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~ Merry Christmas To You & Your Family ~



May Christ live on in your hearts each day ...

~ The Attack That Changed The World ~


.. bless the souls that gave for our freedoms


~ May His Blessings Bestow Upon You ~ Love Is ...


I/we are very grateful for the blessings He has showered us with, bringing light upon our paths in our darkest hours & most joyous moments.  May your Thanksgiving day celebration be filled with many joys.
 Our daughter Cari, Joshua & Mackenzie

Cat, Emery, Tatiana & Ansel center. Cat's brother Edry & son James on left, Alyssa & mom Geva on right. James & Alyssa are like our own.
We are getting ready for our Antietam Battlefield Illumination on Dec. 7th .. & Sons of the Confederate celebration dinner Dec. 3.

~ Tatiana (ae 10) With One Shoe Off, One Shoe On Running a 5K


In the final stretch one of her shoes came off but she kept running. (I wish I had a 'snap' but this was her concert pic). The video is darling of her run. I hope you will enjoy!


view ...

~ A Country Ride, Halloween, Plants ~ Love Is... GIVEAWAY


 Dumpling & I went out to see the colors. She says autumn & repeats the tree colors beautifully ... she just melts our hearts. We see the world thru her eyes, the glee in her voice & the joy in her excitement. Love! but LOVES those quack-quacks! Nearly comes out of her seat with glee when she sees them.Thank you for your notes re our marathon son, Emery. We are so proud of his accomplishments, what a beautiful father he is & proud to be his parents. She got to ride the BIG tractor with Poppa. He helps a friend at the farm on Sat. & right now the pumpkin festival is on. Mackenzie was thrilled. She got to romp thru some of the playground activity, but 'Thomas' (train) was a #1 hit Pulling up my 150 or so geraniums to pot & put under lights in the garage I just have a hard time throwing out anything I can carry over.  I leave you with this rose.Don't forget the book GIVEAWAY is on Halloween so pop back to the giveaway listing & get in on it.Kathleen ~ I'd write yo but it will not let me get on your site. I am not ignoring you.[...]

~ Our Son with Pride ~ & Giveaway


We are very proud parents today ~
Marine Corps Marathon: 
Emery Ford at the Finish in 3:13:40
Age 51Don't forget to enter the giveaway in the previous post. It ends on Halloween. A great intriguing mystery novel.

~ Quilters Book Giveaway ~


This wonderful story of intrigue & murder was sent to me by Mary Pomponio, Plume Publications ... to offer to you in a giveaway.

Wedding planning never goes according to plan whether it's a demanding parent or challenging seating arrangment, there's always a snag.  Preparations for Grandma Eleanor & Oliver's upcoming nuptials have reached a fever pitch, with Nell Fitzgerald & the quilters all creating special gifts.

This story will keep you on 'pins & needles'.

Drawing ~ Halloween 10/31/13

~ Pumpkin Dip ~


2 tubs of Cool Whip
3 pkgs of instant Vanilla pudding
1 - 15 oz. can of canned pumpkin
1/2 tsp of pumpkin spice (tho I did add a dash or two more)

Serve with ginger snaps, English tea cookies or Vanilla wafers
(pics from web, I forgot to take one)(image)

Join Laura @ Decor To Adore 
Fun Fall Foods Linky Party

~ A Little Aviation American History To Enjoy ~ Love Is...


 McMinnville, OR Air Museum While visiting the museum the gentleman on the right was a war air pilot vet that shared many of his excusions with my hubby, bilove Mike, niece Cherie & myself. The other gentleman was Howard Hughes chauffeur for years & his tales were equally as intriguing. This is a mere few of the pictures that we took ... this museum is worth every second of your time to visit should you be in the area. Unbelievable technology aviation journey ... The artwork alone bu these artists was marvelous ... Harold, niece Cherie & moi! And, that's my story & I'm sticking to it![...]

