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junkers, pickers & imaginares ..

Updated: 2016-09-07T21:24:32.576-07:00


returning .. and moving forward


i took a break .. from writing .. and realized life does indeed keep moving .. i tried to slow it down .. i pretended the mornings didn't begin .. the days didn't end .. i tried all the tricks .. maybe if i don't care, maybe if i don't change clothes, maybe if i don't shower .. maybe i can pretend .. pretend she is just on a long holiday .. on a vacation that never ends .. i have to ask how long she has been gone .. its a tough bond to break .. that of a younger brother and an older sister .. Sister & bubba .. didn't want to let go ..

wanted to preserve the moment .. stop the clock .. the moment i ceased to care ..

its a long journey back .. after being spun into the past at the moment of death of a loved one ..

i love you Sister, but i gotta let you go ..

if you are reading this .. you out there .. i will be back shortly..

love ya'

and the winner was .. live from Canton


deep apologies for not notifying ya'll of the winner of our FOLK MAGAZINE give-a-way.. long story for the delay ..

and the FOLK MAGAZINE years subscription goes to ..... Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage .. who has the most inspiring blog .. you must stop in and read her ..

canton has been good this weekend.. the weather is stunning and the crowds are thick .. got to see friends alice hanson and donna leblanc and her daughter.. gonna share a few pics of our booth with you .. enjoy .. sorry so short ..but connection here at canton is really the pitts ..

(image) love love love this beautiful french boudoir lamp ..her wire frame body is so wonderful.. also notice the mirror we did with the vintage rose wallpaper behind the silvering ..

(image) the tablecover barely made it through the first day before selling to a very happy customer .. as did the sweet little tufted chair ..

(image) these pillows also sold the first day ..

(image) as of this evening, the rocker is still available at $59 ..

(image) our new pillow cabinet in use .. it was a pain getting it into the booth, but it has worked so well ..
tomorrow promises to be another beautiful day .. wishing you and yours the best day ever. excited i get to see my aunt bobbie and cousin stacy tomorrow .. yea!

love you..

last chance! GIVE-A-WAY .. FOLK MAGAZINE subscription ..


we are getting the van and trailer loaded and heading to Canton this afternoon .. come see us in the new lock and leave ARBOR BOARDWALK, right off hiway 19 entrance .. we are in space #7 .. second booth on the left .. go to our facebook page and like us and get a coupon for 15% off your entire purchase .. you must print the coupon and bring it with you .. here is the link .. 15% off Coupon ..

PLEASE .. don't forget to add your comment to the FOLK MAGAZINE post and enter your chance to win a years subscription to this wonderful magazine .. here is the original post and where you would need to leave your comment to be included in the drawing .. FOLK MAGAZINE GIVE-A-WAY ..

here is a pic from our November/December show that i never shared ..


look forward to seeing you in Canton ..

I will draw the winner for the FOLK magazine drawing later tonight .. very late ..

love ya'

cantons coming! & our FOLK MAGAZINE give-a-way ..


last minute canton details getting rounded up .. wanted to share a few things ..

a wonderfully fun center table drape i made from an old crocheted table cloth .. then i coffee dyed the entire piece .. i love it ..for set-up at canton, i am draping it over an old round oak dining table and then surrounding it with a few vintage french provincial chairs i have .. then stacking the table with old books and a wonderful lamp ..also isn't that chair the most?

(image) i brought it as far to the floor as i could and accented it with a bottom ruffle that got a top stitch .. at each corner there is a bow ..

(image) close-up view ..

(image) i am loving it ..

(image) this is our new pillow display in the works .. lining it with vintage floral wallpaper ..

