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Preview: Her Creative Spirit

Her Creative Spirit

Updated: 2017-07-29T04:21:44.540-04:00


Moving on to other things !


As you may have noticed I don't blog anymore , but rather than just leave things open I thought I would make some closure here :)

Everything is ok with me , I have just moved on to other things and as I try to find "Balance" in my days I can't keep up something such as this blog if I am just not giving my all.

The blog will stay here of course, there are tutorials on my blog and other things that people may find interesting.

 I just wanted to note that Her Creative Spirit is now retired .

My best to anyone who lands here !


Peace, Joy and Serenity


I love this quote by Thich Nhat Hanh.

I read a lot of spiritual books and am trying as much as I can to live in the present moment. To focus on what I am doing in this moment. Which, in this moment , is writing to you :)

When you are in the "now" as Eckhart Tolle calls it , you do feel a sense of peace, joy and serenity.

As for my photograph today , I was giving my 15 year old niece tips on how I take some photos. Not that I am a pro' but to her I am . We put this glass jar on the bathroom floor with some of my dried herbs that had gone to seed. I like this bathroom because it is all white except for the shower curtain, towels and some accessories. Then we did some editing in Photoshop. Hope you like it. A friend said it looks very Zen.

I hope you get a chance to feel some peace today, take some quiet time and be still.

"It Takes A Village"


When I saw Cathy Bluteau's whimsical houses I immediately wanted to play , so I signed up for her class , and had a few relaxing and fun days creating this village out of my old stash of scrapbooking papers.

I really enjoyed it but so far have only done one piece because I also had signed up for a more intense workshop involving textile  art, which I am still working on.

I could have posted this a while ago and some of you have seen it on Facebook but I thought my blog readers may like to see it and even be interested in Cathy's class which you can check out on her website here. Its called "It Takes A Village".

I did start another one, but for the time being, all papers glue and paint have been put away so I can focus on my other workshop with Jackie Cardy , and oh my…. will you love her work if you have yet to see it. This is her first time offering her techniques , and hopefully for some of you it won't be the last because she is a wonderful teacher and such a real delight to listen to with her British accent and funny remarks and sayings. Such a lovely person :) 

Dreaming of the beach today


Hello there,

I know, it's been a while again and I keep saying that but I have been trying to find some balance in my life this year so far, actually "Balance" is my word for 2014, and so far it's going quite well.

The problem is there are so many things I want to do , so many things I love doing and then there are the chores like housework.
 Let's face it, I like a clean house :)

I am sure most of you creatives feel this way too.

I am dreaming of the beach today.
 Wish I was there…
It's been a terribly long winter , we still have quite a bit of snow too.

I don't know if I mentioned that hubby and I went to Florida for a week in November . I saw my very first live starfish on the beach and took so many photos of it. I like this one which I have processed in my own little way, very simple.

I feel a sense of peace when I am at the ocean , in any kind of nature actually, how about you?

My dream of all dreams is to have a little house on a beach somewhere . Do you have big dreams?

BTW… if you are on Facebook, I have a page (which I have neglected too, but now I am more organized) where I post my photos with quotes and some inspiration. Pop on over and "like" my page and keep in touch there. Here is the link to Ashleigh Lynn Design on Facebook.

Named after my darling daughter Ashleigh Lynn. ;)

Squash Books


Happy New Year to you all! 

A friend showed me how to make squash books and I have made several now , I just love them.
I am sure you would like to know what a Squash book is. I suppose it got its name because after opening the little book it "squashes" back together.

The books in the collage below are covered in my own inky, stamped papers and I used inky papers on the inside too, but plain paper is nice too.

I love Dylusions ink sprays, they are so vibrant and rich, I am totally hooked on them. I think this colorway is my favourite at the moment.

Ok, so this is not a tutorial but I do have a link to a really good video on YouTube .
This is the video I like by Scrapbooker , but there are quite a few if you look around.

They are a lot easier than they look , once you get the hang of the folding you can make them quite quickly. I have given some of mine as gifts , added some quotes inside , and my nieces when I taught them how to make them printed out instagram photos and made little friendship books.

This is how it looks when you open the book.

If you give it a try I would love to see them. 


Happy Holidays


This is my wish for you…. enjoy and I will see you in 
the New Year !

