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She's a dreamer...


A new yearand a heart with a renewed visionthree hundred and sixty five beautiful morningsand starlight evenings,fifty two promising weeks andtwelve transformative months full ofpossibilities...{Source}This old reptile suit case was a fabulousside walk sale find.Old wood chairs were found by a friend I dry brushed them with my latest loveMystic Lakeby Vista Paint{Source}Nubby fringe throw, furry pillowmirrored ball lamp and shade Goodwill store.The hardware alone had me breathless...Happy New Year 2015!Can't wait to DIY into your hearts this year...[...]

" Objects of Desire "


Ever wonder why we lovewhat we love at first sight?Does it linger for only a momentor does it become our next forever?This sweet vintage table just needed a little love.After some sanding and two coats of paint she was ready for a spotin the guest house.{Paint color is Mystic Lake by Vista }Later I stumbled upona small half of an old panel doorin the alley and simply could not resist her chippy glory.It fit nicely uponone of my Prairie Style tables we madeof reclaimed wood. I'm madly in love this week andwill be joining some of my favoritelovelies in blog land.Jann's Share your cup ThursdayFollow me on Facebook and Instagramfor daily DIY projects and inspirationWishing each of you a beautiful and blessed week![...]

" A walk in the clouds "


It seems like forever since I sat here and wrotea blog post and in a small way it has been.I have allowed the changes in my life to send me drifting and let the waves overcome me.The ocean has thrashed me back and forthover and over then end to end.{ Linen and window treatments from the Goodwill Store }Lord let this life of mine yield unto youas you leave me with peace and serenity.{ Vintage wood shutters rescued from the heap }I junk when my heart is heavythis weary soul of mine is uplifted by searchingfor that one piece that will speak to me.{ Old wire basket and glass bottles from Goodwill }An open heart willing to listen and love not worrying about the imperfections.Blessed I am by the unwantedof another's heart here nowhas a place to belong to me.{ Vintage chandelier gifted to me }Returning to where I started, where I belongand where each of you found a place in my heart.{ Second pair of shutters rescued covering a small window }A new day awaits as I continueto search, to grow and yield.{ Bench made from rescued wood }Joining in this week with the loveliesJann's Share your cup ThursdayDebra's Be InspiredFollow me on Instagram and Facebookfor daily inspiration and DIY{ My guest house is fully furnished with Goodwill and rescues }Oh how I missed all of you so!!!Much love and blessings[...]

" Budget Style Prairie "


Budget Style Prairiemy heart filled with love...I created this sweet area outside ofthe tiny bathroom in my guest house.  A prairie style tablebuilt from an old wood gate along with 4 x4 'sthat were rescued.I did a wash of gray and pale whitepaint on top of the boardsto gift it a softness.Then distressed to a finish with 80 grit sandpaper.I placed a chalkboard that I madefrom a vintage baking panto leave a love note...I left the old hinges onfor added character and charm...Linking up this week with Jann's Share your cup Thursday Debra's Be Inspiredmy favorites lovelies in blog land.Have a beautiful and blessed week!!XOXO[...]

" Lessons in Love "


A lesson in love...I came to know the beautyof what love truly is... Love that will endure all things...A heart that is and always will be yours... I am hereamong the beauty of love that Godhas given to take me through the valleys of life.I am so grateful and humbled by the love of each of you.May this New year be filled with an abundance of blessings for your lives.I will be linking up this week withmy favorite lovelies in blog land.Jann's Share your cup ThursdayCourtney's Feathered Nest FridayPhotos of our home inspiredby a new vision of love...Have a beautiful and blessed week! {Frank Salas Photography}My love to each of youXOXO[...]

" Wrapping all the Way "


Gift wrapping to meis such an expression of love during the holiday seasonRed Ticking Ribbon from Target The perfect Farm Style touchSnow flake parchment wrapalso available from TargetI made simple wood gift tagsfrom an old wood tent pole I had founda few months agoFinished them withjute from the Dollar StoreBeautiful velvet ribbon is from MarshallsOne of the sweetest finds werethese vintage bottle brush treesSince I am such a fan of thenatural look they were perfectThis is why Kate loves the Goodwill for simple treasureslike theseMore beauty for our Farm Style HolidayWishing all of youa Merry Christmas and a blessedholiday season.Much LoveXOXO[...]

