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~Mlle de Sombreuil~

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Its been A Long Time...


Hello friends!! The month of May was a very busy month for me. My mothers birthday was at the beginning of the month, and then the memory of my grandmother, who passed away in May 38 years ago. I always find myself thinking about her. I rememer visiting her in the hospital everyday when I was 17. My birthday is also in the later part of May, and then my son in law's birthday is two days after mine. And then his mother's is the friday before mine! There were a lot of birthday celebrations in the month of May. I have been busy finishing my side garden. I put Hydrangeas, Hostas, Salvia Black & Blue, and Star Jasmine to climb on the wall and fence. Since they're newly planted I have to water everyday. I also water all fruit trees, which is about ten, every monday for at least 30 minutes. A good deep root watering! Also I have to water my vegetable garden everyday too. I have already gotten tomatoes, peppers, radishes, lettuce, cilantro, blackberries, and blueberries. I made the pathway with pea gravel. OoOo it feels good when I walk on it. Here are the before and after pictures. BeforeAfter My next big project is getting my creativity room organized. As you can see..... So these are just a few things I found at garage sells and estate sells. Here is a picture of a lilly. Salvia Black & Blue and Lantana.I figured I should blog and let you all know that Im still out here! Take care.... [...]

A little bit of this, And a little bit of that....


I finally stopped procrastinating, and started working on items to put in my booth. Im trying to make flowers out of organza that look similar to some of the flowers in my garden. This one here which looks better in person is a replica of the blue pincushion flower. As you can tell by the picture of the flower, I need to define it more, that meaning more work! This is a Peony, with its yellow stamens showing. My replica of it looks kind of similar to the actually flower but still needs a little work. When I get these perfect they will be in my booth. This is a lovely bloom located on the side of my arbor in the front courtyard. This rose is a peggy miller rose, and it survived Hurricane Katrina. Reports say it was under water for weeks! There has been a lot of propogation of this rose. Its simply a beautiful rose.This is a statue of a women harvesting some crops, so i put her fittingly into my vegetable garden. She can watch over me vegetable garden while im gone LOL! And you can also see the New Dawn roses mixed with blackberries and blue mist bushes. My little vegetable garden is coming along just fine. I have green and yellow zuccinis, radishes, sweet onions, cilantro, herbs, lettuces, cantelope, watermelon, and heirlome tomatoes in containers.Here are some items that will be placed in my shop. I found this shelf at a thrift store for 2 dollars! It will be put to good use in my booth.I found nine pairs of ballerina slippers! And I hope to embellish them. Even though they are used, the pink shinny satin is beautiful! All these items will be in the shop tomorow! Come by and see Jana and myself at Collected Treasures in Arlington! Well, its been nice chatting with you ....and i'll see you next week!! Leave comments!![...]

A garden of many Faces!!


This week I have been trying to focus on finishing projects that I start. I have slowed down on making projects for my booth because I have been focused on my gardening. The beautiful spring weather beckons me to go outside. So here I am talking about my garden!I like adding mystery and uniqueness to my garden. One of the ways I do this is by collecting stone faces and statues with interesting faces. Here are some of the friendly faces that you will see as you stroll threw my garden.Remeber on my last blog, I showed you all a picture of my side garden, and asked for ideas?? Well its a work in progress....but im starting to plant hydrangas, and hostas, and ferns, and I think I am going to make a pathway of pea gravel. Next spring eveything will be big and lushes!This is a project I finished this week. It is a matching hat and purse with roses made out of organza fabric. Tell me what you think?? I also found theses treasures on the curb. Im going to repaint the bench and make new cushions. This is a changing table but I think I might use it in my studio for storage.Well I know it was a short blog, but I have a lot of things to get done. Thank you to the people who constanly visit my blog and leave comments. I really appreciate it....really I do! See ya next week!! [...]

Swimming In Blooms!


