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love His appearing

"Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love His appearing." II Timothy 4:8 (KJV)

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Day Out At Webb's Antique Mall...


Well, looks like I haven't blogged here for about a year and a half. Seriously? Where does time go??? I decided to blog here today and link that to Facebook. Let's see if I remember how...Yesterday, Jim and I took Dad for his first trip to Webb's Antique Mall in Centerville. It wore him out! We didn't see nearly everything, but I did take some pictures...Dad kept saying stuff like, "Well, I threw THAT away!". One of the most interesting things he told us was that he used to use a plow we saw that was pulled by a horse or mule. He said he remembered that the straps really hurt his hips. Wow. That goes back awhile...Didn't get a picture of it, but here is one from the net.If you have never been there and you have ANY interests in antiques, by all means GO! Make a day of it. They have a restaurant there so you don't even have to leave while you are perusing all the goodies. Here is a sampling of what we saw...This old radio,which upon closer inspection shows pre-set push knobs, set to the few radio stations back in the day...Here is the entrance to the cutest shop I saw...Close up of the name over the doorway...This bed frame was HUGE!!!So was this sideboard (I THINK that is what you would call it...any ideas? A buffet?)Look at it in relationship to Jim and you can get a better idea... For those of you who don't know, he is 6'2".My Mother's grandmother apparently had scoliosis so bad that she was called "Humped Back Grandma". Dad said he remembers her being in a chair just like this one...Here are just a few random shots. This was another cute shop.Some Easter bunnies...Here's Dad with something he used up until about 2 years ago...And here is Jim, caught by a sign. Hmmmmm. Could this be considered "Senior Citizen Profiling" LOLHere is a desk I fell in love with...Ditto this light fixture.I had this top when I was a little girl. When you spin it by pulling the lever on the bottom, the tulip would open up to reveal a ballerina inside.My friend Milah shared on her blog that her daughter had refinished a Hoosier cabinet. This one made me think about that.Milah, here is an answer to your question. (I liked Mindy's better...)This one reminds me I had better get busy!!!This is what we saw when we left. A MINT condition 1956 Ford.Dad said he and my Uncle Glen both used to have one of these. Sure wish they still did!Well, I hope you have enjoyed a little look into our visit to Webb's! We had fun. Hope you did, too![...]

The Wedding...


Well, the first wedding is officially over. (More on the next wedding later...) Last Saturday morning, my daughter became a Mrs. in a wonderfully touching and beautiful least that is what "they" tell me. She is my only child and I don't remember much about any of it...the ceremony, the reception or anything in between. I was pretty much overcome with emotion, although "they" tell me it didn't show.How do you put into words the feeling a mother has when she sees her daughter take this step in her life? How do you express any of it? In our case, I am so pleased with her choice for a husband. God answered this mother's prayers! Mark is a fine young man who loves my daughter and I am sure he will become a wonderful, loving husband and father. Thank God for that! I cannot imagine "giving away" your daughter to someone who raises any kind of questions in a mother's mind about the future well being of her child. That must be very, very hard to do...I praise the Lord I didn't have to go through that!It has been so long since I blogged, I have almost forgotten how. But here are some pictures I did want to share with my blogging friends.The proud parents...Finally, here is a link that will show some of the pictures from the photographer's site:About the next step daughter, Emily, will become a beautiful bride on 10-09-10! Another step daughter, Audra, will also become a beautiful bride on June 4, 2011! At these weddings, I will be able to just relax and enjoy! I am looking forward to them very much!Emily and Quinton...Audra and Daryl...In closing, please enjoy this timeless song of love... {Please pause my playlist over on the right first.}[...]

The Love Of God...



Posted this over on my other blog, but did want to share it with anyone who doesn't read that one...

Posted the video on Facebook, too. Isn't technology wonderful???? Seriously, I just pray God will use this video to bless someone's heart.

