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California Dreamin........


***Before I begin...grazie to all of you for all your beautiful & healing thoughts & prayers for our daughter Ashley & our family...I want to tell you how much they have meant & how powerful your loving thoughts have been... less than 6 weeks after her car accident...w/ a broken pelvis and all...she was walking w/o a walker, crutches or cane & even more incredible... 3 months after her accident...on this day at the beach...she ran towards the waves and let the water engulf her & laughed with such loud & un-abandoned happiness! & all I could do... was look up at the sky & cry silent tears behind my sunglasses as I witnessed how powerful love & prayer can truly be...Grazie from the depth of my heart mis amores! ***California Dreamin.....That is how I feel I am living these days......although...the song Hotel California by the Eagles is what was playing on my Ipod as the picture below was taken...But as I sat on the sand and walked along the shore wetting my toes and looking for ocean treasures... Some great tunes were blastin on my Ipod.... some songs I am not sure many of you would smile at...I was also rockin AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and even some Daddy Yankee, Usher and yes even some Andrea Bocelli! Because if you could hear my life's playlist that plays in that lil jukebox in my pretty much is the same as what is on my Ipod...a crazy mix of wonderfulness, In fact the whole time I was writing this long ass'd post... Led Zeppelin's Kashmir was blastin on my Ipod ...Cause yes mis amores......that's how I roll :) ( My youngest Anaissa & I...taken by Ashley, my oldest...from her cell phone!)Nissa was actually trying to lift me up and toss me in this picture...but instead it looks like she was lovin on her mami :)As Summer comes to a close...we decided to play hooky on Thursday.... I canceled all my afternoon errands & plans and told my kids to just grab whatever they didn't mind getting wet in & we grabbed some sandwiches from Subways' along with lots of fruits and water and headed out to Dockweiler, a great beach that I spent many a great days of my youth at and that to this day...also, holds such wonderful memories from high school, of bonfires...coolers....M&M's... dancing to wonderful music & hanging out with all my friends... Where did those days go?? Now I am the mami of an almost 20 & 14 yr. old....I don't know about you...but I ADORE everything that is ocean related, from the waves, sand, salty air, seagulls trying to steal my lunch...even spotting yucky ocean things like jellyfish & sandcrabs :) But... I am also the first to admit to the fact that as much as I LOVE the ocean with a passion....I also HATE it with such....sometimes so much so that I stay away for years at a time and then cry when I think of past memories.... even as I miss it so much.... I can hardly breath from the pain of missing everything about it.....I grew up in the So Bay in Southern California....& when I tell you that I am a beach girl through & through...I kid you not...yes...I might not fit the mold that comes to mind when one thinks.... Cali beach girl (blond hair, blue eyes) but from the time that I can remember I was at the beach from sun up to sun down all along the So Cal Coast...I knew every beach like the back of my hand in a time when as kids we were allowed to go off & explore all on our own, we had certain times we had to be back by...when the tide came in...lunchtime...when the water started to glisten w/golden colors...dinner...snacks coming back to the cooler as your tummy told you to feed it! Yes those were definitely the days of my most treasured childhood memories....Until I was 10...I always thought that when my parents said they wanted seafood for meant get ready we were off to the beach...cause daddy was going scuba diving to get fresh fish, crabs or lobster and mami was catching fish on her pole or we kids would be diggin for clams....this was my life...until August of 79....when I was 10 & my daddy Bob..[...]

OH My Stars.....Can it be?????


Yes...mis amores....I am back!!

How was that for a warning ;) No truly mis amores...I am finally back...thru all of lives traumas, trials & tribulations and just losing myself for awhile there...I am back... I am still working on me, trying to be ok with all that is going on in life but I realized all in our beautiful blogging community have held me together with love & support when I needed it the most...and as bad as things have been in my imperfect life...I know I am not the only one going thru lifes those of you who are going through your own difficulties and heartbreaks...I send you my prayers and support...know that as I can, I will be visiting you all and catching up with you & your beautiful blogs & postings...I truly hope I don't overwhelm you as I start commenting on a couple or a bunch of your wonderful posts that I have missed :)The lap top is fixed as of this I can finally start posting & visiting everyone again, since all of my blogging treasures, pictures, favorite blogs lists were all on it, I really need to learn how to put these things on one of those lil doo hickies that I can take every where with me! :)...ohhh how I have missed you all! And for all of you that were so wonderful to have written me the loveliest emails...I received them, but wasn't able to reply due to a bad virus on our desktop computer that my amor was worried I would send to you all and infect your own...but now that issue is cleaned up and in the next couple of days so many will be hearing from me again.... Grazie from my heart...for your love & friendship, it has truly meant the world...

Dawn, Lisa, Rebecca, Nancy and so many others....Grazie for never giving up on me :) Besos & huge hugs to you all!

I truly hope to reconnect with you all...I can't tell you how hard it was when I felt that I was losing my way...not only in life but with the things that I so enjoyed & really made me panic when I would go into my studio and look at all my wonderful treasures and feel nothing...when the things that bring us so much joy no longer make us is time to ask why...and I did....I am still working on I start to go through my things and sort them, I am finding that lil old and tattered bebe shoes and clothing still make make me sigh....that is a good sign right???? :)

P.S. Grazie to all my new friends & followers, such a wonderful surprise to see you all :)

Until next time my dear friends,


Giveaway Love to share with you.....


Ahhhh My Bellas, I have some lovely Giveaway love to share with you...cause your my peeps and all :) But you have to hurry the first one ends TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT!!!...I know...sorry, but since I have been awol...I am just getting back into the swing of things....but I love you all so much I still wanted to share & make sure you all had a chance....even though I bet most of you already entered! :)

Ok mis amores here is the important info!

First....The ever so sweet & lovely Debra of Common Ground is having a French Inspired 1 Year Anniversary Give Away... But RUN.!!!!! It ends TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!!!!

Click here to enter.....


Second.....My beautiful & dearest friend Rebecca Ersfeld For Vintage Living is having a 1 Year Anniversary Give Back! Ends July 6th....

Click here to enter.....


You are going to LOVE these 2 beautiful ladies & their blogs as much as I do!!!


Until next time my dear friends,


Happy Birthday "Sonny".......My Dad


Happy Birthday Sonny....Today would have been your 75th Birthday.....and every year since I was a young girl, I would write something for you, a letter, a poem , a drawing...what ever it was, I would fold it up...sit on your lap and put it into your shirts pocket and say...."If I ask you something.....would you say yes?"So, I couldn't let this year...our first without you, be any different...I had to write something for you....I know, you are reading it as I write it....I know because while I was writing it, I didn't cry...I felt like you were here, reading it, while I was watching your face for your always...Love & miss you more than words can say....Daddy, This is for you...."If I asked you something....." "If I ask you something.....Would you say yes?"How many times did Celeste & I as children sit on your lap and ask you this...How many times did you reply "yes", without even knowing what we wanted....ALWAYS...How many times did we get what we asked for, whether it was a toy, a gift, a hug, to fix things with mom, school...our lives....ALWAYS.....How many times did we as teenagers walk into a room, see you and run to you shouting...."Sonny!..If I ask you something....Would you say yes?"ALWAYS....How many times as adults did we come to, hug you, kiss your cheek and yes....even sit on your lap and say..."Sonny....If I ask you something....Would you say yes?"ALWAYS...How many times did our own children...your grandchildren come to you and say...."Pampa....If I ask you something.....Would you say yes?"And How many times did you follow through on your reply of "yes" to all of them...ALWAYS....The last couple know...when we didn't yet know, that in just a few short months, you would be gone from our lives...I came to you...I hugged & kissed you and I said..."Sonny, If ask you something...would..."You didn't even let me finish....You said....."NO!"Dumbstruck....Adult that I was...I blinked back tears and said "BUT WHY???...YOU NEVER SAY NO!..."You said..." need to start asking your husband that...your a big girl now....I got mad for a moment...not being used to being told "NO!" by Daddy :)And you gave me a hug and said..."What are you going to do when I am gone? Go sit on your husbands lap, SMILE, tell him you love him need to be made to feel important...then very sweetly ask him..."If I ask you something....Would you say yes...."Never in my wildest nightmares... did I think...I would have to do this so soon....This last Sunday...Fathers I visited your gravesite...Our first of many firsts without you...I closed my eyes and with my heart I asked you..."Sonny...please daddy...If I ask you something...please, please, one last time....Say yes"I asked you to please let me remember the sound of your laughter...because your voice and the sound of your laughter...are starting to leaving my hearts memory...The wind kicked up a bit & I wiped my girls were sitting on your grave, sharing memories of you and suddenly they both started laughing...loud and alot!I smiled up to you and left you there once again....Today June 22, is your Birthday....But... I have one wish to ask for from you....Please grant me the strength to one day... be able to watch videos of that I can hear your laughter once more...And Sonny....I did what you asked.....Chris smiled....and said "yes"Dad....I Love & miss you more than words can say....Loving you always and a day...your Rose[...]

