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Vintage Home and Garden

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Laces and Lettuces


I think that I may always be trying to live a Brambly Hedge life, but the tendency seems to grow stronger in spring. At least that's when I am most apt to get lost in a mouse story or bunny tale world! I have a million variations of the Jill Barklem books, but that doesn't stop me from looking for new editions now and then, and I recently found this nice one on Amazon. It was actually published a few years ago, and comes in a slip case. Makes a beautiful gift.I will never outgrow this little fairy tale world which always seems to start with spring.I am also celebrating a new ironstone pitcher and bowl. When I went to pay for them at a giddy price, the lady at the counter pointed out a crack in the bowl, which of course I already knew was there. Since I have a few cracks now myself, I don't mind a bit! Haha!Right now my new lettuce flat has a cheery place to wait for it's place in the garden.I had actually gone back to the shop to get this cotton print panel that I had turned down a week ago and had not been able to forget. I knew it would already be gone. But there it was just waiting for me!And what should I find but a new stash of laces that had not been there before?!Also well priced and in wonderful condition. These are all table runners. Pinch me!Two identical Quaker lace runners in perfect shape.But this one makes me swoon.I also don't have anyone young enough around right now to take to the new Peter Rabbit movie, but I didn't let that stop me. Me and Mr. Cottage got a private showing at a local theater at 11 am. (Just worked out that way. I don't think many seniors were clamoring to see that one on a Thursday morning before Oscars. Haha!) Delightful! Wonderful therapy. And it got me all worked up to get into the garden!There is always a beautiful new version of a B. Potter collection at the bookstore too, but I restrained myself. I have had this version for a while now. So I went and bought lettuce seeds instead!And I am not too late for the peas! Can't wait to see them popping up.A nice bouquet from a new friend is also making me feel springy while it blows outside. I know a bunch of you are still getting horrible bad weather. So this is for you too!Finally, one more version of my kind of gardening book is illustrated by Inga Moore. I love her delicate drawings. (I have also already watched The Secret Garden movie recently. I have spring fever BAD! The 1993 version is my favorite.)This is one of my favorite drawings of hers from Wind in the Willows. So that's me . . .Welcome to March!I hope it is all starting out well for you!Thanks so much for stopping by!Think spring!JacquelineJoin me atFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest FridayBetween Naps on the Porch~Metamorphosis Monday[...]

Thinking Spring


Happy Wednesday! I'm thinking spring! How about you? I have managed to keep a little green alive since December when these little pots of ivy arrived on the scene. Thank goodness they don't need much attention!I've been really drawn to every garden style vignette that I see lately, so I thought I would start one of my own. And nothing warms my heart more than a little chippy vintage mixed in with my usual china and linens.I have quite a few little bits of linen that have a spot or a hole but still have the cheeriest snippets of lace attached and are ready to peek out here and there. I find them just as cheery as flowers!I just have to show you the paper whites that I potted in early December too. They did absolutely nothing for weeks. But when I went to toss them after Christmas, thinking that I had just gotten duds, I spotted a single bit of green popping out on one of the bulbs.Here they are just really only starting to take off. I'm thinking that there is a problem with the gravel medium I have them in. Any ideas? They have been so slow growing that I wonder where they will end up. Anyway, they have all finally sprouted and I am feeling a little redeemed!I am cheating with a pot of faux something from Ikea that I had in the shop. It's a good stand in until I can get to the nursery.I'm due, too, for some cut flowers for my pitchers that spend time in my wicker plant stand. Sometimes I enjoy seeing the chippy lattice, but for now I have just changed out the linens that drape over covering the side.I am also enjoying a new chippy cement planter vase that I found last summer. I am just crazy about vintage garden stuff, but haven't used it inside very much. Not many days left in the month. And our forsythia is already in bloom! But we have lots of windy, cold, and unsettled days ahead.  think just a bit of green here and there is going to get me through!Happy Hump Day!And a happy White Wednesday too!So glad that you stopped by!JacquelineJoin me atSavvy Southern Style~Wow Us WednesdaysThe Vintage Nest~Share Your StyleFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest Friday[...]

Little French Valentine Tea


I don't really think of France when I think of tea. And I don't have any hearts for this Valentine tea yet either! LOL! But I went digging deep into the cupboards for something sweet to put on the table anyway, and when there isn't a bouquet, there is always pretty china! And Limoges gets me off to a start with the "French tea" part.I have a lot of one-offs of things. I like a mix of china patterns on a table the way I like mixed linens on a bed. This whole table is made up of china odds and ends, which also keeps things informal.My stacked cups are from my collection of Rose Point by Pope Gosser. I have them paired with a few pretty saucers that I hung onto because of the darling little rose motif on each of them.They also have a delicious creamy color.I sold the rest of the set, but kept an orphaned butter plate too.A lacy napkin added, and voila!, we have a festive occasion!There is this set of four Limoges dessert/salad plates in yet another pretty pattern.And the French galettes I discovered over the holidays tilt the theme the rest of the way.I have since found these on Amazon for twice the price I paid for them at Costco.  I expected them to be more like a sable. But they need a little something, and I serve them with a bit of cheese with fruit.A little sweet. A little savory. A dainty little tea with a little french accent! Oui?Happy Valentines Day my sweets!So lovely that you stopped by!JacquelineJoin me atBetween Naps On The Porch~Tablescape ThursdayFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest Friday[...]

Back in the Linen Nursery


The changes in the "nursery" are going at a snail's pace. That is the speed at which most things are done here these days. I have nursery in quotes because the nursery kids are now between eight and fourteen years of age!We have also shared the nursery with the linens all these years, since my nursery girls are only sometimes occupants of this tiny room, and it's a handy place to manage my linen collections in between times.But I also seem to cultivate a great number of linens and laces here. So it almost seems that they are grown in this space the way plants do in a greenhouse nursery!The ironing board is no longer a standing fixture in here at all times. (Sad face.) There is barely room for the four beds lining the walls. (One is a trundle.)Less ironing goes on, and I am slowly changing things up to look less "baby" and more "lady," since the seven regular visitors are all girls.We are doing less pink, and more white. And I am supposed to be clearing stuff out to get ready for new carpet. But every time I grab a box or basket to clear a closet or a corner, I get majorly distracted!There are plain linens and fancy ones. Gorgeous antiques that need a mend or iron mixed up with the workhorse linens like those from Ikea, and even the paint department at Home Depot that are fresh from the wash. (Actually I got that all cotton drop cloth from Amazon. It's big enough to cover my sofa!)Before I know it I've done nothing but play with linens for an hour. . . .But it's a happy place. And worse things could happen.This is a giant antique pillow sham that I got over last summer that needs a few stitches.LOVE those buttons! (last year we went from summer to Christmas in two weeks! so no mending got done.)And then I unfolded this FABULOUS crochet bedspread from last summer's jaunts too. I think it was something like forty dollars. It is heavy, and dreamy laid across a bed.So what's a grown woman to do? I knew you would want to see too!  I guess I'll get back to my Saturday things now like I'm supposed to!Happy weekend everybody!JacquelineJoin me atLittle Farmstead~Sunday's at Home[...]