Go here for a great video about "The Love of God" . {If you open the link in a new window or tab, you will have to pause the playlist on the right of this blog first...}


Welcome 2010!


{Is it a coincidence that 2010 is the year of the TIGER in the Chinese culture? Or is this the year my Bengals do something great? Time will tell...}I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Very optimistic about this year. Two weddings to get ready for!Who knows what else this year holds in store for us all? Only God knows. But we need to meet this year as if we may also meet Him...My new year's resolution is to grow closer to my Savior and to live more fully for Him. I realize new year's resolutions have a way of getting shoved to the side and forgotten about. But for whatever age...signs of the times...great changes happening...I feel a real sense of urgency about this year. I hope you all do too.As the world welcomed in is my hope that we all welcome God into our everyday lives. Not just a celebration for a few days during the Christmas season, but EVERYDAY that we live. God is waiting on us to turn to Him. I pray 2010 becomes the year we get to know Him better and let His love consume us!A friend from church gave me a book written by Frances J. Roberts entitled, "Come Away My Beloved". I absolutely love it! If you all will bear with me, I would like to share quite a lengthy excerpt from it:RETURN UNTO ME...Romans 12:2 Return to Me; for I have sought after you, but you have continued on in pursuit of your own ways. I have called to you, but you have disregarded Me. I have placed obstacles in your path, hoping that you would stop and consider and ask of Me, but you have obstinately and determinedly forged on ahead. Have you learned no wisdom? Have past lessons fled your mind? Are My dealings with you forgotten? O stubborn and rebellious child, has My love no longer the power to melt your heart? Have My words that you once so treasured become of no value to you? Put down your anxieties, and trust Me for everything. You need nothing but what I am fully able to supply, with no effort on your part. I do not ask all My children to live in so complete a degree of trust, but I require it of you, because you cannot please Me with anything less. You are weary, and you should be strong. You are encumbered, and I would have you free. You are hindered by undue concerns, when you should be abounding in joy. Come back into My perfect will, and finish the task I have assigned you. Anything else is sin. What is legitimate for another is not so for you. Come close to Me, and I will minister to you and revive your spirit. So shall you go on, even though the climb is steeper than ever before. [...]



We won this one for Slim...
{And we didn't even back in}




It has been A LONG, DRY spell.

It sure wasn't pretty, but one goal for this year has been reached. Now, on to the next one.


Slim, you will be missed.







{Pause playlist on right first}

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Rest In Peace, Chris...


It's almost here...



{For those of you who don't know...this is NOT our house! I am just now putting up our tree! What's the rush, I always say. LOL}

I can't believe Christmas is just a couple weeks away. WOW! Where does the time go???

Just updated my blog from "Fall" to "Christmas". Here is a little something to get in the mood...{PAUSE PLAYLIST FIRST}...OVER ON THE RIGHT AND SCROLL DOWN

First up, Cincinnati's own, Collingsworth Family...

(object) (embed)

Hope you all are enjoying the season. Just remember, Jesus IS STILL the reason for it!!!

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Leading the AFC North!!!!!!!



The last time the Bengals had a 6-2 record, the year was 1988. Lauren was 11 months old and we went to the Super Bowl. Just saying...

{Hey, come on, haters...PLEASE let me revel in has been SOOOO LONG!}

PRAYING that Denver beats the Squealers tomorrow night...

Stay tuned.