Healing Grace....and the power of wonderful friends....


**6/11/10....I have to tell you, I had a beautiful long post....but I guess I have been away from blogging for so long that I thought I was moving a picture down and proceeded to erase the whole thing! My tears from writing it were I have fresh tears of frustration :) So I am redoing this shorter one...I hope you all understand and can forgive me...because time is something I don't have a lot of these days...Hoping that will change soon :) **6/16/10.... But call me crazy...but because I love y'all so much...I am willing to give this one more try... :)Healing Grace....that is what all your thoughts, prayers and good wishes, phone calls, emails, visits have meant to me and our family.....That is what all of your wonderful prayers and thoughts have done for me personally.....they have been my families and my own Healing Grace..... how can we, ever thank you .I thank you all from the depths of my heart and soul for not only your beautiful thoughts from my last post...but for the enormous amount of love, thoughts & prayers that so many of you have sent to us these last couple of weeks, through posting about it on your own blogs, emails, phone calls and posting on my FaceBook page, I can't begin to tell you how full our hearts are as a family with all the love support and strength that we have gotten from all of you...... As some of you know, the tragedy that struck our family on May 21, at 2 a.m. when our oldest daughter Ashley was in a horrific car accident caused by the stupidity of a drunk driver.... has at the moment turned our lives upside down..The driver T-boned our daughters boyfriends car, thank God, he was ok, but our daughter is currently recovering at her grandmas house from a broken pelvis, it is broken in various places and there is no cast, no brace...nothing, she just has to lay, sit, rest and heal...Because if she is not careful she can make it worse and possibly need surgery....she is 19 years old, was supposed to start her first job that Thursday, had her college class finals that week and was to start her summer classes...needless to say....none of those things are done at the moment...Her hopes and plans are to become a pediatric nurse, so that she can help and be with bebes and children, to give them comfort and help them heal, these are her words....These plans are all on hold for sad as this is....I don't mind....not one iota...Because after we saw the pictures of the car she was in, with the passenger side almost completely gone..we know how blessed we are that she is here to continue to love and cherish her and our lives with her....don't get me wrong, when this first happened and I saw my child looking so little, mangled, bruised, battered and broken, laying in her hospital bed...I felt such a tremendous amount of hate for that drunk driver that I actually got physically ill for a couple of days.....I lost 10 lbs in 4 days...I slept maybe 12 hours...I would smile while I was with her and panic each time she tried to move....but I didn't cry in front of was enough time to cry when I was home alone....then I could fall apart....and I will tell you something....reading all your emails, comments and talking to so many of you on the phone...lifted my spirits like you wouldn't believe....See.....the man that cause my daughters accident...well when it first happened, I wanted him, in pain, mangled...yes I will admit it as ugly as it is to say it, it is even worse to feel it, but I wanted him dead....then I thought about how we all felt seeing our lil Ashley in the hospital and seeing her in pain and then I started to think of how his family must be feeling, was he young, married, did he have kids.....all I knew was the fact that he was someone's child....and that his parents must be feeling such immense pain, heartbreak and anguish over their own child.....see, the officers that were investigating the accident.... came to see our daughter and told her[...]

Letting Go...Finding old friends and being ok with life....


I have been gone for a few days and I look at my side bar and see all of your new updates...I feel as if I have missed soo much...but I am trying to come back...I truly am...Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and emails...they have meant the world to me.On Sunday April 26th, I got a call from a dear friend, letting me know that one of our dearest friends... Joanne, had just passed...I don't do well with death, I never have, when loss hits me, it knocks me to my knees and knocks the wind out of my sails....when we lost my dad last year in March, I was so lucky that I had soo many of you wonderful ladies, that gave me such support both emotionally and mentally, I will forever be grateful for that...So this time, I felt I just needed a few days to wrap my mind around this new loss and the fact that I would never see or hear from my sweet friend again....I still haven't taken her off of my email contacts or my cell...they some how give me comfort when I see her name....I believe it or not still have my dads name & number on my cell, same with others I have loved and lost...this somehow comforts me...I guess letting different for everyone, but I thank you all for understanding and your support when I have needed it...whether I knew I needed it or not...sometimes just listening....means the world...Thank you so much Dawn, Lisa and my amor Chris...My own mr wonderful...Love you guys :)My Ita (grandma) used to say that when someone you loved passed...God always sent someone else to help fill that void, so that the hurt wouldn't be so heartbreaking...when we lost her, weeks later my beautiful niece Natalia was born, when we lost my dad, a few months later my baby grand nephew was born, he would have been my dads first great-grandchild.....When I found out about my dear friend Joanne, my heart was hurting and I could feel the saddness seeping in and I started to panic....I knew what that meant and I didn't want that old now familiar feeling of loss and saddness that can overtake my life to come back...not now...not so soon after just picking myself up from my dads loss, I was truly afraid of how long and how strong "This" would last this time...I prayed and I talked to my constant source of love and Ita for help and guidance, like I did when she was here and at my old age I would still sit on the floor with my head on her lap and tell her my problems and fears...she always listened with not only her mind but her heart...I believe in my heart...that even now in heaven, she still does this for me....I asked her to help me, so that this fall wouldn't be so long and hard because I was afraid of how my family would be affected....I told her to please help me because I was feeling so sad and my heart was feeling friend Deb, talked me into joining Face Book which I swore I never would, this blog takes about all my computer knowledge that I have and that isn't much lol and I typed in a friends name that had meant soo much to me when I was a young girl in high school, I had tried through the years to find her, on, our high school Alumni website, you name it, I tried one that I knew, knew what had happened to her and you know what?? I went on Face book typed in her name and Voila.....There she was! She looked just the same, still beautiful, like a little porcelain doll and still had that beautiful smile that said, I am your I am...we reconnected, have talked everyday since I found her on the phone and I can honestly tell you the first time after we talked on the phone, when I hung up I cried...because I had missed her so much through the years and when we was like it had been just days before the last time we talked....not over 20 years....Today she sent me a text to my phone and said...she had prayed and asked her mama who is now in heaven to please bring someone into her life, that loved her and woul[...]

A lovely Giveaway and some good movies for a cold ugly day...


