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Sammy Girl

On My Way ....

Updated: 2018-03-06T06:26:15.198-08:00


Sammy Girl at Molly Mo's


The Molly Mo's Summer Antique Faire was so much fun!
I usually attend to shop, but this year I shared a tent with Lisa of Wind Horse Antiques & participated as a vendor.  I managed to grab a couple of pics ... but confess that they are pretty low quality.
Vintage country kitchen featuring red and white was the theme for this show ... and it was great to send some of my treasures off onto their next adventure.
I'll be at the Deepwood Vintage Flea Market in September.  The look will be completely different -- with nary a bit of red in the Solarium. 
Friday night, September 13, (yes, it's Friday the 13th)  will be GREAT FUN with live music, nibbles, beverages, and EARLY BUYING. 

You should pre-buy your $15 ticket for this Flea Market Soiree, as they are limited in number and going fast!

 Link for purchasing thru PayPal.

Thanks to all who stopped by to visit and those who adopted goodies and shared a smile.

Have a great weekend, and hope to see you at Deepwood!

Sammy Girl

Too much stuff? Sale Time!


 HOW?How does it happen that one morning you wake up and realize you have TOO MUCH STUFF? Not sure why or how ...but it just happened!   My love for rusty, chippy,  peely, (and ALL THINGS FURNITURE) has finally caught up with me.  A FULL garage & storage unit.  It's time to pay for all those years of "if lovin' you is wrong, I don't want to be right". So what to do?  SALE TIME! I'll be participating in Molly Mo's Summer Sale.   Sooo..... We are sorting and sifting. Our efforts to "thin the herd"is the opportunity to  share our treasures with new owners. (At "I-love-you-but-go-away" prices!)   This sweet RED CHAISE has been a favorite for years.  The simple self piping ... the flirty but sweet legs ...(Can you believe comfy fora 6'6" over 200 lb guy!) Well, she's up for adoption! Now back to sorting the rusty basketsprismsbrass cow tagstoolboxesenamelwareand so much more! Hope to see ya a Molly Mo's! Sammy Girl. [...]

I'ts Time!


Yep!It's time for me toRETURNto BLOG-LANDDoesn't that sound like the title for aBEST SELLER?Any-hoo ....I am SO looking forwardto catching up with whatEVERYONEis doing!!!So.... look for a commentfrom Sammy Girlcoming your way!!Please leave a comment to let me know aboutany "new" blogs you loveor importantchanges to your blog your family or your life ...(and "new" is relative ..... i have been in a different non-blog universe sincewell ... since FOREVER!!)In the meantime ...Here are two FABULOUS placesto be in Oregonthis weekend.First .... a crazy barnoutside Oregon City is hometo our favoritebohemian gypsy ...Queen of Tarte!Her end of summer flea is Saturday.Check out her blog hereand come by to see her, the Barn Boysand other special guests ... tomorrow!I made these little picks for some goodies ... And a bit farther southwhere I'll be hanging outhaving funMOLLY MO'SDiane's blog (and directions) hereSo many fun and fabulous vendorswill be in Sublimity (outside Salem)TOMORROWMartha (Vintage Trifles)Joy (Auntie Joy)Guin (Rusty Rabbit)Sara (Roost Revisited)and MANY otherswill be there!You should come by tovisit .... laugh ... shop ...HAVE FUN!Not in Oregon?  Find yourself a great flea market ... barn sale ... farmer's market and get out and have some fun where YOU are!  (btw ... Gravenstein Apply Days are in Hood River this weekend, too!!)Hugs!Sammy Girl Guess which princess graduated from Seattle University in June??  yep!  The Pink Princess![...]