Spring is my favorite time of the year, when all the roses have there first flush of blooms of the year. As you can see from the picture below, they are simply beautiful. When I smell a rose the heavenly scent literally sends me into awww.......I then give thanks to my heavenly father for all of his beautiful creations. I would like to show you a few of the many blossums that I am enjoying. Below the arbor in the front yard is covered in blooms, the fence is covered in blooms, and in front of the fence are many rose bushes with full blooms. Also, lavender is blooming and the arbor in the backyard is covered in blooms. Enjoy....... This is my next garden project. There were eight red tip bushes that grew into trees and had to be removed because of there extensive root system. What shall I do? Any ideas?I have not blogged in several weeks because I have been very busy. And I have not been at the thrift store lately. But I did find a few things this past weekend from an estate sale. I found a beautiful area rug, an eiffle tower, a faux fireplace with mantle, a metal box, and an odd looking chandelier.I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my garden and my little treasures. I appreciate you visiting my site and hope to see you at Collected Treasures, on Maine street in Arlington. See you later! Bye![...]

Still working In my Garden


Well for the last few weeks I have been working in my yard trimming, fertilizing, and raking. I have been staying close to home because a loved one has been under the weather. I go outside, work in my garden, then come back in and check on him. Of course he has an attendant, but I still have to check on him myself. As you can tell his sudden sickness has got me down just a bit. But gardening makes me feel good.Michelle a family friend and my lovely assistant helps me out with the blogging and takes beautiful pictures. The rose arbors are full of hundreds of buds that will start to bloom within the next two weeks. This arbor is the entrance to my front courtyard. And as you can see the old blush roses are starting to bloom. In the backyard the square arbor has four different roses Reve D'Or, Madam Alfred Carriere, Buff Beauty, and Souvenir de la Malmaison.Here are some roses.... This is a Chinese VirBernum. It has giant snowball blooms! Im surprised it survived, because my husband wacked it in half in the fall. Im happy it survived!My clemetis are blooming. Isnt it beautiful...?My dear dear husband said he acccidently broke these two bowls, while he was taking them out of the truck. But I was able to use them and still make them look crafty. If you brake a pot you can still use it. I found these bird cages on the curb. Garden Art!The chickens are still laying eggs..... look at the variety of colors, mother nature sure is beautiful. Since I have been so down and out, I decided to go to the thrift store. I had a field day!! I bought all these little knicks and knacks and it took my mind off of things for awhile. Look at my new treasures....I found these busts of a boy and a girl.Im going to take the stuffing out of these pillows and stuff them with potpourri.A lace dress.A mirror that says Happy Birthday! How cool.A %100 pure silk scarf.I'm going to make some wind chimes with this old silverwear I found.These shoes have done alot of walking, and now the heel is talking. Lol. I got these shoes real cheap, but I only bought them for the flower embellishments, on the top. Someone must have gotten tired of all these jingle bells. Everything on this table is a bell! Even the little lady on the left is a bell! They were all in a box.Well, Its been nice visiting you all, hopefully I'll blog in another week or two. Be careful out there! And I appreciate any comments! Oh yea thanks for visiting! [...]

Spring Cleaning!


I have not blogged in over a week and I have not been to the shop in over a week either. I have been very busy in my garden, cleaning out acorns, leaves, slugs, and mulch in flower beds. I planted some heirloom tomatoe plants, peppers, zucchini, and lettuce seeds. I also planted herbs such as thyme, rosemary, basil, cilantro, and lavender. Now I need to apply compost and new mulch to protect and nourish my plants. I have a compost pile and I put a lot of chicken poop and organic matter (coffe grounds, vegetables, egg shells, rotten fruit, etc.) in it. I also got this new plant that is a Silver Bells Chocolate Vine. Its drought tolerant and once established, it hardly needs any water. And its evergreen! I got this at Peddle Pushers nursery in Cedar Hill. I have some pictures of things that I have made in the last week. I found this purse at the thrift store, and I dressed it up a little bit. This canvass is going on a purse, and then I covered this wire lamp shade with lace and pictures of victorian women. I also found this old mirror and put seashells on it!I found this old office chair in the trash. Im going to clean it up put a new cushion, and slip cover on it. I also found a BIG wooden table on the curb and I was able to get it in my van with the help of my wheelchair lift. Lol. I brought it home and cleaned it up, took the top off and discovered it was from Ethan Allen! So now its at a shop getting refurbished. I was soooo excited because the technician at the shop told me the table was worth over 2000 dollars! The old saying goes true that one persons trash is another persons treasure! I found these things at garage sales. Butterfly art! I must say I have had a very fulfilling week, working in my garden and finding neat stuff! Until next time...!! Orevuar!! [...]

