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paper snow angels for Christmas...


oh my! it has been such a long while since my last post!!~ and there really is a logical explanation...really there is :)you see, my darling daughter is in her final year in high school!there are soooo many little details that need my attention to help prepare her into her next big adventure in life.please forgive my absence.I promise to return on a regular basis soon...I miss you all so very much!I miss postingand reading all of the fabulous inspiration you have posted too.I just couldn't let this most wonderful time of the year go bywithout wishing all of my dear readers a very merry Christmas and a happiest New Year!!I've posted some photos of my holiday decor this year ~my theme has been snow angelsso without further adieuhere is a little tour in the land of odds...a crystal snowflake and jingle bell Christmas greens front door adornmentwith a lovely blue satin ribbon my front entrance hangsa pair of wings I spun from white tulleI wanted an ethereal feel...andit wouldn't be Christmas to me without paperwhite flower blooms!a bowl full of glittering "snowballs"and holiday greens at the base of my entrance dinning room tableholds our advent wreath and candles ...I adore how these angel wings looktied to my advent candles...frosted snowflakes can be found sprinkled throughout our home this year......all is calm ~ all is santos, wearing her raw crystal crown and feather wings...our mantle complete with a garland of snowflakes and paper snow angels...paperwhite blooms and lovely shimmers abound...this is my flocked alpine snowing tree!you can't see it,but at the back of the trunka tube runs up to the topand showers snow down upon the tree!!it is completely magical I tell you!!I placed a hoop above the tree on the ceilingand hung my paper snow angels all the way around.when the heater turns on,they twirl arounddancing by twinkling fairy lights!!I wish you could see how lovely they are with your very own eyes :)a night time glimpse of the dancing garland of snow angels...there is even a snow angel upon our bed!she whispers sweet winter wishes as we dream...her wings are two pillows!!I made them from tulle too...upon her head sits an ethereal veiled crystal crown...and with hershe carries a crystal snowflake...I hope that all of your holiday preparations and pretties have enriched your homes and the lives of those you hold near and dearas mine haveand that in these coming days,your homes are also filled with much love and joyand your hearts are blessed beyond your wishes...Merriest Hearts, dear ones!~ and a Happiest New Year!xo,[...]

a pretty pearl paper pajaki...


hello again dear hearts! my ~ but it has been a few days since my last posting!!I hope your summer has been filled with many beautiful daysjust full of happy activities as mine has been :)last week, in a few spare momentsI created a pajaki...Have you ever heard of them?!Polish paper chandeliers??well, I hadn't until I spied a most lovely oneover at Fete et Fleur's blogI simply feel head over heels in love with the conceptand was inspired to make one too!There are many "diy" tutorials on thesetraditionally, they were made from straws and pieces of colored scrap paperbut I wished to make mine using pearl white paperI don't believe that there is any one way to string themsimply gather up a few pretty paper things and have fun!I used pearl tissue paper and made flower poms and paper punched circles outof a pearl tissue sheet treated with wax paperso when I sewed them together they would resemble illuminated capiz shells!I looked for plain pearl strawsand would have even settled for plain white ones that I would have pearled myselfLOL!!but,I used these silver and white paper straws instead, incorporating tiny paper rose flowers between each straw sectionfor even more whimsy!these pretty paper chandeliers could be used for parties ~How lovely would a few strung over a food table be with a few twinkle lights?!!or a baby mobile in a nursery?!?I added a paper swan silhouette cutoutbut you could use any shape you adore!there are so many inspiring things in blog land!and don't even get me started on pinterest!!but how awesome is the ripple effect??When we share the pretties we make for our homesthat bring a smile or a happy thought to our hearts that will perhaps in turn, inspire someone else's heart too!! I wish you all many lovely momentsliving authentic, joyful days!sharing this post with:french country cottage's: feathered nest fridayshabby art boutique's: shabbilicious fridayhere's to pretty paper pajaki's![...]

...a place to listen to the whispers of your heart...


in this hurry up world,perhaps there are a few of you like desire a little place of our own to regrouprecompose....most mornings,you would find me in such a space.until the beginning of this year,this space never existed...I desired somewhere quietwhere i could meditate and practice yoga.I pondered a bit and decided what better area, than in the place I create?!so a wall was cleared and I began designinga place for stillness...I wanted a mural of something that I was inspired by,so naturally I chose ~ the sea I began there. with that muraland found a place that will turn your photos into a~  shower curtain ~I loved the concept of sitting there,the window opena slight breeze flowingand the fabric moving ever so slightly like the rippling of a wave...I used those brilliant little removable wall hooksto attach it to the wall,as we are in a rental and that's a lot of holes to fill : )next came the rug.I am still seeking a soft, silk/wool rug that delights my heartbut for now,this grey one will do.every meditation room will be differentthe important key is simply using what you loveand choosing things that evoke a calm beauty for your my space,you will find these white silk and sequin pillowsas I am a tactile person and yearn for lovely things to the touchas well as to my eye,and  intoxicating soy candles...for flames that dance as they flicker...a lotus flower fountain for a subdued, tranquil sound of flowing watera lovely white orchid,as a reminder to stand tall and elegantno matter the conditions surrounding which I have placed within a beloved giant shell,filled with white sandwith a few treasures tucked in that have a special meaning to me...I also added a curly willow branch from a tree we planted on my mother's property when my son was 5 years old.he is now 21, and that tree is tall and mighty indeed!just like my son :)again,filling my space with elements that have a special pull on my heart and on my soul...I adore a little sparkleANYWHERE!so I strung crystals upon my overhead branchalong with a few white sparkly starfish and white silk lotus flowers...and there you have it!a place where I can listen to the whispers of my heart...perhaps you will be inspired to design a little quiet space for yourself in your home too!using your pretties and secret treasuresto simply ~ just be ~sharing today's post with:petite michelle louise's: grey dey thursdeyfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridayshabby art boutique's: shabbilicious fridayhere's to those quiet spaces of stillness![...]

a random post of pretty floral blooms and organizing...


