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Preview: The Mixie Pixie: Mixing It Up

The Mixie Pixie: Mixing It Up

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Life Documented 2017 Group Challenge 1/14/2017


Good morning Lovelies! I hope this post does not confuse anyone, because it is a slight departure from the previous 2 weeks, but I really believe it will make everything easier. Be aware that we have just set up a Blogger site dedicated for the Life Documented 2017 group as of yesterday, but I cannot access it to post our challenge yet, so I decided this is better that struggling with Facebook (dis)function for one more week!So onto our weekly Challenge and Prompt!....Challenge: draw or paint a face Prompt: "Only in darkness can you see the stars" - Martin Luther King, JrChallenge: For those who are now freaking out - "I can't draw a face!" - deep breath! I gotcha on this! First, you can draw emoji style "smiley" faces, if you want! I also have a link (further down) to a very easy method if you want to try to draw. And, as always, you creative person, it is okay to adapt the weekly challenges. You could grab a face from a newspsper (if you can find one anymore-lol) or magazine, or print from online. Draw or paint right on it!Prompt: It is there for inspiration, to be interpreted artistically in any way you wish. You might use it entirely, or a word from it, or be inspired by it. And if none of that appeals to your muse this week, then ignore it! It is perfectly okay to do that!Here is my page, and a step by step visual of it with instructions in the caption: fyi: I used dylusions paints, and I gesso prepped my page, in my Dylusions journal.My challenge to myself has been to try to capture emotion better by working more losely, to be more gestural with my strokes1) pencil sketch a face 2) a dark purple color to make a paint sketch 3) dark blue wash added 4) yellow-orange added over face 5) white for highlights 6) turquoise added on face and background 7) white again this time in hair and highlights on face again 8) brown lowlights in background and detail in hair and face, some brown scribbled detail with a colored pencil 9) midnight blue around background. That's it! A pencil, a colored pencil, a few paint colors, and gesso.As I promised, here is a link to a very detailed video by famous Mixed Media Art Journaler, Dina Wakley:[...]



I finally did it!!! I posted my  listing on Etsy the first in a very long time) for a mixed media paper pack of epic proportions!  Check it out here:

 It has taken way longer to complete this than I thought it would, so I am celebrating a victory over my disablity/medical situation with a trip to Caribou for a coffee treat!

New ATC's for trading...


The theme is "Bird People" and I am sad to say I did not get them mailed in time for the swap event, but I hope they will find new homes in the general trading millieu. I am putting them on Flickr too. If you are interested just contact me here, or on Flickr (also as TheMixiePixie). I love trading, and have been out of it for a while. Returning to it feels a little like coming home.

Check this out! (It is art stuff) and please give me your opinion


Take a look at this post:

I thought it would be better than copying it and posting it on this blog. I'm trying to decide if I should separate out my art posts from other life stuff, or put it all in one place.

Please tell me your opinion. I would like to post what you like to read/see.

Thank you!

Online Scam Warning - BEWARE! and take note, dear friends...


I just had a very near miss getting scammed by this online web hosting site called "Hostia", "Freehostia", also known as "Liquidnet", "chocolate", "supernatural", and several others. It supposed to be free,  but you have to pay for a domaine name ($10 per year - not too bad). Then they tell you they can protect you from identity theft, spam, etc. for another $10 (per year) which I paid, since I am new to this whole business ( I am trying to set up to conduct online art classes) and not too savvy, I admit. The first hint there was something wrong is that even though they are supposed to be in the web hosting business their website really really sucks! In fact, they have a so-called log-in area where you are supposed to put in your username and password. So that makes it look legit, right? But guess what. There is no way to generate a user-name or password! There is no "create account" option anywhere on the site! So I thought that would occur in the purchasing process, but n-o-o-o-o-o. So I look on my paypal receipt which gives the contact information and I called the "company" to ask how to get my username and password. It said to call their' pre-sales and customer support number noted below". The generic answering message thanks you for calling  "web-hosting" sales and customer support (notice- no company name!) and got I a guy who was the absolute worst jerk annd biggest asshole I have ever had the misfortune to deal with by phone- ever, ever!  -- and by my age I have dealt with plenty.  He refused to allow me to speak. I would barely say one syllable and he would talk over me. Then, yelling at me, he demanded repeatedly "Who is this? Who are you?" But as soon as I tried to answer he yelled over me again. I ended up in tears. It is so damn frustrating and shocking, trying to talk to someone who is demanding answers but won't let you speak! (In fact, it sounded to me like he had a middle eastern accent, and I have noticed that middle eastern men in customer service jobs tend to have a problem dealing with American women. I can only guess it's the "subservience thing".)  Anyway, I tried yelling over him to stop yelling and let me answer; he yelled even louder; so I called him a vile name and I hung up.  I called back, hoping to get someone else, and guess what - same guy - 6 times in a row!  So I called Paypal.  The people there were VERY helpful and supportive. Here's something new I learned too, which you should be aware of: Paypal protection only applies to shipped items, not to services.  But I have been a longstanding customer with a pristine record, so they refunded the money to me anyway. I am sure the fact that I called within an hour of making the transaction helped, as well.

