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Decorating/Art Projects!


Okay so everybody that I've been following (primarily The Stories A-Z and A Vintage Diva) has gotten me in the creative mood! I want to start painting and just creating my own art. I have no idea how any of it will turn out but it'll be mine. I hate generic stuff. It makes my home feel impersonal. I have a taste for antique and country-styled stuff. Here are some of the ideas for projects I've come up with.

1. I want to paint something for the kitchen. Maybe a spoon and fork pattern with a lace background (I do at least feel confident in using lace as a stencil).

2. I love the idea from A Vintage Diva of old white plates. I think I want to do some stenciling on some of them in blue to match my kitchen.

3. This is going to be the most tricky. I want to do a painting for my bedroom for over the bed. I don't want to do anything generic or flowers or hearts so I think I might monogram (again with stenciling or lace!).

4. I need to figure out something to fill the enormous space of wall in my bathroom. I don't want to put a painting in there so I'm up for suggestions. Maybe some sort of iron rod or collage. Maybe I'll put another towel hanger there and just make some really cute hand towels to match my towels.

5. Painting for the living room. A big painting. I wish I could paint my dogs but I am not even gonna attempt that one! I know I want fall colors... that's all I know.

So I look forward to doing and posting these projects! Wish me luck!

Weight Loss Starting Point Feb. 23


Okay... so here's the starting point. I don't hate my body at all. Just need it to work better for me and look a little cuter in summer tops and jeans! I will try and wear the same mime-ish outfit each week for comparison! Maybe it won't get smaller at all... but I have got to get my blood pressure and insulin back on track. All for now!


My Family!


I love my family so much! We don't have kids yet, but Lady, Fritz, and the neighborhood pets will do for now! (pics of Mama and other family to come) My sweetie pie Adam eating my secret chocolate cookies (recipe coming soon!) Nothing says romance like an Indian mound! Adam and Fritz worn out after opening Christmas presents In his shop workin' on cars My 2 year old niece, Ally, with my sister, Amanda, and my daddy Sleepy time for Fritz Waiting for us to take her for a ride to Sonic! Sometimes they give her a little cup of water there Our first child, Lady, wearing her Christmas bow... she was so mad we put that on her! Beautiful smile Chillin' at the shop stray kitty who's been hanging around the house... We're calling her Phyllis for now And last but not least, Marley the neighborhood dog and Lady's best bud![...]




Today is the first real day of my blog! I plan to use the blog as a journal to help me see how things are improving (or where they need to improve). I am so disorganized and since graduating high school this disorganization has made it hard for me to realize my goals and to be happy. I mentioned in my previous post that the major things I need to do are to lose weight (50 pounds at least), get a job, and spend more time with family. I plan to post some on my weight loss journey and some on my family and some on my life in general. I feel like this will make me accountable. I am like so many good ole southern women in the way that I put a smile on my face and think of everyone elses needs. I have to start being real with the situation: I am overweight, have high blood pressure, hate that my house is disorganized, hate that assignments sneak up on me, hate that I don't have a part time job, hate that I lack motivation to correct these things. The good news is all of those things can be at least improved if not corrected completely. I can't promise that any of it will be changed. I mean, you have no idea how many times I have gotten all excited about trying to live a better life. Lists and calendars and alarm clocks don't seem to help me get organized. We'll just have to wait and see!



So, I'm new here... just got to looking at some of the other blogs and thought that I am at a time in my life when it might be a good idea to keep a sort of journal for my life. I am at the point that I am sure others can understand; it's that time when you are endlessly excited about the future: career, family, etc. At the same time you are procrastinating or not just jumping in with both feet as you probably should. On the one hand I realize how lucky I am ( I have the best husband ever, a wonderful mom and dad, and a sister whom I love dearly just to mention a few). On the other hand, things could be better. Not so much in a tangible way and not in any way that anyone can do for me but instead in an internal peace-seeking way. The way I try and explain this feeling to my husband is "this waiting room feeling". In other words, I feel like I'm waiting to be done with school, waiting to get a job, waiting to lose weight, waiting to feel organized and content. I think that what has happened is that I have always floated along wherever life took me. I have generally enjoyed the flow. Now, I have choices to make... and I am not used to that really. Maybe through this blog I will find a way to journal and record for myself how things are going and what I need and want to do next. All for now!