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Time for a change!


There comes a time in everyone's life when they need to take a step back and re-evaluate what is most important and where they want to place the main focus in their lives. After MANY months of soul searching and tossing things around in my head, I have come to the very difficult decision to pull myself out of the Red Rooster in Plymouth, WI where I have sold for the past 11 years! This was not an easy decision for me considering the fact that the owner, my dear friend, Linda is battling cancer. But I had to be true to myself and my family and go with my heart, which was telling me that I needed to make some changes in my life. I had wonderful success at the Red Rooster and know that I could not have sold as well anywhere else. But I have really lost interest and all the moving and lugging was really taking a tole on me. I plan on being out by the 1st of September, and am having a 20% off sale in my room right now. So if you are in the Plymouth, WI area, go check it out!Right now my heart is being tugged at by this little guy... My gorgeous grandson, Jackson whom I babysit at least two days a week. He is the joy of my heart and I'd rather spend time with him than just about anything else!!I also want to take more time to just enjoy my surroundings. I took this photo after a storm had just past over our farm, leaving us with this gorgeous sunset! My husband has been very patient with me while I was making my decision. When we purchased our lake home, he gently suggested that I get out of the antique business. At that time I just wasn't ready...but now I am. Hopefully we'll get to spend more time relaxing!!!Here's my skipper husband with his little first mate out on the lake in our pontoon boat!! He is a very loving and patient grandpa!It's not hard to accept a difficult decision when you have a very supportive family surrounding you. All my kids have been very patient with me as well, and let me take my time and supported me along the way!More time for some summer fun!I will continue to sell at my booth in the antique mall in Fond du Lac, WI....lots less stress and demand on me. Although sales are not near as good, but I guess you can't have everything!I also have been having alot of fun with my Etsy shop! Sales have been very good and I have been having a ball with it!! Something I can do from home and it gives me a good excuse to keep junking!!And my last and final decision is to cut down on blogging, which I'm sure most of you have noticed already! It's been fun, but another one of those things that I feel is something that I could eliminate to make my life a little easier.I hope to keep checking in now and then with my fave peeps to see what y'all got goin' on!I don't think I can do this cold turkey!!!Thanks so much for all the love and support I have received in the past!! I'm looking forward to seeing which window will be opened for me now that I've closed this door!My best regards to all!Julie[...]

Where this woman creates!


This post is a long time coming considering I re-decorated the room I now call my own almost 3 months ago! Yes, I hate to admit it, but I did the big move and paint job in March, but in my own defense, I really didn't get it completely done until recently. All the finishing touches are now complete and I'm ready to share my sanctuary with the world!!This room used to be my youngest daughter's bedroom and until March, was a guest room of sorts with the computer and a bunch of other odd junk in it.It was also painted red on the bottom and white on the top with a border between the two.When trying to decide what color to paint this room, I knew I wanted something fresh and completely different from any of the other rooms in the house.Most of the other rooms are earth tones, cream, tan, or yellow. Here it is mid-mess with the border removed and ready to paint.The deep red was a little tough to cover, but the paint I bought was a good quality and did a pretty good job. I went with a pretty robin's egg blue ~ so fresh and different!I also knew I wanted to go with a french theme in here since I am totally enamored with anything Paris!I have a small collection of little eiffel towers which I hope to add to. I found the tin Paris sign at Hobby Lobby.The black canvas banner with all the french locales on it was a purchase at my friend Katherine's shop, Fibber McGees in Plymouth, WII ordered the black lamp with the french script shade from a mail order called "Country House" and I just love it!!Looks good with my "manny"!I spend alot of time on the computer, so I wanted to make sure my view was pleasant! I have alot of fun things on this particular wall.Tattered old books, sweet Mary Jane's and some vintage pricing tags that I bought on Etsy make up this vignette.This picture is a little bright, but shows some of my work table and the storage around it. The cute little white book shelf was my grandma's.I recently bought this old desk from the Red Rooster and knew it was exactly what I was looking for as my work table. It was from an old technical school from the 1940's. I love the shelf on the top...great for extra storage! This is what it usually looks like with all the jewelry junk laying around! But I thought it looked a little more "real" this way!I decided to take the closet doors off and utilize this space for storage for crafting and art supplies. I found the old metal brackets and made a shelf above the door to display some of my ivory pottery collection. It really pops against the blue!I try to keep this organized!More storage in this old chest, and a great place for the tv too! The black eiffel tower on the wall is a vinyl rub-on that I got at Hobby Lobby ( I adore H.L.!) and the framed map of France on the left is from a 1940's atlas.Well, that completes our tour! The only other wall I didn't show has a black shelf that I have office junk on and is not all that exciting. But I do have my pincushion display on it that I showed in my last post.This room was a labor of love and I am so happy that I have a place to call my own!!I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by![...]

