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Reality Check


 So this is really how I like to think of my 19 year old. Yup, about 5 years old, dressed up in her favorite princess costume, headed to go and see Beauty and the Beast live. Below is a pic of her and her other two gorgeous sisters this past Easter. And yes, I did make them dress up in similar outfits, because again, it gives me that piece of fairy-tale, it is a perfect life that I so desperately long for, yet never have been able to achieve. (let me know if you have, because I want to know your secret!) I got an ugly dose of reality this summer, one I really was not prepared for. I was face to face with a teenager who is used to freedom at college, not really ready to be back home with rules and curfews. A teenager who really loves to party and is now, much to my dismay smoking, among other things, and really doesn't have much use for her parents, except for us to pay for stuff. The rational, semi-healthy side of me says, "it's a phase, you did stuff your mom would have died over too" (sorry mom, at least you never found out!) and the other part of me wants to jump into what I see as her drowning in the depths of the ocean (even though I am terrified of the depths of the ocean) and rescue her from what I see as mistakes being made.Our girl is SMART, going to school on a scholarship, and she works hard and her professors love her, and so do her friends.This past weekend I moved her back to college for her sophomore year. She was dying to get back and I was happy for her because she attends and amazing university in one of the most beautiful locations in the country, but I have to admit that I was a bit melancholy at the thought of not seeing her on a daily basis for several months. Although she is not very outwardly affectionate, she is my first born, and of course, one of the true loves of my life. Yesterday as we were finishing up with her move in, I was slapped in the face with the harsh reality that those feelings are just not mutual, and I guess that is normal. She is supposed to someday fall in love (hopefully with someone who loves God and her beyond measure, and treats her like gold, and if he were a genius, that would be a bonus!), be gaga over her own kids, and live a great life. I have to admit that I drove home alone and cried most of the way, for 4 1/2 hours on and off, no joke, and then proceeded to smother the two "babies" (13 & 16) that I have left at home once I arrived. I then crawled into my bed, with an extra large glass of wine, watched some football and fell asleep feeling quite sorry for myself.This morning as I was working and going over my notes from an event I attended, I ran across something that was said in one of my classes. The quote reads "If you are willing to suffer, then you will be willing to do the work of God." This really hit home with me. Suffering is just part of parenthood, plain and simple. Anything we truly do for the Kingdom of God will involve suffering, and as parents, we truly do not have a more important job than that of raising our kids. Truth be told, they are just temporarily on loan to us anyway. I know it is time for me to STEP BACK (my friend Clay, who has no children of his own affectionately calls me a helicopter mom, he has no idea what that really is, but I know reading this will make him happy), and just keep praying. We have loved her deeply, raised her well, given her good values, and now, it is time to give her the space to make her own way. She loves us just the way she is supposed to, and I am grateful God chose to loan her out to us.So to all of you parents out there who may be struggling with this, you are not alone. Feel your feelings and then move on. This is the circle of life, and we are along for the wild ride, so we should at least try to enjoy it![...]

Tis the Season ~


 I  know that I have not blogged in ages, but tonight I felt so compelled that I knew I had to do it.  So very much is on my heart, and for me, there is never a better way to make things better, than to write.  So here I am emotionally blogging, which is better than me emotionally eating or drinking, and I have been known to do both, so hopefully this will be the best decision for my emotional well being.I think it all started bubbling over when I called my Baba in CA to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving.  She will be turning 90 at the end of January & it was one of the saddest conversations that I have ever had with her.   Let's just say her health is not so great.  She is nearly deaf  & has only been able to see out of one eye, but she is quickly loosing her sight, which they have now realized is from a tumor on her cornea, and surgery may not be an option because of her age.  So needless to say, it was not a fun conversation.  She is so precious; she is one of the smartest & most brave women I know, still sharp as a tack, but so very frightened, which nearly shattered my heart.  Below are a couple of my favorite pictures of her from a trip we took back out to CA a couple of years ago.   And now we get to today....down to the nitty-gritty, and my breaking point.  Moving.  Yup we are moving.  Thankfully not out of KY, or even Lexington for that matter, but we are moving.  We have decided to downsize; imagine that in this day & age.  I thought I was really ok with it until we started moving things over to our new home, and really started taking the BIG stuff, and then today my amazing  mother-in-law posted a picture from her annual chocolate party, and I cried like a baby.  For real, like a baby.  Something about that picture made me so sad.  You see, the chocolate party was something that was around long before I was in the picture 20+ years ago.  It was something she did wither her mom, a.k.a. Granny, and with all the girls in the family & then when I married Charley, I was invited, and as we all had daughters, they came too.  Along the way we sadly lost loved ones and then 9 years ago, we moved away.  Bette's party this year was with just cousin Lisa & cousin Valerie  & for the first time, their husbands. It showed that we had entered a new stage in our lives, and it just made me very sad and miss them very much.  For the first time in 9 years, I really felt "homesick" .  Homesick for my Baba, my family and for my friends back in CA.  This is all of us a couple of years ago.  We had a summer chocolate party And some of my best girlfriends back in CA. So I went to the new house and did one of the things I do best, and love to do; decorate our Christmas tree.  Now, I pretty much cried the whole time I did it because most of the ornaments hold such special memories, but it made me feel closer to the people that I love that are far away, and I know that I need to make our new house feel like home, and this is one of the best ways that I know how to do that. Cousin Lisa gave me that heart ornament too many years ago to remember when, but I love it just as much today, as I did on the night I opened it at the chocolate party. And cousin Valerie gave me a set of 3 of these precious candy containers that I absolutely cherish & one day, I know my girls will each cherish theirs that I pass each on to them.   They say that "there's no place like home for the holidays" but home is not only where your heart is, but who you keep in it too.  Time passes and things change, but love remains the same.  I am so grateful for my amazing family & friends & most of all, our three precious daughters that I am blessed to spend each day with.  God is good, all the time, and the best is yet to come! Merry Christmas & God Bless you,Sany[...]

