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Mod Vintage Life

Mod Vintage Life...a blog all about historic restoration of a hollywood inspired 1931 tudor revival storybook cottage in Oklahoma City's Edgemere Park. Discussion of decorating, weenie dogs, home restoration, antiques, art deco style, storybook style, 192

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Open House Sunday


Follow the Yellow Door! built 1929 in the Morningside addition of AtlantaThis old tudor has been modernized with bright color choices.  Look how fun and inviting the front door is to this place - complete with gray and yellow awning. You step into the sun porch. I love how they mixed traditional with bright pops of color along with neutrals to create a modern and fun but still tasteful home. The yellow and gray color scheme continues into the front living room. Just enough yellow to make it a happy place.  The yellow continues into the dining with the rug but the rest of the room goes cool blue. Love the art propped on the chair rail. I love that they did a nice classic kitchen in this home instead of something very modern.   The sitting room off the kitchen has pops of orange. A single man friend of mine recently bought an orange sofa without consulting me. Everyone told him he'd made a mistake.He loved it and just bought cause he liked it but then was regretting the decision because everyone told him he should have bought neutral.I told him not to worry, we'd make that orange sofa work in his apartment.We'd add neutrals around it and it would be amazing. Which it is.I think this orange sofa is perfect in this room.   Love the bright paintings on the wall in the stairway.  Notice the brightly colored fish in the aquarium? They fit right in with the color scheme of this home.  Tranquil bedroom with bits of color. A pretty little bath.  The outdoor space has nice details too. Notice how the garage is surrounded by lots of potted containers? That makes the driveway appear to be an extension of the patio instead of just a place to park your car. See the full listing here.[...]

Keith's Garden


 Today, as promised a tour of my co-worker and friend Keith's wonderful garden including his new pea gravel patio.His house is a sweet little tudor in one of OKC's Historic neighborhoods. He freely admits that he neglects his front yard because for him it's so much more fun to make the backyard beautiful. He has intention to do something more to the front but it has not been a priority.His front flower bed is full of cactus...which is very low care.That's a banana tree to the side of the front patio.  Keith says he ignores his front yard but the front porch includes this amazing planter.I think it all looks very nice...perhaps not as fully realized as the back...but still beautiful.this planter full of a nice variety of plants Now, we step out his back door and one of the first pots is planted in hostas.I am so doing this! I have not had much luck with hostas in the ground but a potted one...I bet I can handle. There are many planters here and there around the backyard.   This photo came out blurry but it was a nice composition so I included. His yard includes a large variety of types of planters and many kinds of plants.  In the center of the yard is the new round pea gravel patio. A flagstone path beyond leads to the furthest part of the yard. Bits of glass art dot the landscape. This gravel patio was created by spraying the yard with round up and then puttingdown black landscape cloth. Then a few inches of pea gravel are shoveled on top.The view to the back of the house.The pergola was added onto the house by Keith.  The back corner of the yard is watched over by this Buddha. A happy fellow. This rusty rooster is big. He stands about four feet tall. Here we have a few succulents in a planter. This is a giant panda. Keith found it at a Restaurant supply place.He came from an old Chinese restaurant. He's big - like 5 feet tall.He hides among the smoke bush. more of the pea gravel patio This yard his so full of plants! This is the far corner of the back of the house. A bubbly fountain sits right outside the dining room window.I hope you enjoyed the tour of Keith's yard. I'm kind of amazed by all the plants in it. He just keeps adding and adding to it.Very inspiring. [...]

Open House Sunday


 built 1935This lovely colonial style home sits right on the park in Edgemere Park.My neighborhood in Oklahoma City.I noticed big changes going on at this home a couple of years ago.They changed the trim color on the home and it made such a huge impact.  This is how the house looked for years. The house looked very bland painted this color.Although I have to say I liked the more mature landscape in this old version. Here we are as it appears today.Love the big planters on either side of the front steps.   The details on this house are very nice. Inside, it's rather masculine in its decor. Lots of dark gray walls.I would like this for a den but for my main living's too dark for my liking but still it makesfor a striking room. I like the fireplace stacked with wood. It's not practical but looks cool.I'm sure the white marble subway tile for the fireplace surround is a renovation.It's pretty but was probably brick originally.  Nothing to complain about here. It's a gorgeous kitchen.Love the way the stove is set between cabinets.I'd be happy in this kitchen.The industrial look continues in the dining room.Several trends here. It looks great. Too masculine for my taste but I bet this house sells super quick.Lovely side porch. I would have never done the ceiling in the dark colorbut it's very striking.Very tranquil bedroom. I'd love to have an upholstered bed but not practical when yousleep with four dogs. So it's not in the cards for me.Lots of marble tile in the bath. A bit austere. I could warm it up.There is a gray laundry room too!More of one of the bathrooms. Very nice back patio. Lots of potential in this backyard. I'd have fun filling it with plants.That's a cool outdoor fireplace! Fits right in with the industrial touches around the home.  See? Wide open space. Love the patio. I'd put lots of pots. Pots of boxwoods, I think.This is the view out the front door. See? Right on the park.It's a great place to live!see full listing here [...]