Projects completed!!


As promised, I'm sharing the finished product of some of my latest projects. In my last post I mentioned a table top mannequin that I bought on Etsy and that I wanted to decoupage it with vintage pattern pieces. Well, here is my finished manny and I think I'm lovin' the end result! I used pattern pieces that were the same color as the mannequin so all that shows is the black lettering. I also tried to match the pieces with the "body parts" ~ kinda fun and made the result a little more interesting. You really need to use a light hand when applying the mod podge as the delicate tissue tears easily.By the way...the necklace is a new creation too!I also finished the shelf I mentioned in my last post too.I used pages from an old German book as the background, then glued pieces from an old tape measure around all the edges.Finished the top off with a piece of hardware that was in my stash from the Pardeeville Mall. I've been on a decoupaging frenzy lately! I had this old wood drawer and thought it would look great done with ads from an old Woman's World magazine.Now I'd like to share some of the other things I brought home from my recent trip to the antique mall.I found this adorable mini plant shelf and thought it would be a perfect spot to display some of my favorite pincushions.This sweet little crown pincushion with tape measure on the bottom was a recent Etsy purchase too! That Etsy can be a dangerous place for me sometimes!!I knew I would find the perfect spot for this cute 2 tiered basket in my craft room. I filled it with old balls of darning cotton and string that I use to make tags.Last but not least, this is the bulk of the rest of my finds from Pardeeville. I have been looking for some of these gutter screens and managed to find three! I plan on keeping these for a bit and will use them like little cloches! So fun! Will probably sell the shaving brushes and the Flinch cards in my Etsy shop. The little word cards will be saved for art projects. Have some plans for some more jewelry on the back burner and have been kinda anxious to get working on all that cool hardware I just found!So stay tuned and thanks so much for your visit!I have been visiting blogs lately, but am having trouble leaving comments and from what I hear I'm not the only one!So know that I do drop in now and then, but have to just look for now![...]

Scenes from a Mall!


We spent most of the day on Saturday at our cottage, mowing the grass, planting flowers, cleaning the garage, vacuuming, dusting and sweeping cobwebs. It makes me tired just thinking of it all! But on Sunday...we decided to take it easy and play!My husband is a die-hard fisherman, and wanted to fish all day. Which was fine with me, because I knew I wanted to head over to the Pardeeville Antique Mall in Pardeeville, WI!As always, my absolute favorite booth was that of Sadie N' Stella!! So many things in this booth spoke to me! Lots of ironstone, shabby, industrial, garden and sweet little packs of ephemera! Lu really has a knack for display and uses every inch to it's full advantage! Tucking vintage goodies in every nook and cranny, box, drawer, and cubbie!Lu is the owner and named her business after both her grandmothers, such a sweet idea and wonderful tribute to them! One of these times I'll take the opportunity to meet up with her and have some lunch and a nice visit! She has such a great selection of transferware too --I love this pitcher!! Great chippy paint planter basket! Like I said, every nook and cranny!This sweet little tiered basket came home with me! I now have it in my craft room with supplies and some sweet little collections!One of my other favorite booths had lots of junky guy stuff and drawers full of old hardware!I spent at least a half hour digging through this drawer full of hinges, hooks, knobs and escutcheons!! Needless to say I came away with some dirty fingers and a pile of awesome junk hardware for jewelry and craft projects!!! THIS WAS FUN!!This is my haul!Now for some time and ambition to use some of these great pieces!!There were some other really cute booths that I liked. I thought this one had a fresh summery look!This booth had lots of pretty shabbies and some great ideas for repurposing!Loved the look of these eggs nested in a bed of shredded sheet music!Simple vintage style!My next post I'll share some of the other goodies that came home with me and what my plans are with them! We had an awesome weekend! All our kids came to the cottage on Monday and we had a cookout and just hung out ~ perfect!!!Hope your weekend was perfect too!![...]