Sadly, I wasted my whole day looking into setting up an online classroom to teach art techniques. The only ones I am aware of use NING - and it functions so badly I have vowed I will never use it again (after the current class is done). PLEASE LEAVE ADVICE IN COMMENTS if you know of a good classroom platform that is free or cheap!  I was thinking I would use Moodle, but you have to get it through a site that hosts it, and that's where my day went awry.  Too bad I am on these meds. I seldom would say this (as my close friends and family will attest) but I could use a good stiff drink!

Good News - 21 Secrets Christmas in July Sale!



21 Secrets is an all year access art journalers workshop with 21 classes by well known teachers/journalers, and I love it!  This is such a good deal, you've gotta check it out!!!

You Really Want to Know "21 Secrets"


Hello, friends.  I am finally back -- back from oblivion, in case you were wondering where I have been.  Apparently the move I made last September was harder on me than I thought it would be.  I have spent the winter mostly in bed recovering, but I am fortunate enough to have an adjustable bed, so much of that time was spent upright, at least. But I was in too much pain to be typing, or even thinking! -lol.   The point is, I am back in action and getting a lot of art made. I haven't gotten the laundry done, but hey, art is a lot more fulfilling. I have been enjoying the "21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop". It is an amazing deal! It's for anyone interested in visual art of any  kind, or journaling - you don't have to be an artist. There are 21 different classes many taught by well known artists.(I found it through Terri Kahr's blog thru Google connect - thanks Terri!)  It is on sale for $59, which gives you access 24/7 to all  21 classes until January 1st, 2014. Even this "starving artist" could afford that!  Here is the link if you care to check it out: first class I took was Terri's awesome "I Have A Secret", but with my inkjet printer on the fritz, and my new (used) laser printer waiting to be set up, I do not have a sample to show off. Next I did the fabulous Watercolor Playground class with Tammy Garcia of Yellow Daisy. It's a great class for the absolute beginner like me, and so much fun. I am addicted! The first 2 pics are from that class. The 2nd two are from Doodle Your Way by Cathy Bluteau. I love doing this, too.  It's a mixture of collage and design work. The last pic is one I did on an envelope and sent to my Mom for Mother's day. I am also just beginning and online visual journaling class with Juliana Coles. The point of this class is not to make good art, but to use the process she teaches for personal growth/ internal excavation.  I am VERY excited to be doing this class as I have had my eye on her classes for a long time, but money was always an issue. I really feel drawn to this, and I think my Higher Power knows I will uncover something important there. If you want to look into her classes look up Juliana Coles or "Me and Pete productions".  [...]

Cacthing Up


Oh my friends, I was so sick for so long! And even though I am better, I still don't have my stamina back.  But I confess I have another kind of sickness that I don't think can be cured. It's more of an addiction, really.  I LOVE shabby-cottage-vintage-chic type stuff, especially dishes.  I don't know why. I just find them so charming and nostalgic.  So, although I had made the decision I must rehome much of my Shabby chic collection due to my impending move, and had even photographed it for listing, and packed up for shipping, I was helpless to resist this beautiful set I found at the local thrift store. Aren't they the most lovely things?  I feel happy every time I look at them!
I need to catch up on my blogging, but I think a little every day is best, so t.t.f.n!

Been sick, but getting better.


