke, I decided to try their rump steak. I'm not really familiar with that particular cut of beef, but it was very good.A couple more blocks down the street was the My Thai. I really do not know what else was on the menu here. Once I ordered the 610, that is what I ordered each time we dined there.We even cooked our own dinner at one of the restaurants. It was the Corner Steakhouse in Raunheim, Germany. This restaurant was very near the hotel that the project guys stayed at when they first arrived to Germany. It was good, so we drove back over there. It was about 30 minutes away and you take the autobahn to get there. They bring your steak out on a sizzling hot piece of granite and you cook your steak to your own liking. It's kind of like using a fondue pot.Not all of the food we ate was from the restaurants. Sometimes, we would stop by one of the many lovely bakeries. One morning, I was particularly lazy and slept in a little too late for the hotel breakfast. Not to worry, I walked to the corner bakery and found a wonderful apple pastry.PHOTO COURTESY OF THE CONCORDE HOTELMost of the time, I ate my breakfast in the hotel. They kept a wide variety of items to choose from. The first morning that I ate there, I was by myself and wasn't all that familiar with the choices. I decided to try things that had been "hit hard" meaning that I selected items that previous diners had already taken large portions from. One of those things was some kind of oatmeal made with yogurt with fresh fruit on top. I also made sure I drank one of those Dannon live culture yogurt drinks since they are so good for you. I would also select a piece of sliced ham and sometimes some cheese. The ladies would bring me a nice pot of coffee which made a perfect breakfast. Since I speak so very little German, I would say "Morgen" when I sat down and "Danke" when I left. They were all so nice. I really miss them.I'm not sure if you have noticed it, but most of my meals were enjoyed with a glass of wine. There really is no such thing as iced tea since none of the drinks have ice and ordering water was a little iffy. Even though I would order still water, meaning no gas, I would still sometimes end up with some sort of seltzer water. I am not a fan. Well, I solved that problem right quick. Order wine!If you are not much of a fish eater, I realize that you will find this fish absolutely gross, but let me tell you, it was wonderful! We went to the Gran Sasso Italian restaurant for this baby. Most of the seating is out on the patio which was quite lovely during the time we were there.For our 3oth anniversary, we ate outside at the Ristorante La Cucina in Bad Soden.Howard ordered spaghetti, but it had seafood in it. Otherwise, it would have been a bit dull.I had the scalopina al vino e limone or in German, the kalbsschnit zelchen in weißwein-zitronen sauce. It was as delicious as it looks.It wa[...]

Heidelberg Castle


Can you believe that construction on this castle began in the beginning of the 13th century? That was a looong time ago and that is a whole lot of rocks to haul. Since castles are built high on a hill, lightning strikes are an extreme possibility. This one was hit hard at least a couple of times. I bet that was loud.Now, that was a lot of wine! Problem was, it was tax wine and it didn't taste very good because it was all the wines mixed together. Of course, the king had his own private stash. This vat was for everyone else.The town of Heidelberg is very picturesque. It's even prettier when you hear the church bells.Scouting out castles can be exhausting.[...]

Frankfurt, Germany


The hauptbahnhof is like a city all it's own. It is full of shops and restaurants and is the busiest train station in all of Germany. It serves about 350,000 per day. Wow! Those wonderful, huge pretzels are easy to find.On the first Saturday of my Europe trip, we rode the train into Frankfurt. I didn't particularly like walking around in the red light district even though you don't really see anything. I was glad when we hoped the train again and went a little further away from the main station. We decided to have a bite to eat at the Chicago Meatpackers restaurant. It is located near the European Central Bank.I took another trip into Frankfurt with Jan, one of the other project wives. We headed straight for the Zeil area (the mall). To get there, you ride the train until you reach the Hauptwache stop which is 3 stops past the main station stop.The mall has some really interesting architecture.See what I mean?Once these trees leaf out, this is going to be a gorgeous area.We also walked down to the river. It is very pretty there. Quite peaceful.This shot was taken from the walking bridge. Only pedestrians and bicyclist are allowed on this bridge.There were padlocks all over the bridge. Couples would put their names and dates on the locks and throw the keys into the river for good luck on their relationships.Makes you want to ride in the boat, doesn't it?Can you imagine how long it would take to put down all of these paver stones?This is such a gorgeous area.By the way, we left lots of euros behind. We gave that ATM a good workout.[...]

Surrounded by castles


I've just spent the last 30 days surrounded by castles. My husband was sent to Germany to work on a project and he was gone for 3 months. I flew over and spent the month of April with him so that we could spend our 30th anniversary together.

We stayed in the small community of Bad Soden just outside of Frankfurt. Bad Soden is a charming place with lots of flowers, great restaurants, shops, and other niceties. Most everything is within walking distance and what is too far can be reached by hopping on a tram or bus or by hitching a ride with one of the project wives that have a car.

In the next few posts, I would like to share my trip with you. It was the trip of a lifetime. I hope you will join me!

Mirror frame shelf


(image) I was fortunate to be the beneficiary of a garage clean out. Harvey gave me this wonderful mirror frame along with a trunkful of old windows. I was just plain giddy! I painted the frame white and built a shelf around it. My son graciously came down and cut the backing for me. Circular saws intimidate me. I've been afraid of them my entire life. My Dad would set his circular saw in the door of the shop if he wanted to keep me out. It worked like a charm. For some reason, the radial arm saw doesn't have the same effect on me. Go figure.