Farmhouse Inspirations


There are so many interpretations of farmhouse style that I can hardly choose one. Modern, which is more spare; country farmhouse, which is most traditional; and a romantic style which carries a more idealized tone, like the antique ruffled baby dress above.My idea of romantic farmhouse decorating has more floral patterns and curves, and of course lots of airy white.An old painted wooden door can be dressed up or down. Left plain, or used to showcase your leanings one way or another. An old chippy frame with sheet music is about as fussy as I want to go for now. My latest inspirations are a couple of recent design books. The one above by Tricia Foley is about as pared down as it is possible to get. She uses tons of white with a simple, serene environment. I have spent time in rooms like this, and far from being boring, they offer a freedom for engagement with people, or for creative energy. When you have a more open area, there is space available for change and variety in a room if you want it. I pulled a few things together in this corner for the light, for instance.And I like the softness that just a bit of lace can give an otherwise plain room. A sheer curtain also softens the light if you need it.City Farmhouse Style by Kim Leggett keeps things lighter and more open than a heavier traditional farmhouse style. The mode seems to really highlight collections in an appealing understated way yet still has lots of character and warmth.But I am certainly no purist and can wander all over the place decoratively speaking!I can't seem to stay away from beautiful vintage clothes! Probably close to a hundred years old, you can see a patch in this baby dress that was sewn in the skirt at the lower left.Speaks volumes, and full of nostalgia.  This dainty style is always waiting in the wings for me when I want it, like this set of ironstone transferware pitchers. The pitchers have a dressier mood than my plain white ironstone.Here's a last look at this frilly dress showing the detail on the back side. There is only a single mother-of-pearl button left holding it together.I had the impulse to make a repair to that little tear, but it seems right to leave it to it's vintage honesty. Clean, unpressed, and carrying all the weight of history within its airy folds. Hope you're having fun no matter what your style!So nice that you stopped by!JacquelineJoin me atFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest FridayBetween Naps on the Porch~Metamorphosis Monday[...]

Good Things Come In Threes


It seems like it has been a while since I did a little loot shoot here on the blog, but that's because I haven't been out beating the bushes that much in the last few weeks. But it's about time!And it doesn't take a very big pile to bring a big smile to my face either. A little sparkle, a bit of china, and a few pretty pieces of linen will do it for me every time.In this case, everything turned up in threes. The silver pieces were sold as a set, and I found a trio of little square plates in one of my all time favorite patterns of white embossed china.I didn't even know that this pattern, Rose Point, came in a square salad/dessert version, as I already have some round ones. But these are thick and sturdy, and I am thrilled to add them to my growing collection. The mark is shown below if you have taken a liking to them, but I already did some checking around for a fourth plate to round things out and nothing has turned up yet.I did say three. But you might have noticed a fourth plate underneath. Since I am crazy for embossed plates I have been known to bring home the odd piece here and there and already had a single square plate in house to join the others while I am waiting for a match to turn up. (But, of course!)This is a Homer Laughlin pattern of which I have not researched the name. Maybe you know it! I just know I love it too. See the mark below. The silver sugar and creamer are handsome enough, but I could only take the irresistible little tray if they came along with. And they were priced very well all together. The tray is the perfect size to carry a cup of tea to bed or chair side. (Or for the butler to carry in your letters. Ahem.) Maybe to hold a glass of water or to set a vase of flowers upon. There are interesting details engraved at the center, and adorable little ball and claw feet.I also thought you might enjoy a closer look at the three beautiful pillow slips I found on my hunt. This one pictured here is a single, but having only one would never deter me. A cozy bed made up with interesting different laces on the pillows is nothing but delicious to me! Pile them on!I am always in awe of the hands that produced such pretty embroidery and crochet lace. The other lovely pair of pillowcases is more vintage and unusual to me. A wonderful pattern of cutwork and embroidery. Thrills me to the core. . . .So nice that you came by to share in the joy!And wonderful to have comments from friends old and new on my last post.Thanks so much for stopping in to say hello!Another January nearly done. Many happy moments ahead to you!JacquelineJoin me atFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest Friday[...]

Winter Tea


Welcome to my winter tea!  I have tea in a mug almost every day, of course, but these frigid days just call for something extra cozy.I have been thinking of a bird theme for a table to go with my birdie teapot.This transferware dish will serve well enough I think. A few of my favorite cookies are just the thing too. Biscochitos are a local tradition for the holidays in New Mexico, but they are found here year 'round. I can never eat just one! (Understatement.)This arrangement is set up on a corner of the dining room table. And although I have pulled out some things that don't get use every day, there is always a stack of china or silver that becomes a part of the scene. Today it is my embossed white plates which have been used and shifted from place to place ever since Thanksgiving.The patterned teacups liven things up a bit. I like how the soft floral dresses things up, and the ruffled napkins also add to the tone I'm after.I'm not with my sister for her birthday today. (Happy birthday, Victoria!) But a small celebration set up like this would be just perfect. The vintage embroidered cloth is one of several I have along this theme. There is often one of these on the table.So much of this is familiar by now to those of you who are long time visitors to the blog. I hope you feel right at home! A lot happens right here in this corner of our simple little house.But it seems that it's the familiar things that give me the most comfort in the winter months when everything is turned more inward.The days have flown by since the first of January. And more daylight is returning. But we still have the coldest months of the year ahead. I will need lots of visits and nibbles with friends over the weeks to come. Everybody just has to put up with the stacks of dishes and linens in all the corners. (And they do! haha!)One of my more recent ironstone pitchers is ready for a bouquet.And a basket full of linens each waiting for a turn. . . .I have been busy with a lot of things that have waited through the holidays. But Januarys are always like that. For you too?So nice to have time for something a little special today.Thanks so much for visiting!Hurry back again!JacquelineJoin me atFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest FridayBetween Naps on the Porch~Tablescape Thursday[...]

