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Hopscotch Sketches

Updated: 2017-09-03T07:53:49.573-04:00




See this painting in my etsy shop here!

I've Moved!


Hey Everyone! I've started a new art blog so I will no longer be posting on this site. If you want to see my recent work check out my Etsy shop here. I will occasionally be posting on my new blog here.



Here is the beginning of my next project. I think it would be fun to either make these into linoleum prints or coloring book pages. This is the Mount Timpanogos Temple where Jeff and I were sealed. I hope to do more temples like Salt Lake, Portland, and Seattle. 

Sky Study


I want to do a series of paintings all focusing on the sky. There is something fun about pulling out the acrylic paints and just concentrating on color and abstract shapes. I managed to whip this one out during nap time and I hope to do a big one with more detail soon.

Recent Work


A new baby sure leaves little time for painting. In an effort to get back into the groove, I bought a card table and designated it as my art space. I have all my supplies setup and within reach so any spare time can be focused on my latest project. Here are some paintings I have done in the past few months. 

I'm excited to get back into watercolors again. The only downside is this medium is harder to work with for just a couple minutes at a time. 

Children's Book


I recently made a children's book for the boys that I nannied for. I used a blank board book, watercolors, colored pencils, and pen. Take a look!

Yellow Bird


Here is my next attempt with this color scheme. I added a little splash of color with the yellow bird and I already have plans for my next painting. I can't wait to get started!

Another Bird Painting


(image) I just love turquoise, brown and white together. I don't know why it took me so long to use it as my main color scheme for a painting. I'm hoping to do some more like this only play around with the birds.



I painted this little guy for my mom on a square canvas I've been saving. We used to have a parakeet that looked just like him growing up. Unfortunately this is it for my Christmas paintings this year. My attempts were pretty lame since I haven't been feeling well.



Take a look at my newest painting!

I recently bought a ceramic rhino while I was in Washington, and since then I've been obsessed. I had so much fun painting it. I used crackle to get the weathered skin on the rhino. I want to try a few more of these with maybe elephants or hippos. With crackle the possibilities are endless. :)



As you can tell I haven't done a lot of serious painting in the last few months and I am definitely feeling something missing in my life. In an effort to fix that I came up with an idea for a series of paintings all centered around Cleveland. I've lived here for a year now, while my husband is attending medical school, and I just love it! Since our time here is limited, I want to take advantage of all the unique experiences and culture Cleveland has to offer. The goal is to create at least ten works (give or take a few) in the next year and then have some sort of an exhibition. I figure if I blog about my progress I will have to commit to the challenge and actually get some work done.
Here is my first piece. I used a map of downtown Cleveland and abstracted it. I wanted to capture the dirty gray feelings a city has, along with all the exciting pops of color and life. I'm not completely satisfied so I may change it up a bit. Or just leave it and make another with the same concept.


Birthday Flower


Here is one of my most recent paintings I did for a birthday present. I combined a few aspects from my other paintings to make this flower. The color choice was inspired by the receiver and I just love how it turned out.




Last time Jeff and I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art I was inspired by some of Van Gogh's tree paintings. His work has so much expression that I want to capture in my own art. I especially loved this painting I found online.

I decided to make my own version of it and this is how it came out. I loved creating it and I think the free brush stokes give it a lot of movement and character.

I'm excited to use this style of painting in my work to come!

Christmas Paintings


Once again I've been busy painting for Christmas presents. Here are some of the finished products.

I love the velvety feel of this Dahlia.




I went to the Cleveland Art Museum and found this painting by Piet Mondrian of a chrysanthemum. I loved the outlining of the peddles and the muted color scheme.

So I decided I needed to paint one too. I painted a dahlia instead and used crackle in the background.




(image) Today was my last day of spring break. I really didn't do anything too exciting this week, but I managed to do something productive today. I painted this flower on one of my canvases I've been saving. A lot of times I will make a painting based on an empty wall in my house, but today I just wanted to paint. My art is starting to pile up! I guess I'm just holding on to all of them in hopes of living in a house with more walls to fill someday.



I found some new crackle at the store the other day and I was so excited! I've been looking for one that gives more of a cracked glaze look and this is my first attempt. It is a little harder to use than the weathered wood crackle because you really have to layer it on thick. If there are any areas that have don't have enough medium it makes tiny cracks that aren't as noticeable. If you click on the picture you can see the details better. My next project is to combine the two different crackle techniques and see what happens.

Computer Sketching


I've been doing computer sketches of some ideas I have. What do you think? I want to use my tree image over patterned backgrounds. I'm not expecting the paintings to look exactly like these, but I thought it would give me a good idea before all the effort.



Here are some of my most recent paintings. I was inspired by the simple graphic pictures and logos. You can't really tell, but the one on the left has textured bark from the crackle. I'm not so sure about the flatness of the dark blue background, but I thought I would try something different.





I decided I'm really liking the crackle technique. I love how it makes these paintings looked aged, adds texture and gives them more depth. I also decided to branch out a little and add birds to my trees. Ha ha, yes, I am aware that was a very bad joke.



(image) After some thought I decided I'm going to try and sell some prints of my art on etsy. I don't know if people will actually buy them, but it's worth a try. Even if I don't sell one it has given me an excuse to really start painting. I finished this one last week after it had been set aside for months. Most paintings can be saved no matter how ugly you might think they are. It's when I get to hate a piece that I really start to take risks because I have nothing to lose. I still need to get the paintings into a good digital format so I can get them printed. I'll let you know when I'm open for business!



Well it has been awhile since I posted some art. It is always hard for me to paint when I don't have a project planned for class. Now that I graduated I decided I have to make projects for myself otherwise I won't make art. I also realized that I am the happiest when I am creating. Christmas was a perfect excuse to start painting again. I was a little nervous about giving paintings because homemade presents often just turn into good thoughts. But I couldn't think of anything else to give my mother-in-law or Jeff's Nana. My mom had wanted a painting for a while and I know she likes anything I make (even when it's really not that good). So I made tree paintings in acrylic for the mothers. I made a smaller leaf painting for Jeff's Nana because I wasn't sure if she would want a big painting to hang in her house. Well, they were a success! They loved their presents and it helped give me some confidence. I still owe my sister Jessica a painting but I'm waiting for her to decide on exactly what she wants.

This tree was for Jeff's mom.




I strained my eye for details in my leaf painting. I started with a red under painting and worked back over it with yellows, browns, and oranges. This way all the cracks in the leaf were created by painting the space around it. Then I sanded over it and worked back into parts.



(image) Here is another one of my tree paintings. I tried to make it more interesting with the composition and colors. I like the paint quality and worked with thicker paint and more layers. I may want to work back into it by painting over it and sanding out some of the colors and then work back into it. The problem is that the purple paint takes forever to dry because of how thick it is and all the red in it. We'll see, I may just leave it.



(image) This is my alla prima painting of onions. It means all at once, so you paint wet on wet. I really like painting this way because it's quick, loose, and thick. We were only allowed to spend three hours on it, and I probably spent a good hour mixing the colors. I hope to do some more of these in the future.