Pink Pedal Pushers .... Part One


I've been thinking of this YEP!Much more exercise than this And much less hauling capacity than this:(For a little pink lovefrom a prior post goHERE)So why?Cause I want to haveTHESE!A little explanation about the difference betweenpedal pushers and capris?(and remember clam diggers?)Go HEREWho wouldn't wantPINK PEDAL PUSHERS?More importantly,who knew that Carl Perkinswrote the quintessentialsong about them?(and you thought his onlyforay into fashion was Blue Suede Shoes?)I wasn't listening to Rockabilly in the 50'sbut here goes ...Well, she goes struttin' down the street In her sofisticated style The way she's dressed was a knocking 'em wildThe cats started gazing till they called her outHer pink pedal pushers was a-knocking 'em outShe wears a-pink pedal pushers, pink pedal pushers Her pink pedal pushers has made her the queen of them all She goes drivin' down the street in her brand new carThe cats started gazin' from near and farShe don't cause commotion till she steps outsideThe cats get hep and holler, ooh-ooh man alive!She's wearin' pink pedal pushers, pink pedal pushersPink pedal pushers has made her the queen of them all!And just what would aQUEENwear topush those pink pedals?Hugs and Happy Pink Saturday ---  and here's to having PINK KICKS of all kinds!!Sammy Girlps ... the mirror tells me I'd better stick to black capris ..... but look at the great company I'd be in!!Be sure to visit other Pink Saturday blogs at How Sweet the Sound and thank our hostess Beverly.Six new "Pinkies" this week, including Susan at Ash Tree Cottage who is showcasing her quilt today!Drop by and say "hi"!![...]

Blue Monday?


Did YOU have a "blue Monday"?I DID!Not "blue" as in downcast or discouraged ...NOPE!It was VIVID BLUE!See what I mean??There were also bits ofWHITEAnd a lottaPINK!Y'all know I love PINK!and look how the tulips are GlOWING today!So nice to have some sun for a change.Heck with peaches and cream ...That's how I want MY complexion to look!And a special treat today?The quince tree was blooming!My gosh ..look at all those blooms!Just beautiful!whether I needspace for introspection ...or a bigger picture ...there's nothing liketaking the garden path.To keep me blooming!Hugs and here's to you finding a bit of paradise of your own!SAMMY GIRLnote:  garden at Historic Deepwood Estate - open to the public - FREE!  Salem, Oregon  (and always looking for garden volunteers!)[...]

Springtime .... Time to Spread Your Wings!


Hey Chickie!Time to fly the coop?This morning I woke up and 1) felt good (health issues at bay)2) was home (not that usual of late)3) had nothing urgent on the calendar (hurray!)4) realized I had not been to any sales this year (the 4 Friends Preview doesn't count!)So .... I did what any chick would do ...Spread my wings!Road Trip, Baby!Well, not a REAL road trip involving overnight stay or driving more than 60 miles from home ... but enough of a road trip to energize my psyche and make for a fun day.First Stop?Harris Farms Spring Sale.(they are open tomorrow, too!Enjoyed the drive out of the cityand LOVED the items for sale.Especially emjoyed the spring florals touches ...mmm mmm mmm!Even though they are fauxdon't youLOVEthe moss and white tulipsin this set of bed springs?While there I chatted with Natalie - "Sparrow"about sales - what we were buyingsoldering - she invited me over to practiceand SWEETS!  She will be making some of herluscious goodiesfor Cindy's next barn sale!I understand they sold out pretty fast at the last sale ...I'm just sayin' ...being an early bird to get oneof Natalie's mini-cakesis MUCH better than getting up for a worm!!Next Stop?IKEA!  Always good for a pick-me-up!(Must have their frozen yogurt!)Bought a Benno DVD cabinent for studio storage.Hmmm ... Where Now?M O N T I C E L L O !!First up was Cindy's front window.As only the Queen of Tartecan do!A little chippy ...a little funky ...And a whole lot ofglamour and FUN!Headed to the side room with thespring sale.A bunch of chickieswere gabbing about the sale.Lots ofHUMAN chickies, too!I bought a frame from JulieKindred Roses(she should just set up at MY HOUSE!!)oops ... no pics!As I meanered around I sawso many of my faves ...Randy, ... AF&A, ... and AletaShe is one talented gal!Around one corner I saw just what I NEEDED!Seriously!The 2 perfect salad platesin Rose Chintzwere REQUIRED to comehome with me.They are my everyday china!Then I fell in love.This mini greenhousewas calling my name.I blew a kiss and walked away.Time to head home when youwant a greenhouse for yourdriveway!Well ...Seemed like enough fun and it was getting late,  so I didn't give into my wild child and hit any Goodwill stores and other thrifts on the way home. When Mr. Sammy Girl came home we headed out to dinner and capped our evening with a bit of shopping at Nordy's.Yes, the house is still a mess and laundry needs to be done.  But this chicky NEEDED today.  I laughed, I smiled, visited with friends, shopped, listened to Mr. Sammy Girls' stories ... and feel rejuvenated!!Hugs and here's to a day doing just what you want with people who encourage you to spread your wings!SAMMY GIRL[...]