My latest projects...repurposed trays


Just wanted to take a few minutes to share some of the projects I've been working on lately.I've been having lots of fun finding and altering vintage trays. I loved how shabby this pretty tole tray was and thought it would be perfect as a memo board. The reticulated edge was perfect to add a chain for hanging!I made these magnets using an old earring and a carved ivory brooch. I will be including these old photos with it and plan on listing it on Etsy soon. This old silver tray did not have an open edge, so I had to drill small holes and add wire and chain for hanging. It must have been silverplated brass or copper so magnets would not stick, so I decided to do a collage instead. I started with a french dictionary page as the backdrop and added other vintage paper ephemera to dress it up! A folded sheet music fan embellished with an old Valentine die cut.I love this pretty die cut frame and the sweet little dove too...all old embellishments that I've been saving!I also found this old tole tray painted with lovely pinks and blues!It's now complete with magnets I made from buttons and bits and pieces of vintage bling!Recently I purchased an old table top mannequin on Etsy and I plan on decoupaging it with old pattern pieces. Hope to get around to that soon and will post pics when I get it finished.I think it has good bones and should be perfect for jewelry display!I bought this cute little shelf a couple weeks ago at a sale and have big plans for this too. I already have the inside done, but am adding more embellishments as I go. More pics to follow!My husband and I are planning to go to our lake cottage this weekend. Our 34th anniversary is Saturday and plan on lounging around and taking it easy! That is after we get all our yard work and flower planting done! I'm sure we'll go out for a nice dinner and enjoy the weekend!Wishes to all for a special holiday weekend! Be safe and thanks for stopping by![...]

Junk, birthdays and birds!


I thought I would do one big post and roll everything together that's been going on with me lately! So hang in there with me and enjoy the ride! I have been a junkin' fool the past few weekends and have come home with some fabulous finds!! This beautiful picture will go down in my junking history as one of my best deals and favorite finds!! Genuine shabby gorgeousness!!!Picked up this lovely lady too...and on the fence as to whether to keep her or not. I have several cement figures and this one fits right in, but we'll see! Also found this pretty picture too. I love the details of the frame. Can never turn down old jewelry. Isn't this floral rhinestone pin amazing? It's 4.5 inches long and only missing a couple little stones...I love it!! Bought the sweet little jewelry box too. Thought I'd do a group shot here! The thing leaning up against my van is a folding laundry bench - very nice! Lots of baskets, cute red box, watering can and a nice shelf that I want to decoupage.Don't know if you can see very well, but there's a real nice old trunk in there and an old store rack that holds a big roll of paper. Click on the image to get a better look! Fun stuff!Isn't this a cute little smoking stand? I think it would make a fun bedside or end table!Not one but two old typewriters!! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove the old keys? The one on the left would be a good candidate for that!A nice wicker tray full of goodies! I love the book bundle-that's how I bought them! I kept the sweet little ironstone creamer and plan on decoupaging the tray. Nice red and white linen too! Fun little bunch of odds and ends ~ love the glasses and bowties!Three vintage duck planters - one with a broken beak, but the other two are in great shape!Saturdays are my favorite day to hop in my van, grab our local ads and head out on my treasure hunts! I have had such good luck lately and I hope it doesn't run out on me anytime soon!!But this past Sunday, my family celebrated my mother's 80th birthday at my brother's house. It was a perfect day and we had so much fun honoring our wonderful mother! I come from a big family, I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters and we're all really close. It was a great day!! Then I just wanted to share something fun and exciting that happened at my house the other morning. While my hubs was eating breakfast, a bird came on our deck and kept trying to fly into the window. Believing that it was an oriole, I got an orange out of the frig and slowly opened the patio door and held out my hand. Well, lo and behold the hungry, curious little lady landed on my hand and started having some breakfast too! I handed the orange to my hubs, ran and got the camera and snapped this shot! Amazing huh?!?We usually get males too, but our apple trees haven't blossomed yet and they aren't around yet. Everything is behind around here. Well, I thank you for your patience and hope you enjoyed seeing all my goodies that I wanted to share! I am now busy getting everything ready to sell at my booths or on Etsy.I'm also excited to share that my friend and I are planning a day trip down to Illinois on Friday to go to the Na-Da farm sale that my friend Jeanine of Chippy Shabby is doing! Go check out her blog and get all the info!I've heard so much about this sale, and I can't wait to see all the wonderful stuff there! There will be several bloggers there selling and buying and I hope to meet some new friends!Thanks for stopping by!![...]

