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Summer Sundays

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Summer in Missouri.....


We're in the middle of July in the Ozarks and it is "hot"!  Heat index has been over 100 but so far the actual temp has not been there.....and hopefully, it won't.  The garden seems to like it and the tomatoes are ripening quickly and I have a hearty supply of basil, which I love.

My pesto-making supplies.....and some of my homegrown tomatoes....

I love pesto so I make enough for freezing.

I received a cutting of chocolate mint from a neighbor and I love it in my tea.

I also like having ice tea spoons and they're difficult to find these days and new ones are almost impossible.  I've managed to collect a nice selection.

Sometimes a nice glass of ice tea on a hot afternoon is just the perfect thing.

It's so strange how in the winter we long for those wonderful summer days where we can be outside and enjoy the yard and the fresh air and then summer is here and we're dreaming of fall and cool nights and fires in the fireplace.  I'm making a concerted effort to appreciate the present without always dreaming of tomorrow.  It's not always easy but at my age, I'm trying to live in the present and not to wish anymore of my life away.

Hope you're enjoying your here and now!

Happy 4th of July....


We've had a gentle summer shower this morning of the 4th of July.  I'm sure this doesn't make some people happy but my garden and I love it.  Sometimes it's something as ordinary as a gentle summer rain that lifts my spirits and makes me say again "life is good"!

The 4th of July used to be such a big holiday when our kids were young buy anymore they do their own thing with their kids and friends.  I'll go with my sisters today to sister Judy's house and we'll sit on her beautiful front porch and enjoy lots of conversation and a burger.

Hope you have a wonder day.

Linda's wonderful garden in LaRussell, MO.....


It started out rainy yesterday but by the time we had driven to LaRussell (about 40 minutes) the rain had stopped and the heat was moving in.  It was a beautiful morning in our friend Linda's yard.  She works so hard on this but it's her "happy place".  I know how she feels because I feel the same.LaRussell is a very small town where we spent several years when my sisters, Judy and Mary, and I were young.  Our parents owned the local mercantile and my dad, because we lived in this house, was mayor.It was a wonderful environment to grow up in and we made many life-long friends.  It's still a wonderful little town full of many really good people.  We love going back for visits especially when we get to roam around Linda's yard.Behind this flower bed is where our grocery store was originally.  Someone has made it into a home now.  So good to see the building being used. More of the yard.... This was a shed that Linda inherited from Mr. Graff.  He lived in the farm next to where she grew up.  It is so cute and I informed her that if she would put in plumbing, I could live out my golden years here.  She's done so much work to it and the inside is perfect for spending an afternoon with a good book. Linda and her friends, Sandy and Jim Pharill.  Sandy writes a gardening column for the Joplin Globe. t It was just the perfect way to spend a summer Saturday.  We drove through the countryside the rest of the day and so enjoyed it.  I'll close the post with one of our surprises.  Judy got out and stood in the weeds for this shot.....hope she didn't get chiggers!Have a wonderful week![...]



I know it's been a very long time since I've added a new post but the longer I put off doing it, the harder it was for me to think of anything important enough to make up for this long gap.  Truth is, I don't have anything really exciting to report on but sometimes, it's the ordinary things in life that are the best.My birds are such a joy right now.  Can't believe how much they can eat in a day but it's so worth it.I'm also enjoying my garden in my new home.  This year almost all vegies were planted in a raised garden space which is perfect for this yard.  There has never been a garden here so I could put the very best soil in this contained area.  Years ago I was told by an Italian who took great pride in his tomatoes that he went to the river in the spring and brought in river soil for his new crop.  I tried this, with the help of a friend, and I can't believe the difference in the plants where I used the river soil & the plants where I didn't. These are the beds with regular's amazing!We've had such wonderful spring rains that these also have tomatoes on them now and the basil is doing really well.This is my chicken nester (or whatever it's called).  I've planted some herbs in it and think I'll do some more.  I'd like to set it up on something but not certain what to use. This is my zucchini that I planted in pots this time and it's loaded with baby zucchini.  In my old house the soil had those zucchini bugs in it so I finally had to give up.  This makes me happy! I brought some of my lavender with me from my old house and it's done so well here plus I've planted more.  This is some of my newer and the stems aren't very long. This last year has been a time for lots of changes for my family.  My kids recently moved so they've been very busy fixing their house.  That would be difficult enough but keeping up with 3 teenagers is a full time job.  Sage has his learner's permit so hopefully in December he'll be able to drive which will help.....we hope.Hope all is well with all of you.  Maybe this post is the impetus I need to start regular postings again.  I've missed it.  Hope you all have a good week.[...]



