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Loving Her Beautiful

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The Noble Ones


For every freedom we enjoy in our nation today, we honor all those who first served and gave to establish these freedoms, all those who have since served and given to protect these freedoms, and all those who are serving and giving right now to ensure these freedoms for the future. To all of you everywhere, you are the Noble Ones. On this Veteran's Day and every day, we salute you.



Eleven years ago one Sunday morning, I was assisting with the children’s ministry at church. All the kids were gathered for a special event: a visit from a real firefighter. One of our pastors was a career man, and he came to talk to the kids about fire safety.At the end of the visit, he discussed the scariest scenario: being trapped in a burning building. As he spoke, he began putting on all his

It Happened to Me


I’ve often marveled at the mystical relationship between women and their chocolate. Light or dark, world-class or cheap, the fruit of the cocoa bean seems to be an enchanted concoction that can transform the ladies from worn down and woebegone to effusive and exuberant in a single bite.I’ve even been a bit arrogant from time to time, boasting about how we men are clearly above such nonsense.But



When I was young, I envisioned my dream girl. She had long, curly brown hair, deep dark eyes.Oh, yeah: and a great personality.I kept on dreaming.When I was in college, I met a first-year girl. She was bold, playful, mischievous, and full of laughter. She had a great personality.Oh, yeah: and gorgeous long, curly brown hair, sparkling deep dark eyes, I started dreaming all over again.Now at 44

When I Knew


“When did you know you loved me?” she asks.Memories leap toward me, like children offered cupcakes. “Me, me, don’t forget me!”The night we met twenty four years ago, your first few minutes at college, when I was a Dorm Assistant who had nearly memorized the names of the new freshman, and I had just met your roommate, and your first words to me were the challenge, “So what’s MY name?”, and I

The Gift Arrives


2008 was the year of struggle. How to make ends meet, whether to move or stay put, what to do about the car.I’ve been waiting for something in the mail. I hate waiting for something in the mail, especially when it’s something special for someone else.But it finally arrived a little while before the holidays, so I saved it to be a special Christmas present. I was more excited about giving this

The Most Romantic Thing


Photo MendocinoA couple we know commemorated their 40+ years of marriage with a big outdoor party. Their property is a plot of land in the woods near the coast in Northern California. They operate a small retreat center, and have had their share of ups and downs over the years. But on that day, they were truly able to celebrate their lives together.One of their guests said to the man, “That’s a

“God Bless Us, Everyone”


Photo courtesy of Clip ArtOne of my favorite Christmastime treats is the music. Year after year, I listen to the same delightful songs and passionate melodies and never tire of them. Each one is like a single holiday cookie set on a plate filled with cookies, inviting you to indulge in yet another magical piece of the season. I play a little piano, but only a very little. I often think how

There’s No Place Like Home


“Be it ever so humble . . .”Ours is. It frequently evokes phrases like, “If only we had one more bedroom” and “It looks like they didn’t invent storage until after 1952.” The plumbing often rattles behind the scenes at night like a tone-deaf symphony. The kitchen counters are routinely cleared of everything, but over time, one or two items appear, and then they seem to breed or invite a few

The Thanksgiving Surprise


“And a Snoopy sleeping bag.”On my 9th birthday, that was what I wanted most of all. The bright red one in the Sears catalog, with an outline of Snoopy lying on his doghouse, wearing a big smile.“OK!” my parents agreed.But when my birthday came, my sleeping bag did not come with it.“We’re so sorry,” they said, “but sometimes mail order items come much later than we hope.”I tried not to be too sad.

Bare Feet


I recently discovered something about women that was new to me: their famous affection for shoes does not require that they always wear them. Sandra at Miss Fluffy Ruffles wrote a post showing and telling her delight with all things froo-froo and frilly, then suddenly shifted gears to say that she equally enjoys being barefoot. One of her readers, Connie at Living Beautifully, offered a comment

Chocolate Cupcakes


I don’t remember having a lot of them when I was young, but I sure remember having them. They were soft and delicate, so you always handled them gently. Not just to keep pieces from falling to the ground (the 10-second rule never seemed classy enough for chocolate cupcakes), but somehow they made you become careful, like the rambunctious kid who’s suddenly transformed when he’s handed a

Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman (Part 1)