The Christmas Cottage


There is a Christmas Cottage about 5 minutes from where my parents live and I couldn't wait to have a look so I took mum and dad out for the afternoon.We were in there for ages , more than an hour, its in an old house and every room is filled with decorated trees, and all things Christmas.It may be a bit early for some of you, but not me :)Enjoy!This section is the first room as you walk in the door, I love how they decorated this green and red tree. Sorry the photos are not the greatest I was snapping away with my phone and my hands were almost shaking with the excitement. I was like a kid in a candy shop.A close up of that fun and whimiscal tree. This section is on the other side of the mantel more red and lots of Christmas figures, teddy bears, snow people, the works, candles, ornaments, wreaths. Everything !Be still my heart..... a white Owl tree . I would love to have white owls on my tree , but I stopped myself. I did buy some silver picks for my tree . You have no idea how hard it was.A silver and grey tree, just love the Santas .Meet my dad, he was feeling really good that day and he had lots of fun touching things and looking around :) I don't know why but I didn't take any other photos in this room. It was browns and creams.I also forgot to take photos in the gold room ... sigh... I told you I was over excited.The Christmas Cottage is owned by Coles Garden Centre and they did an extraordinaryjob of putting all these trees together and displaying everything , a magical, magical house.Hope you enjoyed it and it inspires you to start creating something for Christmas :)[...]

Hello again


Well hello... I know.. it's been forever.I was almost afraid to post thinking, what will people think of me, that was until I started a new ecourse with Brene Brown these past two weeks. Not sure if you have heard about it , the course is following Brene's book "The Gifts Of Imperfection" , "Let go of who you think your supposed to be and embrace who you are."Even the first two weeks have been powerful for me. To put it all in a nutshell , I am learning to stop worrying about what people think of me, and be authentic. Its not easy for me, but I am trying :)This may be a long post , but you don't "have to read it" *giggle. I will show you the only art I have done all summer , and tell you first some news.One of my whimsical little Christmas crafts has been published in a Better Homes and Garden magazine. I have been holding on to this news for months , so here you have it. Of all the things I have created, this has to be the most simple. Those of you have been following me for years will probably remember them shown in my Christmas Gift Bag tutorial.This is the magazine cover if you want to go find it, not sure if its too late or not but there are some really nice craft projects in this edition, I love this little snowman.Thank you to the BHG staff for choosing my little craft project to go in your magazine. I am really touched :) I love crafting before the holidays don't you? I am ready now to start on some Christmas goodies , and will be back to share with you.It's been a busy year for me, as most of you know. Finally have mom and dad settled in a nice bungalow and even though I am the one who drives them everywhere I still have a lot of free time which I am grateful for. My sister is now going through her radiation treatments after having her lymph nodes removed and she tells me its a breeze compared to the chemotherapy.My art work has taken on a whole new direction, I am into more colour now, and I have really been enjoying the Dylusion Ink Sprays so much, using my own carved stamps and making inspiring words or affirmations on ATC sized blocks. Here are some examples ......This all started when I took Kate Krane's class as mentioned in some previous posts and I have just been using her shared techniques with a touch of my own. I have started some Squash books with this technique , and will be back to share them with you very soon. I did the Squash books with my nieces on an art day this summer and I would love to show you their take on it.Have a happy and safe Halloween , I am not really into it all but I do give out candy tonight to the kiddos, just hope the rain stops so they can have some fun.[...]

Whimsical Houses


It seems that houses have been coming up a lot in my artwork of late.Could it be something to do with family moving?My daughter moved not long ago and in two more weeks we will be movingmy parents in to a bungalow.Home has always been the best place for me to be. No matter where I have lived, and I have lived in many places in my life time, I have always made the house my home, my sanctuary.How about you?My husband had some scrap wood so I asked him to cut some wonky edges and make me some houses, and this is what the finished product looks like. I have used my own stamps carved from rubber on these, which I learned about in Kate Krane's class at 21 Secrets workshops, along with other stamps, paints, papers etc.You can see one of my rustic little stamps in this photograph below. I used it on this piece of cardboard art in Kate's Journal Soup class.  Here is another cute piece I did in Kate's class too, made on an old piece of cardboard. I enjoyed this class very much.I am not sure if you can still sign up but here is the link againif you want a lot of fun this summer.21 SecretsMy sister continues to struggle through chemotherapy, she has completed half of it and has another 12 weeks to go, she should be finished just after her birthday in August. Then she get's a month to recuperate before her next surgery.The next little while will be helping mom and dad finish packing, move and get settled, but I can't wait. It will only take me 7 minutes to drive to them after that. Yipeee...I know this post is short (although sweet), I just wanted to share my art with you, it's hard keeping up with blogging lately, hope I am not gone so long next time.[...]