Showing A Little Leg


My friend Polly called me yesterday morning and asked if I felt like taking a spontaneous ride up to Cincinnati to do a little bit of window shopping with her. The completion of Polly's custom Jimmy Nash home is just a few weeks away and she is just itching to start her furniture selections. I love watching Polly when she is in shopping mode; I can see the wheels turning in her head and I enjoy her passion for the hunt! Well, it was a beautiful fall day, so how could I possibly pass up what I knew would be great company, beautiful scenery on our ride, and fun to boot? Little did I know that I would be the one to come home with a shopping bag, but I am SO happy that I did! I found these fabulously chic heavy linen pleated slip covers and I fell in love with them right away! Being that they were at the Ballard Designs Outlet for only $19.00 a piece made them a no-brainer! I replaced my pretty Shabby Chic white floor length damask slip covers that I have had for YEARS, with these for a fresh more modern chic look. I absolutely LOVE the way the legs of the chairs are now exposed and I also adore the way they pull the grey tone out of my wallpaper and rug and give the room an extra pop of color.

If you want to see what's going on during Polly's custom home build, you can take a peek at her blog at Polly has a wonderful way with words, and her taste is fabulous, so I know that you will really enjoy reading about her journey and seeing the pictures as well.

Ciao for now,

The Sweetest Thing


When my precious niece Kristen was born 22 years ago this past April, I was so in love with her and beside myself over her being born into our family, that I had never really thought about her getting married someday. Kristen was like my first born child. We are a really "tight" family; what's mine is yours, and what's yours is mine kind of thing, and children are no exception. We love deeply in our family and she was everything I had ever imagined, and as she grew, and grew, and grew, that never changed. Kristen has never stopped being "Tetka's Princess" and one of the greatest loves of my life. That sweet and precious baby girl is all grown up now. She just graduated from Auburn University in Alabama, Suma Cum Laude I might add, and an amazing young woman. She is an amazing dancer and uses her gift to teach and inspire others. There is so much I can say about my brother's first born, but I think by now you all see that she is amazing and loved immensely! When Kristen asked me to do the flowers for her wedding I was so honored. Her husband Jon's Aunt Michelle is an amazing local florist in Alabama as well as an incredible event planner, so to say the least I was touched. Kristen wanted simple elegance and more than anything, I wanted to give her that. We had sooooo much fun picking out the flowers together, and let me tell you, seeing the excitement in her eyes in that huge cooler at the flower wholesaler was such a treat. Kristen is such a happy person, so excited about everything, passionate and life loving, that all of this was such a joy! Kristen wanted her bouquet to be romantic and elegant and she hand picked each flower herself, so it was easy for me to put it together for her. Excellent taste runs in the family, but seeing her face when she saw her bouquet was priceless, and something I will never forget! The Roman Catholic Church in Montgomery that Kristen and Jon were married in is spectacular as you can see, so it did not need much in the way of decor. Just simple rose orbs and small bouquets of white flowers. Another great part of this wedding was having our family together. This is my gorgeous mom, Jovanka, with Kristen and my other beautiful niece Michelle. And this is my other precious niece Veronica. She is such a love; she and I were slow dancing at the reception and I whispered to her that it looked like she was having a great time, and she told me that it was the best day of her life. I cried! I just love this picture, it makes my heart smile! This is another of my favorites. The smile on Kristen's face is always there. It is one of the things that I love most about her. She is a joyous person and that just spills over onto everyone around her. Her happiness is contagious! They waited 4 years for this! This wedding was truly a family affair; Kristen's Godfather, Al made the wedding cake for Kristen and Jon as a gift. I just got to have fun doing the finishing touches. I had to finish with this photo. This is Kristen dancing with her maternal grandfather. Their faces say it all. When people asked me to tell them about the wedding I told them all the same thing. It was THE SWEETEST wedding I have ever been to. There was so much LOVE and the two of them were SO HAPPY and GIDDY that my heart will always be full from the memory of that day. I will for always remember them being pronounced man and wife and the way that they held onto one another in the sweetest hug. I could go on for days and tell you one memory after another of sweet moments, but I will stop and just say that I wish everyone the same joy and memories that our family had on that magical day, May 21, 2110. Thank you my sweet Kristen and Jonny for they way you love each other and for allowing us all to share it with you.Love,Tetka[...]