Sharing My Roses


It's the middle of January and already the days are flying by and disappearing into the flurry of the new year! I thought I would stop in to say hello and to share my roses before they are too much on the wane. I actually like them best when they have relaxed into themselves and have more of a droopy softness.I'm supposed to be busy with Saturday things. It's still early, but I have already officially cancelled one or two items from my to do list for the day. But some weekends just need to turn out like that!A few moments spent surrounded by a few favorite and familiar things seem what is most called for this morning. They give me the quiet space to gather my thoughts. To pause in the minor madness and collect myself for a little while, even on one of the busiest days in my week.I have done mountains of laundry in the past week or so freshening up all the guest beds from the long holiday. Most of our people came after Christmas and into the New Year. Lots of tablecloths and towels into the mix too.Most of the house has been put to rights. I'm never in much of a hurry, but I don't like to wait until the leftover decorations start to bug me. The greens that I had in these jugs for Christmas stayed lovely and soft the whole season. I'm not feeling like a big change, so a cheery bouquet is enough of a move forward for now.I have a big appreciation for sameness, and am not one to change things up all that often. But this bread bin is sort of a newer addition to the collective. It leans to the farmhouse flavor that is so fun to have at the moment.And of course I am never very far away from the beauty and pure energy of a few pretty linens. This big basket in the corner of my dining room has turned out to be such a good system for me. So informal and easy. Everything I need is at hand, and I sometimes even iron! Though not so much lately.All that surrounds me seems to say. "Stop and smell the roses. Gaze on something pleasing for awhile. Enjoy what you have in life."I hope it's turning into a great start of the new year for you!So nice that you came by!JacquelineJoin me atBetween Naps on the Porch~Metamorphosis Monday[...]

Remembering The Year In White


I always enjoy looking back over the year to review where I've been. Something that blogging makes easily possible. The days and weeks fly by in turn otherwise, and become lost in the daily haze.But I can see that they were filled with moments of beauty, and touched by all the things that I love. While so much of meaning in life is fleeting and only to be savored in experience, a glimpse of the rooms and scenes which we inhabit along the way can be captured in the passing with the changing of the light. Seized in a way that even our memories can fail to do.There was the joy of work and shop keeping. . . .Filled with the texture of fine linen.Showered with vintage. . .Sprinkled with garden delights.Almost always with white as a signature.My days were dished up in my favorite china.Served up on a platter with preferred colors and patterns. My pitchers runneth over. . . .So much of the year was filled with the comfort of sameness and routine.The homey familiar surrounding me each day in the absence of friends.Objects to use in the caring and feeding of loved ones,and putting order in my ways.Even sweeping the patio in spring becomes an event worthy of documentation when you blog! And holding on to the first blush of spring.Girls in white dresses, perhaps for the last time before some imagined day held still in the future..A cherished memory may spring full formed from merely an innocent morning of play. . . .There are the gifts that we keep.And the gifts that we give away.The endowments of a new season.And the present in the unfolding of each breathtaking day. (Summer equinox at White Sands NM.)Summer fun came in visiting new and favorite shops at home and abroad like this tea shop in Old Town Albuquerque.Waxahachie, Texas.The Old Lucketts Store at Leesburg, VA..Guy Wolff Pottery, Bantam, CT..Litchfield, CT..And once again, home sweet home! I hope you enjoy some of these favorite moments on the blog!The holidays continue with more family arriving today! It's a blessed time of year when family can gather together even if only for a short time.I hope you look back and savor the best times from the past twelve months.Wishing you a rich and wonderful New Year, filled with all of the things and people that you love!Happy New Year!JacquelineJoin me atFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest Friday[...]

Merry Christmas!


Stopping in after a busy week away to wish you all a Merry Christmas! It's been one of those less than traditional years for us, but it's all good! The essentials are in place, and we're feeling the cheer and hoping that you are too!We came home to our Amaryllis in bloom, and everything still alive due to a faithful house sitter.Nothing like a cheerful bloom to greet you after weary travels!Even the greens are still fresh!A few cards and sweet surprises from afar piled up on the table. And it looks like I'm going to be getting a new alternator for Christmas too! (Well, by next Thursday or so. Didn't count on that.)But the gifts are wrapped.The mistletoe is hung.And we got every last errand finished this afternoon.The posole and tamales are steaming on the stove, and soon the people we love will cross the threshold into another joyous Christmas Eve. You are all no doubt busy with parties and preparations too, but whenever this message greets you, we are sending you loving and warm thoughts wherever you are, and however you greet this celebrated mid-winter night and the coming days. Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year!Happy Holidays,Peace and Joy,Jacqueline[...]

Bringing in the Greens


Having live greens is an important part of celebrating Christmas to me. I have already visited several garden centers over the past few weeks keeping my eyes peeled for what I want. After exploring the options, I settled on keeping a small bucket of live cut greens that I got from the florist for tucking in here and there and to replenish throughout the season. I got a nice bundle of mixed cuttings for seven dollars. Of course some tree lots will give you branches for free. And you may be lucky enough to grow your own! I keep my pitchers filled with fresh water, but it so easy to add fresh greens if necessary.I picked up a couple of very small pots of ivy for tradition, and am loving using my little white Guy Wolff pots again! A perfect size for placing on a tablescape.For now they cheer up the window seat. I also picked up a very small live poinsettia that can go on the table at some point.My Amaryllis is doing well, but nothing on my paper whites yet. (insert sad face here)But my evergreen sprigs are bringing big smiles to my face where they are right next to the dinner table. They are almost better than having a centerpiece taking up precious real estate.There's always room for adding a touch of something more. . . .I like leaving room for the possibilities!Linens are placed in a basket near the table. I don't know exactly which I will be using when, but the tablecloths themselves make things feel festive.I always love how this little vintage embroidered cloth relates to the greens wherever it goes!I hope you are enjoying bringing in all the little holiday touches too!For me just a little goes a long way.I hope there is a wonderful weekend ahead waiting for you!JacquelineJoin me atThe Charm of Home~Home Sweet HomeSavvy Southern Style~Wow Us WednesdaysThe Essence of Home~Share Your StyleFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest Friday[...]

