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A Fenland Beary Blog

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A Harvest Widow...........................................................


Well the wheat is under way!!For the past 5 years I have been a lorry drivers wife,before that I was a harvest widow.It's long hours but hopefully we will manage to savesome money for that newer car.I have to say it's been a rude awakening, followed by dull realisation. My mind had dimmed my memory of it all.It takes me a few weeks to get into the swing of thingsbut I am sure I will get used to it soon.It has meant that I went clothes shopping last weekAm I terrible, his first bit of extra, went on clothes for me.In my defence I have not bought any clothes in a year andthe last thing was a pair of shoes.As a mum on very little funds I always made sure my daughter had new things and some how you just getout of the habit of buying for yourself....................................I bet you are the same??Here is what I bought............and I got myself some black linen off ebay to make a skirtI have to admit I am a bit of a haphazzardseamstress but the result is not half bad,even if I say so myself LOLOL Here is my pattern, bit basic but it works for me  and here is the finished skirt I have to say it took mealot longer than I thought it would(most of the weekend, LOL)Beary hugs for nowSue xx [...]

Spring Cleaning........................


Today is the start of a new era, a new life…………………………………….no longer am I a slave to disorganisation, poverty and chaos!!!!I know at this point my fellow blog fans you are wondering if I have lost the plot, I haven’t (well just a little, maybe)I reached a turning point in my life yesterday and I would like to share it with you. I had a few Eureka moments; these bolts from the blue do seem to be like buses, none for ages then loads at the same time.The first was a chance conversation with a work colleague about buying cars and the second was reading a truly wonderful blog by The Shabby Nest My mind is a whirlwind of ideas and hopefully I will be able to explain in a bit more detail over the next few weeks.I have made a blogging calendar, only from Microsoft office but my plan is to put that at the front of a folder and organise my blogging. Are you like me? You have great ideas for blog posts then they are stolen from your mind, never to return. I have so much happening that I could write loads on all sorts of things but I end up sat in front of blogger with a blank mind…………………..well no more!Cars, we have one good one and one not so good, as some of you may know my hubby changed his job after we got back from our holidays and needs to travel to work again. We have an old Jeep that does about 2000 miles a year (it tows our caravan too) It is getting on a bit and needs replacing. Money, that dreaded thing, is always an issue on these matters, so after my chance convo with that colleague, it got me into thinking how much money would I need to buy a non-too-old replacement. £6000……………………….yes £6000 would get us a 5 year old diesel with lowish miles. Ok PANIC setting in here, not a cat in hells chance, I thought. I have to say it niggled at me all afternoon, so much so I worked out that I would need to save £181 a week to buy the thing on the 1st March next year. Now your saying “not a cat in hells chance” LOLI have a plan…………………………………………..I created a little spreadsheet (I love spreadsheets) and each square is worth a pound, save a pound, colour a square.I figured that if I reach for the stars then I may end up in the clouds.Wish me luckSue xxx[...]

Holidays, bears and jobs………….


  Well we are back from our hols, all relaxed and raring to go…………..I wish. The holiday was brilliant, such a relief as some of you may remember we had such a miserable time last year. We went to Haltwhistle in Northumberland, it’s just near Hadrian’s Wall and to be honest it’s stunning, hilly but stunning. We did lots and lots of walking, as well as the odd bit of sewing. Hubby was great, on best behaviour LOL. This was mainly due to being less stressed as he has changed jobs and started the Monday we got back. He grew up in farming, it’s in his soul and he has missed it so much these last 5 years. Needless to say money is non-existent at the moment, well what’s new!!! Here is the view from Housestead, a Roman fortress at the Wall    …………and here is Dixie, waiting for her master to come back from his shower!!!!!  On the beary front I have listed 2 new girlie bears on my website and I have plans a foot…. ………………………..but I am keeping mum at the moment,  hopefully I will be launching one of my projects at the end of July, beginning of August LOL.  So Beary hugs for nowSue xx[...]

Uni's, life and cheesecake....................


Well, as ever, I have been a busy bee. After the sucess and hard work that went into our bedroom I did expect a quite week......................................(devilish laughter)It was not to be!!!!!So far I have re-sorted Lincoln University...........and student finance...............finished a commission bear.......put together several other bears........drew a new drew pattern........booked my holiday..........had a fight with 3........then had another fight with a collection agency.........had blood think I may have missed something,Oh I know, cooked, cleaned, been a taxi and done a full time jobLet me start at the top, one's darling child didn't check if her already gained ucas points would be accepted at university if she chose to do a full time degree at Lincoln. Hence the reason for opting for part time.She suddenly had a brain wave about it and I had to call them, not expecting to get a positive result, you can imagine my amazement when they said yes, the full time entry requirements are the same as the part time ones !!!!!! Note to oneself, always, always check the facts!She has now been accepted to study Law and Chriminology full time next year and she needs 160 points (2 C's)By the way she is 20 tomorrow :OI have also just finished this sweet little bear, sorry about the picture, it was taken in a hurry. She is a keepsake for a new baby and is called Harriette.I have booked the hols, we are off to Haltwistle, NorthumberlandIt should be really good as it has 22 ringed walks from the siteand Hadrian's wall is only 3 miles won't recognise me when we come back, I will have lost so much weight LOLOL I wishDieting I seem to be stuck at the 17 stone mark, which is a loss of 1 st 8 lbsI blame Baked and Delicious myselfThis is their cheesecake, which I have repeat made several times sinceI am busy getting ready for Kelham, which is on the 26th JuneHere is a selection of bears, who are waiting for dressesand aging, plus noses................and here is some gorgeous hand dyed mohair, Yummy isn't it, that is currently being stitched into little onesWill tell you all about my heroic stand against 3 another time.....................vat returns are waitingBeary hugs for nowSuexxx[...]