Can You Ever Have Too Many Flowers on Your Kitchen Table?


(image) Spring in Kentucky is absolutely stunning and I have the allergy problems to attest to it, but it is all worth it to have abundance like this in your own yard, available to you at any time for your pleasure!! I am one of those people that likes to take full advantage of what is in our yard to add to the beauty of our home inside. Whenever I buy a plant I always think about what it will be able to produce for our pleasure inside as well as outside. Abundance always helps. And to be honest, I will take as much as I please from the outside and bring it in. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE when the neighbors are all out walking and they stop to admire the yard, but it doesn't stop me from going to town with the clippers to have fresh flowers in the our bathrooms and other rooms in our home. As I was clipping the lilac tree on the side of the house yesterday I could hardly contain myself that I actually had such beauty growing right in my own back yard!!!
(image) So when we are blessed with having such incredible beauty in our yards, I encourage you to clip some and bring it in and enjoy it! You can see I went to town on our crab apple trees, but I figure it is good pruning and I always tell myself that it is because I clip them so much for my indoor arrangements that they look so pretty each year when they blossom!

(image) Viburnum, this puffy green ball that almost looks like a mini hydrangea is one of my most favorite plants in the whole yard, and I have decided that I am going to let mine get really BIG! You can keep them small or let them grow like a tree, so I am going to see where ours goes. I figure that the larger I let it get, the more abundance of flowers I have for the house!

(image) Seeing our girls faces when they came home from school and into the kitchen for homework and snack was icing on the cake for me. It touches my heart so much that they love flowers as much as I do and that they can appreciate the blessings from God that we have in our own back yard.
I hope I have encouraged you to go out into your own yard and create something beautiful of your own, you never know what you may find!

What's Been Going On


I feel very blessed and loved that so many of you have sent me personal emails wondering where in the world I have been and letting me know that you miss my blogging and posts. It is quite humbling to me and I feel very blessed and my heart feels quite full, so thank you!!!I have been very fortunate this year to be busy with weddings and other aspects of my floral business, so I thought I would share some photos of some of the work I have done recently. I would love to hear your feedback, so please do not hesitate to post your comments on the blog, I always LOVE hearing from you!I hope you enjoy these!With love,SanyaRoscoe-Vitali Wedding March 20, 2009 The isle flowers were in pretty white tin cones tied to the pews with hot pink ribbon. The garden outside of the church had a heart wreath of baby's breath with baby's breath bouquets flanking the entrance.The altar flowers below...The bridal party flowers looked stunning in this tall pedestal etched vase.Who wouldn't love a pink cake???I just LOVED doing the arrangements for the urns in front of the church! I filled them with blooming cherry & peach tree branches. The wreaths on the doors were made of baby's breath, and looked so soft and beautiful!The bridal party bouquets. Stunning, if I do say so myself!!! The wedding centerpieces consisted of pink narine lilies, pink peonies, pink dahlia's and Esperance roses.The corsages.I had planned on adding more pictures of other weddings, but when I did, they went right to the top of the page & I could not move them around, so I think I will have to do a new post with other pictures. [...]

It's Finally Done!


(image) Well for those of you who follow my blog, you know that we had some serious damage from the ice storm a few months ago. It was not fun living through the construction, especially trying to run a home based business with clients who I normally meet here in our home, which I absolutely could not do, and the other thing I really missed was entertaining our friends and family. But now it is finally all done and I could place my pretties back, although I did move things around a bit. A new rug in the entry, with a lamp added to the table as well, I love it.(image) In our office I moved some things around as well. I brought up a mirror from the basement to put behind my desk with some sconces I had up in the attic that have not seen daylight for the past 5 years, and we also brought up the piano. The room is a lot cozier and I love listening to Charley and the girls play the piano each night. So life once again, it back to normal, I had a great meeting with a new bride last week and was able to book her wedding, so all is well again in our happy little home.

Thank you for all of your good thoughts and kind emails while we went through this process, it meant the world to me!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind...


(image) I learned something very interesting about my kids a couple of weeks ago that I thought I would pass along to the rest of you. You see, I am a "fruit in the fridge" kind of gal. I love a crisp cold apple as well as a nice cold juicy orange, so that is where I have always put our fruit as soon as I came home from the market. Well a couple of weeks ago we had a ton of food for some reason which didn't leave me any room in the fridge for the fruit, so I just placed it all into bowls on the kitchen counter. I was shocked that within 3 days it was all gone. Apples, bananas, pears, the oranges, all of it! They went for the fruit in front of their faces instead of going into the pantry for a salty, perhaps, less healthy snack, and I found that all their little friends that are always over followed suite. And you know what else? We adults ate more of it too.