Pink Saturday -- A classic in it's own right!


Thinking of  ROSES?Classic red?Not me!I love roses of any kind ....but pink ones make meSWOON!Doesn't that make you catch your breath?!Cool pink ...or this warm pink ....They are SPECTACULAR!Mmmmm....these look ready to arrange.Look how nice they play with others!!They are never jealous of their red sisters ...and probably wish we would let thementertain TOGETHER more often!They can beSWEET ...or EXOTIC!I think I love ALL pink rosesand feel they are a classicin their own right!OKAY - Sammy GirlTell us a story!Well ....A kazillion years agoin a Goodwill Store far far away ....Actually not that far away,but before the"new, clean and shiney"Goodwill stores.You know -- before theypull dated the merchandise??We found this little thingIsn't she a beaut?(was just in a mat ... no frame)Cabbage roses ...a little hobby watercolorist?Traces of the artistic muse ...(pencil lines ...)and signed byM. K. Nelson -- 1912.We decided it had been painted by "Aunt Martha"Ever since that day there has been aspecial place in our heartsfor watercolors ofroses.Just like the title says ....they are"A Bunch of Beauties"!Hugs and wishing you a beautiful PINK SATURDAY full of adventures and things you love!SAMMY GIRLnotes:  other than "Aunt Martha's" pic ... all others are by Paul de Longpre except for two by Christie Repasy.  Her classic "French inspired romantic"  roses can be bought online or in stores.  Her website here.  She currentlly has a SALE going on!!Be sure to visit other Pink Saturday participants and stop by to say hi to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and thank her for hosting this meme each week!  Click on logo on sidebar or here.Finally --   That day so long ago?  Well, Mr. Sammy Girl said a lady followed me for the entire 1/2 hour I was shopping, apparently hoping that I would put it down the watercolor so she could claim.  "Aunt Martha's" picture today? It hangs in our living room and I see it EVERY day![...]

White Wednesday - Good to be back home!


Oh. My.Gosh!I am back in Oregon(1/2 time in Montana for each of the last3 months!)Last night I put somecreamy goodieson my sideboard.Bits of this and that ....Things I own and like.Look at the detail on this vintage print by Paul de Longpre.Found this at an estate sale last summer and heart pounded ....  Love at first sight?(note:  deLongpre was a French-born American painterand horticulturist 1855-1911)watercolor ....roses ....1900's sense of style ... What's NOT to love??Put into a vintage frame andpropped it in front of the mirror.I love this as a backdrop!Love the crackle on this ironstone!A bunch of small oval dishes(ironstone, of course!)I use for EVERYTHING ...stacked under one of myfavorite candles.Love the look of corks ....(and see my hiding place forspecial notes behind the mirror frame?)Another ironstone plate(I love the oval shape best!)More scented candlesthat make the room smell DELISH!And a chippy whiteammo box.Didn't know it was anammo box - just love thechippy white paint.Isn't it just AWESOME?!A barn sale find ...It's good to be home.Hugs and hope you have a wonderful White Wednesday and can surround yourself with things that make you smile!SAMMY GIRL note:  please click the link on the right to visit others who are celebrating White Wednesday and hope to visit with many of you soon -- I missed ya![...]



It's Saturday .... and time for some French-y PINK-NESS!Today is the 4 Friends Saleand I gotta tell ya,There arelotsa pink goodies today ....Like linens, and china,and vintage clothing ...ALL IN PINK!and PINK KISSES, too!For pics of our "almost done"set-up,Check out fellowPink Saturday post-erand sweet friendLAURIE(Laurie's Charming Designs)Seriously!Go right now ... I'll wait!It's even better in person!All 4 locations open until 4:00 pm(but remember the first 20 shoppers get gift bags at Sammy Girl's location)Historic Deepwood EstateCarriage House1116 Mission St. SESalem, Oregon9 AM - 4 PMTomorrow will come early,so I'd better quit yakking!HUGSand hopt to see you![...]