Where's my widget?


(image) I love the image of this little girl, and she looks to be asking the question "where's my widget?"

I'm not sure what happened, or if I did something, but my followers widget has seemed to have disappeared! My dashboard tells me how many followers I have, but they don't show up on my actual blog. Has anyone else had this problem? I don't see anyone else's followers either ~ or is it just me?

I know I have a few new followers, but I can't see who they are --very frustrating!!

If anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate any help in figuring this out!

If you are a new follower, I apologize for not stopping in to say Hi, but I can't until I get this thing fixed!!


Latest estate sale finds!


The past two weekends I found some great sales and picked up lots of fun little goodies. I often seem to be attracted to the same type of things ~ vintage spools of string and keys...and this is just a small portion of the 5 boxes of old sewing stuff! rustic and shabby finds...already sold the little ballerina ring holder!I have a real weakness for these little safety pin baskets ~ so kitschy!! Grungy old softballs...and funky industrial light bulb covers.I got a real good deal on these watches. I got to this sale in the afternoon on the second day and everything was half off! Gotta love when that happens!But my best score was this huge box of vintage patterns. It contains over 150 patterns from the 40's through the 70's. Again it was the end of the sale and they just wanted to get rid of them. Well, let me just say, they practically gave them to me!! Don't hate me! Not sure what drove me to buy these, but I thought they were so cute. The homeowner was once a cake decorator and had tons of vintage cake decor! Fun and cute! As soon as I can get organized, all these goodies will be listed in my etsy shop.I hope everyone is well and finding some fun goodies on their junking adventures!Thanks for stopping by![...]

Easter wishes!


Easter blessings to all!!!

(image) Just wanted to come out of seclusion long enough to wish everyone a wonderful Easter! I have been busy and a bit side-tracked with all kinds of distractions lately.

(image) Just life in general, between babysitting the grandmunchkin and getting things listed in my Etsy shop, I have not really taken the time to do justice to my blog.

(image) But I wanted to share some of my vintage Easter decorations with you all. These are my favorite old post cards. They are so much fun to decorate with!

(image) My one and only paper mache bunny!

(image) Love this post card ~ such cute little chicks!

(image) Love these German paper candy container eggs too!

I will be checking in occasionally to see what's been going on with everyone, but don't be surprised if you don't hear from me again for awhile!

I think I have a case of blogger burn-out, lack of interest and motivation, laziness maybe too! Call it what you will, but I think I need a break.

Take care and hope you all are well and have a very blessed Easter season!

Where has the time gone?


It's hard to believe, but my little grandson celebrated his first birthday on Saturday... and I ask myself, "where has the time gone"?!?! It seems like yesterday that my husband and I admired our new grandson in the hospital the morning he was born! We were so proud and overcome with emotion! He has brought us so much joy and enjoy him more each day! So small and sweet, learning new things everyday! Chubby and carefree! From his first Halloween pumpkin... to his first Christmas present... it has been so much fun to see him grow and LOVE him more than words can say!!!! The "torture" of his first haircut! His birthday party was so much fun! The hat my daughter found for him was so darn cute! Digging into his first piece of cake! Four generations ~ my mom, my daughter Sara with Jackson and me...I love this picture! My daughter has a very special bond with her dad, and he has proven to be a wonderful grandpa to Jackson. I think they will be sharing alot of special firsts together. He can't wait to take him fishing or give him a ride on the tractor! I think they will be real good buddies!Thanks for indulging me with this little bragfest!!! I think it's obvious how much we adore this little man! Hopefully God will give us many more grandbabes to love! [...]

