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Arbor House Lane

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It's BOO Time


The time has come to get a little SPOOKY!I like to put a little scary in every room.Dinner anyone?In case you forgot your ride home.These eyes are watching YOU!A little old, a little new.Bones everywhere.Time to have some fun.WHO's scared now![...]




Father's Day is just around the corner.
A great idea I posted 3 years ago;Daddy's Day.
It is one of my most pinned projects.

My husband still has this with all his special gifts from the kids.

When a tie just won't do!



It is super easy and the kids loved making it for him.

To see the original post go here.

I hope all dads have a wonderful Father's Day!

Christmas at Arbor House Lane


Christmas at Arbor House Lane

Christmas For My Fireman


Christmas for My fireman.I wanted to do a special tree for my husband in the garage.My husband is a volunteer fireman.He has been a fireman for 24 years.We were both on vacation last week.So one morning while Mr. slept in, I put together this tree for him.I found the idea on Facebook.The tree topper is an old helmet and the garland is fire hose.The kids no longer play with the little fire truck.It now decorates the garage with my husband's other fire man stuff.As you can see we have plenty of fire extinguishers in case of an emergency.Every fireman should have his own parking space![...]

Country Living Found Arbor House Lane on Pinterest


A pleasant surprise.
I found my living room mantel was highlighted here on Countryliving.


This is the picture.

I found out accidentally while trying to show a co-worker some pictures of my home during Halloween.
 It was a pleasant surprise for sure!

If you did not already know, I kind of have a thing for Halloween!

I am getting excited to start bringing out the decorations soon. 
I hate to say.  
I only put out a little fall decorations,
a few pumpkins here and there.

I always start the beginning of September,
 thinking about if I am going to host a Halloween party.

I am tossing around the idea of a kids party.
The kids tell me it is their turn, since I had one for the parents last year.
I may have a few invitation ideas floating around in my head.


I know my skeletons are ready to come out of the closet.

I have not posted very much lately, work and busy with life.
Now that both are slowing down some.
 I am hoping to share the projects and finds of the summer.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

All Done In White


The only thing that was NOT on my to-do list.Paint the kitchen.ButThat is exactly what I started last weekend.I have finally painted the kitchen WHITE!After 17 years of the green.I convinced Mr. M. that it was OK to go white in the kitchen too.He likes it.YEAH!The room seems brighter now.Early morning in the sunshine.I still have plates and paintings to hang on the walls.So far, I love the change.As you can see I chose an off white for the walls and bright white for the trim.I have the same color white for all the trim in the house.I love how my antique white furniture look against the new wall color.I decided to take out the faux mantel and we will turn it into a shelf to hang under the mirror.We have started looking for the granite for the counter top and tile for the back splash.It will basically look like the picture below.Except I have cherry cabinets on the bottom and distressed white on top.sourceWe only have a small area that we would have to replace.The cost will be minimal. Our large work area in the kitchen is the island.As much as I would love to have white marble, it really would not go well with all the colors in the room.Once the kitchen is done I will start painting my way up to the third floor.After so many years the trim needs a fresh coat of paint.Hopefully by the time I finish painting the weather will be warm.I know the weeds need to be taken care of.I am ready for Spring![...]

Slip Cover Twins


A perfect fit.Another set of slipcover twins, well almost.One is done and the other slipcover is in the process of.This will be my second set of slipcover twins.The first set of wingback slipcovers were made in 2011.Both are sewn in two different fabrics, matelasse and cotton duck.Twins in the dinning room.This time I decided not to do piping. As much as it is more time consuming, I think I like the look of piping better.  That's ok because I see many slipcovers in my future.I love a little pleat that shows off some leg.I do know how to sew in zippers, but I think bows are so much cuter.This is the pattern on the matelasse.As you can see it will fit right in with the other furniture in the room.The fireplace in the back is a future project.This chair is the other chair waiting to be finished.I usually cut all the fabric first and work on a little each day.I should be finished in a couple of weeks, in between work, school and life.The new chairs are 17 years old and some of the first pieces of furniture we bought when we finish building the house.  They are well made, but I do not like the dark green color.  Slipcovers are far easier than reupholstering a wingback chair for sure.These are Mr. M.'s favorite chairs and they will stay in our master bedroom.The good thing about having furniture that are slipcovered in WHITE,They look good in every room.My other chairs have been in the living room, basement, office and dinning room.Thanks for stopping by.I will also be partying this weekend at;French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest FridayThe Curator's Collection for Making Broken BeautifulThoughts From Alice for Sundays From Home Shabbyfufu for Share It One More TimeElizabeth & Co for Be InspiredThe Wicker House for Create-Share-Inspire[...]