First....I want to thank every single one of you for your beautiful birthday wishes for my mama..It meant the world to us all! THANK YOU !!!! Her Birthday was spent rather quiet without my dad and...she had a molar pulled and was a little swollen and a tad uncomfortable...So we had her cake and ice cream the next day when she wasn't looking quite the chipmunk and could enjoy it :)***************Everyone... loves a giveaway...but a fun one to boot? If you haven't visited Kasey of Lola B's wonderful blog yet, your in for such a treat, her blog is full of beautiful pictures and she has such a fun, witty and insightful way of writing, she really grabs you from the get go! Kasey is giving away the lovely necklace below called Fly Me to Paris, among some other lovelies :) Good Luck Everyone......and....Your Welcome :)To enter click HERE...Giveaway ends.... 4/23 at MidnightNow I was going to originally use this picture below of Jean-Pierre, whom they met while on her wonderful trip to Paris, but thought better of it in case the winner decided to sue me because he wasn't included in the Giveaway prize they received in the mail...hence...the above lovely picture instead :)Ps..You really should read her Girls In Paris...Day One post Here and then Girls in Paris...Deux Here if only to see where Jean-Pierre (pictured below) comes into all this and laugh so hard ya might just have to run and tinkle from her oh so witty writing :) And enjoy all her beautiful pictures...And...incase you notice me rather quiet on my visits this week...tis only because I am doing some family obligations and will be back to visiting as soon as I can...But while I am working, I will be watching this movie tonight "The Young Victoria" I hope it is good....Update***I loved this movie, but was rather disappointed with the ending....I, like many had read about her throughout the years and I just felt like the movie ended at the best part...when their lives together were just beginning...but the costumes and actors were wonderful, the scenery, locations and sets (palaces) were amazingly beautiful...gotta love period pieces :) Will I watch it again....You betcha!I watched "Everybody's Fine" earlier today....tried to watch it three times before while I cooked and or cleaned the kitchen and I knew it was good, but kept missing so much, so this morning while I worked I finally saw it...I think it is a WONDERFUL movie...Not a Christmas Holiday like I thought it was going to be, it made me think of how many times our lives echoed the movie...always telling our parents or loved ones what we think they want to know, you know...the happy stuff only....and how we sometimes are guilty of not listening and only hearing what we want to hear.....I think at one time or another we are all guilty of that :) I can't tell you how many times I went to my dad with my troubles because I didn't want to trouble mama, dad always listened and would say..."let's not bother your mother with'll be fine".....and you always was...but now he is gone...and it is time to tell mama everything...not only the girls think I don't know or notice....but you know what??? I see them doing the same with not only their dad...but my mama as well, they go to them and try to spare me what they think I don't want to hear....I guess this movie kind of opened my eyes to that...kind of ironic if you think about it....I thought De Niro was fabulous in it.... Anyways I really enjoyed it, if you get a chance to see it, let me know what you think :) Well "Young Victoria" is waiting....Until next time dear friends, [...]

Happy Birthday, Mia Bella Mamma Maria.....


Tomorrow, April 16th.... is my beautiful mama's 64th Birthday!I look at my mamas pictures....and I look at every nuance that is her....and I try to find eyes, my lips, my nose, my chin, no, nope...I don't see it, I don't see me in her beauty...BUT.....ask anyone and they will tell you....I have her strength, her sense of humor and her wickedly strong ability to hold a grudge and never forget the things I want to remember...notice I say...the things I want to remember lolIf I could grant her, her biggest wish....I would in a heart beat...without her even asking....I see it in her eyes...I hear it in her voice....I feel it in her quiet laughter...I would give her....just a few more precious moments with her own beautiful beloved Ita and her beloved husband Sonny...But I know that they are all around us...we can feel them.....loving her now, as they did back when a simple touch could make a memory to last in our hearts forever.But God has a way of lessening the pain along the way, so that small miracles like holding your first great~grand bebe, can make your heart beat strong once again with the hope of many more beautiful tomorrows....Feliz Cumple Anos mama...le deseamos un ano lleno de amor, felicidad con familia y queridos amigos siempre con nosotros, haciendonos siempre sonreir ....(I know I more than likely totally butchered that, how in the world do you add accent marks above the letters?? lol, but she knows, it is full of love from her girls, My sister Celeste & me, my amor Chris, all your grand bebes, and our entire family & friends that love and adore you ALWAYS! )Happy Birthday Maria!!!!! Thank you all for allowing me this special lil moment to honor my bella mama, Until next time dear friends, [...]

My CraigsList Chronicles Part 2...wall of roses freebie... and a beautiful Giveaway.....


First before I share this lil Craigs list story with you, I want to thank everyone that has visited my lil blog and left me such lovely comments and become new followers...I am truly humbled that you like my lil blog...everytime I see I have a new follower....I think....They like me, they really like me...I know, my own Sally Field moment :) I know....I'm a goober...I am the first to admit it!.....Ask anyone that knows me lol But, my dear amores....I have tried to get to visit each of you, but if I have missed you, please know that I will soon be there to visit your beautiful blogs too...but just incase I still missed you....I'm sorry, I am trying, there are just so many beautiful blogs that I love and only so many hours in the day to visit.... darn life, family, carpools, taking care of my home for getting in the way :) Did I ever mention that I LOVE Craigs List??? Well....I do...not just for the treasures that I have found, both to buy and as freebies...but for the lovely people that I have come across.....I have made many a new friend through Craigs List :)A few months back, I shared my first Craigs List story with you here, about my dad and that beautiful cabinet full of lil drawers that I got right before he passed away and I promised to share some more of my Craigs List stories with you...hence...The Craigs List Chronicles were born....This is where Part 2 comes in...The Wall of Roses...A bit ago, while searching through the Craigs list Freebies section...this title caught my eye.....Free Wall of Roses....Soooo of course I had to see what this was all about lol ...I LOVE roses...I really do, I clicked on it and this is what I saw...well actually it was a very close up picture of the wall of roses, but roses and flowers no less :)The add said, "Free... Large piece of wall from a Marc Jacobs show"...I called the number, and the guy, lets say protect the innocent :) was a sweet heart and said Many had called him for it, he asked me why I wanted it, I said, I like to do art projects and decorate with flowers around my house and I will also pass them on to friends who can use them for their own projects or just to decorate with, long story short we talked a few times on the phone for awhile lol (those of you that know me, I can absolutely hear laughing at this point... Cut it out, your interrupting my story... YOU know who you are!!! LOL See I have a habit of making friends everywhere I go...I can't just see something, buy it and leave, nooooo....I just can't help it, I like making new friends : ) He said...Rose come on over....the wall is mr wonderful being the amor that he is was game for taking me to go pick it up... Ian, was the sweetest guy, when he saw me, he actually came over and gave me huge hug lifting me off the ground and spun me around, and said I have a big personality for such a tiny lil person...he meant because I'm short...not thin :) lol did I mention he was about 6'4, if not taller! I am 5'4 but, anyone would seem tiny to him right lol He shook hands with my husband and told us that the piece of wall came from a Marc Jacobs show that they had just done, this one one of about 10 pieces of it...the wall for the show was huge and there was a pink car that was displayed in front of the wall of roses and he hugged me once more and said he was glad the flowers were going to a nice person, that wouldn't throw them away but that they would be reused and appreciated....Honestly the whole time we were talking with him, I couldn't stop smiling or laughing with him....his personality was completely infectious! My amor, was sweet enough to take all of these pictures for me below including the wall above :)To be you can see...there are ALOT of flowers...some roses, a few lovely cream peonies, but mostly pretty little and some large magnolias :) but I still l[...]

The beauty of nature in our yard & Giveaway love....


