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Burlap Luxe

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French Wire Art...Rustic Luxe


Burlap Luxe ArtMy art in creating French wire artCROWNS.Salvage rusted and decayed tin,perfect in the use of my tags.Vintage book word ephemerea"Europe"Crown And LampShadeI love the haunting shadow play with wire.The shade I created to play off myart and light.I love the unexpected outcome.Aged in cartapesta and a patinaof tarnish.I weave and bend, twist and tie everyinch that goes into creating withwire.The chain wire garland, I use a crochet hook and singlecrochet a chain woven into the wire.You can follow my art and home designs on myinstagram account.Where I create in French brocante style.linked here...BurlapLuxe InstagramDesigner~ArtisteDore CallawayWriter of Burlap Luxe[...]

French Botanical Art...Vintage Salvage


 Burlap Luxe ArtArtistDore Callawaythe writer ofBurlapLuxe blog  Creating petite French botanic art theatre's. Alpine Columbine Native to Europe'Lily Family' Attracts humming birds and butterflies.  Decayed in an abandoned feel.Backdrop in botanic drama.  Building and painting, weeds and wildflowers(Dandelions)'Daisy Family' "Make a wish".A Symbol of Spring.Tulips are the bees knees for Spring pollination.(Tulips) 'Lily Family'  There are greenhouses and shade-houses, nowI bring you the botanic theatre house.  Art Can be found listed in my etsy shop click link here...BurlapLuxe etsy shop Also would love your visit on my instagram click link here...BurlapLuxe Instagram [...]

French Theatrics Of Salvage


 BURLAP LUXE DESIGNSMy latest theatre of the arts, I design and create from rustic salvage wood.Along with my bending of wire art and paper doll and cartapesta mice.   Salvage WoodChosen and cut to dimensions, using the best pieces showing signs of weathered and decaying inspiration.Every piece gets wood glued and screwed, adding all therightness to a French theatre of song anddance.   Theatre Taking Shape  Moldings, picture frames, chair rungs and drawer pulls for finialsare often found in pieces of furniture I salvage from their past. History in such pieces inspire my art in building forgotten treasured play.This Theatre hangs on a wall.22" in height x 17" in width x 6" in depth.  EphemeraVintage paper ephemera I collect, papering a backdrop wall.Yet, I nudge along its brittle aged look with tearing andpiecing it together so this wall takes on a lookof centuries old.   Paint And Tattered CurtiansA paint treatment I give it to preserve each piece rustically.I have still yet to lay the planked stage flooring, addinga bit more moldings and its vintage music boxunder the stage base.Hopeful in completion soon, old wood salvage finds can not berushed. Threate Quote  "Look, a new day hasbegun"...Stage play ~CATS Looking forward to a creative new year ...  Curtain Call  Nouvel An(New Year) A Happy New Yearand all it inspires.~2018~    [...]

French Holiday Home...Oysters And Tree


Burlap Luxe HomeSeason greets with a simple greeting of the use of anatural pine, beaded garlands and silver glass crusty and aged to feel decayed in ancient times.   Natural tones of tree bark beige andtarnished grey.Wrapped up and tied in twine.   Oyster Garland30 foot garland for your holiday tree, or drape it inFrench culinary style from your farmhouse beams, as well as styling for a beach style wedding.You will find this latest creation of mine, hand-knit and weaved through a hand drilled holein each oyster shell.byDesigner/ArtisteDore CallawayBurlap Luxe  Salvage TinA salvage piece of tin written message is  fromvintage book ephemera (Words)Holiday message of gathering and peace.  Washed From The French SeaFrench CulinaryShould I make oysters, yes, and some for the TREE.    Here Listed In My BURLAP LUXE Shopclick link below...BURLAP LUXE ShopAll things French culinary, French from the sea.Holiday garland,Un Joyeux Noel [...]

