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Matilda's Mouse Antiques

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“Perhaps Love”


Matilda's January Blog   Hello, My fans!  We had such a Lovely event!!!! I was dressed in my darling "little black dress", and my wonderful black net and pearl scarf.  Everyone just raved about how amazing I looked! Oh, the barn looked wonderful too.  There was a French bed with a umbrella over it made out of all vintage lace and linens. There was a fabulous apothecary cabinet out of an old pharmacy in New York.  It was filled with all types of love potions and perfume bottles! We also had a beautiful French vitrine, with lots of ormolu on it and all kinds of pretties inside on the glass shelves.  There were also a lot of vintage award ribbons that were made into Valentine ribbons.  If there were a contest for cuteness,  I'm sure I would win first place! There was lots of pink and red everywhere.  We even had a fountain with little red lights floating in the water. I thought that was cool!   We had a beautiful French birdcage filled with all kinds of moss and quail eggs.  I would have loved to eat one of those eggs,  but my mom didn't quite see it my way?!?   Wow!  My  Mom found this amazing French religious tapestry and brass church candlesticks.   There were old romantic statues, lovely fireplace mantels, beautiful antique silver and love was just in the air! Our customers were so wonderful and loving, we were able to raise a  nice little sum of money to help out our Courtney with all the medical bills for her cancer treatment.   Well, so much was sold that my Mom has been traveling to find more fantastic antiques for our next event! I'm sure you're so excited to see what I will be wearing next month....but you will just have to come and see!                             Kisses to all my wonderful admirers and fans,  Matilda[...]

December A Winters Dream……


This event was more like a winters nightmare to me! I had to wear a frilly skirt, oversized wings and a too heavy, too large crown!My Mom told me that “fame comes at a price”, so I got an attitude adjustment and got ready to meet my fans!!And did the fans come!!!  We were overwhelmed with customers all excited to see our amazing wonderland!  There were thousands of white lights everywhere.  Snow covered the ground. The table tops were full of lighted and vintage silver trees!There was also a beautiful fireplace mantel with a huge mirror and old church windows and wings even bigger than mine!Then there was an old, old fountain filled with sea shells, blue glass balls and jewelry.  It even had beautiful aqua water coming out of it.   There were lots of amazing old leaded glass windows……. We also had a great selection of old Christmas tree holders and so many fabulous  ornaments In the back part of the barn there were lots of traditional Christmas decor and beautiful antique pieces.  This was our last event of 2010 and we are now taking a break…. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night…..[...]

November Pink Christmas Event


What can I say…….it has been forever since my parents put my pictures on my blog! LOSERS!!! Well our show was pretty cool, I must admit! Beautiful Christmas trees, lots of vintage decorations, amazing church finds, and great architectural pieces! There was also this fantastic couch with all down cushions and lots of beautiful cushions and pillows! But I didn’t get to sleep on it! I had to sleep in this little wood manager with straw in it!!! That is just not right! There were also these amazing Italian candelabras that my mom had a hard time parting with. I don’t know why she needs anything with fat little cherubs on them when she already has me!! I loved all the bright pink and the vintage ornaments and shinny old lights! One Christmas tree was decorated with antique lace and vintage jewelry and even had chandeliers coming out from the branches! There were a lot of scenes of baby Jesus and the wise men from very large to tiny little crèche's to remind us of the birth of Christ. All the girls brought in such awesome finds, the whole shop was so amazing. All in all it was just wonderful and being the star of the show is exhausting! Kisses, Matilda[...]

Feather Your Nest…Our 10 year Anniversary Event!!!


