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Bella's Rose Cottage

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Rubie's Roses....


My grandmother was a woman who loved roses... she didn't grow them or indulge in fresh florist roses... she painted them... her inspiration came from the stacks of old fashioned rose greeting cards...this platteris my favorite piece she painted...  fluffy pink cabbage roses...   as I look at her workI see so clearlywhere my love of roses began... I loved the idea of creating a vignette,where her inspiration and minewere joined...  blended...  my Grandmother Ruby,had a great friendnamed Irma.... they would get together and paint...and when they had enough completed projects they would fire them in the kiln together... that is how a funny mistake was made,my grandmothers plate was finished but unsigned... Irma signed it for her...Rubie  I wonder is Ruby was disappointedin the misspelling,or if they laughed it off... it may be a mistake,but to me...I kinda like it...I find it endearing. it makes me think of the happy hours they spent together,the bond of friends... She didn't want to be loved for her petals,She wanted to be loved for her thorns. She knew if someone loved her flaws,they would love her whole. j. iron wood   sometimes the beauty in life lies in the flaws...[...]

Into the Mist at Lake Tipsoo....


Here in Seattle we have been waiting for was a record breaking dry year... I was a big fan of the TV show Northern Exposure,there was an episode where the town was waiting for the ice on the lake to break,everyone went a little crazy... it felt like that here,waiting for the rain... I was at a friends birthday partywhen the rain began...people came out excited to be splatted by the first drizzle,breathing deep the smell of fresh rain... we may at times complain about too much rain here in the Northwest,but secretly we love it...   after 55 dry days the rain came... I decided to take a hike up at Lake Tipsooon Mount Rainier...  hiking into the mist... it was so peaceful,so refreshing....  bent beneath the weight...  or maybe just doing a happy dance...  the ghostly outlines of trees...  I had never before made it too the lake when it was in full bloom... it was a fairyland,a paradise... the fog made it surreal,soft... like an impressionist painting...   into each life a little rain must fall,for this rain I am grateful...(and so is my garden!)  Thank you for joining me today,it's always more fun when you come along....[...]

Silky Dreams....


The heat wave has struck here in Seattle.... after the long dry spell it is taking its toll the roses look tired,I feel tired....  a little relief arrived in the mail today.... I have always wanted Silk Pillowcases.... I have heard of so many good beauty benefits.... I have read that cotton is abrasive,and draws the moisture out of your skin and hair... where as Silk,is... well, Silky Smoothand will not draw the natural moisture out of your skin and hair... it is hypoallergenic and best of all on these hot nights,a temperature regulator.  I was offered these Pillowcasesfrom OOSILK for sharing with you my honest opinion.   first off they are beautiful,I feel so decadent! they are petal soft,and when you lay your cheek on them at night,so cool and fresh....  after sleeping with them a few nights... I can say I couldn't be happier,my skin feels smooth and my hair feels so much smoother when I get out of bed... If you would like your own Silk Sweet Dreams just stop by OOSILK.... they make a full line of beautiful silk productsbedding,nightgowns,baby items... they are the nicest people,and my package arrived so fast too....   Thank You OOSILK! Sweet Silky Dreams...[...]

Gathering Memories and Roses....


Here in Seattle,we are a week away from breaking a historic record.... for the longest dry spellnext Monday it will have been 52 days with no rain(yes Seattle,  What?) to beat that we have a really hot week ahead,Thursday is forecasted at 102... so needless to say the second flush of roseshas been minimal...  I did forage up this luscious basket of rose the other day... what the Summer has not been in gardening it has been in road trips and daycations... if you wanna keep up with my everyday life friend request me at my personal Face Book... I have been having a really great Summer. I hope you have too, Stop and smell the roses,Summer is flying by...[...]

July Roses....


Oh, what a strange year we have had in Seattle... after a Winter of endless gloom, now we have a Summer of endless dry days... it hasn't rained here in my gardenin  about 32 days... so unusual,for Seattle...  the first flush has ended and the dry hot weather is taking a toll on the garden.... but, Climbing Blushing Lucyjust didn't get the memo,she is abundant and glorious....most of the other Roses,only have a stray rose here and there... a great time to get up close and enjoy the details... this is Brother Cadfael,an outstanding David Austin Roses...  Blushing Lucy again... Faded Eden Rose blooms,a hint of color... the weather really effects the coloring of my Eden Roses...  two more Blushing Lucy... The Fairy Rose,lovely open sprays...   James Galwayanother beauty from David Austin.... have you ever seen so many petals.all ruffled....sigh. another David Austin rose... Mortimer Sackler,a stray faded bloom...  we will end with Sweetness... I hope that is how you day is going :-)  Hugs....[...]

Little Mashel Falls....