Art Journals on my table..


Has it really been a month?A lot has happened actually this last month, besides working on getting my parents house ready for sale, and then selling it, as well as finding a bungalow for them  I started the "21 Secrets" workshop and have been having a great time. It's been such a relief after all the stress my family has been under lately.This is a journal I started yesterday and finished today, well that's a lie, the cover is finished, I have the signatures to add, but I want to paint the pages of the signatures first .In "21 Secrets" I made flowers  in Ro Bruhn's class , and although I wasn't intending to use it on a journal cover it just seemed right. The background has lots of ink and paint , stencils and doodling which I first learned about in Roben Marie Smiths journal class. I also included some stitching, and my own techniques.So this is a combination of Ro Bruhn, Roben Marie and Me styles hahahaBelow is the back of the journal cover.Nice bright colours too which started when I took Terri Kahrs class at"21 Secrets". For those who know Terri, you know she loves colour, bright, rich colour.We made a journal in her class too and two of the pages I worked on already are in her style, with a touch of my own style of course.Here is a look...and here is another look...I used mostly Terri's own altered images, and if you notice the second layout has a sweet little envelope for my secrets, that is if I ever write in these journals. I seem to prefer the painting, layering and collage part more :)You may not of even heard of "21 Secrets", and I am no way affiliated with the workshops,but I highly recommend them if you want to learn new techniques, or be inspired. For beginners and seasoned artists alike, there are 21 classes by 21 different artists and you have until the end of the year I believe to finish all of them, and it's a very reasonable price.Here is the link to"21 Secrets"so you can see for yourself. I have also made my own foam stamps in Ro Bruhn's class, will share that soon .In other news... my sister is now waiting to start chemo , her cancer is stage2 which means it has spread into the lymph nodes from the breast, but the tumour in the breast was removed successfully . She needs aggressive chemo now, probably in a weeks time she will start. After that, more surgery to remove the nodes and after that radiation, so she is going to have one heck of a tough year this year. I still can't believe it.Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.So I had a lot to cover today, that's what I get for not posting in a month.Hope you are all well, love to you all.[...]

Whimsical Journal Cover


Finished another journal cover this week made on mixed media paper.
When I start I have no idea how the colours will end up or the design but this one just spoke to me, add a little bird. So I did and I am very pleased with it.

It will be folded in half after I stitch some papers inside.

In other news, my sister has her surgery date for Feb' 26th and she will be so happy
to get that tumour out. They will be doing a lumpectomy and taking some lymph nodes from
under her arm. I think they do this and send it all of to the lab to see what stage the cancer is at.
She will have four weeks to recoup before any other treatments as it takes this long for the test results. Its probably a good thing, gives her time to get some strength back.
Prayers appreciated as always.
Thank you, and have a great weekend.

Lynn x

Niagara Falls after the storm


After the biggest snowfall in five years , the day after it, we drove to the Falls to take photographs. I don't remember it being so beautiful, maybe because this time the snow was so fresh. The water was a green colour crashing down and creating so much mist you couldn't see the bottom.It was nice because there were a lot less people than usual. Thank goodness they have the "Welcome building" there because my fingers were starting to freeze after 10 mins so we went in to warm up.This is the view of the Rainbow Bridge which you drive over to the United States. I wish I had thought about going over to take photos from their side, darn it. We didn't have our passports and you need one now to go back and forth.Maybe we will have another snow fall like this before the end of Winter.The lamp posts looked beautiful all covered in Icicles, and so did the Welcome Centre below, look how pretty it is. It looks like lace edges.This is as close as I could get, the stairs and patio were closed due to the ice.Everyone was very surprised to see a lady in her shorts , I don't know what she was thinking. She was with someone so I am sure if she wasn't in her right mind, he would have made her get dressed. Then I thought maybe they are on their way to Florida, which a lot of Canadians do this time of year, but still, shorts???? I took a photo of the back of her but I won't be posting it on the web LOL.Maybe just one more shot, this one I really love with all the mist. This is the spot where you get wet walking along the edge. You can barely see just a glimpse of the rest of the falls through it.I have resized these for the web and added more to my Facebook album, so some of you will have seen these already. Don't feel like you have to comment again ok?I broke down and joined in on Facebook a few weeks ago and I love it, problem is you forget you have a blog sometimes and that other people do too because it all gets posted there. I love Facebook for connecting with my blogging friends on a daily basis.Ok, just one more because these guys looked so good, and they add a pop of colour in all the whiteness .They were over Five Feet , I know that because they are taller than me :) Left over from Christmas I suppose. This coming Christmas I swear I must go and see the lights, can you believe I have never done so? Shame on me living so close.Have a great day, be back soon....[...]