Well we had such a lovely time.  The barn was filled with birch twigs, logs, and nests.  It was so beautiful and I felt proud to have had the store named after ME!   My mom dressed me up as a bird, with feathers on my head and all over my curls……it was silly, but it made her happy. There were so many amazing treasurers in the barn.  My parents and Gale just returned from a cross county buying trip and came home with the truck and trailer FULL!  They found this amazing Santos made of wood and plaster with glass eyes. The nests mostly came from Wisconsin, the “grandkids'”  collected them and lots of feathers for my mom. There was also this cubby from Minnesota, filled with fun pots and twigs, and nests and so on….. Then there was this 13ft mercantile table!  I had a huge log on it from Wisconsin with birds, and nests and hydrangeas and blue glass. There was another cubby, from  Minnesota, with large blue glass bottles that were filled with branches. Also a primitive green hutch top…… and a blue one too! Gale found this 10ft long harvest table in Minnesota, and it looked way cool in her area! Karen had this darling green European table……. And Alexa had this wonderful file cabinet and beautiful vintage bridal pieces. There was this picture of a beautiful Victorian lady….. and this amazing French bridal crown holder! NOW, there is this little issue of CATS!!!!!!!!! Turns out this cat decided to start living in MY barn!! Then, it goes and has 5 little monster kittens!!!  All I heard was “how cute, how adorable”  they were.  Well excuse me……but the last time I looked I was pretty “adorable” myself and after all, my name is on the building!!!   Anyway, the kittens were old enough to be adopted out so they were out on display, getting way too much attention! Fortunately they all found new homes!!!! But most of all, we want to say “ Thank You”, to all our wonderful customers for the past 10 years!!!! Kisses to all of you ! MATILDA   P.S.  Our next event is our Halloween show on Oct. 8,9,10. [...]

Our Annual Dot Sale!


There were dots everywhere! Even this beautiful lady had dots on her…… well her… know!! We had such a crazy time at our Dot Sale! It was so crowded that we could barely move! Our customers had piles and piles of items that they were from inside the barn and outside at our flea market! We had this amazing little cabinet from the Oldsmobile company with cool little plaques on it, someone just HAD to have it! My Dad made all these amazing balls or “dots”, out of old barbed wire. They came in all sizes and were so cool. We also had a way-cool wooden dental cabinet with marble lined top and shelf. I was glad to see it go, I don’t want anyone working on my teeth…. I kept looking at this huge clock wondering what time lunch was! Gale had his amazing buffet and cool zebra chairs, but I didn’t see any zebras around?? Also she had this small buffet and an old concrete Virgin Mary! There was a old traveling trunk, it had drawer and an area to hang your clothes up so they don’t get wrinkled on your trip, [my fur never gets wrinkled!] Margo had a wonderful harvest table, but without any “harvest” on it. I know because I was looking everywhere for something to eat! Lunette had lots of great finds, including a huge OFFICE sign! Karen had a really big “Dot” that was made from an old wooden mold. Also she had wonderful gold shelves…… and this cute little blue metal shelf and drawer thingy! Alexa had this HUGE mirror, which I loved, because I could look at myself over and over!!! I wore this darling polka dot skirt and a top with a mouse on it, but there were not any good pictures taken of me because everyone was soooooo busy!!!! You just can’t get good help these days!!![...]

Gardens and Gables English Conservatory Event


Well before I can start telling you about our last event, I must show you the pictures of the process of finding all the wonderful  antiques!  I didn’t actually ride on the chair, but it was so comfy looking that I just had to sit there for a while and of course, my dad, couldn’t resist taking pictures of me! Now, onto the big event!!!! I was dressed as a barrister  from the royal court of England. However, it was a bit hot and I just could not tolerate the heat!  Also, I was pretty upset by the appearance of a rather large bird, known as “Peabody” the peacock!  I feel that it was totally unnecessary  for that big flashy bird to be at my store! Well beyond that everything was beautiful! There was an amazing square grand piano, with a beautiful statue on top of it.  Also there were lots of cloches with old books and plants in them. Then there was a pond full of these crazy flamingo’s and they even all had names! They looked pretty silly if you asked me, but everyone loved them and several of them were “adopted”. The beautiful “conservatory” was so wonderful, lots of windows and lace and cozy places to relax and beautiful chandeliers! There was a lot of wonderful antique  English  Transferware, in lots of different colors. My sister, Charity , was visiting from Arizona and she did a lot of decorating with my mom. She did the “pink” section and the “industrial” section. They were both so fun and creative! All the Matilda’s girls did such beautiful displays with so many creative, fun ideas! Out front of the barn there were so many antique garden items, it was really wonderful!  All of our customers were so pleased and we were so pleased that they came to see us even in the Hot Hot weather! I did all I could to entertain my fans, but even a professional star like me, gets worn out! Our next event is Aug. 13,14,15. We are having our annual “dot” sale! There are lots of surprises in the works, that you are sure to enjoy!!    Kisses, Matilda [...]