Summer is for outings,for exploring,for embracing nature...  sitting on a rock at the base of a waterfall,this all happens... the world fades out. when I went on my hikeI chose to enjoy the momentand not bring my camera...but,  I pulled my cell phone out so much and the place was so beautifulI decided to bear with me and my blurry shots :-) walking along old train tracks... and old growth forests,it was a five mile hike...  the first glimpse of the big fall inspires me to pick up my pace... these are Little Mashel Fallsin Eatonville, WA pools of still waters,a perfect place to dig your toes... I dipped mine several times unintentionallyas a crossed the slippery rocks... this blurry flower was actually quite lovely...  as I descended and drew near the falls I saw the swimming hole at the base... a mini paradise,I am coming back soon with my swim suit... on the return trip I saw an old foundationwhere a building had once stood, across from it this Rose grew...left to itself in the shady forestit had survived,thrived... and climbed high into the trees... no shrinking violet,it had climbed high to find its own sunshine... after the hike,I decided to visit...Recycled Spirits of Iron it is always a delightful place to visit at the base of Mount Rainier in Ashford, WA   ' this caboose is a new addition,amazing in the details... if you ever visit Mount Rainier make a trip down to visitDan Klennertand enjoy his work...    Thanks for coming along....[...]

A Garden Wedding...


There are all kinds of weddings... but none are sweeter than garden weddings... the beautiful photos I will be sharingwith you are photos my brother took of the wedding... I had a date and I don't know if bringing my camera on a date is quite appropriate...  it was a magical night last weekend as I watched two lovely friendsRob and Carrie wed... this was the first vignetteas you walked into their garden.the guestbook table... Carrie and her talented family did all the decorating. and truthfully it was the cutestwedding I have ever attended... it was beautifuland yet comfortable....  seating beneath the old growth forest,a late afternoon wedding... as they shared their vows,birds sang in the forest,butterflies fluttered by... it was pure magic.   each table centerpiece was uniquebut, each included a bird, a bird cage,garden flowers,fairy lights,and a little chalk board with their names.The table I sat at the chalk board said Rob was Carried away :-) no detail or comfort was forgotten,a scavenger hunt through the forest for the young and young at heart... bug spray with a sign"be BITTEN by LOVE not BUGS"  each guest was given a spruce sapling as a wedding souvenirso their love could grow...  it was a beautiful night,they are a beautiful couple...I wish them a long beautiful life,ever after... I want to thank my brotherJames Waltonfor allowing me to share his lovely photos...and I'd like to share with you his Red Bubble page where you can have his work printed onto dozens of different items from t-shirts to mugs...IreKire at Red Bubble  Hugs to You all....[...]

A Rose Crown...


 Roses,Crowns,Dogs... these are a few of my favorite things.... I made a crown of Roses,my heart made pitter pats of silly joy... I'm going to make many more this Summer,I hope you don't tire of seeing them... pure whimsy,pure romance... a fairytale... it is so simple,if anyone would like a tutorial I would be happy to make one... I used Feverfew and False Indigo for filler...  a perfect roseunder a veil... ah, yesthe Dogs... they are never far from me as I take photos wondering if anything I am working with is tasty no doubt.... here Cosmo sneaks in for a closer peek... the Girls(Daisy & Iris)... they are coy,know how to play it cool and just lounge in the sun...  “She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes. She spoke to no one. She spent hours on the riverbank. She smoked cigarettes and had midnight swims...” ― Arundhati Roy   Stop and Wear Flowers in Your Hair...[...]

Summer Things...


Summer.... in theory the days are lazy,but, for me they have been so busy... gardening,garage sales,long lunches with friends,dating <3,I joined a fitness competition at my gym,and justsoaking up the sun... this beautiful Purple Bookwith a Crown on the frontwas my favorite and cheapest garage sale find last Summer... simple things thrill me <3  I knew it would look lovely with roses... here the giant first flushof Gertrude Jekyll is drawing to a close,faded petal liter the gazebo floor... soaking up the sun won over gardening the last few daysnow there is much to catch up on...  “I feel as if I had opened a book and found roses of yesterday sweet and fragrant, between its leaves.”     ― L.M. Montgomery     Anne of the Island books feel as though they have a soul,wisdom....  simple things,great joys... life is good. Happy New Week....[...]

June Roses...


What is better than June? "It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.”     ― Maud Hart Lovelacethe roses have had their grand first flush.... the first blooms beginning to wither,but fresh blooms are following closely behind...   Memorial DayI favorite of mine with it's ruffled petals...  a stand of Baptisia(blue wild indigo)... I learned about this beautiful plant seeing it on other garden blogs... I love it!   our first serious heat wave is on the way,we feel lazy just thinking about it....  Happy Summer![...]

Sunday Drive - Wild Flowers...