Welcoming The Season


Happy December! It's Friday, almost dark, and I wanted to stop in and say hi before the weekend catches up to me. I hope you are greeting the new season with joy!As fun as it can be to spend an entire month (or more) gearing up for the big occasion, we know life doesn't stand still for holidays. Christmastime is often a mixed blessing, or even quite difficult for people some years. But it is beginning with excitement for me so far, and I am very grateful.The shots I took today remind me so much of the few old photos from my childhood taken at Christmas years ago when photography was not the highly developed process that it is now. But then there is always something to remind me of the old days this time of year!Decorating usually unfolds very gradually for me as we ease into the season. I am never ready for a blogging home tour this early, but thank goodness there are plenty of those to visit!  I am often more focused on my favorite rituals and traditions. And I never get to even half of those! I did get around to planting an Amaryllis bulb in a sort of timely fashion though, and just today got some paper whites into a pot.I know they are not supposed to be crowded too much, but the glass vase I selected only has so much room! Wish me luck!I picked it because of the tall sides to support the stems, and it is fitted with a wonderful wicker basket. It gives me warm thoughts of the friend who gifted it to me every time I use it. (Ribbons and moss are on their way for a nice display.)I just found this wonderful pot at Home Depot too, and want to add a little rosemary tree to the gathering.They come in a couple of different sizes.It's also time for my favorite Christmas books and movies. We had this old Holly Hobby edition when my kids were small, and it got lost somewhere along the way. A few years ago I ordered another from Amazon. I did the same with an old Lionel Barrymore record of "A Christmas Carol" that my family shared when I was a girl. (Or maybe it was from E-bay!)The pages are full of nostalgic drawings.The old-fashioned world it evokes has never left my heart, and so I try to invite as much of that feeling as I can into every Christmas celebration.Even the smallest tree always seems to fill this room!We recently went to see the new Dickens movie "The Man Who Invented Christmas." It was a wonderful launch to the season! I had to dig out my collection of various editions of that beloved story, including the one I have with the original illustrations. The movie covers the events leading to how Dickens came to write his inspiring story. Just one of so many films to enjoy during December!Just trying to keep everything homey, simple. . . ,. . . and relaxed, like Yo Yo the family cat!So many good times to come! I hope there's a wonderful weekend ahead for you!JacquelineJoin me atFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest FridayLittle Farmstead~Sundays At HomeBetween Naps on the Porch~Metamorphosis Monday[...]

Shifting Gears


I often go careening around the corner from Thanksgiving into December/Christmas/Winter. But it feels different this time. I'm sure that having an early celebration has something to do with it, since we had a traditional dinner last Sunday. But we have negotiated many early celebrations before. So maybe I just made deeper tracks this time.I thought I might set up a tree beforehand, but just a hint of decoration served when time ran short. (As it often does.) But all the important things were done in plenty of time. I found a make ahead gravy recipe that a friend posted on FB that turned out great! Here's the link. The head cook made the mashed potatoes the day before. And I made the pies day before too. (No brainer. Everybody does that!) We kept the menu simple, and roasted the bird unstuffed so it cooks faster. But I think having a smallish crowd of ten helped keep things calmer.We also found another fun new thing for us on Amazon Prime. They have a bunch of nature themed videos for free with membership. Some of them are pretty funky, but 'Winter's Solitude' has beautiful snow scenes with low key Christmas music. Or you can just keep the sound off and have pretty pictures instead of a big black screen (or worse) in the middle of everything.And, since fall things are sort of all finished the minute Thanksgiving is done, I thought I would sneak in a peek at this lap quilt I am always planning to post and never do. It was the first one I ever made back in the early 80's. I was all into these colors, handwork, and Country Living in those days. Since I am someone else now, I have actually bleached this twice to tone down the fire, but nothing at all happened to dull the bright color.I rarely show this quilt anymore now, but I am saving it for posterity. And speaking of dull, I like remembering a comment that a helpful neighbor, a PHD in Child Psychology, made when she saw that I had fashioned a crib dust ruffle, quilt, and crib bumper for my new little girl out of the brown fabric shown here. I found the calico adorable with eyelet lace trim all around. (She is my only daughter, and we loved Holly Hobbie so much then!) But turns out that brown makes your baby dumber than primary colors! To think the genius she might have been! Haha!Things also got shifted around a bit as they can when you are making room for merriment. This antique hall tree which has lived for a time in the dining room was on its way out the front door when it asked for a reprieve to stay in this entryway corner. Probably should have been here the whole time.It has shown up on the blog from time to time like it does here on the left in this photo. (A lattice screen has taken its place.)Now the rack just peeks out over the shoulder of that adobe wall behind the big screen.A few comfy chairs also got schlepped in from other places for our guests. This chair is usually covered in crochet lace in a bedroom out of the way. But I found myself glad to see it in here again.I gave a thought to passing on the high chair too, but she just doesn't want to go yet! And a friend saw this barrel in the last photo of my last post and asked how I planned to use it. What a crazy question! I never have any idea of course! But it became a handy place to stow my pitcher and bowls so I could use the window bench for dinner. It can stay as long as it wants.An extra card table, and my Queensware china, and before you knew it, it was all over! (Buffet style only at this narrow table for a crowd like this.)Today was spent reverse engineering everything. But it was a pleasure hand washing all the family heirlooms, monograms, and special possessions once again.Things have to stay ready for the next month or so of comings and goings. And there will be more gra[...]

The Thanksgiving Hutch


The holiday season often starts with a refresh of our dining room hutch. It tends to get loaded down over time because it can hold so much. That is both the up and the down side! So a tidying up tends to be more about what is taken off of it rather than much new added.I knew I wanted an evergreen crown for it this year though. And so far I am sticking to a Thanksgiving theme for the most part until a little bit later.Much of it should look familiar, since I tend to stick to the same things. I was happy to find that Tricia Foley has a big lidless tureen high up on a shelf in her kitchen similar the one I keep, so I am feeling validated. I could never manage to be as minimal as she is, but her recent book "Life/Style-Elegant Simplicity at Home" has been a huge inspiration for me. Her love of white has certainly been a big influence on me too.This might be the most pared down version of the hutch I have ever done though. I wonder if you can see the difference? I have just a sampling represented from all the things I love to collect rather than trying to keep so many dishes in one place.A few favorites like this little bunny tureen always seem to get pride of place. It will hold a bit of cranberry sauce.The chickens get a feature this time, as do the pottery beakers from Guy Wolff Pottery up top. We will love toasting the season a time or two from them in an old timey way this year.I love the sparkle of a bit of silver peeking out here and there too.I thought I would do more transferware than this, but my white plates won out again. The new farm theme plates balance the terracotta beakers out nicely so they will get a turn to shine for awhile.I have several more marmalade jars, but I find that using only a few really works better to keep the balance with so much variety. I really do try to keep things from looking too busy.I wouldn't want to live without a dresser and hutch ever again! A fresh runner on the sideboard and we're good to go.That ironstone piece at center is something I found at a fleamarket years ago, and appears to have fit on the top of a coffee pot, as it has a grid of holes on bottom. It has no other practical use for me than to look old fashioned and pretty.The only thing new here is a big silver soup ladle I found last summer.The candlesticks are actually pewter that got diverted on their way to the shop. I'm afraid that happens a lot!Another favorite are these ironstone pudding bowls with faces on them that hardly turn up in markets for me. I have only a few, but they transport me to another time. Now I have to stow away all the stuff that didn't make the cut! (And it was a lot.) Getting the table ready is the next order of business! Busy weekend ahead! I hope it's a nice one for you!JacquelineJoin me atBetween Naps on the Porch~Metamorphosis MondaySavvy Southern Style~Wow Us Wednesdays[...]