Mixed Media Journal


Happy February my friends, I hope you are all well.Just dropping in with something I actually finished. I say that because I seem to haveseveral unfinished projects on the go and am having a hard time deciding where to gowith them. Do you ever get like that?This in an art journal, I insert mixed media paper, water colour paper and some of my inky papers in the journal for artsy friends to create on. Or not, doesn't matter :)This one I am keeping for myself because I gave all my others as gifts.I love the bright colours on this journal too, lots of layering and finished up with somemachine stitching. You can still take Roben Marie's workshop on her process to creating these journals. I tookit last summer and really enjoyed it, I just put my own style to the finished product  which is good, because we don't all want to look like we make the same journals or papers :)A few more papers that may be going in another journal.The thing is you can use these papers for backgrounds on atc's or collage, and they are a lot of fun to create using spray inks.I have had a hard time focusing on art to be honest, maybe that's why the unfinished projects. We found out a couple of weeks ago that my sister has breast cancer and there has been a lot of different feelings and emotions flying around here. I am not sure when her surgery will be, but they are thinking a lumpectomy to start with. It's such a shock when you get news like this, then after a while you start to accept it and do what needs to be done. My sister is being really good about it, so I know she will do well :)I am happy that January is over now, it just seemed like a very long month.How's things with you?[...]

A Little Whimsy


Hi again creative friends....I thought a little whimsical art may brighten up this cloudy day.Even if it's not cloudy where you are, it may still bring a smile to your face.I know it did for me when I was creating these two small canvases.I needed a hand made gift for my friend and I hadn't done any art for months so after a few attempts at other things I decided to make a very whimsical and fun canvas.Lot's of layers, paint, stamps, doodles and rub ons , and the use of my "one word" for 2012 which was "GROW".Not so much to grow a garden which I certainly did , but to growmentally, spiritually and creatively. I learned a lot of new things lastyear including the graphics program Adobe Illustrator, and I learneda lot about myself. I really enjoyed the process in creating these two pieces and that is what really is the most important part of art for me, being in the moment , and feeling that joy feeling while you play. How about you, do you enjoy the process?All photos were taken with my iPhone5 , which as you can see has an amazing camera. I didn't add any fancy textures or effects on them.If you are looking for a smart phone I highly recommend the iPhone and not just for the camera which I looooove....Did I say how much I love my iphone camera?If you are new to these kind of phones, you might not know that you don't have to buy the actual phone, you can get one through a plan you set up like I did. I upgraded my old school mobile phone to this beauty.All photographs on this blog unless otherwise stated are copyright to me, but you are allowed to pin them with a link back to this blog. Thank you :)[...]