(image) don't you love this old rocker .. it was painted brown when we found it .. rod painted it white and then we distressed it .. it is very sturdy and hand made .. you can see where they carved the wood to make the stretchers and the arms and back supports .. very nice ..

a few wonderful old quilt we found and a vintage shaw walker swivel office armchair ..

come see us at canton ..march 1-4 .. at the new arbor boardwalk, space #7 ..

also, don't forget to comment on our FOLK MAGAZINE GIVE-A-WAY post to gain an entry into the give-a-way and a chance to win a years subscription to this wonderful magazine ..

off to gather ..

love ya' Troy

GIVE-A-WAY & gettin ready for canton ..


don't forget about our FOLK MAGAZINE years subscription Give-A-Way .. click on the link to read all about it and enter for your chance to win a years subscription to my new favorite magazine .. FOLK MAGAZINE GIVE-A-WAY..

we are getting things pulled together for canton .. i just completed a couple of pillows that are part of a new line of things i started working on for the upcoming Petticoats on the Prairie show we will be doing in waxahachie, texas on the 17th of March .. click here for details on that show ..

here are my pillows, what do you think? ..

(image) they are shams and fit a standard bed size pillow ..

(image) my favorite one is the one in back ..

(image) i have never tea dyed anything before, and just started learning .. these two will be at Canton ..

(image) as will this chair and a few others ..

(image) and this wonderful little french ottoman .. which i am going to test and take just like it is .. if it doesn't sell, i will re-do it ..

please be sure and comment and on the FOLK post and get our entry into the years subscription of FOLK MAGAZINE .. you can also follow them on facebook ..

you can also follow Junk Exchange on facebook now .. here .. ..

love ya'll ..

an american story .. FOLK


it doesn't get more American than clearly seeing a vision and setting out to make that vision a reality .. through the long hours, the doubt, the sweat, the stress and the welcome exhilaration when you finally see that dream come to doesn't get more American than standing against the odds and continuing on with your dream..for that we should salute the folk at FOLK Magazine ..sharing the American story.i know you have heard of the magazine .. FOLK made its debut in the fall of 2011. i know without a doubt the first image i saw of FOLK had me from the start .. it crept in and warmed my soul on an otherwise dreary fall day .. (i love that cat!)i felt a connection, which is what most everyone who have read or thumbed through this magazine have relayed to me .. there is a genuineness to the staff that goes deep .. its about sharing, helping and soothing's all your creative thoughts on paper and the people there to assure you, you are just as creative as anyone reminds you it's ok to put peanuts in your coke's ok to take your shoes off in the company of strangers's ok to say Yes Ma'am and No Sir's the sound of a slamming screen door ..the smell of dill on a summer day ..the feel of sunlight streaming through the screen on the back porch ..the wave of a neighbor as he walks past your home ..FOLK is about US .. You and Me .. share your story.the kind FOLK at FOLK magazine have presented the chance for you to win a year of FOLK .. to enter this GIVE-A-WAY, just leave a comment here and share the give-a-way with someone ..I will choose the winner of the years subscription to FOLK Magazine on Wednesday evening Feb 29th .... late .. as I will be setting up at Canton .. come see us ..Arbor Boardwalk, space # 7 ya'Troyedited to add ..P.S. Just in case you have not heard about this magazine .. please go LIKE their facebook page and take a look around .. you will adore them just as the current 6000+ likes do .. here is the link .. FOLK MAGAZINE FACEBOOK PAGE ..[...]

see what i saw ..


seems things have been on a whirlwind since we finished Canton last month .. we took a quick trip up to visit family in illinois on a wednesday.. rod drove straight thru ..normal/bloomington, illinois .. had a small family pre-thanksgiving meal on a friday and came back to texas on a sunday .. then had a small thanksgiving meal with nephew and great niece and great nephews .. it was fun to spend time with family .. but i have done very little for the upcoming canton .. however, i have scores and scores of vintage Christmas to fill the booth with .. and lots of furniture finds .. so come out and see us this month .. should be one of the most enjoyable months of the season .. we are located in the new lock and leave building connected to the entrance of the Arbors .. you can't miss it .. we are booth number 7 .. and we will be there on Wednesday ..

now to show you what i saw when i was in illinois .. i couldn't let the trip go by without getting a pic or two to share ..

if this doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, I can't think of what will .. enjoy ..






can you imagine? all i can think of is where do you put this stuff when it's NOT Christmas? and of course, how much we could sell all of those for .. lol!

love ya! hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving ..

the way of Canton ..