~ Foot Prints On Our Hearts ~ Love Is... Happy Birthday Mackenzie Paige


 Two short years ago we were blessed with your birth ... You have left sunshine foot prints on our hearts forever, sweetie. You are our dumpling, our life, our love.The joy you bring us all is immeasurable.  We ask that our heavenly God & the angels protect you as webegin another year of your precious life. Thank you for all the joys & delights of love you bring to us every single day, sweetie. Mimi, Poppy, Daddy & Mackenzie Your first Christmas Every day you bring us more sunshine ... Hike! it's football season Cousins Tatiana & Ansel holding you Your first birthday professional picture  Happy Halloween everyone It's bubble time Here comes Santa Claus Varoom! Varoom! Looking to the heavens I got a stick Chasing balloons with Poppy Stickers are kinda fun! I'm so pretty! Just digging in the dirt My first ice cream cone Do you like my fountain head hairdo? Love going in the pool Little Miss Hollywood Going to a party They call me a 'sniffer' Look Daddy, I am playing with your old Legos I give great pedicures! Knock! Knock! I can open doors now ... Cookie (G'ma Cari) & you taking the dogs to the pond While angels hover near ... Pistachio ice cream is deelish! The best part of baking for Poppy's office is those egg beaters! Playing ball with Poppy when he gets home from work. Ohhhh, those squeals of delight as he & you throw each other the ball up & down those stairs Enjoying your new IPAD Poppy got you. The best part of rain ... is there is water! Helping Mimi make fresh lemonade Somewhere I have a Redskins hat too![...]

~ G'pa Bob's Loving Hands, Moments To Treasure ~ Love Is...


 My maternal grandfather Robert Ingersol Neu hand made this plane for my brother Buck, when we were young children, bef 1950. A sister took it, tho recently it was given to my daughter for dumpling. Grateful it is back in the family where it belongs. My daughter had it totally restored & painted, as it had been damaged. G'pa was very handy at making things with his hands.

~ In Honor Of, A Day of Silence & Prayer ~



~ Roses, Mountains, Lakes, Scenic, Bloggy Friends Pt 2 ~


 These are the last group of my sweet bil Mike Huber's rose gardens. They lusciously greet you at his front entrance to the house. He could take any garden entry first prize, lmty.Enjoying travels & re-visiting ... those precious moments to treasure You have to see these gorgeous Douglas Fir's & pines to truly enjoy the beauty & enormity of each ... hundred's feet tall, reaching to the Heavens so majestically Enroute to Bremerton you will see some sandy beaches & gorgeous shores What a fabulous roadster ... Mt. Rainier is a stunning beauty in all its powerful glory ... our son just climbed her for the second time a month ago, & in that same week climbed Mt. Baker Approaching the Narrows Bridge. It is quite famed for when it was hit with high winds, swaying back & forth. Our dad used to drive to the EDGE of the bridge & stop, telling us he had to hit the floating bridgejust right ... you can never know how many rosary beads my sis & I burned praying he'd make it. Scared to death, understatement. These 2 views of the Mt. are enroute to see Jojo (myrandominsanities) ... what a precious sweet friend.I am so glad we finally met ... 2 redheads together.  Jojo's house is warm & inviting ... her husband & pooch are as sweet as she. We had a lovely visit. Having met about 20 bloggy sister's ... we re-visited our friends Spencer (bellamarecottage). Chet & Harold take off for long walks & chats as Spencer & I devour the beauty of her cottage.  Spencer & Chet had a lovely luncheon for us (sorry forgot pics). Her home is just filled with charm & chic touches & treasures.  [...]

~ Climb Every Mountain ... ~


... that is what it seemed like ... love the PNW mountains. Loved being raised there but it all looks good in the rear view mirror.   We gathered for my sister's 69th birthday ... this is her beautiful family. Wee ones are Katie, Benjamin & Joseph.  Her hubby Mike is a real gem ... her children are David, Michael, Gregory &Cherie & dilove Kristine far right. I took Joe's finger & stuck it in the cake ... boy, did I start something now. Dad David holding that little dynamite fella ... These roses are from bilove's entry garden to the house. They will steal your heart away withthe fabulous bushes full & scented.  We had a wonderful dinner party for Carolyn. It was fabulous seeing all the children & chatting about the family history they knew nothing of (we did the genealogy).  Always nice to bring forth history of our family to others, & straighten out misconceptions. Tho a whirlwind trip, it produced strong holds in our relationships that will last a life time. We shall share more of this trip as we go along. There is much history & beauty to spread around for you all to enjoy ...  The air lingers with the scent of pine & fir in the dewy morn ... the soft glow of sun arising over the mountain top(s) ... bringing forth another of God's awesome days to cherish. Thank you David & Kristine for having us in your home. It was delightful, moments we will treasure forever ... love you to the moon & back. The lunch we had with you David was so enjoyable ... TYSM. Loved the tour of your company. Michael we loved our eve's with you before you had to go to work, you stole our hearts. Greg, we were so fortunate to have you with us once again ... bringing back warm snuggly memories of our time in Cleveland with you. Cherie, you were such fun to be with ... had a great time sightseeing & chatting up a storm. Kristine, what a delight you are. So wish we were closer to enjoy one another. And to my precious loved bilove Mike ... you are such a sweetheart. TY for all the running us around to various sights we have missed over the years. Just being with you was fabulous. Happy birthday Carolyn.[...]