Happy New Year


I wanted to drop in and wish you all a very Happy New Year. Are you excited for a brand new start? I know I am. There is just something about a fresh new beginning to the year that inspires me.I don't make resolutions because they are too hard to stick to, but I do have goals and dreams . How about you, do you choose "one word" for the year?  This is my third year choosing a word and my one word for this year is "SHINE". Rather than explain the "one word project" I will add the link to the website for you at and you can read all about it.I chose "shine" because I have always been afraid to really be myself and let go. I have always had a certain lack of confidence and low self esteem. It has improved in the last few years but I have also been hiding in my own little shell (at home) away from people and I now realize it's not good for me. I am highly sensitive and things people say often hurt, which causes me then to pull back and, I become afraid to shine. I do well at something and then I stop for some reason. Self sabotage. I want to change.I also had an a ha moment recently while thinking about this and I just realized that I have felt guilty to shine for the last 5 years since my dearest friend and aunt, Su had a brain aneurysm. She was always my shining light , and a very creative spirit like myself. I have been feeling guilty (not realizing until now) that she can no longer shine and I could. She is doing well, nothing much changes in her world, she can't create anymore, she can't read because she forgets what she read 5 minutes after she read it. She sometimes watches the same movie every day for weeks. There is just not much she can do. She does know me when I call , but it makes me so sad that she has to live this way.I took the shot above with my iPhone and used one of my fave apps to process it. If you are like me and into the photo editing apps InstaFilterZilla is a good one , I use it a lot now, so many ways to edit your photographs, add filters and textures and it even lets you add bokeh.For those of you who don't know what bokeh is, here is an example. The shiny circles of light here are bokeh. My younger niece, our cupcake queen made winter cupcakes last week and they looked so pretty I had to snap a shot of them. I am in love with my iphone5 camera , and addicted to Instagram now too. I have committed "to myself" to do the 365 photos project. A photo a day for the entire year. So lets see how I can keep up.If you are on Instagram or just want to see my photo stream here is the link Lynn's Instagram.My user name is koupie.For those of you who use Flickr I can post them to my account at the same time, here is my photo stream, add me as a contact and I will add you too. Lynn's Flickr.I certainly have talked a lot today, so I am going to make another post to share some whimsical art work I created before the holidays, and will leave you with one more of my iPhone photos.All three were processed with InstaFilterZilla, available in the app store if you have an iPhone. Take care of yourself .....[...]

Happy Holidays


Hi there, I am still here just not an active blogger for the past six months. As I mentioned I was learning how to design in Illustrator and so my head as been stuck there since, I really enjoy it.

I opened a new Zazzle shop "A Whimsical World", where you can find my latest whimsical designs, everything has been created from scratch by me, right down to the polka dots :)

Photo above was taken with my iPhone and altered for Instagram , hope you like it. I just LOVE my iPhone, it was my birthday present, I love the camera it has and playing with all kinds of apps to process the photos. Fun, fun, fun....

I just wanted to drop by and wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season and New Year. I wish you moments of joy , laughter , time to rest and dream, good health and peace in your heart.

I will see you in 2013....

With love,


Flower Color Stories


 Just popping in with some flowers from my garden.

For those of you who like bright vibrant colours, I have daisies, although I have subdued them slightly for my artistic purposes.

For those of you who love soft pastels, I have hydrangeas in mauve, blue and pink shades. Again they have been subdued in PS.

Thank you to Kim Klassen who inspired us to play with colour swatches in her "Beyond Layers" group this week, it was something I always wanted to try and just never got around to it, and it's fun :)

I made my very first little template in Illustrator for the four squares. I have been taking classes at Jessica and have so much to learn.

I will be taking my classes all summer when time permits, but especially if this heat wave keeps up. It is so incredibly hot and humid that some days I just have to stay inside and only go out in small doses.

I have always had a dream of being a greeting card designer, but recently that turned into wanting to design invitations for showers and weddings etc, with nice swirls and other pretty designs and Illustrator is the best program for design so the more I learn the better.

I also love to draw cute characters which I used to do in another program years ago but now it's time to grow and evolve, learn something new.

Hope you are all staying cool, or staying warm if it is Winter for you :)


Mixed Media Journals


 I recently took yet another workshop even though I keep telling myself not to, I just love to see how other artists work, and I really enjoyed Roben Marie's Art Journal Conversion class. Her videos show her working step by step and are a lot of fun. I highly recommend this workshop. Even if you are already into Mixed Media you can always learn something.I have not played with any mixed media since the beginning of the year, and Roben really inspired me. Even my own style comes through a lot on these two layouts. I was trying to make them look like her pages, which I fell in love with at first site, then I thought, just go on and make it your own Lynn, you are always going on about being yourself, so do it :) So, this is what my end results were, I have two journals finished, the rest of the pages I made are still in the works. My journals I machine stitched together rather than punching holes and hand stitching, and I added some inky papers to the inside too.I can't tell you how many layers I have here, I lost count. Can't tell you how it got to this either because that is all in the workshop, but what I did use that is different is my charcoal, I love charcoal for shading and the white charcoal for a highlight.One of the hardest parts for me is journalling on the cover. I absolutely do not like to see my own writing and I can never think of anything to write about when the time comes to it.Here is the front of my second journal. I was not liking it until I changed it up a bit today and made flowers from the circles I have here. Now I love it :) Below is a close up of the circles. Lot's of texture. Always love me some texture :) These journal covers are made on Mixed Media paper. I am loving the Strathmore mixed media journal. A bit pricey but if you use your coupon at Michaels, they are a great deal. I have tried another brand but the paper just seemed a bit flimsy to me.So this is what I have been doing the last week among many other things. It has been so hot so I set up a huge table in the basement where I can make a mess and just walk away and leave it. I can't stand how hot it get's in my office/studio upstairs even with the a/c on. I am such a hotty these days, it's all part of being in your fifties, such fun isn't it?Can you believe we are almost half way through June?This is favourite month of the year , it's the month we were married 32 years ago, and the month our child was born, and I am feeling rather old because she will be 28 years old in another week :) What a beautiful, mature young woman she is now too, we are so very proud of her.I hope you are enjoying your summer so far.Until next time....Love to you[...]