Prayer Request for my friend


My mind and heart are very heavy today with thoughts and concerns for my dear friend, Linda. She is the owner of the Red Rooster in Plymouth, WI that I have been involved with for going on 11 years. She is receiving the gift of life in the form of a bone marrow transplant today ~(image) This store has been her "baby" for as many years and it is going to be a long time before she will be well enough to come around it again. She will be in the hospital for a month and then about 3 more in an isolation apartment. For fear of rejection and infections, she is not to be out in public for MANY months.
(image) This will be very hard on her and her family, since she was the one who gave this wonderful store her special touch. We will do our best to help her husband and daughter with some of the displays etc. but she has pretty big shoes to fill!!!

So I would sincerely appreciate your prayers and good thoughts for her as she goes through this grueling, difficult journey back to good health.
She has become more than just a business acquaintence over these years, I am honored to say that she is also one of my best friends!!
Thanks for taking the time out of your busy days to think of her!
I also want to thank Jeanine fron Chippy Shabby for these pictures. I hope you don't mind that I stole them Jeanine!!

Fun with keys!


One of my best sellers lately in my Etsy shop has been keys. I have sold all sorts of varieties...skeleton and the rusty, crusty kind... I loved this set and probably should have kept it, but now they have a new home! Simple, yet pretty all the same.And one of my favorite uses for them is to add a special look to my repurposed jewelry designs.I think they add such a special touch! I have really found some great collections of old keys in the past and have really been on the look out for more! Always a good seller and a fun thing to collect too!I'm sharing my vintage keys with linky parties this week atCommon Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday andAla Carte for Junkin Finds FridayThanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend everyone![...]

Estate sale finds!


The reason I haven't posted in awhile is because I haven't had anything going on in my life that was exciting enough to share! Just the usual day-to-day stuff, plus I caught a dandy cold too. But I was feeling well enough to head out to an estate sale on Sat. morning that was being run by Fran, the lady that is the manager of the antique mall I sell in. So, I knew it was gonna be a good one and that she would probably give me good deals!! And that she did! This gorgeous platter, allthough chipped in a few spots was in a box of odd dishes and was only $2- for the whole box! I will be keeping this beauty and putting it in one of my cupboards, so who cares about chips, right? This is pretty much the whole of my bounty from that sale. I also bought a beveled mirror that has quite a bit of silver loss--YUM!! I can never turn down vintage sewing stuff and more old patterns too. This bunch of patterns were from the 50's--way cool!I like to use old ric-rac to tie tags on my items I sell.I love this old bird cage! It will be finding a new home here in my office/sewing room that I will be sprucing up in the soon to be future! I hope!!I will keep you posted on that. It involves paint and a whole lot of furniture rearranging!! YIKES!Who doesn't need more ironstone?Bought one cute little lone butter pat too. You can spy it in the photo of all the stuff I bought.Grabbed this lot of old medals and crosses too. Will be saving these for jewelry projects of course!Bought a bunch of old books, but my favorites were a fun colorful children's story book and a girl scout hand book with great illustrations!Not sure if this is a doorstop or a bookend, but there was only one so I'm going with doorstop! At this time of year, it's always fun to get out to your first great sale, and this one did not disappoint! I must admit that I was having an anxiety attack when I drove up at about 7 minutes after the start of the sale and people were already walking out with stuff! And good stuff too! Oh well, I think I did pretty well, don't you?Thanks for stopping by and hope to visit you all more often too![...]