What a difference a day makes..................................


Horrible isn't it, this is my bedroom or was!!!!A chance conversation with my other half led me to believe that this monstrosity had been paintedYou can imagine my face when I came home friday to discover that it had not been painted and how on earth did I think that it would be when we have no paint!!! I ask you, he says LOLI have to say I was gutted, when funds are limited there are certain things that have to go by the way side and decorating is one of them.Due to very pouting mouth and near tears, he promised to go out the very next day and get some paint, YAY!!!We have lived here for 10 years and have not done a thing exept the odd lick of paint. So the house is well neglected.I have to say the draw of buying mohair does tend to overshadow all else in this house.Anyway, paint chart in sticky mitts, off we pops to Homebase.Along the first isle was a trolley with some wallpaper in it,not expecting to find anything nice, I gave it a cursery glance,hubby, on the other hand, delved right in. He loves wallpaperand is very opinionated on the subject, even down to the colour!!(our very first argument was over wallpaper LOL)You can imagine my surprise when he found 8 rolls of Arthouse, vintage paper at £1.50, even better they werehaving a 15% day so it cost £1.27, you can't beat that.Here is the resultWhat a difference, amazing, in one short day we have treansformed the roomThe cost ...............wallpaper ...............................£8.89.........curtains ................................£9.99.......crystal (plastic) chandelier........ £ cushions...................... £ .......................................£38.86..............the throw I bought about 6 years ago and refused to use until I had a nice bedroom A bargain all round really.As for bear making I only had time to finish a little commission,so me thinks I have a bear making weekend coming next weekendHope you like it..........................and the moral is,you may be poor but you can have a nice house(I hope your reading this hubby LOL)[...]

A commercial dilemma.........................


I thought I would share a few thoughts about this topic; it’s a subject that sits uneasy in my lap.I started making bears 4 years ago and my inspiration for making them came from two very diverse bears, a sweet fluffy modern bear and an aged old style bear!!! I know opposite sides of the coin. The first few bears that I made were certainly in the more modern category of puffed cheeks and lots of fur. I loved them but my heart would just twinge, a pang of something was missing, do you get what I mean. So I tried my hand at an old style one……………………………..Nutmeg was his name and as I looked at him my heart skipped a beat. I still had lots to learn but my heart had found its place, I continued to dabble with the sweet trimmed cheeks or should I say wrestle, LOL. After awhile my hubby said to me why do you continue to make these bears, if all you ever do is moan about them? That stopped me in my track and at that point I decided to follow my soul. Fast forward about 3 ½ years to today and as I look back on that decision I have to wonder was I committing commercial suicide. All around us we are faced with such choices in size, colour but most of all style, the rise in popularity of Charlie Bears…………………………yes we have a few in the house, my daughter loves them and I too think they offer great value and are pretty cute………………………………well it makes me wonder, should I have been swayed by the market forces and continued my more modern design. I see fellow artist who make these types of bears sell frequently and sell well, eBay and facebook being a popular venue for them. Older style bears seem to be out of favour, selling at often below price and less frequently. It does test your convictions, while the bills mount and stock dipleats, should I be making the more popular "Charlie Bear" style? Whilst I pondered this issue over the weekend I completed two bears, they aren’t old tattered ones or modern fluffy ones but delightful traditional bears which will have clothes and I adore them…………………………..I have found my comfy slippers, my home.As for their commercial success, who knows, I love them and hopefully that love will shine through……………………………………. and yes I did make the right decision, even when times are lean I still love a good old fashioned bear, fads will come and go but a traditional bear will last forever.Here is a sneaky peak of them; they are for my new autumn collection (hark at me, the designer). I was given the idea by my daughter after a chance comment from a collector at a show……………………..the idea then just grew.As you can see we have no noses and they are un trimmed, LOL ( I always tremble at that bit) and they are naked.I hope, like me, you have the courage to follow your dreams.Beary hugsSue xxx[...]

The Devil on my shoulder……………………..