From Sea to Shining Sea!


My Country Tis of Thee…… that we had such a great patriotic event!  Wow, everybody went crazy over the tent and wanted to move in!!! My mom did a camping from “Sea to Shining Sea” look up front, but  like old time camping in a canvas tent with all the extra’s!  It looked like a Victorian expedition. Then, of course, there was ME! I was in a darling old wagon with stars overhead, I looked SO CUTE! I wore my red and blue toile dress and a paper hat with “sparklers”.    All the Matilda’s girls got in the patriotic spirit and there were flag’s a flying everywhere!    We had so much fun creating this event, we usually don’t use so many bright colors. I was happy that I got to be in the wagon on top of the table my Dad made from old wood flooring and old pipes!   And the stars were shining……and the boats were sailing, well not really as there was quite a hole in the old boat, but it still glowed with the fish basket lights! Out front, it was crazy! That silly “David” statue had on a hula skirt and was playing a ukulele! There were more big stars, and flowers and flags oh my!   In the end, I was all celebrated out and ready to go to bed! [...]

Hawaii……..You have got to be kidding!!!!!????


  It’s unbelievable,  After all my hard work of looking adorable at our last event, my Mom and Dad took off for Hawaii and left me behind!  It was my human brother’s birthday, so they went over to see him.  Well, when have they flown thousands of miles for my birthday?????   My Mom gave some flimsy excuse about how she went antique shopping and brought back a suitcase full of smalls, but I know they didn’t go over there to shop for Matilda’s Mouse!   They took pictures of my brother, Joel, and his girlfriend, Jas, so I thought I would show you the pictures.    My Mom really likes her and thinks she is “adorable”.  I really don’t think my Mom should use the word, “adorable” unless she is talking about ME! They also went to a Chinese cemetery Oh course it was way cool and beautiful, but I didn’t get to see it! My Mom even took pictures of the rock fence because it had so much moss growing on it……she really likes moss I guess. They also went to King Kamiamia’  or somebody like that, palace!  I don’t have a palace, what’s with that?   And then to totally top it off they had a Birthday party for Joel and some fancy dancy place, but I wasn’t invited!!!! Oh, also my Mom almost got eaten by some giant leaves, but she made it home okay.  I decided to ignore everyone for a day and then they will realize that next time they go to Hawaii……I definitely need to be invited!!!   Our next event is June 18,19,20.  It is going to be very fun and unique!  I hope you can come and visit me, I WON’T be wearing a hula skirt. Kisses, Matilda [...]

French Garden House Event


 Hello! Wow what a beautiful event!!  There were fabulous French antiques everywhere and beautiful roses from our garden in amazing containers and sprinkled about and even on me!!!    My Dad and Mom built this amazing garden house out of a bunch of fantastic antique architectural elements! There were beautiful Victorian sconces and the most smashing gold mirror, painted buffet and dining set!    My mom did an display with different types of  vintage sprinklers and concrete garden animals!         There was a beautiful French armoire that was so amazing.  It was filled with beautiful treasures. Mike found some amazing one of a kind 9 ft tall Victorian English Pine doors.  Margo had great lamps that she had made out of an old can with a spout and a camera tripod! They were fabulous!!   Lots of antique bears and dolls!  Alexa had huge unique mirrors and lots of garden elements. Karen had a wonderful display of Bauer pieces and tons of items from her recent trip to France.   Gale had a great wooden display piece filled with shells and old mercury glass balls. She also did more of her fabulous pillows and linens, they are so over the top  gorgeous ! Well I have just gone on and on and I haven’t talked about the most important thing……Me!  Actually I got very ill. I had to take lots of medicine and have IV’s hooked up. I spent most of the show sleeping and cuddled up!   I’m getting better so don’t worry. I’m sure I will be front and center and looking adorable for our next event which is June 18, 19, 20.       [...]

Oh Mama Event!