" A Perfect Winter Love "


This winter season my heartis held captive...  A simple Farm style holiday...  This Christmas season I have such joyin my heart for a beautiful new year ahead...Each time I rescue an unwanted love along the road or one that I pulled from the heapI wonder who missed your true beauty?Then I realize you were left for meto findto loveto adoreas a  precious gift to my soul...~Wood Star~made from rescued old wood fence slatsplanks 50 inches in length and 4 inches widetwo coats of soft white80 grit sand paperjute embellishment from the Dollar StoreRescued vintage chair missingher caned back. Painted with Vista PaintsSnowflake Confetti distressed with 80 grit sand paperLinking up with these lovelies Jann's  Share your cup ThursdayWishing each and every one of my readersand my fellow bloggers/writersa very Merry Christmas andjoyous Holiday season.My love to each of youXOXO[...]

Everyday Fall " DIY "


Fall is a season for warmth and cozy livingI have been doing some DIY projectsand adding a bit of " rustic " charm...I used an old wood card table topthat I found missing its legsand framed it with reclaimed2 x 4 's to create a mix against our chandelier...Finished this project with some black chalkboard paint!Two days of hard work was worththe end result of this Rustic Farm Style dining tableI created this with the following...A salvaged old wood panel doorold wood canopy poleslegs were made from an old gate postsand table was framed with the wood slatsfrom the gate door itself.Then waxed and coated with polyurethane.       What a beautiful feast to be served on this table that seats eight...   Lastly I did two quick projectsusing an old chair found curbside along withan unwanted wood console table... I painted and sanded the frameof the chair with a pale grayand recovered with a spare linen panel.The table I sanded and painted witha mix of white and pale gray...For those of you who have not yethad a chance to order the Fall issueof Inspiration Vintage Magazinethe link is located on the top right of my blog.Melinda Reyes is a talent beyond wordsand has put together such a breathtakingFall issue of her magazine...Blessed to be among thecreative ladies in this fall issue...I will be linking up withmy favorite lovelies in blog land this week.Jann's Share Your Cup Thursday Debra's Be Inspired Courtney's Feathered Nest FridayMuch love to each of youXOXO[...]

" To Each His Own " DIY


  This bittersweet summer season I learned much more than I ever thought possible...   I rescued pieces  so unloved my heart broke as I looked at them waiting by the wayside I reflected upon life while I was  waiting for a season of change...      When I stumbled upon this deconstructed chair under a heap  of trash I melted...       I felt like I was tearing apart my own soul as I removed the left over old and tarnished fabric. I kept pulling out the old stuffing to get to her bones, her true beauty. As I painted over her dark old wood stain  I saw the treasured finish that I knew was under that mess. Springs showing and remnants of what once was still holding on  while I sanded her to a smooth finish. My heart smiled  and I placed her in a corner where I could admire all that she holds just like my soul...      The heart wanders through this life and sometimes we journey a season alone...   This vintage desk was transformed inside my mind the minute I found her.       Her top was so worthy of another chance...     After removing the top then sanding   I used scrap reclaimed wood to give her new legs and then painted a French Gray wash to complete her new Farm style look...    She was renewed and full of beauty to shine...     Two unwanted end tables spurred my creative flow into  industrial beauty...       Attaching reclaimed wood planks to the tops and using wax to give a true rich finish...     Simple and sweet to pull up next to a cozy chair...    My heart is filled with joy as I look at the end result...  This week I will be linking up with my favorite lovelies in Blog land...     For those of you who hold me up in your prayers I am so thankful for each and every one of you. I am so blessed to be here  back blogging and ready to share my projects for this lovely Fall season.      With a heart filled with love and thanksgiving I wish you all a very blessed week...[...]

" I Fall to Pieces "


As the summer is slowly fading awayI rescued a few pieces that were unwantedand unloved...I found a very large urnthat was in pieces left for years outdoorsand now has found a new place in my home...The owner had no use for thingsin his backyardand well of course I fell in " love " witheach piece.{ the base will be in a later post}Every inch of this urnmelted my heart as I filledit with twigs and dark colored succulents...I saved a few smaller fragmentsthat fell off during transporting it home.I placed them on my table along withan old rusted chainthat was hanging in the tree...My heart stopped for a momentwhen the homeowner saidI could have anything in the yard as it was meaningless to him...I thought again about what is valuable to meand what is worthless to another.The precious treasures of my heartare the simple pieces that life offers...I cherish love...I cherish the discarded...I cherish the unwanted...The beauty overwhelmed meand I still have to find a place for the beautifulbase of this piece of perfection.This week I will be linking up to mylovelies in blog land who inspire my heart each and every week... Jann's Share your cup ThursdayFor those of you who follow meon FacebookI will be posting Fall inspirationfrom my home using elements of nature this week.Have a blessed week!!XOXO[...]