Well Its Been Over a Week Since I've Blogged...


I've been real busy moving my booth at collected treasures from the back of the shop to the front. Now I have a window!!! And I'm so excited... Its just an exciting feeling to show the people walking or driving by my talents and treasures. So I would really like to thank Jana for moving me to the front. Here are a few pictures of the booth and the window. I hope you all get a chance to stop by the shop!
(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) All of the previous pictures of all my little treasures I have found are now in the booth. But I have a lot of work to do, and a lot of projects that I have started and have not finished. I really need to get focused but until then.... See ya later!!! Leave comments!!

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down


For some people rainy days and mondays get them down, but not this gal! In fact I get excited when it rains because all the trees and all the spring flowers are getting water, and our lakes are getting filled up. This paricular monday I got together with my daughter Tracy and we made some beautiful pins for your hair, and some sombreuil rose broches. You might recognize my hand made roses applied to some various items in Janna's shop, Collected Treasures. There are many creative ways to use my roses to spruce up everyday items on your clothing or in your home. For example, lamp shades, curtains, napkin holders, or just a simple sweater. I'm making gypsie purses and embellishing them with hand made flowers made of velvet, crinoline, lace, and vintage jewlery. Here are a few that are almost finished. Tell me what you think. I appreciate your feedback.These are some little treasures that I found last week. A beautiful silk nightgown with robe.A wedding dress......with its veil....And a chandelier...And a beautiful full sized mannequin. Isn't she lovely??? Springs is just around the corner and I have a lot of work to do in my garden, and for my booth. So gotta go!! I'll see you next week!![...]

Little Surprises


After having a rainy day yesterday, I was surprised to see the sun shining bright this morning. I also got a surprise in the mail today...MY BUSINESS CARDS!!! I had them made at I like seeing my name on a business card, lil' ole me! Lol! Today I went to the thrift store and found some little treasures. I always dream of having grand children one day...(big sigh)... but in the mean time I will collect a few baby items.A cute little picture of a baby(that little gold thing is a thermometer)....Some little baby sweaters......with matching booties and hats!Oh yea.. and little dresses, made with lace! Oh how precious... I've had these candelabras for awhile but, I fixed them and they're ready to go to the booth! Other little treasures I found on my adventures in thriftland..hahah! I found this cute little boy riding a fish and holding up a bowl...strong little boy huh???And, theses two little girl shoes, to add to my collection of three little boy shoes! With these little shoes I would like to make some pin cushions and put them in my booth. Well, I got some work to do, housework, boothwork, and gardenwork. I think I will spend the day working in the garden. Plus I have to clean out my chicken coop. Later on tonight after everyone is asleep... I will catch up with some of my blogging sisters out there. Thanks for vistiting my blog. See ya next week!!! [...]

Seems Like Its Taking Spring A Long Time To Get Here


Ahhh....It seems as though winter wants to stick around a little bit longer, but when I see the winter honeysuckle blooming I know that winter won't stay here for long. I get really excited when I see the Quince starting to bloom, then I know it's time to clean out my flower beds, and trim back my roses. I have been busy cleaning up broken branches in my yard from the last snowfall we recieved. Also I just planted some onions in my garden, and will be planting some new roses. January and February are my favorite times of the year to work in my garden. Here a some pictures of my Quince and my Winter Honeysuckle.
(image) (image) (image)
Even the animals are excited about spring coming! The chickens, the cats, the dogs, and even Tom and Becky (my new water fountain, looking to be placed somewhere in the garden)! Here are just a few of the eggs I get from my chickens...aren't they beautiful??