Main-et-Loire, Bleu du Maine Sheep...French Home


 Writer and Artiste of Burlap LuxeCreated in wire forms and cartapesta.Fashioned after, and wanting them to feel as ifthey had been artiste created in the 19th century.Hand sculpted BurlapLuxe One-of-A-KindBlue-du-Maine Sheep,a domestic breed originated in Western France.I have painted the faces rustically, in decay to take on an old world look and feel to this flock ofFrench bleu faced sheep.  I design and create around my French cottage; inspired from within. A rustic style does not have to lack in value or beauty..After the body and legs of primitive style are created,I mummy wrap them in cloth to emulate their hide.Then sheared in livestock virgin sheepswool.This flock of 5 would look great corralled in aholiday display, or placed in a rural farmhousecollection.  Listed Now!!In myBurlap Luxe etsy shop...Designer/ArtisteDore Callaway Click link here!...BURLAPLUXE shop   Here at Burlap Luxe, my French cottage home,is where pieces that have become tired in their use;become something of better use.I took and marked off the sides of this 100 plus year olddesk. Cutting each end off to the surface desk top, I then used salvage old wood planking the surface; turning a desk into a side table.I have created more function and use from an old desk thatonce sat in a space for looks and storing clutter.Yes, this French iron lantern from a Malibu California,seaside homes estate sale I placed dibs on in seconds of spotting it. I extended the wiring adding a toggle switch and plug tothe end, it then became my added lighting.Statement piece? indeed.   My home designs and art can be followed over at myBurlap LuxeDore CallawayInstagramFollow here linked at...BURLAPLUXE Instagram   Inspiring salvage finds, living with them artistically. [...]

French Crown Wire-Art...All Is Calm


 Burlap Luxe French Wire~Art...My Wire In Creating My hands take to bending and twisting wire into wire andcartapesta crowns.The making of a beautiful unique tree topper foryour Christmas tree.As well as a winter wedding cake topper or,any season.  I adore wire art, be it pieces I weave into my French home designsor create myself...All with unfussy finishes,   Patience Is A Virtue  Tin TagI love the unexpected, where a bit of reclaimed old adds toits statement charm.Vintage brocante, adds all the rightness in its message fromold tattered vintage book word ephemera."European art treasures"  Materials Unique   Aged In A Tarnished Old  Crown~CrownsCan be found in my BurlapLuxe.etsy shopArtiste/Designer Dore CallawayBurlap Luxe Here linked... BURLAP LUXE etsy    Here in my home, in my daughters room is thelove of French wire art.(Vintage and not my art) My One-Of Varied Designs  Holiday CheerWith personal touches   Giving Of ThanksCountry French Rustic and Rural.  [...]

French Spirit And Nordic French Holiday


Burlap Luxe  Home---Painted by the writer of Burlap Luxe Holiday Stockings(Shown here in vintage Matelasse)29" x 5"   My One-Of-A-Kind PatternCreated byDore CallawayBurlap LuxeImaged after Nordic in style 17th century hung ladies stockings.  PATTERN available only in my Burlap Luxe etsy Shop!Click on link here...BURLAP LUXE etsy     [...]

Birds And Fall


 Burlap Luxe Its impossible to explain creativity. It'slike asking a bird, 'How do you fly?'You just do.E.J.DDesigned and Created byDore CallawayWho writes the blogBurlap Luxe.    My Very Soul Is, And Always Will Be CreatingART   FallI am so looking forward to fall.Maybe its the new grey sweater I bought?"Beauty, such grace as I see in one autumnalbirds face."~Dore You will find this latest art piece artist signedDore Callaway and listed in my Burlap Luxe etsy shop linked on... Burlap Luxe Etsy     [...]

Burlap Luxe Salvage French Home


Burlap LuxeSalvage French Home Philocaly"The Love Of Beauty" Rarely, will a piece make it into my home before I give it a paint finish.    French Iron LanternSalvaged from a Malibu seaside home remodeling job.I had my sights on this spirited piece,finding comfort in pieces withhistory and age. Washed By The Salted Breeze"Gracious it sits as a side table lamp, lighting pieces with country French style." A Mix Of Antique European Style"I love the mix of pieces that curate a style of relaxed rustic French". Ticking And French LinenOld and rural a fabric of choice. Rustic Paint FinishesI love creating heartbreaking old finishes. French ShutterNaturally weathered and will be refinished ina paler patina of what I call old. Burlap Luxe Art~Dore CallawayLatest rose wreath art piece made of cartapesta, salvage wood, garden wire, and paints adding a French feel to this art piece.Hand sculpted roses, leaves and twigs in cartapesta mounted onlayers of salvage rustic woods and vintage wire mesh that spoke to me artfully.  Created In Rustic DecayArtistically created with heart and soul.    Vintage Dictionary EphemeraReads...Three main classes of garden roses.   Burlap Luxe ArtWill be found in my Burlap Luxe etsy.Linked here, click on link...Burlap Luxe etsy shop xxDore CallawayThe writer and artistofBurlap Luxe[...]