Sue and Jim's free day...AKA a "Fall Fling"


Well, it has been 2 weeks since I last blogged on here...Time sure flies, doesn't it?Jim didn't have to work today and since this is supposed to be the best day this week, I took the day off too. We went for a jaunt...starting here: {you can double click on the pics for a better view...}We both had this:Uncle Herschel’s FavoriteTwo Eggs cooked to order with Grits, Sawmill Gravy, Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits, real Butter and the best Preserves, Jam n’ Apple Butter (on request) we could find.~plus~Fried Apples (me) or Hashbrown Casserole (Jim)~and~(choice of one) Grilled Pork Chop;Hickory Smoked Country Ham; Hamburger Steak (Jim)Sugar Cured Ham (me); Fried Chicken TenderloinYUMMY!!!!!After that, of course we visited Goodwill where we found some goodies, as usual. Here is the bummer...They gave me a Senior Citizens' discount and I didn't even have to ask for it!!!!! I was mortified... LOL... Not really.I forgot...before we got to Richmond, Jim took me past the Sunshower Country Club Nudist Colony. Do you think I am kidding? I kid you not! Here is the link: said he had to put some mirrors in there when he was working for a glass company. This is all I saw of it (or of anything!) Jim says he didn't see anything either...So then we went to Whitewater Memorial State Park...It really was a pretty day. And much more enjoyable than spending 8 hours in a cubicle!While Jim was doing some fishing, I stumbled upon a cute little critter...The park is dedicated to WWII veterans...After that, we headed to the Brookville Lake...the second biggest man made lake in Indiana. While Jim was fishing, I strolled around checking things out...All at once I hear, "Sue, come here!" Jim has hooked a BIG ONE!It was a Walleye that Jim estimated weighed around 6 lbs. As usual, he threw it back in.After the excitement, we had to hurry home...the "kids" (Audra, Darrell, Emily and Quinton) were coming over for supper. And guess what we had???? That's right. BREAKFAST!All in all, a LOVELY DAY![...]

2 ways of looking at the world...


...take your pick


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I haven't been on this blog for about a month. I have been over on Facebook, checking things out. Today, I thought I would give my blog a seasonal update and do a blog post. (I even changed the first song on my playlist to "Autumn" by the Edgar Winter Group...for any old hippies that may be reading this! LOL) I started the post and halfway through I encountered the dreaded "You Tube is down for maintenance and will be back shortly". So, while waiting to finish the train of thought for the post, I updated Scooby's "autumn profile picture". Isn't he cute????

(image) (image)
Glitter Graphics

OK, so You Tube is back up. Here is the other way to look at the world:

(object) (embed)

Believe me, THAT was how I viewed my world this past week.


And believe me, a mere bubble bath wasn't going to fix it!!! I am ready for my world to go back to being a wonderful one...

In honor of tomorrow, let me sign off by saying...


Bengals 38...Colts 7...and Happy Anniversary wishes to my hubby


I wish we played the Colts in the regular season this year. There were some men DESPERATE to make the Bengals team last night!!! I'm telling you, it was a thing of BEAUTY for me to watch...still have a BIG smile on my face this morning!


(object) (embed)

And Happy Anniversary to my hubby !!! 11 years ago today we entered wedded bliss. {Thankfully, he is a Bengals fan too and can't stand Pittsburgh.}

I Love you, Honey!!! You are the BEST!!!


I am posting before work this morning...the quality of these pictures isn't very good. I might try and fix them later...




Sunday evening musings...



Before going to bed tonight, I just wanted to say what a wonderful Sunday this was.

Church was awesome. The spirit was definitely there. The message was timely. Spent good time with my Dad and Ruby. The weather was great. On top of all that, I have a wonderful husband. And we all have a benevolent Father who loves us more than we can fathom...

{Thanks, Pastor Debi...I appreciate it more than you know.}

Just wanted to share some songs (thoughts set to music) with you all. Hope you have a GREAT week. GOD BLESS!


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The last movie that made me cry...


I just posted about this over on Facebook. I have re-discovered a lot of my friends from my youth over there! It is crazy to see their faces after so many years...


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I also recently watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". I guess this was based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, but the movie was anything BUT short. (166 minutes, to be exact). It was an eerie movie.

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I am so behind on watching movies that I really want to see. I usually wait until they are $1.00 at the video store. How about you? What good movies have you seen lately, or really want to see soon?