we just finished the October November Canton and it was one for the record books .. in all aspects .. a local police man said it was the biggest crowd at Canton since 1996. .. after 20+ years of doing Canton, we finally have one of the premier spaces at the market .. at least i feel that way .. the new lock and leave building has a feel all it's own .. it was the first time in 20+ years we have been able to leave the grounds on Sunday afternoon before the sun went down .. it was the best show in a long time for us .. everyone loved the new space and commented so .. it felt like home ..the way our booth looked on thursday morning ..the way our booth looked sunday morning ..considered the main entrance to the Canton First Monday grounds .. off hiway 19 .. the new lock and leave building in the distance .. we are the second booth in on the left .. space # 7 ..a burlap and muslin lamp shade i created .. the base of the shade had an approximate 24" diameter .. i had it lit for a pendant shade ..our pillow cabinet .. it's an old pine wardrobe .. perfect for the shams and pillows ..the booth on saturday morning .. i tried to change the booth up every morning .. it was fun moving it around to give it a different look and seemed to pay off ..a chaise i covered in vintage lace tablecloths .. inspired by curious sofa ..slipcover cabinet i had Rod create for the shop .. made using an old wardrobe .. cut out on the end .. chalkboard on each side of the opening .. if you want to see more pics of our booth check out the pics in our facebook album..hoping your month is filled with happiness and love ya'troy[...]

finding it ..


finding JOY today can be difficult and frustrating .. however, i have a secret that works for me and wanted to share it with you .. though it is now effortless, i work real hard at greeting each day and each gift, surprise or show of affection with a silent "Thank You, Father" ..sometimes i even shout it .. and i can't begin to relate how many times i have used that phrase these past few weeks .. even though it seems every other day brings a new pain and a little less brain power .. i feel very blessed ..junk exchange had decided this month would be it's last show at canton .. the shoving and loading and unloading of furniture and setting up of displays was just getting harder and harder to do, and canton was building a new lock and leave that would have made it difficult for us to maneuver into our parking space late on set-up day, which is when we like to get there to avoid the traffic of set-up ..we applied for a space in the new lock and leave and figured if we didn't get in, then this would be our last show .. there were only 10 spaces and hundreds of applicants for the 10 spaces and honestly, we didn't hold out much hope .. we thought it would be nice and of course felt our merchandise warranted such an honor, but there were literally hundreds of applicants .. we were notified the middle of this month we were accepted .. SO ..Thank you, Father!!! .. our NEW LOCATION is in the NEW lock and leave building now known as ARBOR GATEWAY .. we are SPACE # 7 .. how lucky is that? Thank you, Father .. what this means, is we can set up our booth like a shop and lock it up at the end of the show instead of packing it up like we have for the last 20 years ... Thank you, Father...see this statue? if you have ever been to Canton, you know where this is .. it is located directly at the main entrance off hiway 19 .. see the building behind it, that says THE ARBORS .. well, you can't really see that NOW .. now, there is a big building in front of that entrance .. that is the ARBOR GATEWAY .. we are in space # 7 of that NEW building .. so easy to find .. Thank you, Father ..this month we also participated in a local show organized by the Shopapalooza Ladies called "Fall into Christmas" .. it was a fun event and we made some nice new contacts .. and met some wonderful people ..rewerked furniture .. texas pickers .. Thank you, Father ..below are a few images of our booth at that event .. it was a one day event Rod has been busy building us display pieces for the new space and the sewing room has been a whirl of excitement with fabric flying through the air .. we also have at the end of this month the Junior League of Waco show "Deck the Halls" .. Sherry is doing that show .. and Rod is doing Canton and I am going with him ..again, Thank you, Father must come to Canton this month and see the new booth space .. junk exchange has found some incredibly lovely pieces to fill the space and i know you will love the new look .. we will be bringing things for sale that we have not offered before due to the unpredictability of the weather .. now with the new lock and leave we feel secure paper goods, fabrics and lamps and shades will not get damaged ..each day is like a new chapter in this amazing book .. Thank you, Father .. well my mind has gone totally blank on what i wanted to say .. so i will close with Thank you, Father and give you all my love ..Troy[...]

sexy hangers ..