***Warning....Grab a cuppa coffee or tea.....another long ass post ahead..lots of pictures :)I love when I look through old pictures and find wonderful surprises I forgot all about like the ones below...I am awed by nature in all is wonder...but sometimes the little pieces of nature that I come across in our own yard....well the beauty of it so inspires me...because the knowledge that there are soo many little worlds existing within my own world...truly boggles my mindAwhile back we were working on cleaning up our yard....raking the millions of leaves from or avocado trees and trust me, after filling up 3 green trashcans and 5-6 huge construction trash bags full of leaves...there are millions of leaves lol we are lucky in the sense that we live in So Cal in the city and yet have over 1/2 an acre of yard...but not so lucky when you have to clean it and mow and rake...well you get the picture....Anyways I I was saying, we were raking and I was cutting some branches down from the me they were skinny lil is all my weakling hands could manage to cut :) and when I cut one of the branches the heavier ones would then go up higher without the weight of all the smaller ones hanging on...well apparently when I did this and the bigger branch shot catapulted this gorgeous lil bebe hummingbird to the ground :( my aunt picked it up because she was afraid the hawk flying above or stray cats would get wonderful climbed up a very tall ladder and placed it back in its nest and you know what??? the mama fed it and what seemed liked days later...that lil bebe was flying around with its mama :) How awesome is that!!!! We were all so happy because, we had always heard that when you touch a bebe bird, it's mama would then turn its back on it and let it fend for it's self and we were all so scared of that happening to this gorgeous lil one.(doesn't it look like this lil bebe is saying "FEED ME!" :)These next set of pictures were also taken by my husband... mr wonderful :) You can definitely see the difference in our picture taking skills lol he is great at getting really beautiful and clear shots...but I always feel so bad bugging him to take pictures for me, but I have my new lil pink beauty and as I practice using it, I will hopefully be able to take better pictures to share with you and able to post more ....wooohoo...betcha just can't wait right...yup see how well I know my peeps :)(Dawn amor, one of these 2 nests above is now sitting pretty in your casa :) look at the bits and pieces of paint chips from our home and the neighbors in the nest, along with string and bits of awesome is that!!)The next 2 pictures were taken in the tree on our sidewalk, jackaranda tree (I think that is what its called but have no idea how to spell it :) Anyways it is a pretty tree with tons of purple flowers...the drawback is having to clean up all them flowers and the sticky gunk they leave on your cars and all over your floors from sticking to your shoes and trust me...they stain hardwood floors :( But on the plus side...the humming birds love them...and we LOVE the hummingbirds!!!Now.... these next 3 pictures are of our lil Lola, or as lovingly call her "pudge" because when her fur gets long, she looks like a lil ball of fur....hence...the pudge and it just stuck...she seems to love that name more :)Can you tell she has attitude? And just so you know in case you are offended because she is wearing clothes...she LOVES it, in fact if I hold up bebe clothes she barks and dances around, because she thinks they are for her and when you put them away, she whimpers for quite a girls say that is her way of pouting cause she didn't get her way :) And guesses it....she is the VP of my Fru Fru Gaudy Girls g'he[...]

Loving Easter thoughts....& and an Earthquake! Oh No!!


Earthquake in So CalTitle was my kids idea...:)If you are here in So Cal, I am sure you felt that not so fun earthquake that we had at 3:40 pm this Easter Sunday...I know that here it was pretty bad , but I can't even imagine what it was like at the epicenter where it was a 7.2 magnitude ! I have family and friends in the San Diego area and I am hoping that everyone is ok...where ever you are, if you felt it, then stop to think how lucky we are that we and our loved ones are alright and how bad it must have been where the epicenter was in Mexicali, in Baja friend is from there, she said...there is no power, no water and no phone service where her family is, just the thought of that terrifies me...know what went through my mind?.......Dear Lord, is that what is going to happen when the "big one" hits here in California? Today, I give thanks, that everyone I know is safe....I pray this is always the case and hope that when the next earthshake hits....we will all be ready!Wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful Easter!(Beautiful Easter image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy)Oh my dear I visited your beautiful blogs these couple of days and seen how eloquently and beautiful all your Easter posts are...I am feeling at such a loss for words, I wish I could say something as beautiful and eloquent while talking about God and what this wonderous day truly means...but well those of you that truly know me, know my truth as far as religion goes, I have shared it here with you all before, I have never hidden it...I wish I could say something so full of meaning and filled with amazingly beautiful quotes from the Bible, the way so many of you have done...but well...then I would truly be at a loss, for the simple reason that I don't know how....sad right...but it is my truth, it is something that I am working on changing in my life, but it is taking I will for now instead say what is in my heart....God and religion is in my heart...I just don't know how to express my thoughts so beautifully and eloquently with scriptures like most of you can, but I can say this to you and it is meant with much love and respect...I hope that you all have the most joyous and beautiful of Easters, May it be filled with the love of family and friends,abundantly good food and the sound of laughter, from those you hold most dear...So that being said...From my family to you and yours....Happy Easter!(Beautiful Easter image, courtesy of The Graphics Fairy)P.S. I truly hope this post makes sense, it is almost 2 a.m..yet once again :)Until next time dear friends,[...]

April showers...usher in thoughts of wonder & wonderful Giveaways......


(Wow...doesn't that title sound lovely.....I know sometimes I do my best thinking after midnight, tonight err...this morning must be one of those times !I am so moved beyond words at everyone's beautiful and soo lovely words on the new look of my Blog....THANK YOU...from my heart!!! If you could just give me a moment to explain... the best way that I can tell you how I feel about my blogs new look is this...Dawn of The Feathered Nest, made my gorgeous is from my original blog, which she lovingly made for me and when I see it...I see me....Karen of Valentine Design, remade my blog into this new gorgeous one you see now, but....she understood me and she kept what I loved most from my original even though I see this beautiful new "me" so to speak....I still see the "me" I once was...just ever so more lovely, elegant and Gorgeous...wait... I meant my blog.... not me silly lol Since every morning I get to see the real me in the mirror...I know better than to believe this about moi! So...every chance I get...I come onto my blog...and as I see it load up...I SMILE in wonder...because I realize...this is mine, mine, mine ....Thank you, Dawn & Karen!!!! Funny thing is I used to do this a lot the first month or so that I first got my blog too...wonder how long I will do it this time :)Now...enough about me...I want to share these Wonderful Giveaways with you!*All the following Giveaways will be on my side bar under the Giveaway section until they end...Good luck to you all!First....Kim of The Sheep's Nest is having a 50th Follower Giveaway here!Giveaway ends...April 12th.Second...Dorthe of Den Lille Lade is having a 100 Followers Giveaway here!Giveaway ends....April 14th.Third....Debra of Common Ground is having a The Royal Treatment Giveaway here!Giveaway ends....April 15th.PS...I am seriously crushing on my beautiful new signature! Thank you again Karen! Besos, to you amor :)Well my dear amores...It is almost that witching hour for me once again (after 2 a.m.) ...and my eyes are starting to droop and I think a bit more... and I will make...even less sense than usual, soooUntil next time dear friends,[...]

My Bebe's got a brand new, beautiful dress....


Titles can be soo misleading.... no ?When Dawn of The Feathered Nest first made my blog for me...I thought it was the MOST beautiful thing I had ever seen! Even now, I still love it ! Well...When Dawn had her own beautiful blog treated to a gorgeous new look recently, thanks to the lovely and talented Karen of My Desert Cottage....Who just launched her wonderful Web Design business called Valentine Design Well.... I, like so many of you ooh'd and ahhh'd and then I wanted something "new" for my blog too.....The changes I was thinking about were more along the lines of changing to 3 columns, a pretty followers button and a gorgeous new signature to close out my posts. (Did I ever mention I have a hard time with change?? I figure if it looks beautiful...don't mess with it!) Then I talked to Karen and Dawn about my ideas for my lil blog and they had some great ideas for a "new" look for my blog and were so excited about how beautiful it could look and all I could think is....But...I LOVE my pretty lil blog and you guys are talking about it like my bebe is ugly lol ....kinda hurt my poor lil bebe blog :)When I mentioned this to Dawn she said..."hunny, we're not calling your bebe ugly...we're just trying on some pretty new dresses on her, to make her much prettier" you argue with that lol Well, Karen and I talked a few times on the phone and this....Look all around your the BEAUTIFUL new blog that Karen created for me...Don'tcha just love my bebe's brand new dress! I sure do, I think it is the perfect fit! Beautiful, elegant, old world, frufru and gaudy...Rose frufru and gaudy style :) did I mention I love beautiful things?....Yes, I am that woman....that when I see that gorgeous overly ornate, gaudy antique gold or dark wood frame..I gravitate to a moth to a flame! Then when I bring it into my home...I think it is perfect...don't get me wrong...I quickly visualize it cream with antiquing glaze...but that thought I will be honest, last just a few seconds, as I look at all that beautiful gaudy loveliness before me...and I realize how much I love it just as it is :) My daughters call me ..."Fru Fru, Gaudy Girl" I wear that name with pride....cause that's how I roll :) lolSo when Karen sent me this blog mock up...I was literally jumping up and down because I was soo happy that this is exactly what I wanted...and didn't even know it lolThank you so much...Karen, Dawn and Lisa of Tarnished & Tattered , for listening to my rants of what I love and understanding my visions...that I didn't quite know how to put to words, that were easily understandable... But some how Karen did and gave me this beautiful "brand new" beautiful dress for my lil bebe own lil piece of heaven in this big...beautiful Blogland of ours!If you want to completely redo your blog, or just add a few special lil somethings to it and like me....have no clue how to...Then go visit Karen at Valentine Design and I know she will help you achieve a look that you will just love!Please let me know what you all think of my lil bebe's beautiful new dress...because my dear friends...your opinions do matter to me :)Until next time dear friends......[...]