...hello again!    spring hasFINALLYsprung here! and everything is blooming:)    including the furniturelol!! nah, not reallybut I did create this floral blanket for my mom's pretty cottage!    each bloom was meticulously hand cut out and sewn to a throw blanket and two heart shaped pillows...    I adore how it turned outand LOVE how it looks in her bella pink room!    I also made her a paper rose sculpturebut this time ~I added lights!    she hung this in her bedroom,and in the evenings, she can turn it on with a light remote! so just before she dozes off to dream land she can simply "click" them off!or not!    they are sooooo romantic, wouldn't you agree?!?    ~ sigh ~    now I think I shall have to make another sculpture that lights up...     for me!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  switching gears here, a little random I realize... but I wanted to share this solution for organizing jewelry I have l - o - n - g been trying to figure out a way to display my jewelry I have never liked my pretties in a boxas I like to see them ~in the daylight! this is the solution that I came up with...    a jewelry station of sorts :)    I used a shadow box for my earrings...perfect for displaying and keeping them in one location ~ paired together.yah!!no more lost earrings!    for my necklaces.I wanted them all to hang nicelyas in,NO tangled balls of mess!!so I found these 2" binder ringsthat can easily be snapped open and closed...   and suspended them on a café rod!now I can easily see what lovely adornment I wish to wear!    and for my bracelets, I used a pretty covered cork board.    I tucked all of this behind my master bathroom dooron the if you have a little spaceand wish to display your pretty adornmentsI hope this inspires you!   sharing this post with:french country cottage's: feathered nest fridayshabby art boutique's: shabbilicious fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell friday's to spring! [...]

...a weeping jasmine tree and my Passover table


...hello my dears!my, but it has been a few weeks since my last post!!i have been deep in meditationand practicing yoga it has been an amazing first few monthsand i find myself asking ~why haven't i been practicing this physical art form all along?!amazing! but more on that in a later post! as for today ~i like to share with you, my weeping jasmine treeand Easter/Passover table :)i have been seeking elements for my mediation roomcalm,elegant,white itemsi simply adore jasmineand wished for a silk jasmine tree for that space but as you may have already guessedah, yah no!NONE to be found!!so,as you may also have surmisedthat never stops me!lol!!what i can't lay my hands on,i simply the above photo, you can see i already had the structure for my weeping jasminein that weeping cherry was as simple as swapping out the cherry blossomswith these pretty jasmine flower ones, replacing hundreds of buds...slowly, my weeping jasmine began to bloom!!whew! almost there!!andVOILA!!my finished weeping jasmine tree!i placed it in a lovely potadded a sheet of moss,andof course,scented it with jasmine essential oil... i ~ LOVE ~ how it turned out!!don't you?!?here is my (almost set) Easter/Passover table...i say almost set,as i have yet to place the silverware on :)i removed the chair covers for a different lookand redesigned my window dressing.they are made from a satin wedding dress!!i wanted an elegant tablescapeso i chose to use lilies, crystal and white plates... i enjoy the preceding days before Holy Sunday,taking my time to iron my tablecloth and linen napkins,lovingly placing each settinganticipation a day of blessed fellowship with my dear loved ones...on top on the platesi placed a little of iridescent shredsand added a white chocolate cross and lamband an iridescent cellophane bag of jordan almonds...  i made a tray of them for kitchen has smelled like willy wonka's chocolate factory all week!!when the sun is shining,this room glows...a few of you may remember my topiary lambie from~ this post ~and~ this post ~this year, i adorned her head with a crown of lily of the valley floretsand placed a crystal cross beside her...simple eleganceoh and look! there is the weeping jasmine tree :)and a plate of lemon lamb cookies with little bells and crosses tied around their necks!these have been a tradition in our family from when i was a little girl...would you like one?!? wishing all of you a most blessed timewith your loved ones this Holy Sunday!!~sharing this post with:common ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridayshabby art boutique's: shabbilicious fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell Fridayox, For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.John 3:16New International Version (NIV)[...] little things...


...hello my sweet friends!today is all about creating love-ly delights from the heartmind you, there are just soooo many prettiesa girl can make,sometimes it is hard to narrow it down!so be for-warned, this is a long post because these all spoke to my heart :)first up,is this easy diy flutter heart garlandfor this garland you will need a large heart shaped paper punch,pretty tissue paper, coordinating ribbon and your sewing machine ~start by punching out your paper heartsi found that 4 layers at a time worked perfectly     next, simply start sewing a pair of them togethertwo by two(that's the "fluttery" part!)two hearts beating as one :)i like my hearts to go in the same direction...      keep sewing your hearts until you are pleased with the lengthi made mine about two yards long...         when you are finished,attach a length of ribbon on each end for tiesand your flutter heart garland is complete!!now, wasn't that easy, peasy?!make a few for your friends ~wrap them around a sheet of card stock and slip it into a cello bag,add a pretty tag to the front and you are now ready to share the love :)       speaking of pretty packages,think outside of the box, so to speak!instead wrapping with paper, tuck your gift into a pretty floral box ~(like the kind you can find at Tuesday Mornings)and whip up a lace sleeve by sewing the bottom and two sides of some pretty lace,then slide your pretty box in,tie on a wide ribbonand embellish away!!for wouldn't YOU love a package that makes your heart sigh?!?back in college,i would always seek jobs that taught me something i wanted to learni figured, hey, why not try thisand get paid for it too!!one of those jobs was in a floral shop...i hardly ever brought home a paycheck ~ lol!!sooooo many pretty things to be done with flowersin one of my earlier tutorials,i showed you how to make this ~ heart shaped floral arrangement ~below are a few variations of that tutorial, using the same technique... this one is in a round vase,i simply stuck the roses in a heart shape and then surrounded them with cream roses...    wouldn't that be a most love-ly bridal bouquet concept?!?i added a satin ribbon around the vase for two reasons,one ~ because it looks pretty!and two, because it hides the green floral foam (hint: use a few pieces of carpet tape to secure your ribbon to the glass vase!)  for this next centerpiece, i made it the same way as in my original tutorialonly this time, i added the leaves to the outer edge,   and secured a wide satin ribbon around the base.a pretty touch to my front entrance table  see the flutter heart garland too??     and at the top of my mirror,i simply added two strands of my ~ pink heart fairy lights ~they look so pretty when lit up on these cold winter nights!  are you ready for more?oram i smothering you with too much love?! you can't stop now!read on to learn how to makethis heart shaped wreathtrust me! it will look most fabulous on YOUR front door!!  for this tutorial, you will need to gather a few things* flowers of your choice - 18 bouquet stems * heart shaped wreath form* any embellishments you desire to add* tulle ribbon* glue gun/sticks  your flowers need to have at least 4 roses per stem for this wreath sizeif they have more flower on each stem,you will need less stemsand vise verse for less roses.  hhhmmm...where oh where have i seen this before?!  i looked all over for a ready made blank wreath formin the heart shapebut couldn't find onesooooi had to improvise!this form actually had red heart tinsel garlandwrapped around itwhich after i purchased iti took off!i found this at "Five Below" and later saw them at "Big Lots[...]

