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Preview: Coastal Nest

{Coastal Nest}

Im a Wife, mom, daughter, sister, lover and remodeler..Its a wonderful life! A peek into a day on the Northwest coast.

Updated: 2018-03-05T09:17:57.907-08:00


Modern {ish} Cottage..dreamy


projects projects projects...on the horizon!

news to follow--exciting :) 

Merry Christmas!


I hope you all have an amazing Christmas Holiday,
please dont forget the reason for the season.
: )

Busy girl....


I know..its been months.. Ive got an excuse though.. There is something new going on in downtown Aberdeen..  Its a sweet little spot that you might know of. SeaWorthy Home is now a Brick and Mortar.. Next time you are in the area you should try and stop by! Id love to see you-xxooLisa Find me here...11-5 Tuesdays-Saturdays. SeaWorthy Home210 South I StreetAberdeen[...]

oh, yellow..your not mellow..


Yellow, I am sure that whoever gave you the nickname"MELLOW"was blind.You are anything but.I am in love with everything about you today..I need the color burst of happiness you give me when I find an excellent room done in your perfect hue.I do have a pair of those beds in the second photo and think I am going to make the leap and paint them this perfect color. Add that wonderful pattern on the headboard in the next photo.. made into pillows....voila!wait, do you think that the lucy and ricky thing would go over??hmmm..Twin beds..are they a thing of the past? food for a yellow lemony bright sunshiney day kind of question..make it a great day, peeeeeeps..these are all pinned, hereon my pinterest~oh, my..[...]

what? whats that, you say?


And that, my friends, is a small sample of my pinterest..find me over HERE [...]

Memorial Day..


Thank you is not enough.Today and every day we honor our men and women thatServedLived and DIEDfor this beautiful country.We pause and remember..With Gratitude..GOD BLESS AMERICA... [...]



I seriously am having a dinner problem. Its the same old story at this house lately..

So, I am turning to the good ol Pinterest site to get some new ideas to feed the hungry people that I live with..who are also

If the kids had it their way, nuggets and hamburgers would be the call of the you have any great ideas for me..
Id love love love to hear them, or send me a link!

I really need to try something new.

Ruffles & Rust--my space..


Here are a few photos I snapped prior to the opening ofRuffles and Rust vintage market this last weekend.It was an amazing event and I am thrilled to be involved with all of these talented ladies (and gents)Had a total and complete blast, there was so many wonderful things here..I only wish I had some time to get out of my space and look around a little more than I did!I was very busy..I appreciate each and every customer and new friend. Have a great weekend~Lisa[...]

Red White and Bleu...


Well worn tenny shoes..a great kickball game, or a summer clam dig..Fun art on a vintage air mail envelopeAmazing amazing motel road signs..of the good ol USA..a parade of boats make a nautical theme in  lucky Isaacs room..a vintage Independance Day card..who sends those any more??My favorite super-hero gone way too soon standing in front of what he believed so deeply in....and a very favorite shot.. These nails make me crazy! I crave this!Anything you can think of, there is a photo and most likely a link or a story behind it...Kinda love the whole PINTEREST thing..follow me here...COASTAL NEST [...]

Tsunami fishing, a beach craft (as if) and a little more...a RE post from a few years ago..


First off, can I say I have the best ever houseguests/vacationers come to Coastal Nest Beach Cottage??That said, I would like to point out that they leave me treasures beyond treasures from the sea(and some from their little doggies, but we wont go there)Above photo, we have driftwood..all shapes and all sizes. Enough to start a lovely smokey campfire out in the back, we do it all the time..But I said to myself..self, what can you do with all the treasures? The folks thought they were neat enough to drag back from their adventures on the beach, but didnt take any home for themselves, so..I got a hot idea, made it up myself..ReALLy...not really. I started by collecting lint from the dryer and spinning it into twine..REALLY!(not really)I begged to use the old drill from my sweet man and spent the morning at Coastal Nest last Saturday morning drilling driftwood!REALLY!this is what I came up with..Smarty pants, arent I..Next up, sand dollar hangy things..Dont worry, Ill keep you posted..not really.Im sure most of you knew that there was an earthquake in Chile..Everyone was warned to stay OFF the BEACH!!someone didnt get the message..Actually, this was the day AFTER the warnings. I wonder if he caught any fish..No, I didnt ask..Really.~~~~~~And you can file these under No certain beach attire...His mothers boots and sweats, no less...The little lady and her pink cow-girl boots and green peacoat.and I will round it off with the big man, perfectly equipped with Ipod, to not listen to his mothers ramblings, hands in pockets, perfectly positioned to NOT hold his old mothers hand..the porkpie, perfect for ANY occasion, according to him and his Olympic perfectedEYE ROLL.god, I love him![...]



Happy St Patricks Day!



Crazy..thats how I feel right now. There are so many sad/scary things going on in our community...our State, our Country..our World..