Revealing Its French Soul


Burlap Luxe Nesting BoxesArtfully CreatedbyDore CallawayWho writes the blog, Burlap Luxe  I Build From Vintage Salvage"My soul is in the sky."~ William Shakespeare"Perched I Shall Nest." Gracefully weaving.  " Birds of Song."A Bower-Bird who collects and litters his home with sea shells, building a beautiful home in the courtship ofattracting his mate.    Salvage antique French frames,elegant in nature.  Field Brocante Creatively WildTree branches, twine, wood, wire and paper. Naturally chosen pieces for this artist and hermaterials.    French Book Art EphemeraArtistically hidden when hung against the wall..  "May my heart always be open to little birds whoare the secrets of living."~E.E Cummings  Painted ByDore CallawayBurlap LuxeMy art can be found for purchase, Click Here...BURLAP LUXE ETSY [...]

White Welcomes Summer Clippings


A washed white of summer is what my home contributes these days.
Unexpected clippings with the leaves capturing the day.
"Cottage Life" 

Shades Of The Sea...Sea Dream Catchers


 Burlap Luxe French Wire~ArtCreatedbyDore CallawayBurlap Luxe  Shades of the SEA...Sea dream catchers.Entangled, caught and trapped from the sea.My imaginative dream catchers are created with hands that gather fromthe sea.Intertwined wire with crusted sea foam capturing quiet dreams from the deep sea.      A Storied SeaDreams that gather deep from the sea, oyster shells, sea pearls,fisherman's netting all entangled in wire from the open sea.    Pieces of sea serenity can always be added to asea dream catcher" Tied to the sea" Sweet sea dreams dot the shores. Sea Dream Catchers can be found listed in my etsy shop here at,click on link HERE...BURLAP LUXE SEA DREAMS Grey SeabyArtist Dore CallawayThe writer of Burlap LuxeSea entanglements I love the way the sea kisses our dreams, with whats trapped in a sea dream catcher. Sea Dream Catcher10" round x 22" length with its hanging entanglements. Sweet Sea DreamsCan be found in my etsy shoplinked above, or on my sidebar.xxSea Kisses   [...]

French Artifacts Designed To Intrigue


 Burlap Luxe Home Designs French Artifacts Designed To Intrigue   Country Modern Culinary Roadside PotteryOne-of-a-Kind, now! listed Burlap Luxe etsy shop piece.Inspired by creating rustic and rural style potteryI always aim to inspire you with artful imperfections; with every piece anew tale.   Country French Rural And RusticDelights in a number of flaws, decayed with the fascination in creating littlevessels of culinary delight.  Vintage Brocante French FlatwareEvery morsel is eaten...Old little French stories they do tell;in each empty vessel.   Burlap Luxe etsy shopwhere created with a face all to familiar in its designs.SHOP... click link here...BurlapLuxe More new pieces listing the next few days...  My Hand Thrown (BL) Burlap Luxe Pottery   As a hand full of mud inspires, I imagine what next.  Via, My Dreamy InspirationKitchens like these inspire the best from me; in French culinary creations. .  [...]