I guess the point to this post, is break out your pretty bowls and fill them with some delicious fruit and nuts and maybe the same thing will happen in your home.


Is It Just Me???


I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel like I am constantly fighting a never ending battle to get our girls to put their things away where they belong, and quite frankly, they just seem too old now not to be able to do it themselves & do it properly while they are at it! Below is a photo of the desk in our kitchen where the girls do homework, crafts, draw, work on the computer, etc. and I am sure that many of you may just pass out from the sight, but I am secretly hoping that I am not alone in this struggle. And dealing with this mess while our home is in the state that it is from the construction....(image)
like this photo below with two rooms combined into one, I am feeling a bit unnerved at any mess, even if it is a pair of shoes that haven't been put away, or a folder that belongs in a backpack or Barbie's that didn't make it back upstairs.

(image) I feel like a new person now that I bit the bullet and cleaned up the mess myself. I will tell you honestly that I am going to iron fist the girls with a serious guilt trip talking to when they get home as well as bit of fear thrown it for good measure. (image) All 3 girls always just love how pretty everything looks when it is clean and organized, but then they can't seem to bring themselves to put the markers, pencils, scrap paper, coloring books, etc. back where they belong, no matter how many containers I put on the desk for them, so I am not sure what the answer is!
(image) In the mean time, I think I will just enjoy this space for the way it is for today, because I know that for today, it will be clean, pretty, and organized, and who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Sending you clutter free wishes,

A Belated Valentine


A Happy Belated Valentine's Day to all. I was very grateful to be be busy with lots of Valentine's day flower orders this year. One of my favorites is in the photo below.... But I have been receiving some very thoughtful and loving emails wondering where in the world I am and if all is okay. Well, thankfully I am here, at home, although it is quite torn apart. We had some serious damage to our home from the ice storm last month and it will be quite a long process to get it all taken care of. In the mean time, we have furniture in rooms that they don't belong in (note the mess in the backdrop of the photo above), and Valerie displaced from her bedroom.....I KNOW it could be SO much worse, but it is still a lot to deal with and looking at the damage day in and day out gets a bit overwhelming. Below are some photos of the process. They don't even begin to show all of the damage...Entry & living room/my workspace... Living room ceiling & staircase Valerie Jane's room...yes, that is the sky you see through that hole! It is hard to believe that something so small could create SO MUCH damage!Needless to say, we are counting our blessings, and are extremely thankful for home owners insurance, and great contractors! I am telling myself each day that patience is a virtue and that all will go back in place soon enough, it is so small in the big scheme of things. Fortunately this does not seem to be phasing our girls, they are rolling with the punches and are as happy as ever. They are all working me now to change bedrooms and redecorate.....One day at a time!I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day & I hope you know that you are always near and dear to my heart!Love & Blessings,Sanya [...]

Pretty Papers....


(image) My friend and one time babysitter Alli will be getting married on March 21 st this year and I have the honor of creating all of the flowers for her wedding. Our two younger daughters will be flower girls and Victoria, a junior bridesmaid. Alli loves all things pink as well as antiques and has even started her own antique and decorating business, so when we were all planning her shower I knew that store bought invitations would not do! I created the ones above, and I truly believe when she gets hers in the mail tomorrow, she will be thrilled. The invitations are so gorgeous that I decided that I have to sell them as stationary on my website, so hopefully they will be up for sale either tonight or's all up to Charley ♥ I think you will just LOVE them as much as I do!


As a side note, today is my big brother Tom's birthday, so I could not help mentioning it! I admire him so much as a brother and person and as an American I appreciate the 27 years of service he has given our great nation so far! Happy Birthday Colonel Ruby! I love you!

Seeing Things Clearly


I want to start by saying Happy New Year to everyone and to wish you a year of good health and happiness with all the love you can imagine. I truly believe that those three things give us true wealth in our lives, so it is what I genuinely wish for all of you.

As I was taking down the Christmas decorations in our home over the past two days, (with my moms help, thank you very much) I started to get excited about how I would rearrange all of my pretties (others without a sickness call them "accessories"). You see, every year when I take down our Christmas decor, I like to put things back in different places. I love the change and having fresh things to look at, even though I have had some of my pieces forever, seeing them somewhere else makes them feel new again. When everything was finally gone and put away and I started to take out my "pretties", I could not help but want a sense of simplicity, at least somewhere, and that is when it hit me. I took several of my glass pieces, old and new and put them on my linen chest in the dining room, and I really love it. It has that clean Swedish decor look, and for a while I am just going to leave it that way and enjoy the simplicity of it all......