It's Been A Long Time


It is done.FINALLY!I did get a few things done since you last heard from me.Christmas passed by, Valentines and almost Spring.  I will wait until next year to share the ton of pictures from this past Christmas.Working full time, going to school, being a mom and wife means there is less time devoted to being creative.  The need is still present, only time and energy are lacking. I enjoyed spending time on the computer being inspired by some many great bloggers.  Finally after months of looking at the unfinished settee in my bedroom.This is what it looked like when I found my treasure at Sally.  Good bones, ugly fabric.  It wasn't until I took the old fabric off that I had to figure out how to put the new one on.  This was a bigger project than I have tackled in the past.The legs have such great detail.First I painted it. White of course!Same details but I like the color better.I used two different fabrics. The plain white is just a simple cotton duck that I used for all the piping and cushion edging and bottom, back and seating areas.The decorative fabric is a matelasse. Since this was my first settee and I have never upholstered a piece of furniture so large, I will give myself a break.  There are some areas I wish I had done better on, but, overall I am happy with how it turned out.One of my favorite parts of upholstering this piece is the double welting.It did a lot to hide some mistakes and it was easy to apply.  I would definitely use it again.The design is beautiful and it was hard making that first cut in the bedspread.I have since moved the settee from my master bedroom to the office.It is a nice place for the kids to read and watch movies on the computer.I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. It has been awhile since I posted so I thought I would do a little partying too!French Country Cottageyou can also find me atThe Curator's Collection for Making Broken BeautifulThank you to everyone who stopped by from French Country Cottage![...]

Halloween, Not Just For Kids


We hosted our Annual Halloween Party again this year.I did not post this earlier because I did wanted it all to be a surprise for my guests.There is an overload of photos.Witches in the mud room.Of course we have bats in the bathroom.Bugs on the walls.Eyeballs everywhere.All the mantels are decked out,The dinning room is all set for guests.Amazing what you can do with some candy eyeballs and red glue.Bats on the walls. The garage was ALL decked out for the party.The noose came in very handy for photos.Oh we have spiders.LARGE ONES!Fun ghosts inspired from pinterest. The garage in daylight. .See everyone wanted a picture.The cat lady.I had to keep hiding my cat from her.Mr. and Mrs. Mummy.Shots out of urine sample cups.Yep I do go a little crazy.Guests having fun.The wall of gross pictures.Those eyes.My sister the Queen of Hearts or is she?Her boyfriend the Mad Hatter. They make such a cute couple.Mr. Halloween getting goofy.I couldn't have done all of this without him. The day of the dead.The little nerds.She is the creator of the jello shots.The hanging candle lights were easy to make and not too costly.Everyone wanted their picture taken in front of them.Halloween in the living room. It was a fun spooky night.Thanks for stopping by.[...]

Elegant Ghost In The Yard


Ghostly WhiteThe house looks so spooky at night with only orange lights,ANDGHOSTS AT NIGHT!I have wanted to make yard ghosts for a couple of years.I originally found these ghosts.Then I found these beauties.I love how they look like they are dancing.I found the youtube video by P. Allen Smith.I made two of them with my sister.We ran out of time and fabric for the third one.I love how they turned out.I did not add the heads, not sure if I will.They have spot lights on them for now, but, on Halloween night we will put spooky lights on them.Funny story; I was looking for cheap fabric because they would be outside.I found pretty shantung fabric on sale for $3.00 a yard.I knew I couldn't find cheaper, so I bought all of it.They sales clerk asked what I was making with 9 yards of this fabric.I hesitated because it is nice fabric.She almost was not going to give me the fabric when she found out.Yard Ghosts.Ghosts.Really.I showed her a picture of what I was making.She seemed a little more satisfied.She asked if I was going to at least recycle the fabric after Halloween.Nope, just put them away with the skeletons and coffins.They were not hard to make, but you want to have someone help you.I could not have done it alone.What other Ghost gets a couture dress.The party is almost upon us.The house is ready, now it is time to make lots of spooky food.Thanks for stopping by.[...]

And BOO To You Too!