Living an AUTHENTIC LIFE...Somerset Life Magazine Feature


 Burlap Luxe HomeFull of GRATITUDE, and so honored to have been approached bySOMERSET LIFE MAGAZINE,for asking me if I would like to participate in their Spring issue 2017.In every issues of Somerset Life, they have a section calledBlogs With A View, featuring artful blogs.Of course I was quick to answer I would be honored, andrespectfully know what I would love to inspire Somerset Life readers with in my feature.    The photos here may only inspire what will be found inSomerset Life Magazine feature, I would not want tospoil the inspiration I offer you all.  (Via Somerset Life)Spring issue April-May-June 2017 Each 144~page issue of Somerset Life provides an abundance ofinspiring ideas to infuse our daily lives with simple pleasures, art,romance, creativity, and beauty.Insightful and entertaining articles illustrate touching moments capturedin poetry and artwork, and many other ideas to enhance our liveswith artful elements.Somerset Life magazine will inspire you to make everyday extraordinary!Living anAUTHENTICLIFEby  Dore  Callaway On the fringe of life, I found myself being the curator towhat was unfolding within me and in my design life. Onemorning in January of 2010, I awoke to an encouraging,meaningful quote by George Bernard Shaw: "Life isn'tabout finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself."     Somerset Life magazine feature...Pages 36-45 It's The rustic ANDromantic MIX THAT CREATESA well-loved home.Everything I bring into my Southern California home calls outin flaws through design artistry, hinting at the history; it makesfor an inspiring place.I am proud of my home and its authenticFrench countryside spirit.  I embrace a dusty pale palette of darker shades of white influenced by distressed, tarnished, andgently tattered remnants and objects.  I use my imagination to see that no object is hopeless iflooked at with vision and purpose.  Thank YouSOMERSET  LIFE  MagazineFor joying my days ahead.  Blogging has allowed me the footing to build an online business,a place to network and stay in touch with what'sbeing created all around me.  New Burlap Luxe Art CYPRESS  TREES Can be found in my Burlap Luxe online etsy shop.Click link here at...Burlap Luxe Shop   CYPRESS TREES  Hand painted on wood panel like our artist centuries ago.Fogged in pale for an aged effect.  You can find your, SOMERSET  LIFEMagazineAt your local book and magazine sellers.Barns and Noble, Costco, Jo-Ann's fabrics and crafts,and various magazine racks, as well as online. Click on link here at... Somerset Life Spring 2017   [...]

A French Bedroom...Simplicity In Rustic Elegance


 Burlap Luxe LivingIn French style.A country bedroom should feel airy with open space.Giving this small French style bedroom a palenessof touch.A French bedroom is always distinctive of its simplicity.An important piece in a French bedroom is the bed, neverallowing it to take over the room.  The French mirror plays a role in opening up the sizeof the rooms small space. Placed over a favorite chest of drawers to reflect thebed and the accented decorative pieces.  Mirrors are used in every room reflecting the light into its space adding an open airy feel to a room. In the case with my smaller room.   vintage Sawhorse I turned an old carpenters sawhorse intoa bedside table by adding a planked surface and trimming if off for rustic rural country feel.   The French use of pieces once used with another function are often never discarded in a Frenchhome.When and item loses its usefulness,its again admired as decorative.Inspiring Spaces.  [...]

The Need To Live In French-Style


 Burlap LuxeFrench-Styleand Spring Cleaning  Dusting, washing, and replacing back in place, and some innew places.  BrocanteInspires the art of a French home.    Relaxed with wrinkles  For spring clipping and snipping...Found in my Burlap Luxe etsy shop,linked here...Burlap Luxe    French Apple Pie  My French rustic kitchen is serving,French apple pie.Spring [...]

Plenty Of Brocante


 Burlap Luxe HomeFrench  Plenty Of BrocanteA Passion for VintageGrey days filled with the comfort of rustic details. My French grain sack cloth and vintage ticking I sewed upinto euro shams loosely fitted with a down insert.Rural and peasant like in comfort.  Vintage Candelabra And Candlesticks.Love the aged wear and tarnish I dare not polish.Now listed in my Burlap Luxe etsy shop...On this site side-bar listed. Dusted In Age My Hand Bent And Twisted French Wire-Art.I create crowns for weddings and ones giftings.Decayed with age.Can be found in my etsy shop Burlap LuxeMore unique designs on their way. Embracing a cozy atmosphere for the love of...Plenty Of Brocante.A beautiful February.  [...]

A Village Artist Lives Here...A French Home


 Burlap Luxe French HomeA home I imagine in a French village, and Iam the village artist.   Raw natural French country-side pieces and objects,inspire my home and my art in designs. My home that acts much like an art studio, where living isin the art of creating. A room filled with objects and pieces, rustic in what I salvage.Pieces that call out to be loved all over again.  A Quite Room For This Designer Artist. A French Country-Side Basket.French Champagne ready Cafe de LyonThe city of Lyon FranceCafe of LyonRustic crate board I painted into rustic signs, with a French accent to each one. Now in my etsy shop, here at link...Burlap Luxe  The Wine Region Of FranceChampagne France Galvanized old buckets act as, Champagne buckets. Entertaining French blown glasses, Fleur-de-lis flatware, andmy art in creating hand thrown rustic-rural French style pottery. I call my roadside pottery.  Champagne RosesFrench floral can Champagne Brunch[...]