I had made a New Year's resolution to ramp up my healthcare efforts to take better care of me. So I made a ton of doctor appts, and then proceeded to get very sick (respiratory, sinus, ears, throat, etc). Only now - 9 weeks later - do I feel close to "normal" - my normal sick/painful state.  I am DETERMINED to get better!!!!  I will be seen at Mayo as soon as I call them back to set the appt.  That's for the undiagnosed mytery disease which has my SED rate (inflammation in the blood) "crazy high", to quote my doctor. We rechecked it thinking it went down, and instead it had gone up.( I've already checked out negative for arthritis.) Also, I am awaiting biopsy results on the mole taken from my foot (5 stitches!). That appt for is tomorrow. If it is positive for melanoma it may explain why I have been so sick, and we'll need to see if it has metastasized. I am not concerned about that. I'll deal with it if necessary. What's the worst that can happen? I die, go to heaven, no more pain! Actually, the worst would be going thru all these appts and tests and not finding out what's wrong!  I have an Orthotics appt to make inserts to correct my "pronation" which will hopefully resolve lots of foot and low back pain. My hand pain is gawd-aweful so the neck/back dr. wants me to schedule another "nerve conduction study" because it may be resulting from my neck injuries.  I had this done twice before - one on each arm/hand when my carpal tunnels were done.  It's like Nazi torture, where they shoot electrical pain impulses through your nerves and measure how long it takes to run from one end to the other.  I never drink, but I just might have to get drunk to face THAT again!!!!  

New Stuff


  I have not been very chatty online lately but I have been doing plenty of talking to my journals. Here are just a few of the pages.   I had a blast using the funky stamp people by Jill Penney and Daniel Torrentes which can be found at (To get a good closer look just click on the image)

Home Sweet Home Cover


Via Flickr:
Come see all the amazing pages....I chose "Home Sweet Home"as my theme for this Ten-participant Altered Book Round Robin (hosted by Sallie Rodman) . I love this image (don't know why) and chose her for this piece because to me she represents the protectiveness I feel as a mother, and many feel about family and home. The text represent how our life story begins with home, the old rustic feel - - the age-old universal idea of home and the rusty heart - the age-old love home holds, the fancy door knob -the magic of entering into the story of the lives behind the door as well as the magic of entering this book and the pages to come.

Dreams Come...


 My entry for Simon Says Stamp Blog Weekly Challenge: "Stamp and show a word".  The winner is chosen at random.  I have my fingers crossed! Would love to get $50.00 in new stamping stuff! It is fun to do anyway. See details here as well as find links to the other entries:

Blissful "Work": Journal Pages and backgrounds


I spent some happy hours in the sunshine this weekend  outside at my local Caribou coffee - painting away, sipping iced coffee, and listening to the birds, with my furry companion laying at my feet. It was so blissful! I came home happy but so very painful. It's the price I must pay, but some days it's worth it.  I have been a long-time admirer of Kate Crane of "The Katheryn Wheel" blog, and the amazing journal pages she makes. I just love doing backgrounds (I find it very therapeutic), and I have tried to emulate hers, but just feel something's missing.  She's in the U.K. so her classes aren't accessible to me. Fortunately, she just released new dvd's revealing her secrets, and I must have them!  I have my fingers crossed that I will be the lucky winner of her giveaway, cuz it will be a while before I can fit it into my disability-income budget. So here is some of my accomplishment: (click on pics to see larger image/details)

This quote is borrowed from Marsha Salyer-Jorgenson of Tumble Fish Studio

A Collage Completed


This is a collage I recently finished. It is full of symbolic imagery, inspiring quotes, and whimsey. It would be perfect for an office or child's room, or even a family room, and can be arranged in different configurations.  It sat partially done for a long time. I felt it needed something more, but I felt stymied. Does that ever happen to you?  Then I got these spinner hands for card-making and inspiration hit me. Soon I was adding all kinds of metal embellishments. You can find the spinner on the largest (main) piece, on the compass image.  Sometimes that's how I would like to travel. Spin the hands and then set off in that direction!  I am pleased with how it worked out.  I hope someone will like it well enough to buy it once I upload it to my Etsy shop (along with a bunch of other stuff I need to get pictures of ). [...]

Stampotique Challenge


Click on image to see larger size
This is my entry to the current "any stamps" challenge on the Stampotique blog, which is to use newspaper or old book pages in a stamped design. See all the entries here:
I just love their stamps, and hope I win the gift certificate, so I can buy some. Then I will be able to enter their "Stampotique stamps only" contests as well.  Living on a (tiny) fixed income does not allow for many "nonessentials".  This birthday card is made from one of my all time favorite Stampin' Up sets called "Penguin Paradise".   I want to do more stamping in my art journals, and I am a follower of The Katherine Wheel blog, where she does a lot of that. In fact, that's how I became aware of Stampotique.  I bet you'd find her journal work as inspiring as I do.



