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Fan & Squares


I spent Christmas in Des Moines this year.  I had alot of time to shop when it wasn't so very cold.  I went to the Historic West Des Moines to shop at my favorite bead store  (Artistic Beads).  I found this beautiful pattern by Cheryl Erickson .  I went back to my son's house and made it immediately!  She has many lovely designs and patterns with kits available.  Check it out!

Where has time gone???


Alot going on here in Georgia.  Sorry I have not been available.  I have been keeping busy teaching and designing.

An Apology to


It was brought to my attention tonight that Diane Dennis is the "original" designer of this lovely piece which was published some time ago in a bead magazine.
When I bead something I NOW try very hard to give the designer credit for their pattern.  
(Just because I display a piece of work I have finished does not mean that the piece is MY orginal design or that I am teaching that pattern.)  
This beautiful necklace, however, was beaded by me as a brand new excited beader who had NO knowledge of the "rules of the game" or the "ethics" of giving credit where credit is due.  
I sincerely apologize, Diane, for not knowing, as a new beader, at the time that this is the proper and correct way of doing things .  I did not go back and correct each picture of each piece and I am sorry for the misunderstanding this has caused you.  
I still do NOT teach or copy a design, on purpose, that someone else has already published.
Please check out the great works of Diane Dennis 
Best wishes and a sincere apology, Diane,
Sharon A. Kyser

My husband passed away


I have been away for a long long time...sorry.
My best friend and husband passed away August 6th after a month with Hospice helping at home and weeks and weeks of doing all that we could he passed away from a Brain Tumor caused by lung cancers.  He died on his own terms, at home and with no pain.  

The day after he passed, I was setting on the back porch when a stray black cat came up on the porch and my first thought was, "God has sent me a kitten that my husband would not ever allow me to have.."  WRONG the cat sunk its teeth into my shin bone and wouldn't let go.  After kicking it several times it ran away.  I had to leave the next day for Houston, MO so the Doctor gave me too strong antibiotics which sent me into a tail spin.  We left for Houston the next day and by Tuesday I was so bad that we drove straight through to my doctors office.  He put me immediately in hospital for six days.  I was very critical and did not care where or who I was.
 One month later I have lost 22 lbs. I am still very very weak.  I am going to a specialist tomorrow.  I am not getting any better.

The adjustment of not having my hubby here to help me, and my being so weak has really taken a tole on me.  When I get better I will catch you up and begin to bead again.

Sharon A. Kyser

Super Duo Time and Ethics???


I made up this rope of Super Duo Seed Beads and love, love, love the way it lays on the neck! I am so loving it!  I got the pattern finished two or three months ago and found there is no limit to the wonderful rings one can put on this lovely piece!  I recently found on Pinterest that also had a pattern out there!!  I honestly had not seen her pattern before I made mine.  Does that make it unethical to teach it?  I made up the pattern myself, had my own idea and so did she.....Today I taught the pattern to six women that loved their pieces!  Does anyone else ever run into this?  Have you ever had an idea, made the piece and found that someone in Europe, Russia, or anywhere in the world,  also had the same idea?  I try very hard to NEVER teach anything to anyone, under my name, if someone has a pattern out there  unless I get the designers permission.  (That is ethical.)  With so many beautiful artists, so many gorgeous new projects and so many beads it is hard to not run into the same idea the same time.  There is not a single beader out there that "owns" herringbone, peyote, brick or ladder stitches, etc. as it has been in existence since the beginning of time.  We are blessed with "professional & qualified" teachers (of which I am truly thankful for), there are beautiful books and we learn new ideas of connecting and designing so the world of beading increases in knowledge.  In that "increase of knowledge" we have our own twists, colors and beads that are unlimited.  I try so hard, (for my own ethical soul) to give credit where credit is due.  IF I have made anything that comes close to another designers pattern I never done it intentionally.  Let me hear what YOU think?  How does one deal with other teachers who "bad mouth" your work because it LOOKS like someone elses piece?  I will go on teaching because I absolutely love seeing the "light" go on when the student "gets it"!I guess I need to grow a thicker skin....I would love to hear YOUR input.Sharon  [...]

Blogger Cookies Fixed and I am back!!!


I can not tell you how frustrating it has been that I have not been able to get onto my blog!  Well, I am back and will fit it into my schedule ASAP!!!  Thank you for sticking with me and being patient........[...]