we have decided to add vintage lingerie to the items we offer for sale.. we feel it will add something to the boudoir theme we have going .. i remembered i had some of those vintage padded lingerie hangers stockpiled, but we must have sold them because i sure can not remember where i packed them or placed them.. i thought about what to do as i didn't want to hang sexy lingerie on just any old hanger .. so i came up with this ..(when i say i came up with this, i honestly don't remember if i saw it somewhere and it just kind of stuck in my mind and therefore i felt it sprang - springed? - sprung? - from my twisted, confused mind .. but i thought it was cute, so if i stole the idea from you, my apologies)i think it sets off the lingerie quite nicely .. it is a simple wood hanger wrapped in strips of hand torn (how else?) cotton muslin and accented with a simple bow at the throat of the hanger, finished off with a dangle-ly charm made using a vintage key and a swivel ball hook ..i began with these simple wood hangers .. we see them everywhere down here in Texas ..then we had some excess torn strips that were destined more for the trash than another project as they were too thin for the ruffles on our pillows ... so i made use of them here ..we have a stockpile of vintage keys .. we usually place them in our popular junk bags and sell them 5/ $1.00 ..added the key to a vintage swivel ball hook, from the fishing department ..and it made a cute little dangle ...then tied it to the throat of the hanger .. directly underneath the bow isn't that the sweetiest little (yeah, i said sweetiest) .. hanger ? .. you could even soak the muslin strips in rose water then dry them for an added touch .. me .. i just sprayed them with some tea rose .. which always reminds me of my momma ..enjoy the day .. love ya ..[...]

Canton Sept / Oct 2011


i love Canton in the fall .. and this past weekend did not disappoint .. we had lovely weather and generous crowds .. everyone seemed to be in a good mood .. and it was such a pleasant time ..sweet queen anne dining table, dressed with a vintage cotton tablecloth in pink and green .. flanked by a pair of shield back side chairs with tapestry damask seats in cream and eggshell ..and a pair of oak side chairs dressed with our vintage inspired cotton muslin slipcovers .. available here ..vintage side table chalk painted in cream accented with vintage toile wallpaper on the top and at the drawer front ..another view of the dining table and side chairs ..a pile of slipcovers .. topper and skirts ..pillows of muslin accented with a block printed burlap patch and featuring raw edge ruffle of 3" .. available here & mrs pillows .. 16" square .. a popular item for us .. featuring an envelope back and 3" wide raw edge ruffle ..basket of kings crown burlap / muslin pillow sham the bench .. perfect for end of your bed .. deep hand tied tufts .. accented with vintage wallpaper and featuring storage areas behind the small doors across the front ..the dollhouse large enough for a bookcase .. had a stack of old books to display, but forgot them at home .. lucky for you this item did not sell and is available at our shop location at laSalle shoppes antiques & craft mall the fall look of the ginger jar .. it's a pattern by masons but i forget the name at the moment it when girls / ladies gather and love on our products .. makes me want to be more creative ..more loving from our customers ..a pair of pumpkin head sweethearts greeting the cooler weather to come .. may all this month be special for you and you enjoy the road you travel ya'Troy[...]

welcoming Fall ..


love love love love Fall .. love the colors, the temps, the excitement .. just plain love it .. it is one of my favorite seasons .. lol ..

i am always excited to see what the magazines are doing for fall .. i stumbled on the current issue of country living and fell in love with the article on the pumpkins .. thought, i can do that .. (don't you love that song from Chorus Line) ..

so .. i started with this ..


in an effort to achieve this ..


and came away with this ..

now in the article they said they used paper .. actually copies of fabric pattern .. scanning the fabric and then printing it out on the computer .. but i didn't read that part .. so i used some vintage fabric that i had .. tore it in strips and glued each one on .. then i used scrap pieces of burlap to create the leaves and stem .. then i used a water based polly for the topcoat .. to seal it .. still have one more to do ..

taking them to Canton .. we leave this coming Wednesday .. i am going with Rod this time .. we are in Arbor 2, spaces 217 & 218 .. if they don't sell at canton, they will be at our booth at LaSalle Shoppes on LaSalle Ave in Waco ..

our neighbor dog, chico .. come to visit and see what i did to the pumpkins .. such a sweetie ..