...a grey day in my studio...


here in the northeast,these winter days have been very greyandCOLDas of late!on these types of days,you will most likely find mewrapped around a cup of lavender earl grey teawith a soy candle lit on my studio table as i workwhile Adam Hurst's soulful cello sonnets woo me in the background!!so much so,i feel like this lilac tinged fairy!would you care to join me?unless you live somewhere warm ~then i kindly ask instead,might i join you?!?lol!if one were to glance around my studioon this grey day,here is a glimpse of what they may see...upon this mirror i have written one of my favorite quotesby Martha Grahamusing a silver sharpieto remind me to be myselfand that there is only one of each of us in all of time...a most apropos thought when glancing at ones reflection in a mirror, no?  a ruffled tissue paper garland rests on topand dangles down the sides,softly rustling when i brush by...   treasures from the sea are always present in my surroundings,for when i close my eyes and graze them every so slightly with my fingertips the sea washes over me...ever calling and inspiring me...this is my studio bookcaseit contains a lot of my creations,meaningful gifts of the heart from friends ~and other whimsical you could imagine,inspiration is always present :)i adore the lines of this little silver clockthat i found at a secondhand shop long ago.i simply added an image in place of the faceand voila!instant customization!although, while i am working in my studio,time always seems to stand still!i am drawn to beautiful artisan spun yarns...they can be found scattered everywhere in my studioto feel them is like caressing the softest little lamblots o' pretties.........even humble chicken wirecan look lovely over a shallow silver bowl...hand dyed satin ballet slippersto remind me to always seek beauty and to be graceful in my steps...more lovely treasures from friendsand cashmere apothecary jar full of snippets of my hand dyed sea silk ribbonsthat are often incorporated into my creations,are always close at is often those little details that can turn the ordinary into extraordinarywouldn't you agree?!i often seek mirrored, reflective items to help refract precious light within my homeas dancing light is magical!my artisan brass, hair butterfly adornment...a most lovely piece that makes my heart flutter ~and sparkles so lovely in the summer sun!at the end of the day,this is but a glimpse inside my studioand the whimsical contents thereini do hope you have enjoyed sharing this grey day with me ~would you like another cup of tea?! ~join me next time for an easy peasy tutorialand a few valentine delights!sharing this post with:petite michelle louise's: grey dey thursdeycommon ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell Fridayhere's to lavender earl grey tea![...]

little pieces of my soul...


...every Januaryi find myself clearing away things in my home and studioi suppose one could saythat i am re-calibrating...~ a new beginning ~so to speak,and a constructive approachduring these cold, long winter monthswhile waiting for spring to arrive :)it is a ritualthat i have grown to look forward toafter all the hustle and bustle of holiday delightsthis year,i feel an urge to not only clear away the clutter in my studio ~but to alsoclear away the clutter in my heart for after awhile,toxic buildup can weigh heavy on you!!perhaps a few of you feel this way too?!i believe it is important to listen to the cuesthat your heart, mind and soul give i have begun a quest, upping challenges beyond my "comfort zone"to strengthen my bodyby participating in yoga ballet.(a strong core = sound heart)to nurture my heartby taking the timeand immersing my mind intosuch books as "The Artist's Way" "inner EXCAVATION"and"Positive Energy" (sound heart = creative energy)and allowing my creative core the freedom to dance outside the lines that i've drawn for myself(creative energy = soul print expressions)and i must sayi am excited with the conscious effortto dwell in the possibilities!!  as of late, i have been noticing a slide in my blog postings.when i began this blog,i made a promise to myself that "blogging"would always be from my best, authentic selfand not be tainted by frustration,negativity, comparisons or unwanted outside voices/influencesbut to instead, always be a place of inspiration and beauty.the nurturing feedback and friendships formed within this blogging communityhave blessed me beyond what i could have possibly imagined.i enjoy sharing with all of my dear readersthe things from my heart and soul...of course there have been moments of despairand heart bruises!enlightenment to a better you is not supposed to be easy ~buti take comfort in this constant truththat it IS a unique journey that only you can writeand we can all choose to be a positive heart!today,i am sharing what my creative soul print has been up to!"flutter"a silk nuno felted poetry piece...complex and interwoven,spun from the finest silks and fibers ~with ethereal touches of gossamer beauty.ours, are hearts of wonderand crave other worldly delightsas we flit and flutterto and fro ~in search of those intangible moments that simply take our breath away...this nuno felted fiber poetry piece comprises of layer upon delicate layer of details: infused bits of lace, threads of iridescent fibers and fine silk, that radiate from within and can be seen clearly when held up in the light  handwoven over with mohair yarn, gossamer linen threadsand embellished with a diaphanous silk fairy and tiny glass pearl beads.this is the first creative soul print of the is also my desire in this post,to send out love and encourage you dear hearts out therethat also have a deeper creative yearning, to keep stretching your wingsand to keep honing that which makes you happy insidefor you will never know the opportunities that await,until you try!!believe in YOUand just DO IT!here's to a new year full of possibilities![...]

...a merry little christmas...