Okay, I just wasted 45 minutes on "live chat" regarding an account I cancelled a year ago!!!! I used the device less than 48 hours!  It sucked BIG TIME"  So I cancelled my account, but they failed to tell me that you have to do a separate cancellation of the auto-renew feature. Wouldn't you expect that when you cancel an account all activity related to it would cease?  Or if not, they would tell you?  But no-o-o-o-o not scammers like this company. They just keep charging you, maybe hoping you won't notice, so that they keep getting money for absolutley NOTHING!  But then, if you do happen to catch it, they will give you the stonewalling, runaround kind of crap we have all, sadly, come to expect from "customer service". I just kept "hanging up" and trying back 'til I found someone who could understand English and make sense. That took 4 tries!!! One guy was walking me through the cancellation process, which I did, and then when he saw I had finished it he got all sarcastic on me, asking when I was going to tell him I was done doing it, or was I hoping to surprise him? WHAT!!!!!  I told him he's a jerk, and wanted to speak to a supervisor.  He said he is the supervisor. So I tried again.   I saw warnings all over the internet about this company, and deeply regret I didn't listen.  Please learn from my mistake, and save yourself the insanity.



That's a new word I made up yesterday to describe the kind of day I had! I don't know what image I will come up with to represent that on my art journaling calendar, which I am doing for the Art Calendar 2011 challenge on Flickr. Some very talented artists are doing it, and I admire their entries. I aspire to make pages I like as much as I do theirs.

click on pic to see larger image
So, "unpheavalous": it makes me think of my daughter and miss her. She and I used to make up words and mentally put them in Our Family Dictionary of Made-up Words, which existed in our mindsShe has a gift for language and enjoys word play, as do I, and so did my parents, especially my father. So does my youngest son. My daughter just seems to "go there" more than he does. I remember dinners with my younger 2 - laughing 'til we had tears, and were trying not to spit out our food. One would play off something another had said, and it would grow from there. What fun! - And talent! I wish my daughter would agree to publish her poetry. It's not just a proud mom who thinks she is gifted. Her high school English teacher wrote on her poetry project "This is the best poetry I have ever seen written by a student - or maybe ever". Ever???!!! -WOW! This is a person who has studied Shakespear, and all "the greats", saying that!  I cannot she is one of the greats because I would not know. But it seems she has great potential. We have encouraged her to enter it in poetry contests and magazines, but she just feels too vulnerable and exposed by having it put "out there".  I am honored that she even let me see it.  Anyway, I wish I had actually kept a list of our words, because my memory has not held on to them. I hope hers has. I hope we will discuss it some day, and I will then add this one to our family dictionary.  As for the kind of day it was, life presented some challenges to deal with, and I feel good about how I met them.  Some days are just like that, and I no longer get bent out of shape about it as I did when I was younger, thanks to my Higher Power.

Crowabout challenge week 114 submission


Thanks so much to Nancy Beaumiller: "Crowabout", for all the weekly fun of this collage playgroup on flickr. I have enjoyed participating for over a year, but never blogged it before. I wonder why? Anyway, now that I discovered the "blog it" action on Flickr I decided, why not?

You can't have her - she's mine!


Birthday bunny, originally uploaded by themixiepixie.
I bought myself a birthday present online, and I can hardly wait to get it! If you look at the blogs I follow you see one for Sandi Mastroni, and if you hop on over there you will see a bunch of adorable art dolls, including this one, which I bought from her ETSY shop.  I have been admiring her work for the longest time -- so original, talented, and adorable! Living on disability, I can seldom manage any discretionary purchases, and am very picky about every cent not spent on absolute necessities. That is how special I think her artwork is. If you want one of her dolls you have to act fast because they fly out of her shop almost as soon as they arrive. But you can't have this one! I "dibbs-ed" it before she even got it into her shop because  I saw it on her blog.  I am glad I check my blogs-I-follow list every day for new posts or I might have missed out on this one, too!  I actually got first pick of the litter, and it was so-o-o-o hard to chose! Aren't they all the adorablest things ever?!

feb 2011


feb 2011, originally uploaded by themixiepixie.

This is my February 2011 Art Calendar Challenge entry for Feb. I was a late-comer so I do not have one for Jan. I am not sure I want to use the same method for March. It's not harmonious enough for my satisfaction. Or, I may do the same method, but all in black and white, like the journal I did for a while in black and white, as suggested by Teesha Moore. Off to start on it now...

When the Universe Smiles on You...


Recently I was very sick and even made a trip to the e.r.  The day before I went and found out I have "asthmatic bronchitis" I dragged myself out of bed, wishing ever-so-much that I had a manservant to bring me coffee, and poured my own cup, added my lactose free whole milk (in place of cream) and the carton felt like it weighed 5 lbs. I was feeling very sorry for myself, and picked up my spoon to stir it... and cracked up! I just stood there shaking my head, laughing, because look at what I saw:

Honestly! I did not do this!!! I took it as a sign that even tho I was feeling lousy, and life did not endow me with wealth enough for a morning coffee servant, the Universe still loves me anyway!