Can't believe it's fall already!  Where does the time go?  Must admit that I feel a great sense of relief at having the hot weather behind us.

Three of my sisters and myself took off last week and drove to Door County, Wisconsin.  We love it there and it didn't let us down this time either.  We stay in a lovely home with a fireplace and just relax.  Of course, there is some antiquing done both during the trip and while in Door County.

It's so much fun to antique where they have sleds, skates, snow shoes, cranberry buckets, and items more difficult to find around here.  Again, we had not one spare inch of space coming home.  We've all gone to smaller cars so we're going to have to figure out something.

Now that I'm home, I'm trying to make some Christmas things for resale.  I worked on a few things in the car as we drove.
I know....they don't look like much now but they will when I'm finished.

My front porch....

Hope you have a wonderful week.  Mine looks to be a busy one.  I'm very productive in cool weather.



I don't know about where you are but here, in Missouri, it is very hot!  Not only is it hot but we have rain almost daily so it's very humid.  Lately memories from my childhood have crept in and I try to remember what it was like to live without air-conditioning.  My grandchildren cannot fathom life without air-conditioning and not just in the house but in the cars we drive, in stores....everywhere.  We had grocery stores when I was young and they weren't air-conditioned and we would all pile into our station wagon and head to church which wasn't cooled.  I remember the cardboard fans that everyone used in order to tolerate it.  Anyway, I'm so THANKFUL for my nice cool house and so grateful because I know there are many who don't.I've been taking inside pictures of the house so you can see what I've tried to do with it.  These are mainly smaller venues but the seem to photograph better.My kitchen is smaller and no room for an island.  I just have to be more organized when I'm cooking.I have a small breakfast area at the end of the kitchen and this is one of my options for building a screened-in porch.  If I don't, my plan is to put two comfy chairs there so I can set and look outside since it isn't used often for eating. The "Liberty" runner on my table and the framed piece below are two of my wool applique projects.Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and managing to stay cool.  It's been a good one so far for me and a busy one.  Lots of projects on the horizon and with any luck I'll at least accomplish a few.  Hopefully, my next post will include one of those!!!![...]

New home report....


I apologize!  It's been way too long.  Couldn't seem to get my head back into the game.  It's been quite a process trying to get my new house and my life back in order.... I'm feeling good about both.  I love my new house and my new neighborhood.  Everyone is so friendly and go out of their way to make me feel welcome.  It's been a remarkably easy transition (I say now)!I know my hostas that I transplanted don't look so good but they'll look great next summer.  At least they're blooming.This is kind of what's going on in front of my house.  Since I'm on a cul-de-sac, I have kind of a different shaped front and large side yard. The previous landscaping is basically pebbles and shrubs with nothing that flowers.  Luckily, I have neighbors with beautiful yards and tons of perennials that they were more then happy to share.  I'll be able to do more this fall or next spring.  It was a little late to separate hostas so I didn't do many.This is my garden that I put on my side yard.  I used an old beadboard door I had, cut it into and attached it to my fence.  It's not very big but it's holding 4 tomato plants, 5 basil plants and 1 big chive plant.  There's room for expansion next year.Next post I'll show some of the interior.  I still have lots to do but it's really feeling like home.  It won't take so long this time.[...]

It's almost moving day.....


I know it's been a very long time since I've posted but my mind has been on moving.  It's so much harder when it's just me.  I'm not complaining because I've had lots of help and support from sister Judy and friends but it's all the other nitty-gritty that wears you out.  Mike always took charge of all of this "stuff" and I had no idea what all was involved.  Sometimes I feel him here encouraging me and giving me strength and it's a GOOD feeling.  I'm so ready for this new adventure.

I'll be back with lots of photos.

Happy New Year.....