A History Lesson


For the past few days, my husband and I have been working on an application to recognize our farm as a century farm. My mother-in-law had all the deeds for the farm, and we have been pouring over them trying to make sense of it all. But I must say, it has been very interesting ~ a real history lesson! My husband's great-grandfather, Theodore, purchased the home farm in November of 1883 for $4,000. That was a pretty hefty sum in those days, I'm sure! I have been enjoying looking at all these yellowed but lovely documents. All the handwriting is so fluid and pretty ~ a lost art! Ephemera with such a meaningful connection!Notice the different spelling of Miller? We still aren't sure when it was changed, but this spelling is very German. Look at these gorgeous receipts that were in with the deeds! If they weren't so important, I'd use them in artwork! I guess I could copy them!Here is a picture of our farm taken probably in the 20's...unfortunately all these buildings are now gone! The old barn burned down in 1989 and the house was demolished in 2006 so a new cow facility could be built. The granary on the right would have been a cool building to hold sales, but I would have had to get it exterminated first!!!Here is our farm today, an aerial view taken in 2009. Quite a change, huh? The yellow house is ours.See all the little calf huts? Those are where my babies live.I think Theodore would be proud!This is my husband's grandpa, John who bought the farm from his father, Theodore in 1914. It was then sold to my father and mother in law in 1940. We bought it in 1998. Now my son in law is farming with us so the family farm continues!Quite a handsome man, I think! He died the month before my husband was born at the age of 64. Another fun photo that I found. Grandpa John is the dapper fellow in the middle! I have no idea who the other two gents are!As a lover of all things old, I really enjoyed this experience of delving into our family history. I am so glad we did this, since my mother in law is still alive at 92, she can witness the farm she helped build receive this honor!I'm linking this post to the Vintage Inspiration Friday linky party at Debra's blog, Common Ground!Thanks for joining me as I share my history lesson![...]

Thrifting finds!


To try and cure my winter blues, I finally got the chance to get out on Saturday morning and visit a couple thrift stores. I visited a local St Vinny's first with moderate success! I found this awesome wicker covered bottle and bought all the glass domes they had ~ I think they were originally from an anniversary clock. I like to display fun little stuff under them, like my mini eiffel tower! Found the cute little creamer too!...and some vintage patterns, that I may use as a fun alternative to tissue paper for my Etsy shop sales!Then I headed over to Goodwill and had much better luck there! Got a whole tray full of wonderful vintage goodies!Sweet little teapot and violet tea cup, darling ceramic baby shoe, gorgeous salt and pepper set, tiny butter pats with pink flowers, lovely lady tin, and a vintage cocktail shaker ~ martini anyone!??Oh, and the mirror tray too!! Love the graphics on the tin and isn't the little shoe adorable? Pretty candy tin with colorful flowers! I don't think this etched bottle is particularly old, but it sure is pretty!I think it would be gorgeous filled with glitter!I'm lovin' those salt and pepper shakers!Close ups!Also found a tin litho checker board that is used with marbles. Alas, the marbles were gone, but I think the board is cute all by itself! Vintage photo was already framed ~ it amazes me what people will give away! Who's relatives are they anyway!??I also picked up two nice vintage dresser mirrors and some old picture frames for projects!Sorry I haven't posted these pics till now, but have been busy babysitting for my grandson, Jackson the past couple days and tomorrow too! He has been sick with a cold and fever and can't go to daycare. So grandma gets to snuggle him all day ~ I'm lovin' that part, but not happy he's been sick!Thought I'd share my thrifty finds for Savvy Southern Style's Wow us Wednesday linky party! Time to hop on over there and see what others have to share. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comments and follows so much!![...]

The lust for rust!


It seems like everything I've listed on Etsy lately that has even the smallest amount of rust was snatched up right away!These keys sold in about 15 minutes!!I must say they were pretty cute! These chippy, crusty hinges sold pretty fast too! Notice a common theme here?Worn...scratched and beat up... grungy... crusty and rusty... and aged to a perfect patina!Every item pictured, but the scale are items I've sold recently on Etsy. The common element is that worn look us junk lovers, hunters and sellers are drawn to. The lust for rust is the tie that binds us junkers together! Am linking this post to the Vintage Inspiration Friday linky party over at Common Ground.Join in the fun at Debra's blog and see what all the others are sharing this week![...]

I've got a fever!


Spring fever that is! It has been snowing alot around here lately! Just after we had a nice thawing and got rid of most of the snow we had, in comes another storm and dumps some more on us! So my mind wanders toward thoughts of spring, and flowers, and birds and all the wonderful things that we look forward to when the weather warms up a bit! I like to play with my vintage garden stuff and put together new vignettes with it!... and check out garden websites. Can't remember where I found this one, but I've had this picture of this awesome arbor made with doors in my inspiration file for a while now. Isn't it cool?Also been thinking about our cottage...ALOT! We have it all closed up for the winter and haven't been there since the fall.But that doesn't mean I can't dream about going there!! This is our shoreline looking towards our neighbors off of our pier.I can't wait to sit under our shade trees and read a good book!Hurry up spring!!Anyone else got the fever too?[...]