Guardian of Bygones


click to see larger image
In some recent blog hopping I came across the Blog "Collage Obsession". Obviously, my kind of place, right!  They have a weekly collage challenge, and this is my first time participating. ( -if I figure out the linking process correctly!) I was very inspired by the spooky house image, and I worry if my ideas are original enough. But that's what we do, us artists, isn't it -- we muster up the courage to "put it out there" and find out if we're "any good"? At least I enjoyed the process. That counts for a lot, I think.

On hold ATC:Its S-o-o-o-o Me


I am so happy that I just joined this group on Flickr: Monthly Themed ATC Swap, where every moNth a list of participants is generated, we make an ATC (Artist Trading Card) with the theme, and then mail it to the person below our own name. This month's theme is : "It's s-o-o-o-o Me". I have been s-o-o-o sick! But I did manage to get my ATC done in time, and in fact, I made 2! I realized that right now in my life, the thing that is most typical of me is to appreciate and spoil my furry companion, Rizzo. It is so like me to see him as a little boy and give him ice cream Yes, I even let him eat off my spoon. I know: "Eeeeeew!" (You may have seen me talk about him before, in older posts. ) First, I couldn't decide which vintage outfit to "dress" him in. (I colored them, and added the tennis shoes to the one.) Then I couldn't decide which background to use. So I made both, I will let my swap partner choose, then I will make the other available for trade. What fun!

Over the slump...


I am so easy to please, and perhaps too easily pleased with myself (grin).  It was so gratifying to get responses to my last couple posts. (Thank you!) It broke me out of my bubble. In my search for connection I came across a new website I hope you will check out called the House of Art, ( link HERE) where artists can talk about art- techniques, frustrations (like artists block, isolation,etc.) and anything else art related.  Sounds like a good place for me, right? I think so. I left an introduction, and a post in the forum, and I intend to visit every day for a while, and see how it goes.  I am very excited about this idea and give props to the industrious and initiativeous (there, I made up a new word in honor of your efforts!) Emme and Melisse who envisioned it and are running it.  Kudos to you!
Also, I finally managed to produce some art, thus ending my dry spell.  (click on it to see full size)  As it says, part of the reason was the common artist pitfall of putting pressure on myself to come up with something amazing - to be attractive, unique, clever, meaningful, desirable, ...I'm sure  you get the picture. In addition to that, I am feeling a strong desire to develop my own distinctive look. I've been suffering from artistic envy. It's fine to admire, but I end up feeling worse about myself. Now that's not good for our creative spark, is it? So, I see other things I like and I emulate because it "speaks to me", but it is just my spin on someone else's idea. I am sure many will recognize the influences on the journal page below. I am pleased with it, even tho it's not my own signature look:

Some images are  bits from magazines (I especially like the moldy bread skirt, which seems metaphorically appropriate to me! tee-he) Most of the images and border elements, text, etc. are thanks to Nancy Beaumiller of Crowabout Studio.
And now, since I was up literally all night and all day, it is time to go get some sleep. BTW- I noticed I am more creative late at night, as if my brain's right side (the art side) doesn't function well when my left side is active during the daytime, when I must think about bills, housekeeping, and managing my health.  Maybe the next time I am feeling stymied, I should just try staying up late. Of course, there is a price to pay, but I feel it is worth it for my art.

Thanks to Some and Congratulations to Me!


See this "button"? Congratulate me! That means I learned how to do this simple-for-others-but-not-for-me blogging trick.  Thanks to Melisse, and Jill, who left comments for me, and Look In the Nook, who happened to post the most timely blog post. It is almost too coincidental to be a coincidence! That's when I call it a miracle, answer to a prayer, or serendipity.  This button takes you to a site where there is a video for Blogger instructions and demonstrations. Now why "Blogger" doesn't call it a "button" on their list of features we can add to our blogs, when everyone else in the blogosphere calls it that, I can only guess. (My guess is, it's run by computer geeks who don't relate to how us non-geeks think -- tee hee).  I also was able to figure out how to add the blogs I follow to the side bar, and how to make comments show in a pop-up window, and how to add links to the side bar. WOW! That is a lot to learn in one day! My brain is fried!!!  Of course, "the proof is in the pudding" as they say. So here goes: I am about to push the "publish" button, and find out if I really learned it, or if I am just a numpty! < my new fav word- see previous post