It's that time of year again......resolutions, diets, decluttering, etc.!  I've been giving this a lot of thought.  I have so many changes ahead of me that it sometimes makes me dizzy.  My goal is to take it one day at a time.  Today will be the day I take the rest of my Christmas decorations down and hopefully, get to the grocery store (I'm getting hungry).This was on one of the blogs I read this morning and loved it.It's been sort of a strange week for me.  In so many ways I feel such a relief and then there's also a sadness to be leaving something that's been such a huge part of my life for the last 8 years.  We closed Leola's.  There were multiple reasons but when it came right down to it it was just time.  There was little said about it but I still feel bad about not giving proper "thanks" to all those who worked beside us for all that time.  Kenda and Kristi had been with us since the beginning and Brenda came shortly thereafter.  We were a good group for a long time and I'll miss all of them.  Not certain what I will do now but, first and foremost, will be looking for a new house.How about this one?I had a wonderful Christmas.  Kind of low-key but that's the way I like it.  I realized several years ago that it was the season and the meaning of the day that brought the true joy.....not necessarily the actual day.  Takes a lot of pressure off and makes it so much more enjoyable.  Christmas brunch.....Stella got a selfie stick for Christmas so Zoe put my big iphone in it.  Not the greatest but we still have a record.I couldn't let the season go by without posting a few photos from my sister, Judy's, beautiful home.  She does such a wonderful job of both decorating and sharing it during the holidays.  She has a large family and many friends and she loves to entertain..... Well, guess I'd better get serious about this day.  Hoping that all who read this know that I am wishing all of us a wonderful 2016.  With everything going on in this crazy world today it will truly be a difficult thing but I sincerely pray that God will see us through this terrible period and help us to find PEACE.[...]

The busy season....


It's been a little crazy in my life the last few weeks and I'm sure most of you have the same issues.  Why do we let it get so hectic every year.  This year is even crazier because the house is on the market.  My realtor scheduled an open house this past Sunday so I was on a deadline to get the house decorated.  I think that was a good's done!I decided to keep my mantle simple but I may cut some greenery from the yard to add....This is the tree in the great room...This is the smaller living room tree that I fill with some of my vintage ornament collection....More of my living room and dining room.....It's so nice to have it completed so maybe I can have friends and family in and not feel overwhelmed.  My grandson, Sage, also has his 14th birthday (crazy) and all the g'kids have concerts at school and church.  That's my favorite part of the holidays.Hope all of you will take time to enjoy the holidays.  I think this year, more then any year I can remember, we need to feel some peace in our lives.  I'm sincerely wishing this for all of us and I'm going to do my best.[...]

Rainy day and Mondays.....


It's a rainy ole day and haven't managed to accomplish much.   I did change my beds and put the flannel sheets on.  It's been chilly here at night and I love turning the furnace off and snuggling into my warm, flannel sheets.  My grandkids love their flannels, too.  That's been about it so thought it would be a good day to write a blog post.It's been such a busy couple of weeks trying to get everything ready for Leola's Holiday Open House.  Think sometimes we make it more work then we need to but we always want to stand out in the crowd.  Sister, Linda, and I have almost decided we're to old for this kind of work.  Don't think I'd ever felt as tired in my life as I did this time.  Our sister, Judy, has already retired from the business so more work has been shifted to our shoulders.  Oh, well, we made it and it was a huge success. These are some of the candy canes that I make and also make the fabric balls for bowl fillers. And the pillows are some of my wool applique....   We're so grateful to all those who have been our loyal customers and always show up for our open houses.  They make it worth it.Have a wonderful week. [...]

Fall is definitely here.....


The leaves are gorgeous in Missouri and falling like crazy.  Perfect time for an antique show at Dry Creek Cabins just outside of Dixon, Mo.  It was a beautiful day but cool.  They always have a fire going and a big black pot of chili cooking.  Just a wonderful place to spend a fall afternoon. It's so much fun and such an escape to visit this wonderful place.I've been trying to work on all the things I've gathered for Leola's Holiday Open House....Seems like we just did this!Check out my sweet annie tree.....Love these chairs!  After a good cleaning and an oil finish rubbed in, they turned out so good I kind of hate to part with them.This is what it looks like out my front door this morning.  The leaves are changing so fast and dropping even quicker.....Well, it's back to work for me.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.[...]

Zippety doo dah, zippety a......