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image)
After I get my Spring Garden going I should be back in my shop sewing up a storm!! Haha. Thats all for now, see you next week!!

Lace and Jammies!


Ahh!! The weather here in North Texas has been beautiful, clear skies, bright sunshine, and a nice cool breeze. Almost Spring like??? Which reminds me of spring flowers, especially pastel colored Irises and Tulips. So this week I found some pastel colored items. Like this bowl of autihentic Madye slippers.

(image) Three or more of an item makes a collection. Well....I found these three beautiful vintage bed jackets. I think I will start collecting these, they're so cute!!!
(image) Also, I found some beautiful lace are just a few of them. Modeled by my beautiful girls.(image)
Im going to incorporate these collars onto a slip dress, and here is a dress that I am working on.

And last but not least,I found these beautiflu lamps!! I just need to find or make some lamp shades. I saw this beautiful lamp shade, that almost looked like a parasole on Lisa's blog, Tarnished and Tattered. I've gotta find out where that picture came from any ideas??


Sorry this blog is so short, but I have a lot of things that I have been working on. As always give me lots of feedback and let me know what you think!! See ya next week!!

Snow day!


Hello all! So we got our second snow fall of the year and it was so beautiful! I remember Christmas eve it snowed and it was just perfect for the holiday season. It truly was a white christmas! I really love when it snows in Texas because it reminds me of home. I am originally from from Ft. Wayne, IN., I moved to Texas in the 80's. Above are some photos of the my house and yard covered in the blanket of snow! That handsome young man in the fur coat is my son David! We got to take him out and have some fun. He loves wearing his warm fur coats anytime he can![...]

Little Treasures I found This week


I've been working on some new projects, embellishing jackets. Here are two of them. One Jacket is has antique toulle on the collar and around the waist, the jacket is shortened in the front and has a bussle.This a vintage Dolce jacket that I found at the thrift store.These are all of my little trasures that I found this past week! Shell Jewlery from Italy, some silver boxes, and this very pretty vintage metal box with butterflys on it, that my favorite! This is an antique bed head board and footboard.These are some of the dresses I have made out of crenoline attatched to slips. The first two dresses are plus sizes. Tell me what you think! I love the feedback.I can't wait till spring gets here so I can run in the backyard with it on! Hopefully I wont scare the nieghbors.....Hahaha jk jk Lol Thanks for stopping by, See you next week![...]

Latest Items


I just wanted to show some of the items in my booth, just in case you haven't been able to stop by Janna's shop. I have always been mesmerized by the glow of crystals and the multifaceted colors that appear when you hold a crystal up to light. Imagine yourself in a bubble bath, surrounded by the glow of candle light bouncing off crystals...Just beautiful!!!!


The name Sombreuil comes from my favorite antique rose. I make organza roses that resemble the look of the rose. Here are some embellished purses with my hand made roses, that i also sell indivisually in my booth. This is a clutch purse and a crochet purse that I just recently designed.


This is one of the many dresses that I have been creating. It's a slip with crinoline attached to it. These are fun to make, it makes me feel like a little girl again.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Im pretty busy these days so my blogging will probably be once a week, but leave me feedback and let me know what you think. Thank you so much for visiting!! See you next week!

I'm So Excited........


I am so excited to begin blogging.....and wanted to share some of what I am all about.(image)


I also wanted to show you a couple of the wool beret that I have embellished with my handmade velvet millinery flowers.(image)
I hope you enjoyed your visit with me....I have enjoyed visiting all of your blogs for so very long and am so excited to finally be a part of this "blogging world"....please bear with me as I "learn the ropes" of this new world!
hugs, Audrey