As you can see I have been busy working on Christmas already.  It is just around the corner!  I have 12 Ornaments to start and finish.Plus I am teaching at Bead Bayou on Fridays & Saturdays.  So as you see I am busy as ever!I saw this sweet angel on Pinterest and made it for myself!  What do you think?Santa that I have made in a dozen different colors...see I have been working!Aren't these angels cute!  SO EASY!  Again I saw them on Pinterest.A Bead Embroidery cuff I finished last month!!Another reversible cross!Bead Embroidery Peacock Feather is my favorite so far this month...Mediallion that I made by couldn't figure out what I was doing until I got to this point.  I love the blue with the gold...Christmas trees with right angle weave, I think.  I just made them and this is how they turned out.I don't have one red pair of ear rings so Swarvoski had these beautiful sparkles and this is what I came up with.Now I am working on those 12 ornaments that are pre-made but I am adding to them to make them extra special....Keep beadin'Keep healthy,Keep Happy,Sharon[...]

I am working toward Christmas!


Keeping busy!  I haven't forgotten you all....You are always on my mind.  I am getting ready for teaching tomorrow...making designs...patterns...and sometimes cooking for my man.This "peacock feather" is a bead embroidery piece that can be worn on a chain or as a broach.  I am working on a pattern for the Super Duo Twin hole beads... it takes some concentration but it works up very quickly!!!  (More to come when I get the beads in.)  Stay tuned!!!Ornaments take a long long time to make.  When you receive one for a present please remember that they take more time than most necklaces and bracelets.   I know they will look great on the tree and someday be passed down to my grandchildren.....   [...]

Here is where my time has gone! Sorry for the delays....


This is why I have not been around!  With beading and I have been keeping busy, beading, teaching, working at keeping my head together.  There are many more pics but I think that even Blogland has its' limits.ENJOY!Oh, and one of my pieces was published in the August/September issue of BeadWork Magazine!!!  Did you happen to see it?[...]

Busy Busy May!



Spring is Flying By!!!


Spring Flowers!Some of my spring creations!  Purple.....Another one in purple....Divine Crosses!  A Class I took on Saturday by Cristi Prince.  I love her work so much that I am started on my third one.My first and only loom piece topped off with a Marcia DeCoster centerpiece I made on the 2011 Bead Cruise.I glued two needle holders together and put a green Rivoli on one end and a pink on the other so I could carry two size of needles with me and not have to search for the 2 separate tubes.All is well with me.  I am keeping busy with teaching and beading.  I am headed for Raleigh, NC to teach at the Intergalactic Bead Show May 5th and 6th.Blessings to ALL!Sharon[...]

Spring and Summer Have Arrived


I have been working very hard on my recent projects that I thought I would share with you!  The Flowers seem to be a "theme" this year.  I haven't even gotten a name for them yet.   The back side has a hidden bale for a simple chain or even a rope that I have in the back of my mind to make that is interchangeable with other pieces.  I think it will be in shades of greens.  The yellow daisy is one that I made last year and when I found this lovely pink bead it just demanded that I create one in pinks.   Another flower!I simply love this bead!  I have heard it called a "platter bill" my hubby thinks they look like teeth.  Whatever their name and origin I love the shape and this rosy color.  Don't you?  I had a bright rosy colored 18mm Rivoli and the crystals so when I found the beads in a shop in Iowa I grabbed all they had!  I just finished a bracelet too...ALOT of bling on this square Swarvoski Crystal.Happy EASTER!  Blessings to all of you,  Sharon[...]

I'm thinkin' "One more day closer to SPRING"


A few works in progress!  I am so busy making samples, developing patterns and beading for fun.  This bracelet is my "SPRING FLING"!  Love the colors!The next bracelet is a beginner class that I am teaching at "Garden of Beaden" in Clarkesville, Ga and Bead Bayou in Alpharetta, Ga in MarchJust a fun piece that I wanted to do...I will be teaching this "Key Card Case" for the March meeting of the North Georgia Bead Society!!!This was a contract Business Card Holder for a friend.....The next one is a "contract" piece I made for my sister to give away as a gift to her dear friend.It is 2:00AM and I must get some sleep.  This next week is a busy one for's a secret and I can't tell you for now.  Next week I will let you know what is going on.I love all my blogging friends! That means YOU,Sharon[...]