Styled Vintage and a " Summer Giveaway "


  This summer season has been filled with my passion of rescue... This mirror stole my heart with its rusty iron and old rope...    I wanted a console table that would add a bit of a rustic feel so thankfully Mr. Dior came to my rescue when I gave him {two sides of a tree box for legs} {a half of an old plank pallet} {and one plank of old wood for a front face} Yes all rescued    This patina of bleached gray wood there is no other for this girl's heart...     I added some old willow and dried brush to bring that element of nature I love to use...    I stumbled across the porcelain stag horn at the Goodwill  and could not resist him...     A lovely new spot in our family room...     I will be linking up this week with my favorite ladies in blog land... Jann's  Share your cup Thursday  Now for Kate's Summer Giveaway!   Many of you know the lovely Melinda Reyes of Alabaster Rose Lifestyle Melinda is also the founder and creator of Inspiration Vintage Magazine.  I am delighted to offer  one of my readers a half page advertising space in the September issue and along with that my winner will also receive a printed copy of the September issue.      All you have to do is leave me a comment to enter. I will draw the winner at the end of the month to give you time to send your images over for publishing in the September issue.  If you do not have an Etsy store, blog or business page you would like to promote please enter anyway I will send you a gift card to the store of your choice! Best of luck to each of you     Wishing all of you Summer blessings XOXO [...]

" A Heap of Beauty "


  A reason to live fully comes at a cost sometimes. Then there is that moment when you stop and see the beauty in having less and an abundance of much!       I was so happy as summer approached and sad  that due to my high health care costs Gracie would miss out on attending her favorite summer care program. Two days before school let out she shared with me how excited she was just to spend the summer with us.   We had decided that she would go with us on our curbside rescue trips. I must say my girl is a " pro. " After about a half  hour she was hollering from the back seat of the truck " Stop mom I see a wood cabinet "  Mr. Dior and I realized at nine she had a knack for this passion we love called " junking. "      God really placed upon my thoughts what would fill Gracie's heart this summer, our time together...      Our summer began...    Among the vintage radio flyer scooter and piles of rescued old wood was a coffee table top with no glass in the center. I told the Mr. to toss it into the back of the truck along with the other goodness.      The top was brown wood with an  emptiness in the center, but whoever left it outside turned it over so now the wood was sun bleached.  {swoon}  I took a piece of old plywood from the pile and had him cut it to fit the inside.      I sanded off the old brown stain from the outside of the tabletop to balance out the color.     Then a few coats of chalkboard paint and we were finished.      I love how it looks like an old wood frame giving it a vintage vibe.     And the beautiful old bench was another rescue. It was covered with dirt laying in the heap of trash just waiting to be loved! {did you see her pale blue chippy legs}    We found a truck load of beauty in a days search!     Leaving my heart filled   and thanking the good Lord for so much more than we expected.      Linking up to my favorite gals in blog land this week! Jann's Share your cup Thursday Debra's Be Inspired Courtney's Feathered Nest Friday      Have a beautiful and blessed week!XOXO[...]

" 1 Hour DIY Build a Vintage Inspired Table "


 I was so delighted to share our latest " curbside rescue "  summer project to give your home a beautiful touch of vintage inspiration.      Mr. Dior and I teamed up to make this process go a bit faster. If you are building it alone it will  take longer due to prep time in wood cutting.    The Mr. and I rescued an old wood gate  that had such a gorgeous bleached weathered finish. I decided then to use it for a special project. Next I hunted around my local Goodwill stores and I found a basic wood coffee table for 5.00 dollars. I knew that it would be the base and frame for this quick vintage makeover.    You can have your local hardware store pre cut your wood if you do not have a saw at home to use for this project. We measured the top and used three extra planks from the wood gate to frame the border to give it a " boxed " look.  Mr. Dior used 1 and a half inch wood screws to secure the wood planks to the top of the coffee table.   So basically you are just building right on top of the existing table and framing the outside as you see in this next photo.     You can see the old coffee table underneath the top that we built with the wood gate door. You can use any type of lumber you have on hand  using the same concept and then use your  choice of finish. { ie chalk paint, stain, etc }  Since this table would be indoors as a coffee table I decided not to wax or use polyurethane to keep the raw bleached look.    I photo styled it a few different ways first using fresh flowers and then a touch of my favorite sea grass for a true coastal feel.     I will be linking up this week with my favorite lovelies in blog land. Jann's Share your cup Thursday Debra's Be Inspired      Have a beautiful and blessed weekXOXO                                         [...]