...have yourselfa merry little christmas ~may your hearts be light...hello dear hearts!i hope this post finds you delighting in the details of this holidays.i was brought up with the notion that each holiday season is uniquein thatwe are each given a new year to bring forth what is in our hearts.this year,i have been adorning my home in ethereal delightsin this post,i will share the end results.a handful of of pretties ~can be made into a lovely wreathto welcome all who enterinto a wonderland of magic!my front entrance tablehas suspended ostrich feathers floating aboveand dance merrily when the heater is on!beneath it, gorgeous silver candlesticksand treasures from christmas's santos musedressed in angel attirecomplete with a silver halo and lit mohair you enter into the family room ~the scent of paper white flowers fill the you gaze around this subtle, twinkling room...i have been working on a solution for a cover for the flat-screen tv above the mantelit is an ongoing debate:)living in rental homesallows the opportunity to experiment with design say,red bricks and a garish brass fireplace which i said:hello white chalkand plasti-paint!!!lol!!on each side of my mantel there standsa single paper white bulb,a silver candlestick, a swan and a crystal candlestickto which i've added a rhinestone applique and the word "peace" to...a simple strand of pearl lights and a feather garlandhelps to create a light and airy ethereal winged sparkle tulle of my favorite candles...i simply adore beautiful candles!!don't you?!a simple votive candle is adorned with grey wire rosestwisted into a cover and glitz-ed up with rhinestone cement swan filled with sparkling white roses..this year, i wanted my tree to be like a fairytalei chose "The Wild Swans" by Hans Christian Anderson theme.and a wedding dress train(a thrift store find) became a most exquisite tree skirt...there are 11 swans upon my tree...and feathers dusted with a subtle shimmering sparkle,strands of silver tinsel and spun glass angel hairthat move ever so slightly as you walk by.milkweed pod fluff for a delightful illusion of feather fluffand white velvet roses tip the ends of the branches...but what delights my soul ~rests at the top of the tree!a christmas gift from hubby o' mine,a pose-able wool felted swani fell in love with her the moment i saw her!and whispered my name upon her...and there she sits upon our tree ~quietly evoking grace and beauty...~sigh~  this is an inspirational little whimsy area in my studioa place that i may sit drink and coffee in the early mornings,before anyone else is awake ~and ponder the wondrous details of the day!it is very magical in the candlelit stillness...i saw this idea on pinterestand adored itso i made a few for gifts...a be-ribboned paper-white crownmore suspended ostrich feathers above my pondering table(do you sense a theme here?)((feathers...wings...))for my dinning room,i simply added a pair of wings to each chair...and lovely candles in the center of the table for those candlelit dinners...which is basically every night in the winterdue to fact that it is dark out at 5:30pm!!!lol!!and lastly wings upon a strand of marabou garlandadorn the windowthat concludes a tour of my holiday home.i wish all of you a season full of wonderment and grace ~and that your hearts be filled with peace and love...sharing this post withcommon ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell fridayshabby art boutique's: shabbilicious's to a handmade holiday![...]

...the light within...


...this little light of mine...each of us ~carries a unique light within.and whether you are near,or far ~you light shines on...with each new day,we are given the gift of sharing this light...with those around usand those we share with in our worlds.hopefully ~ shedding a beautiful, positive gloweven on those dimly lit days... the holidays will soon be here,but in this quiet moment ~i'd like to send out all of my loveand wish all you dear readersa peace filled seasonof love and joyand simply say~ shine on ~beautiful "lights" of the world,share your wonderfully lit hearts!as you just never know,who your light may inspire :)~sharing this post with:petite michelle louise's: grey dey thursdeycommon ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell fridayhere's to lovely little lights![...]



you may have heard the phrase"a picture is worth a thousand words"i agree.i also believethat two people could be looking at the same photoand if they were to write their thousand words,each, would have something a little different to say.for that photograph would be as a mirror to the contents of their heartand a reflection of how it touches them...being a part of this blogging worldis that, you may or may not ever meet me face to face.but by visitingyou  read bits and piecesof a bloggers worldand by their photosyou visualize the contents therein ~ such as these photographs of my dinning room.and over time,a story of their life appears.i have always shared with an authentic heartto all of my dear readers,and tried to convey the way i see thingsnothing more.i seek to inspireandhave enjoyed connecting with other kindred hearts along the way(sea-side pretties from a treasured friend ~ merci!) each of us sharing what we have ~from our heartsand from our hands...what you read and surmise is totally up to youin turn,becomingyourperspective...~sharing this post with:petite michelle louise's: grey dey thursdeycommon ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell fridaymay love and beauty always find you,[...]

~ elegant tissue box cover tutorial ~


..."aahhh-choo"...*bless you*as you reach for a tissuein a pretty cardboard box...NOT!seriously~ i ask you ~WHYhas no one started printing pretty cardboard tissue boxes?!perhaps a neutral french script or a fluer-de-lis design would be nice( i bet a pair of fairy wingsthat THOSE tissue box sales would increase!! )and i am certain that there are a few out therethat this really won't matter tobut if the ugly tissue box quandary has stymied you ~be stymied no more!!for here is a tutorialto make a FULL SIZE tissue box coverin whatever color/pattern you choose!cause the holidays are comin'and details matter!!shall we begin?!?  supply list: * a blank wooden tissue box  can be found at your craft store* a can of your favorite color spray paintmine choice was Krylon's Sterling Silver* pretty paper napkinsyou will need 4 small cocktail napkins for this project* mod podge matte * a small paint/sponge brush* rhinestone blingageor other embellishment that you desireor, none at all!step one: lightly spray your wooden box.i have chosen to spray paint my box rather than to paint itbecause, i desired a slightly luminous qualitythat would appear from under the paper napkin.that could only be achieved with the spray paintand if sprayed lightly, is translucent.step two: open your paper napkin and lay it over your box until you are pleased with the design placement.( don't cut anything yet, you will do that later ) i have chosen to use a paper napkin as opposed to a piece of paperbecause it is easier to apply and it attaches itself in a way that melds with the actual box as opposed to laying on top of the box.and hello!tissueas in, a tissue box!!lol!!step three: separate the napkin layers,for you want to see the slight color underneath silly!!if your napkin was not double ply, simply skip this step!step four: start on one side,and brush on a nice, smooth coat of mod podge matte medium~ smooth coat ~then lay your tissue layer on the mod podge coated side.very CAREFULLY smooth the tissue layeralmost patting it lightly with the pads of your fingersto adhere it to the mod podge.fold excess underneath the box for, simply flip the box over and repeat the previous steps.when you get to the box ends,and BEFORE you coat with it mod podge, lay out the placement of your tissue layerand trim the sides a little larger than what meets to the edge.this will allow for a clean edge.don't trim the will find that all the paper napkin points will meet at the topand should line up and touch when folded over.mod podge the tissue points at the top of the box first folding them towards the center "tissue opening"fold excess underneath to the inside of the boxand attach with the mod podge.then mod podge the short sides.when you get to the bottom of your box,trim the excess tissue paper to about a 1/2 inch all the way around.mod podge the bottom lip and about 1/2 inch insidethen gently smooth the tissue over.step five: when all the sides are covered in the tissue paper,lightly brush the entire box with a coat of the mod podge.this will give the paper a protective layer.step six: add your embellishments, if any.i used two rows of sticky back rhinestones around the top of my tissue boxfor a little sparkly bling!add an actual box of tissues and voila!!you will have yourself one lovely tissue box coverand the next time you reach for that tissueyou'll be thinking"aahhh~pretty tissues"as you sneeze!!lol!!sharing this post with:petite michelle louise's: grey dey thursdeycommon ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell fridayhere's to pretty little details![...]