Here's to seeing things clearly in '09!
With warmest blessings,

Seasons Greetings


I know that it may seem that I have been quite remiss in keeping up with my blogging, but I have a few good excuses! I can thankfully say that I have been busy with holiday decorating, both corporate and residential, which I love! I helped to decorate the Crown Plaza Campbell House Hotel the week of Thanksgiving and just finished up this past Saturday, and the week before that I worked on St. John & Myers Antique & Period Jewelry Salon. The hotel was like nothing I had ever done before. It was a HUGE job and an amazing experience! I will take photos as soon as I have time, maybe next week, but I am not sure, the next 4 days will be filled with holiday decor as well, but I will try. I love sharing projects like that will all of you and hearing your feedback.In the mean time, I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving. This was the first Thanksgiving in 11 years that it was just the 5 of us, no other extended family or friends. It was quiet and sweet and we spent the day (and a couple of others) decorating for Christmas. The girls were very excited and we had a lot of fun, so I thought I would share some photos of different vignettes in our home. I did all close up shots with the exception of the front door because I really wanted you to be able to see the details up close, so come on in. I truly love using fresh greens whenever possible, and cedar is my favorite to work with. It smells so good and it stays very fresh and does not dry out. I also added some pine cones dusted with white paint and glitter for a snowy effect.This is our dining room table...I will leave the rest to your imagination... I attached these beaded wreaths to the slipcovers on our dining room chairs with different vintage brooches. It is an unexpected and elegant touch.The dining room buffet aboveThe pink buffet in the family room was my favorite to decorate this year. It turned out so pretty, it makes me smile each time I walk by it.The mantle and coffee table....I hope you all enjoyed this "tour" I did not do the tree becuase the light was not very good today. I am not sure when I will have time to post again because of my schedule, by try to stop an take a peek, or sign up to follow the blog!Wishing you all peace & love,Sanya[...]

Romantic Wedding Flowers


I thought I would share some photos with you of the flowers I recently did for a wedding this month. The bride was looking for romance with an antique touch. For her bouquet above I used garden spray roses. They have a ruffled romantic petal and the open up into lots and lots of layers, so they are perfect to use in wedding arrangements an bouquets. I also used a rose called Costa Rica, it is a huge ivory rose with stunning soft pink tips, and I also added Queen Anne's Lace for a finishing touch of laciness and romance. All of the brides maids in this wedding were thin and pretty tiny, so she wanted to have bouquets that reflected them and their dresses as well. She also wanted each bouquet to have a vintage brooch like hers, so that they could have a gift from her special day. The roses I used for the brides maids had a darker deeper pink on the tips to pull out the color that was inside their dresses. The altar arrangements were really huge, so hopefully when the photos come back from the photographer you get get a better look at how lovely they truly were. There is a close up below...These smelled absolutely heavenly and were also used at the wedding reception on the fireplace mantles.There were two door arrangements on the inside of the church and then they were at the reception as well. The sweetheart table.... The dining room.....I just LOVED this idea! Instead of having one large wedding cake, the bride ordered 5 different varieties of cake from my fried Julie of Julia's Desserts. Not only was the table stunning, but the guests LOVED their dessert!!!I thought this was a sweet touch. The grand piano was covered with a table cloth that the bride's grandmother who had passed away had given her, as well as her grandmothers favorite hat. It was such a sweet and thoughtful touch. I hope you enjoyed the photos & I will post more as soon as I get them from the wedding photographer.XO~Sanya[...]

Fall Fun


(image) Today I was in the kitchen washing out my flower buckets getting ready for the big wedding that I have coming up this weekend and while I was looking out the kitchen window I realized that I really needed to rake the yard, if for no other reason so that the kids could have fun jumping in piles when they got home from school, so that is just what I did....They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will say no more.


Stepping Stones of Love....


(image) My mom was down in my workroom with me the other day and she could not help but rifle through some bags that she thought I had forgotten to unpack thinking that she was going to stumble upon some fantastic treasure when I burst her bubble and told her that they were just full of broken china that I was saving for a project. "What project, and when are you going to do it?" she asked, knowing that I have about a million "projects" swirling around in my head with not a million hours to get them all done. "Why?" I ask, "is there something that you want them for?" well to make a long conversation & story short, she said that she wanted to make me a gift, so of course I let her take them. Above and below are what I have received so far, and I just LOVE them. Mom says that I have 2 more "curing" at her home that she will be bringing over, but I just could not wait to share them with you. They are almost just way to pretty to step on...
(image) I wish that the photos I took showed the color in the china better, but you can just take my word for it that they are to die for & made with some of my most favorite pieces of china that have been broken by accident and that I could not bear to part with.
(image) I just about died when I saw this one! The added touch of the raised cherub is magnificent, and the platter that this stepping stone is made from is a late 1800s Limoges piece that was hand painted and the cherubs are just surreal, so I am beyond delighted that they have been turned into pieces of art that I can treasure for a lifetime and pass down to my girls someday. I told my mom that these could be my Christmas gift because I love them so much, so if any of you out there are artistic and have broken china sitting around, go make someones day!