……………………….Do you have a devil too?? I do, my devil’s called “insecurity” I am cursed, like most artists with a one and mine is not a wee little monster but a huge one. Let me explain, when I am getting ready for a show I am all guns blazing for about a month, no time to think or stop, so my devil is kept at bay. After a show however he starts to flex his muscles and whisper in my ear. The things he says can be very hurtful, for example he tells me that I am not really that good at this bear making lark, he pops out at the most opportune moments and asks “what are you doing”, “what’s the point”.This weekend he has been very conspicuous and asked just such a question as I sat drawing out a new bear for a series of bears due for release this autumn.  I told him to get lost but he persisted.Joking aside I have been making bears for 4 years now, how time flies and I am still as insecure about myself and my bears as I have ever been, why??? I can only imagine that each bears is made with some of my love and soul placed in them and as such they are from my heart.  Like most industries in a recession, we, in the bear world are experiencing a drought, after all bears are meant to be a luxury, money is tight. I know it is for me, with rising costs for food and huge increases in petrol, I have seen my paltry bit of spare money disappear completely, so my head tells me it’s ok collectors do love your bears, they just haven’t any money at the moment but my wee devil says "nah, they don't like 'em". What's a girl to do, my motto is if in doubt sew and explore other avenues to display my bears.So I have joined etsy, I know its a bit hit and miss but you have to keep trying, don't you.If you are a fellow artist, who feels this way, at least you know you are not alone. If you are a collector, we artist understandHere is my new etsy shop Etsy This is Olive, who is available on my website Beary hugs for nowSue xx[...]

A Grand Day Out


On Sunday we went to the Peterborough Truckfest, they have various events through the year around the country. I bought the tickets for my husband as a Christmas present, as each year, when the event comes round we always say we are going but funds usually mean we can't, so this year I was determined to go.They have alsorts of things going on and celebrity guest.................Alex from Ice Road Truckers.I have to say i is not my cup of tea but the Custom Trucks do make it worth a visit, these things are amazingThis is my favourite, as you can see its a pirate themed truck, with "Stand and Deliver" written on the frontThis is from the film "Ghost Rider" ..............and Shrek.....Alex from Ice Road TruckersThe weather was a real treat, sunny but with a nice breeze, needless to say we all got a touch of the sun, including my hubbies head (I may be going grey but I STILL have plenty of hair unlike some, LOL)They were truely amazingMy only gripe was the cost of food, I had taken some supplies so it wasn't too bad.......................even the ice cream was £2 each!!!!This morning, true to form, for those that read my blog regularily, I have had a banking mishap!!!!Non of my doing, I awoke to find a company I had paid on the 18th had taken the money again, or so I thought, ha....................I am but a fool.Actually they have taken it upon themselves to alter their policy and not told anyone. They had taken money for a service in advance of that event...............a whole flippin month in advance, instead of paying when due. They have promised to refund but I am to be denied that service this time or they keep the money and I get the service.I can only begin to describe how angry I am, I have supported this bear frim the past 3 years, I have encouraged others to support them too. I have never once not paid even when things have been really tight financially and this is how you get your rewards. If it wasn't for the fact I would be cutting my nose off I would have told them they could stick it.On that sour bear note, I am off to sew, at least bears don't stab you in the backBeary HugsSue xxx[...]

Nottingham Bear Fair


 What a glorious day it was................a little too glorious, if you know what I mean.It was a little worrying that collectors would head for the sea and sand but we had nothing to fear.It was a really good day, lots of bags seen.I, as always, made too many LOL and came home with a few.Uncharacteristicly I have been all efficient and listed them on my websiteI have also decided to have a special offer until the end of AprilThis offer is available to anyone on my mailing list (you can join and take advantage LOL I don't mind)This is Elizabeth, she is about 15 inches tallShe is available for adoption at a special price of £111(normally she would be £148 including postage) This is Cloverand VictoriaJust head over to my website for a browse, I am sure that special beary friend will be waiting for youand don't forget I do layaway (upto 4 payments)Beary hugs for nowSue xxxPS diet..................quicky update, I am now under 17 stone xx[...]

One Proud Mamma


There is one thing that can be assured off in our house....................................its the mayhem that happens on a regular basis. This though is very good news, our daughter has been accepted into Lincoln University to study Law. The letter arrived on the Thursday and at 7am the next day she had booked us places to attend the Open Day, the following day on the Saturday !!!!! Yes I know we never do things in an orderly manner LOLOL.I can only say I am so so proud, in fact, exceptionally see Catherine left school with just 3 GCSE's and has worked so hard to get this far. She now has 5 GCSE's, a BTEC level 2, a Certificate in Finance (AS level A grade) and a Certificate in Business Studies (A level C grade) plus she is currently doing 3 A levels.......................She needs 300 UCAS points and she has 140 points already, so I guess that means my baby will be training to be a lawyer.  Here is a few pics I took of Lincoln and I have to say it was amazing, so much so I wanted to join up and go myself, not sure if they would have had me though LOLOLIt has a real nice atmosphere, so if you have any kids planning on going to uni, look at Lincoln its fabulousAs for my little furry friends, I ma busy getting ready for Nottingham and have nearly finished a gorgeous claret coloured bear who will be wearing a duck egg blue dress, matching knitted cardigan with knickers and all LOLOL Beary Hugs for nowSue xxxx[...]