...sea bag...


 ...i willingly admit that   i. am. a. seeker. of  unique,one of a kind, artisan items...    pieces that speak to my souland that are created with much love...    i have been searching for a bag that i felt was "me"for quite some time. i lookedandi looked... until i figured out,what i searching for, just wasn't out there.go figure.    so this is the tale of a most beauteous leather and lace bagand howit came to be.  this lovely bag is the creative work by the hands of~ Stacy Leigh ~her shop is one of the very first shopsi stumbled across years ago,when i first opened my etsy shop.i bought a whimsical slip dress from her vintage shopthat i have worn for my birthday,every year when i visit Carmel-by-the-sea at sunset!(but that's another story!)her ooak leather bags are highly sought after and don't linger long in her etsy shop!  so i contacted Stacy, to inquire if she perhaps, had something just for me....    she sent me a few leather swatches to choose from, i knew right away which one would be mine!    i fell in love with it instantlyit was one of the most lovely, pieces of variegated leatherthat i had ever seen ~ besides having all the shades of my fall/winter closet ~ it reminded me of the sea! imagine my dears ~ a sea bag!!    i asked if she could also incorporate a grey lace embellishmenti sent to herand if she could give it an organic, whimsy feel...     she agreed, it wasn't long before my beauteous bag arrived!i knew it would be fabulousandit absolutely was!   to christen my bag ~i added a sprinkle of bead embellishmentsa few moonstones, crystals, sequins and grey freshwater pearls. i also dusted the leather with a sparkle leather wash...  it's like a little fizz :)subtle, but there!    everywhere i carry my sea bag,other kindred hearts stop and tell me how lovely it is and to that, i wonderfully agree:) thank you dear Stacy,i ADORE my sea bag!   next up ~  i'll be sharing a tutorialon making this elegant tissue box cover  sharing this post with:petite michelle louise's: grey dey thursdeycommon ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell friday     here's to beautiful lace sea bags! [...]

...fairytale sea-pumpkins...


aaahhhhh...autumn at sea ~when the days start to turn on the crispy side,and the sun wanes earlier,my thoughts wander even moreto the beautiful sea.the word~ resplendent ~comes to mindandcaptures my emotion brilliantly!as my home continues to be spun into  an elegant seaside stylewith a twist of simplicity of the french-nordic stylei find myself creating pieces that i adorecolors, textures ~ magic!my latest collection simply being~ fairytale sea-pumpkins ~i crave materials that are ethereal to the touchand appealing to my eyei delight in a mound of the like, just waiting to be spun into loveliness!sumptuous silk velvet,hand dyed in shades of the ocean sidealong with gorgeous dupioni silks made into the most lovely ribbons you could imagineso much so,if i have a choice,i will only use them in my created pieces...and oh my!the exquisite beaded lace!beauty is,as beauty doesand don't let anyone ever tell you that the inside doesn't matter!!'cause in a fairytale pumpkin ~IT DOES!!luxury filling with a touch of silk,a sweet kiss of organic lavender,tucked within a sachetlie below the beautiful velvet that you see...rendering a luxury fabric pumpkinthat will delight one for years to come...bringing with it, a love of beautiful sea ~~i surrender~LOL!!i have been making these pretty fairytale pumpkins for yearsand their shades always surprise me...the few that i have shown you hereare the grey shades.sharing this post with:petitemichellelouise's: grey dey thursdeycommon ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell friday and next time,i'll be sharing with you ~this fabulous leather sea lace bag...until then,sea whishes of autumn's to everyday fairytales![...] enchanted driftwood chandelier


 hello my sweets! do you ever find yourself seeking something,that you can't quite put your finger on? you just know that when you see it ~ you.  will.  know. well!this is the storyof just such an item ...and how it came to be :)    a few ~ l o n g ~ weeks agoi set out on a questto find a chandelier for my studio table. not just ANY chandelier THE chandelier! an enchanting chandelier that would illuminate my prettiesas i created them...and delight my heart to turn it on. for my studio IS a magical place...    in those weeks of my quest,i would find something that i thought "might" work,bring it home ~ hold it up and hold my breath!  yah no!! notta and  NO! was usually the response from my lips... i felt like Goldilocks, i tell ya!    i had grown weary of looking until one day, while creating at my studio tablea light bulb went on,so to speak LOL!! and these photo's are the result of that epiphany that day...    yep!as you may have already guessedi ended up designing, what my heart was seeking... which is what i should have done to begin with!!    a few lace covered pieces of perfectly greyed driftwood,a hand gathered white linen shade,crystal swags that dance when the sun hits them or the light is lit...all spun into one enchanting chandelier!  sigh...    another sea washed treasure,to adorn my cottage...    this is my studio is ever so magical when i plug in my fairy lights around the tableand my enchanted driftwood chandelier!  most especially as the days start to grow shorter...     i know it will provide much more than just light in the coming months ahead,as i sit beneath it and create away...    for it will also allow me to be swept away and dreamif only for a moment or two...on such things as the beautiful sea    and pondering on other fairytale delights,to share with all of you!!     like, perhaps this sea silk rhinestone cuff ...   i hope you enjoyed your visit today!thanks for stopping by...  sharing this post with: petitemichellelouise's: grey dey thursdeycommon ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell friday's to enchanting lighting! [...]