I came to sayBOO!I can not stay long.For the clock will strike MIDNIGHT!and I willhave to returntothe worldof normal.I have not been playing hide and go seek.Just schoolworkfamily.I wanted to share some of my Halloween with you.I was asked if I would PLEASE have aHalloween party again.PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!You would think I had some kind of reputation or something.Well, kind of.It has been three years since I have had a party.I think I may have out done myself this year.I got creative.Don't ask me where the energy came from.Time, well I kind of had to start,the 1st of October.We hand delivered the invitations in costume.This year we added some new friends to the mix.It is always fun to see their faces when we show up,in costume so early in October.I may have an infestation or two.There are plenty of rats.Maybe a few crows,just a few.A few friends popped for a snack.  Poor things, they were starving.There has been so much going on I might go bonkers!I found out that a picture from years past Halloween is being featured atSo Much Better With Age.Thank you so much Jamie.I can't wait to share more.Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week.[...]

Kids Bathroom Refresh


A new bathroom.Well,Almost new.I have been wanting to replaced the vanity.The kids needed a larger one for all their stuff.My oldest has discovered his HAIR, that must be combed at least twice a day.Sometimes more!We were originally going to use this dresser.However, I felt bad having to cut off part of the side to make it fit.So, I put it in the mud room for now.One reason I love having WHITE as my main color, I can move furniture to any of the rooms in the house and it looks great.We added a new vanity base from here.We were on vacation the week of July 4th.So I decided it was a good time to get some work done.Poor Mr. M. I had him running from store to store trying to get everything.I did not like the vanity tops at Lowe's, so off to Home Depot we went.I decided on this top from here.I was not sure if it would look ok with our current floor tile.But, let me tell you a secret, it really didn't matter,because I plan on redoing the floors in the next couple of years.  I have yet to include this plan with Mr. M. so this is just between us!Of course a new vanity means new faucet.....and toilet dispenser......and so on and so on.The only problem we ran into with the new update was that the wall cabinet had to be moved up.Not so much of a problem, I just have to repaint the walls.And, if you know me, you know I love to paint. Now to find lights for for the master bath.Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.[...]

The Colorful Cow


MOO!I saw pictures of this cow in several magazines.I had even seen it in a catalog.I was drawn to the colors.Then one day I happened upon the painting in Kirklands.I had been saving a gift card I was given for Christmas.And, I had a coupon on my phone.The timing was perfect.Done.She is mine.Until the painting does not fit into my SUV.I took it back to the store.Not to return it, but to hold for later.I told my husband I needed the truck.Did Mr. M. want me to pick it up myself or did he want to come.He came.He did not like the painting.He wanted to know if I was joking.In fact, there was another woman wanting to buy the painting too.He was just about to ask the sales person if they had actually sold any,when he witnessed two being sold within minutes. He was dumbfounded.But he said if you love it, then I love it, I want to you to be happy.Perfect colors for Spring and Summer.As you can see, it is a huge painting.I have not picked the permanent placement yet.For now I like to see her when I during the day when I walk through the hallway.I have to tell you a funny story about the picture.As I said earlier, Mr. M. really didn't like it, but he knew I did.The Monday after I bought the painting we went to see the new movie; The Longest Ride.We both really liked the movie.I don't want to give the story away, but there are two love stories in this movie.If you have seen it, you will understand.There is a line in the movie when the husband says something to his wife about a painting.After seeing the movie, I looked at Mr. M. and said "we're keeping the cow aren't we?"  He said "if you love it, then I love it."The cow is still in the hallway.Thanks for stopping by.I hope you have a wonderful weekend.[...]

Randomness After A LONG Break


Spring at Arbor House Lane.Randomness around the house.It has been a LONG time.I have been here, just in the background.Hydrangeas left over from Mother's Day.I love the purple with the white in the mudroom.I switched out the aqua cabinet in the mud room for the white one.I am not sure if it will stay all summer.I have been craving some color.That usually happens after a LONG WINTER!As you can see, I still have some Easter to put away.I am so ready to move from house gardens to yards gardens.The weeds are multiplying.Sunlight shinning in the living room.The dinning room is always ready for dinner guests.Our master bed room.Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.[...]

Merry Christmas


Wishing all a............

From Arbor House Lane.

A Litte Pink in My Office


Christmas in the Office.This year I decided to change the look of the office tree.It was white, black and silver.I went PINK.It all started with some pretty little pink ornaments I found at TJMax.They inspired me to try a new look.I used my all time favorite hat is the tree topper.I also borrowed a few of my daughter's vintage pink ornaments.The tree sits in the corner and you can see it out one of the front windows.It glows.I found a couple of paper card ornaments months ago.I was not sure where they would go.Now I think they fit in perfectly.I mixed in some silver ornaments with velvet ribbon.Paper clock faces.Button and paper garland. I just love this vintage ornament.I think my pink tree turned out so cute this year.I am glad I tried something new.It is getting close to Christmas.I am hoping for a good snow storm for the kids to play in during the holiday break.And you, are you ready for Christmas?[...]