Kelham and the bears


Well it’s been a busy few weeks, I have done my first fair of the year, killed my old pc, made a charity bear  and not lost weight BUT spring is coming and the birds are singing!!!!At the end of February I attended Kelham Hall for their first fair of the year and after November I had mixed feelings about whether this fair would worth the effort. I am glad to say that it was, as several bears went to new homes and as you can see from my picture I had been a busy bee. It was lovely to catch up on several collectors, especially those that couldn’t make it last time. This is Clicie, I made him for my daughter who was part of a fund raising event at college. Her and a few friends organized a cupcake sale and raffle for a children’s cancer charity called Clic Sargent. I just had to donate a bear and they raised about £140 which was brilliant, I am one proud mother. This is Mint Julep, he is about 13 inches and is for sale on my website or by clicking the available bears tab on my blogAnd finally we have Miss Darcie……………………………she is a real sweetie at about 15 inches. She is wearing bloomers, petticoat, chemise and over dress, all made by myself. She is available for adoption on my website too. Beary HugsSuexxx[...]

The Diet................................Week 3


Well last week was a bit of a wash out, I was really good all week then blew it on a piece of lemon cheesecake.
It just goes to show what small amount can upset the apple cart, I didn't loose any weight. So this week I have renewed determination.
The thing that was lacking was willpower, it's a very funny thing this will power lark. With it you can conquer the world and without it you stagnate, vegetate and slip into oblivion LOL It takes willpower to do all things, some things only take small bits of it and others things are monumental in effort. Dieting is strange, in that, it can be effortless and at other times it can be of epic proportions. Last week was one of those epic moments. When I first did this diet years ago, my willpower was rock solid, I had been so heavy for so long it was really effortless to stick too. Now I find that its so hard mentally to keep on track..................................its all too easy to say "just the one, it won't hurt" but it does, every little cheat, every little bit of extra mounts up and then you easily slide into a spiral of downward hate, hate of the diet and hate of oneself for not being good at it.
The key is to give yourself a break and say "you know what it's ok, think of the bigger picture" in this case the bigger picture is a long term goal and will I really remember that this last week I messed up..............I don't think so.
I have always been a determined little soul, over the years this has been strengthened over the years through various issues I have dealt with, a very wise man once told me "focus on the solution not the problem" Eh???? It took me years to work that one out in my head but it so true, sometimes we can be looking so hard at the problem we close our minds to the this case DON'T CHEAT !!!!!!
If you are following this diet then you need to add dairy, in the form of yoghurts this week...............good luck
Beary Hugs
Sue xx

Smelling the roses............well daffodils at this time of year!!!


Today I have decided my life is too full of rush, rush, rush
So I am going to stop and smell the fresh air, it maybe spring air that's coming but I suspect its really a bit of north wind blowing across the fens LOL
It all started last night when I had a call from my mother................would I like to meet for a coffee at lunch today........................I hate to say it my first thoughts were that she wanted to tell me something aweful, all manner of things flitted through my she ok, my dad??? No she assured me, she just thought it would be nice. It was when I put the phone down I thought to my self, what am I doing, running around all the time and not enjoying life, to be fair to myself my life is all drama and tears sometimes so I can be forgiven for thinking the worst BUT it did make me think, so I am going to meet regularly for coffee, I am sure she will be so delighted as I really don't see enough of her.

My beary news.............................I will attending The Great Yorkshire Show held in Sheffield by Katie Rae all accounts its a great fair and I was thrilled to be chosen to exhibit (hubby doesn't know yet LOL)

I have also recently bought loads of lovely ribbon and plain ivory cotton to make those beary knickers

Doesn't it look frilly and frothy!!!
No bears I am afraid, I am waiting on steel shot :(
Beary hugs
Sue xxx

The Diet..........................Week 2


Just a quick post to let you all know how I am getting on.
It been a bad week for I have sinned..............those chips just lept into my mouth honest
In all seriousness this diet really needs no cheating so I feel a bit of an idiot but I literally had no money to buy stirfry mid week..........LOL
I hit the scales with some manner of dread this morning but am happy to say I lost 3lbs
I am now below the 18 stone mark at 17 stone 13lbs
So for week 2 and the delights of fruit enter the regime, now if you are joining me your fruit needs to be apples, pears that kind of thing. Tropical/Berry fruit is a bit of a no no as the fibre content is a bit lacking.
You never realised that apples are soooooooooooo sweet
Beary hugs
PS ........beary news later this week, I have great news.