Vintage Inspiration--My pincushion collection


I've mentioned several times in the past that I have a fairly large collection of pincushions, so I thought I'd share them with you for my Vintage Inspiration Friday offering this week over at Debra's blog ~ Common Ground. So here's the tour... Some are sweet and a little shabby,some old and tattered...Some of the animal variety...some of the native american souvenier variety...these beaded ones are my most valueable... but this little one in the urn is my most sentimental. Back in the early 90's when people actually wrote letters, I had a pen pal from Texas that I corresponded with for 3 years. I flew down to meet her in 1993 and this little pincushion was one of my finds when she and I went junking! So it bears alot of meaning and memories for me of my sweet southern friend and the fun we had those 4 days we were together! I love the tattered and beat up look of these two!! Aquired these pink sweeties recently! Another one of my favorites with the kitty chasing the little mouse out his "hole"!!I don't recall what got me started with this collection, but it is my oldest and largest and one that I still add to whenever I can!So, if you're looking to be inspired, head on over to Common Ground and soak it all in!![...]

The new girl in town!


I mentioned in my last post that I have been cleaning, re-arranging and purging around here lately. Well the main reason behind all the sprucing up in my sewing/craft room at least, was to make room for my latest purchase... this vintage beauty!! She's made of gorgeous, amber-colored velvet and is worn to perfection!! I bought her from another dealer in the antique mall I'm in. And I think I love her!!!!!!Perfect for displaying my junk jewelryand for photo shoots for my etsy listings. These necklaces are my latest creations and I will be listing some of them soon, and maybe taking one or two to the mall or The Red Rooster.I also added another pincushion to my collection. I bought this beauty from another dealer too! I love these "half doll" types...and am always looking for more!I also wanted to share my latest etsy purchase too! This yummy, gorgeous seam binding was hand-dyed, aged and is now sheer perfection! I can't wait to start creating with it!I bought it from French market's shop just in case you want some of your own! And of course, I love their Paris tags too! Yummy!!!I want to give my new dress form a name, so if anyone has a good suggestion, let me know!I'm planning on giving her a good home for a long, long time!!I decided last minute to join in a new linky party for the first time over at Savvy Southern Style for Wow us Wednesdays! Kim has quite a list of blogs that are ready to WOW you, so head on over and check it out!!![...]

Vintage Inspiration: Antique books with a family name!


I thought I'd come out of hibernation long enough to join Debra @ Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday! I have a small but hopefully growing collection of antique books that are authored by John Theodore Mueller, a german writer who shares the name of my husband's late grandfather! Sometime in the 30's or 40's my hubs grandpa changed the spelling of Mueller to Miller. So the first time I spotted one these old books I was quite excited and hence the start of a new collection!Some versions are in English and often the covers are very romantic and feminine!This version is in German...and has beautiful illustrations...and lovely script.I've been cleaning, re-arranging and just plain purging around here lately! It's also been extremely cold, perfect weather to stay inside, tweek the nest and enjoy all the wonderful vintage inspiration around me ~ both in my own home and in all the lovely blogs I enjoy visiting whenever I get the chance!So head on over to Debra's blog and soak in all that great inspiration!![...]



(image) During the ugliest storm of the year, I managed to catch a just-as-ugly case of the flu! I felt so bad leaving my farm chores to my husband and son-in-law, which meant tending to my calves for me, all of which are outside!! This can be a daunting task during a storm, since the little huts they live in are VERY exposed to the elements and blowing snow needs to be shoveled so they can move around and get outside. Folks who don't live on a farm usually don't understand why we keep our calves outside, but they do so much better than in a closed-in barn because of the ventilation and bacteria-inhibiting environment. They do much better than their feeder, I'm afraid!! But, looking back, I think God did me a favor, since being sick and in bed was much easier than all that shoveling!
(image) Well, after a couple days, I am glad to say that I am feeling much better. Still a little stiff and achey, but able to go about my normal activities. I also managed to get a few more things in my Etsy shop and work on more jewelry. I received my keyholes in the mail and have been playing with them. I have the necklace pictured above listed now, and will be adding items as I get them done.