we got him back onto his side of the fence and tried to repair it .. afraid he is going to hurt himself .. but he likes shooger and keeps trying to come visit ..

sharing a song here .. enjoy ..

width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

love ya'

cashmere passion ..



i have a thing for cashmere sweaters. i can't stop buying them at thrift stores and used clothing stores. i have stacks of them. i tend to buy the ones that are cream, gray, black and warm toned colors. i have v neck, crew neck, turtle neck, vests, cable knit and just plain comfy.
i remember my first cashmere sweater - listen to me, i talk about them like it should have been a memorable event. but i guess it was. i love the look of a sweater with a good fit. but, i hate the texture of most sweaters. they just plain itch. i can wear a cashmere sweater on a cool morning to brunch and feel wonderful. i have worn cashmere sweaters that are over-sized and perfect for just laying on the couch and watching an epic old movie. there is nothing more enjoyable than a cool dark room, a Susan Hayward movie (Back Street), curled on the sofa, a down pillow, a bag of animal crackers, iced tea and wearing a cashmere sweater.
my first cashmere sweater - i bought with my mom at a church rummage sale. i was 15 years old. the sweater was at least 20 years old. i was drawn to it for the graphic diamond pattern - which is very much in style now - and when i picked it up, it was as if the heavens had opened up and sent down the lashes of angels to weave this heavenly creation. i was in love. i didn't even know what cashmere was and picture if you can a 15 year old country boy in a family of deer hunters conveying his excitement to his father. yeah. well, he loved me just the same.
so, i have a thing for cashmere sweaters.
i think i need to find a cabinet to put them in - preferably something with glass front doors.
p.s. old worn out sweaters also make great throw pillows.

love ya'

Waco, That's My Home Town (Produced by The City of Waco)


width="480" height="295" src="" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen="">

My Aunt posted this on my Facebook page and I thought it was about the cutest thing I had ever seen .. it's a jingle written about my hometown Waco .. back in the late 50s / early 60s .. I think .. about the time I was born ..

Watch it .. for fun ..

love ya'

Canton - Sept 2011


rod just left for Canton this afternoon .. we had some things that got in the way of getting there until today .. so he should be pulling into our booth about the time this entry is posted to the blog .. i stayed behind again to care for our two dogs .. shooger and jax .. i did get some pics of some of the things he has with him that we got done for this month .. remember this wicker set from earlier in the week ? .. we reupholstered it and added some pillows .. loving it .. Marta, it wasn't that difficult .. we don't know how to repair wicker but the back of this just needed new upholstery .. so that is what we did .. sorry i didn't get pics as we went through the process .. here is the set all upholstered .. i love the floral print .. the set with the throw pillows .. the chair .. it is so comfortable .. i love the way the whole set turned out .. wish i had a big back or front porch to put it on and i would be keeping this set .. a close-up of one of the pillows .. a pair of cube tables that we upholstered and tufted the tops on .. love the way they turned out .. a full size headboard .. just a little bit of burlap at the center and a coat of country white paint .. enjoy your weekend and head out to Canton and say hi to Rod .. Arbors 2, spaces 217 & 218 .. also don't forget, we are in Waco now .. at the LaSalle Shoppes on LaSalle Ave .. across from Treasure City Flea Market .. love ya' Troy [...]

headboard re-do ..


we have had this headboard for some time and we are finally getting around to uncovering it in the warehouse and getting it redone .. above is the way it looked when we found it.. as you can see it had incredible 'bones' .. love the frenchy feel of it .. it is a king size .. to be secured to a metal frmae, aka a hollywood frame .. below is the way it looked after ... covered in washed burlap, accented with crosses of raw edge muslin for the buttons and a ruffle of raw edge muslin framing the edge .. reminds me a frosted cookie .. lol .. below is a close-up detail of one end .. above is a great 1920s era wicker set we will be finishing out and sending with Rod to Canton .. we are upholstering it in a wonderful floral print .. the headboard is also going to Canton .. the sweet bisque cherub duo is the base of a wonderful vintage lamp Rod discovered at a local shoppe .. he is bringing that to Canton also .. Don't forget if you are in Waco .. visit our booth at the new LaSalle Shoppes Antiques & Crafts Mall .. you can read about it here .. Love ya' Troy P.S. Please include my friend Anne's Mom in your prayers .. thank you .. [...]