Such a beautiful day on my back porch.  Having a difficult time getting to work.  It's cool and leaves are falling like crazy.  Love mornings like this and you have to take advantage of them.....they don't last long.Our trip to Wisconsin couldn't have been better (unless we'd had a truck to haul more).  The weather was perfect -- cool and crisp.  We had one rainy, drizzly day but even that was pleasant.  We just shopped in the drizzle.  We had the fireplace on anytime we were in the house and they had several cozy throws so we could set outside with our coffee and look at Lake Michigan (actually Green Bay).It's just the most beautiful place and all we had on the agenda was resting, sleeping, eating, sightseeing, antiquing, and more eating.  We stocked our frig so we could eat in when we wanted but we certainly took advantage of the local franchises there!Mary fixed hot dogs on the grill.....This was down the street from our house.....downtown Fish Creek....A park in Egg Harbor.  It also has one of our favorite eateries..... There are so many hydrangeas and no one is picking them.....   Mary.....standing on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away..... Me, too..... This is one of many lighthouses on the peninsula.  This one is at Peninsula State Park.... Judy standing in front of the lighthouse....It was just a wonderful trip and think we all feel revived and renewed (and I needed it).  Managed to find some wonderful things for Leola's Christmas Open House.  Now I have to mark it all and come up with a decorating plan.  Better get busy!Have a wonderful week![...]



This is always a crazy, busy time of the year for me and this one looks to be no different.  My house is still on the market, but I'm really trying to go on with my life and enjoy the fact that I have a cozy, warm home.  It will sell when it sells!This was a cool, foggy, fallish morning in the Ozark.  Our area is inundated with these horrible worms that look like bagworms.  They're all over our trees and this is what mine looked life this morning with the dew hanging on them....They looked like Halloween decorations.  We need a hard freeze to get rid of them.My basket at my front door stuffed with my sweet annie.....This weekend was the twice-yearly antique sale in Lebanon.  Courtney and Sherry sell the best primitives around on Sherry and her family's farm outside of Lebanon.  It's a beautiful farm and the perfect spot for a fall sale.  Judy and I both came home with some great pieces. My sisters and I are headed to Door County, WI, next week.  We love it there and especially this time of year.  This is a picture from last year and we're staying in Fish Creek again.  It's so nice sometimes to take a vacation to a familiar spot where you can just relax and that's what we intend to do.I'll take lots of pictures and share them when I get home.  See you in October. [...]

Leola's Fall Open House.....


It's been called to my attention several times lately that I've kind of become a slacker when it comes to my blog.  I've actually recognized that fact but it seems that every time I think I'll give it a try, life gets in the way.  We'll see if I can get through an entire post on this beautiful Tuesday morning without an interruption.It's been a crazy summer and it has flown by.  First of all, I put my house back on the market with very little action.  It's so strange how it immediately sold before but now that I did the work to it, no one is interested.  It's hard always trying to keep everything looking just so and trying to live a normal life.....or a so-called normal life!  It's also difficult not being settled.  Oh, well, things could be so much worse....I'm really not feeling sorry for myself.This is my current project.....harvesting and drying my sweet annie.  I have a huge crop growing in my garden.  It was difficult finding glycerin this year which is what I use to preserve it.  After checking locally, I finally had to order off Amazon.  One bottle was left from last year so enough could be processed for Leola's fall open house.  This will have to sit in this mixture for a week. We had a wonderful fall open house at Leola's.  The weather was perfect and the shop looked always....Now I have to start thinking about Christmas because I really have nothing planned.  It comes so quickly in the retail world.  My sisters and I are taking another trip this fall to Door County, WI, and I'm hoping that I'll find both inspiration and product.  Can't wait!  Oh, and I did make a recent trip to Iowa and came back with 2 wonderful old sleds so guess that's a start.Hope all of you have a wonderful week and with a little luck, we'll talk again soon.[...]

Man, is it ever hot.....


It is crazy hot here in southwest Missouri and the humidity makes it even worse.  We keep getting these pop-up showers so it has stayed green but all the rain has made it incredibly humid.  I know, I'm whining and I promised myself this winter that I wouldn't whine about hot weather again.  Well, I was wrong!  It's just been a crazy summer and now in just 2 1/2 weeks my grands start back to school.My garden is doing ok but I didn't do as much in the garden as I normally do thinking the house would sell before I reaped the benefits.  The sweet annie that re-seeds itself every year is growing like crazy.  It's what I dry every fall and sell at Leola's.  I've also managed to make some jelly.  On the agenda today is to go to my favorite farm stand and buy locally grown peaches and make my peach jelly.  Had an open house this weekend and haven't had any feedback.  It's just a waiting game.  It's only been 2 weeks back on the market so patience is the keyword here......  Hope you have a good day and a good week and stay cool!  [...]

