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Once Upon A Pink Moon

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Well Hello Molly


I have been crocheting forever and for the past few yearsit has been my obsession..*Literally*I work, sleep and crochet(ok sometimes I play with my beads and clean)It's just my thingI usually stick to easy thingslike beanies and afghansRecently I was asked to makea Molly Weasley sweaterI didn't know who Molly Weasley wasAfter lurking aroundon Ravelry and Pinterestfor a bitI found the perfect patternhere on Ravelry*Coat of Many Colors*But my friend didn't wantthe sweater that came with the sleevesShe wanted a shrug type sweaterBack to Pinterest and Ravelryand I found this one It was perfect!So.....This is what the hybrid looks likeAnd here is my daughter in law wearing itso I could take some pictures before Isent it offActually this was a lotof fun to make..a bit challengingbut I learned a lot! Since my friendlives on the east coastandI live on the west coastthere was no trying it onI kept my fingers crossedand mailed it off....She LOVED it!!The details and my modification notesare onmy Ravelry page hereAnd now back to boring♥ Crochet ♥But thats ok.... Thanks for stopping byRobin[...]

Mummy Fun


I love Halloween...and fall ...and Dia de los MuertasI'm having fun making these mummiesto use in my jewelryI saw them on Pinterestand knew I had to make someMine are made from beadsand paper clayThis wrap necklace/bracelethas a smaller mummyThis necklace has a larger mummyusing a larger beadI made some skeleton earringsfrom these beads too...I love these skeleton beads!!!Do you love Halloween and Dia de los Muertas too???Robin[...]

My Two Favorite Things - Crochet & Beads!


I thought I would share an online class that I just loveI have taken several classes with Robin Dudley-Howes and♥Love♥her current online class calledEclectic Beaded Crochet JewelryYou only use a basic chain stitchand maybe a few single crochets around the larger beadsI am addicted to making these!!They combine my two favorite things♥ Crochet and beads ♥I just love they way they turned outYou should give them a try!But I'm warning youThey are addicting to make!Thanks for stopping bynow go crochet Robin[...]

Ta Da - A Crochet Along


I have  had my eye on this Mandala Crochet Along for a whileI love anything with flowersIts a crochet groupthat I belong to on FacebookI was finally at a spotwhere I needed a new projectSo...I went thru my stash and picked some colorsand got startedI worked thru row 66 and added my own border500 stitches around is allI could handleI have never made a round blanketand I think I never will againAlthough I love the outcomeI just don't like keeping track of all those stitchesI crochet after work to unwindand keeping track of 500 stitchesis stressful!!Now to choose another project..Thanks for visitingRobinSaveSave[...]

Fringed Flashback


I thought I would sharea bag pattern that I am having fun withI had a request for this fringed bagand when I first saw itI was a little intimidated by the leather strap and setting rivetsBut it was really easy!I must say Im hooked on crochetingthese cute fringed bagsand its fun picking outembellishments for the flapI made the first one and one of the girls I work with fell in love with itand bought it instantly!After making these I decided to try a different color and handle typeThe pre-made leather strap comes only in one sizeand is not long enoughto wear as a cross body bagSo I made my own strapfrom a faux leather fabricI found at Hobby LobbyThe strap is adjustable so you canwear over your shoulder or cross bodyI liked making these so much I started looking around on Ravelryand found this squareto make a smaller bagfor my granddaughterI found a pre-made bag at Hobby Lobbyand made the square into arectangle to fit the bagNo sewing up the lining!!!I have another larger bag from this square in the worksBut first I need to finishChristmas presents!If you would like to make yourown fringed bag the pattern is here Thanks for stopping by!!Robin[...]

Its been a while…..