New Creations


(image) I organized the basement this past weekend as well as my work/storage space there and I realized that I had quite a few items that needed painting before the weather becomes too cold for this type of thing and I came across a gold vintage vanity tray. I knew that I did not just want to paint it, but at the same time I was not sure what I wanted to do with it. In my process of organization that I have been doing these past few weeks, I have come across a lot of treasures from my old jewelry designing days and I thought of some of the aqua Swarovski flowers that I have. I always have loved them because they remind me of the ocean & that is when it hit me~I needed to embellish this piece with sea shells and crystals. I really love the way that it turned out and I hope that you will too. I will be posting this piece in the "In the Pink Exclusives" category of the website this evening sometime. Below is a close up....
(image) I also decided that this vintage Italian made frame could use a bit of sparkle as well so I added baby blue Swarovski flowers to it & it is to die for! This piece will be available this evening in the "Flea Market Finds" category of the website along with some other gorgeous treasures.
(image) Well, I have truly enjoyed these past two days of creating, and now I am off to do some more, I hope you enjoy the photos!


It's the Simple Things in Life.....


With so much chaos going on in the financial world right now, it is the most important things in life that I love to focus on and cling to, my family. Their love is free and the best gift that I have, so I wanted to share our latest goings on with all of you. Jacqueline, our youngest, is now in kindergarten, gone all day like her big sisters. She just had her first field trip to the apple orchard, and we had a lot of fun! That is her "In The Pink" of course! being shy...Picking apples.....and showing them off....later that day, we all left for a 3 day weekend to my sisters in St. Louis, Mo. for a visit...... Here are our fabulous kids, minus one nephew who was still in school..... Aren't they so sweet! Here is Mason, my oldest nephew. He just got done scoring a touchdown and two extra points. His team won, of course! I thought I would also share some fall decor that I have put out around the house. I love that it makes our girls so happy. I polished my silver & I have to tell you, I forgot how pretty it looks when it is done. I always use the excuse that I love the look of old silver with a patina, but nothing beats the shine of freshly polished old silver! I think my Mom will be happy when she comes over..... This is the buffet in the dining room. Most of our furniture is white, and I really love this old antique piece and the depth that it adds to the room. It is the perfect piece for a fall vignette. I hope that you are all enjoying the simple splendor of fall and all of its gifts. Cooler nights and mornings, crisp breezes, the low sun, beautiful rich colors surrounding us, and laughter coming from playing children rolling in falling leaves and running from spooky Halloween decorations. XO~Sanya[...]

Being Busy Feeds My Creativity


I have to tell you that I have not been very good about blogging for the past two months because I have been so blessed with being busy in all areas of my diverse business. I was hired in the beginning of August by four separate clients for 5 completely different events in September, and 4 of them were within 3 days of each other and they were large events as well. It was wonderfully fun and I felt honored to be hired by these amazing people to trust me with their events. I have a few photos below of the events. The phtos are not that great or detailed, but I was so busy making sure that the events were going on smoothly since I had coordinated everything from the invitations to the food to the flowers that I didn't have time for good photography! The first 3 photos below are from the grand opening of St. John & Myers Antique & Period Jewelry here in Lexington. Their jewelry took my breath away, and working with Olivia and Louis Scholz, the owners of this magnificent establishment, delightful as well as educational, I just love jewels! If you would like to see more photos of this event, you can go to The photo below is from the Miller home in Nicholasville, KY. The night after the St. John & Myers grand opening, the Miller's hosted a political fundraiser for one of our state Senators and they hired me to bring it all together. It was fantastic and any time that I can be around Clay and April is a pure joy and honor as well! Eastern Kentucky University has become an incredible client recently, hiring me weekly for large events. The day after the Miller event, EKU needed 30 of the flower arrangements below. The photo below is an arrangement I did for a wedding table setting for EKU. I love these color combinations!!! The photo below is of a silk arrangement that I did for a client who has a very large home and a grand entry with a spiral staircase. They wanted something really pretty for fall, and I just loved the way that it turned out, and thankfully, so did they! The trio of flower arrangements below I made for a client last week who placed her home for sale and she wanted fresh flowers for her dining room, kitchen & powder room. She has a more modern style of decorating so I had a lot of fun with her arrangements & she was thrilled with the way they turned out. I wanted to show you one of the arrangements that I made this past Friday, I loved it so much. It was a gift for a clients mother and he wanted something that she could take back home with her to Indiana and enjoy for a while. I loved the container that I found, and the flowers looked stunning and soft spilling out of it. The next time I see her ( she hired me for her daughters wedding in November), I am going to ask her what she is using the container for... In between all of the flowers and event planning, I have also been making jewelry. I started making jewelry about 13 years ago and I sold to Nordstrom as well as other stores around the country and some overseas as well, but when our second child was born, it just got to be too much and our girls have always come first with me, so I turned my energy in other directions. I have had a lot of fun lately playing with these pieces and I have listed some on my website, so be sure to take a peek when you have time. Below, are a couple of photos of my latest designs... So, now I am off to meet with a client and then go & pick up some more sterling wire so I can finish up a couple of more necklaces, and then I have to pack orders and take them to the post office....I must say, I am [...]

What's In A Name?