Ready, set, go......


I think I'm ready to try this again.  A lawn service has done what they can to my backyard and I've done what I can inside.  And yes, I can now repair drywall! There was a crack in both sides of my room where a room divider had been taken out and yes, I checked out a video on line and fixed it myself. I think I did a darn fine job and it saved me a good amount of money.   I've always tended to paint my walls darker but several people advised me to lighten the wall color.  It really did lighten the room.  These pictures aren't the best and tend to make it look more yellow then it really is.  Anyway, they're done and don't think I've ever worked so hard in my life.  So wish me luck.  I'll put it back on the market probably on Wednesday and we'll see what happens.  Have a wonderful week.[...]

The light at the end of the tunnel.....


My house is now hooked up to city sewer.  What a mess!  No wonder it was so dang was a lot of work and a lot of equipment being used.  This was the first day.....  They had to take my back chain link fence down and dig in the backyard.  I feel so bad about messing up the neighbor's yard but the city said it had a right-of-way and there was no other way.  Couldn't believe how deep they had to go. They laid the pipes in yesterday and put the pump in the old septic.  Then the electrician came, hooked it up and put a big ole electrical box on the back of the house.  The city came and inspected it today and two  people came out tonight with backhoes to fill it in and smooth it out.....sort of!!!     The yard is a mess including the side yard where they made a thousand trips up and down.  I'll have to hire someone to come in to help.  Too big of a job to do myself.  What a headache this has been but I figure it's done now and I can, hopefully, get on with selling my house. I've been able to get a few things ready for Leola's.  This lamp is so wonderful.  It's a vintage cowboy doll.  I had to rewire and do a little gluing but it is adorable.  Also made some lavender-filled bags for drawers or whatever.....I love mine in my heating pad at soothing! I've decided to take some of my ironstone to sell.  I love it but just have too much. .  My neighbor has made me these wonderful peg racks out of old wood..... Today I am planning a day off.  I'm going with sister Judy and her granddaughter to Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.  It's the gallery that was built by one of the Walton's of Walmart fame and by all accounts is amazing.  I seriously need a day off. Hope everyone is having a great week.[...]

Rain, rain go away.....


I know I shouldn't complain but I'm so tired of this.  Let's get on with summer.....

It's certainly making for some beautiful flowers.
And in case anyone is's the latest chapter of my saga.  I got an estimate for all the work that has to be done to get the house hooked up to city sewer.  YIKES!!!!  Not an inexpensive project!  Had to go yesterday and get the paperwork done at the city water department and pay the almost $1000 for that.  Next on the agenda is to get started on the actual work and with all the rain, they'll wait to start it next week.  Then they start digging up the back yard.
I'm trying to concentrate on getting things cleaned out and packed.  With all the rain, I'm constantly pulling weeds and trying to keep the yard looking good.  The garden is going crazy.
Hope everyone is making it through this crazy weather we're having.  Looks like if we can make it through the tropical storm this week then we'll be rewarded with lots of sun and warm temps for awhile.  It's about time!!!!

Current house news.....


Just wanted to post a short message today to keep those interested up-to-date on my selling and buying of homes.  Well, looks like my house deal is off.  Turns out when they did the inspection of my septic system, it was out of compliance with current rules and regulations so......  Anyway, I'm lucky for one reason, the city sewer runs right up to my property.  I'm going to take the house off the market and get the work done and then put it back on at a higher price.  If it doesn't sell right away, so be it.  I've got lots of time!  I'm telling myself that these things usually happen for a reason.

Guess we'll see what the next chapter is in this thing I call "my life"!

Went to a garden party......


Jean, Judy and I went to the little town where we lived for several years in our youth to see the beautiful home and garden of our long-time friend, Linda Heman.  You wouldn't believe how much time and effort has gone in to this....and love!  Linda, her cousin and her sister and husbands live in sort of a compound where they all share the same backyard.  They have a very large extended family so it sees lots of action.  LaRussell only has a population of about 100 (except when Linda has her garden party, they have the yearly September reunion, and the Thanksgiving eve festivities around the lighting of the pump that sits in the middle of the street).Welcome..... This is their straw garden.  Think I'll give this a try next year....they already have tomatoes.  Wonder, too, if it would protect squash and cucumbers from beetles.  They also had green beans planted. I don't want to say much about this until the deal is done but looks like I've bought a house.  Waiting for all inspections to be reported and then I'll share.  It's a wonderful small house and is in town.  Keep your fingers crossed and have a wonderful weekend.[...]

