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Daphne Nicole - Lynda Cade

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Lake House/ Farm House


I've been decorating our lake house with some farm house furniture and I'm loving it.

(image) I just recently found this wonderful farmhouse cabinet for the living area. Just what I've wanted in this space.
(image) I'm going for a elegant french farmhouse look in this home. I think the beautiful glass pieces adds a touch of elegance to the room. I love the large tapastry but what I'm really wanting above the farm cabinet is a really large french mirror. I think every room needs a mirror. I would love to hear your thoughts..... tapastry or french mirror.


This is one of my favorite pieces in the house. The perfect place to house some of my cherub collection.

(image) I've had this potting bench for years and had never used it. It works great to house my many little pots. I still have some work to do and changes to make here. I have gotten a lot done in the lake house but still have a few more projects to do and will show before and after pictures as soon as I get the time to tackle them. Hope everyone is having a wonderful and Sunday!!!



Here are a few of the new items we've listed on the website.

Pillow with a gorgeous vintage brooch on the flap!

Back of pillow.

(image) Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!!

Daphne Nicole



I've had several people contacting me about my website. We were suppose to open it back up yesterday but are having problems with it. Hope to have it up soon. Here is one of the new items that we have added. I'm so sorry for this inconvenience

Here Are A Few Of The New Items On Our Website When We Open Back Up Aug, 10th.


A few more of the new items we will be adding to my website when we open back up on Aug, 10th. We will have even more new items including more apparel, purses, & pillow.
(image) This is my favorite!
(image) Be sure to stop by and check it out on Aug, 10th. Remember we will have lots of new items! Hope everyone is staying cool, it's so hot here in Texas, can't wait for cooler weather! Have a great week and stay cool.

My Weekend Finds!


My friend Lynda and I went to an estate sale and to a few antique stores in the area Saturday. Here are a few of my finds!
(image) I found these vintage's brooches at 2 different antique stores and they were priced right. Can't wait to get more pures ready so I can use them.
(image) I've been wanting one of these silver pieces and this one was marked half off. The orginal price $24.00 so I got it for haf of that!
(image) I found this vintage luggage at the estate sale.
(image) I love old scales, this was another buy from the estate sale!
(image) These sweet cups and and saucers were bought at the estate sale too. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

My Favorite Find At Canton And A Few Other Finds


This was my favorite find of the day at Canton. This sweet little vintage photo album. It's in really good conditon too.
(image) The fastner on it also works, and I just love the colors on it!
(image) I purchased this pitcher a while back. It looks like enamel but it's really heavy, and it's marked made in Italy. I had one last picture to show but it somehow disappeared, so I'll show it for another post! I also want to thank all of our new followers!!!

What A Collection


I recently attended an auction not knowing that that there was an entire collectible bear collection that would be auctioned off. I've always had a thing for these really cute collectible bears, but since I've collected antiques over the years I felt like I shouldn't spend the extra money on yet another collection. But boy did I hit it big time. When the bears finally came up to be auctioned off I bought 4 of them one at $10.00, another at $20.00, $5.00 and one at $3.00 and then the auctioneer asked if anyone would open the bid at $75.00 for the ENTIRE collection and my hand flew up quickly. Well I ended up getting all of the bears left which was most of them for $120.00 with the $120.00 and the other money I spent for the first ones the total came to $158.00. Now I'll quit typing and let you check out these cuties! This large bear is one of my favorites!Hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful day. I'm off now to take somethings to my sweet friend Laurie of Laurie Anna's Vintage Home. Any one headed to Canton this weekend?[...]

The Color Bug Has Bit, and Some Recent Estate Sale Finds!


I find myself loving color more and more these days. For years I have totally loved whites and creamy off white. Don't get me wrong they are still my favorite. I am leaning towards adding a little color to my apparel on my website and to my decorating. Here below is a peek at some of the color we will be adding when we open the website back up on Aug, 10. This shawl is one of our new items we will have on our website.We will still have lots of creamy netural colors!On another note check out some of my recent estate sale finds. This above was my favorite find for the day.These gloves are gorgeous, my pictures don't show how really pretty they are.I love vintage frames and this one is wonderful. Very ornate and only paid $2.00 for it. Be sure to check out our webstite on Aug, 10 we will have lots of new items on.[...]

New Items


Here's a few new items that will be listed on the website when we open back up on Aug 10.


(image) We will have lots of new items listed when we open back up. I will share a few more items when I get to take more pictures. Have a great day!!!

