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Rose and Thistle

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A Shopping We Will Go.....


Gina and I love to hunt and peck for all the special things we add to our housesthat we call Home. We have shopped from Florida to North Carolina and every nook and cranny of Summerville, SC. We start our day with tea and Homemade scones on my side porch. Then shop till we drop but always end each adventure with a yummy desert for two!! I hope this post finds you enjoying your day!![...]

Behind the Gates of Charleston


Have you ever peeked into the Gates that surround all those Charleston gardens...wondering, wishing, dreaming. Here is your chance.[...]

Trip to Cally


I was lucky enough to visit Los Angeles, California this October, my oldest
daughter moved from Chicago to LA last year. The photos are all taken at the
Getty perched in the Hills with gorgeous vistas from all sides. It is well worth
the trip from the art to the gardens!! Enjoy.
*Gardens-Maze at Getty
*Fainting Couch
*Decorative Arts Building
*Over the Top French Bed



Charleston has only had snow one time in the last 10 years, Sunday, Boxing Day,
surprized us with the second snow of the decade.

Still Decorating.....


In my boredom of looking at blank walls, my creativity apparently peaks. As I look at each wall, I see picture, picture, picture. I certainly cannot do another picture on the wall. But it is sooooo blank. Lets see, I could put wood trim on the wall and paint inside the trim??? What about another medium??? Fabric....but I do have a lot of drapes and finals.....this all came to be one evening while being bored watching TV, apparently I'd rather decorate than watch TV. I thought I would buy a tapestry, Ive always loved tapestries, the history of them all, the in·tri·cate' beauty but I had been looking for just the right tapestry for about 5 years now and not found one. (another story) so then I thought to myself, I could buy some fabric that looks like tapestry and then I said to myself, Kate You have so much fabric, why don't you just go look at it!!!! And Wa La!! I did have the perfect bolt of fabric I hadn't even touched....Here is how I made my custom tapestry. 1) Measure size of wall area, to decide size of tapestry2) Cut the fabric to size3) I decided I liked the fraided edges,so like pulled threads out on the opposite side and bottom of fabric (quite a project)4)Measure pole you will use to determine rod pocket size and sew one seam for rod pocket5)Decide how you want the finished project to look, ie: finials, tassels etc. 6) I think I am going to add long blue and gold tassels to mine on both sides7) Hang brackets for wood pole[...]

Roosters, Roosters Everywhere!!!


Seems everywhere I go now I see Roosters!!!
A few photos above:
Rooster's available at Dillard's Homestore
Rooster picture Linda painted for the Saluda Showhouse
opening tomorrow in Flatrock, NC

Bring Your Appetite!!


1) Start with the Cool Mountain Air
2) The Freshest Ingredients
3) Good Company
4) Bon Appétit
( I took all the photo's except the watermelon sorbet, which I did
make from fresh watermelon, but forgot to photograph, (as we were
having to much fun by the time we got to that course) mine wasn't
as pretty but tasted wonderful!!)

Two Peas In a Pod



When I was in the UK, one of my favorite things to do was to walk down to the
Tesco every day. You don't keep as much food in England as we do here, it's more the custom to get your food fresh for each day's meals, I was in the habit of taking a nice walk after breakfast, taking in the local ambiance, as I walked to the post (to drop off my cards), the bakery and Tesco.
The first aisle as you enter Tesco are the magazines and newspapers (Daily Mail and Sun) I loved to stand there and browse!!!! Can you imagine, a kid in a candy store!!
When I returned home to the States, I was always disappointed that I could not get many of my favorite reading materials here, or if I could it was a huge shipping price.
Fast forward, Gina and I being the two pea's in a pod that we are, (I swear we have the same brain!!!)I from Charleston found a great subscription to one of my favorite
English Magazines, (see above English Home) and Gina from Florida was at the same
time looking for her beloved Scottish Magazine. We both were elated and on a weekly phone call decided to tell each other about our great finds!!!!
Even more proof that two great minds think alike....please ck them both out I'm sure
you will get as much enjoyment as we both have. I will always think of Gina now
as I take my English Home out of my postbox!!!


Happy Birthday Gina from Karen White!!!!!!


Surprise, Surprise, I was privileged to meet Karen White one of Gina's and my favorite authors!!
I told Karen the story how I had moved to Charleston from Florida and my best friend and I started a blog to stay in touch. Months later Gina had told me about a great author who writes about Charleston (Karen White).Gina and I started with House on Tradd Street and have since read all Karen's other
books. When Gina visited me in Charleston on my birthday, we went down to Tradd
Street, walking as we discussed the houses, the ghosts, the stories that Karen had
started for us.
Here Today on Gina's birthday, I display my proud photo of Karen signing Gina's books for her bookshelf (she reads from a Kindle) as keepsakes of all our memories!!
Happy Birthday Gina!!!