sea washed treasures...


 hello again dear hearts! it has been awhile again. but today, i have sea washed treasures to share... i have been infusing my home with a french nordic/elegant seaside style for awhile nowand i couldn't be happier well.perhaps i could ~if my cottage were actually BY the sea but i will dwell in the possibilities:)    my dear friend Sofia, sent me a birthday package,with nothing but treasures from the sea... who knew a box of driftwood, shells and seaweed could be so adored! i ask, how you could not adore these seashell lockets?!    they create such a romantic sea washed vignette a lace sail driftwood boat floats atop white, sparkling a giant shell!   they fit perfectly into my sea cottage setting...a world of white washed loveliness,with touches of silver, pearl and blue.    an oh-so-lovely sea stick bundle rests on a bit of vintage silver lace...  a pretty room by day ~    or by night,when the twinkle lights come on and cast a soft glow on the pearl kissed walls...    if you seek a few of these sea washed treasures of your owni invite you to stop by Sofia's etsy shop~ Love Embellished ~    faux coral can be found on my fireplace mantlefor a little while longer...    blue sea crystals dangle from their branches a bit of whimsy in the land of odds...    and you remember my driftwood ladder...    i enjoy creating lovely comfort in my home:)    a place where i can whisper my name on the things i find    Be * YOU * tiful!    next week,i will be showing you my driftwood chandelier!!!    ahhhh yes, greyed driftwood and lacemeets crystals and linen LOVE IT!!  sharing this post with:common ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell friday and for the first timepetitemichellelouise's: grey dey thursdey  here's to sea washed treasures!   [...]

...a fairytale boho romance


  ...hello dear ones! i can hardly believe how this summer is just FLYING by!!! ~ and like most of you, it has been filled with happy summer living. ~ whew ~ is it vacation time yet?! hahahahhaha!! well, in the midst of all that happy summertime living:)i have tried to make some creative magic time ~  i have been inspired this summer by the "elegant boho" styleas i like to call it.   here's a glimpse into my interpretation...    some of you may recognize these two photo's from one of my past posts ~ "soul shadows" ~ a few of my customer's had inquired about the elegant walking stick/flower basketi used in those picsand had been unsuccessful of finding them. so, you know me ~i just had to create a few!    inspired by my original vintage one,these romantic sticks are a close duplicate   white washed willowa lovely flower bouquet...    a french dotted swiss bowsilky tasseland a vintage crochet doily...    i call it the queen anne's lace,elegant walking stick flower basket! i have an inspired list a mile long of pretties i'd like to create ~ these were next on my list    sooooo lovely are these giant dream catchers!perhaps,subconsciously,i was trying to catch a rather large dream myself!!lol!! i will let you know if that dream comes true:)    regardless,i envision a flower girl carrying these down the aisleor a few dangling in a tree for instant boho glam!   ~sigh~like a fairytale...  oh!and these lovely mermaiden's delightful shells!!!  i envision these as ring holders. heart shaped crochet lacedusted with shimmering pearl power,has been attached to the bottom...    and i have used silver german style wire to delicately wrap on freshwater pearls along the edge... it looks like the shell is wearing a crown!    ribbon cut from a vintage wedding gown are used to tie in that "something old"for those romantic mermaids at heart.     and as i have already found my handsome mere-man(my bad?? i just couldn't resist!) i use my romantic shell tied around a candleit gives off such a romantic sea glow for those summer candlelight dinners... i LOVE creating pretties!! and thank you for allowing me to share my excitement with all of you:)  i have so many other things to share with youfrom my mermaid bedroom make overto a sea swan inspiration photo shoot... i hope you come back every now and then to see what is new in the land of odds...  until then ~continued happy summer!!  sharing this post with:timewashed: blissful whites wednesdaycommon ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell friday   here's to an elegant boho romance! [...]

...this bud's for you!


 ...aahhhhh roses.... who doesn't adore them?! they bring such loveliness  anywhere they are present wouldn't you agree?    my mom's garden is full of their glorious-ness    such elegance and grace in the morning light...    climbersbushdoublepinkwhite it makes no matterfor they are all so beautiful!     the perfect background for my santos petal skirt photos...    and OH the peonies!! heaven scent :)    their stems are still heavy with raindrops    and their buds are ready to burstreleasing their lemony rose wafts of goodness for all who happen to brush by them...    last week, my dear mom underwent a complete knee replacementand has been on the mend it has been little more challenging than i think she thought it would bebut she is doing very well...     her beautiful propertyis so peaceful and full of such prettiesa testimony to her spirit and will    i admire her grace and courageand dedicate this post to her...    and to any of you who would welcome a word of encouragementand a stroll through a lovely garden...    yes my dears, ...this bud's foryou!!   sharing this post with:common ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell friday   here's to beautiful buds! [...]

...Mary's May flower crown


  ...hello again dear hearts! earlier this month, i had a gentle urge  to make a floral crown for my Mary statue. ~ and as it sometimes occurs,the topic arose as i was conversing with a dear customer about this desire.imagine my delight when she told me that in the month of May,that (in the Catholic Church)the Virgin Mary is honored  as "the Queen of May"! how apropos...    here a few photo's of my Mary's May flower crown...    i adore how the fresh, spring green background looksas a back drop to her white crown and lace veil.    there was an interesting, ancient brick fenceat the location i chose...i admire the decaying beauty of it all.    i could hardly believe my eyes when i saw the above photo up on the screen,as the lighting of the sun that daycaught the camera just so...can you detect a golden halo around her head??i just had to add a faint lace accent to it...:)    more ancient loveliness...    O Mary we crown thee with blossoms today,Queen of the Angels and Queen of May!    ~adore~ this shot, Mary and a mini crystal chandie :)    i always look forward to the spring flowersas they are so short lived.i try an capture a glimpse of their beautyfor those long winter days! and like many of you ~one of my favorite flowers are lilacs...    they smellh-e-a-v-e-n-l-y!!!! wouldn't you agree?!   sharing this post with: common ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell friday     here's to May flowers! [...]