House hunting update....


Just wanted to update my house selling and buying adventures.  Found out that according to the contract, the sale should be finalized on July 17.  I've been looking like crazy but haven't found anything that I'm really interested in.  I'm beginning to get a little nervous.  My plan was to sell mine and find one that was smaller and more convenient but everything I find is too dated, too expensive, in wrong neighborhood, or in a really crummy neighborhood. 

Why can't I find something like one of these....

Love all of these from Pinterest.

I had to leave today while they did the inspection.  Haven't heard anything yet but already decided that after what I've seen out there, chances are pretty slim I'm fixing anything.  Guess we'll have to wait & see! 

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully, I'll find the perfect one.  I'll stay in touch....

Sold my house....


I can't believe it!  Put my house on the market on Wednesday and the first people who looked at it, bought it.  So much for a calm, relaxed summer but I'm so grateful.  Have no idea where I'll go so may just store my "stuff" and stay with my sister until I find something.  I've been here 33 years and probably would have stayed had it not been for all the steps.  I don't do change very well needless to say.  Would you believe I drive a 1997 Landcruiser that feels like part of my family.  There are so many memories attached to this house.....mostly joyful but some sad.  It's been a wonderful place to spend time with my large family and all my friends.....  My favorite room is my porch and I'll miss it the most....Life goes on and things change and I will find a new place that I'll I said, I'm just not good with change.[...]

Happy Memorial weekend....bring on summer....


School is out, pools will open this weekend.....bring it on!!!!  Always love Memorial weekend for lots of  reasons.  First of all, I know the relevance of the weekend and certainly respect that but my whole life, it's been family reunion weekend.  We always gathered for a big picnic and then headed to the cemetery.  My mother was so adamant about decorating loved one's graves so we have tried to uphold that tradition.  Today my four sisters and I headed to Dallas County to do our duty.  I'm afraid our generation may be the last one to do this in our family....kind of sad.  I'm determined to take my daughter and grands to visit their ancestors this summer.  They've all shown an interest in finding out more about our families' history and that's a great place to start.Even with the cool temps the last few days, my yard is looking great.This is actually a flower garden but everything is so big this year.  My sage is like a bush!And the birds love it.....Don't ask me what the deal is with these two birds but it actually happened.  I'm not even certain what the birds are.  At first I thought they were woodpeckers but don't think so now.I have so many of these tiny wrens.  They've made a nest in a gourd birdhouse right outside my screened-in porch..... ....My first coreopsis.....Hopefully, next week I'll get my house listed and get this show on the road.  Things look so good right now and I've planted a garden that's growing fast.  I couldn't stand not to plant stuff (just in case).  If you remember, last time I listed it, I ended up taking it off the market.  The offers I got were ridiculous and it was a time when houses were not selling well.  Just figure I have little to lose by trying again and lots to gain....we'll see!Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial weekend.  Let's all pray for good weather!PEACE.....[...]

Spring is popping out all over......


My sage....The garden is going crazy.  I don't remember such a beautiful spring....that might explain all the pollen.  I've never seen so much "stuff" falling from the trees and my head definitely feels it.This is the first time for this peony to bloom since I transplanted this from the old cemetery where most of my family is buried.....I'm still planning on putting my house on the market.  I just hope that whomever buys it appreciates the work I've put into the yard.We had such a nice Mother's Day at my daughter and son-in-law's house.  We had a big rain earlier but it cleared long enough to get in a few pictures.We had such a wonderful day.....I so love the time I spend with them.It's been a busy spring so far.  It seems there are just so many weeks to get so much done.  This week we have cousins visiting from California and they're coming to my house tomorrow night for dinner..My sisters will be here and hopefully, my brother, who's not doing very well right now, and sister-in-law and my two cousins who we've been so close to even though they live far away.  We'll all sit around the table that our great grandfather made many, many years ago and enjoy talking about old and new times.  I feel so blessed to have such a big, loving family.Feel so bad for all of you in the midst of the bad thoughts and prayers are certainly with you.Have a wonderful week![...]