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Auntie sezzzzzz...

Updated: 2014-10-03T02:26:53.097-04:00




Source  Can't access my 'Followbliss2000 at yahoo dot com' email box.  So it may have been *compromised* as they say. If you get any weird emails, from that email addy, please know they are not being sent by me. Ugh!  Ugh!  Ugh!  Ugh!  Ugh! Please and thank you. Source

Yes, Autumn again walks the land...


  Yes, Autumn again walks the land.  Lovely Season.  Lovely.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! But...  I know...  My blog-look does not mirror it.  Oh well, I just wanted a change to...  This pretty, pretty, pretty...   :-) :-) :-) There!  This is more Auntumn-y! Look around you! Find the Magic!  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! And please don't

...Continuing to enjoy...


Just posting, that "Auntie" is continuing to enjoy her blogging holiday, from "Auntie sezzzzzz..." blog.  I don't want anyone to worry, about me. I'm still making use of my book review blog ("Auntie's Reads 2013" ), though. Hope the Summer, is being a lovely one, for you!

Bye for now...


. . Bye for now... . .



Nasturtiums, planted at edge of garden, to ward off some *bug-critters.*  They are finally blooming!    Our own Tiki Torches!  Another of my "marked-down-after-season" buys.  -grinnnn-  At least, I thought they were marked down.  Perhaps they never cost more.  :-)))) My next-door son/daughter-in-law have a lovely grouping of Daisies and ......  Oh, the name of the red ones,



(Source) Another hot/humid week...  Mon. high forecast is 91 degrees.  Followed by 95, 93, 90, and 91 degrees, the rest of the week. There was "Jazz In The Park," on Sun. evening.  Free concerts, in the lovely Park.  But we didn't feel like going down...  When it's been a very hot/humid day...  -sigh- One of those books, which I didn't read fully.  It's a skim, and get what I want

Bringing back an Annual Floral Parade... :-)


Old photo...  Isn't that the sweetest thing???  An old picture, from an earlier "Floral Parade."  For our 150th Ann. of Racing (this Season), we are resurrecting the "Floral Parade."  :-)  The First was held in 1894, and continued for years, until it got tooooo big, according to reports.  :-)  According to an official program, the Third Annual Floral Parade, consisted of "magnificently

Re: Yesterday's questions........


THANK YOU to all, who replied to my question(s)!!! And if my blog looks too wide, on your screen...  Thanks to some of my Dear Readers, I may have solutions for this. Sandra commented: "last week ..........., told me my blog was to big for her screen and she had to scroll to look at it. i told her to check her zoom tool. she had accidentally zoomed her screen. your blog is fine on my

Looking back~~~And wishing~~~


(Pic from my blog, in July, 2009~~~See  how beautiful our Hydrangeas were, way-back-when...) Guess I'd better ask....  Does my blog, show up too wide, on your screen?  If so, when did it begin doing this?  Please... I was just told that mine, is too wide, on one Dear Reader's screen.  Any others???? A while ago, one of my Dear Reader's blogs, began to be too wide, on my computer.  I

Another misty, moisty morning...


Wed. dawns another gray morning, but I do have the windows open, and can hear bird song.  :-) ~~~ The man from the Security Co. came on Mon.  Lots of parts were basically worn out.  And he replaced them.  We've had this Security System for more than 12 years.  So guess one should call for checks on things, perhaps after 10 years...  This "stuff-worn-out" thing, happened with the cable too. 

Lace~~~Breeze~~~Wreath~~~"Tour" fun~~~A "Rita"


Look!  That lace curtain is blowing in the breeze!!!  Open window...  No breeze, at present...  But...  Window is open!  :-) Again! Another of blowing curtain... And patio door open! What's so unusual is...  We've been keeping the house closed up, with A/C on, because of the heat/humidity.  And as I have said, I get tired of the house being closed up.  So on Mon., I took the



Gabe and Daddy...  "Making" faces, sitting together, at edge of the pool...  -chuckle-  Just noticed that the above picture, should have been rotated.  :-)  Oh well... Gabe (3 years) seems to have discovered a "new" mood, and how to "display" it.   SAD... "Pop" ran out of cookies, in his work-shop stash of Cookies.  Now this isn't earth-shaking.  But seems as if Gabe latched onto this

INNNNNNNTERESTING night, I say... :-(


On the 4th of July, there were lots of other desserts, for rest of the family.  But I made these, for my daughter-in-law and myself...  We who are staying Gluten/Free.  And mostly lactose free and sugar free.   Yes, that is fruit and real whipped cream, layered.  And if we *pay* some, for ingesting lactose, so be it.  :-)  But we had our own yummmmmy loooooking parfait!!!!  -grin-

This time, I think it's over...