Earthshakes (quakes), Sunshine & Giveaways.....


This morning...just minutes after 4 am we were awakened by a strong, HARD & loud jolt to our home, I actually thought either a car hit our house or the 3 story tree on the side of it had come crashing into out home....Thank goodness it was so many of you out here in So Cal, we were awakened by an earth quake or as my kids always call them...Earth shakes :) The epicenter was about 5 miles or less from us, so we felt it pretty strong...nothing broken or no new cracks that we can see, but then again, our 1916 home seems to be pretty solid :) I did jam my knee hurrying down the stairs though...theres alot to be said for not having a few extra minutes to let your achy joints get ready for the day and a quick jog down the stairs lol But all that being said...I did want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments and emails :) I am coming back with some new posts, but I did warn you guys I would need a vacation after SOOO many posts in such a short time...ha!!Actually...I took a lil break for the week, March 14th was the 1 year anniversary of my dads passing and I needed to focus on my family...and well to be honest me....the colds that I had been getting and the gloomy weather were kicken my butt both physically & emotionally...I can't tell you how amazing a B12 shot can be lol So every 3 weeks or so for 3 months, I will be getting one to replenish what I am missing...but the best medicine....besides all your caring visits :) Has been SUNSHINE......truly, it feels sooo good, I stand outside and literally let the sunshine warm my warms me from my eye lids thru my heart and down to my toes :) Infact I am about to paint my toes hot pink in hopes that I will stay in this feeling for awhile longer :) I know so many of you are having such terrible weather, I wish I could send you all, our So. Cali sunshine, well....not all of it...but definately some to warm you and make you smile too! :) You know, our beautiful weather is a trade off for our earthquakes, you.... that get tornados, hurricanes and tons of snow, know what I mean....Now I want to share some amazing giveaways with you all...Please visit all these lovely blogs and enter to win...I know you will love them too...I will be back tomorrow to share some beautiful mail love I have received....cause you know,I don't want to start posting a ton and then have to take another vacation lol Seriously, have a beautiful day, and if it is full of snow and rain, look for that lil bit of sun shine I am sending your way!Stefanie of Rose Petals and Rust is having a giveaway here!My sweet & dear friend...Rebecca Ersfeld for Vintage Living is having a giveaway here!Linda of Robin's Egg Blues is having a giveaway here!Donna of Brynwood Needleworks is having a giveaway here!Another dear friend...Anne of Fiona and Twig is having a giveaway here!Until next time dear friends....Besos,Rose~[...]

March giveaways & a giveback love....


Oh my stars....say it isn't sooo....4 posts in less than 3 days....that is more than I sometimes posted in a whole month!!!....I may have to take a vacation after this :)...but first... let me share these wonderful giveaways with you.......and.....your welcome :) First....I just want you to know how much I care for all of you and your wonderful caring hearts...Thank you so much for all the love you sent to my dear friend Kolleen...she feels your love and thoughts...THANK YOU....Now that I am awake at 1 am from my meds stupor and looking let me put it to you this way...during one of my of many today...I woke up to find pudge against my legs sleeping, when I woke her as I moved she looked up annoyed cause I woke her...and errr...she had the funniest look on her face, her fur right now is kinda long and it was all tweaked and smashed on one side of her face...she look like a sad...kinda pathetic...but much loved lil raggamuffin....and yes...I will admit it....I laughed.... so hard infact...that....I started to But the payback was when I went to the rest room and caught my face in the hair was all tweaked...kinda smashed into the side of my face, I had pillow and blanket lines all over my face....yup you got it....I looked like a pathetic... sad... raggamuffin.... I started to laugh and then the wheezing started... and needless to inhaler was my best friend today :) lesson of the day....don't make fun of a lil defenseless dog....unless you look cuter than it does at the time.....Ha!But I digress...back to more important stuffs.....***UPDATE....I just added another giveaway by Jill of Gypsy Brocante, I was too sleepy last night to add it and have it make sense....and I also wanted to thank you on your get well wishes...this is just a cold that keeps on giving....I am good for a few days and then someone sniffles around me and bam....I am sick again :) see how talented I am :) Lesson here...take your vitamins...keep your immune system strong!!!First....the lovely Tracey of French Larkspur is having a wonderful "Pick me up " giveaway for is a beautiful and as always generous giveaway... please visit her beautiful blog and don't forget while your there to enter....Ends Sunday, March 7th at Midnight......Good Luck! click here to leave a comment for a chance to win... Second....The lovely Jill of Gypsy Brocante is having a Count down to Spring giveaway , 1 each week. spread out over 3 weeks! How bad ass is that :).....( I mean that in a totally hot & good way :) Jill has a beautiful online store, make sure you visit it also when you visit her beautiful blog and don't forget to leave a comment to enter! Final part of her giveaway ends March 21st!Click here for a chance to comment and win!.....Third.....The lovely Debra of Common Ground is having a March Celebration cool is that :) She is celebrating some great things this month incl. her Birthday! Happy Birthday Debra! :) Much love to you amor....Now go visit her beautiful blog too and while you eat some of that delish cake she is sharing....don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win...her giveback ends Tuesday March 9th...Good luck!!!Click here to leave a comment for a chance to win.... Well my meds are kicking in again its once again 2 a.m. and I hope I can stop coughing enough to get some sleep....making a mental note to go get a B12 shot tomorrow.....Hope you all are well in your neck of the country....Until next time dear friends, Besos, Rose~[...]

Such heart breaking saddnes, anger and disbelief....