Meet Signor Frog


A quick post today for Cynnie, who is painting frogs at the moment.This is our resident pond frog, who we named Signor FrogIsn't he beautiful?I never imagined I would enjoy a frog so much, but both of us, my husband and I go looking for him every day to see if he is enjoying the sun.I actually took these shots last summer, he just loves to sit on the Water Lettuce andhave his photo taken. I used my Nikon macro lens for these shots and was so pleasedto have some good ones. I just didn't post these last summer but you will be seeinga lot more of my garden nature sanctuary this summer.Of course, he is not the one I would want to snuggle with, but this guy is :)My darling little Cooper will be four years old in a few months yet he seemslike a little puppy.  He has such a pure and loving energy about him, hecould calm anyone, and he does this for me every day bless him.Textures by Kim Klassen were used on this image.Hope you are having great weather like we are, we had a greatholiday weekend, hot and sunny but cool in the shade. Just the way I like it.[...]

Old Fashioned Pansies


 Pansies like this remind me of Victorian times for some reason, and since this weekend in Canada we are celebrating the birthday of Queen Victoria , I thought I would share these photos with you.

This is the first official holiday weekend of the summer here. Typically when everyone starts to plant their annual flowers and make everything look pretty.
People with cottages "up north" as we call it (a common Canadian thing to have) set out to open up their place for the summer weekends.

 A cottage would be nice, but if I had to deal with mosquitos , black flies or deer flies, forget it, I will enjoy my own back garden thank you.

 A cottage on the ocean maybe, that's more for me :)

As you know, I love, love, love flowers. At the moment my lilac bushes which I just planted last year have just come into full bloom, so I will be cutting a few today to bring inside. They are one of my favourite spring flowers. Not much else has come to bloom yet, but I am hoping soon.

We have had beautiful weather this week so I have been outside a lot enjoying our gazebo, which I will share with you soon. I want to plant something around the bottom edges of it, so we are heading out to the garden centre to see what we can find, and to check out some plants for the pond. I am ready to have a great weekend, hope you do too.

Love to all,

Pretty Little Needle Book


I was inspired to make a new needle book by a tutorial at Nana Company although mine is nothing like the cute needle book that she made.

I have lots of scrap fabrics in pinks, white and green from my days of sewing in the Shabby Cottage Style so I thought I would go for something pretty.

I didn't realize until I was finished that it matches my old pear shaped pin cushion. I made it a few years ago from scraps and it looks as if I chose the same pink fabric for the middle of the needle book.

Below is the back which is tiny little quilted pieces of fabric. I am no quilter, I have such a hard time getting them to line up evenly.

I think if I do another one I will make the front quilted like this too, I still have lots of scraps.

I wanted to get more photographs but it has been cloudy and raining all day after such a beautiful weekend.

So, what have you been up to ?


Inspiration For Friday


 Do It AnywayPeople are often unreasonable,illogical and self-centered;Forgive them anyway.If you are kind,people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives;Be kind anyway.If you are successful,you will win some false friends and true enemies;Succeed anyway.If you are honest and frankpeople may cheat you;Be honest anyway.What you spend years building,someone could destroy overnight;Build anyway.If you find serenity and happiness,they may be jealous;Be happy anyway.The good you do today,people will often forget tomorrow;Do good anyway.Give the world the best you have,and it may never be enough;Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.You see, in the final analysis,it is between you and God;It was never between you and them anyway.Mother TheresaI love this poem, and thought it would be nice to post it today for a little inspiration.I am thinking maybe I could do this once a week, a photo and a snippet of something that makes you go ... ahhhhh.. that is so true, or something that makes you smile ;)I have been playing with my camera and a new tripod today. There is so much to learn...  Picked some forget-me-nots from the garden and remembered about this beautiful little tea cup my aunt gifted me years ago. If you are interested it is from the "Royal Albert" , Memory Lane collection, and is probably considered vintage by now, I have to have had it at least 30 years. I love how these forget-me-knots are different shades of pinks, blues, purple and white. They are growing all over the place in my mom's garden so I dug some out and put the in pots for my own garden. They have a lovely scent too, so delicate.My photo has been edited for an artistic look, using textures and a quote brush by Kim Klassen . Have a great weekend,[...]