I'm sorry I have been away for so longI just found the need to step away for a whileBut I'm back!I have been crocheting away (amongst other creative endeavors)This is a current project that I made as part ofmy Halloween costumeWe dress up at work Its been a looooong timesince I have used #10 thread anda 1.00mm hookThis was very challengingand it took me a few tries butI was determined to make this!These old eyes aren't what theyused to beBut once I got past the BLACKthread it was pretty easyI cant wait to wear itwith my whole get up!!Anyone going to a Dia de Los Muertas celebration??We have one here each year at Mission San Luis Reyand its pretty amazing!Thanks for having a lookRobin[...]

Happy Holidays


Merry Christmas!I thought I should take some picturesof my decorations before I take them downI have been collecting vintage glass ornamentsfor years and last year I bought a silver tree that was on sale.Here she is in all her glory!!This santa was made by my momseveral years ago when shewas making porcelain dolls Other stuff around my apartmentA new snowman addition this yearmade in a class I recently tookfrom Colleen MoodyAnother new addition this yeara deer that I may leave upall year round(the ornaments are removable)I hope you had aMerry ChristmasI'm looking forward to aNew Year!!Now for my current obsessionFor me!HAPPY HOLIDAYSRobin[...]

Little Sweater Love


I have been making a lot of jewelry lately and needed a littlecrochet time.I found this cute patternand made some little sweatersfor my sweet grand daughterand a couple of friends I started with oneand they were so easy and fastto makeThat I couldn't stopBut now its time to get offthe couch and do something else!Like dishes and laundryRobin[...]

A Renewed Love for Soldering


Last Sunday I had a soldering classwith the very talentedDebby Andersonfrom Romancing the BlingI have always loved makingsoldered jewelrybut haven't really put inenough practice to be good atIt takes a LOT of practice!!This class renewed my lovefor soldering andI have been practicing a lot over the past weekThe class was held atMichelle Hurtt's new studioVintage Bloom in TustinPhoto by Debby AndersonIt was so much fun spendingthe day with my creative friendsSally, Margo and Kathiewho also took the classI made this piece in classThis is what I have been working on over the past week The aqua beads are handmade tooAnd theres more on my tablein various stagesready to be finishedIm off to finish them!Robin[...]

A Modern Chevron


My son and his wife just bought their first homeand I have been working ona housewarming giftA modern version of the 60's chevronI love the way it turned outI used this patternfrom All Things Bright and BeautifulI used I Love This Yarnfrom Hobby LobbyAnd I do LOVE this yarnIts so soft and cuddlyI got the pattern hereI even had enough yarn left overto make a matching pillowI used this chevron stitchfor the pillow andadded vintage buttonsAfter making so many other blanketswith lots of ends to weave inthis one was a breeze!!Im having a hard time waiting until they move into give it to them...less than a week…I can do it!!Robin[...]

A Stripey Blanket for Ollie


Wow it's been a whilesince my last postThere has been a lot ofcrocheting going onSome finished projectsand some in progressHeres a sneak peek of a project that I cant wait to shareA new baby grand daughter(picture taken by her momon an afghan I made a couple years back)A visit from my oldest grand daughterwho lives in OregonIm excited to share anotherStampington publication this monthSomerset Studio Gallerywith my dolls in it(as seen in Michaels!!)And my poor fur baby is now on medication for seizuresThat was really scaryI finally finishedmy third stripey blanketand it was given to its new ownerMy only grandson OllieI have a love hate relationshipwith stripey blanketsI love the variety of stitchesand colors as I am making itbut I hatehaving to keep the stitch countweaving in the endsand putting on the borderBut they are BEAUTIFUL when your done!!!Right now on my hook - baby dressesSo much fun to make and quick too!Oh…I have some great news to shareStitchinStacy has made a YouTubevideo tutorial for the flowerin my Flower Power ValanceI have had a lot of requestsfor this so if your interestedpop on over here where I haveposted the linkOk back to crocheting….Robin[...]

Czech Beads and a Bird Nest


A few weeks ago a friend and I went to the bead show in San DiegoI was on a mission to come home with some Czech beadsThe kind with a dragonfly on themThey are my current obsession…like I need more beadsAnyway I found only one boothwith the beads I wantedGuess one is better than none!!So I used some of them on an necklacefor my swap partner Terri GordonThe swap was a necklace witha birds nest flower as the focal pieceDo you see the dragonfly bead?It makes me smileThis was a really fun necklace to makeI hope it tickles her fancyas much as it does mineI can wait to make more jewelry from my coveted Czech beads…Robin[...]



