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magda trzaski

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five hours of wax carving


hole in the ground


24 february 2018
 23 december 2017

queen and spadina on a snowy day


sand casting!


 got this kit from gesswein canada. it has everythingyou need except the torch. i tried melting silver a #7 tip on my smith little was taking way too long, so i purchased the big gunmelting tip. that sure did the job.not bad for my first try. (the moulds are a little cherubbutton and an 8mm ball-made 2 balls for a pair of studs)the cherub is missing his right wing. next time i willmake sure to add venting channels to the tips.  cast vs original the ball on the left was my first attempt (the metal was not hot enough).the one on the right is significantly better.after some clean up.all shined up. i ended up oxidizing it, but i'm not sureif i like it so i might end up polishing most of it off.[...]

wax modeling



rediscovering old adventures



i'm in cottages & bungalows!


i have the pleasure of being featured in the oct/nov issue of the cottages & bungalows.
thank you Jen O'Connor for the hook-up, Maggie Abratte for the lovely words and Robin Stubbert for the great photo. xox

still here


updating my blog or website is as unnatural to me as putting needles in my eyes. however, i'm going to try harder as i have recently acquired a laptop and can blob (yes blob) from hipster cafes around toronto while making obnoxious judgemental comments about people in said cafes. win, win. this post is a summary of my summer so far. kinda makes it look like i actually do more than watch netflix on a nightly basis. yay for being able to create your ideal life dudes in the worksblock printingfun sewing classes at the workroomneedle felting (aka finger torture)after an 8 yr break my jewellers bench is set up againthe funereal quilt project (that's what i'm calling itbecause i started it 15 yrs ago,and i figure at this rate it'll be done by the time i'mon my death bed-as long as i live to be 175...)more fun sewing classes at the workroomwith Laurie (her pouch is the one on the right,love that fabric)managed a trip to Montreal last month. saw a mind blowing exhibition by the Chapman Brothersat the DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art.yellow tote by Mark Laliberte.and finally here i am trying to figure out the above mentioned's not going well due to my allergy to technology. computer technology anyway.[...]



happy midsummer witches


happy baltaine


black flowers are beginning to bloom, must finally be spring.

scattered studio time


the sculpting has a a bit of a stand-still lately. i've been making little gauche paintings instead. booking a show for the fall. i think a deadline is needed. 

for those darkly inclined


being arsty, i have the privilege to know other creatives, and these two are up to something really fun. David Keys of Pomegranate Vintage Vampire Editions and Taeden Hall of Gloomth have collaborated on a beautiful illustrated edition of "Carmilla" and a line of clothing inspired by the story. The have just announced a contest with some fabulous prizes.

contest info HERE

instagram polyptychs


instagram is a favourite time-waster of mine. i love creeping other people's pics. yesterday i trolling my own photos and thought some make neat grids.

troll me @spinsterwitch on instagram :)

a bit more progress


finally ready for finishing.

better late than never?


i started these babies back in february 2011
there was one update in march 2012.
let's see if i can get them done on the 2 year anniversary...



my tiny hand sculpture

a little show back in september...


...@AWOL gallery with Ms Erin Vincent.

 attempting to paint
 our gallerina aka Walter
sales were brisk, we even sold the gallerina

June 2012 exhibit @QueenSpecific


this past june i was part of a show called WNDW curated by Mark Laliberte and part of CAROUSEL's special project series.  it was a multi-site project that linked a cross-section of Toronto’s independent street-level window galleries, exploring how vacant windows in downtown cores are transformed into unquestionably accessible, 24-hour walk-by galleries.

the piece was titled "pulled apart by horses". the main figure is life-sized (5'5")
photos by Mark Laliberte
night photo by W Roland Hamilton

old work-revisited


i came upon this image of a piece i did 5 years ago. i have to say that i like it. i'm thinking a 2012 version is in order.

back in the studio-pics to follow


fun stuff at the Arberfoyle Antique Market-late June outing


more info: Arberfoyle Antique Market[...]