Yesterday my heart broke for a sweet and dear friend...I have been in my own world for a bit, not even watching the news...just going about lifes everyday routine...My dear friend Kolleen of Heartwingssisters had posted about a member of her family that was missing...a beautiful, vibrant and much loved young girl....I saw her picture and I said a prayer...that she would soon be home with her family...but my life went on and I focused on that and nothing else..hence my earlier woewaysme post...And then a WAKE UP call went off in my head...being sick and taking cold meds that make me sleep, I woke up the other afternoon to the news and to a picture of a young lady that was missing....for a few days heart froze...I suddenly felt nauseaus and shaky and knew it wasn't my cold...the picture that they were showing was the one Kolleen had shared with us.... I won't lie, the tv in our house is on 24/7 but mainly as background noise...we watch ALOT of movies and in the back of my mind...I remember hearing days ago of a missing girl....but when I glanced at the tv as I walked thru the living room, the picture was different from the one Kolleen had I didn't make the connection.....On that day that I realized who she was REAL...too family prayed for her return, we asked each other all the time..."anything new? have you heard anything? Is she home yet?" but it was always asked with hope that she would soon be back in her families loving home...Yesterday that hope was broken....when we heard the news that she had been found....the way she was found...The look on our daughters faces as we told them...broke my heart....I saw fear, anger, outrage and a family, our hearts broke...for Chelsea...her mama, her papa, her family and friends that so loved her and my heart hurt for my friend Kolleen....Kolleen is one of the loveliest woman I have had the pleasure of meeting here in Blogland...I don't just mean she is lovely in beauty...although she is...she has such a beautiful heart...she always visits with me, encourages me, laughs with me, at my silly comments or posts...but she is truly a friend of the heart...we were planning on getting together as soon as we much as I would love to meet any and all of you....your are all mostly so FAR away :) But she and I are we were both so happy that we have the chance to meet face to face....can you imagine??? yes....I know many of you can...I have seen your awsome posts of meeting blogging friends for lunch and shopping dates and just to spend time visiting and I wish to do that here with lucky ducks :)Kolleen is a person with a huge heart....when you visit her blog and read her get that instantly...she IS her family...her family IS her....she lives and breathes them...her love story... she shared with us of the love of her life, how they met and later married....inspired me to not only read all the way back to her first post, but to write to her personally...I felt I knew her...we emailed and became fast friends....Her artwork reflects her love of life and those she holds close and dear....We found each other through a mutual friend named Kelly of Kelly Berkey Designs another amazingly lovely woman...I hope to meet her soon too, she moved from Manhattan old stomping grounds to Egads...another state...Kelly come back...we miss you...don't you miss our warm Cali sunshine :) I know...shameless....But what I am trying to say in all this is that...meeting all of you that I have visiting your blogs, emailing back and forth...we become a part of each other...we know each ot[...]

My favorite & most treasured cup....


First I have to give much love to my mr wonderful for running to the store for me this morning and getting me a card reader so that this and many more posts would be possible :) Thank you papi! te quiero mucho :) I had to take all my "beautiful" pictures again cause...goober that I am...I forgot to use a flash and at 11 pm apparently I need one lol I hope you enjoy my first try at new pictures...these are all me...can't blame anyone for my be nice lol I promise I will keep practicing and I am even going to read my manual so that I can actually know what the thingys on my camera are for :) Like I said in my earlier post today, the lovely Mira of Belle Blanc is having an active get to share you favorite cup and let her know you are participating, she will then visit everyone and then choose her favorite... I might be too late to have a chance to participate in the actual giveaway....but I still wanted to participate because I think it is such a lovely idea :) Go visit her blog and see who else is participating...These are some of my favorite cups, I started collecting cups & saucers with roses on them when I was 13, starting at my neighbors yards sales...I think I have about 50-60 sets and maybe another 30 just cups and I can honestly tell you most were in the dollar or under price range :) although when I got older and my tastes got into the prettier ones...the prices weren't so pretty...still I tried to keep it under $5-7 :) My favorites are the tiny ones...I love tiny things...but that is for another post :) The littles came out to play Vanna White and show off some of my lovely cups for you...To give you an idea of how small some of my cups are, the lil bebe dolls are about 2 1/2 in. tall whenever I take out my tiny lil bebe dolls, my daughter says this to me..."they're coming to take you away..ha! Ha!, they're coming to take you away" cheeky lil munkey isn't she :) Doesn't everything look better under glass...always makes me smile...excuse all my stuff on the table I was also taking pictures of some thriftin treasures :)This is my everyday cup...made of china and has my very own cheeky lil munkey given to me by my cheeky lil munkies :) sorry for the picture quality...I took this late last flash.But of all my cups...I must confess...I have only one that is my most favorite & treasured is this one may not be gorgeous, with handpainted roses or some fru fru name on the bottom...although I gotta admit...I love those fru fru names especially of far away places :) This lovely little cup is one of my most treasured possesions and if we were to have a fire or an earthquake, I would make sure it is one of the things that I take with me when I ran out the door...see it has a beautiful belonged to my great, great grandma and she gave it to my uncle when he was a lil boy...he died when he was 3 years old of an illness that in those days killed so mama thinks maybe a common cold he was the eldest of 10 children...but my mama and I figured that this lil treasure of ours is over 100 years old and it comes from Germany...My great, great grandma bought it with her and it was her favorite cup....see I think I shared that before...I am kind of a lil mutt...I am Mexican, Italian, German & Spanish all that wrapped up in a 5ft 4in American package :) Isn't she beautiful..her history still can bring me to tears...This is a close up...notice all the dirt and cracks...I haven't been able to bring myself to clean it, I am so afraid to break it or damage it even more...all the petals from the little flower have long since b[...]

A little disappointment and a big Thank you!!


I was all set to share a new post and all these gorgeous pictures that I just took tonight with my new camera that I got with my scratcher ticket winnings and come to find out that our reader (I think that is what my husband called it) won't work with my tiny new lil Sony memory stick....UGH and yes...if you know me you know most of this statement was a total fib....the pictures aren't gorgeous....but in my defense they looked really pretty on the camera screen lol Sooo I am hoping that these pictures will at least look alot prettier than what I normally shared before....(I hope...I hope)I was intending to take part in My Favorite active giveaway that the lovely Mira of Belle Blanc is having...I thought that the idea was so lovely...she is asking that you share your favorite cup and let her know you are particpating and she will pick her favorite picture for the winner. The Giveaway ends March 2nd... Maybe if I can get a new card reader in the morning, I can still join in :) Heres to hopin...But in the meantime, if you get a chance, visit her beautiful blog, the pictures and posts are beautiful and I really liked the song by Billy Clyro called "Many of Horror" (I believe that is what it was called) that was playing when I last visited her, infact I liked it so much I kept her blog open while I wrote this post to listen to it over & over :) I also wanted to say how much I have enjoyed visiting everyone that has shared their favorite beautiful cups :)You can clik on Mira's beautiful button to see her post on this... Now for that big thank you....THANK YOU!!!! to all of you that have sent me emails and left me such lovely comments asking if I am ok and probably wondering if I fell of this earth :) Well amores...I am still here...I have so many excuses...let me see...1. life is just taking over what is normally "my time" and although I am not happy about is what it is right? :) 2. add in families, name it...I think it...sometimes I know I think too much...I just can't help mind seems to be forever thought after another....3. then getting sick again...sounding like froggy of the little Rascals' is not my idea of a sexy throaty voice lol but right now....tis what I sound friend who is a nurse said...stress...low immune system all can lead to not being able to fight all these lil colds....yeah like that can be helped right now ;) 4. And then feeling blue...what is that all about anyways??? I know I have sooo much to be thankful for.....I have a roof over my head, my kids, hubby, mama, sister, nieces and nephews are all well thank God, but still....I feel blue even when life is sometimes so overwheming....I am so ready for warm sun and gardening, working on our home....and that is one of the reasons I don't post or visit right now too much...GUILT....that I feel like this...when things are so much worse for others and I see on the news how they are snowed in, no heat or electricity, and yet I complain....I think Myrna of More Than Heirlooms hit it dead on with her post about Gratitude Journals....I think that is a wonderful idea to help me put things in perspective....In fact I just bought one of her beautiful Gratitude Journals that she made....I can't wait to get it and use it :) Anyways amores, enough about my woeswaysme tirade :) I will be back as soon as I can with pictures...lots of pictures of wonderful things I have to share with gifts I got in the mail....lovely thrifting treasure hunt finds, Etsy finds and just sharing my wonderful... long posts tha[...]

Love... amor, amore, amour, Any way you say it...I wish you tons of it :)


Thank you Dawn for this beautiful image... Besos to you, amor :)

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's Day, full of love, laughter, happiness and may it continue for not just this day...but for always!!!!

Sweet & to the point...I know... can you believe it...don't get used to know I love to chat with you! :)

Besos y amor, amore, amour, get the picture :)


A Beautiful Gift & Lots of Giveaway Love !!