The Diet......................Week 1


Well its been a bit tough, to say the least but I made it.
I have to confess I cheated, I had a hot chocolate each day of the weekend and the results reflect that, you really have to stick with this one and don't cheat
Ok the all important stats
Weight..............18 stone 2 lbs
Bust..............47 inches
Waist..............42 inches
Hips..............54 inches
So that's a 6 lb loss, previously I have lost 9lbs in the first week and although I am off to a flying start, I do feel gutted and annoyed with myself, its silly because its a great loss and I am sure reading this you will not understand but when you expect something and it doesn't work out it's only human to be disappointed, so forgive me. I am surprised though that I dropped 3 inches on the hips and waist each
What have I eaten......................eggs, low fat cheese, salad and stirfry with fish/chicken (I hate veg)
So onwards to week 2 and the diet remains the same for this week except for the hot chocolate!!!!
Beary Hugs
Sue xxx

The Healthy lifestyle......................preliminaries


Well No 6 on my list was to go back to my healthy lifestyle (diet to you and me but it sounds worse!!! LOL)So I am standing on the edge of the obyss, looking forward, non to happily but determined Some stats first...................................ouch, this is going to hurt            Weight............18 stone 8 poundsBust............... 48 inchesWaist............. 45 Inches Hips............... 57 InchesOverall size.... 26+Gee just say it quick and it doesn't sound so bad BUT needs must!!!!The healthy lifestyle I will try to follow is The South Beach Diet, now this diet is very miss understood and if you understand the theory behind it, it makes senseSo here goes.........................its all about how we process sugar in our food and how ALL processed foods contain hidden sugar.....................did you know that there was more sugar in a slice of bread than a teaspoon!!!! Shocking isn't it, so it matters not what you put in your sandwich cos you are gettting about 3 teaspoons in an average sandwich!!!!Sugar is broken down and released into our bodies at various rates, the less fibre in the food, the quicker the sugar release, the quicker the sugar release, the bigger body high you get from it, the bigger the high, the hungrier you feel and not to mention the craving for more!!!The idea is to eat high fibre foods so that the sugar releaseis slow and controlled, therefore less peaks and troughs and less cravingThe diet, if used properly, identifies what foods you can and cannot eat.Have you ever wondered why it is that you can eat sensibly but still not loose weight. Well for those, like me, who do not eat junk foods (crisps, sweets and chocolate) can never shift the pounds???? The answer is that you are eating a food or group of foods that does not suit your body.How the diet works.............................for 2 whole weeks you eat nothing but vegetables, lean meat, a few nuts and eggs. It's a corker isn't it, really tough BUT don't starve,eat as much as you can...........................YES no potatoes, no dairy, no wheat and tea/coffee must be black.....................are you over the shock yet???? LOLOLThe real clever bit comes in on week 3 whenyou introduce a food group, so in week 3 you introduce dairy and see what happens to your weight.It is individual to you, never introduce more than one food a week. I will be posting every Monday on my progress and you are more than welcome to join me, if you dare. Just remember that if you have a medical condition make sure you are ok to follow thisGood LuckBeary HugsSue xxxxPS you will notice a slight dizzy spell around Wednesday, it should be only brief, its the lack of sugar which the body can live without, if it continues or you faint then check it out with your GP xxx[...]

12 Random things about me....................well I'm gonna try


1. My daughter is the apple of my eye, we have had two children, our first was a little boy who only lived for nine days, he would have been 22 this year. I suffered from pre-eclampsia at 7 months pregnant. I caught whooping cough at 24 and passed it onto our daughter who was only 3 weeks old. I then suffered post natal depression and don't remember the first 9 months of her life.
2. I am an accountant by trade but what you don't know is I failed Accountancy in first year of a Business Studies degree, met hubby and never went back. I tried again at 27
3. I have a super strong sense of fairness, however much it hurts I always own up if I have done something wrong and I will always stand up and speak if someone is being miss judged.
4. I allergic to makes me fat
5. I suffer with long term stress, the bears have been my life saver
6. I got married at 21 and am 10 months and 24 days older than my hubby, we have been married 23 years, this year
7. I have always been creative, I nearly did a knitwear degree but the Business Studies won. By the time I was 17 I was designing and making knitwear for the shop my mum worked in, back in the 80's
8. I love learning anything, from how wind farms work to how cars run. I am constantly researching anything and everythings
9. I am an eternal optimist, am very rarely down but I am married to a pessimist
10. I have been so poor at times I have struggled to feed us. I never have enough money to go round but have always just managed
11. At 21 I opened my own clothes shop and ran it for 2 years until tragedy hit
12. I love life and want to live forever

Gee that was hard, sorry its so dour but I have had a bit of sad life LOLOL

Our roof.....................!!!!


Our, its needs replacing but now things have taken a different turn
Just before Christmas we noticed that the snow was still on the back of the roof and as the heat escaping had not melted it we wrong assumed that it was not too bad then !!!!!!! Little did we know.
Upon getting the Christmas decorations out of the loft, hubby shouted for me to come and see, I have to admit at this point I was not best pleased pre-christmas is a stressful packed time and me, heights and ladders DO NOT MIX. LOL
So up I go, head poking through the loft hatch, said in a terse voice "what!!!" 
What, indeed, I was greeted with a gap that ran the full length of the rear of the roof :O
Several months ago our neighbours were re-roofed and as they had smaller tiles on the rear we were no longer "married" to each other, I was assured at the time that it had been secured down and a gully had been placed between the roofs to catch any rain water.......................NO, their roof may have been secured but ours had been left with a 2-3 inch gap all the way down.
I took some piccies and am now awaiting their reply...................will keep you posted.
It made me think, though, if it hadn't been for the need for Christmas decorations, we might not have known for months, allowing the rain and wind to get into our roof space.
I have to say that I am not impressed with them
Here is a piccie, sorry for the focus but this is me with head just poking out of the hatch on wobbly feet and ladder, LOL