Sneak peek!


Oo La La!

(image) Some goodies in store for you ....
(brought home in checked luggage - and YES - the bag was razor-slit open)

Like the Perles Incassables...

Speak French like a native.

(image) Other fabulous finds
are French-wannabes!

But everything is getting ready for YOU!

Please join me for the

4 Friends Sale

Saturday, March 13th
9 AM - 4 PM

Historic Deepwood Estate
1116 Mission Street
Salem, Oregon

click HERE for map
(let's see if it works!)

Hugs and hope you'll stop by to say Bonjour!

Don't forget! The first 20 shoppers will receive gift bags ... and I'll have treats out!



Bonjour!Just a couple of imagesto brighten your day.Springtime in ParisForget the rain and cold ...this virtual trip toPARISis beautiful!! The wildflowers have begun to bloom.The park is welcoming!Each morning there is abit of fogas we walk around the city.All that walking!Here's a bench ....Let's stop for a momentDid you know I got us tickets ....For a Christian Dior show!PINK(of course!)Our time grows short ...but we promised ourselves a carriage ride. Our last night before flying home.I bought you a little somethingwhen we were at the fleas ...(Actually a free downloadfrom Stampington ...)HUGS and have a great day .... I'm off to prepare our own "Paris Flea Market" for Saturday!SAMMY GIRL note: hope these pictures make up for none last night!![...]

Getting Ready for the 4 Friends Sale ...


Mmmm ....Gotta love an old house .... on the National Historic Register and complete with original carriage house! And I LOVE the Carriage House at Historic Deepwood Estate. That's where my part of the 4 Friends Sale will be.It's just yummy with big barn-size doors (on the front AND the back!)They slid open wide to let carriages and cars drive in.Big wide boards on the floor and the walls!Such a nice setting for so many things ...Weddings,receptions,and a "Paris Flea Market"!Today we were busy organizing vintage clothing, and purses; yummy original artwork by Laurie May (Laurie's Charming Designs); hats and gloves; cups and saucers; ironstone; silver (including a set of engraved sterling brushes); crystal; mercury glass; antique children's garments; a couple of quilts; some old sewing notions; bird cages and bird houses; silver fox coats (TWO!) miscellaneous antiques, collectibles and goodies too many to mention.*WHEW*PROBLEM?Well ... I forgot to take any pictures! But I promised to post everyday! Pictures tomorrow, honest!How can I make it up to you? SHOPPER BONUSES!The gardens at Historic Deepwood Estate are in fine fettle. (What does that REALLY mean? And can something be in poor fettle?) As you walk from the parking lot (12th and Lee Streets) you can soak up the beauty! BONUS #1: The gardens are always open to the public (except during a private event) and great for photos. Based on my strictly non-scientific observations, I believe 85% of all graduating seniors have their pictures taken on the grounds or on the porch at Deepwood. You can too!As you go on your travels to the 4 Friends, enjoy the beauty of the season and snap a few pictures. (Maybe pose with your "finds" and post the pictures on your blog!)The house (Deepwood) will be open for guided tours on Saturday, but I know everyone will be busy having fun attendingall four locations of the 4 Friends Sale. No problem! BONUS #2: All shoppers will receive a two-for-one coupon for admission and guided tour so you can return and see the inside of this 1894 Queen Anne style home. Who doesn't appreciate good manners? My mom taught me to always say "thank you" and I want to thank shoppers for coming out to Sammy Girl's first "official" sale. BONUS #3: Thank you gift bags to the first 20 shoppers on Saturday.Well ... I'd better get to my to-do list and start putting those thank-you bags together!Hugs! and have a happy, healthy day!Sammy Girl4 Friends Sale at 4 locations! Historic Deepwood Estate, Silverton, Sublimity and Salem, Oregon 9 - 4 THIS SATURDAY!! [...]