Decayed Rustic French Fascination...Un Joyeux Noel


 Burlap Luxe Home Studio Of ProductionDesigns And Creates, French Theatre'sArtist Dore Callaway ofBurlap LuxeA performance of...Un Joyeux Noel    Salvage materials are collected and stored away until they call out to become an opulent decayed rustic French theatres of performances.  Trim and woodwork is a collection of old antique and vintage woods...moldings, picture frames, French mirror frame pieces salvaged and desired. Chair spindles, and furniture legs act as columns, drawer pull knobs act as cement finials. vintage oak for wood planked floors, and wire for my hand twisted chandeliers, ladders, and crowns. Wire is also used to create a body form for the creating of cartapesta mice.   Cartapesta Mouse  My latest addition to my French theatre is my art in creatingcartapesta mice, along with the creation of her tattered decayed old dress.A pendant necklace studded with a gem, and her gem stone wire crownthat wraps around her sweet French head.She goes by the French name of (Astrid)Astrid is in the middle of her performance ofDouce Nuit - Silent Night, and performed in French opera.  My art in hand paintingHer patina is hand applied and gilded with aged gold.  The art of French wire-work, I bend and shape into chandeliers, ladders, andbody forms for cartapesta mice and crowns.Aged banners add a bit of theatrical whimsy strung about.  French Rococo French rococo mirror salvage trim the header.  French weathered old books created by my French hands.Stained to appear old.  I create paper doll mice, they have come baring gifts and to be entertainedin a holiday performance this Joyeux Noel.   Librairie Francaise(French Book Shop)An old decayed French shop.  With cartapesta and salvage wood I created a French book shop oftheatrics where French and English language books of many can be found.Seventeen hand-made books I created with vintage book ephemera andcloth aged and water damage to give the appearance of an old dustybook sellers shop in France.Madam Colette tends to her old French shop.Books are piled in  the attic, and hog warted in the book case. Old music books and travel books are some of her book selections she has for holiday shoppers. The beauty in an old book,a perfect gifting.   The attic is filled, and the charm of rustic decayed flooring andwalls show its age. Happy New Year!  MerciThank you for being our audience.Please visit special performance's here with,Vera, by clicking link here...Row Home And CobbleStonesLin, Instagram by clicking link here...A Tiny Cottage In The Woods Dore, Instagram by clicking link here...Burlap Luxe   Paix et Joie, Joyeux Noel ( Peace and Joy ) xxDore   [...]

French Home For Giving Of Thanks


A French Simple Home Setting out the white linens and preparing the menu,& Home For Giving Of Thanks.   Brown and White Hounds~Tooth CheckChristmas StockingsShop here, click link...Burlap Luxe 29" length x 5" cuff openingzinc ring hanger and tattered linen.    JoyLove these stockings paired with brown and whitetransfer-ware china settings,white ironstone, and rustic rural farmhouse pottery.   Soon...  Baskets Filled With RosemaryJoie de vivreof the season..&greyer  days[...]