" Vintage Garden DIY "


I love Summer time and outdoorVINTAGE style...Mr. Dior and I had such fun this past weekwith our latest curbside makeovers.First we took a vintage wood ladderand married it with planks ofrescued reclaimed wood.The planks were secured onto the steps of the ladderwith 1 and a half inch wood screws.Then sealed with clear finishing waxto bring out the luster of the reclaimed planks.Now it was ready to displaymy white ironstone dishes.I could only imagine setting up adarling beverage stationwith vintage buckets as well.I love the patina on reclaimed vintage pieces. The aged wood has such a gorgeouspale gray tone which I never tire of...Next we took an vintage sinkand used it as a planter. Mr. Dior and I framedthe rescued wood pallet withsome scrap pieces of reclaimed fenceto add character and depth.Here is the framed pallet... I sealed this pallet with polyurethaneto protect it from the weather elements...Lastly we took a dumpstertable and recycled it into a newreclaimed beauty...We framed her outside with reclaimed fence postto add a thickness to the table top.Then finished her with thickreclaimed thick wood planks...I will be linking up withmy favorite lovelies in blog land...  Jann's Share your cup Thursday  Have a beautiful and blessed weekXOXO    [...]

" The dreams of your heart "


I remember lying in a field of gold as a childstaring into the big blue sky with pillows of white cloudswondering and dreaming...Wishing and hoping and praying...Today I am here somewhere thatI never knew was the dream of my heart. Where writing, blogging and sharing my journeywould find a forever place inside of me.It is where my soul found itselfthrough an ocean of the highest highs and lowest lowsas Cami lovingly refers to.Somewhere in our heart lives the dreamthat each of us hold inside.The secret place that yearns for us to strive for that goalthat settles in and says " here is where I belong. "Where our God given gifts and talentshines bright as the sun and the stars in the sky. A new day is dawningand I have been so blessed to know the amazingwoman who has embarked on her dream come true.When Melinda Barrowcliff-Reyes sharedwith me her vision and dream of foundingInspiration Vintage MagazineI was over the moon excited for her.She is one of the most loving and caring womanI have ever met who truly works so hard to achieve her goals while being a wonderful mother and wife.I am certain many of you know thislovely lady already.Melinda is such an amazing stylist andphotographer who has such a wayof inspiring your heart with vintage finds.I had her chuckling on the phone last weekas I shared how her styling inspired meto take a whirl at doing a vignette with fresh fruit. I ran into my kitchen quickly grabbed a fewthings and started clicking away.Upon finishing I began to view the photosI took a look and they were well { Horrid }even with a great camera and editing software.I told Melinda how awful they were and that I would just stick to styling my twigs and branches. There we were hearts filled with friendship and laughter while  supporting in each others' dream.{This is my official Kate's hall of shame photo}I am so very honored to be partof the amazing group of women who are contributors in the first premiere issueof Inspiration Vintage Magazine.Laura Kaufmann of 52 FleaJune Stocking of Laughing with AngelsTricia Roshau of a Rosy NoteAndrea Dickerson of Faded PlainsMaria Marcusse of Rusty Hingeand me...So excited to share the premiere June issueand the dream come true of Melindawith all of you!Linking up with the lovelies...Jann's Share your cup ThursdayYou are never too old to set another goalor dream a new dreamCS LewisHave a beautiful and blessed week!XOXO[...]

" Soft and Simple Spring "


Soft and simpleis the motto here in the Dior home.I love how the simple beauty of nature is just enoughto color my world happy and content...Nature draws me in whileoffering me a peaceful surrounding.The beauty of the neutral paletteis how a subtle color will come alive...  Together along with other elements...Creating a softness that calms...Using a few elements of the sea...Using some of my lavender that I dryoutdoors to bleacha soft warm tone that I love for our home...I'm linking up with my favorite gals inblog land this week..Jann's Share your cup ThursdayDebra's Be Inspired Friday #136 Have a beautiful and blessed week!XOXO[...]