Morning Glories


Last week I planted Morning Glory seeds in a few pots around here.I figured it would give me lots of green and color for little money.I soaked the seeds in water over night after piercing each seed with a nail to cut through the tough outer coating.This lets them sprout much faster. Three days later I had little sprouts coming up. I'm watering twice a day and waiting for them to grow. In the past I only thought about Morning Glories growing up on trellises.But they can grown from hanging pots downward too.I love that a dead tree is covered in Morning Glories in that photo above.Have you done Morning Glories before?I did a few years ago in one pot in back and I really loved them.This time I planted on the front side of the house.I have not forgotten about showing you my friend, Keith's pea gravel patio.His yard is amazing!I got to the party just as the sun was setting because I worked late.So I am going over again next week to take photos.I'll share when I do.all photos from my Container Gardening folder on Pinterest. [...]

Impatient for Impatiens


Pink Impatiens via  For Mother's Day, Robert one of the other designers at the store brought eachof us a girls a hanging basket of impatiens.Mine was a huge basket of pink ones.I was thrilled to get them! via  The light coral pink is my absolute favorite.I mentioned to one of the other designers that I was so happy to get thembecause I've been too poor to buy flowers for the back deck and yard this year.She immediately suggested that I take cuttings from the plant and root them in water so that I'd have lots of flowers to plant.Why didn't I think of that?I've rooted Hydrangeas with great luck and coleus but it never occurred to meto root impatiens.So today I trimmed back my basket of flowers and rooted in little jelly jarslots of sprigs of the original plant. Here they are lined up on my kitchen window sill. I have four jars full.I also tried rooting directly in soil outside. We'll see which one works best.I just looked up how to do it online...but it's very simple. Just snip and pull off the bottom leaves so they are not in water. It said to remove the flowers tooand I did on most but it just seemed so sad to take the pretty blossoms offso I tried a few with the blossoms on. We'll see how that works.   viaHopefully in a few weeks I'll have lots of new impatiens to plant. Aren't the mounds of these amazing? viaHow about a stream of impatiens?Today I worked on the living room.It's really been kind of a mess ever since I painted it and started a new job shortly after.The last two years...I've struggled to finish projects.A few weeks ago I kind of accidentally quit taking my anti-depressant and all of a suddenI was so much more motivated to get some things done around here.I started taking the antidepressant when Newman died and Shelly died shortly after...then my friend Shannon died the next year. It was a lot to cope with and I managed better with just a little help.I was taking the smallest amount possible but it made me so sleepy!On my days off...all I wanted to do was sleep. I couldn't imagine doing any projects around here.I just didn't care. I could get to work every day and focus on work...but once home I was immediately asleep.Life is just a balancing act. I've had time now between those tragedies that I'm not obsessively thinking about the losses. I still cry at the thought of them.But I can pull myself out of the crying jag and focus on things I want to do.Every time something really bad happens in my sends me into such a spiral down.The drugs helped me not reach the bottom but I wasn't flying again either.It was time to let the help go and fly.I'm flying and looking forward to being creative again.First thing on the list is to paint the dining room.I'm going to have a couple of days off soon and that is top of the list to do.[...]

Open House Sunday


 built 1937This house in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Oklahoma City.I was in this home maybe 10 years ago and my it has changed. It has all new finishes throughout. It had good bones when I saw it before but super terrible finishes. Now I wouldn't have necessarily made all these choices but it's very nice.Lots and lots of gray so hold on.....including a giant gray zebra!  I kind of love all the shutters in this home. Something I normally don't really like.But in this home they work.Wing chairs are usually a good choice for host and hostess chairs in the dining room but these are too large and the side chairs too small.  The kitchen turned out really pretty. I really like the nook the range top is sitting in.I wish there was a full on stove in that nook, though. But then I prefer stoves to cook tops.  That looks like black stainless on the wall oven. That's the newest color in appliances.I still prefer white or regular stainless. I just think these appliances are too dark for this kitchen.But then I can't really think of a situation where I'd like any kind of black appliance. Love that this room opens up to the backyard pool. Will I ever tire of white marble? I don't think so.I would tire of all the gray in this room...and those black mirror frames.  Big fan of this room. In this room I really like all the gray and like that there is a door outside. Precious little room in the attic. This is where I'd want to sleep. Fun kids room. I believe this is the upstairs bath. basement Backyard poolSee the full listing here. [...]