Bead Works will be publishing my Tila Pendant in their August magazine!  WoooHooo! I am so excited about the news.  It will be the first of my designs to "make the grade".  I have always loved their magazine so I feel it is a real priviledge to be included with other wonderfully talented beaders.I have also started my own company "BEAD ENVY by Sharon" Now has it's own life and it's own tax ID number!  It is a big step for me in my humble abode but I have had some invites from neighboring states to teach and I am looking forward to teaching again.  I have missed my students so much and went through a month of withdrawals but now am looking ahead to better days and meeting so many wonderful ladies!  I have signed up to teach classes locally at Bead Bayou and Beadiful in the upcoming months.  Maybe I will get to see some of my ole' friends again.  Plus I will be teaching at The Intergalactic Bead Show February 4 & 5th.  I have been busy as a bee making new products and writing the directions for each piece as I go...good girl, Sharon.As I have said before, pattern directions are NOT my "cup of tea" but I continue plodding along, trying to improve the drawings and the wording.  (For those who have to plod through this process know how tedious it can be?)  It takes hours to write each detail, every step, and not miss a single stitch.Oh, hum, just part of the job but the benefits are:1.My Students inspire me to do better and more,2.The clarity of my work, stitch by stitch teaches me to focus,3.I feel satisfied and more confident about my teaching skills daily,4.I am NO Marcia DeCoster but I am striving toward that goal,5.I take less nerve pills now and relax in the process of design,6.Plus my students show such appreciation which I do not get from doing the dishes or laundry or cleaning the house!It is a rewarding experience that I appreciate each day to be blessed in my new field of life after 65 years.Below are just a few of the items that I have made since 2012 began...enjoy the view.[...]

Beading into the Holidays!


(image) (image) I made some more Tila/items.  I just love the way they look surrounding the beautiful Rivoli's.   My favorite, so far is the bracelet.  It has ALOT of "bling".  (Just the way I like! (image)
Now I am bead embroidery crazy.  I am supposed to teach a class on these at The North Georgia Bead Society meeting in February.  The blue one holds those small Kroger/Drugstore/Retail club membership cards.  I also made one to hold the memory sticks or thumb cards but turned it in to the Bead Society before I took a picture.  It looks just like this one, just a little larger and longer.  The pink one I made for my daughters birthday gift.  It holds our business cards.  I have made numerous ones in this same style.(image)

Merry Christmas Wishes


Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!!Some of the decorations I have been working on!Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed season of rejoicing in the good things, with Thanksgiving for all of the wonderful miracles that come our way this time of year.More to come soon.  My pile of projects are finished and will be sending them soon.  May your Christmas be merry and you lack nothing,Sharon[...]

I told you "I LOVE MY JOB" well guess what???


Have you seen the  free patterns lately?  Beki came up with this lovely idea using Tila Beads.  I just happened to have some antique flattened bicone.  Yes, I know they have a name but for the life of me I can't remember their name.I have been busy working on the business card holders and now have the directions for sale, if anyone is interested.  Monday, I taught six lovely ladies how to make them and we had such a great time!!!Thanks girls for making "teaching" so much fun!!!I am going through a funk of some sorts.  Every single time I say that I love my job, something happens and they close.  You know how much I love my present job....well, as of December 20ish I will no longer be employed at "On the Rocks".  Rats, and double rats, I did and do love meeting so many wonderful people and will miss everyone terribly.  Donna has decided to "GO MOBILE", taking her beads to shows on the road and working via the internet sales.  Be sure to check out the new shop!!!  I absolutely adored working around, touching, feeling and creating  with beads.  It has been eye candy for my soul. I think I will try to get some classes together and teach at a local library.  "When God closes one door another will open."I have entered a couple of pieces in Bead & Button and in Beadworks but do not plan on hearing about that for several months.  I have made two new patterns recently and will be selling directions and kits.  I did join a new local bead society and just love it! made a great bracelet last month and will be making ornaments in November.I already belong to the Atlanta Bead Society which I have enjoyed for over a year.Well, I had best close and sign off for this evening.Blessings to all,Sharon[...]

Beading, Working, and Lovin' Life!!!