What a GREAT day for Connersville...AKA CARBON MOTORS CHOOSES US!!!!


Whew. We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief...almost.There are a few more hurdles to be overcome, but what a day Connersville celebrated today! We were all pretty sure what the announcement was going to be, but until it was official, we were all holding our breath.William Santana Li, Chairman and CEO, of Carbon Motors Corporation,said he had 3 questions for the crowd at Visteon today and the answers were all "Indiana".The last question was, "Which state is going to be the police car captial of the world?" At that, the crowd ERUPTED!!! Finally, we had our definitive answer. WOW!The company had to select a site before they can apply for federal aid. OK, now that is done. There are some legalities concerning the sale and environmental cleanup of the old Visteon plant which is in bankruptcy litigation. Governor Mitch Daniels was the only state or federal elected official there and he seems really committed to helping Carbon Motors get established in southeastern Indiana. Other officials who sent video congratulations were Sen. Lugar, Sen. Bayh, Rep. Pence, and Rep. Dan Burton (he stated he wasn't our Representative, but he was so happy for us and asked Carbon Motor officials to remember his unemployed constituents in Hancock and Shelby Counties when they hired. LOL). All the politicans said all the right things. Today I looked beyond the politics and just enjoyed the day.Thank you, Tracy Brannon, for these pics of the event:Here are some news links: {PAUSE PLAYLIST ON RIGHT FIRST}WTHR TV Be sure to click on the videos. I don't know how long they will be available...WISH TV Be sure to watch BOTH videos to get a real feel of the excitement at the announcement today! Channel 8 said 2,000 people were in attendance. Fox news said 10,000. I have no idea which is closer to the real number.FOX 59'S coverage Check this out...we are even mentioned on the "FORBES" website!Unlike our first lady, Michelle Obama who said she hadn't really been proud of her country until her husband was elected president, I have always been proud of my town...but never more so than today and the previous months that led up to today. KUDOS to Mayor Leonard Urban,Brian Coates, EDC directoret al. THANK YOU!!!!Here is a GREAT link I just found with lots of pics from the Indy Star:God has truly blessed us. This whole situation has been SATURATED with prayer for months. There was even a "prayer walk" from Roberts Park to the Visteon building this morning at 8:30. The rain didn't hamper this GREAT day at all.So now, we can FINALLY say "Thank you, Jesus, for bringing us Carbon Motors!" Thanks to all my blogging buddies who offered prayer for us, also!!! [...]

Wednesday's the day...AKA...the wait is over.


At least we THINK so!

If you remember this post,


you will remember that the future of Connersville may hinge on an automobile company. We expect Carbon Motors to make a BIG announcement Wednesday at 11:30. Connersville is hosting the "American Jobs Rally" at the old Visteon plant.

Read about the rally here:

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"If there is an announcement on Carbon Motors jobs, the governor will make it, said Bryan Coats, executive director of the Economic Development Group of Fayette County.

"We don't have the information (on a Carbon Motors decision)," Coats said. "We got a call in the last few days from the governor asking us to do (the rally)."

Governor Daniels and Carbon Motor executives will be in Connersville tomorrow. We have heard rumors that possibly Senators Lugar and/or Bayh may be in attendance. Maybe Mike Pence. It is all being kept pretty hush-hush.

The down side to all this can be seen here:

{As property owners, we do have to be concerned about those bonds. But Connersville had to do SOMETHING, I suppose...}

Just like the residents of West Point, Georgia who proudly display this sign in their town,


maybe Connersville will be able to thank God for blessing our community!

Stay tuned...


Ideas for Lauren and Mark? AKA Wedding entrance extraordinaire!


Think Lauren and Mark might be inspired by this???


(object) (embed)

I guess this has been all over the news and the internet, but I hadn't seen it till yesterday. WOW! Different, to say the least! I have to admit, by the time the bride hit the aisle, I was getting tears in my eyes, but hey, I cry at ALL weddings...I don't know how I am gonna make it through my baby's!!!