Printable Nest Tags. A Gift to you.


A little gift from me to you.I made this printable sheet of six gift tags in 2010 and just came across it again today.The sheet comes with 6 tags and some words that you can cut out and add to the tags as I did above. They really are lovely when you print them .What I do is double the card stock and glue a blank piece of card to the back for a nice strong tag. Then I rub the edges with some ink to give it a worn edge.I hope you like them.Click on below image and save from there.This is a high resolution 8x10 inches file.I believe this vintage bird nest was from The Vintage Moth maybe the ledger paper too, but am not 100% sure on that.Thank you all for the lovely comments and support on my return to blogging, I am so grateful to you. I now need a new look but can't decide what to do yet. I am not used to this new blogger dashboard either.[...]

Listen .....


I know... it's been a whileI am still around, just taking time to myself, going with the flow, no pressure.We did have a very short but beautiful visit to Florida in February.Ohhhhh... to walk on the beach......It was very spiritual to me, just heavenly, and I have been smitten ever since. I keep dreaming about a Beach Cottage , sitting on a porch reading, taking long walks on the beach.A girl can dream right?You should see my Pinterest board all about Beach living, it's beautiful. In the meantime what I can do is turn my Cottage bedroom into a Beach cottage bedroom, should satisfy me for a while.I took so many photos of these huge shells, they were all along the beach at St. Petes.Just look at the texture inside. They are lovely on the outside too, but this is how you usually find them, heart shaped. Just beautiful.Other than that, I have been trying to get my life in order, my home too, but that is never ending. I am busy with my mom and dad, both are in their late 70's. We have been painting and fixing things at their house. They were going to move to a bungalow which would be safer for Dad. He has Parkinsons and is often quite weak and wobbly, but he is doing pretty good, and has quite a positive outlook about his disease. I am the driver to appointments, groceries etc , because neither can drive anymore.The bungalow is on hold for now, maybe another year. So hopefully dad will be ok. My DH and his brother are going to put in a walk in shower in the meantime.What else? Enjoying my camera, playing with textures. Here is one of my latest whimsical shots, processed with textures by Kim Klassen.I used some dried moss and faux eggs for this one, and used one of my have' quotes.I have not been in any sort of artsy mood since I last posted , yes I have dabbled, played a bit, sketched, but nothing much really. The difference is, this time I didn't get upset as if I had lost my artistic muse. I just let it go and got creative in other ways. I also took some time to read, which I really should allow myself to do more.Ok, this is getting long.... although I don't really like talking about myself , I can get a bit chatty sometimes.I may be changing up this blog a bit, to include other interests beside mixed media art and crafty adventures. I was thinking of retiring this blog and starting a new one, then I changed my mind, so if you will,  please all be patient with me, I feel a lot of changes going on in myself lately. Good ones too :)Will write more in a couple of days...Hope you are all well,Lynn[...]

She Art Designs


First, let me say "A Happy New Year"... I am a really bad blogger these days, it's been a month.My goodness, I have no idea where the time goes but I do know I am always busy :) I worked on these She Art canvases between Christmasand New Years, and am just now taking photos of them.I found it very relaxing once I got in the mode and a lot of fun too.The only thing missing on my canvases is the words.Not sure where I am going with that yet.This one below is a book cover.It will be the front of an altered book.I had a go at two girls on a canvas.You may notice they all seem to have the same colour theme.Not sure why :)Below is another altered book cover.Do you like her skirt? I love that paper, it's fromThe Graphics Fairy.And one more, a little different with the wings.Sorry for so many photos all at once. I have been feeling really guilty for not posting on my blog,but lately I just don't know what to say. So I hope you don't mindjust a few words today. All is well, I am great, and will be back soon.Big Cyber Hugs,Lynn[...]