...fairytale ballerinas...


  ...once upon a time... there was a girl,who delighted in the thought ofeveryday fairytales ~and set off on a creative journeyto leave a trail of fairy dustfor those that also seek a little sparkly enchantmentand wish to come along... hello dear hearts! today, in the land of oddsis the premiere of my new collection of  fairytale ballerinas. i have had such a lovely response to my petite theatres and fairiesthat i have finally created a few more. these are the first few to arrive...    created from paper clay,each petite fairy has been dressed in the most lovely embellished netting lace that i could find! thy make such "ethereal tutu's"wouldn't you agree?!    this fairy ballerina is ~ sweet Jasmine ~see her tiny crystal crown upon her most petite head?     here, she gracefully dances with her sea swan... (you know i have to sneak in the sea somewhere ~LOL!!) and this next little darling is ~ ethereal Oona ~each dear dollie is posed differentlyand each are one of a kind...    i adore how their little faces turned out...they look so whimsical as the twirlin their petite fairytale theatres.(soon to be released in my shop, along with a few other theatre whimsies!)    i created their tiny wings similar to my life sized lace wingsthey are spun out of sheer fairy tales!! WHO wouldn't secretly wish for a pair of her very own?!?!    can you imagine gliding along in their sparkly little worlds?? ~sigh~ this fairy ballerina is ~ enchanting Clairette ~    i have so enjoyed every aspect of creating these little fairy ballerinas,and hope that they bring a happy smile to your heart's today!     a little fairytale wonderment for everyday...    next time, ~ Mary's May crown ~    and i'll be sharing this post with: common ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell friday   here's to everyday fairytales! [...] driftwood ladder


  ...hello again my dears! my how time flies!!has it nearly been 3 weeks for reals?!?!whew ~obviously, when i'm in my studio creating whimsical thingsi loose track of time :) would you like to see what has emerged?! here ~ is my driftwood ladder...    i have been missing the sea,so i have been adorning my home with creations from her treasures!gathered pieces of driftwood make up the rungsto which i have tied with a natural hemp string onto 2 awesomely gnarly branches    i then white washed the whole ladderand began adorning it!    i wrapped bits of lace and sea silk ribbons...    some vintage crochet lace and linen pieces...    a strand of my fairy lights   and a sparkling silver glass glitter seahorse ...    i tucked it into a corner in my family roomto bring a little sea delight to that space...    i rather like how it turned is not meant to bear any great weightbut merely for a pretty decoration.    and it reminds me to keep climbing up,and to cherish the moments i have had at the sea,   and to seek beautythat sometimes is already locked away within your heartjust waiting for the moment to sparkle and shine...  blogging has seem to have changed somehow,maybe due to the new formatorperhaps pinterest has taken it's place(that's like instant gratification if you are a visual artist!)    i do so enjoy sharing with youand reading your lovely commentsso for now,i will continue to try and inspire you allwith the words in my heart and the things from my hands... next time,i'll show you the little fairies that i have been working ondesigned to twirl and dance within a fairytale theatre!   until thenbiggest hugs and kisses! sharing this driftwood ladder post with: common ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell friday's to gifts from the sea! [...]

...lovely adornments


  hello dear hearts! we are FINALLY getting a little spring sunshine and warmthwho-hoooo :) can you tell that it makes my heart happy?! to pass those cooler, dreary days away,i have been designing a few jewelry adornmentsfor my sea wardrobe,incorporating my hand dyed sea silk ribbons...    this heart shaped shell, complete with barnacles,called out to me on etsy one day ~and i just knew it would be lovely as a necklace! so i gathered a few of my prettiesbits of lace, hand dyed silk ribbons, jacob's tear beadspretty blue crystals, gemstones...basically whatever struck my fancy:)    i started wire wrapping the jacob's tear beadsand went from there...    on the part that rests on the nape of your necki made an embellished stripeso that when my hair is in an up doit looks pretty too!(my neck) ((hopefully my up do looks good too!))(((but at the sea, there are NO promises!! it usually just frizzes out!!like salty sea hair ~ LOL!!)))((((hence, why i knew why my hair would be in an up do!!)))) whew!anyhoo,    adding bits and bobs of pretties...     infusing vintage pieces when i can,such as this tiny medal charm and rhinestone rondelle    i adore the finished piece...    and look forward to wearing it the next time at the sea :)    i guess you could say thati really "love" it!! (tee, hee!)    i've also been experimenting with hand dyed ballet slippers...and adorning them with whimsical pretties...    i call them my sea slippers...    i will be making a few pairs for sale, later on in the season. here is a glass box of ear adornments i've been making too...    a pair for every day of the week!lol!!  and i know i'm not alone in this ~ i have a thing for mercury when i spied this fabo bottle, wrapped in wirei knew in an instant that it simply must be mine!!(wouldn't you have?!)    i brought it home and adorned it with the tiniest brass cross pinsthat i have ever seen...    i am collector of unique fancies...    when i was finished pinning all those crosses on,i decided that some of them need a little bling( perhaps you have figured it out by now, i love a bit of sparkle?!?) so,i glued on some crystal rhinestones...    oh so lovely with a few sprigs of lilies of the valley fleurs!    and new in my etsy shopfor your springtime delight ~are these cherry blossom fairies!    she carries a cherry blossom branch and wears a crown of paper blossom bloomsher wing are iridescent and fully move able... i hope the warm, spring sun is kissing all of you too!  next week,i will be sharing my driftwood ladder...    hope to see you then! sharing this post with:common ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell friday    here's to lovely adornments! [...]