" Healing our broken hearts "


Our hearts were broken by a loss we did notexpect and therefore I took a shortblogging break from my weekly posts.{Gracie and our new adopted sweet girl}Shortly after Easter we found out that our sweetAmerican bull dog Lola had cancer thathad come out of no where and itwas causing her such tremendous pain.Lola blessed our livesfrom the day my son brought her home from the breederat 10 weeks old.Each month she grew...and grewand we loved her more...She was loyal...She loved us as her familyand we cherished everyday with her...This was the last photo I took of herwith my son Christopher on Easter.We were all so very devastated since she wasonly four years old.If you are an animal lover you knowthey are like your childrenthey are a huge part of your family.We said our tearful goodbyes whileChristopher and I stayed with hertill the end that day.The ride home was such an emptinessin my heart sitting between heand Gracie while they were sobbing.As a mother I held them tightwhile my own tears were endless.We had lost our girl...Each day that passed it hurt so muchto not see her sweet face.Last week I was sitting outside thinkingabout my high school friend Dennywho is always posting about rescuinga dog through adoption.Denny is a firefighter and a wonderful family man.I thought about how passionate he wasthrough all of his face book posts.Then I decided that pet adoptionwould be our perfect fit. adopted from OC Animal CareAs I walked around the volunteer thathelped us named Debbie told usthis sweet girl had been over looked at three years of age.I asked to spend time with herand when those soulful eyes looked into mineI knew she was it.It tugged my heart just thinking how my momadopted me at age twelve and I too hadbeen over looked by families whowanted a younger child.I think that is where our souls connectedand I had to bring her home.I called Christopher and he drove to meet me thereand as you can see she stole our hearts.She was a family surrender afterthey had lost their home.I was so happy that we could offerher a home where she would be spoiledwith endless love.OC Shelter DogsWe decided to keep the namethat she was given by her previous family.This is our new sweet girl" Guinevere "She took us by storm in one short weekand we are head over heels in love with her.Each day with Guinevere our broken hearts are healing.A heart felt thank you to my friendDenny who continues to support the shelters who find loving homes for these beautifulanimals through adoption. Lola girl we will carry the love in our hearts for you forever...[...]

" Rescue Me " styled for Spring


This week I wanted to share my latestSpring style rescue.You know the stuff that makes my heart skip a beat...My sweet friend Carriefound a lovely worn and unloved vintage table by a dumpsterand her hubby brought it to me.There is great joy when your girlfriendsfind you trash that they know you will love.Carrie is a precious blessing to my heart!The legs had such beautiful linesand great character.We stripped the pieces of the table topto remove all of the old wood stain.Mr. Dior built the base and then we salvageda few planks to form the top of the table.I first used a clear wax to seal the woodthen white washed paint over the wax.The last step I sanded a smooth finishwith 120 grit sand paper and sealed againwith clear wax for protection.I wanted the table topto have a farm style look to it.And now the perfect finish...I used the same gray white wash techniqueon the rescued shutters against the wall.I added a sea lavendar plant to add a splash of colorduring the spring season. I love that it will lastmuch longer than fresh flowers. I fell head over heels for this large old urnthat I rescued with a broken base.It has such a gorgeous patinathat evolved from years of weather damage.I gathered branches from our backyard to bring a touch of nature inside.The small table top urnI grabbed at my local Goodwill storefor a few dollars. It made the perfectcontainer for my sea lavendar...I'm delighted to sharethat I am a monthly contributor to the fabulous Houzz.You can view my April idea book Spring Storage Trendsand follow along. You can viewmy idea books also at the top right hand corner of my blog.I will be linking up this weekwith my favorite gals in bloglandJann's Share your cup ThursdayDebra's Be Inspired FridayCourtney's Feathered Nest FridayWishing each of youa week full of love and blessingsXOXO[...]

" Standing in the Gap "