What is better than havingFUNwith a friend? Having fun with 4 FRIENDS!Miss Maggie Rosegot all dressed up for a photo shoot with her friends.Don't they look SPECTACULAR!!??!! WELL .... They are having aPARTYthis Saturday. A Progressive Party. You KNOW .... Stop at one place for treatsthen on to the next!andEVERYONE(that means YOU!!) is invited. Maggie Rose has been helping outgetting everything ready (since she has no hands, we are WAAAY behind!!) She wants to wander in the gardenat Historic Deepwood Estate. That's where OUR part of the festivities will be! Well .... not in the GARDEN .... in the CARRIAGE HOUSE!! We have managed to put out a few pretties But many, many, MANY more things to put out ...So mark THIS SATURDAY on your calendar(because it wouldn't be the samewithout YOU!)HUGS!SAMMY GIRL[...]

Time to Celebrate!


So many reasons to celebrate!

First -- I am back home, even if only temporarily. Good to see Mr. Sammy Girl and my friends.

Second -- Had a wonderful time in Montana (especially with the small fry who are happy and healthy). The work of getting a home ready to sell was worth it with seeing these smiling faces everyday!(image)

Third -- Saw a pic of my work in Flea Market Style.


Bought a copy of the mag and eager to see the article on the Barn Boys. (Gee, their first sale seems like yesterday ... and forever ago at the same time!) Was starting to go through page by page ...and opened up to page 12 and saw my very own

I made it for Cindy's barn "occasionaly sale".
is such a sweetie and lets me help her
when our schedules work out.
With all my busy-ness I haven't been to
ANY of her 2010 sales.
Be sure to check out her schedule for upcoming dates.

Fourth -- THIS SATURDAY IS THE 4 Friends Sale!!

Joy (Auntie Joy), Diane (Molly Mo) and Martha (Vintage Trifles) are pros (gosh, I first typed "prose" and that would be wrong, 'cause what these gals do is pure poetry!!

They are all so much fun and shopping at their events is a blast.

As the fourth friend I am in a "I can't believe I am doing this" .... but as good/crazy friends, they are right there encouraging me .... kinda holding hands and jump off the cliff together!

I have so many goodies (edible and non-edible!) in store .... but no time to talk about it now. Getting down to Salem (Historic Deepwood Estate) to set up!

Hugs to you all and hope you have a WONDERFUL and EXCITING week with lots to CELEBRATE!
Sammy Girl

ps ... for some reason the version of blogger that opened this morning for composing this post didn't have the icon to link to web pages. (What's with THAT??!!) (And now it's there, but very difficult wrangling pictures, so only two!!) No time to trouble shoot this morning, but will deal with later tonight and I PROMISE to post info, directions, pictures and MUCH MORE .... EVERY DAY this week!! HONEST!! Lotsa Hugs and have missed you all ... A LOT!

Vintage Valentines!


It is nowValentine's Day!Many of those we loveare not"lovers"Isn't this a FANTASTICcard? I have two daughters ....and they are AWESOME!(We also have a new DIL ...sweetest thing ever!)Montana Girllives in a small town.Not as small as Gates, Oregon 1912 ...but Miss Minniedidn't need an addressfor her mail to be delivered! This is the face ...and reminds me of the ever-stylishPink Princess.(She's in Seattle) This cute card is from 1910Can youIMAGINEthat heart beingFILLEDwith CHOCOLATE?!?!Do you have a little cupidmaking you a card?I can imagineOur Son the Geniusmaking a handmade cardfor Rocket Scientist DIL.(He's sweet like that!)Having been gone fora good long whilehelping Montana Girl get ready to becomeFLORIDA GIRL ...Flamingo Gal ?? ...Gulf Coast Cutie ?? ..I want to say how much I miss you all!!Hugs to all my blog Valentines ... and hope to swing by to see you soon!!SAMMY GIRLnote: caring for kids, cooking, cleaning, new carpet, painting, sorting, new tile, staging, more painting .... YOU know what it's like getting a house ready to sell! We are thankful for the new job for Mr. Montana Girl and adventures that lie around the corner for their sweet family. Here's to great new adventures for ALL of us in 2010 - (and BOY do I look forward to beachcombing for shells in the new locale!!) Hope YOU are dreaming and praying ..... and preparing to HANG ON TIGHT![...]