Oh my goodness! My parents wanted me to look like a mom so they put these pink rollers in my hair, which is just silly because I already have beautiful curls all over! The shop was so darling, with so many antiques that any mom would love! There were tons of European enamelware, vintage shopping and laundry carts. There were also charming country cupboards, and beautiful hutches and huge chandeliers. Also, there were cool metal vintage letters and of course the word MATILDA was spelled out right up front because, after all, I am the star of the show!!! Also there were some really great vintage aprons and dresses, but they were all too big to fit me, [not everyone can have the wonderful figure that I have!!!]. Then my mom did something really silly, she had a statue of “David”, but she put an apron, wig and scarf on him to make him look like a mom! When Karen, Gale and my mom were in Texas they bought these amazing velvet jackets that were originally used by the “Odd Fellows”, in the ceremonies. People went crazy for those vintage jackets! We also had lots of cool old windows, a great chippy bed and Alexa planted some unique containers with spring flowers. At the end of it all I was exhausted from greeting all my fans and posing for photos!!! I hope all of the moms had a wonderful day! Our next event is our French Garden Event, and it is going to be soooo special!!! I know you will want to see me…….the date is May 21,22,23. Kisses to everyone!!! Matilda [...]



(image) Well, FINALLY! My parents are "so busy" that they could not post these adorable pictures of me from our Texas trip until now! Anyway all the great treasures we found will be at our next show this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 23-25 from 10-5. Hope you can see me then!!!

Easter In The Country Event


Well, what a fun Easter event we had! First off, I was the Easter bunny and I looked so adorable! There were a lot of Easter hats, Victorian milk glass eggs, lots of old concrete garden animals, vintage birdbaths and bird cages, fabulous handmade pillows, old church windows, architectural elements and tons of vintage rabbits! Then we had this not so little issue of a cage full of fuzzy yellow chicks!! They were very noisy, making lots of peeping sounds and taking attention away from me!I wasn’t  very happy about that! Then my mom had a table with lots of old logs on it with moss and little fuzzy fake chicks and I liked them better.  My mom, Gale and Karen left Friday ,right after our big rush , for Texas and the fantastic sales in Warrenton and Marburger. They will be adding info and photo’s from their trip!               In the end I fell asleep and one of those real chicks tried to make a nest in my curls! [...]

Moulin Rouge Event


Ou  La La, What an event we had!  Everything was so glamorous and especially ME!  I sat up on a pedestal inside a architectural piece from the movie set of “Titanic” I’m sure Leonardo De Caprio would love to been up there with me, but we didn’t invite him!  Anyhoo, We had so much fun! My friend “Sweetpea” came by for a visit. She wanted to be up with me, but  there just wasn’t room for two! There was an amazing iron bed with cherubs, and now we carry a fabulous line of linens from Australia and they are so yummy!  We also had lots of darling vintage clothes and hats and millinery  flowers.  The shop looked like a bit of Paris and I looked like a famous French dancer! All the Matilda’s girls brought in so many unique items that so many customers came back two and three times! I think it might be possible that they really just wanted to see me again!  Our next event is March 26,27,28 and it will be our Easter event and there are some really fun surprises planned! Hope you can hop on over!                           [...]

Love in the Twilight


I just LOVE Valentines! The shop looked so romantic, but really the chocolate candy that my mom sprinkled around was my favorite part! Anyway there were so many architectural items, old church windows, huge corbels, mantels and pediments. There were also beautiful pillows, bedding, tablecloths and lampshade covers that were all handmade by Gale. We had so many antique religious treasures,vintage clothing and amazing unique finds. There was also a special "Twlight" section. I don't really understand what that was all about but lots of the girls are really into the books and movies. Of course, I was the center of attention. I wore my "little black dress" and my black veil with the tiny black pearls on it. I looked very alluring and no one could resist me! Our next event is Feb. 26,27,28. I can't tell you about it yet, but it's going to be a real "production"! Hope you can make it. Kisses, Kisses, Kisses....Matilda [...]