moving in ..


we finally got all moved into our mall space at LaSalle Shoppes Antiques & Crafts Mall .. i am so excited .. and we have already started selling things .. which is always a good feeling .. we are excited that we have a place where we can allow our local customers to easily purchase from us .. this is from the back of the booth, looking to the front .. we will carry a good stock of our pillow shams and slipcovers .. this is the front of our booth .. to the right is a nice old Art Deco era chest of drawers that we wallpapered with vintage 1940s era wallpaper .. it wasn't there hardly a day and it SOLD .. this is a view coming into our booth from the main entry .. our space is kind of in the middle of the building .. another view of our booth as you come into the room from the entry .. the HOPE banner sold this afternoon .. we should have more banners in soon .. a small vignette on top of the chest .. If you live in the Waco area, please stop in and visit this wonderful new Antique Mall .. it is young and just getting started, but i think it is going to be a wonderful spot .. and the owners are some of the nicest people you would want to meet .. It is located at 2221 LaSalle .. near the Treasure City Flea Market and the famous Circle .. the building served as a Hotel up until the 1940s .. some of the original rooms are still intact on the second floor .. if you are from Waco or attended Baylor University, you might remember it as the Unpainted Furniture Store .. they still sell unpainted furniture there, but are making room for a limited number of Antique & Craft dealers .. if you are interested in space, stop in and talk to Bill or Jean and tell them Junk Exchange sent you .. Also if you head to Treasure City Flea Market or head out to Health Camp or the Elite Circle Grill or Rudys Country Store Bar B Q.. stop in and see the shop, you will like it .. love ya' Troy[...]

we done did it ..


we did it .. we got the space .. great location .. great layout .. love the building .. absolutely love the people who own and run the place .. it is easy access from the interstate .. near an abundance of popular restaurants .. right around the corner from Baylor University .. and across the street from the only flea market in Waco .. the name of the mall is LaSalle Shoppes Antiques & Crafts Mall .. it is located on LaSalle in Waco .. across from the Treasure City Flea Market which used to be the CIRCLE DRIVE-IN theatre years ago .. this is the flea market as it appears today .. saturdays and sundays, this place is packed to the brim .. cars and people everywhere .. this is what the drive-in looked like back in the day .. our booth is all of the black and white tiles .. the double doors at the front of the booth will remain closed .. there is a ceiling fan above the space .. and the building is air conditioned .. this picture was taken from the back of the booth looking forward .. this picture was taken from the front corner of the booth looking to the back stairway .. this was taken from the opposite front corner looking back to the stairway .. the alcove under the stairs will be perfect for housing our slipcover and vintage clothing rack .. super excited .. we decided against doing anything to the booth other than moving in and filling it .. at least for right now .. the owners said we could paint if we wanted .. being so close to the weekend and how close we are to the Holiday season, we voted and decided to live with what we had and stock the space .. we can paint after the Holiday season ... be sure and LIKE our FaceBook page and join in conversations and posts .. we will also be posting pics of the space once we get it all moved in .. if you live in the Waco area, stop in this weekend and see the space we should be all moved in by tomorrow .. we are right off Interstate 35 at the Circle .. 2221 LaSalle Ave .. love ya' Troy [...]

a dip in the pool ..


it has been a long time since we considered opening a shop .. and to be honest what we are considering isn't a stand alone type shop but renting space within an existing establishment .. we have been getting some calls inquiring where people can see more of what we make .. and one thing led to another .. and we looked at some space today and met the owners and seemed to hit it off ..i have mixed emotions about being in a co-op .. but something about this feels different .. the space we are looking at is quite large for us and has a nice front window .. i will know more in the next day or so .. will keep you posted .. and as you know .. i will be sharing pics along the way ..
love ya'

a place in the sun ..