Lake House Decorating


It's been so nice to have a little extra time to get some things done around both homes. We were able to get all the drapes up in both houses, but unfortunately there were some problems with the way some of them were made...... but hopefully they will be fixed soon!This is the bar area at the lake house!The lamps on the cabinet are alabaster, one of my favorite things to collect.I also love these old scales!This is our little flower garden at the lake house. I wish I could take credit for it, but the credit must go to our real estate lady that did a lot of the planting when we first bought the house, she said it was a house warming gift to us. Later my husbsand planted more beautiful plants.I'll have to admit that I don't do any of the gardening, never was my thing.... but I do love beautiful flowers.I had more picture on here but have lost several of them. I'll try again on another post to share them. On another not I will be opening my website back up on Aug 10th. I will share some sneak peeks of some of the new items that will be offered. Have a great day!!![...]

Taking a Break


With much thought I have decided to close my website down for 1 month to take a much needed break. We will re open Aug 10 with lots of new products. I'm really looking forward to being able to blog more during my break. For such a long period of time now I just never seemed to have the time to do much blogging. I first had to give up doing the linky party's due to lack of time then my blogging drop off after that. I commend all of you that are able to keep up with everything. I'm hoping to get a little more organized during this month I know that will help me have more time. Wish me luck on that, as I have never been organized.... but better late than never.I will show a few peeks through the month of a few of the new items that will be listed on our website when we open back up. This sweet pillow above is just one of them!I have to say as much as I love what I do I'm very excited to have this time off. It will give me extra time to play with my sweet grandkids and get some things done that I just never seem to have time to do before.I wish I could say this month would be just about spending time with family and resting, but I have so many projects that need to be done at home and at the lake house that I just never seem to have time to do what needs to be done, so this break with give me a chance to do just that.The kids love coming over to the lake house, this day they enjoyed swimming and then just playing in the yard. Later that night I played cards with my grandson and had even more fun.... except for the fact that he beat me in every game.Grandkids are amazing I could watch this sweet little one roll around in the grass all day. They are such a joy! I have decided to take a break like this once a year and smell the roses! I'll be back soon to show a few updates of the lake house. We finally got our new drapes hung this past week and I'm waiting for the drapes for the other house today.... can't wait to see them up.[...]

Pictures From the Homestead Show in Hico


(image) I was finally able to get a few pictures up of mine and Lynda's booth at the Homestead show in Hico Tx.
(image) I don't have many pictures to show as I forgot my camera.... but Lynda did manage to get a few with her phone.
(image) This is just a few of Lynda's sterling silver pieces! She does beautiful work... be sure to check her website out at
(image) We had such a wonderful time at this show, got to visit with friends and made lots of new friends. I have to say that Mike and Brenda that put this show on twice a year are absolutely wonderful to work with and we can't wait to go back in the Fall and do it again. Hope to see ya there!!!

The Recent Hico Show and More Pictures From Judy Hill's Home Show


My friend Lynda and I recently set up at the Homestead Antique Show in Hico Tx. and had a wonderful time. I've been trying to load the pictures that we took from our phone's {SINCE I LEFT MY CAMERA IN OUR ROOM} but can't seem to get them loaded but will keep trying, but for now I will share more pictures from my good friend Judy Hill's recent home show.Lovely table.... I'm so loving the old bucket with the plant inside.Gorgeous white cabinet, with the industrial table... love the two mixed.Oh now this is one piece that I wanted to bring home with me, but didn't as I'm trying to downsize my treasures at home. Isn't it a beauty?Hope you enjoyed and have a great day!!![...]

Judy Hill's Home Show


We had a wonderful time at my dear friend Judy Hill's Home Show this past Thursday. Judy has an amazing talent for decorating and her displays are always gorgeous. I can literally brows for hours. Here are a few of the pictures that I took, take a look for yourself.

I just loved this room. The white really poped with the dark walls.
(image) It's hard to pick a favorite but I think this room was at the top of my list. I love the shutters all across the wall, their gorgeous!!!
(image) This little lady was in the entrance way. So cute!
(image) Hope you enjoyed. I will be showing more pictures soon!!!

Sweet Gifts From A Precious Friend


My sweet friend Lynda visted Rachell Ashwell's beautiful place in Round Top Tx. recently for a jewelry workshop. You can read her first post about it by scrolling down to the next post. She will be sharing more pictures soon. Lynda makes beautiful sterling silver jewelry and wanted to expand to making vintage inspired jewelry. Lynda surprized me a few days ago by giving me one of her first pieces of vintage inspired jewelry, and OMG it's absolutlely gorgeous!!! Well just check it out for yourself.I'm very excited to annouce that we will be carring Lynda's new jewelry line on our website within the next few months. You can check out her website here at Now I want to share another beautiful gift that my dear friend Lynda gave me after the jewelry retreat at Rachell Ashwell's. She visted Rachel's linen store and gave me the most beautiful pillow slips that you can see in the next pictures coming up.This was on the front of the bag that she gave me. Who wouldn't get excited when seeing Rachel Ashwell's name on the bag.When I opened the bag.... the most beautiful and soft pillow slips.I've decided their to gorgeous to use. I will just display them on my bed.I'll post again when we get the vintage jewelry on our website, it will take a little time for her to get everything ready as Lynda also has a full time job. Hope everyone has a great week!!! [...]

