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I am the newest member of Gold Canyon (Candles.Body.Home).
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On The Today Show!


If you haven't already finished your christmas shopping you might want to check out The Today Show today or

Scoring the Best Digital Deals:
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The last day you can order online to guarantee it by Christmas is December 17th and a lot of stores will be doing free shipping.
You can check out the stores on and you can sign up for an email alert.

A number of websites are buying gift cards from consumers and reselling them for a discount and verifying there authenticity. They run out very quickly! Make a wish list and they will send you an email when the gift cards you are looking for come in. Make sure you set this up to a regular email account not a work email account!

If you want to know when the big sales are check out to see if you can find the item cheaper.

Look for coupons, use a coupon aggravator might have coupons for the store or item you are looking for.

Thought it was was a pretty good segment on The Today Show and wanted to share it. Hope that this helps anyone that hasn't finished their Christmas shopping this year or you can save this email and use some of these sites next year.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Goodluck!

The Joys of having a BOY!


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Funny Photos


All photos caught on my cell phone, gotta love always having it close by.

(image) Miss Madison trying to work the shake weight without falling over.

(image) Walked downstairs to find Trestin with a handful of cookies with a HUGE smile on his face.

(image) Trestin in the corner because he thought it was funny to jump on his plate even after I asked him to pick it up and put it in the trash!
(Notice the diaper showing and his legs spread)

Madison and Trestin


Madison and Trestin playing but then I caught her singing along to the leap frog ABC's. Too Cute!!

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Madison's Photography!


The first 3 pictures she took with her camera back last year. The fourth one she took of Daren Christmas Eve! And the last photo I just found on our camera.
Pretty good for only being 3!


Our Lowes Trip


So Daren and I went to Lowes yesterday just to pick up a few things that we ran out of and as we were walking to the front of the store they must have just brought out these shelves full of merchandise that was 75% off, we must have walked up at the right time because we got some awesome deals!

Kitchen Light Orig. $135, we paid $35

Trestin's New Fan Orig. $49, we paid $12

Madison's New Fan Orig. $59, we paid $14

The Rokerij


If you have never been you have to go. It is an underground restaurant that makes you feel like your in a mountain.
It is very cozy and romantic.
Daren scored major brownie points with this restaurant!
Check out the website!


The little moments


These are those little moments that I love...




Daren is cross training into Air Traffic Control and will be leaving Luke AFB in July for school. December 1st we will be reporting to Columbus AFB where he will start his new job. We are very excited and can't wait to start a new chapter with our family.
So that means that our house will be going on the market soon. We will be super busy keeping it clean.
Keep you updated.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Daren's Project


The Before Picture

Here is where Daren Started working


And what it looks like now that he is finished.


The Story
Daren and I were given slate from some friends that were moving. At first we were thinking of making a walkway from our gate to the driveway so it would be easier to get things like the trash can to the road. Then we found out Daren got accepted to cross train into Air Traffic Control and we would be receiving orders to a new base after school was finished. Well as you can see from the first photo when we purchased the house there was nothing there but a long tube sticking out of the ground. Daren asked me what I thought of putting a water fountain in. I said OK and he told me that he wanted to use the slate that we were given. So we asked our Realtor about it and she loved the idea and said that it would bring value to the house. So now it is officially finished and I think he did a wonderful job. A job that could have cost us a few thousand dollars only cost us a couple hundred.

Christmas Eve and Christmas


Our tree before Santa's visit.Me opening my Christmas Eve giftTrestin already in hisMadison showing off hersDaren lovin his PJsMadison and IMadison leaving cookies and milk out for SantaDaren being SantaOur tree after Santa visited our houseChristmas Morning [...]

Flagstaff, AZ







The View

Daren and Madison going down the first hill.

Our Family and the Waldon Family


Madison's 1st riding lesson


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Check it out!



New Family Portraits


The Whole Family


Our Family




Trestin and Madison gettin down....

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Good News.....


Trestin saw a Cardiologist Saturday morning and they did another EKG and an ultra sound of his heart. No problems. He does have Acrocyanosis which means 'blue arms' but it has nothing to do with his heart. The Cardiologist said he thinks that Trestin might have food allergies or asthma. I will be calling his Pediatrician on Monday to schedule an appointment.
Keep you updated!

Another fun day in the grass!!


Trestins first 4 wheeler ride with sister.
(image) Then he got to ride by himself.


Madison jumped on the chance to ride with Brother.


Super cute!


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He started this earlier today and has been doing it non stop. Now everytime I call his name he turns to look at me, smiles, and then starts doing it.

Where's my candy?


Better hold onto your candy because there is a lil thief in town and he isn't scared!!!! Caught him in the act last night!


Happy Birthday!!!!


Happy Birthday Daddy!
We love you and hope you had a wonderfuil birthday!

Happy Birthday Emily!!

We had a wonderful time trick or treating with you.(image)

Trick or Treat!!


Happy Halloween!!! Blow up the photo to look to see Madison's reaction!Emily, Madison, Trestin (under Daren's head piece) and Daren Daren and TrestinMiss Madison going trick or treating Daren and Kyle (Very Scary!) Trestin and I trick or treating Trestin wasn't as afraid as Madison Madison trick or treating with Sam Daren still trying to scare Trestin He loves lolly popsMadison and Trestin by the end of the night![...]