we are gearing up for some photo taking and i have always felt whenever possible natural light is best. so, i have been scouting places on our property that would make a good outdoors photo staging area.this is the base of a very large paper shell pecan tree at the back of the property. i love the bark on this tree and how it flakes. i think the tree could make a nice backdrop to a variety of items..we have used this setting several times already, especially in photos for slipcovers. it gets a good amount of light and i like the contrast of the birdbath and the old wood gate .. this has been my go-to spot .. but i want to explore all the options.. i could move some things into this area and plant some nice plants or even do potted plants..this is the base of an old hackberry tree and an old cedar tree .. the stumps are movable and are only some stumps i came across in a vacant lot ..i could move the stumps over to whatever spot i finally choose..another view of the stumps ..the base of a large oak tree at the front side of our property ..we are also converting a portion of the upstairs laundry room into a photo booth for photographing small items and vintage clothing and textiles ..when i decide which spot is ideal, i'll reveal what i did to make it such .. i kind of think i know which one i will pick, but i am curious what you all think ..thank you,love ya'Troy[...]

Slipcover, the final product ..


i have been working on perfecting our slipcover design for the last few months .. well, here is the final product .. i made it wide enough and tall enough to fit most any size dining chair the photos show ..people have been asking for longer slipcovers and i tried a few designs but they were all in ones, and i really felt bad for the people who wanted longer ones, but went ahead and purchased the shorties .. so i created an underskirt they could by as an addition to the shortie skirt they already have ..i will be listing these in our etsy shop soon .. they are available in both the bleached (white) cotton muslin and the unbleached (cream) cotton muslin .. click the movie below and tell me what you think .. each slipcover has ties at the top corners on the back that will come into play for a future project ..Rod is doing Canton by himself this weekend, so if you happen to head out in the heat, stop in and say hi to him .. Arbor 2, spaces 217 & 218 ya'Troy[...]

Glider Re-do ..


Here are some pics of the glider we re-did last month ..we purchased the glider on the grounds of Canton during the May / June Canton ..after we got home from Canton, we dropped the glider off at the warehouse, then we had some issues with our old reliable van and ended up attempting to transport the glider from the warehouse to our workroom in the backseat of our honda civic .. it worked believe it or not .. surprised the heck out of me ..what the glider looks like all done up the beginning .. we left the paint finish as it was .. i love old chippy paint ..the back of the glider folds down .. the seat itself is suspended on the framework by chains ..the slipcovers for the sides are individual pieces and are made from painters canvas, so it will hold up to the outside .. but i think this piece is best used in a sunroom or covered porch ..the main slipcover is of the same fabric as the sides .. it ties where the back meets the seat and at each corner ..back view of the main slipcover ..placement of the seat cushion .. 4 1/2" foam .. covered in dacron .. vintage mattress ticking used to create the covering which features back zipper and edge cording or welting ..the back seat cushion measures 2 1/2" thick and is made of the same vintage mattress ticking .. it does not have edge cording or welting ..the remaining pillows are made using vintage rose floral fabrics from the 1940s .. the side pillows features vintage twisted cotton rope fringe ..i love this glider, but it's small size makes it desirable for most any use ..thank you for looking you,Troy[...]

A Weeks Worth of 'Catch Up' ..