Elegant Little Gifts


We get an early start to Thanksgiving with a dinner for ten on Sunday, so this week has me busy preparing and cleaning up my act! It's a good chance to count napkins and forks and such while making sure everything is clean and ready.It's also a big time of reflection for me. Touching again items that have been gifted or bequeathed to me. Remembering certain possessions that a particular family member admires. Thinking about Christmas ahead. And, of course, musing on those now absent from our celebrations.My thoughts are often full as I stand at the ironing board pressing fresh linens. This time I am thinking "my daughter would love this," and "my sister would love that," and other such related considerations.It got me thinking of stories I love, like "The Gift of the Magi" by O'Henry. It's the one where a newly married couple with little money want to buy gifts for each other. On Christmas Eve the husband sells his watch to buy his wife combs for her beautiful long hair, while she cuts her hair off and sells it to buy a watch fob for his precious watch. A lovely old story of meaningful gift-giving.It seems that our times call for a return to simple gifts. Where even the sharing of a sentimental story can be a memorable offering. Hearing stories has always been a key part of my love of Christmas.But little elegant gifts are going to be included in my gifting this year too. The kind that have no on or off switch, or that are strictly practical. It will be my bit of old-fashioned storybook gift giving.This sweet and creamy net lace table square is the sort of thing I am talking about.Or these adorable floral teaspoons from Holland that came from my mother in law, now gone. I could gift them as a set, or give one tiny spoon to my granddaughters to remind them of our tea parties together. (The larger spoon is for sugar.)I also enjoy dressing up pretty vintage frames with nice papers or special photos.Even a handwritten quote or message.A single serving utensil of any kind can make a sweet present.Especially paired with a pretty linen towel.I also present treats and food gifts on the small bits of china or silver that I am ready to pass along. These are the sorts of things that I collect for very little money all year long.And then it will be so much fun wrapping elegant little packages to match!I think that I have shared before how this early part of the season is what I enjoy the most. Before too many carols and commercials. While there's still time to see all the movies and read those stories, and fit in all the parts of what makes Christmas special. I hope it happens for you too!Wishing you an enjoyable week ahead!JacquelineJoin me atFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest Friday[...]

Planning For November's Tables


I had the best time getting out a few table things to consider for the days coming up! When you are a dish and linen fanatic there is always too much to choose from. But then there is more than just Thanksgiving Day to appreciate all the things you love, and to remind yourself why you have them in the first place!With our big family spread out everywhere, we often have more than one celebration anyway. And getting started with the holiday visits early makes getting it all in more of a sure thing. Just today we received our first invitation from a neighbor who has her big holiday party the Sunday after Thanksgiving every single year.It's also a good time to consider gifting a few favorite treasures to those you love. Especially if  your collections haven't seen the light of day for awhile.But there are things that I keep put away just for this time of year, like dishes with acorn motifs, and this apple sugar and creamer set by Johnson Brothers. (The pattern name escapes me. Do you know it?) The Sheffield teapot with the acorn knob is a favorite, and is always at hand. An old cafe cup paired with a stray saucer. . . .These transferware plates are new favorites that I stumbled upon last summer. They are a set of four dessert size plates perfect for something festive. I am crazy about the barnyard scene!I hardly use printed tablecloths, but this one took my fancy at Home Goods. It's a Ralph Lauren design. I thought I would pair it with these gold napkins from Pottery Barn. I thought they would soften with washing but they didn't. So now the plan is to use them and wash them a lot so they will! Nothing worse than scratchy napkins!I decided to tone down the patterns with a plain runner and white plates. (Surprise!) The vintage plates are Rose Point by Pope Gosser.But I really do love the subtle colors.This leafy edge just sends me too!I never got over my childhood picture books. . . .And just check out all those critters! The pattern is "Farm" by Old Hall. The seller valued them at five dollars total for all four.I also selected this linen table square from my piles for a side table. I found this vintage piece in new condition, and gave it its first wash. I just realized that I have a much bigger linen wardrobe that the one that I wear!   Finally, I wanted to show you a few paper napkins that I picked up for the Thankful season. I loved a bunch of different ones, so I bought a few to dress up the table and to give as hostess gifts. There are so many great designs, and my friends have loved getting them. They make nice bunting strung up on a ribbon or length of yarn. These all came from Home Goods at a very small price for each package.They do not stand in for cloth napkins, but are wonderful for drinks and snacks, or for decoration.A few turkey paper plates even made the cut! (I hardly recognize myself!)I hope you are enjoying some fun table times too!Feeling grateful, thankful, and blessed. . . .So nice that you came by!JacquelineJoin me atThe Essence of Home~Share Your StyleBetween Naps on the Porch~Tablescape ThursdayFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest Friday[...]