Pea Gravel I'm more than a little obsessed with pea gravel patios.I've wanted to do one for quite awhile to the side of my deck along the back of the house. They sound super easy to accomplish although the work may be back breaking. I've been thinking about doing one for the last couple of years. A couple of weeks ago, one of the other designers at work created onein his backyard and he said it was super cheap and not that hard. Yes, it did involve much shoveling and back and forth with a wheel barrow.But in two weekends he had a new pea gravel patio.I've seen a photo but next week he's having a garden party so everyone can see how well it turned out. I'll be sure to take photos to share!All these photos are from my folder called Pea Gravel on Pinterest.[...]

Open House Sunday!!!!!


 built 1934 Yes it's been a long time since I did an Open House Sunday....and it's about time I got back to it. This house sits catty corner from me in my neighborhood. I love the clinker brick on this house - the timber details and large rock around the porch entry.There is no other house in the neighborhood like it!The photos on this listing were taken before all the green came out this's much prettier surrounded by green trees. This home was built in 1934 which is surprising because the details on it are more like houses you see from the late 20's than from the 30's. Nice big front porch and patio. I'd love to get my hands on this house to furnish and accessorize it properly. Just look at the shape of the ceiling in the living room! And the detail of the arch doors too.Just lovely architecture. I love that you step down into the room too.It's really a grand room with much potential. It just needs the right furniture and accessories. Yep this furniture is all the wrong shape for the room. But I imagine there are youngkids living in this house and this furniture would work for that. The beauty extends to the dining room. This room is furnished much more seriously.Some upholstered host and hostess chairs at the dining table would relax and cozy up the room real fast. Such potential. The back wall of the dining room has been removed which opens this room up to what is the center hallway in the house...making for a much more open space. I like that little sitting area just beyond - sans recliners. Here is where it all goes wrong. This kitchen has major potential without much work.I love blue but I don't love this blue everywhere - especially the ceiling.First thing I'd do is paint this room and add some hardware to the cabinets.I do love that little built in display cabinet there on the left. This kitchen has great bones. Just imagine with hardware on the cabinets. Add some major crown molding to the tops of them too I see the counter tops are tile. That I'd want to change right away but I love it that the back splash is subway tile.Very pretty master. I love that it has a garden door. This is what I want for my own house. Kind of an odd bathroom...but I could make it work with a few changes. Ah...the kids room. Pretty cute room for a boy. I always love an an original tiled bathroom. The layout is kind of funky but I don't care.I love it right down to the heater in the wall. Here is a shot of the basement. This could be a great media room. Here we see the clinker brick again as seen on the outside of the home.Oh...I love the way that back stoop is done with layers of stone slab. I'm going to file that idea away in my brain.see the full listing here Have a Happy Sunday![...]

A Little Spring in My Life


 How is your spring going? All I can say is I wish I had more time to smell the roses or tulips for that matter.That photo and the one at the bottom are from my Pinterest folder entitled "Spring"Today I was off from work but went to a client's house to help her freshen up her french country home.Something that is right up my alley.We hit it off when we met last week and I knew we were on the same wave lengthwhen I was greeted at the door by a very similar concrete statue to the one I have at my own door.A large dog with a flower basket in his mouth.truly a classic The rest of the week I'll be busy coming up with a plan to freshen up her home.That is the best part of my job as an interior designer...all the nice people I meetand when I go to someone's home and discover I love the same sort of things they do and I can help them give it that little extra it needs.That said I truly enjoy doing rooms that are totally not something I would livein either. That is what is fun about the job...I get to live vicariously through leastdesign wise. We are having a big sale at the store right now - 60% off all floor models and 50% off all special orders. It's cause we are getting ready to redecorate the store and get lots of new things in.Sale runs till the end of April. Come in and see me! Or email if there is something you are looking for or if you need my help pulling together a room or your whole house!So that little loveseat above? I designed it for the floor. But it sold super fast!Can't wait to do something similar again. Of course if you need one like it...I can orderfor you.  I love that white china cabinet in this photo.The table is already sold but the chairs are still available and so is the cabinet.All can still be ordered too. Here you can see that the loveseat was in the same room on display.That's certainly enough about work...I'm currently trying to get my yard in shape.I hired a new yard guy who is someone I worked with who went out on his ownwith his own landscaping company.Need a great guy to do your lawn? me and I'll share his name.He's very easy to work with and does a great job!Last year when Franklin hurt his back slider door fell off it's track and could notbe fixed.I went without a door for about 2 months. Thankfully, the weather was mild the whole time.But I never showed you the garden doors I got to replace the slider.This photo was taken the day they were installed.Mom snapped it. The deck is a mess...cause things were just pushed aside.But it was an immediate improvement to the house.I am loving them...but now really really want a matching pair on the back bedroom too.The dogs are happy going in and out.And speaking of dogs. Here is a current video taken last week of Franklin in the yard. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">Very, very proud of this boy. He was totally paralyzed last August and now look at him!He's a very happy boy again. I'm hushing Harvey in this video because my neighbors have complained about his barking.Although this is about all he barks and it's for like two minutes a day.I could go on and on about my interactions with these neighbors.They think dogs should never bark. I asked my neighbors on the other sideif they had a problem with my dogs making too much noise and they said.."What? We can't hear your's - our's bark all the time!"Their dogs do bark but it doesn't bother me at all. It's not a mean's a saying hello to the world bark. Same as mine.Anyway...we are on pins and needles here trying not to bother my neighbors on one side.Closing with another pretty photo of spring tulips.All I managed to plant this spring so far is some bright pink phlox.I've always admired it when it comes out in spri[...]