Okay, this California girl is going to admit something, I had never been to Hobby Lobby before today, and I cannot believe what I have been missing. I could have stayed in there for at least another hour scouring each aisle, but time was not on my side. You see for the last 3 years the name has kept me away, it reminded me of the 80's ducks and powder blue (sound familiar?), but I could not have been more wrong. Scroll down below to see some of the treasures I picked up today.... An etched mercury glass vase for $5.00, two iron crown hooks for $3.00 each, the crystal and fleur de lis decorative piece for $3.50, and my favorite, the cut glass container....$15.00. Hobby Lobby is like Home Goods, Michael's and Garden Ridge all wrapped in one, but even better! On my way back home, I stopped at Home Goods and nothing compared to what I had just walked away from, and since they got a new shipment in today, I will have to make time to go back tomorrow to see if I can find any more treasures....I cannot believe that I lived here for four years and never went in! Now, I will admit, the cut glass container did not come this way, I added the crystals to it myself. When I was on vacation back in CA this past winter, one of my best friends had pieces like this all over her home, and she let me know that they were expensive and she could only get them from a home show that another friend of hers had occasionally. Well I was bound and determined to find them and scoured the wholesale Mart in Atlanta and not one vendor had them. My mother in law, being the extremely intelligent woman that she is told me that she was pretty positive that those had been bejewelled by the seller herself, so when I came across this gorgeous piece today, I could hardly wait to get home and get to work! Now that it is all done, I think I will fill it with some pretty pink bath salts and put it by my spa tub so that I can see it each day. The moral of the story being, don't judge a book by it's name, or its cover for that matter, since in this case, their logo does their store no justice. It is worth going ladies! XO~Sanya[...]

Summer's Sweet Ending


I must admit that I always look forward to fall each year. I love the cooler nights and the anticipation of the turning leaves and crisp mornings. I will miss the days at the pool with our girls, (for those who ask why, pools are only open here in the "south" from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and the sun in the pools heater. Unheard of for a native Californian, but I am getting use to it), and the "freedom" of summer, but I am so glad that they are back in school and on a bedtime schedule and that the sun is setting earlier each day. This a picture of the sunset Sunday evening from our backyard. The girls love sunset, and posing even more, can you tell? Another thing I love about summer winding down? It's football time. I love football. I grew up going to every UCLA sporting event as a child. It was such an fun thing, one of my fondest memories of family time, is tailgating with our friends that held season tickets as well. My mom worked for a bank in Westwood, CA for 20 years and handled all of UCLA's athletics, so my brother and I really felt the perks of that. We got to meet and spend quality time with incredible athletes, many of whom went pro in different sports, so needless to say, staying up late to watch Rick Neuheisel, who often ate dinners at our home while he was quaterback at UCLA, lead the Bruins to a win last night, is worth being very sleepy today. Our girls love football too, so going to the UK games with them is fun as well. I hope that they can grow up with some of the same sweet memories that I know my brother and I did. Lastly, I have been busy creating lately. I made these mosaics for the website and I will hopefully be posting them sometime this week in the In The Pink Exclusives category. I had so much fun with these, and I am so happy to be using some of my broken china pieces that I have not been able to bring myself to throw away. Ugh, I can barely write those last two words.....Well, I hope you are all looking forward to fall with sweet thoughts and saying goodbye to summer with a smile knowing that there are good memories to be made in the months to come.XO~Sanya[...]

Family Milestones & Memories


Well, this is truly a milestone, my last baby is off to elementary school. Can you believe it? Those are our 3 precious girls getting ready to leave for their first day of school yesterday. Victoria started Middle School, Jacqueline, Kindergarten & Spanish immersion no less where she will learn in Spanish half the day, and Valerie Jane, sweet as pie, a seasoned pro going into the 3rd grade! It was a tough morning for Mom & Jacqueline.... Thank God for big sisters who hug and console their little sisters who are very nervous and are not "too good" to be seen at elementary school with their little sisters on the first day...what a blessing! Valerie Jane gets right to work! This is my stunning cousin Heidi & my gorgeous uncle Bernard. Heidi got married this past weekend in Seattle. I took Victoria & we had an amazing mother-daughter tip. Our family is very close and I could not imagine not being there to see Heidi get married, so I thought I would share some photos with you. It wound up pouring at the time of her photos and they had to reschedule the wedding from Magnolia Park which is breathtaking, to the site of their reception, The Fairmont Omni Hotel, which was to die for amazing! Heidi never fussed and you would never had known that it was pouring rain, she was just beaming the entire time! These are Heidi's sisters Tanya & Simone & my Aunt Marilyn. I think that they are just all stunning! Another wonderful part of the trip was that we got to spend so much quality time with my cousins, & since we stayed at Simone's home we were able to spend a lot of time with her daughter Presley as well who just ADORED Victoria and pretty much followed her everywhere she went. It was so precious and sweet, it melted my heart! This a the beach on the Puget Sound where we went to play for a while one day. Simone & Victoria at the Seattle Center Park on the Log Ride... Victoria & I at the Rock & Roll Museum & Sci-Fi Museum at the Seattle CenterYep, we went up in the Space Needle & the view is below...It was magnificent, and so hard to choose just one photo. We loved our trip to Seattle so much, we will have to take the whole family for a vacation next time, but these are milestones & moments we will surely never forget! I hope you enjoyed them!Sanya[...]