Love, Kate

Visit Flat Rock North Carolina


I visited Hendersonville/Flat Rock, NC this 4th of July weekend. Most of you knowI have been vacationing in the Mountains for over 15 years via Florida. Last year Linda Spry, owner of Mountain Home and I went into a joint venture and opened a shoppe on Main Street in downtown Hendersonville, NC. Fast forward a year and Linda and her husband Charles have moved there business to 317 N. Main Street in Downtown Hendersonville. (Mountain Home)We visited the upcoming Showhouse in Flat Rock over the holiday weekend. I'm giving you a peek at the 2010 Flat Rock Designer Showhouse, opening August 14 - 29th. Linda owner of the now Mountain Home is transforming the kitchen of this marvelous home. Above are photo's of * the beautiful Saluda Cottage, as it was named in the 1800's* Linda and I relaxing at a new pub after a long day of having fun....I can't wait until August to see the end result!!![...]

Everyone Loves Toile!!!


Look closely, this is not a kitty, but a possum eating out of a kitty bowl off a blue toile place mat, only a daughter of mine would put out such a lavish feast for a possum!!
(My oldest daughter Lindsey just moved to a new house in California and apparently all the neighbors love to come for lunch!!)

Life's Memories


Above are memento's of the adventure's of my life.
On my kitchen bar:
* Hunter Green Tea Jar from my first trip to Harrod's.
I carried it home wrapped in a sweater in my carry on to keep it from breaking.
It reads, Harrod's Food Halls.

On my coffee table are:
* Autographed Salamandre book from the trip Linda
( I took to theFlorida
design center, we had an afternoon of champagne, pastries
and design mega load, to was wonderful!!!
* Chinese Ashtray from the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota, I
took my daughters to Christmas Tea the first year they
opened my eldest daughter was attending the Chicago Art Institute
and was home for Christmas break, it was the first time my
youngest daughter and I saw her smoke (she doesn't any
longer!!) it was a great afternoon of mother and daughter's
one that can never be duplicated...
* Blue and White covered jar, a favorite piece I have left from
my antique store I used to own in the 1980's.

* Enamel box of Toulouse-Lautrec, I purchased in St. Petersberg
Florida, when my daughters and I visited a traveling exhibition of
his. Another great day.

Beverage Dispenser for Lindsay


This is for Lindsay at Lee La La,, she loved the Drink Dispenser in a blog featured earlier this
week and I told Lindsay we sell them at Dillard's Home Store where I am the manager in Charleston, Here is a great selection for all of you to see....they are so fun to decorate and serve with!!!

The Main Ingredients Etched Drink Dispenser
Mimicking the look of a decorative vase, this clear glass drink dispenser boasts a bamboo-etched design. 24" tall x 9.8" in diameter. Holds 2.4 gallons. Only at Dillard's.



Sun Room TableTop Tuesday!!


As I said last week, I recently moved, I am having fun creating spaces just for me, I was married 19 yrs and always had my girls living with me, they are off on there own now and Mom is trying to find a life on her own. Hence my new Sun Room. If you all remember I raise orchids and in Florida that was not much of a challenge but since I moved to Charleston to be closer to my youngest daughter, I have taken to Charleston but my orchids are not quite sure. The summer months are fine for orchid growing but in the winter I must bring them inside and recreate the rain forest indoors. So in this new Carriage House of mineI have planned a made a room just for them I have called the Sun Room. It is filled with pieces I love the stained glass window my dad made, my garden wellies, a darling tic, tac, toe piece I found at the Biltmore Garden Shoppe years ago, (see the little frogs and dragon flies are the xx's and oo'x) some topiaries and bird's nests. As well as the most important feature my terrarium ( I found at Marshall's, I got a great deal on it) I use it as my orchid Hospital, for those little failing orchid's that need some TLC) I hope you've enjoyed our Tabletop Tuesday, thanks to Marty at A Stroll Through Lifefor hosting again.....until next week. Kate[...]

Mason's Ironstone (made with Cornish Clay)


I spent quite a bit of time in England (mainly Cornwall) over the last 4 yrs.
You cannot go to Cornwall (esp. St. Austell) without seeing the huge impact Cornish Clay had on this village. If you were born from the 1920's to 1930's in this area, your husband would have worked in the industry in some way or another his entire life. (I will write more on this in an upcoming post)
Charles James Mason patented the famous 'PATENT IRONSTONE CHINA' in 1813
The Mason patterns and moulds this firm made were renamed 'Mason's Ironstone China Ltd' in 1968.
In 1800-13 Mason PATENT IRONSTONE CHINA impressed it's mark in various forms with the name 'MASON'S'.
Mason used a mixture of Cornwall clay, ironstone slag, flint and blue oxide of cobalt to produce a hard, opaque, bluish white pottery that had a smooth, glossy finish after glazing and firing. The earliest ironstone items were decorated, many with hand painted oriental designs or blue transfer patterns. (See
my butter dish above) (funnily enough purchased in the States not in the UK)