Teen suicide... cannot get over it, it makes me so sad to think that these kids think they have no way out of a situation that could be solved by a few words of kindness or someone to talk to except for killing themselves. My heart is BROKEN...I am scared for these little loves. Life is fragile, people are mean. I am sick of it. Way too many ongoing right outside in my little town. Stop it! call me, we can talk it out..or at least find a way to make you feel better, get you headed in the right be happy again...

Violence.. just a normal every day occurance now days. Are we all getting so conditioned to it that we read the headlines and shrug our shoulders, say thats so sad.. and go on to the next story?

It seems like danger is around every corner these days..I hate sending my children out the door half the time..I know I am so over reactive..but if its not one thing its just another..

Love one another, smile, hug those children, teach them how important it is just to be kind to other kids..Im rambling, but its so important to be kind....



I would die and go to heaven to have this black subway tile in my kitchen, or bathroom..and that floor? gaaaaaa. Black and white is soooo put together and crisp..This photo is too perfect, too. The random awesomeness of it all drives me to drink. I mean decorate..The chalkboard wall..good in thought, but wait till you actually have a whole big gi-normous wall of it..then throw in the darling ankle biters to scribble and draw on it..the chalk dust is EVERYWHERE..believe me, I know. Its definately a love/hate.. Now if you are an adult with no children and an artful eye to just have fun and draw perfectly on it, well then you are set. This would be a dream for those types, this house, chalk dust rules the day when the kids are into the creative spirit.. I love it, dont get me wrong..its just alot of upkeep.The black house..tried this too, we painted over a white house that had old old scratch shingles, and no turned out so horribly we ended up selling the house....BA HAHAHAHAAAAA! We had direct sun ALL> DAY> it really didnt ever get a chance to dry slowly, I guess..The black paint worked like crackle paint, it was {to put it bluntly}A FRIGGING MESS..we quickly outgrew that sweet house..moved in with one child, and out with 3..We left the black crackle painted house behind..Now if you had new siding..I would totally go for it.. except if it was new cedar shingles that we are putting on this hubby would divorce me before we would get to paint...That leaves me with this little saying..not really, just thought it was perfect..could you live in this room? for thought.[and I think not]too dark, especially for the long winter days here in WA state..I love to look at it though..totally swank.All these black and white photos come from me, here on this lil link..If you dare, follow..if you must. Life is short, get to pinning~Lisas on Pinterest[...]

Thirsty Thursday.....hang on, its almost the weekend!


its been one of those weeks....School challenges me with my children more than I would like to say..

Of course, none of my sweet cherubs are at fault..Busy running here, running there and all of a sudden I need to apply the brakes..


Quite possibly bathing myself in one of these beautys.. I always did love the smell of vermouth on a Thursday, mmmm..

no olive though..please..those went out with my Finn Patricks pregnancy..
Im salivating looking at this right now..
you care to join me??
Here here to Thirsty Thursday and a nice weekend..

hey, shelly!!


I want to make this mirror..will I? who knows..Im guessing if I write it down it might stick in my head a little longer and I might actually do it..maybe..ha.I still love to look at it after all these years. I would put it out at one of the beach houses, think people would respect it? who knows..all I know is its fran fricking tastic.Then there is this Miss Heathers fireplace..can you tell I have been roaming around through my blog? I guess having years and years of posts thats a thing you should do every now and then. I loved looking though my posts last night. I have poured my heart and sould out in this thing..I have made some terrific friends along the way, too..Ziemer..Fortner..Crazy Paula..and sweet pregnant Cutzi just to name a few.Anyhoo..We have to do some foundation work this summer to the ol 1928 English Tudor we live needs it..It all revolves around the big old brick chimney from the fireplace..and a sill plate, Mac Daddy says..what ever that is..This means we are going to be taking the bricks down, since we have a gas insert the whole thing really isnt necessary, anyway..I am excited to be doing the work because that means #1 a LEVEL house..which is major.and #2 a little bit of new decorating going on! and no, I will not be covering up the new surround in oyster shell..I will just dream of it. Im afraid I would get so tired of it so quickly. I have to go out and clean the coastal nest..New visitors are arriving tomorrow for a long weekend. I wish it was us! We never get to stay there anymore..We, however, will be on to an exciting weekend..Ryan has carved a spot out for himself in the Districts Mens Swim finals..who would a guessed it..He will be sprinting like a beast..50 Free is his race...Im excited and nervous for him. Being a freshman, though..its quite a feat! He has gotten the customary TEAM mohawk and tonight we are going to the hairdressers to get it dyed will try and take a photo.. He is turning into quite the young man~take care![...]



This picture haunts me..

Coastal Nest cottage..