Do you remember your first car?


Last Spring, a blogging buddy, Joni over at Old Centennial Farmhouse, posted about her first car.. At that time, I thought I would like to do the same, but I just never got around to it...until tonight.As a teenager in high school, I was "forced" to drive the family old State Police cruiser that I thought was just the most awful thing I had ever been subjected to. (Thankfully, I didn't see the 'need for speed', cause that car could flat out fly!) In my first year of college, I didn't have a car. At the beginning of my sophomore year (1972), I started asking for a car. Now, being an only child back when the economy was booming, I usually got what I asked for. What made it even easier for me was the fact that my Grandfather sold cars on the side and he had access to auto auctions, which he attended almost weekly. Once I convinced my Mom and Dad that I really needed a car and they wouldn't have to transport me back and forth to Terre Haute, my Dad started going with Grandpa to look for the car of my dreams...a 1968 Cougar XR-7.The reason I was fixated on that car was I had a HUGE crush on a boy (Danny Burns...still remember him FONDLY! ) who had a beautiful blue 1968 Cougar. I loved him...AND THAT CAR!!! I told my Dad to be on the lookout for a '68 Cougar...didn't matter what color. (THAT was big of me, huh?). He said he would.Weeks went by with no luck. My Dad tried to talk me into some other car. I wasn't having it, I guess...nothing else would do. But as time went on with no luck, I guess I started wavering because one weekend I came home to find a 1968 Mustang sitting in our yard. White. YUCK! And it was kinda "rough around the edges". Didn't look nearly as nice as the one shown here. But, I didn't throw an "only child" trantrum. I was like, "Oh yeah, that is nice. Thank you.", but my heart wasn't in it. (I would give my eye teeth to have that sucker now!!!!)I will never forget what happened next. My younger cousin David was there and was grinning from ear to ear. My dad said, "I can see you don't really like it...maybe you will like what is in the garage better", and with that, he flung open the garage door to show me what was inside...A GLEAMING, SHINY, BEAUTIFUL GREEN 1968 MERCURY COUGAR XR-7!!! (Double Click on any picture for a better view)What I saw looked as good as the one in the first picture. My cousin and my Dad had it SPARKLING!{Mona, if you are reading this (and I know you are because I just sent you the link) wasn't this the weekend you met the lovely and talented Harold Morton Oshrey, III...or "HAD" as he was so fondly referred to?}{PAUSE PLAYLIST OVER ON RIGHT BEFORE VIEWING VIDEO}My COOOOOOOGAR (as she was fondly known) was even better looking. She had a chrome luggage rack on the back. And the control panel looked like an airplane interior with switches you flipped up and down...I can't remember what they were for, though. And those headlights that opened and closed were so cool. And the turnlights in the rear were intermittent from right to left (I think).Man, I LOVED THAT CAR. What happened to it is too painful to relate. Let's just say I never got over it.I couldn't get this picture to scan right. If you double click on it, you can see the front of my baby over on the right. (That's me...back in the day)So how about you all? Let's hear about "your first car". It is fun strolling down memory lane and some of you won't have nearly so far to stroll to get there! [...]

IT'S OFFICIAL! Lauren and Mark are engaged.



Mark officially "popped the question" to Lauren Saturday night during the fireworks finale up in Cleveland. She said yes! Here are some pictures his mother took during the event. No offical date has been set yet, other than fall of next year.

Jim and I couldn't be happier! Welcome to the family, Mark!

Lauren didn't expect a thing...




Her ring is beautiful. These pictures don't do it justice...(double click for better view)



Much, much more to follow...


Independence Day, 2009



***This is the very same post as on my other blog, but hey...a duplicate is better than nothing, right?***

Have been very preoccupied as of late, but couldn't let the 4th go by without a post. Found this video on "The Grouch at Right Truth"s blog...and stole it for my own.