Fun With Jewelry at Round Top


I enjoyed the most delightful jewelry retreat at The Prairie in Round Top, last week. Ahhh...wish I could go back. Imagine a group of happy jewelry-makers creating all things beautiful in the most relaxing, shabby surroundings. The week was truly a dream come true! Check out our couldn't help but be inspired.Here's my "special assigned seat" complete with a sweet card and darling gifts:I've attended hundreds of workshops over the years, but never have I been treated as such a "Queen for the Day!" :o) My heart-felt thanks to Barb of Vivi Magoo Presents for an amazing and unforgettable event. She made us all feel so welcome and special. I WILL be attending Barb's next amazing event.I especially enjoyed Rachel Ashwell's Round Top hide-away. My dear friend and talented pmc mentor, Lisa Monroe (you gotta check out her beautiful die for!) were fortunate enough to stay at Rachel's Liliput Lodge. The smell old wood and comforts of shabby linens stirred fond memories of my Georgia roots.I stayed in the "Blue Room"....ahhhh! It was pure heaven:Liliput Blue RoomI hope you enjoy the sweet surroundings as much as I did:Rachel Ashwell's Linen StoreBluebonnet Cottage - Too Sweet!Liliput Front BedroomLiliput Front Bedroom, 2nd ViewThe Lodge - This is Where We "Worked"We actually did get some work done.It was an honor and privilege to study under two talented artists, Deryn Mentock and Diane Cook. Thank you for giving me the courage to mix my metals. :o)Other views from around The Prairie:It's Tea Time on the Veranda! ~Lynda[...]

It's that Time Again!


I'll be heading to Canton tomorrow with goodies to take to Laurie Anna's store. I have pictures of the store from last month. I know I'm really late showing them, but better late than never.
(image) Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I have been so busy lately not much time to blog, and now that their fixing to change the blog dash board I hope I can figure it all out when I do get some extra time!

So Glad To Be Back


I've missed you. It's been over a month since my last post. My computer crashed soon after my last post. I took it to be repaired but it's gone to it's final resting place. I was without a computer for almost 3 weeks. I wanted to thank all of our new followers and I also want to thank everyone who left such sweet comments about our lake house post and for those of you who left great decorating tips. I will be around to visit as soon as I can. I'm so far behind on my website after being without my computer, it's going to take me a little while to get new products up. I hope to have a large amount of it up by next week. Thought I would share a few of the things that will be added soon.

(image) '
(image) Hope you enjoyed a peek at some of our Spring items. We have lots more to add. I'll show more ictures next week as soon as I get things added to the website

Finally Getting To Use Stored Treasures!


I've finally got a few pictures to show of the lake house. I still have things to do but thought I would share a few pictures I took this weekend. It's really nice that I'm finally getting to use some of the things that I have been collecting for years that have been stored away. I tried to put a taller statue here, but when they are taller the bottoms are to wide to fit, and then I put a smaller statue and it just didn't look right with the smaller statue so I added the picture above her. I would love to hear you opinion, do you think I should just have a larger picture here and no statue or leave it as is.My husband would complain occasionally about me having collected so much stuff over the years, but know I think he's quite happy that I had so that he didn't have to buy much at all for the new place. I love vintage pictures, and especially of beautiful ladies or cherubs. So I did a wall of picture.Another love of mine is lady statues, and as you will see in another photo cherub statues also.This is the entrance way. This is what made me fall in love with this house!I'm not quite finished with this wall, but have started a wall of frames! I'm thinking of maybe putting a little iron bench at the bottom to cover up the electric outlet, I can't stand for the outlets to show.Sorry for the photo, it didn't turn out very well. I've been having a lot of trouble with my camera lately. I have stored this mantel for years. This mantel came from the Sorina building in downtown Waco. When I first saw it I inquired about it and the owner said when she found something to replace it with she would sell it to me, well I waited years to get it. Finally one day she called and ask if I still wanted it and of course I was thrilled to get it, then it was in my storage for years, so now I'm so happy to be able to use it. I was afraid it wasn't going to fit where I wanted to put it..... but it fit perfectly, it was meant to be!This is the living area looking into the entrance way!I'll be taking more pictures soon. I'm having drapes made now and can't wait to get them back. To me drapes just make a room. Hope everyone has a great week!!!Hugs~~~ Daphne[...]