(image) I decided to part with some of my favorite buttons and have added a few to my shop. I even sold one set already!
It's a little slow going, but have made several sales and am very pleased and excited!!

I'm glad to be back and hope that everyone else who was affected by storms this week is doing alright and have been shoveled out! Thanks for stopping by!!

Another awesome birthday gift!


I finally connected with a friend of mine that I hadn't seen for a couple weeks and she gave me an awesome belated birthday gift!! This amazing, huge cookie jar from an old bakery that went out of business...(image) filled with these just as awesome homemade sugar cookies!! I LOVE IT!!!
(image) It looks great on my new island!

(image) They are delicious!
I keep catching my hubby with his hand in the cookie jar!!!

So thoughtful and unique!

(image) She knows I used to collect cookie jars, most of which I have parted with, but this one is different and now so special to me as it came from my dear friend!

Now, the challenge is to keep it filled with something just as yummy!

Gotta love those birthday presents!!!

Etsy purchases and a discovery!


I must admit I am totally addicted to Etsy ~ both selling and buying!! I'm afraid any profits I make selling will be quickly reinvested in new Etsy finds! I recently purchased the keyholes in the picture above and I can't wait to receive them and start creating more jewelry!! I found these amazing little goodies at Vintage Supply Co. Her etsy shop is full of all types of fun what-nots for altered and mixed media projects! I hope to soon be receiving this lovely little number too!! Another etsy purchase from a wonderful shop called Kimiko611. Her charms are so unique and look to be of amazing quality! I love it and wish it would get here already!! My ultimate dream sometime in this lifetime is to visit Paris and I love anything with the eiffel tower image!My new discovery that I want to tell you about is another wonderful etsy shop called the French Circus. I was searching for some assemblage jewelry and Robyn's site came up and I was totally blown away!! Her creations are amazing and so unique. I asked her permission to share some of her jewelry pictures, and she obliged me! You can find her shop HERE. Gorgeous!!! Beautiful!! Robyn also has a new blog and I told her I'd help her find some new friends and give her a much-deserved mention on my blog. You can find her lovely blog HERE. I love this fun verison of her coin purse necklace. She uses such beautiful elements to create her pieces!This is my coin purse necklace that I have currently listed in my Etsy shop. Take a minute to go check out these wonderful and inspiring shops and blogs. I promise you'll be addicted too!!Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great weekend![...]

And the winner is.....


(image) Before I announce the big winner of my Birthday/blogiversary giveaway, I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments, new and old follows and all the support and inspiration I get from you all everyday!! You truly do mean so much to me ~ each and everyone of you. I'm sorry if I don't always take the time to reply to comments or get around to visit, but I do try to eventually!
(image) So without further ado.........
The winner is ~ Tammy from Art & Inspirations!!!
Congratulations Tammy! Email me your address and I will get your box of goodies out to you as soon as possible! Thanks for your participation and becoming a new follower!!

Last Chance for my Giveaway!


(image) Just a quick reminder that today is your last chance to enter my giveaway!! I will be double checking the list tonight and picking my winner at 8 pm (central time) I will announce the winner shortly after that! So this is what I was doing yesterday...

(image) My husband and I got together at my sister's house with all my brothers and sisters and their spouses and had a big ol' Packer party!!
And unless you live under a rock ~ our team is goin' to the SUPER BOWL!!! We almost took the roof of my sister's house when they won!! Oh, that Aaron Rogers is such a hottie!!

(image) So today and tomorrow, I will be listing some more things on Etsy (like this beautiful Victorian greeting card that I scanned) and playing catch up around the house. Speaking of that scanning thing, I really need to get some good advice on scanning things and posting them to my blog, cuz they always turn out kinda funny when I try it! Any takers on giving me some help on this?

So, hurry up and get your name entered for my giveaway and I'll be picking your name later tonight!! Have a great day everyone!!