Pink Saturday **whew**


Has it been along week for you?Well, girlfirend,come on in and sit down! Slip your tootsiesinto somethingCOMFORTABLE! I'll put on aPOT OF TEAMaybe I'll useGramma'sLIMOGE POT!And what'sTEAwithout someTREATS?? I understand if you'reTOO TIREDTO TALK*(does that really happen?)We can just admire the**VIEWYou must be tiredfromjet lag ....But tomorrow we'llbe ready to shop --OUI?Hugs and here's to dreaming of SPRINGTIME in PARIS!!SAMMY GIRLnotes: recipe for Petit Fours heresatin and fur slippers hereEnglish Rose teaset hereHow Sweet the Sound and Beverly our Hostess for Pink Saturday hereA friend who could use some Pink Saturday love is PupyLuv here Lisa is so SWEET (and a vet assistant in the non-blog world) ... but has been sick lately and a co-worker's gramma just passed. Please stop to visit her today and give her a hug. Lisa ... wish we could go to Paris today .... might not cure the sniffles, but perhaps we wouldn't care!!.....[...]

We're Gonna P-A-R-T-Y !


Gettin' readyto send outinvitations ...Not thatYOUneed an invitation ... I know you'll drop byif your schedule permits ...but the invites are good forrefrigerators& scrapbooks ...(should insert some gorgeous photoof scrapbook here ... but running late this morning ...)Anyhoo ....Maggie Rose(her debut here)has selected her party outfit ... Posed with her friends ....(she's the shy one on the far left ...)And now she is concentratingon party favors,treats,(edible and non-edible!!)and all the fun ... WORKto get thingsJUST RIGHT!We hope you can join us!And if you'd like apostcard mailed to you ...please send me youraddressSammyGirlsMail@gmail.comHugs and here's to anticipating fun times with friends!SAMMY GIRLnote: Spencerian script from Karen ... (the graphics fairy!)[...]

White Wednesday .... RELAX to the MAX!


Having a HECTIC WEEK ...MONTH ...YEAR ... (all 20 days of it so far!) ***** Just take a bit of THIS Pour into this ... After a good longSOAKslip into this ...Nestleinto this ...Prop upagainst these ... Peruse this ... and this ...Until you fall asleepwith a smile on your face!Hugs and here's to finding that special soothing place in the midst of what we call "normal life".SAMMY GIRLnote: pics from Country Living and Victoria Magazine (and[...]

Pink Saturday! 2010 Sweet Ride!


Mmmm ....Lookin' for a sweetpink ride for2010!Tell us, SAMMY GIRL! WHOA!Not a VESPA ....... but THAT WOULDmeet the definition of a sweet ride ...Well, then ..... ??Sammy Girlmetaphoricallymeans a sweet ride ... Something sweet ....Like"having a go"at something.Trying something new.Miss Maggie Rose (isn't she stunning!!)and Iwill be participating in the4 Friends 4 Sales show!!Kinda like jumping off a cliff adrenaline rush!But there to cheer us onthe other FriendsMolly MoVintage TriflesAuntie JoyNOWyou see why2010 looks like a sweet ride?SO MUCH FUNIS ON IT'S WAY !!MARCH 13thStay tuned for more detailsabout my fabulous locationlots of PINK treasuresand more!Happy Pink Saturday and here's to trying something new, exciting, and a little scary in 2010!SAMMY GIRLnote: please drop by and tell the other friends "hi" and thanks for letting Sammy Girl play with them. Oh, and mark your calendar for a great day of playing, shopping, and having fun! (And please tell me it's okay to jump off this cliff -- even if it's not. Aren't friends SUPPOSED to tell little white lies to make us feel better??) And sorry for the spacing snafus ... this new computer is still a little bit headstrong and not playing well with blogger ... and YES ... that was my secret with the white roses and mercury glass vases (a trial for the table with yummy treats!)[...]

White Wednesday - New Beginnings ....


Dark winter nightbrightened by WHITE on the kitchenwindowsill. A bit of sparklebanishes the gloomandplays well with others! The Haeger vasejust waits forspring flowers.A shell beaconsme toa sunny summer beach.The faithfulcyclamenembraces winterand makes me smile. She wears a bit ofjewelry .... an old silver forkwithblooms of its own. The kitchen counterrespelendentwith mercury glassand white rosesis in dress rehearsal.They have asecret surprise.It's going to be agreat year! Hugs and here's to celebrating all the possibilities of the New Year!SAMMY GIRL note: this is the FIRST post with my new computer. None of the programs or files would transfer (yet!) ... but I had some pictures in my camera. [...]

