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Rain Drops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens

to dream * to hope * to create

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The time has come for something new...
May day has come and soon will be gone...

The summer flowers will soon put on a show, but for now, I will enjoy the pansies and the sweet peas, until the heat comes and melts them away.

What adventures await, as we step into a new month?



tiny little things...    are these words....            they create....                               Love.... My darling I love you....     words so tender....         they cause the heart to grow soft....My darling you are.........       words.........            they build.......                       bridges from one soul to the next.......  Words......    bring a smile to your lips       and softness to your heart....           hope for things to come........                years of adventures to come........Words....   big....     harsh....     full of judgment....            anger....                  blame....Words.....   destroy....        What was once love....            turns to immense pain               leaving the one, that the words are thrown at....twirling in a painful swirl....    not knowing where to go.....Words......    hold them....       on your tongue....           consider.....Words....   these words .....         that you are letting go....      will they build?.....            or will they tear apart....               another's soul....                        and in the end.....your own....Words...........   gentle.....        soft....           full of love....               as soft as the foam........                       that softly carresis your toes .......                                as you stand on the shore......   These are the words that your darling wants to hear....                  from you......    Deborah J Rice[...]

Treasures of Life


(image) This past year, I have been blessed with so many different traveling adventures and great times with my brothers, sisters and friends.

One of the fun adventures that I had this year, was sitting up on the very top of the Stage Coach at Knotts Berries Farm! I took a picture while I was up there, what a memory. I reflected on many things while I was up there, one of the thoughts was... we are so lucky to have comfy cars to ride around in, and how did those cowboys ever stay up there, the stage coach rocked back and forth and sideways...and we weren't going very fast!... I have a new appreciation for that form of travel. Riding behind the horses brought back the memories of riding horses, when I was still at home.



Well, it is time
to stop smelling the roses...
and to 'hit' the books.

Communications - here I come!
so does this mean, that after I have completed the class that I will be able
to speak in wonderfully accurate ways,
so that I will be understood?
by all?

I love it, that when I say something wild and mysterious
                   upside down
                              or inside out...
                                        women will understand...

but if a guy happens to be in the room
he gets a  glazed look,
like I was speaking a foreign language :)

I used to think this was odd,
that I had a special knack for speaking
in confusing ways,
until I heard a speaker, talk in the same way that I do...
from time to time...
yup the speaker was a she :)

so now...
I start my communications journey
well, on the 31st of January..

I have one more week of 'freedom' before I am learning
a whole bunch of new things.



Words....       tiny little things....          like a small raindrop...Words....   my darling, I love you....           my heart is yours....               with the sound of your voice....                                                       my heart soars....Words....   soft....     gentle....       full of hope....          speaking of the positive, wonderful things, that you are...Words....    building a bridge from one soul to the other...      so that two can walk hand in hand through the times that are to come....         laughing....            teasing...               full of joy...                     Words....    comforting...        encouraging...           sharing....               full of wonder....WORDS....   full of anger....     rage....       criticism....          tearing apart your darling's soul....                                          and in the end, your own.....Words....   hold them on your tongue....      consider....        the cost....          the benefit....             weigh them....carefully...Will they be as soft as the ocean's gentle foam...                                                                   on your toes?       Will they be as the soft breeze moving through the mountains grass?                                           or will they destroy....                                                     the love....                                     &nb[...]

The First


This is the back of my new hair style and the coloring !!! It is really fun to look in the mirror and see the new 'me'. My hair looks lighter here than
in 'real' life. My hair is darker than it has ever been.
The highlights are done very well. I am so pleased.

I was treated to a make over!!!!!
It was so amazing to enter the beauty shop the old me and to walk out the new me. To let my hair be someone elses canvas, to watch her work was intriguing. I did not fear :) I wasn't even in the least bit nervous, I guess you could say that I was more than ready to change and let go of some hair...  Now I need to dig out some old tools, a hair curler and that hair blower...that I haven't used in years. Awe yes, and buy some mouse stuff, I have never used it, but I am about to learn... There are many of you ladies out there that are years ahead of me, so you know the ins and outs of this, but I will learn.

As I was sitting in the chair, I thought how wonderful it would be to step out of the chair wieghing less...(a complete makeover) but alas a chair like that has not been invented. I know about surgery...:) I was thinking more in the lines of magic :)
I know, I know...hard work and the minute by minute work it takes to say no to impulse eating and not so impulse exercise...

Tomorrow; it is so nice to know that with each new day, I can discipline my eating and exercising, or at leat try...

A Time of Restoration


This is the first time in my life that I was able to observe the snow turn to rain, before it hit the ground.
There have been three times since I have been here, that it has snowed. The other two times, it snowed at night.
Would only a O.C. girl take photo's of falling rain?
It was so quiet and peaceful when it snowed. To me this was a blessing :)

'Sometimes' the Lord gives us trials


Isaiah 54:5
For your Maker is your husband- the Lord Almighty is His name-the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; He is called the God of all the earth.

I have been reading this verse over and over for the past four months, along with the rest of the chapter. It has comforted me on so many different levels. Since I am without an earthly husband, it is wonderful for me to stop and call out to my heavenly husband and ask for help. From the basics of 'what am I to do now, Lord' to please keep my car running until I have money to fix it. Yup, I am a worrier. {When I have the oil changed, I am assured by the mechanic that my 'little' Toyota is just fine, but I am always cautious. }

There is something about calling out to the Lord, that when I am done pouring out my heart to Him, I can breath a sigh of relief, knowing that He truly listens and hears my heart, even if my words are not grammatically correct, :) He is never busy with His own thoughts. The Lord hears me!

The Lord has blessed me, in so many different ways this past year and 3/4!
I have been able to go and visit my youngest brother and his family out in New Jersey, My sisters up in the Northwest and lately, the Lord has blessed me through my oldest brother, with a three week vacation up in Lake Tahoe.

It is hard to fully enjoy the vacation, because I do not have a job. So, last night, I started thinking, in depth. Since the Lord heard my cry for a time away from the restraining order situation by providing me with a three week stay up here in the wonderful Tahoe area, surely He will provide me with a job and a place of my own, when His timing is right.
Surely He will provide a way for me to pay off my debts, why am I worrying?

So, I will practice not worrying and praying more.

in verse 4 it says: do not be afraid; you will not suffer shame. Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated. You will forget the shame of your youth and remember no more the reproach of your widowhood.

I am counting on this..