White Christmas


Merry Christmas to all!! It's been snowing in Matilda's Mouse and everything is white and ice blue and sparkling! Even ME! I looked absolutely ANGELIC!!! I must admit though, in the beginning I would have rather played around in the snow instead of being such a angel. We had soooo many friends come to see me and they found lots of great antiques too! We had lots of architectural elements, wonderful antique religious treasurers, fantastic vintage ornaments and Christmas decor. We had a new "Matilda's girl" join us last month, Margo Rogers! She brought in lots of old English pine and wonderful unique one of a kind finds! All of the celebrating was so much fun and so much of work, even angles have to sleep sometimes. Don't worry though, I'll be all rested up for our next event on January 29,30,31....when it will all be about LOVE.[...]

The Magic Of Rembering Christmas Event


Hello Everyone,We just finished our first Christmas event and I am pleased because I finally received the carriage I deserve. How else is a princess supposed to travel!?! We also had a special guest, Heather Bullard from Flea Market Style Magazine. She came to take pictures. Of course, she was mostly interested in taking pictures of me! She took other pictures too, because she didn't want my Mom and the other girls to feel bad, but we know who was the STAR!! The show was so pretty, so much pink and green and shinny ornaments! We had a huge European drying rack that was covered with the vintage ornaments! There was also a beautiful velvet sofa with lots of carvings. There was an amazing huge pink mirror that everyone wanted! One of the girls, Gale, made a bunch of wonderful pillows and stockings and showed them on her awesome bed. Alexa, had an amazing mini conservatory and lots of awesome mirrors! Karen brought in lots of fantastic antique religious items and made some darling Christmas decorations. All in all it was just wonderful! I'm sorry if you missed the event and were unable to see me. Don't worry though, I'll be front and center for our next great event, our famous White Christmas Event, Dec. 11, 12, 13 from 10-5. Also, for all of you that love coming to the Betty Crocker Estate, it is now for sale. I know it is sad, and how badly you will miss me but my parents want to be "near the grand kids". I personally think that is wierd because after all...... they do have me!!![...]

Wickedly Wonderful


Everything is sooooo spooky! We just had our Halloween event and I was dressed as "Dr Matildastein" and I looked so important and wonderful! But, other than me, everything else was very creepy! There were mice and rats, bats and crows, and all types of things that go bump in the night!! We took a group picture, and yes I know, I look the most amazing of anybody! There was also an amazing European day bed that I sat on, but then some scary spiders crawled on, too! Also, there was furniture floating in the air and body parts everywhere. I'm glad that I'm so brave, so nothing in the barn scared me at all, not even that evil witch........and the dancing skeleton.........or that horrible ape head!!Anyway, I did like the pumpkins and the chocolate candy here and there!!!!! At the end, it's just plain old hard work entertaining the masses. I think I'll take a nap on the fabulous bed! Oh, I almost forgot, our next event is Nov. 13,14,15 and yes, it's the beginning of Christmas[...]

Harvest Moon Event


WELL FINALLY!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for what seems like forever to write to my fans!!!!! But as you know, I must wait for my human underlings to get the pictures of me and the shop on the web before I can create the masterpiece that goes with them! Anyway, I guess all the photos from our "Dot Show", in August, were lost. I know how disappointed you must be because, yes, there were a ton of darling pictures of me!!! Well, our dot show and flea market was a great success, but I still didn't see any flea's!?!? Tons of people came and I added so many new friends to my invitation list.Well, enough about last show. This show was our Harvest Moon show and the barn looked so fun. There was straw all over the floors, a bunch of tumble weeds had rolled in and found their way on top of several cupboards and hutches. As usual, I was the center of attraction. I was in a large metal bin marked "straw" on the out side and I sat a top a bale of straw, but I was covered in corn husks and had little bits of corn in my fine curls too. There was corn on the cob sitting all around me, but not one person cooked it up and slathered butter all over it so I could eat! Sometimes you just have to spell everything out.We had another great honor (besides me) at the show. We had our first customer that came from Japan so they could shop at Matilda's! Hiro Yakmoto is an antique wholesaler who had found out about us. So, he came to buy antiques to take back to Japan. Well, I'm sure he also came to see the "the great Matilda" because really, I don't think someone would travel thousands of miles just to look at antiques! Anyway, we had a picture taken of Hiro and my mom in the shop and she gave him one of our Matilda's canvas shopping bags for being the person who had come the furthest. Well, everything is all in a scurry as the girls start getting ready for our Halloween event! Wow, what a lot of great stuff has come into the barn! Can't wait to see you, and I know you can't wait to see me, too! I'm sure I will look spooktacular!!!!Kisses to all,Matilda[...]