The landscape north of St. Austell and covering 25 square miles, is a long range of flat topped hills with occasional white conical peaks which gave the area its old nickname of the Cornish Alps. Until 1746 fine porcelain had been Chinese. But then William Cookworthy found china clay near Helston. The main area mined is north of St. Austell. As you drive through you get only glimpses, the heart of the clay fields and then onto the Charlestowne Harbour, where
they exported the china clay but now a holiday maker's town known for its tall ships and Shipwreck Museum.(Where Aunt Doris lived)(Her husband worked there 33 yrs)(also home to one of my favorite pubs) Now clay is shipped from terminals at Par and Fowey (my favorite village in the whole of Cornwall)
Above are photos of:
My Mason Butter Dish
Cornish Clay Hills

Little More Of Charleston


Love this new website I found on Dream Cottage blog. It's so fun, why should I spend
hours drawing whenI can now do this in seconds? I've posted some summer photo's in Charleston.
*Myself on Mother's Day in front a full bloom Magnolia
*Gina in pencil drawing
*Jasmine growning around an arched doorway
*New Ravenel Bridge (view from Charleston Aquarium)
*Jasmine (one of my favorite scents)
Best to you

Getting It Together.....


I've just moved and have been working on vignette's in different parts of the
house, it's a lot of work but very gratifing. I have been creating for about 3
weeks now but working at the same time, I do have 3 days off this coming
weekend so hope to get more done, that is if I don't go downtown and have fun

Hot Enough to Grow Cotton!!!



Yes, in deedy do, it's hot enough to grow cotton here. I guess that's why we
have so many plantation's here in the South. Sometimes I just show my Yankee roots
too much!!! It was 106 in the shade today. Driving to work at 9:00 am it was 90 degrees by lunch time, my car thermometer read 110, it went down to 106 as I drove
around doing my errands....go thing for air conditioning!!! It cooled down to
a mere 97 by 6:00 pm, thank goodness for small favors....

Antique Abbey New Member


Antique Abbey Member Area
Look at the Great New Sight I've Joined, please come spend the afternoon with me


Quintessentially Charleston


I was driving to the grocer in a light drizzly rain that it does here in Charrrllleston (that is our we pronunciate Charleston ) and there to my right at a busy
stop light was the most brilliant blue hydrangea in full bloom. The shade
of blue was breathtaking in the rain. I was transfixed to make a u turn in
the middle of the street to take a closer look (a stop and smell the roses
moment) I pulled into the narrow gravel drive which to my surprise was a
small cemetery hidden next to a very busy intersection. I parked my car
and walked to the hydrangea in the light rain. Sure enough hidden next to
the brilliant blue hydrangea was a head stone. I was taken from my normal
everyday life into the days of your in Charleston. I was pulled into its
history once again. Taken back into time as I love to go. To my further
surprize the gravestone read Ameilla Middleton. Anyone who know's Charleston
knows the name Middleton, one of our largest plantations is the "Middleton
Plantation" but why here? Why is Ameilla's gravestone in the middle of
heavy traffic, was this once the country? Was this her old path, she used to
travel? I am now driven to research Amellia. Just another adventure unfolding
in my new life here in Charleston

Just Getting Caught Up!!!


I'm just getting back to blogging again, it's been a long road, but I'm back and
hope to be for a long while. I thought I would post some photo's taken in Charleston
the last couple months.
1) Magnolia's blooming on Mother's Day
2) Wisteria all over Charleston for just two short weeks
3) Peek into a front gate
4) Jasmine growing all over a house on the Battery

Rosanna In Charleston


I am so excited to host Rosanna Bowles owner of Rosanna Dishware at my Dillard's
Homestore this Saturday from 1-4 pm. It will be at the Citadel Mall in Charleston
We are having a local bakery make her cake, from her new cookbook. Coming Home.
Hope to see ya"ll there!!!

Spring At the Biltmore.......


Im so lucky to have been an April baby. To always get to celebrate my birthday each spring. As of late at the Biltmore. Please enjoy the photos of the Biltmore this year and last.....nothing like spring flowers!!!! Except good friends to enjoy them with. Kate[...]

Tea And Me......


A Few Photos to share with you. ~ Wedgewood Tea Pot ~~ Tea on the Morning Porch ~~ Gina having Tea at the Ritz ~~ Me having Tea at the Drake ~~ My Tea Box ~~ Tea at the Orangery ~~ Cream Tea in Cornwall ~[...]

Orchids and More Orchids



I was lucky enough this past Birthday Weekend to visit a Orchid Nursery in Horseshoe, North Carolina. As you all know
I have been raising Orchids for over 20 years. In Florida orchid raising for me was a cinch. Here in Charleston, it is a challenge
I have not con corded but I love a I keep going forward.
The photos above are a computation of my past orchids and the orchid nursery.