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vintagesusie & wings

Welcome to vintagesusie & wings! I am an Artist and a Dreamer, a Lover of Vintage and Sweet Reminders of the Past. This is my EXPLORE, DISCOVER and DREAM. To Embrace My PASSION, Trust my Heart and ALWAYS Follow My BLISS.

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Handmade Rag Doll made by Moi


  Oooooh La La... I don't know why, but I think this sweet, little darling looks like a Frenchie! Maybe it's all the layers of vintage doilies I've wrapped her in...     or maybe it's the pompom on top of her head that could be a beret, or maybe it's the Marie Antoinette ribbon tied around her neck, but I have to say... I ADORE her!     I adored her so much, that I had to make

6 Weeks in Europe with a 22" Carry-On


  Greetings Friends!!! With only 12 days to go until my BIG Adventure, I'm starting to KIND OF stress out about trying to fit 6 weeks worth of clothing & other necessities into a 22" carry on and a shoulder bag! I have done LOTS of research on this, as that's just how I roll, but looking at pictures & reading others suggestion's is far different then doing the REAL thing... THUS I

European Vacation...Oh MY


    Greetings Friends!!!   I'm soooo very excited about my upcoming trip to Europe this summer, only 3 weeks until Bon Voyage time & I can hardly wait! I will be spending 6 weeks traveling through Germany & England & I am truly exhilarated & terrified all at the same time, is that even possible? ;)   Reasons for my exhilaration are pretty obvious...   6 WEEKS IN EUROPE!   Reasons

Huntington's Disease & Learning to Live


{my family at Disneyland in 1958}   This is a very personal post. It's a post for me, a post for others who  may have experienced this strange phenomenon, a post for those in the Huntington's Disease community, a post to expose my weakness, my desire to heal & my prayer to find peace.   You see, I've spent most of my adult life preparing to die young.   A statement like this requires

To Shower or Not To Shower


    To shower or not to shower, that is the question! I know, what a stupid & silly question that is...of course the only sane answer is to shower. Or is it!     Now maybe my aversion to showering can be blamed on being born in the 'PSYCO' generation. Having seen that movie 100's of times, it does prove a frightening fact... that you are quite vulnerable while alone in the  shower

Timing is Everything


  "Timing Is Everything" by Garrett Hedlund When the stars line up And you catch a break People think you're lucky But you know its grace It can happen so fast Or a little bit late Timing is everything You know I've had close calls When it could've been me I was young when I learned just how fragile life can be I lost friends of mine I guess it wasn't my time Timing

My Journey into Blogland


  That's it right there...that was the moment that I had an epiphany, sitting in the Barnes & Noble in Baltimore on a vacation to visit my brother. I picked up my very 1st copy of 'Artful Blogging' & I was hooked! It was May of 2009 & I read this addition from cover to cover while sitting & drinking my Mocha Frappuccino & all I could think of was...this speaks to my inner soul. This is

More Vintage Christmas Ads!


  Well here we are again, just a few days away from the Miracle of Christmas & I'm thinking...'What would be a fun thing to blog about?', when I remember one of my most popular posts was the one I did 3 years ago on... Vintage Christmas Ads!   They always make me smile & even provide a few Holiday chuckles, which is always appreciated right about now.   For example, look at the

Vintage Handtinted Christmas Postcards


Happy Holidays Sweet Hearts!!! I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving, with Christmas right around  the corner. I adore the holidays, but the older I get TIME just seems to get away from me. Sooooo before it gets too far into the season, I'd love to share some of my favorite Angel & Christmas Vintage Hand Tinted Postcards with you. There's so many ways you can use these gorgeous

The Birthday Book & A Hopeful Reunion


  Greetings Sweet Friends... What a wonderful summer we've had this far, so many adventures shared with loved ones. We just got back from Casinos in Nevada, National Parks in Utah & my Sister's Ranch in Colorado, all with our grandson Kai...the perfect vacation!     But today, I want to tell you about a little book I bought at an antique store years ago, it's well worn  pages

My Vintage Victorian Bride Art Paper Dolls


  As promised, here are my first two Vintage Victorian Bride Paper Dolls... didn't they turn out CUTE! Above, I have EMMA, her dress is the bridal gown worn by Wyona Rider in 'The Age of Innocence', one of my FAVORITE movies!     My second doll is Susannah, a Gorgeous 1880's Bride wearing an original gown from the period I found at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you adore

Here Comes The Bride


   What a beautiful day it is up here in our mountain paradise. All the windows & doors are open & there is such a soft, cool breeze blowing through the house, I love it!      Speaking of love, ;) we were just at our dear friends, daughter's wedding, which was absolutely stunning & so filled with, there's that word again...LOVE.    Love, the stuff that beautiful brides are

Happy 4th of July!!!