Can you believe you can come here and stay? We would love to have you!Spring and Summer are just around the corner..c'mon, just take a peek at the website..its really affordable and you can see its totally adorable!Here is the link for our Coastal Nest across the street, we have this adorable little place, too! hours from Seattle or Portland..a short car ride to the Olympic National Forest..Get your kite..see you at the beach!!!![...]

Ode to SeaWorthy....


 as some of you may, or may not know..I had a sweet little space up in Snohomish, she was hip and happening ..and well, took over my life for a while.I loved her, and she loved me..SeaWorthy wanted me to run wild across the land near and far. Cmon, SeaWorthy would whisper..the kids are at school, that husband of yours is at work and weve got the whole day! we had a blast, her and I..finding the most fun in the dustiest and mustiest of spaces..Carrying on with the real pickers of the harbor..which, to be for a motley crew, for sure..we said ALRIGHT when the husband took a big interest and thought it would be fun to it was a threesome..he I and ol SeaWorthy.. but somewhere between Aberdeen and Snohomish we quit talking..the long rides in the truck were starting to take its toll on ol SeaWorthy..she got irritated when she had to sit in the truck for 3 hours each way, sometimes even more..We tried to talk her out of her funk, Steve and I..but it was to no avail. SeaWorthy was out of gas and didnt want to play anymore..I just cant do it full time, Lisa..she said to me one day..SeaWorthy was really sad and could hardly look at me once those words came out of her mouth.,, Steve, I think was relieved..The time and effort she was taking out of the family were starting to show..The deed was done..we were no more a threesome..I tried to hang on to the fun..I really did..She whispered to me that she would love to come out and play at some vintage shows, but she just couldnt keep on the road or keep up the pace..I agreed and told her it would be alright..We had so much fun..we both agreed as we wiped off our tear stained cheeks..We can go online!!..she said with a bit of a uptick in her voice..alright, I told her, hesitantly..we have made an etsy shop try and see if we cant keep the gig alive..Time will tell, I told her with a for now shes living in my dining room..shes got alot of shat, that seaworthy girl..but I like her close to home. I think she dosent mind it either..If you are in need of some of her stuff, give me a holler..I will get ahold of her for you..She told me she knows I will never give it up..I agreed.But for now, shes got her feet up..loving the view shes got of all the snow outside and the kids playing in the yard..I love her so..that girl..:) Here she is on Etsy...[...]

15 years ago..


Wow..15 years? REally? It is ever so amazing how so many days can roll into weeks, months and then years. I remember every minute.The dinosaur expertise phase...the absolute drawing phase..not with color crayons..nope. Not Ryan..pen and ink. only. and serious, oh my...He was and still is the easiest out of all 3 of my beautiful children. The perfect first born.. He is passionate about alot of things, school, not being one of them, but he goes happily and willingly..because of one thing...Youve got it...Band..I love him for it..his new obsession along with the constant drum drum drumming in his upstairs bedroom {with a small, teeny tiny dose of insulation} so his mother can hear him CLEARLY.. is a double base pedal..because all the cool kids have one..{{{holy drumming, reader..}}}He is also begun swimming on the Mens high school team. He is like a fish..a fast, happy fish..amazing.Im overjoyed..every day, by this little/large man we have raised. Happy, healthy, wealthy (not so much) and wise..(we are working on it, i promise)He is AWESOME..He is 15..He is all that is what I dreamed of in a son..Thank you for you, Ryan..mama loves you! Happy Birthday :)All up to the moon and the stars and all twirly whirly and then all the way back down again..and into your heart.xxoo[...]

I raise my glass to you....


to you and yours!
Cheers, friends

Beach still my heart..


Keep Clam..
Sun Screen
Fun with Daddy...

no gifts, please...?


My man, he makes me laugh, cry and get all choked up inside..
We agreed to no buy any gifts for eachother this year..we even did our secret handshake..

But, oh no..
Not him..
He goes and gets me the most amazing camera that I could even imagine..
Canon Rebel T3..with a big ol lense..I know not where to even start.
He is such a good hubby..I love him awful!

I cannot even figure out how to turn it on yet..well..I can turn it on, but..

I will be on my way to super duper photo-girl stardom ( about 6 months..)
I need a class! full up on love (and lust) for my crazy grey haired man..

Thank you MacDaddy..
I love you to the moon and back.

do you do it up big??


Its that time!
The time I love.....don't get me wrong, I do love finding that perfect, splendorous present that everyone dreams of receiving from someone special...
I crave a specially wrapped gift more than anything!

I think that the packaging is almost the best part. I have been perfectly OVERDOING my sweet mamas Christmas gift as long as I can remember...I love love love to spoil her rotton. My kids too, but I think its different....

They love to rip and tear and see whats inside, who gives a rip about what the paper or the packaging looks like, I WANT THE LOOT!
{who can blame the little sweethearts?}
I am, however....getting quite sick of this bakers I will be using something completely different and fun..

Merry wrapping, you wonderful splendid strangers that are my friends
I will be having a toddy and going for it