I love a Sunday Drive... and I am lucky to live somewhere that with in a couple hours I can be in the snow in the deep forest or at the beach...  this Sunday Drive,was very simple... only fifteen minutes away,to the tiny town of Wilkeson...  I went specifically to see the Wild Sweet Rocket in bloom...  I have taken you along to Wilkeson, WA before to show you these coke ovens.... you can view that old post here...    along the way I foundQueen Anne's Lace...  like snow flakes... speaking of snow... the Cottonwoodsare creating a blizzard of pollen.... see it in the air?and lining the roadside? achoo... Wild Geranium...   the local quarry in Wilkesonsupplied the sandstone for the Washington State Capitol Buildingin Olympia... ahhh,the Sweet Rocket.... they are one of my favorite wildflowers... Buttercup and Forget-me-nots...  I just learned Buttercup is in the Ranunculus Family of plants...   the Foxgloves are almost ready to burst... A reason to come back again soon...   Discover your own Backyard...[...]

White Sheets and Roses...


 these soft mornings... while the roses are abundantand the mornings light is clear and yet still cool... they are my favorite mornings of the year,my very favorite time of the year...  “I'd love to wake up to complete silence, white sheets, and the smell of crisp air and roses.”   ― Maria Elenafacing the light head on...  the temptation to just climb back in bed this Monday morning,.. is so strong....     Happy new week,I hope yours began with beauty...  Stop and Smell the Roses <3[...]

Pretty Peonies in a Row....


 What do you do when it all happens at once?  my Peonieswent into bloom at he same time as the Roses...  Pretty Peonies all in a row...  the frills....  these Peoniesare the only plants that came with the house...  as much as I love them I have planted some paler varietiesbut, they have yet to bloom....   ah yes...ants and peonies... When the Peonies begin to openthat have a nectar the ants can't resist... a natural attraction... some say the ants help the buds to open...others say the ants fight off other insects that would eat the peony... I believe nature knows how to take care of the plight of the bees due to our use of pesticides,we need to let nature be...natural!   Stop and Smell the Peonies(but watch out, don't inhale an ant :-)[...]

Daydreaming of Tufted Headboards...


 In my new Single Girl life,I have options I didn't have before... like dying my hair pinkor redecorating in a way he didn't like... I have had an insane crush on anything tufted forever...and you know what?all the pillows are always falling between the barsof that big iron bed anyway... so on a lazy afternoonI began daydreaming about a white tufted headboard... I have wanted one forever... I thought I would share this with you,because, I know you too do this... the internet makes it so easy to wile away an afternoonshopping in your comfy clothes :-)  I shopped at Furniture.comthey had a great selection...  it was kind of a Goldilocks experience... this one was too boxy... I loved the fabric on this!but is satin dog friendly? this is almost,just right...  Now this is just right! up against my pale pink walls....heaped with fluffy white linens,piles of soft pillows... a perfect place to dream.   since I am daydreaming,maybe I need a loveseat too?  Happy Day Dreaming...[...]

First Rose Flush...


The first flush of roses...  it is captivating...inspiring.  Eden on my now old arbor... peeling paint and fresh faced roses,make such a pretty pairing...  my lovely lady appears to be humbly noddingat Brother Cadfael Roses... ah,bright clear sunlight...  Gertrude Jekylltumbling into the gazebo...  and,tumbling out... so abundant!I have never seen her bloom so heavily....  my climbing Mortimer Sackler... now so tall,and painfully beautiful...  Eden Rose,of course,perfectly named... Have  a Great New Week!I'll have so many more photos to come! Stop and Smell the Roses...[...]

Gathering Roses...


What is better than roses in the garden?why, roses in the house for sure! gathering them is a tough job,but someone has to do it... ;)  my typical bouquet is a single type of roseor a pretty pairing...  but when I gather and I see the wide varietyof shapes and colors,I am newly struck by the never ending beauty...  my basket full,my task complete... I pause on my little bench under the Cherry Tree...  next time I think,I will add a jar and water so I can keep them just like this...   today,I build bouquets... so glad to dust off my vase collectionfor a new season...    Stop and Smell the Roses,they are divine![...]

The First Roses of the Year...


 the beginning,the first roses of the year...  all the work pays off... “But he who dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose.” ― Anne Bronte  after a gorgeous weekend away,I come home to my garden... the very first blooms have opened... a misty morning,holds the fragrance close to the ground... heavenly.   Gertrude Jekyll is always the first true rose to put on a show... here she leans into the gazebo, making this little wicker chair a perfect place to stop to breath it all in...  other blooms... this too aggressive Campanulawins again and has over run my flower bed... a pretty mess... Fox Gloves... even the name thrills me <3  there is so much to see and enjoy...and so much to come! anticipation! Stop and Smell the Roses...[...]

A Sale!


I am having a little sale in my shop... now through the end of Memorial Day weekend I am offering 20% off your order... just enter MemorialDay at checkout :-) I am BellasRoseCottage there too... here are a few items :-)    Have a Great Weekend....[...]