Going Green With Antiques!


Wow, we just finished another great event! We are being very responsible by promoting antiques so that NO new resources were used! Of course a lot of energy was used by everyone petting me, adoring me, kissing me and in general excitement for being able to see me! I was all covered in green leaves, like I had been running through the garden, but really my mom just used hair glue to cover me with little leaves. We did lots of fun things to promote recycling. We made a dress out of trash bags and newspapers, we also used old newspaper to make a dust ruffle around the bed and pillows. My mom lined some cupboards with old player piano music to give a fun look. She also turned an old wooden toilet seat into a frame! One of the "Matilda's girls", Sandra, cut up old license plates to make magnets! Also, my mom put lots of bright green "reindeer"moss inside of practically everything, but I never saw any reindeer!?? Everyone was having fun seeing all the ultimate recycling projects......Antiques!!! I was up front in an old European goat wagon with tons of old quilts for me to lay on because I deserve to lay on soft and cushy surfaces! Perhaps you remember the old fairy tale, "The Princess and the Pea", well I'm quite the PRINCESS! Next month I am going to be in an article of "Vintage" magazine. It is a California antique guide and I'm sure with pictures of me in it they will probably have to print extra issues! Hey, I hope everyone will recycle the magazine when they are finished reading it......all of it except the pictures of me because most people will certainly want to frame them. Bring them in next month if you would like an autograph.Kisses,Matilda[...]

Sea to Shining Sea


Hello Everyone,We just finished our "Sea to Shining Sea" event. We had a "beach" and lots of seashells and patriotic treasures! I wore a vintage sunsuit and laid on the beach for much of the show and sometimes I sat in a vintage child's glider. But, no matter where I was, I looked SO CUTE!!!We also had a beautiful big mermaid out front and a 1958 airstream trailer that was all decorated inside. The entire shop looked absolutely beautiful! We also had so many of our friends and customers come even though it was quite hot. Also so many new fans came to see and pet and adore me! [Who could blame them!!] All the girls were so busy carrying out furniture and redoing the vignettes! We had such a wonderful time.The next bit of news is not so good. I have been very sick and in the hospital for several days. First I had a bladder and kidney infection and my kidneys became compromised because of the infections. I just got feeling better, except that I had to eat really crummy food that was a special "kidney diet".Then I noticed that my brother Alexander was still getting to eat the good food with ground beef mixed in. Well, I thought that didn't seem fair, so when no one was watching I ate his whole big bowl of food! I looked like a "stuffed sausage" and didn't feel so good that night. The next day I felt even worse and my mom got very worried and took me to the dog doctor. I had to be put in the hospital and have my stomach pumped. After I went home it appeared that I was getting better and then all of the sudden I started feeling really bad again. I had to go back to the hospital and spend some more time and have x-rays and tests and an ultrasound. They finally realized that I had pancreatitis!So I had to spend more time in the hospital and rest and have antibiotics. I finally got to come home where I am resting but not back to normal yet. My mom and dad are very worried because I am very precious and important and no one could every take my place!!Please keep me in your prayers, I'm looking forward to seeing you all next month. I'm sure I'll be all better and looking as adorable as ever. Our next event is July 24,25,25 from 10-5. See you then![...]

Enchanted Garden


Well we just had another wonderful event. I, of course, was the center of attention! My Mom covered me with flowers and I was just adorable!!There was a cool old fountain with a naked baby that was inside a beautiful gazebo that my Dad built out of old architectural elements!Also there was a neat old cubby thingy that had old french seed packets on it and cool stuff in the little cubbies. There was a very silly Italian made white pig that tried to steal some attention away from me, but really, it was definitely barking up the wrong tree!! After all who's name is on the front of the building: MATILDA!!! Anyway we had such a good time. The girls from "The Tattered House", in Roseville Calif., came to visit and they were so delighted to meet me in person! I have also included a picture of my assistant , Lynnea, she is sooo amazing and beautiful and takes really good care of me and my shop! Well my mom and all the "Matilda Girls" are getting ready for our next event. "From Sea to Shining Sea". They have found some amazing treasures that everyone is sure to enjoy. Of course, you won't want to miss seeing me, I don't know what I will be wearing yet, but I'm sure I will be adorable!!!!! See you at our next event: June 26,27,28 from 10-5.Ta Ta,Matilda[...]