If you have ever had your heart touched to reach outto someone who is unable then youunderstand great things happen whenyou " stand in the gap "This is our season of grace...I remind myself whenever I meetsomeone, each one of us hold our own storyand my heart reaches out with love.When this new year rang in I was on shaky ground facingcomplications with Lupus that I was quite honestly afraid of.I thought about where God has seen me throughand now where I stood.I was staring down at the hard fact thatwe had some choices to make. Treatment plans had to be decided and life would once again change for me.  As I looked over numbersof the medical cost and how my kidneys were now affected my heart just sank.The ground shook and so did my faithfor the first time as I was truly weak.Then something beautiful happened...Those who love us went forth anddecided to " stand in the gap ".When you first hear that term you think"to fill in a space".That is exactly what took place but in such a deeper way.There was a great distance that had arosefrom where I was to where I needed to be.I pretty much at the start wasparalyzed by my deepest fears.My best girlfriends who are such beautiful women began to hold me up with their love, prayersand constant reminders of God's promisethat we stand upon.Then the precious blessing began to bloominside the heart of Mr. DiorThese past months I have watched God take my husbandon a journey where he "went to the wall" for me in every way possible.He moved forward no matter what obstaclewas placed before him. He stayed true to the manthat was committed to fighting for his wife and family. Never a word of complaint, nevera word of tiredness or weary,just his beautiful smile and love spilled over.Each day he reached a point where he gaveall that he had for us and then some.Then provisions were given through loveand greater blessings poured out upon us.As we sat together in church hand in hand last Sunday tears filled my eyes whileI whispered praises in my heart.We are rejoicing in the glorywhile " grace like rain " is falling upon us...We are now in a new beautiful valleywhere God has so righteously placed us.I am filled with so much love for this manand those that I could not imagine my life without.To my dearest friends, fellow bloggers and readers,thank you for your love, continued supportand above all for your prayers that " stand in the gap "on our behalf.Photography Frank Salas PhotographyLinking up to the lovely Jann's Share your cup ThursdayWith much love in my heart I wish all of youa blessed Easter Sunday.He is risenHe is risen indeed![...]

" Budget Savvy DIY "


The challenge this year for the Dior homewas to create a " new style " using an abundance of rescued items.Our vision statement was to create a home filledwith budget savvy style.We have a terrific chemistry that evolves when weset our minds to work together.  Mr. Dior gave our home a fresh spring look with a new coat of paint.{Last years color}Totem poleinto this fresh bold lookRemaining true to our coastal rustic style I choseSnowflake Confetti by Vista Paints.This week we took a broken table that was left curbsideand realized that there was enough to salvage intomatching end tables for our guest house.After painting and sandingwe added a piece of reclaimed wood to use as a support for the wall mount.Then we mounted them into the studsof the wall with sturdy anchor screws.One side is perfect for holding reading materialand the other side provided a small work stationfor writing and other tasks.Both lamps were found at the Goodwillalong with the linen shades and painted to create a tone on tone neutral in the room.I still have some accessories to add to the wallsbut I am quite the minimalist in our home.Less creates a peaceful and calming surrounding for me.Mr. Dior found an old twin bed in a dumpsterthat he brought home. We transformed the head and foot boardinto chalkboards.My man amazed me even more by using the actual bed frameand turning them into rustic style towel racks.It was a perfect way to use and recycle the entire bed.We found an old picnic table topwith no legs out for trash and we decided to recycleit into an industrial style table.After selecting the planks from the old table topwe used polyurethane to seal the wood and thencut them to the desired length.Table frame was designed from scrap steelgotta love a man who welds.Then Mr. Dior fastened the planks into the frameto finish this dining table. "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"Last week's RescueI will be linking up later this weekwith my favorite lovelies in blog land.Jann's Share your cup ThursdayDebra's Be Insprired FridayMuch love to all of youXOXO[...]

" Uncovered Beauty "


When I think back to my courtship withMr. Dior he certainly pulled from my soula part of my heart waiting to be unchained.He loved that my eyes see through a verydifferent perspective...I have a deep love for items thatothers no longer find value in.The trash dumpster found gate door that we turned into his handsome rustic coffee table...The vintage wood crate in the back groundwas another curbside rescue found bymy bestie Kathern.  It's beautiful that my girlfriendsknow that I will love these castaways.This next one stole my hearta few weeks ago at an Estate sale.Laying in a thick of tall weeds was this old tile cutting saw table.It was dirty covered with rust and of course no onecould be bothered with it.I was leaping for joy when I knewit was coming home with me after I asked.I could see a beautiful console table in my mind.We married it with a piece of glassto achieve a match made in heaven withits gorgeous turquoise blue legs.A lovely landing place for me todisplay the treasures of my heart...We are blessed by our home being filledwith items that are cherished and loved.Blessed by the uncovered beauty...This week I will be joining and linking up with my favorite ladies in blog land.I truly adore them!Jann's Share your cup ThursdayDebra's Be Inspired FridayMuch love to all of youXOXO[...]