I am over the moon
this arrived today

This is the first time 
I have had something published

Its so exciting!!


Bright Crochet Waves


I can't believe that itsbeen almost two monthssince my last postWhere has the time gone??I have been busily working on thiswavy blanketWith bright pink pom-poms(tutorial here)And lots of colorA fun birthday gift for myoldest grand daughterwho's turning 8Now back to weaving in the ends of thisSo many endsSo little timeI love making these mixed stitch striped blanketsThis is the thirdBut I hate weaving in the ends!Robin[...]

My Other Obsession


I took a break this weekendfrom crocheting to make some jewelryMy other obsessionI have had this idea in my headand finally took the time tosee if it would workI purchased some turquoisestones at the Rose Bowl Flea Marketthe last time I was thereand I wanted to see if I could solder one onto somethingI had taken a class some time agoto learn how to etch on copperand made this copper heartIt went perfect with the stonethat kinda looks like a heartI love how it turned out!I have 3 more stoneswaiting to be turnedinto somethingRobin[...]

A Better Way


I have been crocheting since I was about 10 or 11and throughout my life I have gone thru phaseswhere I don't crochet at alland times like nowwhere all I seem to doin my spare time is crochetI love how Pinterest(a current addiction)has allowed me to findnew ways to do old thingsWhenever I think "there has to be a better way to do this"I start searching thru my pins on Pinterest and explore my optionsSince I have been making a lot of granny squares latelyI find standing double crochetslook a lot better than a chain 3 for starting a roundThey look just like a regulardouble crochetHere is a great tutorial onhow to start a new row with astanding double crochetUsing this method leaves both endsof your yarn at the top of the stitchI just tie them together andweave in the ends across thetop of my stitchesThat way I can just crochetover them in the next roundI LOVE not having all the endsto weave in when Im done!!Another great find is this"Magic Knot"to join my yarnIts truly is magic!!!I also like to use this standing double crochetto start my rows allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' FRAMEBORDER='0' />  Being the perfectionist that I am(yes I will admit this)I think these truly are better waysto make my crocheting look betterI hope you will too!!Robin[...]

The Silver Tree


For a while I have been wantinga vintage silver Christmas treeI looked at them on Etsy andEbay and even told Tracy(at my favorite place to get all things vintage)to keep an eye out for oneA few weeks ago I went intoKohls to buy a least favorite thingin the world to do...and spotted 2 seven foot silver treessitting in the center of the Christmas clearance aisleThey had been used as display treesfor their Christmas ornamentsand I had lovingly admired themthe last time I was thereAfter looking at their websiteto see if I could have oneof my very ownI found out that thosetrees were $499.99!!Don't think soAnyway...I looked...walked away..looked again…walked away …and came back againIt was calling my name..Robin come back…You need meAfter having a discuss with the store manager(because I had a price of $100 or less in my head)it was decided that Icould have an additional30% off the $124.99 priceYES…silver tree you will be coming home with me!!So I brought it homeand set it in my living roomAdmiring my new tree each dayI didn't want to put it awayfor a   l o n g   yearI decided it needed a skirtto match my collection ofvintage Shiny Britesthat will adorn it next yearSo I went thru my stash ofyarn and found the colorsI wanted and it allcame togetherI picked up some buttonsat Walmart andanother project complete!It looks great under my treeI love the pom pom edgeThe pattern for the tree skirtcan be found here atSmooth Fox Knit & Crochet(image from her blog)I did add the buttons and pom pom edge(tutorial on a previous post)I will be retiringmy little pink tree♥I still love you little pink tree♥ I have already startedanother projectImagine that!Crochet on…Robin[...]