Breakfast, Beautifully......


(image) I don't know about the rest of you, but our home is practically a hotel during the summer. We are always having family and friends stay with us this time of year, which is such a treat, and since they take the time to visit us, I like to make our loved ones feel special and appreciated. One of the ways that I do this is by serving delicious foods and creating an atmosphere that is not something they would have everyday. I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos that I took of one of my special breakfasts. Since it is summer, I love eat outdoors as often as possible, and mornings are perfect since the weather is generally pure perfection that time of day.
(image) I love going all out for my out town guests and using my silver flatware and making unique flower arrangements in unexpected containers.
(image) I also love bringing some of the indoors outside like pretty pillows & rugs, it makes your space look like an extension of your home, which only makes your loved ones feel even more special. I also like to use other things like this bench to hold the extras that we may be using during our meal, it adds a relaxed feeling to the environment, especially when you are using so many pretty things that others may think are too nice to use for a breakfast....
I hope that you have enjoyed these photos and that maybe they have inspired you to do something special sometime soon.

Wedding Bliss


No, this is not a model from a bridal magazine, this is Heather Foley, and I had the honor of creating all of the flowers for her & Shane's wedding, which was such a joy. Not only is Heather stunning, but she is extremely intelligent and sweet as the day is long. She and her family were amazing to work with over this past year, and I just felt so blessed to be able to contribute to their day of joy. I hope that you enjoy looking at some of the photos from their wedding!This is one view of Heather's bouquet. I used peonies, roses and wax flower with gold wire ribbon woven underneath for a more formal look...I also surprised Heather with this antique brooch as an extra embellishment. It is something that she can use and treasure for the rest of her life and possibly hand down to one of their children for their wedding day. Here Heather shows Shane the brooch on her bouquet. I was so touched when I saw this photo. I knew that she was thrilled when she first saw the bouquet, but it made me so happy to know that she loved it this much!This is Heather's mother Linda who is just as sweet and loving as Heather, and is the epitome of southern sweet and a true lady. I made small bouquets of pink & white spray roses, freesia, wax flowers and greens, for the mother of the bride and groom to carry instead of the traditional corsage and they both thought that it was very special. The bridesmaids bouquets were made of pink spray roses with pink lisianthus and were wrapped with gold ribbon... The flower girl carried a basket filled with fresh pink spray roses, wax flowers and greens.The pews down the center aisle of the church were adorned with bouquets of pink and white roses, pink lisianthus and variegated ivy trails and plump white ribbon and tulle bouquets. The altar was decorated with large bouquets of baby's breath and a centerpiece created in a large vintage milk glass bowl filled with pink & white lisianthus, pink and white roses, and lots of pretty greens. It was given to Linda, the mother of the bride, after the wedding as a gift. The unity candelabrum flowers were a larger version of the aisle bouquets... Heather wanted low centerpieces so that all of their 200+ guests could speak to one another without anything in the way. It truly was an elegant room! The cake, as you can see, was quite elegant with simple flower bouquets and sprinkled rose petals. All in all, the evening was amazing from start to finish, and I do feel truly blessed to have been able to contribute to such a special day in two such incredible people's lives. I hope that you enjoyed these photos! If you have any questions, just send me an email to, or just leave me a message on the blog! Sanya[...]

What's Been Going On......


Well the month of June pretty much just FLEW by, so I thought I would let you know why I have not been a very good blogger this month. First, Valerie Jane had her tonsils removed at the beginning of the month, so the first 10 days were rough to say the least, bless her heart. In the mean time, Victoria was working on getting her yellow belt ... Which she did get, hurray for Victoria! All while also going to... Drama camp at the University of KY every day from 10am to 3pm. Meanwhile, I have been refereeing a lot of this that you see above, as well as going to swim lessons M-F and still running a business all at the same time. HELP ME!!! Valerie Jane turned 8 on the 21st and had a really fun cheer leading themed party with her closest girl fiends and...real cheerleaders from Henry Clay High School here in Lexington. They taught the girls cheers and they did stunts as well. They liked doing the stunts more than anything!With the exception of the daily minor cat fights that 3 sisters are bound to get into at some point or another, I feel extremely blessed. These girls are my life and I thank God every day that I get to take them to the pool and see the joy on their faces when we are in the water together, or the trepidation in little Jacqueline's eyes as the teacher is letting go and she has to try and swim on her own. Watching Victoria in her play yesterday was awesome and Friday nights VBS performance was amazing as well. I know I will never get this time back, so when I am weary and starting to get crabby with the million requests that are being thrown my way from these little miracles, I try to remember that that is truly what they are, miracles, and I could not imagine a better way to spend the summer.I hope you are all enjoying yours as well.XO~Sanya[...]