It has been a long time since I have been around.  I have been covered with projects, fun stuff, creating, beading, working, teaching and generally keeping busy with life.  I have been going to post some of my newest designs but it is either, Bead or Computer.  I just can not do it all.  This necklace is my latest creation.  I had this delightful 3 inch cracked colored shell rose for a couple of years yelling at me to "DO SOMETHING!".  I found a lovely Georgia Peachy metallic bead that matched perfectly.  I have posted two pictures because the second one is closest to the correct colors.  It is very large and very dramatic but I love it!Then I needed to make a love gift for a fellow beader & a good friend so I came up with this scissor holder!  I liked it so well that I made one for myself.  The ultra suede is in two different shades so we could tell them apart...lolHappy Birthday, Dawn!!!I wanted to show you a cute ear ring that my daughter, Melissa, made out of Lego Men.  Aren't they just the cutest????Another birthday gift!   This one is for my bosses birthday on Saturday.  It is a business card holder that I designed today.  I even got it all finished in one day.Happy Birthday, Donna at On The Rocks!!!You are the best boss I have ever had and I find it such a pleasure to work where I can play.  I am 64 years old and have finally found a job that ROCKS!!!  I am so blessed!!!!!!(Of course I will sneak her business cards and put them inside before I give it to her.)Saturday I will be taking a class from Cristi Prince!!!  I am very excited to be able to take lessons from such a sweet/talented lady.  She has designed a wonderful pattern with "tila" beads, chained crystals and bugles.  I had some crystals that were on an evening gown from years gone by.  So this is what I came up with.  I am looking forward to doing it the correct way then I will post it for you after I take the class.  Yes, I have been busy but not too busy to think about all of you in blogland.  I have missed so many posts so I MUST go to catch up with you all,Blessings to you,Sharon[...]

Two Survivors Together!!!


This post has nothing to do with beading. A Momma wants to share the short story of her son, Shawn's, victories!  As some of you know, this year has been one year that our family will never forget.  Out of tragedies there are always the miracles.  Here is one miracle that has blessed us all.  It's not a long read today, just one of thanksgivings & blessings! 
Enjoy, Sharon


A Blessed Happy Birthday to me!


I wanted to show you a lovely bracelet that my precious daughter/best friend made for my Birthday!!  Isn't it beautiful?  I love copper and this one is made with 4mm Firepolish and size 8's with a copper closure.  I love it!  On Thursday "the girls" went tubing down the Hootch then Melissa took me to my very favorite restuarant for lunch.  I am so glad to be able to celebrate one more year of blessings and family.  Thank you, sweet Melissa for being such a wonderful friend and daughter plus a good neighbor!  I love you so very much.....       I have been working on directions for this necklace.  I can not tell you how hard it is to write out directions, detail by detail, and make it understandable.  I am "stuck" on just explaining the rope let alone the details on the swags.  This is one of three cuffs that I am working on......Fun beading with Tila beads!  This is how I relax between projects.  Playing around with different patterns keeps my hands in the pot while learning new stitches can be so relaxing to me after a difficult day of making directions for a complicated design.A Victorian necklace that I finished using Tila beads.This has been a wonderful year of ups and downs but I am so blessed to be healthy, eating too much, and life is good in Georgia.Blessings to you ALL,Sharon[...]

Holler for Hoops Revisited


This is a gorgeous peacock green with copper accent necklace I created out of an older pattern by Jonna Holston called "Holler for Hoops"   I love to use this easy pattern made with a simple peyote stitch.  I then added the double St. Petersburg chain with crystals.  On this chain I used a metalic green triangle.  I wanted to attach the chain in a pleasing manner so I stretched it out with the 4mm Swarvoski bicone.  I love the sparkle of the 2X AB that comes in soooo many beautiful colors.  I started with the "three leaf clover" in the center and continued to make the ear rings until I felt "enough is enough".    I then made a single row peyote set of earrings and folded them over to pull the crystals into the centers.  What do you think?  Here is a closer view to the attached chain and one of the "three leaf clover" but the picture does not do it justice.  Here are the ear rings.  They are much prettier than this picture but at least it gives you an idea of how I folded the petals forward.Have a GREAT week!  Life is good and today is all we are promised.Drop me a line if you like my newest...Sharon[...]

Ear Rings are hanging everywhere but have a home soon,


Earrings on the agenda!Marcia Decoster gave me the rights to use a pattern she taught while on our recent cruise so I will be teaching it at the Atlanta Bead Society 20th Birthday Party July 23rd!  I thought I would show you some of the ear rings I have come up with.Her ear rings were side drilled and I knew there would be those there that would have end drilled, front drilled and a various other combinations so I thought I would be prepared.  What do you think?  Do you think they may like the results?  I am going to make up a pattern for all three designs and include Marica's post.  I hope it goes well and the ladies will be satisfied with their projects.Here is a front drilled drop with 5mm crystals that I dearly loved.Dainty and side to side drilled.  I think I will donate most of these to the gals in Joplin, MO to give them a since of a feminane touch to brighter their spirits as our church is sending a bus with supplies. wamts and needs so I thought I would send a love package to the women's ministry to brighten their days.I really like the way these turned out with the fresh water dyed pearls and the rustic yet feminine touch.  What do you think?Okay this next picture is a teaser....I am making a necklace of this pattern.  I have worked for over a week on this and couldn't come up with a decision on the rest of the necklace and tonight I finisished it and a LOVE the pattern.  It may be a class soon???  (I HATE making patterns but I guess this may be one I will have to develop further.  It is peacock green in beautiful greens and a soft gold.  I will take pics tomorrow of the finished poject.  I have fallen in love with it so I made ear rings to match.I  folded the loop of the ear ring and added crystals.  This is NOT a good picture but they look great with the necklace.All has settled down here after my hubbies accident but he is going very slowly and taking care of his health which is a miracle in istself.  He is still wobbly on the feet and is hestitant to drive much but I would rather he take is slow till he gets his strength back.  Night time is calling and this week will be a rough one getting ready for the show in Charolette, NC and teaching...stocking...receivables...tubing...labeling..and inventory control so I won't be beading for a while.Hope you had a blessed weekend, It was good to be at church again,blessings to each one,Sharon[...]