Before I begin my long awaited post :) I want to thank everyone from my heart for sending so much love to our wonderful friend Lorraine during her loss...she is such an amazing woman and I know she appreciates every ones love and concern during this time. She has a loving husband, children, family and friends that I know are there for her in her time of need, but I think knowing so many of us out here are thinking of her, must have made her heart smile, I know it did mine. Besos & huge hugs to all of you!In Decemeber I won a wonderful Giveaway from the beautiful Rebecca of Rebecca for Vintage Living but to tell you what a heart she is, it was her Birthday...yet she did a giveaway for all her followers...see she is a total heart :) Anyways, the day before I got sick, a beautiful package came in the mail...then with me feeling so crappy...I actually forgot all about it...I know can you believe it!!! So when I opened it, I was just soo thrilled because I got one of her beautiful stars with some lil pretties :) and you know I love her Christmas stars... with all the creams and mochas, but I also LOVE the star I got, the colors are so rich and the materials she chose are so luxurious...I LOVE velvet & vintage trims...without knowing it....she sent me such a beautiful piece of art for my lil bebe art studio :) I know...lucky me right ! I feel so bad though because I know my pictures do not do my gifts justice....Rebecca amor, I am soo sorry for that....But I know, that you know....I LOVE them :)This is the gorgeous package I saw when I opened my box...who am I kidding, mr wonderful opened the box and handed me this beauty :) I was so weak from the bad cold/flu, fever & body aches, that my fingers hurt from trying to pull the tabs apart on the box...(awww I love sympathy when I am sick...thank you :) lolLook at the details of this gorgeous package!!! (clik on pictures to enlarge) the flower is so beautiful as is the tag that she made for me...oooh another beautiful tag for my collection :) If anyone wants to send me some of their own tags...I will hang them up in my bebe studio to display their beauty :) (shamless I know....but hey in my defense I have like 4 tags now and until Dawn told me what ATC's are...I had no idea, I thought it was like an art club :) lol This is the gorgeousness (is that even a word?) that was inside...Look at the colors, I wish you could see how beautiful it really is, again so sorry for the pictures Rebecca.... The colors are in rich jewel tones...the textures and trims just gorgeous! I think this is vintage silver metal tinsel...although I would have to ask my dear friend Rebecca because I don't know too much about beautiful trims other than I LOVE them :) Again please, clik on the pictures to enlarge, mr wonderful helped me take all I guess I can blame him...Ha!!! I know I am such a goober...had I taken them I know I would have cut things out :) you should see how many pictures we have that have body parts missing lol Thank goodness for digital...processing pictures was getting expensive with all my booboos :) look at this lovely necklace I got too, you should see how beautiful the stone colors are...Here are all my beautiful gifts...lucky me...I know :) Wanna know an amazing thing....Rebecca is having another beautiful giveaway...I am telling you all about it below.....Lucky you!!!!There seems to be sooo much beautiful & generous Giveaway love going on right now in our lovely BlogLand...and that is besides the Gigantic One World Giveaways that are going on now :)[...]

Sending love to a dear friend on her heartbreaking loss...


Today, I feel like I am finally getting over a bad cold/flu, I can now laugh without wheezing and do somethings around the house without feeling completely worn out, infact I was starting to feel so good I had a new post for you...but in light of a dear friend from our beautiful blogging communities loss, I have decided to share my post with you tomorrow. You see, today I was feeling well enough to visit some more of my favorite blogs that have new posts and when I visited one of my favorites Paper Bird, I saw that my sweet friend, the beautiful and loving Lorraine of Paper Bird, had lost her beloved beautiful mama early this heart just stopped for a moment as I thought about the pain and the loss that she must be feeling at this moment. If you have never visited Lorraines blog before, please do, it is so beautiful....not just for her art work or the beauty that is her blog, but because of the beauty of her heart, she writes from her heart and is so genuine..her posts sometimes make me laugh or cry, many times she makes me think or helps me to remember some long forgotten memory by sharing something of hers...When we lost my dad last March, I was overwhelmed by grief, having just lost my Ita, (grandma) who was my heart and light 2 years before..his loss was almost unbearable, but with the help of my mama, my family and loving friends...including so many of you out here in Blogland that shared your losses and stories with me and showed me how to go on with such love and has made all the difference in my life...for that I thank you all....I hope you all can share some of that love and hope that you shared with me......That you all.... can now share some of it with Lorraine and her family...Having just my mama left as my rock and strength, just the thought of losing her her can overwhelm me, so ...I can not even imagine what she must be feeling right now at this moment...Lorraine amor, my heart and love & friendship, is with you at this moment...May you and your family feel your mama all around you and in your hearts, in the up coming days and months...Much love to you my sweet friend. Thinking of you and your family..Rose Whenever I think of Lorraine, this is the picture of her that comes into my hearts eye, smiling, sitting with the love of her life...I hope soon she will be smiling like this dear friend, I hope you don't mind me borrowing this beautiful picture of you and your love...Until next time dear friends, may your hearts know no more saddness for a very long time and may your hearts instead be filled with the love and laughter and happiness of your family and loving friends....Besos, Rose~[...]

Good Intentions and Giveaways ....


What is it that they say about good intentions again???? Well, all I know is that my heart and thoughts were in the right place but time keeps slipping away from me...I think I need more hours in a day to just blog...and then let life and everyone else just wait until I am good and ready to deal with any of you ever feel like that?....please tell me I am not the only one :)Everyone left me such wonderful Birthday wishes on not only my blog, but on Dawns and Cynthia K's and I can honestly tell you that although I was missing my mr wonderful on my special all made it so special for me with all your beautiful and wonderful wishes that not only was my birthday special...but even with all the crappy weather and bad thunder storms we had and having to be out driving in them each day for most of the mornings and afternoons, I can honestly tell you that even with all this and my wet frizzy hair and soggy clothes... because of all of you... my spirits were up all week...I Thank you again :) My intentions were to visit each one of you that left me such wonderful birthday wishes and personally thank you...well as hard as I have tried to... I have only made it to a handful of you :( With mr wonderful back in town late Friday afternoon, trying to spend time together as a family, running errands and preparing for the new week, we have been so busy...his duffle bag filled with his clothes sits at the base of the stairs still unpacked and dirty clothes unwashed...but on a good note we got to spend family time together, visited my dad with flowers and spent some time with my mama...a new week is here and it starts all over again...To be honest we haven't even gotten a chance to celebrate with one of my wonderderful giftcards I got for Christmas...hmmm Chilis and OutBack sure sound yummy about now :) Then to help we are supposed to have a new storm come in, I am hoping that I can remain online this time (no lightening) and visit as many of you as I can and thank you for your kindness and just see what all of you are up to in your own busy lives and see what beauties some of you are creating...I miss time...where did it go?? If you find it...please let it know I am desperately searching for it :) So please know that while my heart is in the right place....time isn't co-operating with my plans at this moment :) But I am trying....In the meantime, I have some Giveaway love to share with you... 1st...The lovely Spencer of Bellamere Cottage is having a giveaway to celebrate her 1 year blogaversary!! She is such a sweet lady with a big heart and a beautiful blog, please visit her for a chance to enter her giveaway and stay to enjoy her wonderful blog...Ends Saturday Jan. 30th at 6pm her time....Good Luck to you all !!!Click here to leave a comment for a chance to win :) 2nd... Jill of Gypsy brocante is giving away one of her beautiful silver necklace creations for Silver Saturday. After you enter to win, stay and visit her beautiful blog, she creates some beautiful pieces, and has 2 wonderful online stores that you can find on her blog, while your there see the pictures of her beautiful always makes my heart stop and then I start to drool :) Winner will be announced on her next Silver Sunday Post...Good Luck to everyone!!Click here to leave a comment for a chance to win!I am hoping that life slows down a bit in the next few days so that I can visit as many of you as I can. I really miss this huge part of me time & as I [...]

Beyond words...