" Farm Style Love " DIY


When I first laid eyes upon this vintage table I realizedyou had to see her beauty beyond the flaws.This table had a price of 25.00 at Country Roadsand I just kept thinking I need to take you home.Well I did but not until the following day whenMr. Dior called to tell me the table had been marked downto 10.00 dollars. I said " bring her home to me. " I wanted to restore her beauty and breathe life... I removed the layers of dust and dirtso I could see her bare bones.A little tender loving care was in orderand a man with some skills...Her petite size made mewonder how beautiful she would beas a small farm style table...So I placed her at the top of someone's " honey do list "Mr. Dior removed the top of the tablewhile I gathered an old wood pallet I foundcurbside a few weeks ago.He began building a new supportwhile I chose the planks that I wanted for the new top.We truly enjoyed working on thistogether deciding how we shouldrestore her into a new table of beauty.The imperfections make me love her more...Here is the transition to the finish.The wood pallet was perfect for this project.I sealed the wood with Miss Mustard Seed'sfurniture and antiquing wax.I used the antiquing wax around certain areas tomake the dark spots more prominentthen sealed completely with the furniture wax.I will share her complete makeover in an upcoming post...I will be linking up with my favorite loveliesthis week in blogland...Kristin's Tuesday's TreasuresJann's Share your cup ThursdayDebra's Be Inspired FridayThe soul that sees beautymay sometimes walk alone...Johann Wolfgang von GoetheHave a beautiful and blessed weekXOXO[...]

" The Game Changer "


After all of the Superbowl excitement I thoughtthis was a perfect lead to share my heart this week.This is a DIY of a different sort Here we are on the field trying to reachthe finish and to succeed in lifewhere our dreams have led us.The past two weeks I have watched and liveda very different type of play on the field the onethat hits you in the blindside.You know that one that steamrolls youthen completely knocks the wind out of youand you feel pain you never ever expected.A month ago my precious Graciedecided to achieve a goal in school that requiredmuch sacrifice and dedication. She was strugglingand had fallen behind. Since she is well liked and has a large group of friends Gracie really knew that therewould be a lot she would have to " give up " in orderreach the top. Gracie's teacher assured me that shehad it in her. The weeks went by and I watched her determinationas she stayed focused while all of the others enjoyedtheir sports and fun activities. She gave up everything studyingthrough the weekends and not attending play dates with her cousin.I was proud of her even through my recent stay in the hospitalshe continued to move forward past her worry. I kept in touch with herby phone but I could hear it in her voice. She is a trooper when it comes to mybattle, she does not understand Lupus but she knowsit takes her mama away from her with no prior warning.I'm proud of my girl, real proud, darn proud!{Forgive me today my words are raw with emotion}So with great anticipation she gets to the top andwe as her family are celebrating, her big brothers arecheering her on. Her teacher is proud of her great effortand then she gets sacked!I watched her sweet face as she walked throughthe door and placed down her backpack.As the tears stream down her face she speakswith quivering lips " No one was happy for me, someof my friends did not want to hang out or talk to me today "Then she said it " they liked me better when I was at the bottom "Gracie knew it! At nine her insight and her heart wastelling her the truth, some of her friends were not rejoicing with her.I grabbed her and held her tight and I knewmama had to share with her girl some  of the ugly life would have in store for her.I could not spare her this painful lesson.This lesson was a DIY that she had to struggle throughregarding the actions of others.The weeks prior God was already preparing my heartfor this.  I had been steamrolled and as a big girlI called in the " besties " for back up.You know there is strength in numbersand that was " The Game Changer " for me.As I spent time talking with the girlswe all had faced the same challenge. There were those thatwere not happy for us, did not support our endeavorsdid not rejoice in our success. Those that stopped talking to us or treated us differently. Bottom line it hurtand it stunk to high heaven.For me I realized God had placed incredible womenin my life. Ones that are warriors women of strengthand honor. Women that can carry you off the field with onearm when you are lying there helpless and kick your fanny back into a positionto fight for the finish!{ I love you Girls}As I prayed for an approach to help GracieI was blessed by thestrength of words from my beautiful mama." Truth or rosey colored glasses? " is what she has raised me by. Then[...]