Waiting for Roses...


With this crazy year we have had in the Northwest.... I am still waiting on my first Roses blooms of the year...  I check each day,full of anticipation...  this Gertrude Jekyllis so close... so close when I bury my nose up against this budI can get a faint whiffof what is to come... ahhhh  we have suddenly had a heat wave,our cold wet days became a long dry spell,the temperature soared into the mid eighties... and the blooms,withered so quickly on this Weigela... the Pink-a-Boo has just begun to Peek :-)  I love pairing these small sweet blooms with roses.... the current show stoppersare the Columbines....  there are so many varieties... I love everything about them,their soft pastel colors,the layered petals...that will forever make me think of a flouncy ballerinas skirt... graceful the Dutch Iris...  Sweet Rocket... which always reminds me to take a trip into the hills where it grows wild and abundant...  I have been working on removingmy raised vegetable garden beds... this patch of self seeded chives,I have left be for now just to enjoy its beauty...  waiting patiently,or at least I am trying to.... Have a Beautiful Day....[...]



 Well,you know I love flowersand you know I love pretty tea things.... when you combine the two it is magic! We have shared a lot of teatogether these past seven years....  so today I have pulled some of my favorites photos out to re-share! I hope I have inspired youto grab a cup,a cookieand a pretty bloom... to take a moment for yourself... love yourself today!you deserve it! Happy Tea Time...[...]

Dash Point....


When the sun shines and its a Sunday... well,you got to take a little road trip...  This is the view from Dash Point State Park... I hadn't been here in years... I was actually married on this exact spot,many years ago... we were young,it was a short marriage...he was a genuinely nice guy,just not the guy for me... lets head down to the water!I LOVE the Beach! frilly waves lapping the shore...  lots of people had the same Sunday Drive destination as me... the beaches are so clean,so full of life...  Lucky Dog!  thanks for coming along,don't forget to wipe the sand off your feet ;) Have a Beautiful Day![...]

Lilacs for Monday...


I love Mondays...usually... this week I am dragging already,I joined a fitness competition,and am already feeling the pain of my harder workouts... that said...I needed a little Monday cheer,there is no better place to get that than the garden... so come along with me, the Lilacs are blooming!  can you smell them? I know you canwe all hold in our memory the smell of Lilacs... they are so divine...snippets of woody hyacinths perched on the edge of my dry birdbath...  a bundle of lilacs  in a small white watering can to cheer my desk....  the first bud of the tree peony begins to unfurl... soon...   Happy New Week!!I hope great things happen for you!  Thanks for joining me today...[...]

Just a Day...


It was just a day,as most are... nothing special happened,as happens most days... but...the moments of simple beautyare easily found.... appreciatedand admired...  I love the view of the cherry tree outside the window... through the wavy old glass it is distorted and dreamy...  I have been doing a little rearrangingSpring Cleaning... I was moving my hat boxes,when I remembered the contents... yes hats!  vintage hatscovered in millinery flowers... oh.... to have lived in a dayto have worn such hats!  the wet garden is busting with flowers.. I love the way the tips of theWoody Hyacinths fade from blue to white as they sit too long in the vase...  cheery cherry blossomsonly made more cheery in white china... simple and perfect... so much beauty slips by our eyeswhen we don't take the time to see it... my favorite mug...  the sun peeks from the rain cloudspouring through my windows... after such a gloomy Seattle Winter,I bask in it,revitalized...nature,bright and elegant...  every time I photographCherry Blossoms..I am freshly in awe of their delicate beauty...  Have  a Great Day,look for the beauty,it surround you![...]

Happy May Day!


 Happy May Day! I have always loved May simpleso sweet! this year my basket and flowers are just that...a cone made of sheet music and a bundle of Sweet Violets...   Wreaths for the May! for happy Spring Today shall all her dowry bring...excerpt from May DayRalph Waldo Emerson  Happy May Day![...]

I am having a Sale in my ETSY SHOP....


I am going to be doing some Spring Cleaning this weekend... and I will be adding a lot of new item to my shopin the coming weeks... so I need to make room for these new items!! So I am having a sale!!! through the end of the April 2017 just enter SPRINGCLEANING in at check out and receive 20% off your order! My Etsy Shop is Here  I have several sets of these Rachel Ashwell paper lanterns,they are a retired product and I have them in several colors...  a luscious pancake server...   a do it yourself reusable / customizable sign...this is also a retired Rachel Ashwell product...  this sweet Carnation tea pot,with its delicate porcelain flower handle... I have one like it that features roses...  patterns for several embroidery and sewing projects...  this sweet baby scale,and also a green one...  shabby candle stick holders...  maybe,if you have a powder room that needs a special touchthis Rose Sink is a must have for you :-) Happy Spring Cleaning...[...]