......................good isn't it
Beary Hugs
Sue xxx

Happy New Year


Well that is 2010 over, roll on 2011I normally see out the old year with a retrospective, depressive look is the way with optimists apparently LOLThis year I am surprisingly up beat, I have to say it is no small part down to my beary friends, both other artists and my collectors. Their support has been invaluable to me and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.It has an up and down year, not great big troughs but there certainly has been some high peaks along the way, coming 3rd in the miniature category of The National Teddy Bear awards and being nominated in the The British Bear Artist Awards, as well as having a half page picture in The Teddy Bear Times.The low point has to be the holiday in Moffat, the place was fine but hubby was not!!! Men. It did teach me a lesson, though.........................let him choose the holiday location!!!! LOLI am not into new year resolutions but this year I have decided to go for it, so here is my list.....1. Save for Christmas, £10 per week.............that should cover it2. Get Morrisons saving stamps every week, boy was that Christmas shop expensive!3. Stick to my food budget, no matter how appealing my hubby looks, when holding a rhubarb crumble4. Save all excess monies above the budget! Oh this one will be a toughie5. Learn to make bear clothes, real fancy ones6. Go back to my diet.............obviously all thorntons must be eaten firstSo by next Christmas I will be calm, slim and wealthy..................................miracles do happen you know, LOLOLI have just managed to pack a few last bears into last year too, both of them pressies, one for mum and one for my daughter. Hubby is now complaining that he wants a bear but it will be awhile as he wants a natural bear!!!!!Here is my mums bear, whom she named Archie  and here is my daughters bear...........ScarletSo have a great start to 2011 and I hope this year brings you all that you wantBeary HugsSue xxx[...]



Oh dear, my week just keeps rolling on, I had to post to let you all know of my latest misdemeanour. Some of you may remember many moons ago I kick my credit cards into touch, it was about May 2009 and I had letters telling me I would now have to pay 40% interest, at that point I said enough is enough and had a bit of a tussle with them but ended up with 0% interest and a shot credit record!! Fast forward to a month ago and I had a voucher from Next for £10 off if I spent £20 with free delivery code, great one hat and scarf set and a cupcake mug, done deal. If ever you have had the occasion to use the Next website its a bit of an internet minefield,  I just couldn't work out where to put the wretched delivery code and ended up with free delivery if you bought their catalogue (didn't want a catalogue), during proceedings I ended up on the confirm order page but as I was still trying to edit my delivery address (they don't deliver to a works address), my delivery code etc I didn't complete or pay, so I thought. An email then pinged into my in box saying thank you for your order !!!????? How, why and who was paying??? Going back to the Next account I discovered they had opened me an account with £150 credit limit..............what a surprise that was, I can tell you. All is hunky dory at this point, all I had to do was wait for Next to add the items to my wait and wait, you can't pay till you get a statement, you see. Oh well in the intervening time I then ordered a game, statement came through and yesterday I paid for the mug etc and planned to pay for the game next week. All is fine at this point, are you still following, it gets good!!!! While we were in Nottingham daughter saw a lovely cardi she liked so I thought I would be a lovely mummy and get her it as a surprise, order complete, email received. Then................................I just happened to notice credit limit ZERO............doh!!! whats going on 'ere then, a very confused middle aged woman looked at the screen in total confusion, never mind order went through, so it must be  glitch............................yeah right NOT!!!!At lunch time I thought better ring them just to see what was happening and here is the conversation that ensuedI said........I hope you can help me I am a little confused, my available credit seems to have disappeared...Next said.....I'll just check for you Madam.... (nice tone)......Yes your available balance has been withdrawn....I said.......Why??? (very confused tone)Next said......We regularly check our customers and have decided that on this occasion we would withdraw your facilities............(snotty tone)I said..........Why??? (now feeling like an idiot)Next said......We credit score our customers every month and OBVIOUSLY you have failed.......(very accusing tone)I said.......So let get this right, last month I was ok and now I am not........(flabbergasted tone)Next said.............Well something must have happened to your score, we check it every month, we are responsible lenders..........(clever tone) I said..............I can assure you that it hasn't ............(slightly peeved tone)........ So last month I had £150 to spend with you and now I have nothing.......(annoyed tone)Next said...........Yes Madam......(you are being difficult tone)I said............You call that being responsible, I could have spent upto my limit a week ago and you could have done nothing about it. I think it is me that is being responsible by NOT spending up to my limit, don't you (really[...]