~ In Honor of A Most Remarkable Couple ~ Love Is Truly


John & Annie Glenn - with  Vice President Johnson 1962 For  half a century, the world has applauded John Glenn as  aheart-stirring American hero.  He lifted the nation's spirits when, as one  ofthe original Mercury 7  astronauts, he was blasted alone into orbit  aroundthe Earth; the enduring  affection for him is so powerful that even  nowpeople find themselves misting  up at the sight of his face or the sound  ofhis voice.           But for all these years,  Glenn has had a hero of his own, someone  whohe has seen display endless  courage of a different kind:      Annie  Glenn.      They  have been married for 68 years.      He is  90; she turned 92 on Friday.      This  weekend there has been news coverage of the 50th  anniversary ofGlenn's flight into orbit. We  are being reminded that, half a century  downthe line, he remains America's  unforgettable hero.      He  has never really bought that.       Because the heroism he most cherishes is of a sort  that is seldomcheered. It belongs to the  person he has known longer than he has  knownanyone else in the  world.      John  Glenn and Annie Castor first knew each other when --  literally --they shared a  playpen.      In  New Concord, Ohio, his parents and hers were friends.  When thefamilies got together, their  children played.      John  -- the future Marine fighter pilot, the future  test-pilot ace,the future astronaut -- was  pure gold from the start. He would end up  havingwhat it took to rise to the  absolute pinnacle of American regard during  thespace race; imagine what it  meant to be the young John Glenn in the  smallconfines of New  Concord.       Three-sport varsity athlete, most admired boy in town,  Mr. Everything.      Annie  Castor was bright, was caring, was talented, was  generous ofspirit. But she could talk  only with the most excruciating of difficulty.  Ithaunted her.      Her  stuttering was so severe that it was categorized as an  "85%"disability -- 85% of the time,  she could not manage to make words come  out.      When  she tried to recite a poem in elementary school, she  was laughedat. She was not able to speak  on the telephone. She could not have a  regularconversation with a  friend.      And  John Glenn loved her.      Even  as a boy he was wise enough to understand that people  who couldnot see past her stutter were  missing out on knowing a rare and  wonderfulgirl.      They  married on April 6, 1943. As a military wife, she  found that lifeas she and John moved around  the country could be quite hurtful. She  haswritten: "I can remember some  very painful experiences -- especially theridicule."   &n[...]

~ I Love This Man ~


It has been one harried week. We cleaned out cupboards, closets, drawers, garage, storage room, etc. Oh, my! how stuff has been accumulated.  We decided to sell our 'stuff' now ... truly clean house.Dying to go to the auction to see how it all does ... You just don't know how good it feels to clean out .., & we've found even more 'stuff' to send to auction another day ... I will be soooo glad to see my front room empty this week ... done with the dust & 'stuff' everywhere!Have a beautiful week, my friends.[...]

~ Williamsburg, Jamestown & Busch Gardens, VA ~ Love Is...


Every year we take Ansel & Tatiana away for the weekend to a historical region & amusement parkWe hope you will enjoy the visit, following the noted signs of historical places & datathat you may never get to enjoy personally The gateway entry to Washington's place The gorgeous James River Poppy with our kid-ling's A horribly high heat & stifling humidity about did me in ... A Grimm fairy tale play Tatiana 'skiing' A fabulous Irish show with wonderful music, dance & acrobatis stunts on those platforms We endured a raging thunder, lightening & rain storm for over an hour Moving on to the Jamestown Settlement A tobacco barn The Governor's Mansion All buildings were destroyed but later the ground foundations were excavated & the buildings rebuilt upon them The chandelier was from Ireland To cover the nails (look closely on the left just below the bright area) you will see a heart. They used the symbols from cards, hearts, clubs, diamonds & spades ... being big gamblers was the motivation. Very pretty when seen more clearly as you walk up the winding stairs The church on the grounds I common sight for tourists were various types of carriage rides Tatiana  & Ansel hamming it up ... 2 little girls whose parents dressed them in period dress for their visit.[...]

~ Our Time Is Today ~ Love Is...