I'm Back!!!!


We're BackThat's my boy...Franklin. He's a big part of the reason I've been gone so long.I never meant to stop blogging...but somehow a few weeks turned into months.Back on Labor Day weekend my little Franklin ruptured three discs in his back.It was a terrible weekend. I didn't know he'd hurt himself.It started with him limping a little on Saturday morning.Saturday night when I got home from work...he couldn't walk at all and was in lots of pain. I rushed him to an all night vet where he stayed till Tuesday morning when Iwas able to take him to a surgeon.By then he couldn't feel his back legs any more.He was paralyzed from mid back down.The surgeon said there was a 40/60 chance he'd be able to walk again.Even with those odds...I decided to try the surgery.It was a rough go that first week.He was still totally paralyzed but not in a lot of pain.He had to be kept still in a pen for 8 weeks.He was mad at me...he looked at me like..."Why had I done this to him?"We made many trips back and forth to the vet and the surgeon.He had a terrible bladder infection that made him even more miserable. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">This video is one of the first times Franklin was out in the yard after the surgery.This would be the first week after surgery.He couldn't walk and couldn't wag his tail. About a week after the surgery he moved the tip of his tail for just a second.That was monumental! Mom and I had him at the emergency vet once again because I was so worried about his ongoing bladder infection.They had taken him to the back to try to get a urine sample and when he was brought back out to me...he moved the tip of his tail just slightly.Mom and I both saw it and ww started yelling..."He moved his tail! He moved his tail!"We were crying and laughing and jumping up and down. Everyone looked at us like we were nuts but it was our first glimpse that he might regain some movement.The surgeon told me it could take 6 months...and that is about what it has taken.Sorry these videos are all sideways. I don't know why I filmed them that way.They looked fine on my phone but look stupid here.But you get the idea.This is Franklin in the backyard last week. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">I'm so proud of how well he has done.Sorry, my voice is so irritating on this video and sorry that the video is sideways.I'll try to shoot a better one this week - turned the correct way.I feel very lucky that Franklin has made such a great recovery.He walks a little funny now but nothing slows him down these days.He's a very happy boy again.I've found now that I'm working full time as an interior's really hard to get projects done around my house.I did get french doors put in the breakfast nook off the kitchen.About a week after Franklin was back home and recuperating in the breakfast nook ina kennel...the back slider door fell off!I had to live for about 8 weeks with no door while I waited to have one made and installed.I had plastic sheeting up to keep out the weather. I lucked out as we had a very mildfall and not much rain.Mom would come many afternoons and check on Franklin during the first 8 weeks of hisrecovery.I'm so happy to be back with all of you and will be posting again on a regular schedule.We'll talk again soon![...]

Mod Mix Monday #192


 viaI'm in love with this little corner of this kitchen. My faves from last time's Mod Mix Monday are...  Pam of Everyday Living made these lemon rosemary short breads.She included the recipe and I'm dying to try them!A walk through the garden at Priscilla's. That's Ronnie her dog waiting for you at the end of the path.  Penny of Penny's Treasures shared her creative container gardening. I adore this chandelier in a flower pot. Vickie of Ranger 911 has been busy painting. Isn't this a cute display?Love this summer display at Priscilla's.Sorry posting has been few and far between.I'm doing the best I can these days.Join me in this week's Mod Mix Monday! Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.New and old together...Please include the Mod Mix Monday logo and back link to me.Use a permalink to your individual post not to your entire blog.If you link up...I'd appreciate it, if you'd follow me.[...]