Going with the flow


Gosh what a week and a bit, I have had, I can't begin to tell you. I know it may appear that I have a very chaotic, sometimes traumatic life but these past few days have seen me go from the depths of despair to complete euphoria and back crashing to earth again.To explain the despair and euphoria would be very difficult................well lets just say blogs have ears and it would really cause havoc to explain, some of you are facebook friends and hopefully you will understand why it would be bad for me to go into details here. In my life I have met some very beautiful people and also some very evil ones, the latter I seem to attract in abundance..................why I will never know but I am an easy going person who just likes to be liked, maybe that is why people think they can do anything to me and I will just roll over and take their rubbish. I am normally an out going person, yet when I get hurt I shrink into myself and the melancholy me comes to the it was with great anticipation and delight that I headed off to Brighton for the British Bear Artist Awards. We had a bit of a car full with hubby, daughter and Chloe of Je Suis Lugly. Boy was it a great day out, at the new venue of Brighton Racecourse, hubby was on best behaviour, bless him. Well until the awards had finished and he said "come on lets go" !!!!!!!! ER NOOOOOO! what ensued then was a hissed domestic, I could have strangled him, everyone must have thought I was upset about not winning an award, so if you hear anyone say I was looking po-faced or was directed at hubby NOT the lack of prize LOLOLOLOL Men!!!!!!The bears were superb, how they managed to judge the awards I will never know, I have to say a huge congrats to Richard who won the newcomers award, to Marilyn for the Teddy Bear Times award, Sue Quinn and to our passenger Chloe for coming 3rd in her category.It was so nice to meet artists with whom I have an internet friendship but have yet to meet up with and those that I know already, Marilyn (Barling Bears) is a darling, she is the nicest person you would wish to meet and she is every bit as sweet as her bears.I also met Dawn (The Old Post Office Bears) I have admired her bears since I first saw them on ebay and they do not disappoint in the fur, well done to her too for her awards, she said the most kindest think to me about my bears, it really lifted my spirits after such a shocking week. I was able to catch up with  Sue Quinn...............what a truly fabulous lady and oh I am so going to buy one of her bears ...........................oh oh and I want a Bisson Bear too. (sucks thumb whilst pouting)The busyness didn't stop there as we had to travel to QMC at Nottingham the following day, gee was I tired last night, did a bit of retail shopping..............well I didn't (I am broke, again, spend my life being broke LOL) but daughter got a very nice handbag from River Island.................another one, she tells me that one can never have enough handbags, um thats me a fashion pariah then.Finally I have listed my BBAA Nominee's on ebay, they deserve to be loved instead of sitting on my stuffy shelves, I know they weren't stars on the day but they are stars to me If you have a chance take a peak and a punt...............................................Tallulah dragonfly and Caledonia Brae EbayBeary hugs for nowSue xx[...]

Community spirit, Ruby and Amethyst


Well its been a week, of snow, snow and more in the scheme of things, to be honest, we have not had the likes of Yorkshire or Scotland BUT we have had enough to halt proceedings. I am sure as you get older you become more aware of the dangers and more scared of what will happen. Twice I have had to drive in extreme snow, not just a few inches but serious getting stuck stuff, I would not have done this except for getting to my daughter, to make sure she was safe, was my priority. I was watching the news the other night and was struck by the fact there are still a good community spirit out there. Years ago we lived in a tiny hamlet and I have to say our neighbours were great, we all got snowed in badly one Christmas and the two local farmer took turns in their tractors fetching supplies, my husband worked for one of them and they would go and get a shopping list from every house, regardless of who they were or how grumpy they had been in the year over mud on the road etc....................anyway back to those news reports, midwives getting lifts on tractors, a lady taking shopping to an elderly lady, an gentleman clearing paths, two young kids digging an old man's car out...........the list goes on. I felt really sad when the reports finished, in fact quite tearful. Why.........................I had forgotten how lovely it was to be part of a community, all be it, a very small one. Where we live now, we are all in our own isolated little worlds, so near yet so far. You never realise how good something is until its gone.Not being able to get out without risking life and limb has meant my cupboards are now bare, empty....................starvation is knocking on my door!!!!!!.  I no longer have those neighbours that check if you need anything. All was nearly lost tonight I had a last few sausages in the freezer and had planned pasta with sausages in pasta sauce. I opened the sauce and it was rank, still in date but air had got panic set in till I found a tin of potatoes and some rice. We will have to attempt to get out tomorrow, we literally have nothing left to eat. Luckily hubby will be driving.As for the week itself, apart from the usual guilt on not being at work, I have had a very very good beary week..................I have sewn 4 bears and finished 2 of them. They are Ruby and Amethyst.........This is Amethst, she is now on my websiteFenBeary Folk and this is Ruby, on the same pageI have also found time to add Page to Ebay I have added a new page to my blog.................Available Bears and worked out how to add a shopping cart. It will take me awhile to add my bears but don't forget to keep an eye out for additions. I have given my website a well needed update.......................I have also realised that it takes as much time to market ones bears as it does to make them!!!! I really need to win the lottery, pay the mortgage off and live this life all the time but with milk, potatoes, bread.......etc LOLOLOLBeary Hugs for nowSue xxxxx[...]