Do You Write a Christmas Wish List?


I was working on my Christmas wish list for Mr. M.He likes to wait til the last minute to shop.Every year I write Santa a letter.I thank him for everything he brought me the year before.I also tell him how grateful I am for my family, home, job, and everything in my life.I also let Santa know what might be on my list for this year.I provide visuals that might help with his shopping trip.I picked out some outfits on Pinterest or Polyvore. I copy the pictures onto my Santa list.For example:These pictures give him an idea of the clothes I like.Throw in a good upholstery tool.A certain chandelier I might have my eye on at Pottery Barn.A beautiful fur throw from Amazon.We are lucky to have a wonderful Outlet Mall, so finding a cute Coach purse should not be hard.He knows I have had my eye on a new couch from IKEA.I would love a trip to IKEA to window shop.Most of all though I am always happy with anything I get from Mr. M. for Christmas.Even if it is SOCKS!And you, do you help your man with his Christmas list?[...]

Christmas in the Dining Room


Let's peek into the dining room.I have it all set and ready for dinner.The stockings are hung from the mantel, no fireplace in site.Silver is the main color in this room.I have added a little aqua to the tree for some extra color.There are a few wrapped presents under the tree.I caught my youngest son checking out the presents.I told him it was OK to look, but not to open.There are small and medium disco balls hanging from the chandelier.The room looks almost like it is snowing inside when the sun shines in.Little lights everywhere.A simple center piece for the dining room table.The kids love to eat dinner by Christmas tree light.I had to move one of my slip covered wing back chairs in here from the living room,to make room for the tree.School will be finished this week and I can get some of my extra time back.I can't wait to relax next week and spend time with the family.I hope everyone is having a wonderful time getting ready for Christmas.I know I am.[...]

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas


It is getting festive.

I have started to decorate.
I have a few trees done.

Maybe more than a few.

I will be able to share more later in the week after my final test.

I hope everyone is enjoying the season to be MERRY!

A Little Fall in the Mud Room


FALL is here.I have been very busy with all the homework.Helping the kids.AndDoing my own!I am not always the best with time management.AndFor me, creative does not equal organization.So far from it!However, I did manage to pack away most of my summer decor.I only have just started decorating for Fall.It is kind of squeezed in for a week or so before,HALLOWEEN!!!I swapped out the footstool for a small slipcovered chair.I still need some artwork or plates on the wall.I have not found any yet.The hunt is the best part.Now that the kids are back to school, I have more free time to go antiquing.I like how the blue looks with the orange.New pillow and table cloth are from TJMaxx.I am debating whether to use the table cloth as a throw orslipcover the little footstool that was in this room previously.A pretty plate also from TJMaxx.Any you, have you finished decorating for Fall?Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week.[...]

Tree House Progress


Work has finally begun on the tree house.It may not be the one I had planned in my head.To see my original post about the tree house go here.The kids are excited.I am excited.They have all helped in one way or another.The tree house is bigger than I was going to go with,but Mr. M. got involved.He would rather go big than have to cut and waste.The decks are very sturdy, built to handle a bunch of kids.The lower deck is 10 x 12.This is the view of the back yard from the lower deck.We had to trim some tree branches.The upper deck is 12 x 12.Mr. M. was out til 8:00 last night nailing in the last deck board.As you can see there is plenty of space between each deck.We wanted to make sure there was plenty of head room.My 12 year old has surpassed me in height,there seems no end to his growing. This is the view from the upper deck.You can see into the fields, on the left in that patch of weeds is the kids pond.You can also see into the trees from the other sides of the deck.The tree house is tucked into the treetops hidden.This weekend we will be making the playhouse at the top.Railings for the sides.hereI am hoping to incorporate a slide,two swings,here rope ladder,hereherea zip line,here and rock climbing wall.I found some great inspiration photos on Google.herehereNow I just have to find the perfect little tree to decorate for Christmas.What?Did you think otherwise?My daughter put it perfectly, it is just another room![...]