(object) (embed)

God Bless!


Indiana better hope Carbon Motors doesn't hear about this...


...if the Senate passes the Cap and Trade Bill, it could be bad news for business!If you remember from a previous post, Carbon Motors is considering building their factory here in Connersville. Apparently, executives from CM have been in Connersville off and on for the past three weeks. I can't find the link, but according to the Connersville News Examiner, our local officals are pretty sure the towns have been narrowed down from 5 to 2...with Connersville still in the running, along with a city in South Carolina. Bryan Coats, executive director of the Economic Development Group of Fayette County, stated he felt that the potential downfall of Gov. Mark Sanford due to the disclosure of his affair with a woman from Argentina might actually benefit our cause. (A HUGE holdup is that since Visteon declared bankruptcy, the building they wanted to use is in limbo right now.) But I sure hope they don't get wind of this..."It's no coincidence that the liberals most invested in cap and trade -- Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman, Ed Markey -- come from California or the Northeast.Coal provides more than half of U.S. electricity, and 25 states get more than 50% of their electricity from conventional coal-fired generation. In Ohio, it totals 86%, according to the Energy Information Administration. Ratepayers in Indiana (94%), Missouri (85%), New Mexico (80%), Pennsylvania (56%), West Virginia (98%) and Wyoming (95%) are going to get soaked.""...An economy-wide tax under the cover of saving the environment is the best political moneymaker since the income tax."link also hereI know a lot of people will not agree with me on this one (oh well...what else is new? LOL) but I have said all called, "global warming" is the PERFECT way to pass a GLOBAL TAX. Watch and see...I don't care if Al Gore DID give the most amazing and articulate concession speech in the history of mankind in 2000 (which he did, by the way.) This is how I see him now...We better hope the Senate defeats the Cap and Trade...which just got "iffier" now that SNL alum Al Franken is the newest Democratic Senator. That gives Democrats their filibuster-proof 60 votes in the Senate.I guess Al Franken as Stuart Smalley ("I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!"...remember?) isn't really a fair portrayal of this country's newest Senator, is it? Hey, it could have been this one. (WARNING...GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING!!! For real. Do not let your children/grandchildren see this picture!) Let's give the guy a fair chance...How about this one instead.I normally would have posted this on my political blog, but felt like you all needed an update to Carbon Motors. The final decision is supposed to be made by July 10th. In the meantime, call your senators and tell them to vote AGAINST the Cap and Trade Bill. I don't know about you all, but we can't afford it!!![...]

And the tide rushes in...and washes our castles away...


I really don't know why I chose these words from an old Moody Blues song for the name of this post. Maybe because it is late and I am extremely tired...

I know I started a new blog for "all things political", but I find myself back here posting about 2 major developments in our world today. First of all, Michael Jackson. In the end, surrounded by no cheering fans, or adoring crowds. Just a mere mortal after all. Dust to dust. (I do know how his fans must feel...the same way I felt when one of my "IDOLS", John Lennon entered eternity. Totally heartbroken and devastated.) As my friend Greg pointed out in his post, hopefully MJ found true salvation before he died.

What a sad, sad man he must have been...

(object) (embed)

Second of all, what a sad, sad day for this country. The House passes (BARELY) H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. (Do you think they read it? Um, that would be a resounding NO, IMHO.)

According to Ben Lieberman of the Heritage Foundation:

It is clear that cap-and-trade is very expensive and amounts to nothing more than an energy tax in disguise. After all, when you sweep aside all the complexities of how cap and trade operates--and make no mistake, this is the most convoluted attempt at economic central planning this nation has ever attempted--the bottom line is that cap and trade works by raising the cost of energy high enough so that individuals and businesses are forced to use less of it. Inflicting economic pain is what this is all about. That is how the ever-tightening emissions targets will be met.