French Rural Holiday Home


 Hand Thrown PotteryPottery and assorted pieces mix in a vintage open cupboardin reach for daily use.Giving it the feel of living in rural France. Grapevine Wreath A simple grapevine wreath wrapped from a clipping from a side yard vineyard.Grapes a favorite picking the French serve as a dinning dessert with holiday meals. Vintage French MatelasseI designed a stocking pattern after the look of an old world stocking, hanging and ready for treasured gifting.Pattern and sewing by Dore (Me) for heirloom quality.29" length x 5" cuff openingzinc ring hanger, and a tattered linen tie.AVAILABLEIn my BurlapLuxe etsy shop  . French Home  Home French Chocolat Hounds-Tooth Checked Stockings.I can see these hanging filled with treats.A box of dark chocolats, La Maison du Chocolat Twigs.OrChocolat flavored rich coffee beans bagged,festively.29" length x 5" cuff opening vintage canvaszinc ring hanger with tattered linen tie. Chocolat tone and white.AVAILABLE  BurlapLuxe etsy shopHand- sewn by pattern designerDore CallawayBurlap Luxe       Vintage French HomeCHAMPAGNE France Holiday Signs  byArtistDore CallawayFrench Countryside- between Paris and the Lorraine,one of the great historic Provinces of France, CHAMPAGNE.Champagne is home to the famous sparklingwines in the world.My latest hand-painted signs tabletop, buffet top, or tucked awaylayered on a holiday table propped against a champagne bucket announcing the holiday festivities with clear bubbles,As well as a bit of French added to your rustic ruralchateau cottage.Painted and designed on vintage French crate slats.byDore CallawayAVAILABLE linked here... Burlap Luxe etsy shop    Designer~ArtistWants you to be inspired to the very edges of your soul..."Living in an artful way."~ Dore [...]

Worth Every French Penny...Rural And Rustic


 Burlap Luxe French Home Cottage"Everything you love can find a place."~Dore CallawayBurlap Luxe designer Dore,took a vintage French ladder back and gave it a new old paint finish.   This vintage French chair did not look like this when itfound me, telling me just what it wanted tobecome..Harmony is attainable. French furniture is designed to play a part in acountry home.French furniture is certainly decorative, and so easy tolive with. My before photo of a thrift shop French find. Dated, a bit drab, and in need of some purpose. Deconstructing was the beginning.A good strip down and this French Chair was loved all over again.    NO!Never, never.Well, maybe at one time in the 80's  Yes, yes!!your seeing the Price!$3.99This French ladder back arm chair solid oak, sturdy, and so meant for me and my home. A little French love, and a weathered ageing of white.Painted and upholstered ~By Dore of Burlap Luxe  I had the sand paper, plenty of it, paints in abundance, anda perfect piece of French worn canvas that I am so glad Idid not cut it up for a project a week before.Yes, I hadthe vintage canvas on hand and a staple gun with plenty of power, so this chair cost meno more then time, and $3.99 Country rural furniture is defined by simple in style, and used for a purpose."Everything you love can find a place."~Dore Callaway[...]

French Country Magazine...Rustic Trunk, And A Lantern


 Burlap Luxe HomeAwakeWith Fall SalvageMakes for a beautiful mix in a simple fall vignette.  Pottery(BL) Burlap Luxe artist hand thrown pottery with the feeling of a French roadside find will feel rich and comfortable with authentic history in your hands andhome.~Dore CallawayBurlap Luxe etsy shop    Comforts Greyer Dayswith rustic farmhouse charm. Forced Misshapen Rural Mud Objects Of Desireover 59 years ago my grandparents purchased a country home that wasalready 250 years old.In this home was family heirlooms that my grandparents became the new caretakers. Old film plates date thisrural farmhouse trunk back 250 plus years.Its original milk washed French bleu paint was amazing, yet had beenpainted over with a black-green that left me no other choice than tostrip it back to its rawness and add new history in a washed and distressed white... A lime waxed technique.This trunk chest adds a sense of simplicity of all things peasant andrural to my French home without a gap in it fitting in.Inherited  Thank You Grandpa, it is resting where it belongs    Solid Forged Iron HandlesOriginal to the piece. Dore Callaway of Burlap Luxewants to thank Country French Magazine Fall/Winter 2016For a special honor featuring my hand thrown (BL) potteryby Burlap Luxe in this special edition feature on page 79Marketplace1. Burlap Luxe Dishes Found here... Burlap Luxe etsy Cup/BowlsNothing in my home is not of use or rustic beauty, the making of  perfect harmony.Natural clay mud, French farmhouse style potterycup/bowls.     Settingsfor friends.   Grapevine Clipping Wrapped delicately by my hands for a simple fall wreath. Idea To Inspire ALantern Seaside French LanternThis vintage lantern made of hand forged iron trimmed in barley twisted iron was purchase from a beautiful seaside home yard sale in Malibu, California.Washed in years of sea mist, aged in the beauty of white and galvanized grey.A French lantern that needed to come with me and where would I hang it was notmy concern, I just knew I had to have it.  It has moved about my home in a vignette or two and pushed aside in my home office space out of the way until now!  A Side Table Lantern Lamp I wired the pendant length wire and chain with new wire, then attached a toggle switch for tuning it off and on.Enough wire and a plug was added in length long enough to notlimit my moving it about and where outlets may be at my access.Yes, it came to thought that I did not have to hang it quite yet, I could find some uniqueness in its use until a good fit is constructed.   Perfectly aged with all the rightness of a patina to love.Chippy whites layered on a patina of grey andsea rust.   Within this space it became interesting with light, andit casts interesting reflections around the room.  The Black-Eye Susan'sall dried up add to whats all natural in ourfall home. Late In The Daythe light warms in the stillness.Inspiring a lantern for a lamp.  [...]