Our "Queen For A Day " Event !!


Well, what a wonderful event we just had, with ME as the center of attention!!!! I spent the days laying in the middle of a CROWN bed! Where else would I be!?! Everything looked so "royal". We had a 1920's mannnequin wearing a pink velvet robe, encrusted with huge rhinestones. Of course, I should be the one wearing it but it was just too big!We also had an enormous church window with a cross birdhouse in the middle. An old wooden medical cabinet and a old mercantile cabinet filled with lots of treasures! One of my favorite things was an old black board that my mom wrote on about shopping at Matilda's being the correct answer!Sadly, the last day of the event, my parents let my brother, Alexander, be on the bed with me. Well as you know, that's just WRONG!!! Everyone knows that nobody cares about a 220lb Great Dane, he's just my body guard and I certainly didn't need him at that time! Only because he is so big, does anyone even notice him.Well in the end, we really wanted to honor mothers and I think we did a pretty good job. I want to wish all mothers out they a very special day, and if you ever need a litttle "lift", just look at the pictures of me and you're sure to feel happy!Our next event is May, 29,30,31. There are some wonderful surprises that your sure to love! I already have my outfit and will be looking ADORABLE!!!Can't wait for you to see me, and I will enjoy seeing all of you too![...]

The Treasures of Texas


well......... Finally, I'm given the opportunity to write to my fans again!!! My mom and dad have been so busy that they couldn't take the time to download all the fabulous pictures of me taken during the last several months!!!! Talk about a waste of talent!Anyway, I knew everyone would be waiting with baited breath to see what's new with me, so here we go..... I have been keeping very busy with all my shop responsibilities, looking adorable, hunting for mice, posing for photos, you know all the regular "star" stuff. We have been traveling a lot but pictures were not taken until FINALLY, this trip to Texas! My mom, dad, and several of the girls from the shop all went to Warrenton for the big show. They all found so much cool stuff that every inch of our trailer was stuffed! They all had so much fun, but were all worn out, which I cannot relate to because I, of course, was pulled around in a wagon! Like I'm going to get my precious paws dirty walking through all the fields! There were so many awesome places, one of my favorites was Garden Antiques, we got to meet Theresa, the owner who was so nice and of course she LOVED me and wanted a picture of me and my mom. Her spot was so filled with fantastic ideas and finds that I could have stayed all day! We also ran into Sue from Junk Market. My mom knows her from when we lived in Minnesota. She just wrote a new book, to bad she didn't get a picture of me in it?!So, I guess I should tell you who all came with to help take care of my needs. Gale Payne, Colleen Hancock, Sandra Finn, my sister Joanna, {who lives in San Antonio}, and my mom and dad. They all helped pull me around and carry me, except for Joanna, (it's a sister thing). She just won't admit that I'm more popular than she is! She is a lawyer so she thinks she's all so smart, but everyone knows, I'm the STAR!!Well, I didn't mean to get all side tracked. Our next event is April 24, 25, 26 and it's our Queen for a day event!!!! It is going to be so fantastic! Texas was a great source for many, many fantastic antiques! We can't wait to share them all with you, and of course, I know you can't wait to see ME!!!![...]

Girls gone wild shopping trip!!


Hello everyone! Well my mom and some of the girls from our shop went on another buying trip. I didn't get to go this time because it was too hot to take a precious dog like me across county! However, "Harold" a silly stuffed animal that my parents keep in the truck went with them and they took lots of pictures of him, [oh brother], why would they want pictures of another dog!!! Anyway here are the pictures from their trip and also pictures of our last event, "Feather Your Nest". I, of course, was the center of attention! I was in a "bird" house and everybody loved how adorable I looked!Our next event is Oct 17,18,19 and it is going to be really fun, spooky, dramatic and full of lots of great treasurers that my mom has been saving for this event!!!! The barn is full of fun! I hope you can make it![...]