Petals, Patchwork, & An Autumn Ritual


Our local grocery had these beautiful wine-colored hydrangea plants in the floral department yesterday. I am way more apt to use this deep color for fall than the more common fiery hues. I also love that a plant will last so much longer than cut blooms!I thought right away of the new Wolff pot that we brought home from Connecticut last summer. I have just dropped the hydrangea in like a cachepot. They will get moved around as long as they last, but for now they cheer up this corner by the reading chair.Read more about these pots here and here.I also look for ways to use my transferware around the house for fall. A pretty plate will serve as a temporary saucer since the pot has a drainage hole and needs one.Another "fall" thing that I bring out is this old patchwork quilt that I stumbled across a few years ago at a fleamarket. It was in one of those "man" booths with old tools and metal and wood and such. It was filthy and smelled of oil. It was coming apart at one end and was as brittle as old paper in places. I nearly came to my senses and left it there! It really was worth no more than the ten dollars that I paid for it. Not even suitable for a remake into something. So why did I buy it, you might ask?The fabrics are very old. Perhaps more than a hundred years. I knew that they probably began as clothing of some sort, or pieces left over from sewing. I knew that each stitch was made by a skilled hand from long ago, and it felt to me like a voice was speaking out from the past.The worn quilt is merely a relic now. Of use for hardly a thing. But I soaked it gently and long when I brought it home, and dried it carefully on the lawn way from the sun, as if fading one more shade would make the slightest difference. Some of the cotton batting was lost in the process from the one badly decaying end. Each time I handle it even now a few more tears in the cloth appear. The reverse is done up in this wonderful antique plaid that speaks clearly of an old homestead to me.And I thought that you might enjoy seeing the variety of the old prints close up. . . .It is a homey and handsome puzzle-stitched beauty. And I still enjoy the exercise of wonder each time I draw it from the closet where it takes up precious space. How did it ever come to be jumbled up among the vintage rakes and cans of some gritty garage world in the first place? Many stains from its checkered past remain. But the old patchwork is as fresh and sweet as modern chemistry will allow. The quilt has earned its quiet nest away from dust and too much light. Bundled up in its cover, I like to imagine that it might even be happy to be lifted up and admired once in an autumn or two. But it still keeps it secrets tucked deep inside like so many tufts of pillowed cotton. And so it will remain. Alongside the mystery of that ten dollar question. . . . More views of this quilt and others can be found here.And here.Wishing you all the gifts of Autumn!JacquelineJoin me atCedar Hill Farmhouse~The Scoop[...]

Hello November!


It's still seventy degrees and beautiful in Albuquerque, but we are finally getting a taste of autumn in the neighborhood. It leaves me with a need to change up what I'm looking at inside as well. I still keep things on the light side, but who can keep from giving in to the urge to bring a little of the outside in?And a little goes a long way for me.Especially when we have so much color right outside the window this time of year! We have to really take advantage of the moment when our clinging vine turns red because it drops the leaves altogether soon after.We spend bits of time at this spot watching for birds all throughout the day. Our feeders are placed quite near, and the vine makes a good hide.I'm not much of a wildlife photographer, but once in a while I get a lucky shot.This is the view from the other side of the window.It's a bittersweet moment in the year when the vine finally puts on a show before dropping its color. We have relatively mild winters here, but the whole town turns brown and drab for what seems like an eternity until spring comes again.I went out and chopped a nice branch from the snowball bush that is putting on a second show for the year.It looks to me like those big expensive faux branches that you can buy from Pottery Barn. (Only better!) And I will get to toss it when it's done too. (I wonder how long it will last?)We have an overcast day, so I have the shutters flung wide open.I spent what I saved on those faux branches on this PB pillow cover. (Isn't that the way it always goes?) Always nice to look at something new.It's time to order a bit of firewood. I have cleared the hearth in order to be ready for our first cozy fire of the season. The fireplace screen is just stowed behind the club chair until needed again between fires.The cranes and the geese have arrived again in the fields. And there's nothing like a hearty soup or stew to tuck into after a nice long walk in the afternoon.  With the firewood all ready go, and the change in the time casting us all into darkness too early again, the candles will come out too, along with a few extra throws on the sofa and chairs to settle into. Welcome to November!I hope it's wonderful for you.JacquelineJoin me atFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest FridayBetween Naps on the Porch~Metamorphosis MondaySavvy Southern Style~Wow Us Wednesdays[...]

Using All Of Your Resources


It's early, and the light is bad. But I am putting perfectionism behind me for awhile today, and have lit a candle for courage.Maybe you have read a bit lately of the "hygge" concept. If not, here's a nice link to clue you in. I thought about the idea a lot this morning, and think it's a great notion for our times.There is always so much to share, and so little time. My big idea moment of the day is often first thing in the morning when I am just waking up and starting my brain going with a nice cup of something and a browse.I used to get energy and inspiration from magazines first thing, but the internet has augmented that these days. (For good or ill.) In a lot of ways these resources are still finding themselves and their relationship to each other, but it seems that for now decorating magazines have turned heavily to blogs for sustenance.A while back magazines weren't faring so well.  But they have had such a resurgence that you can't keep up. I mean, there are so many now that no one can afford to! But I am limited more by common sense than money these days where that's concerned. I subscribe to no more than two publications now, and cherry pick from the rest. I spend a lot more time making my selections than ever before, and buy a mere fraction of what is offered, yet I still seem to get a ton.We dish out for a single issue now what we used to spend for a book, so I choose more carefully. I also pass on the issues that I am finished with, and hang on to piles of all the rest. That alone presents challenges of its own. Where to keep all those magazines!This issue is one of the very few that I chose for fall. They can all end up looking the same to me.(The title was hard to read above, so I zoomed in.)Notice that it is "the best of", so you may have already seen some or all of it. And not cheap.I enjoyed the whole issue, but this article caught my eye enough to look up the artist, David Arms.I could tell by this book room that we have a few things in common.I always read with a magnifier, and you would be shocked at how much more detail that you pick up.Besides the whole aesthetic of the family rooms, one of the things I liked best was the magazines stowed behind the couch!And one click on the David Arms website was all I needed to see that I was going to love a lot more. Just look at his adorable looking workshop in Tennessee! His FB page is also a treat. (His "about" page reads like this..."David Arms was born on a cloudy October day in 1956 in the rolling hills of East Tennessee.")He loves what we love. A lot of bird themes, transferware, and wonderful quotes.There is original artwork for sale, but I won't be investing in any yet. Fortunately there are greeting cards and other things for sale that you can have for a lot less! But just looking over the website will feed your soul.The website feels similar to one of your favorite blogs, and the intro offers this advice:"Now tune in some classical music, fill your space with my "studio" scent and come on in." So I lit a favorite scent of my own, and did just that.Stop by the site and tell me what you think!These days I always read a magazine with my laptop at hand to look things up. Lots of our friends are in magazines lately too. I don't think that I will be giving up the printed page anytime soon. Now all I have to do is figure out a few more strategies to deal with all my past issues!Hope you're enjoying a great day!Thanks for popping in!Jacqueline P.S. I wanted to leave a word of thanks for all of the wonderful words of encouragement I got in the comments and i[...]