“I hate waiting.” ~ Inigo Montoya, Spanish swordsman extraordinaire, The Princess BrideI hate waiting, too. But I didn’t realize how much until this week.Friday of the week prior, I ordered an item from an online store, to be delivered to my office. “It’ll go out Monday, so you should have it by the end of next week,” the phone rep told me. I was OK with that, and when it arrived on Wednesday

If the Shoe Fits


My wife creates exquisite paper shoes.I have a pair of shoes I wear for outdoor work. Like a beat-up truck or an old hound dog, they’ve been around a while. I refer to them as durable and faithful. My wife calls them a disgrace.In their defense, these never-say-die troopers are probably 10 years old. They began as spiffy new Rockport office shoes. After a couple of years, they retired into casual



The word itself is delightful, conjuring up images of romantic Italy and exotic Spain.In my mind, it’s always the center of a peaceful night time scene, where friends share favorite old stories, and lovers share just-between-us dreams.In my home, it gently slows my pace, and I discover that I no longer talk, but only whisper.Like a midnight snowfall, it gently quiets the world and makes time

Five Phrases You’ll Never Hear from a Guy


I’ve been gathering these for a while, and I now have a small collection.I think you’ll agree – and I hope you’ll enjoy:#5: “I need chocolate.”(courtesy of Ms. Everywoman)The quintessential female phrase. It always makes me wonder what women did before this divine delectable was discovered . . .#4: “I may have to do one wall in turquoise.”(courtesy of my wife)I’m still trying to figure out how to


Behind Every Great Man


BOULDER DAY!It was Boulder Day, the day the local landscaping company was delivering boulders. Two of them, for backyard décor. I’m not sure what the land-clearing pioneers of the West would have thought of this, but there we were.The “we” was four of us: Nancy and I, our (female) landscaper, and the (male) Boulder Delivery Guy (BDG). Being a professional BDG (and a really big one), he had no

A Tisket, A Tasket, Just Not Another Basket!


My wife is the Queen of Storage. I’ll walk out of a room full of items in our tiny house as she sighs, “Where am I gonna put all this stuff?” Moments later I’ll return and everything’s gone.I have no idea where some of it goes. I leave large vases on the back room counter because there’s just nowhere to put them. I come back later and they’ve disappeared without a trace. I’ll search every cabinet

The Other Ladies of the House


I used to think of my wife and me as masters of our dwelling, and myself as Lord of the Castle.But the truth is: we are not alone.Side by side with us dwell The Dress Forms, more properly known as The Other Ladies of the House.I only recently learned this about them. I had always thought they were just dummies. Then I learned otherwise.“Where do you want that thing?” I asked one day, as we



Ah, brilliant!Thank you all exceedingly. We can't wait to get out and strut. See you all this weekend! I'll respond to you all soon!Blessings,BILL

Easter Parade


Hi ya, Gang!My dear gal was most insistent that she be properly escorted to this gala event – and who better for that task than yours truly?And as long as you all are helping her choose just the right Easter Bonnet, perhaps you can help me as well.I’m stuck on these four:Here’s a dapper twist on a classic look: an extra bit of tweak on the brim, and that dashing gray . . .Here’s the reverse of

I’m Thankful


We walk up to the checkout stand with our cart full of food – and I realize I left the checkbook at home.“Oops!” I smile sheepishly at my patient wife, and race out the door toward home.At the edge of the parking lot with her sign, that woman is there again, with her now familiar long scraggly hair, one bad eye, and a nice smile. I’m not sure she knows she’s smiling. Suddenly, I’m a bit annoyed.

When Irish Eyes are Smiling


HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAYThis was one of my Father's favorite Irish TunesThere's a tear in your eye,And I'm wondering why,For it never should be there at all.With such pow'r in your smile,Sure a stone you'd beguile,So there's never a teardrop should fall.When your sweet lilting laughter'sLike some fairy song,And your eyes twinkle bright as can be;You should laugh all the whileAnd all other times

All I Really Need to Know About Marriage I Learned from My Chiropractor


You never know where you’ll find life’s wisdom. But for marriage advice, I do know a great source: my friendly neighborhood chiropractor.I’ve picked up some real gems over the years from a couple of these smart ladies. Here are my favorites:The Top Three Chiropractic Marriage TipsTip #3: Straighten up.When I deal with my back, I don’t look like a slouch. And when I deal with my stuff, I don’t act