{digital tinting by vintagesusie}   Greetings Sweet Friends & Happy 4th of July!!!   I hope you have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend filled with family & friends, yummy food, a parade or 2, a box of sparklers, some Shriners, the Fife & Drum Corp, vintage cars, water balloons, a Spectacular Firework Display & a chance to thank your local hero's for all they do to make our nation GREAT!

Freedom Don't Come Free


Greetings Friends & Happy Upcoming Fourth of July!! This is my annual post that I wrote a few years back, but I continue to repost it because for me... it truly says it all. Enjoy! "Let the world go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans,   born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and

Vintage Family Records


Happy Monday Friends... If you have followed me with any regularity, you already know that is my passion.   A couple of years ago after watching a few episodes of 'Who Do You Think You Are', I became really interested in finding out as much as I could about my heritage & where I came from. Through my research I came across these amazing Vintage Family

For the Love of Tombstones


  Greetings Sweet Friends...     Some may think I've been feeling rather morbid lately, but really...I haven't! I just have a true Love for Vintage Tombstones.     Whether you call them tombstones, headstones or gravestones, to me they all have a Sense of GRACE...     a Remembrance of Love & Mourning, Craved in Stone.      Living in Southern California, my local

Vintage Vacationing & 1968 Shasta Compact Travel Trailer


  Happy Memorial Day Sweet Friends!!! I've had a WONDERFUL Weekend filled with good Food, Family, Friends & Yard Sales...PERFECT!     One of mine & my husbands true Passions are for Buying, Restoring, Vacationing & Selling Vintage Travel Trailers.     We see each & every one of them that find there way into our lives, as diamond's in the rough...     just waiting for

'Call The Midwife' & a Vintage Lace Book filled with Nuns & Holy Metals


      Greetings Friends! Look what I've been doing... I've been making another one of my fabulous, if I do say so myself, Vintage Fabric & Lace Books.     This book is filled with Nuns, Vintage Holy Metals, Rosaries & Words of Inspiration...      with my inspiration coming from one of my favorite shows, 'Call The Midwife'.      I absolutely ADORE the Sisters in this show!

A Vintage Mother's Day Wish


     “A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us;     when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us;   when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us,   and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness,     and cause peace to return to our hearts.”   ...

Sister's & Vintage Matching Dresses...LOVE


    Greetings Friends... I hope you all had a lovely Springtime Holiday, we most certainly did! The end of April is always packed full of events with Easter & birthdays, but I LOVE all the Celebrations & it gave me a chance to gather some lovely images of vintage sister's in Matching Dresses.     I LOVE these sister's & their outfits. Look at the subtle little differences between

A Repost...Civil War Linen & Lace Book


Hi Friends!!! Did you know I've been having a love affair? A love affair with vintage lace, fabric, buttons & bows that is. I thought I'd show you another one of my Linen & Lace Fabric Books & I've made this one just for me...   Children of the Civil War. I adore old tintypes, they always catch my eye, but it's the images of children that I can't resist. Dressed in their finest, 

Love of Jewelry


     Having a wonderfully relaxing Sunday evening, kicking back & watching Forrest Gump on AMC...hope yours is relaxing too! :))   Just a little shot of a new necklace I made out of a vintage vermouth name tag, jet black beads & cool old it.   XOXO vintagesusie

My Civil War Story & Paper Dolls Too


  Union Woman   Good Morning Friends...Happy Thursday! There's nothing really special about a Thursday, but it's as good as any other day when it comes to finding your JOY...right! ;)     I have always been a HUGE history buff...I truly LOVE history, with American history being top on my list. I also love genealogy, peering through 100 year old records in search of a clue that will

Paper Bag Fairy Journals DIY


  Happy Monday Sweet Friends!!! A brand new week filled with nothing but possibilities... don't you LOVE it? I BELIEVE in fairies, do you? In fact, I know of a tiny fairy princess who's about to have her 1st birthday. Auntie has been creating some magic of her own, making paper bag Fairy Journals... Sooooo Adorable & SO Simple!   What you'll need... brown paper bags hole punch

The Art of Presentation


    Hi Sweeties, Don't you just LOVE... The Art of Presentation?     To me, how you present a gift is just as fun as the gift itself. Since burlap is my THING right now, well it's everybody's thing right now, I can't go wrong with a burlap bag, some handmade fabric flowers & vintage linens & lace as the tissue. Love it!!!    What's some of your favorite ways to present a gift?