There are days that you just need 'our' time ... & today is one of them. The skies are blue, an occasional dot of white puffy clouds floating by, the breeze is a crisp & cool strong breeze ... nearly feels like autumn.  The yard sale is over & we did well.  Now we are preparing for the auction to sell off our treasures in Sept. ...never know what I will find in our cupboards & closets ... kind of fun to touch & see the memories that we have gathered.  A lovely country ride is so peaceful & relaxing ... so love the rolling hills &  dotted with farm scenes Our gardens are alive with butterflies this year ... This is the first blossom of our new hosta ... Red pops by my office window for visits throughout the day, love watching  my birds ... The last of our 100+ gladiolas ...  We awoke this past week to see only (1) of our many maples in full dress ... probably because of the stress of all the rains, etc. What a gorgeous gown she wears ... When we were in Cincinnati we visited a garden & they gave us another black eyed susan & she's blooming her britches off ... It is so delightful in the morning to walk to the gardens & see what blossoms have burst forth ... Just a wee peek at our gorgeous florals ... Wonderful butterflies ... A dragonfly here & there ...  I love my gorgeous Martha Washington geranium ...But the best joy of all is our little dumpling ...[...]

~ Love Is... ~ Speaks For Itself Today


 ... & then there are these kinds of moments when you wish you could just 'get away' from it all!

 Don't you just love how the cat's always play 'cool' in these situations, ready to pounce/play in a second ...

 Mouse now on outer side of the pipe!


~ ... & Now Back To My Manicure ~


 I thought it would BEE fun to share even more of our garden beauties with you ... Butterflies are plentiful this year ... We have 100+ gladiolas that have put on a beautiful show for us ... This lily is so pretty ... We brought this beauty back from the gardens in Cincinnati & it bloomed ... Of course, I had to have a polka dot plant & she comes back yearly ... My hollyhocks continue to thrill me with their presence ... Our first tomatoes The cucumbers are coming in so fast & are huge Have a BEE-utiful day ... I am going to finish my manicure now.[...]

~ Just A Little Walk With Thee ... Love Is~


 Our first buds & blooms on our yellow Knockout rose ...I do believe this horrible heat & humidity is gone ... light rain last night. It is always hot in July, no question, but oh my ... The cucumbers are plentiful due to the rins & heat ...  'Dumpling' doesn't like Poppy's tractor when its running & is now making 'friends' with it ... Look at the pollen on his legs, busy bee ... I hae over 10 gladiola's & love visiting them every morning to see which has blossomed ... M first hollyhock's ...                Our precious Mackenzie catching bubbles with her neck ... he squeals with delight        when they pop on her ... My first yellow crocosmia' in bloom ... with look so pretty nestled amongst G'ma Maggie's orange ones & the new red ones we planted ... Another special gladiola surprise ... Some of these gladiola's are just so unique in coloring ... Instead of looking at the fashions, walk out into the fields & look at the wildflowers. They never primp or shop, but have you ever seen color & design quite like it?... If God gives such attention to the appearance of wildflowers ... don't you think He'll attend to you, take pride in you, do His best for you?  (Matthew 6:28-30)[...]

~ Happy Birthday & Garden Strolls ~ Love Is ...


... of those wonderful quiet moments after our day is done ... aloneto just reflect on the kid-lingslifeloveAnsel is now 12 ... Tatiana is 10 ... Wherever has the time gone?  They are more handsome & cuter every day.  We had great celebrations for their birthdays. Now for that garden stroll ... you know I've have been very busy helping Mimi & Poppy ... These are our pretty sunflowers ... This one looks like it has a face... There are so many different kinds of sunflowers. We enjoy watching all the birds flit about at the feeders hidden amongst the sunflowers ... As you can see, I love digging & helping Mimi & Poppy. I have my own garden tools, also. The gladiolas are in for the first year & putting on a really pretty show ... Mimi got so excited to capture this gorgeous butterfly ... These Crocosmia's are from my 3-gr-g'ma Maggie's garden that Mimi dug up in WA ST & brought them home. They were on the right side of G'ma Maggie's sun porch steps. This year the deer are not eating our hostas ... When we do our morning walks thru the gardens we found this pretty pink lily ... The begonias are such pretty colors, I love sniffing them ... These hydrangeas are just beautiful ... And the other lilies are very sweet smelling.[...]

~ What A Summer ~


 Swings & slides, swimming & bubbles, ice cream & loving hugs ... having a fun time.  This is one of Mimi's favorite pictures she's taken of me.

a test run


This is Hootin' Anni....just testing. (image)