Back to School


hereGoing back to school.PencilsPaperPensandBooksMy son asked me if I was going to riding the bus with him to school.In fact, he sounded excited.No honey, I'm not going to high school.I'm going to college.Yep, you heard it right.I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL.If you did not already read about it in a post I did for Susan from Must Love Junk, you can read about it here.I am going back to get my accounting degree for work.Mostly nights and online classes.I only need six classes to satisfy my Board of Directors.You see, I already have dual Business degrees, but in order to actually get the accounting degree I have to finish 30 credits.Ten classes part time....Hopefully I will have it done in two years and keep my sanity.hereAm I crazy?Of course a little a lot!Scared?That too...You see, I am also hearing impaired.I am worried....what if I don't hear the teacher or can't understand them.One thing about going back to school as an adult, you have more confidence and you KNOW you want to be there.When I went back in my late twenties I had a great time at college.My business teacher will always remember me....I brought a horse to school.Yep...I got an A in that class.hereMy kids are looking forward to seeing me do homework.Fun for me because my first semester I get to do using my laptop.In my pajamas if I want.And you, any crazy ideas you have going on?[...]

New Lanterns


Have you ever shopped Josh and Main or do you just love it all from afar?I was one of the; from afar.Until I decided I was not going to let them go again.I saw these lanterns several months ago, they came as a set.This is the large one, I have it in my bedroom.Now I did measure how big the large one was before I ordered. However.When the large box was sitting in my living room,I could not believe how big it really was. About 36 inches high.HUGEbut I love it.I can just imaging it with a pumpkin and some Halloween decorations.Or with some Christmas greens, my large gold ornaments.The list is limit less.I almost lost them the first time. I let them get away.And I searchedand searched.I never did find them again on Google.Then to my amazement they appeared again.Yeah, click and they were in my cart.The smaller lantern is in my dinning room.Just big enough for a candle or two and a small decoration.And you, have you let seen something on Josh and Main only to let it get away?Thanks for stopping by.[...]

A Camping We Will Go


Let's go RVing!Inspiration colors for the RV.My latest quest is to find a RV travel trailer that will satisfy;a.  Three children = bunks b.  Separate bed room for Mr. M. and I = quality timec.  Entertainment area for those rainy days inside = no fights d.  Ugly fabrics and walls = pretty new fabrics and paintherehere Mr. M. knows, when she has a bee in her bonnet only she can decide to let it go.He has been very patient about visiting several RV stores.In and outIn and outUp the stairsDown the stairsI really tried to make it as easy on my husband as possible.I know what I am looking for and how much I (we) want to spend.The main two things I have realized, I have to have a kitchen facing the door opening.  All the salesmen and Mr. M. roll their eyes at me, but it is a feng shui thing, I can't have my back to someone walking into the camper.ANDBelieve it or not, I can not have white woodwork.Don't like the look of it.Am I the only one who thinks, no matter how much money they put into these RVs they have ugly fabric and wall paper? I have yet to find one I like.I am concentrating on the lay out, enough sleeping space and what I can change.Mr. knows I am going to redo all of the fabrics immediately, no ifs ands or buts about it!!However, the painting of wood work and changing of wall coverings can wait.Actually I may even be able to live with them as long as I can put my touch on everything else.Simple changes.I found some inspiring pictures on Google.herehereherehereTake out the table and trade it for a vintage table.New fabrics for the couches and chairs.The bedding and curtains are easy to change too.I am sure I can find plenty in my basement.Pictures on the wall.Vintage mirrorw.Ironstone dishes.Slipcovered chairs.CHANDELIERS!!hereCan't you just picture how cute it will look.hereNow if only I can write the check as easy.It is a major investment.Are we really going to use it enough.Mmm.....that trip to Washington D.C. in the Spring.Camping at the Finger Lakes.Weekend at Darien Lake.Camping at the beach.A visit to see my best pal, Sara just think of all the antiques I can bring home!HELLO, worlds longest garage sale.Of course the last few are reason enough to scare the heck out of Mr. M.So, he is being quiet. I know why. Secretly he is hoping I will give up my quest.Become frustrated with not finding my exact match for the right price.And like a butterfly be attracted to something else shinny that crosses my path.He knows.Halloween is only two months away.The hardest part.I only have one week to find it or I might as well wait until next year.Oh well, even if I don't find it this year, I can still have fund dreaming of how I would decorate it. And you, are you a camper?[...]

Arbor House Lane on Pinterest


I googled my blog.Come on, you know you have done it too!I know some posts are out there and which ones are the favorites,but....I was shocked by Pinterest.I'm on it.Well, not me, but Arbor House Lane.I was tickled, kind of like being in a magazine.But, better.People liked my pictures and chose them to be worthy of pinning.I did what I set out to do.Inspire.Here a few of the favorites, mine too.My gardens.HalloweenChristmasMy flowersMy funiture Thank you for all the pins.You made my day.I feel like I need to be creative so I can inspire someone new.Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by.[...]