...romantic plaster rose sculpture


  ...hello dear hearts ~ i am delighted that you have stopped by for a visit!today's post is a tutorial~ romantic plaster rose sculpture ~   ooohhhh!!~ purrrttty~ if you would like to make one too, here is the list of your supplies for a 20"x30" canvas board: * approx. 36 pretty paper rosesmine are from this shop: ~Love Embellished~to which you have sprayed over with white spray paintthis step is importantbecause it will give you a more sturdy rose shapewhen you apply the plaster.* a 20"x30" canvas wrapped board* plaster of paris* white gesso paint* large craft paint brush* glue gun/glue sticks* spray glue* clear glass glitter ready?    begin by arranging your spray painted paper rosesonto the canvas board.    play with them until you are pleased with the look and your board is covered.    now, hot glue them into place like so.    for the plaster of paris - mix according to packagei used approximately 2 cupsand thinned it down to like a melted milkshake consistency :)    now, simply start painting your paper roses. covering each one in the plaster of paris mixture.    buy the time you are finished covering them in the plaster,start over, painting on the gesso paint until all roses are covered.    let dry flat, overnight. puuuurrrtty!    once completely dried,carefully take outside to spray on the spray glue.evenly coat with gluethen sprinkle on your clear glass glitter for a subtle sparkle!    let dry before moving    and your romantic plaster rose sculpture is finished! i recommend that you check to make sure your canvas board has picture hooks on it.not all of them come with them, so add them BEFORE your plaster work.    hang, and step back to look at your ~  romantic plaster rose sculpture!! i hope you enjoyed this tutorialand are inspired to make one of your very own!sharing this post with:common ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell fridayshabby art boutique's: shabbilicious friday here's to romantic paper roses![...]

...a whimsically white easter table


 ...hello my dears ~ happiest spring! ~ are you all ready for you Easter tides?!  i've been delightfully busy creating a few pretties for my easter table!this year,  i wanted a whimsical fairytale like feel...    the food will be the beautiful colorwhile everything else is as a blank palette to showcase it!some of you may remember my lamb from this post~ lovely lamby  ~i simply adore him, and anticipate seeing him on my easter table every year!    as soon as i "eye spied" this sheer embroidered cross fabric at Joann Fabricsi was inspired!    a small handful of pretties,can become lovely napkin rings.  simply thread silk lilac blooms and pearls onto white wire, the length of your napkin ringplus a little extra for twisting off     add a pretty band of organdy petal trim under each one, fasten to your napkin ringsand voila!a delicate napkin ring holder!    i wanted pretty "sugared eggs" for each place settingand looked all over for themahhhyah right!all the stores have done cutbacks ~ie. back to basic juicy colorsie. not too many fairytale like pretties to be found! but, not to worry...all you need is a few wooden eggs(i like the weight of them better than paper mache ones)paint them white and once dry,paint them again with elmers glue and sprinkle with sugarer ~ i mean sparkly white glitter!!lol!!    for my name place markersi used silk petals that i removed from a few magnolia flower stems that i liked, a feather rose for my "sugared egg" to nestle in, a rhinestone cross charm, (all of which were found at Joann Fabrics)and pearl napkin ring holders that i already had.put them all together and...    ooohhhhsooo puuuuurty!!wouldn't you agree??    i wanted three candles on my table around lovely lambyto signify, three days...i used the tall holy candles and tied themballerina style with tulle, then added a pretty lace and pearl bracelet around each of them at the bottom.~ easy peasy loveliness!!     here is my set table...i like to set it a few days before as to not feel rushedthat,and i enjoy creating a pretty table :)    see the buffet?it used to be a spiced pear color... NOT NOW!!! nopenow, it has been Annie Sloaned!!French Linen and then white washed... LOVE IT!!    i know it's hard to see,but i made mini chandeliers for the inside!!!    and painted my candle cabinet to match!yes,i said candle cabinet...i have a thing for beautiful soy candles...    i pulled out my white bubble glass dishes for this table...    i adore their swirly glass that has an opalescent finish  just like bubbles...    ~ sigh ~    now i can focus on the pretty easter food delights!!    i wish each and every one of you dear readers,a most joyous Easter time with your "peeps" HA!see what i did there?!?!     up next,i will be sharing this plaster rose sculpture with you!so tune in next time...  until then,  sharing this post with:common ground's: be inspired fridayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fri[...]

~snow angels~

2013-03-13T15:17:55.848-04:00 i peered out my window this morning the grey, cloudless sky seemed to delight in flitting down more snowyes ~MORE of that fluffy white stuff i seem to ONLY desire at christmas time!  i am *definitely* more of a beach kinda girl:) so as i anxiously wait upon springs arrival ~1 week from nowYEA!!! i will be sharing my farewell to winter today i give you   ~snow angels~    you may count yourself fortunateif you were to ever see...    a pair of divine snow angelsas lovely as these...    ...i spied them gliding upon crystallized frozen water droplets    sprinkling their delightful, ethereal magicas they trudged through the i grabbed my cameraand followed them awhilefor there were things that i wanted to know!    it was then that they revealed thatsometimes they grow wearyand need a restful dayso they head out into the wide open fields ~    their most favorite place to play!    and i found that if you ask them ever so nicelythey may "pose" in a photo for you    for who wouldn't want to catch a glimpse of something so rare    as lovely as these snow angelswith ringlets of fine, spun hair?!    of course you may have to bribe themwith a snow angel treat... or two    oh joy!i just happened to have on handa plate of meringue snowflakes and homemade smores ~perhaps that would do?!     with glistening eyesand much to my surprise,they assured me that their answer wasYES!    i stepped back with a wondrous heartand tried to take it all in...    it has been such a magical day...    for there is nothing quite like a big grin from such delicate creatures beaming from within...    and as we bid our adieus ~ they turned to walk away,    i whispered my gratitude to those lovely snow angels,that i caught a glimpse of that day.  the end. i hope you enjoy seeing snow angels today:) sharing this post with:timewashed: blissful whites wednesdayfrench country cottage's: feathered nest fridaycommon ground's: be inspired fridaymy romantic home's: show and tell friday's to lovely snow angels!   [...]