PLEASE.. CLICK on the PURPLE click-able links, below. To know what his post is about. PLEASE!!!!! ~~~~~ See that simple gold ring, on her (Kristen Stewart) right middle finger?  That's what she's been wearing for a long, long time.  And it denoted that she and Rob Pattinson were "a couple."  She wore it, even after the "cheating scandal" of last summer. Pics taken in Paris, July 2

Happy 4th of July...!!!


Wishing you a Happy and Safe 4th of July...!!! (Source) No Comments... Just go have fun...!

The forest, is a swamp...!!! :-(


I know this is nothing, compared to the flooding, in many places.   But the college land, across from us, overflowed last evening.  See it flowing???? What aggravates us is...  That the college has promised the home owners, who live near this lovely, old, wooded area...  That it would remain untouched.  But it has not.   It is becoming more and more of a swamp, because of college

So far, so good... :-)


Well, it seems as if most of us, are still OK...  With our ways, of seeing new posts, on the blogs we love. My new lace kitchen curtains.  I've had them quite a while, and finally got them up.  I am soooo slowwww... The little Moss Roses, beside the patio door, continue to thrive and  blossom. New boyfriend was over... Not a good pic, but he is cute. "A" and "E".

July 1st.... All we all, still here...?????????


First of all, I have my Dear Readers, on "Bloglovin."  But hope that my private "My Little Posse" blog, will still work, for me.     (Source) We will know, at the stroke of midnight!  -gigggles-  Geee, that should sound like fun.  But it doesn't, in this instance.  -pout- In looking for an illustration, for "The Stroke Of Midnight," I came across some delightful blogs.  Mostly

Let Freedom Ring...!!!


Please click on the following....  Let Freedom Ring For more information ...  Please click on the following... Start Ringing Those Freedom Bells Again... And "Why at 2pm", is told when you click here.  I admit, I never knew this...

"Look Changes"~~~City~~~Repairs~~~Etc.


(Urns, in the Park...) As you can see, I did "Blog Look Work"!  :-)  I didn't intend to do all this.  But I messed up, some how...  And had to "fix" many things... (Interesting tree roots, in the Park...) So I figured, as long as I got started, I might as well continue. (Ballet Slipper, in front of Drink Hall) This summer, our city has quite a few of these Ballet Slipper

Imaginative decorating........


 (Source) Oh my gracious!  I want to jump into that illustration, above.  -happy sigh-  And follow those Faeries to the 'Pixie Dust Tree'.  Oh I do.  I do.  I do. (Source) I love all such....  Fey, Pixie dust, Faerie dust, sparkles, fireflies, lace curtains, lace table cloths, sheer white curtains, blowing in a breeze, magical, imaginative, more sparkles, garden paths, deep woods (without

Musing~~~Pixie Dust~~~Book review~~~Etc.~~~Etc.


Peonies...  Peonies...  Peonies...  :-) I understand the logic of...  Less Blog Traffic, in Summer.  But....  I tell ya', it's not that simple.  :-)  On Tuesday, from posting time to now...  I got:  57 Visits 9 Comments See?  That doesn't work out, to "say," that less people are looking at my blog.  I think 57 individual Visits, is a healthy number of people-looking.  (Individual Visits

Where could we...? Where? Where? Where?


I am not saying this, in a complaining way...  Just, that it is interesting...  With the approach of warmer weather, Blogging Visits go down.  :-)  Using "Site Meter," my recent Visits were: March, '13 --------  2,013 April, '13 ----------  1,846 May, '13 ------------- 1,620 So far in June, '13 -- 1,253 Interesting dropping trend.  Do you find this happening, with your Blog Statistics, too?

Pretty weekend... But hot, hot, hot this week beginning...


He wanted the taste, of grilling over REAL old charcoal...  So he got this itty-tibby-charcoal-BBQ.  Isn't it the cutest thing?!?  :-) ~~~ Daughter and Gabe, squinting in the Sat. afternoon sun.  She is nearly 54, btw.  ~~~ Took this picture, through the blinds, window and screen.  :-) ~~~ Another pic of "BK," for Sandra...  Who loves pics of critters.  :-) See how she ("BK") is

I hope this prompts you to..... :-)


The latest "Victoria" magazine... I hope, that by showing you... ...some of the things in this magazine... will prompt you... go buy a copy... ...for yourself.  :-) I'm sure you won't be disappointed. There is something-for-everyone, in it. Some things, which are so beautiful, that they are just-dream-about-things. And some things, which