New Purses & Pillows to Laurie Anna's Vintage Home


I wanted to share just a few of the new items that I took to Laurie Anna's Vintage Home this past Canton. I wish I had taken pictures of the store, it was beautiful, but I was to busy looking at all of the new goodies that was out. I did of course manage to buy a few things, and will be sharing them with you as soon as I get the last little details in my kitchen finished. I know it's taken so long, the hold up on the kitchen is the antique chandelier that I had stored and couldn't find where I had put it, finally did find it, then it had to be rewired. I'm hoping to get it back soon. Then there's the chairs that have to be recovered for the kitchen table. I'm on a waiting list for this. On another note I've been busy decorating the weekend house and will show some pictures next week. Okay back to the things I took to Laurie's!We've finally added new items to the online boutique, sorry it took so long. I had problems with my computer. I still have a few more to add, but will try to get them up late this afternoon. Wishing everyone a great weekend. What plans do you have for the weekend? I think I may go to an auction, one of my favorite things to do.[...]



I'm so loving everything about weddings these days. I've had quite a few request for ring pillows for that special day, and also request from ladies that are wanting that one of a kind purse. With this in mind I decided to add a new category to my online boutique..... WEDDING. There you can find wedding purses, ring pillows, clutches & gloves, hair pieces, and accessories for decorating. We still have a lot of stocking to do, being that it is a new category and all, but hope to have everything up soon.This makes a great wedding purse, but would also be great for any occasion.vintage earringsI love making these pillows with the beautiful vintage gloves!We will be adding flower hair pieces soon.All pictures are from Pinterest except2, 3, & 4, Daphne Nicole.[...]

Spring Collection


It's been a while since my last blog post. We've had a lot going on, some good, some bad. I've been spending a lot of time with my sweet little granddaughter while her mother is working at our business for a few weeks in the office to help get some things caught up. I love keeping her, we have so much fun together, but she does want all of my attention, so it has been impossible for me to blog or even keep my website updated. Hoping to get some new things on next week. It's all been good though, they grow up so fast and I love spending time with her.More good news we closed on our weekend home on Valentines Day, and we will spend our first weekend there starting this evening. We have already moved a lot of things there, but still have more to do. It's been so much fun decorating. I'll have pictures soon.This is my little granddaughter. One thing we've done together lately is go antique shopping. Yes I'm trying to teach her early. She does seem to enjoy it.I had no ideal that lightning could bust water pipes under your house.I 'll quite writing for now a show you some of the things that we will be listing next week on my website. www.daphnenicole.comBack of lace jacket.I'm thinking I may keep this one for myself. I'll have to make another one for the website.Front of purse. Back of purse. Wishing you a wonderful weekend![...]

Spring Goodies


Spring is just around the corner. "I think", it's hard to imagine because it's so cold here today!

(image) Here are a few of the things I will be adding to my online boutique soon.
(image) This jacket will be perfect to wear during the Spring and Summer months.
(image) This dress/top can be worn all year around. You could wear it as it is for summer and in the Winter just dress it up with layers. We will be adding these items soon and look for many more new romantic apparel pieces coming next month. Have a great day!

Beautiful Entry Ways and Our New Home


I just love beautiful entry ways, it's the first impression you get when you walk into a home.I'm loving the creamy white walls in this entrance with the mixture of the dark woods.This is just stunning.I always love the brick mixed in.Again loving the white walls with the dark colors.I had to add a gray entrance as I'm really loving the color gray these days.Now for my favorite entry way, this is our new weekend home we purchased a few weeks ago. We will be closing on it around the 30th of this month, and we are so excited. This entry way is what sold it for me. I love it. I love how they mixed the stone and brick. I can't wait to start decorating. There will be lots of post as I'm decorating it. Hopefully it want take me as long as it has with my kitchen. The hold up on the kitchen has been finding the right chandelier, but I think I may have the one I want now. Wishing you a wonderful week!1-5 pictures: Pinterest6: our home[...]

Kitchen Inspiration


I'm loving these kitchens!

(image) What's not to love about this kitchen, it's absolutely gorgeous. I'm loving the cream colors mixed with the dark wood, but it would be just a gorgeous with the island painted a beautiful cream color also. Don't you think? Love the beautiful chandelier hanging over the island too.
(image) Just look at the French details in the lovely kitchen. This kitchen is wonderful with it's gorgeous cream color island and then it has that rustic feel with the brick and wood beams. I love the mixture of the two.
(image) I'm loving the clean lines of this kitchen, the beautiful whites with the stainless steel is another gorgeous feature. I always love the ceilings with the beams, I think the beams would also look great painted white. I have showed a peek of my kitchen redo with you several months ago, hopefully I will be showing the entire kitchen soon. Christmas kinda put a stop to me finishing the last details of the kitchen. The only things I like is getting my chandelier up, curtains, and covering the chairs. I hope you loved these kitchen inspirations as much as I did.

pictures from Pinterest