Happy New Year


Its nice to start off the new year with a finished projectMy daughter wanted a blanketwith green, purple and a little pinkI teased her that she wanted anEaster egg blanketI tried a few patterns thatwell...just didn't work outwith these colorsSo I resorted back to my favorite - the granny squareI love making granny squaresthey go so fast andits mindless crochetin front of the TV She didn't want a pom-pom edgeso I went with somethingmore simpleThis thing weights 6 pounds!It's going to cost mea fortune to ship itI didn't think about thatI hope the New Year iseverything you want it to be!!Robin[...]

This and That


I did get a chance to take a couple of pictures of the Christmas tree skirtbut they didn't turn out too well at nightI will try another timein the daylightI have been working on agranny square blanket for my daughter in thecolors of her choiceI call them easter egg colorsI have a few squares to gothen the borderI think I will do pom-pomsOr will that be to juvenile?I have already collected yarnfor my next projectI think I have a crochet addiction...Robin[...]

Blue waves


I have been working on this blanketfor almost a year its finally done!I wanted my 6' sonto be able to wrap up in itso its a very LARGE blanketIt has the feel of ocean waves All in blues & greensI folded it upsat it on the couchand it was likea cat magnetWhy do my cats like to lay on everything that I crochet???I finished this tree skirt toobut forgot to take pictures ofit all done before I gave it awayI used mostly leftover yarnFortunately I gave it tosomeone that lives nearbyso when I go over therenext time I will take picturesof it around their treeI used the pom pom edge on itand it turned out really cute!I will post pictures soon.Robin[...]

Beanie Marathon Weekend


The weather is getting cold againwhich means its time for beanies!I had a request from a little someonewho lives in Oregon for some new beaniesso I spent the weekendcrocheting beaniesThey are a fun little distractionQuick and easy to makeAnd they help de-stashMy ever growing pile of yarnAnd now back to afghan crocheting….I'm finishing up a VERY LARGEprojectRobin[...]

Spellbound Swap


Next weekI will be headed toPasadena for the mostamazing art retreatSpellbound Im excited to seemy roomie Sue againand lavish in thefun and excitementthis event bringsSue is hostinga fun zip bag swapthat I have beenworking onall weekThis is before I added the embellishmentsHere they are all doneStuffed with goodiesand ready to go!!5 more sleeps tillSpellboundRobin[...]

Rainbow Unicorn


A few days ago I was looking thruPinterest and came across a unicorn beanie at Repeat Crafter MeI do have to admit I let outa little grand daughteris obsessed with unicornsEspecially RAINBOW unicornsBeing the yarn hoarder that I amI had everything I neededexcept the green yarnThe beanie was easyBut the mane and the earstook a couple triesto get them rightI did modify the earsand added a couple rows to the horn....aunicorn does need asubstancial horn ya knowIm tickled with the way it turned outand I can't waitto see the look on her facewhen I give it to herRobin[...]

Little Pumpkins


I work in a senior apartment community and once a month I teach a craft classThis was our last classLittle pumpkins made from sweatersThey are fun and easy to make These are going to seniors when the girls at workdo their home visitsA little pumpkin and some goodies to put a smile on someones faceRobin[...]

Pom Pom Edge


I was looking for a cute borderto put on a granny square blanketI just finished and came across thisI needed to modify it for my blanketand wanted to remember how I did itso I thought I would post how I did it hereI just love this cute pom pom stitch To start join with a single crochetthen chain 63 double crochetin 3rd chain from hook holding back last stitchof each double crocheton your hookYou will have 4 stitcheson your hookYarn over and pull thru all loops(cluster stitch made)Chain 3Make a second cluster stitch in the loop that closed your first cluster stitchJoin with a slip stitchwhere your first cluster beginsTo do this go thru the stitchleaving 1 part of the stitch in the back and 2 parts in the frontChain 3Single crochet in your next spaceThere you have it....Cute little pompomsalong the edgeof your blanketThey do take a little whileto make butare well worththecute factorthat they giveto my blanket!!Robin[...]