What I Have Been Up To


I've been really stressed out lately, as many of you have. And by "lately" I probably mean most of the last year. I have often felt distracted from enjoying things like posting on my blog, and haven't been feeling very creative. Sort of slogging through in slow motion. I think I have started to unload on you here! But all I mean to say is that there are parts of my life that are constant in the chaos, and I want to keep sharing them with you because they are a solace and a help to me.Besides the obvious things that folks turn to, like faith and family, I also turn to simplicity, and the ordinary joys and beauties that can bring a small lift in a dark time. I'm pretty sure that this is where the tradition of giving flowers comes from. But one of my big soothers is working with freshly laundered linens, and ironing. It gives me a way to reorder the world. And you might also be surprised at how calming going through the motions of it can be. Cooking, knitting, gardening, or writing might be what does it for you.I have also been cleaning out closets for a long time now, and giving stuff away. These are some of the linens that I have had tucked away for awhile. They are a small cache of antique monogrammed towels that have been kept from use over generations of time. Still in new condition. I am sure that for some of these samples, mine was the first washing they had ever had.Some I will give away as gifts, but there is so much pleasure in using old linens in exactly the way they were originally intended, that I will keep some for use myself.Here is a stack of three hefty linen towels with my own first two initials on them!I also take pleasure in the hunt for interesting old vintage things. I bet that's a stress buster for a lot of people! These old shakers are a nice homey addition for my pretend farmhouse kitchen.I recently went looking for new fall decorations for the shop, and found silk flowers half off at the hobby shop. I don't keep many faux flowers at home, but I was surprised to learn how much these imitations cheerily fooled my eye! I have them plopped in an old vintage florist's basket. I know that white doesn't do it for everyone, but white is my high energy and peace color.Silver is also a fall and winter thing to me, and I was happy to find a pretty new vintage ladle for all of our cold weather soups and stews. The platter is perfect for the holidays ahead, and I had been searching for one just like it. The vintage pewter candlesticks will never even need a polishing! All recent finds.So that is about as creative as it gets for me these days. On one hand, it is about as shallow as life can get. On the other, it is about sharing some of the upside, and the good things in life that could easily be taken for granted. About keeping on, and keeping contact. Keeping connections in a sometimes seeming disconnected world.So I will share what I am up to these days even if it is nothing very special, and I hope that you do too.Keep sharing the beauty!JacquelineJoin me atFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest Friday[...]

Vintage Cutwork Embroidery and Transferware China


I am a summer lover, and so this time of year is a little bittersweet for me. I was born in August in desert country. That might explain why I love light, sun, and don't mind a little heat! But I have come to realize that a lot of what I love in the way of collections lends itself more to autumn. Brown transferware is a case in point. Although I like to keep things light in all weather, fall lets me bring in more detail, dark colors, and the texture that I love during the cozy seasons.Instead of the daisies that I wanted in the market for my arrangements, they had big wonderful bunches of baby's breath, and I had nearly forgotten how much in love with it I am! I am also partial to dried bunches of weeds (which I almost never seem to know the variety of). The plate designs with the flora give that Brambley Hedge feeling I'm so fond of. All warm and woodsy and wonderful at this hour of the occasion.But my aim is really to show a couple of marvelous examples of embroidery that are new to me this week. I found this cutwork runner in one of my "unlikely" markets. Sometimes vendors in these places have a much lesser appreciation for what I am looking for than I do, with a price to match. What a cheery day when THAT happens!I don't own nearly enough of this type of hand work, and hoard the few pieces that come my way. I think the workmanship is best shown on a darker surface like this to show off the details.I always seem to see my collections in a new light when they are put away for awhile. Some things lose their charm, while others become more endearing to me. I just may be buried with this platter clutched to my chest! Haha!But pitchers and platters will always be present somewhere in my personal landscape.For me, these are the quiet colors of late summer and early fall.This second embroidery sample, found in the same place, appears to have been worked by the same hands. The patterns and stitches are similar, with only the design being different.The linen is unbleached, and the piece is smaller with less cutwork. But it has the tan threads which I enjoy and have so much of in the embroidered tablecloths that I tend to collect. It is a nice addition for me.Of course I love hunting and gathering all year, but it's lovely to have things come together in a new way when the seasons change. There is still so much ahead that seems to rush in too early for me. I want to savor September as the last few sweet drops dwindle away into another autumn.  I hope you are able to savor these last few days of a waning summertime too.JacquelineJoin me atBetween Naps on the Porch~Metamorphosis MondayThe Essence of Home~Share Your StyleSavvy Southern Style~Wow Us Wednesdays[...]

Burlap and White on the Table


I have pulled a few things from the shelves together to make a centerpiece today. Fresh flowers are always nice, but I never seem to have exactly what I want on hand when I'm ready to roll.I have sort of a rustic garden theme going on, with a late summer tone. We don't have much fall color happening yet, and I prefer quieter colors anyway. The antique wood mortar and pestle holds a sprig of dried hydrangea to round out the grouping I have chosen.  I picked up a bunch of these small burlap sacks a year or so ago at a very small price. I wasn't quite sure what I would do with them, but quickly realized they were the perfect size for a place setting. So they finally made it to the table!I always have plenty of white embossed plates to select from. I paired them with brown transferware for the last tablescape, but this arrangement needs as much white as I can give! The napkins and rings are both old season Pottery Barn. I love old painted pots, and things with script. And the lettered pattern blooming out livens things up. Some old casual cut glass adds a little sparkle. Vintage stemware like this is found in nearly every thrift store around. (As most of you already know . . . ) I used to have a ton of it.That's Rose Point china by Pope-Gosser on top, and the American Traditional Ironstone by Cannon Pottery Co. underneath. Both make my heart go pitter patter. An Old World mood does not suit every occasion, but it gets me going in the right direction for the weeks ahead. I took a liking to the hard apple cider bottles that appeared over the holiday weekend and put them to use too! I hope they will get some daisies in them soon. The place cards are from our local lavender farm. They seem custom made for the theme.I guess I am feeling downright domestic! Seems like it's been awhile. But fall coming on does that to me.Happy almost fall to you!JacquelineJoin me atBetween Naps on the Porch~Tablescape ThursdayLittle Farmstead~Sundays At HomeFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest Friday[...]