they say the 'best laid plans of mice and men often go awry' .. my intentions were to keep you totally updated on the comings and goings of this past Canton .. get you down in the trenches with me .. let you meet some of the awesome people who make up the incredible vendors at what is considered by many to be the largest flea market in the country .. spreading out over 100 acres ..yes, those were my plans ..well to start off .. prior to leaving for the two and a half hour drive to get to Canton .. I thought I would show off some of the things we had worked on for the show and would post about them once we got to Canton ..setting a table up outside i draped it with the wonderful new tablecloth i had made from an vintage tablecloth .. pottery barn inspired .. (oh grab something to drink, this is a weeks worth of catch-up and we are only at the beginning ..) so rod helped me set the dining table up outside and we draped it with the tablecloth .. it looked lovely, draping to the brown green grass, i grabbed the camera and adjusted the focus .. and boom .. gale force winds enveloped us .. well, poo .. i thought i could grab a quick pic between the gusts such luck .. i made this by adding ruffled bands of gauze to an existing luncheon tablecloth .. i thought it turned out real cute fast forward 3 hours .. our two and half hour drive took longer because we had to make a stop half way there to get some bottled water .. 20 minutes into the store .. we discover they had no individual bottles of water .. it's 4th of July weekend and someone forgot to order enough .. but we are assured they will have a truckload that evening .. so back on the road ..we finally get to Canton and everything is looking good .. our display fixtures have arrived and as requested the 'wall people' have not put our wall up so we can enjoy the wonderful summer air and maybe catch a breeze and surely get some sunlight ..ready to start the day unloading and setting up the booth .. we like setting the display up first ..display partially set .. ready to unload the trailer & van we spent the rest of the night .. until midnight .. setting the booth up and unpacking ..another chest of drawers .. or as we say down here .. chester drawers .. this one accented with vintage 1940s green print wallpaper ..little glider vignette with crisp white office chair and vintage table ..a better look at the tablecloth and of course the slipcovers .. the next morning the sun was shining bright .. and even though we were exhausted, we were ready for the day .. i loved the way the sun was shining into the back of the booth, which greeted the rising sun with open arms .. it really lit up the booth ..the sun just lit the booth up with such intensity, it made everything seem crisp and new ..isn't that tablecloth the coolest ..? ...a daylight view of the glider vignette ..we spent the better part of Thursday greeting customers and putting the finishing touches on the booth .. it was so hot, but i was able to make a blog post ..the Arbors pretty much shut down at 5 o' clock .. a lot of the vendors head off to the surrounding restaurants or settle in for the night .. Rod and I chose to grab a quick sandwich and hit the sack .. it had been a long day and we were totally spent .. we don't have a travel trailer, but we have our old van which we use for sleeping .. we use a blow up mattress and have a small air conditioner we install in the passenger window .. and there are showers o[...]

LIVE! from Canton Thursday June 30, 2011


Pulled in late yesterday afternoon, trying to avoid the heat. Rod has the computer set up, so I will be making posts most of the weekend. So, keep a watch on the blog. And let me know if there is something you would like to see a pic of.. the above pic is one section or vignette of the booth..I am sooo proud of the little glider.. when I get back from Canton, I will post better pics of the glider.Everything is removable and washable.Our empty booth upon arrival... display delivered and ready for set-up. ..tub ottoman, made from old wash tub .. painted white .. distressed and upholstered then fitted with a custom slipcover designs .. check out the slipcover on the top of the table.. our new twice piece slipcover.. also see the tablecloth .. a reconstructed vintage tablecloth .. love it .. have already had to scare a photographer off who was going in for close-ups on the construction .. people! ..close-up of the glider .. loving it! .. it is such a cute size.. so you will know, this was transported to the workroom in the back seat and trunk of a honda civic .. it folds down ..vintage 1920s chest with vintage 1940s wallpaper .. fabric tie handles .. so cute ..Come see Junk Exchange in the Arbors .. Arbor 2 .. spaces 217 & 218 ..We are excited to see you ya'Troy[...]

Last Canton .. the one afore the one coming up ..


here we are getting ready for Canton next week and i'm realizing i never even showed you pics of Canton last month ..enjoy some of the pics and remember to come see us this month .. yeah, i know .. it is sooo hot .. but one thing to remember about Canton in the summer months .. there aren't a lot of people shopping .. so it isn't as crowded .. and there are fewer vendors, so the ones there are really willing to make you some good deals .. and you can always come and shop the arbors and pavilions .. you could almost walk all of Canton and never have to be in the sun .. almost ..pillow made from old embroidery stitching ..1936 blueprint laid on board .. love it ! hanging above vintage pearl snap button Western shirts .. short and long sleeve ..'paris' pillow shams on canvas ..vintage turned wood pieces ... these were a big hit ..collection of old painted label soda bottles .. as flower vases side of the booth from a distance ..the other side of the booth .. also from a distance ..vintage dresser and vanity .. did not match .. painted both white and accented with vintage rose print wallpaper .. sold both ..another view of the booth ..don't forget to come and see us this month .. Arbors 2, spaces 217 & 218 ya'Troy[...]