" Rustic Recycle " DIY


When I think about the love language that I share with Mr. Dior I realizeDIY in our household has a few bumpsbefore the finish.We are as Kristin describes " comedic drama "and yet flirtatious when we work togetheron a project .When Mr. Dior expressed to me a need fora more " handsome " look in our homeI knew immediately where he was coming from.What a love he has been living with the neutrals and the truck loads of branches and twigsI have adorned inside.There is nothing I would not do for this manso my wheels began spinning harder than usual.We are challenged this year by the costsof my health expenses for the months aheadmore so than ever before.I needed to come up with a " look for less " projectwhile working with what we had on hand.{Enter the old gate door I foundin the dumpster awhile back}I love this old gate door and have used itas a back drop from time to time...The more I thought about it I realizedit would make a nice focal point in front of the sofaand it would be " handsome "{Comedic drama ensues} I share with Mr. Dior that we can take apartthe old gate and marry it with a piece of glassfrom a Goodwill find.I tell him we can build a box.Mr. Dior " you want me to builda box to put glass on? " This goes on while I still try andexplain the box.Finally my son comes outside and says" I think mom means a crate ?"Mr. Dior sighs relief for a moment stillnot sure where I am going.We begin...Mr. Dior " You know the other side of the gate is white " Kate " yes Ira I know "He always laughs when I call him by his middle name.Mr. Dior" I hope you know what you are doing?"Kate " I don't but we are bonding "Mr. Dior" It looks horrid with the white showing "Kate" I know we are not done yet I have an idea"We go back out to the garageand I grab a container and mix polyurethane, expresso wood stain, and a cup of black chalk board paint.Then just as I dip the brush to startapplying it to the white woodhe screams " Good Lord Wilma what are you doing?"For those that are aroundus the term " Good Lord " is always followed by Wilma. { No offense to anyone named Wilma}He is in full panic mode at this pointknowing that he worked hard buildingthat horrid box.This is when breathingtechniques come in handy even when you are not going through labor.Finally after a few minutes of calming breathsI said " Just trust me "After a few hours of letting it all dryI could see that the wood had evened up.A nice blend of color had developed.We brought the box/crate back insideand placed the glass on top.It was not a perfect fitbut someone was smilingfrom ear to ear.Yes Mr. Dior was thrilled as he just sat therelooking at our finished project.I used equal parts of polyurethane wood stain and black chalkboard paint to achieve thatburnished wood look.Mr. Dior used two inch roofingand two inch finishing nails to build the box/crate.We sealed it completely with a quick coat of polyurethane. Chalk board paint, wood stain and polyurethane were all items we had on hand from Home Depot.Mr. Dior even said he thought it was"handsome"  a perfect ending to our project.I love the rustic feel it gives and now I just have toadd the other elements back into our living room, ie our area rug and other accessories.Graphic Pillows The Tarnished CrownI will be linking up this week to my favorite lovelie[...]

The Late Bloomer


A Late Bloomer is considered a personwhose talents or capabilities are not visible to othersuntil later than usual...I was a " puppy with really large paws "Looking back upon my youth I was geeky,awkward and nerdy. I was not anything specialduring high school. I was thrilled just to be asked togo to my junior prom. In fact I starting wearingcosmetics and styling my hair at the age of twenty eight...Even as a young mother and wedding planner I wasdesperately searching...You see I was " dog paddling " hoping if Ikept my head above water long enough I wouldnot drown. I would finally fit in and find my place.You know that place where you actually not only like who you are but really love yourself as well.While I was busy " dog paddling " and looking aroundat all the others who were way ahead of me in the gameI did not realize that I was growing and growinginto the place that God would have me be...Many years were tough and painful and I kept waiting till that moment when would I find myself.I wanted to find the woman that I knew wasinside of me. Like a caterpillar eating its waythrough the cocoon till it becomes the butterfly...Each step, every road and wrong turn I traveled isprecious to me.This beautiful world and life we live is constantly movingand now I stand here in my place.Funny as I look back and think thatonly a few friends recognized me at my ten year high schoolreunion and the same followed at our twenty fifth get together.ThankfullyI recognized me! I have bloomed and now I had wonderfulwisdom and life lessons to enjoy with this new found glory...At the start of my blogging I toowas a late bloomer and a " puppy ". Oh whata beautiful journey this has been.Each reader, every blogger you have trulyblessed my heart...My friends near and far I have such a love for you  I am grateful  for your love and support that you havegiven unto me through this journeywe share called " blogging ".My gratitude to  Jennifer Taylor who wrote asking me  if I would like to be a part of Artful BloggingI am so very humbled and my heart is filled with joy." Beauty from Ashes "   Artful Blogging Spring 2013Available Feb 1st.Being a late bloomer was truly God's perfect plan for my life...To Patrick the most handsome LBYou are truly a gift of a genuine and caring manfull of integrity. I am blessed and honored tobe a part of your life and call you friendthis one is for you!XOXOLinking up this week to the lovelies in bloglandJann's Share your cup ThursdayDebra's Be Inspired # 123[...]