Letter Boxes...Rustic LOVE


 Burlap Luxe Love Little salvaged boxes filled with letters and words ofLOVE.Burlap Luxe home gathers words of love...past and future.Being A Gatherer of WORDS Recipes To LovePast and present.GatheringsMy daughter Hannah's box filled with ephemera words,poetic pieces of meaning, a collection of her Callaway grandfathers brokenwatch faces, skeleton keys, crystals and coins.All gathered with love.     Garden Seed BoxHand crafted with love, and found thrifting to love all over again. Letters Spell LOVE,Word ProfoundArtist-Designer-CreatorDore CallawayBurlap Luxe  I salvage for design and display.A perfect word of love for a snug nursery, a wedding withvintage rustic appeal, as well as a special gifting ofLOVE. Gathered Salvage Door HingeHangs off the edge of a salvaged door-jam, a perfect placing for a sweet dried petite bud, ora gathering of wild clippings. Weathered and Rough-Hewn Rustic PiecesFilled with window pane plasters and a 100 years ofage and decay.   LOVEI love how my art evolves from a single slice of wood.   Artful Blogging Magazine FeatureFeb/Mar/Apr 2014Pg. 6-13 My home and written articlebyDore Callaway Burlap Luxe   Another one of my love signs, barn-wood and rustic elegant salvage. My art in making this LOVE sign appeared on the book cover and pages of love In fifi O'Neill Prairie style weddings book.By FIFI  O'NEILLPRAIRIE-STYLE WEDDINGSRustic and Romantic Farm, Woodland, and Garden Celebrations.2014I am honored to be involved in the actual making of art thatis featured and then loved in the hands of those who purchase from my etsy Burlap Luxe of Burlap Luxe.My featured LOVE sign is now listed for sale In my etsy shop, click link here...BURLAPLUXE   [...]

French FarmHouse


 Burlap Luxe French HomePared-down dinning allows the rural and rustic ofnatural Provence living. French Vintage Stone DoveThe latest piece that has moved in on my French living isthis stone dove aged perfectly. It gives my side-table afeeling of something captured, or found deep inthe French countryside.Decayed, Weathered, ChippedIt spoke to me.Now looking for that perfect dove cote.   Hand Thrown Burlap Luxe PotteryWhen its in your hands, you understand its value. My monogrammed (BL) pottery for Burlap Luxeis set and will be all listed in time for my feature in French Country Decorating magazine due in your local book sellers and magazine stands here about the middle of the month, published by Better Homes And Garden their special edition... August 2016This week my BL pottery will be filling up in my Burlap Luxe esty shop,and custom orders will be welcomed.Photo Burlap Luxe Home Setting. This four piece place setting is now in the home of Kathryn,New Hope, PA.Kathryn has shared her new old French cottage foto's with me and I am charmed to see BL stacked along with a BL serving bowl on heropen shelves;A rustic cottage full of inspiration.   BL for Burlap Luxe PotteryI added formal French flatware with rustic rural style, adding a creative approach to my BL roadside pottery style. Platter Bowls French Roadside Style.Hand thrown and misshapen added a rustic rural feel to each BL piece.little imperfections are embraced for its beauty and dinningexperience, and I feel it makes the food taste that much more.  Beautiful New With Beautiful Old Flatware.Serves its purpose. Vintage Stone Dove  There is no art of arrangement here, it just called to be placed.   My French Wire-WorkI love bending wire, creating is who I am.This French egg wire basket is filled with 4 porcelain pottery eggs:yes! and is also available at Burlap Luxe by Burlap Luxe etsy shop!  [...]