Winter blues!! Not likely


 This is my world, it was taken just before another downfall at middayI have to say I am very very lucky that I have a boss who doesn't believe in his staffrisking their lives and he does live in a rural location, which means he is aware of how dangerous it can be. I do feel for anyonewho has a less than understanding is just not worth the risk, is it?I have been busy, taking the opportunity to update my website, send a mailing list emailand cut out and sew a big bear.......................oh to just have one day a week just for the bearsYeah I know I spent all weekend finishing two commissions while my poor hubby did the housework!!!! But to make bears full-time (big sigh) I would miss my day job though LOLOLAny way onto the beariesThis is RufflesHe is available from my websiteRuffles................and this is Benjamin..............available from my websiteBenjaminI have also listed a few more, just in time for Christmas FenBeary Folk.......Girlie bearsFenBeary Folk Mini bearsFenBeary Folk Old style bearsI have also listed Phoebe on ebayEbayAnyway, stay warm, stay safe and remember is it really worth getting hurt for !!!Beary HugsSue xxxx[...]

Stand by your fair!!!


Well that's the last fair for the year, all but a memory now and I have to say it is a sad one, when it should be a happy one. I only do 5 fairs a year, this year I did 6 with the addition of Bears to Collect Huntingdon one. I adore them, to go chat, laugh and catch up with both artist and collectors is such a joy, this last one though has left me feeling morose and sad. You see my husband won't let me travel too far, not sure why, I can only imagine it's because its a big bad world out there and the wolves would ravish me in a second if I stepped out of his comfort zone!!!..............yeah I know I am 44, a wife and mother, have experienced the worst that life can throw at me and came out smiling not to mention that I did go half way round the world at 19 to Australia, all by myself, I rest my case, you honour!!Why the sadness, well its because of the lack of visitors. I'm not talking about buyers, just good old fashioned browsers. I have never really seen fairs as sellers dream, many collectors including myself can't just buy what we like when we like and we have bills that mostly take our hard earned cash, so buying loads of new darlings to take home is a mere dream. Often I will flag an artist who's bears I would like to own and save for one. Fairs are and were never about selling, they are a shop window into our world, they are about who you are and what you are currently making. I know in the age of websites, forums, facebook and blogs fairs seem a tad old fashioned but you can't beat a bear in the fur. Don't get me wrong we all like to sell bears, its a way of knowing that you are doing good but every bear sold is a bonus.I know that there are a lot of things that influence attendance from the weather to what else is on at or around that time but you don't have to buy, just visit. We are in fear of loosing those fairs that have been going awhile, they may seem jaded compared to the bright lights of a new fair but they are still great days out. Many years ago there used to be lots and lots of shows up and down the country, I hear bear artist reminisce over the good old days, those fairs were lost for one reason.......................lack of attendance, it becomes a vicious circle, as visitors fall by the wayside so do artist. Make 2011 the year when you say I may not be able to buy but I can support this industry by attending fairsHere is my stand, I hope you like itThis is Phoebeand this is RufflesBeary hugsSuexxx[...]

Bears, cars and more bears


What has been happening in the Pemblington household since I last postedWell I have, as ever, been very busy with stuffas well as bearsThe car was taken for its annual mot, not a big thing you understandbut major for me as I have what can only be described as a phobia over it................................years ago when my daughter was little, our car failed 3 times and was kept on the third attempt, so I do get very jittery.Anyway it failed, only on a few small things but it soon mounts upand wouldn't you beleive it, it took just slightly more money than I had to my name!!!!Story of my life, that one, LOLOL. My husband was involved in an accident, he was shook up but fine.........and as much as he is a pain I do love hime facthe has made me both very angry and proud this week!!!The accident was not his fault, as a ven decided to squease in front of him to trun leftand he was going straight round the roundabout to the next exit.As per usual a van had tried to out run the lorry, to nip in if ever you are tempted....don't, he really thought he had crushed the van as it disappeared below his windscreen.I, myself have been to the docs. It started awhile back with pain in my earand has just continued, it feels like I have water in it and it aches.At night if I lie flat by 2am it is throbbing so much that it wakes me up.So off I goes, not a frequent visitor, you understand....................................that in itself should make the doctor sit up and take note!!!But no he was perplexed when he found no wax, dismissed half my symptomsand told me that he supposed I "could" have fluid in my middle ear, no kidding.Upon getting home and doing my own research on the internet (don't like those medic sites-they put the fear of god into you and should have a health warning themselves)I found that symptoms did fit a middle ear infection and the throbbing at night was the fluid pressing on my eardrum, because I suffer nasally, my synuses were filling up and making it a whole lot worse.Really if I don't see another gereatric doctor in my life I would be one point I thought he was going to pat my knee and give me a lolly pop. Enough about me and my continual woes, here are some new bears that I have been working onThe first is Bethany, she has been the subject of some debate over her name but I think Bethany suits her.She is 14 inches tall and her outfit was made entirely by myself.I am so thrilled with her, due to my constant lack of time I always felt thatI could do more in the way of clothes, so this time I was determined This lady is Patience and she is even bigger at 17 inchesThey will both be making their debut at Kelham Hall on14th November 2010Please come and say helloBeary hugsSue xxx[...]