Favorite and Familiar Things


It is hazy even down here in New Mexico. How can the country be so out of kilter from one end to the other at exactly the same time? My thoughts are on the storm headed for Florida, the recovery from one in Texas, and the horrible fires in the West. Bless us all!It's hard to stay steady these days, and so it's more important than ever to feed the soul. I'm trying to keep life simple, and focus on the everyday beauty in my small world. This little bunch of lavender from a friend is one example.She brought in a fragrant armful fresh from her yard to the shop, and we each made up a bunch or two to bring home. Not much color is left in this dried bunch, but it still smells heavenly. The sage bundle is from the Old Town tea shop that I visited earlier in summer. It brings good energy to whatever spot it's in. A little aromatherapy goes a long way! And a pretty linen liner dresses it up.I wanted to show you this gorgeous cupboard door that I found at the flea market and painted white. I always forget to do the before pictures! But just imagine it in a dark mahogany. The white brings out the beautiful relief design. It was even already wired for hanging.All the vintage details are there, and only leave you to imagine the original piece from which it came.For now it's just leans against the wall where it catches the dramatic early light.We had what I think may be the last big hurrah of summer over the Labor Day weekend. A big outing with visiting family. So the quiet now settles in as the light also catches a few of my favorite and familiar things. I always take pleasure in the habitual routine of washing things up and setting things to rights. The table coverings are just a little bit more worn than they were last summer. A bit more soft and faded too, like the past year's memories have already become.There is solace in returning to the comfort of one's ordinary things. That somehow seems a heavier statement than I mean it to be, but all cliches are coming home to roost this September!Wearing white is officially put aside after Labor Day by tradition. But it is the mainstay for everything else around the place. It just gets cozy-ed up a tad for fall.I really love sepia anytime, but I recently came across the most adorable greeting card company in my travels. (Don't ask me where.) I need a slew of birthday cards every year, and so I pick them up in batches. I'm always thrilled to find ones I really love.Homey themes. And these even have nice quotes on the back!I wonder if domestic life is why so many of us love it when autumn comes again. I don't think it's just the pumpkins! Haha! Already seeing plenty of those!But I, for one, am glad to the return to simple tasks. Back to a semi-empty calendar. To routine. To the sights and scents that only whisper "home."Take care out there.And Happy September Days to you!JacquelineJoin me atSavvy Southern Style~Wow Us WednesdaysFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest FridayShabby Art Boutique~[...]

Dish Season


I have to admit that I haven't thought very much about laying a pretty table over the summer. But the minute we stop running around, and especially when the weather changes, my heart turns toward homey things and the comforts of gathering with friends and family around a hearty dinner table.I especially like simple and informal dining with the emphasis on a good visit rather than a lot of preparation and clean up after. We have all been so busy this summer! So one pot dishes or a savory soup with a nice crusty bread to go with it make up my favorite kinds of meals.I have reached for the dressier dishes this time rather than our standard plain but pleasing sturdy ironstone soup bowls. I just wanted to get out my transferware again for the first time this season.I'm using some of my heavier textured linens that have been set aside for awhile. A nice big drop cloth cotton tablecloth underneath, a nubby thick runner down the middle, and my favorite striped napkins that are so large and absorbent and practical (from a few past seasons ago from Potterybarn). They don't even need to be ironed.The mark on these dishes says "Fenton Faience from Surrey, England." I haven't had them for all that long, and just about had a fit when I found a set of them a few years ago.I also wanted to show you the beautiful hand thrown beakers we got from Wolff Pottery in Bantam, CT over the summer. (I have been binge watching Poldark from PBS on Netflix lately, and the pub scenes are full of these handsome tumblers in many different styles. The third season starts up in October.) The pretty cards are from a museum shop. They make nice favors or place cards to dress up an otherwise fairly plain table. The ironstone tureen was the first of only a few that I have collected.I also keep a small collection of brown transferware biscuit jars. They make good sugar bowls or flower vases. Sometimes just for decoration on the table.The matching teacups are bigger than usual and also nice for a big cup of coffee.The summer runaround isn't quite finished for us, but I'm already starting to feel more settled! The lovely postcard illustrations are from Model Book of Calligraphy. Inscribed by Georg Bocksay, 1561-62. Illuminated by Joris Hoefnagel for Emperor Rudolf II, c. 1590-96. (Getty Museum.)When I pulled out my bowls, I was surprised to find an odd match in the mix. But that's how nicely the different patterns can blend together!The large plates underneath are vintage American Traditional Ironstone by Cannonsburg Pottery Co. I think that I love embossed white china more than anything.Are you gearing up for the changes ahead too?Welcome back to dish season!JacquelineJoin me atBetween Naps on the Porch~Tablescape ThursdayLittle Farmstead~Sundays At HomeThe Charm of Home~Home Sweet Home[...]

Taking Stock


It seems that I have a collected a lot in my travels over the summer. It all gets plopped down somewhere between trips. So my rooms heave a sigh when I finally get the time to organize, clear things away, and do some deliberate arranging for a change.It's also time to bring out old favorites, like this antique woven cloth that I only use in fall.It's nice and thick, with a wonderful weave and texture. And I guess I think of autumn as being more textured than other seasons.More layered as well. I like a cleaner and sparer look for our rooms in summer, but our spaces take on layers, just like we do, as the summer comes to a close.I added a couple of wooden spoons and utensils to the mix this season.I don't know what took me so long!I also fell in love with this transferware platter that I found in New England in July.Those sweet looking cows had everything to do with it. But then the creamy color won me over too. It is an old Copeland pattern.My collection of ironstone wash basins has grown too. I will pass some along eventually, but they are so useful for holding and displaying things, and are so easy to stack.It seems the summer foraging has brought an abundance to mimic that of nature herself.This tawny water pitcher seems to have been made for fall. It even seems fatter than most to me.I have had this terry tablecloth for decades now, and use it mostly as an under layer on the table. It's nice and large, and can help absorb the inevitable spills of a family gathering. . . .But there are always comforting stacks of tablecloths waiting in the wings in this room. The blue glass is helping me cross over from one season to the next. Keeping things light just yet.But it's time for gathering up dried herb-y bundles, and interesting acorns.I always fight with the light when trying to take pictures, but we love the big windows in here in any season. Baskets and weeds are just made for each other.The dresser has gotten loaded down with this and that over the past few months too. Over time you find out what belongs and what doesn't. What was merely a passing fancy, and what will be invited to stay.The hen house is also getting pretty full. But so cheery!Even the silver has taken on an amber glow. But that little tray will soon get a seasonal polishing up! The pewter just holds its own.Saying goodbye to another August.Thankful for a safe home, and mindful of our friends and loved ones in harms way.JacquelineJoin me atBetween Naps on the Porch~Metamorphosis MondayFrench Country Cottage~Feathered Nest FridaySavvy Southern Style~Wow Us WednesdaysThe Charm of Home~Home Sweet Home[...]