According to my profile here... I have been on Blogger since November of 2008...what it doesn't tell you is that a few months before that I was just lurking on blogs and falling in love with the land of blogging...once I joined blogger, I was able to still lurk, but also leave a comment every now and then when I saw something that so moved me...I felt I had too...the beauty I was finding on these wonderful blogs, was like nothing I had ever seen...I was finding other people that loved the same things as me...I won't even start a list of these things here because that would be a whole other post :) But I was also seeing so much beauty being created that just left me in awe of all the amazing talented woman and men out there, many would even share their know how with you to make these lil pieces of art for yourself...and the stars don't even let me get started on that or...well you know the drill :) But what my Blogger profile doesn't tell you is that even though I have been with blogger since Nov. 2008, it wasn't until a sweet woman that we all know and love here in Blogland, was ever so lovely as to make me a blog of my very own...and I posted for the very first time on June 21, 2009....What have I learned since then??? Well...when I first started visiting blogs and dreaming about having my own that when I would visit alot of these gorgeous blogs, I would feel like an outsider looking in...kinda like that new girl in school looking at the popular clik that I soo wanted to be a part of...everyone just seemed to know each other and were so caring towards each other as they mentioned wonderful get togethers and swaps etc....etc...I always dreamed of being a part of something so wonderful...well it happened! I am a part of a huge worldwide group of amazingly talented, caring and extraordinary woman and men...Everyone that I have met along the way has treated me with nothing but love and generosity...with that being said.........From the depths of my heart...I THANK YOU... all of you that have been so loving and generous to not only take the time to visit my blog and read my sometimes long assed meanderings...and still stuck around to become followers on my blog or even better...become true friends...I THANK YOU....I wish you were all near by and I could invite you to lunch with me and share some creative time or treasure hunt together or even just sit and talk...about anything of importance to us at that moment..doesn't matter how big or me...if you have it to say...then it is important....but since this wish doesn't seem to be possible...then please...I offer you one of my favorite roses from my summers smells soo devine in the morning sun, that on some mornings you can see me just standing in front of the rose bush taking in its smell and beauty :) So...what bought all this on you ask??? Well Monday Jan. 18th was my 42nd birthday...I was feeling a lil blue because my mr wonderful is out of town on a job...he works in construction and we live in the Southern you know with the economy the way that it is now...especially in the construction take the work when it is there because has been a rough last year or so, as I know it has been for so many others too... So when work was available he had to go...BUT...this made it the first time I didn't get to celebrate my birthday with mr wonderful since my 19th birthday...Do we do it big??? no not re[...]

Sharing a New Blog & some giveaway love....


Hi everyone, hope your weekend has been wonderful so far... Ours has been very nice, my mama came home LATE Sat night... infact we got to her home at about 4:30 am on Sat from the airport...and just stayed over poor mr wonderful...we went to pick her up at the airport then drove home from San Diego....and never once did he complain and ....yeah I guess that says it all doesn't it :) I complained that I was hungry, I wanted snacks..(the good know chocolate, potato chips, soda..I ate all these :) I was thristy...I had to tinkle...I know... and all that was just kids lol I was supposed to be his Keep Me Awake buddy...uhmmm I did really good until the drive back...lets just say, I remember 2 bites of a chicken sandwich at 2 am and then he woke me up when we got to my mamas house :) can see how seriously I take my duties huh...well at least I remembered to remind him to drink his Rockstar :) See I am good for sumffin....Plus I blame this on my junk food induced coma yeah that works!Sharing a funny here...I don't have a passport and neither does mr wonderful...I know, I know, we need one, but there is always something more pressing to use all that money on like groceries :) Well we had to pick my mama up at the border in San Diego, or is it San Isidro? See this is why he drives and not me :) anyways....We left her house at 9 pm Fri. night...but by the time we got was very late at night, her flight came at almost 1 am in TJ is very dark up there at that time and there are streets that when you go down are suddenly in Mexico, soo as tired as I was. (did I mention I get car sick, so I close my eyes and kinda sleep it off :) well...each time I could feel us turning I would yell...OMStars...are we still in the U.S. ???? I think I he was wondering why I couldn't just go to sleep lol poor man..maybe that is why he reminded me I still had snacks in my bag..I am quiet when I eat...I take junk food seriously :) plans were to join in the great Silver Sunday party...but being gone as long as we were...I didn't get anything done that I wanted too, and in my defense my mama doesn't have internet :) I am in for next weekend...I promised myself and well you know when you promise yourself...then it matters more ....right???? :)Ok so I get home and I see that I have some new comments on my last post and I soo love when I get is like a wonderful friend came by to visit you and it makes you smile and feel all warm & tingly...doesn't it..or is that just me lol :) Well one of the comments was from the the lovely Keren of Free Pretty Things For You Hers is a new blog and I love it! She is so adorable and has such a great way of sharing some really pretty ideas and how to's I love when people do that...She is also having a giveaway to start her blog off but you guys have to hurry it ends Mon. January sorry to share it with you so late...but I just found out about it myself :) Anyways, I really hope you all visit her & Welcome her to our wonderful Blogland! I know you guys are gonna love her and her lovely ideas :) I have a feeling her blog is going to be one of those that just "blows up" ie...her blog is gonna be huge! Enjoy!!!Click here to leave a comment for a chance to win :)Well I better go to sleep now, mr wonderful is going away for work next week and this will be my first birthday not spent with him since I w[...]

My life's little blessings...


I want to thank everyone for their wonderful concern regarding my daughter and her friend. He is still in the hospital and will be wearing a cast for awhile, but we are all so thankful because we all know it could have been so much worse...My daughter well...she is at that age where she wants to be her own boss :) but she still wants to be our baby, so she only lets us see what she wants us too, but I can tell it really shook her up..we try to get her to talk to us about it, but it has to be when she is ready...Did I mention that she will soon be 14 and is about 5'8 -5'9 and I am 5'4 :) But to me, she will forever be my lil red headed bebe with the dandelion hair (is that what that flower is called that is like a puff of tiny feathers you can blow & make a wish on?)... In a bit you will see why I say this :)~I know that right now, you are all probably like our family... watching the news and seeing all the heartbreak and devastation in Haiti...What can you do? If you can... you the Red Cross or any other organization that you want that is helping Haiti...If you can't give financially as some at this moment might not be able too...then you give with your heart and you say a prayer...That those that are hurt...will receive care. That those that are hungry...will be fed. That those that have lost loved ones or still haven't been able to find them...will have someone to hug them and a warm shoulder to cry on...God bless everyone...With everything that is going on right now in my life and in the world....when I start to feel the saddness seeping into my heart and starting to take a cold grip... I have to remind myself of my life's little blessings so that I can remember just how blessed I truly am! So I am going to share a few of them today with you...You lucky ducks :)An award for me??? awww...I believe I am blushing :)A few days ago the lovely Kolleen of HEARTWINGSISTERS blog awarded me this sweet award :) Thank you Kolleen!!! According to the rules I am supposed to tell you 10 things that I love and pass it on to 10 blogs I love to visit....Ok Here goes...I Love.....1. My husband...who even with all my craziness and "bright" ideas, bad hair days (and trust me I have alot of those ) loves me more than the world, even when I am in my pjs all day long...I know this because...always, when I ask ...."How much do you love me? he always replies.."More than you could ever know"2. Stealin this one from Kolleen...I love the smell of the earth as soon as it starts to rain....where ever I matter what I am soon as I hear or see spinkles, I run out and take a huge wiff :) The earth smells so good you wanna lick it! (actually don't try this...I did when I was lil...I picked up a damp rock with raindrops and licked it...not as good as it smelled lol aren't you glad I saved you from trying this yourself! ...your welcome :)3. Watching my kids faces when they figure out how to do things by themselves...then forgetting...when it is time for them to do it laundry :) 4. I am stealing this one from Kelly of Kelly Berkey Designs "Deep long kisses that seem to last for-ev-er" ... Amen sister :)5. Spending time with my friends that I sooo love and miss...6. watching a baby learning to walk and seeing them wobble from side to side as they take their next step...7. Seeing my eldest come into her own...8. When my mr wonderful calls me beautiful...and I am wearing [...]