Woman Creative


I just wanted to fill you in on "my little  Georgia world"in June.I have been extremely busy beading away and sending some of my things to a classy consignment store in Buford, GA. All of the items they have are lovely and handmade!  I am planning on adding things to the store between working, beading and taking care of my hubby...(more about that later.)Here are some of the things I have been working on....Here is a picture of my daughter with my newest piece!  By the way, she has now "gained" five pounds!!!  She seems to be on the mend and we thank you ALL for your prayers and for your well wishes.  It will be a long haul but we believe she is recovering slowly.  Plus my son, Shawn,went in for the three month cat scan and all of the cancer tests came back negative!!!  What a blessing to have such good news.Now for the "more about that later" comment.  This is my husband, Don a couple of days ago.Okay.....this is exactly why I haven't written for so long....Below are some pictures of him in the emergency department last month!!!His son was up 40 feet cutting off a dead limb, the limb swung toward the ladder and Don raised his hands and stepped in front of the ladder to protect his son.  I was on the patio watching this all unfold!  Don flew back 10 feet and landed flat on his back.  I called 911 and they came immediately.  He broke five of the bones on the right side, the eye orbital, nose, jaw, cheek bone and had a cracked skull, cracked neck bone and a huge concussion.  The doctors all said "IF it had been one inch forward or back that he would have been killed before he hit the ground".  He saved his sons life but about took his own.  Now we are just waiting for his body to heal itself which can take several months considering he celebrated his 74th birthday on June 19th.I am thankful that the angels were watching over him!      BEFORE:It seems that when one thing goes bad that it always comes in threes.  Well, WE have had our three now and hope this will be the last for a long while!!!  AFTER!  God is good to me!  The scripture that kept coming to me is:  "Be Still and Know I am God!"There has to be a reason why all of these things keep coming at us but through it all I have felt the love of family, the love of friends, the love of the church body but best of all the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.Back to beading for now,  I have missed you all.  Thank you every one for your concern and your support,Sharon[...]

Home at last.....


I am finally back among the living.  It seems like I hit the ground running and haven't been able to get my feet back on the ground again.  I had such a lovely time on the Royal Caribbean Voyager cruise, meeting so many wonderful woman and terrific beaders.  The teachers were fabulous!!!  Marcia DeCoster and Jean Campbell were delightful to meet and to share with us their wonderful talents.  (That was the only two I got to take lessons from.) There just wasn't enough time to set in on all of the teachers classes.  I met a great wire artist, Dallas Lovett that became a favorite of so many ladies, including me.  Heather put the classes at such convenient times that I actually got to sleep in a couple of mornings.  Oh, and the food was WONDERFUL!  I did not get to go ashore in Mexico or Jamaica because my feet just wouldn't allow it but I did get ashore for a short while on the Grand Caymans.  (I have an inflamation on the bottom of both feet.)What is there about a cruise ship that rocks one to sleep each night?  I have never slept so well as I did on the cruise.  (I needed the rest!)  One day I was beading on the top deck and thought it a bit windy so I went down for a quick nap.  Four and one half hours later I awoke!   I think it must be the rocking of the boat in water that I adored a much needed rest from the worries of the "real life".My son, Shawn, has been diagnosed with testicular cancer and will go back in for thorough testing in June.  Please keep him in your prayers.  My daughter, Melissa, is still quite ill with the Celiac Disease and fell just before my cruise and is in such pain in her shoulder.  She has torn the rotater in her left shoulder.  She couldn't get into a specialist until this week.  Life is as good as one makes it so I am determined to "keep on keepin' on".I miss ya' all and hope to get in the swing of things again.  I am in the middle of writing directions for a  TILA BRACELET so I must go now.  I have a class on Saturday so I am cutting it close.Blessings to all,Sharon[...]