Of interest to you farmers out there:

Since farming is energy intensive, that sector will be particularly hard-hit. Higher gasoline and diesel fuel costs, higher electricity costs, and higher natural gas-derived fertilizer costs all erode farm profits, which are expected to drop by 28 percent in 2012 and average 57 percent lower through 2035. As with American manufacturers, Waxman-Markey also puts American farmers at a global disadvantage, as other food-exporting nations would have no comparable energy-price raising measures in place.

To read the rest of this article...and believe me, you should...go here

Thanks, Sue for the link...

Well, it's late and we have a wedding to attend tomorrow so,


A little of this and a little of that...AKA...catching up on goings on


Last week I launched my new blog, "Politics and Religion". I did this in order to separate my "political" posts from the "regular" ones. When I started it, I was thinking, "This must be what having more than 1 kid feels like. I love my 1st blog so much of me is in much time and energy has been put into it...I will never be able to feel this way about another..." But you know what? The "new kid on the block" is starting to grow on me! LOLAnyway, I have been meaning to post some things here. (There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day! Working full time or not, I am sure you all would agree with that!) OK, let's begin...First of all, Lauren graduated from Ivy Tech and is moving to Indy next month to begin her quest for a Bachelor's Degree...I am SO PROUD of her I can't begin to tell you! She has gone to school full time and has worked and paid her own way since she graduated from high school. I have just sat back and watched in amazement. She is SO DIFFERENT from what I was at her age...(Thank God! LOL)CONGRATULATIONS, LAUREN!!! (1 down...others to follow)Also, she is going to be the Maid of Honor in a wedding next Saturday...It is going to be an outdoor wedding, so we are praying for wonderful weather. Hopefully I will get some good pictures to share news yet on this:Last but not update on Dad's garden. Here is what it looked like a few weeks ago...Here is what it looks like now!!!check out this cabbage plant!As Jim and I were driving over there the other night, we noticed EVERYBODY'S gardens seem to be doing beautifully this year. It reminded me of the house here in Connersville that Milah posted about that is growing a "Victory Garden" in their yard. (There are others, just in our neighborhood alone. I am thinking that with the ecomony being the way it is, more people are growing their own veggies this year...therefore a lot of prayer has been put into it, I am sure, hence the bountiful results!)I am going to be taking some time off from work this summer and Ruby (my step-mom) is going to teach me how to can...something I neglected to pick up along the way. I am sure that is going to be an more ways than one.HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to everyone!!! I hope you all have a great time with your Dads if you are lucky enough to still have them with you! Audra, Amy and Emily will be here tomorrow to enjoy Jim's famous "Goulash"! (Lauren has to work.) I know he is excited to see them all![...]

46 years ago today...


{First of all, a question: How can I remember all these things that happened YEARS ago and can't remember why I walked into a room at times???}

46 years ago today, at age 10, I had my tonsils taken out.


(sorry to be so job makes me immune to that sort of thing. LOL)

How do I remember the exact date when that happened? Because it happened on June 14...FLAG DAY!


Here is a link to the history of Flag Day. Hope you all are waving "Old Glory" proudly at your and everyday!

Remember the price which many, many people have paid for us to be able to do so...

ETA: Forgot to say, I am REALLY excited about our new series at church...Praying that the Lord will use it to open people's eyes to God's truth and love.


30 years ago today...

2009-06-12T18:37:04.437-07:00 Mother passed away.

I blogged about this one year ago today...Please go there to read my memorial to her.

Here are some pictures of my Mother that I didn't put in my post last year...

This was a picture taken of my Mom when she and my Dad were dating:


This picture was taken at my first wedding, October 7, 1978. My mother died the following June 12th...


I still miss you, Mom!

Gladys (McQueen) Dietzel
July 14, 1925
June 12, 1979

My new blog.



Folks, tonight I gave birth to a new blog. Come check it out.

(This and the fact that Jim and I are now both members of Facebook must mean the universe is shifting! LOL)