Silver lining ...


They say every cloud has one ...


Computer #1
fried motherboard

sounds like swearing, but it's not --
well ......
if it's fried there
might be
some swearing!

Anyhooo ...
manuafacturer problem
but off warranty ...

it's beginning to rain
under this cloud!

Computer #2

(the one that speaks

a broken monitor screen.
Only 1/4 of screen visible
cannot perform

Honestly ..
my touch was as soft as a

(image) I think it had

(like many 6 year olds!)

So now it's
under the clouds!

The silver lining?

Mr. Sammy Girl
is taking me



Hugs and may you always see the silver in the storm ....
ps ... had to use the computer from work to post this!

Pink Saturday - Optimistically


Looking at life throughrose-colored glasses"with an attitude that things are better than they really are"HmmmmmBeing an optimisthas options ....Sorta retro 80's/90's(what is this style callled?)And(of course!)classic cat-eye frames ...complete with just a bitofBLING!Something a little morestraightforward woman orsuper hero disguise(a la Clark Kent)But even an optimist can have abad day.What's a gal to dowhen the world hitsya a good one?Why talk to hereternally optimisticbest friend.Try to get a little differentperspective ...(love the glitz and bling on those opera glasses!)Or maybe just sit by the fire.Things might look betterwith pink glasses of bubbly.The best pink lens to useto see the world?Just sayin' ...No matter how rough thesetbackyou can be an optimistif you know the happy ending.Hugs and here's to maintaining a positive attitude in tough times ...SAMMY GIRLnote: for more Pink Saturday with decor, collectibles and everything imaginable, visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound here (or click on the Pink Saturday button on my sidebar).Also, if you know Kathy from Mimi's Garden (click here to visit if you don't know her blog) please ask her how she has my Great Gramma's cookie jar. Seriously! I couldn't believe it ... although the lid to gramma's broke way back in the 60's, so perhaps it's a different one ... maybe.[...]

I'm iN LovE!


Look what I found!

Well ... sorta!

I found it at
Show and Tell Friday
Hosted by
click to visit

This is one of her pics
from a jaunt to


Lots more Lovelies
to see at the
42 other blogs

Gotta Go ....
my heart is calling!

Hugs and have a fabulous Friday (and maybe fall in love!)

Seen Around ... A "Pick Me" Up!


Some mornings you just needan infusion of thisAnd soon you mightCELEBRATEfriends, lovers and familywith something like thisSoooooo ....Maybe you should get yourself overHEREYa see ....Miss Debbie(My Shabby Roses)has just opened her etsy storeand is having aGIVEAWAYwhich includes aStarbucks Card!I'm just sayin'...SOMEBODY'S GONNA WINMight be You!Hugs and here's to Celebrating Today!Sammy Girl[...]

Seen Around .... It Speaks to Me!


Sometimes a picture is worth1,000 words.Sometimes just one will do.My word for this picture?COMFYWhat makes it say comfy to me?painted wood floors(harlequin pattern a plus!)wide blinds with cream twill tapebinoculars in the windowchippy trunk/coffee table(could be a packing crate)wooden or paper mache' traycreamy curtainslacey pillows (LOTS!)fresh tulips (far right)roses and hyaciths(smell-a-'puter anyone?)white tin can vasetwo non-matching (maybe funky?) end tablesMORE flowers on the leftbig fat comfortermetal/iron twin bed or daybedsweater-y or knit leggingssheet or throw to snuggle inlittle poppet fast asleepKNOW WHAT I THINK?This must be my beach housewe are tired from looking for shellsand poppa keeps watching for whales.Now THAT's comfy!Thanks, Debra(Common Ground)for sharing this picon White Wednesday!Hugs and wishing you a comfy interlude today!Sammy Girl note: sometimes I see pictures or verses that blog friends have shared ... and I think about them all day long. Think I might start sharing some of those things that make me smile ... hope you don't mind![...]