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Sissie's Shabby Cottage

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Are you into the Rae Dunn craze???


Are you into the Rae Dunn craze???  Or, have you been in the dark about the Rae Dunn madness or are you not interested at all???If you are on Instagram, then I know you have seen it all over the place.  First of all, Rae Dunn is a pottery with words.  Yep, big words.  Here's how the designer, Rae Dunn describes her designs... "Rae's inspiration comes from the earth, and she finds beauty in simple shapes, natural forms and found objects. Her utilitarian approach to designing ceramics is strongly based on the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi; the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete"  Now all that stuff aside, I like it cause it's white and cute!Do you like it?  Well, if you do then here's the kicker...IT'S VERY, VERY HARD TO FIND!It first appeared a few years ago on the shelves of  HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Marshall's and no one was buying it!  Then, the rage hit and now, it has become the thrill of the hunt to find it.My Sister Kim and I started with a few pieces and we have been lucky to find quite a lot!  I think what we love the most is finding it when we least expect to. But, as you can see from my collection, we have been able to get a nice start on our collections.  If I find it and there are two, it's "one for sister and one for the other sister!"    If you are interested in starting a collection or if you have already started,  then here are a few tips that she and I have learned along the way.1.)  It's mostly found at HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Marshall's, so frequent those shops and go early because if you don't the "Dunn" people are going to beat you to it!  In fact, we have encountered a few NOT SO NICE "Dunn" people who are most likely  greedy sellers that will stop at nothing to get it.  We have had it grabbed right out of our hands and shoved out of the way so they can get it all!2.) Be nice to the employees.   This is key to finding Rae Dunn.  The employees bring the merchandise out onto the floor, so they know if it's available.  However, I will warn you that we have also encountered not so nice employees at HomeGoods.  My sister and I never,  ever ask them to go in the back and look for it nor do we rush them to get it out to the floor.  We are always polite and sometimes ask if they received any and we always tell them we will return later after they've had time to get it on the floor. This isn't always the case with some . We have heard that the greedy bunch yell at the employees, stand at the back room doors and demand they bring it out immediately.  I'd say that's a real NO NO.3.) Check on Instagram for sellers and traders.  You can also buy it on Ebay and the maker of Ray Dunn, (Majenta) has a website called Majenta-Inc.  Here's how I am displaying my collection:So there you have take on collecting Rae Dunn.  If you are interested and want to start collecting it be sure and check on Instagram and before long you'll be hooked!Now on another note, my Sister Kim is making these adorable, cuddly "Chunky Hugs" throws and they are selling like crazy!  If you want one, just let me know because she is taking orders.That's it for now!  Let me know if you collect Rae Dunn and what you think of Kim's "Chunky Hugs."  I'd love to hear your thoughts.                                                                                 Sissie[...]

Painting the whole chair. Fabric and All and a Pep Talk....


Let's talk about this chair...this Bergere chair (French Arm Chair) that has given me fits for several weeks.  She, the chair, was determined to stay ugly. And, me the rescuer, was determined to make her pretty or die. trying.  Well she almost won.Like all my projects I forgot to get a good before photo.  Here you can see the ugly brown and tan striped fabric.After nearly five coats of paint and several outbursts of, "why did I ever start this darn project and maybe I can take it apart and throw it in the dumpster random thoughts," I decided not to give up.So here she is and I have to say looking very pretty...So now that I've inspired you, (probably not) to paint an ugly chair, here's how to do it.1.) Make sure that you have lots of energy and coffee before starting the projects.2.) I suggest that you use less expensive paint as your base coats.3.) Use Chalk paint as your top coat.4.) Sand in between coats of paint.  5.) Try not to use curse words.6.) Keeping repeating over and over again that it will be beautiful, it will be beautiful...7.) When you are done, finally, give yourself a nice pat on the back for a job well done.Okay, she there you have it, my ever so encouraging pep talk!   You can thank me later.  Be sure and show me your completed project.  You're welcome.                                                  ~~hugs~~                                      Sissie[...]

Thoughts on Blogging and Pumpkins


 Here on the coast of North Carolina we are smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Season and despite the worry, I love Fall and Fall decor.  My heart goes out to those that lost so much in Texas and for those currently facing the devastation from Irma.  I'm sending prayers to all of them. I know I haven't posted for awhile and to tell the truth my heart just isn't in it much anymore.  It seems as though so many of the "original" bloggers that I grew up with, have all stopped blogging or have gone to other forms of social media. Some of them are on Facebook or Instagram and I check in on them often.  However, it's just not the same.  I don't have the computer skills or funds to have a professional designed blog page with all the bells and whistles.  Nor, do I have the desire to have affiliates and, or advertisers popping up all over the place.  I guess I'm just an old school blogger that loves the way it used to be. So, I'll blog when I feel like I've got something to show or say and if you are still with me please know that  I truly appreciate you.   Nuff said.Anyway, here's a few pumpkins I've placed around the house.  It is the season of "Pumpkin Everything!"Lovin this pink pumpkin with pearls.Or, silver pumpkins that I've had for a few years.And who can resist fabric pumpkins all in a row...So enjoy the "Pumpkin Everything" Season and stay safe wherever you might be nesting for Fall.                                                 ~~hugs~~                                      Sissie[...]

Farmhouse Style meets Glam...


I love Farmhouse style and I love the glamorous look too. Heck I love every decorating style that I see here on the Blogs! But who has the budget to change out the living room every month!   So how do you mix these two together....take a look and you tell me!I have a lot of wall space in the family room, which connects to the kitchen, which connects to the entryway and so on and so forth.  It's the open concept that I love, to an extent. Um. But I'll not preach on that today.I have big walls to fill.  So this large tobacco basket fills up a lot of blank wall space.  Since I don't have the budget for new chairs, these 20 year old wing backs (covered a gazillion times) will have to do.So, tobacco basket, traditional wing back chair, plus a glam faux fur rug used as a throw and a chic shredded pillow equals ??? style.  Guess I'll call it Farmhouse Luxe. We Bloggers are constantly falling in love with everyone else's decorating style, but honestly it doesn't always work in our homes. So you see it is possible to work with what you have by maybe adding something inexpensive here and there.You can add a new pillow or in my case a faux fur rug, maybe a new lamp or basket or something you've found at the thrift or your favorite vintage shop.  I've learned over the years that it's always good to decorate with what you love and not get caught up in the latest decorating trends.  Show me or tell me how you deal with your decorating brain overload....I'd love to know.                                               ~~hugs~~                                                 Sissie[...]

My Sister's Beach Home with some new details....


My sister, Kim has the most beautiful Beach Home.  I did a post about it last July when she and her husband purchased it and started the moving in process.  Since then she has added artwork and other beautiful finishing touches.  Wanna take a look?  I thought so.I'm happy to say that she is here at the Beach at least one week out of every month and it's great having her nearby!  Last week I dropped by to check on things and couldn't resist snapping a few photos to show you some finishing touches.This large wall behind the sofa didn't stay blank for long.  Although I know she searched everywhere until she found the perfect artwork, and the Shore Bird print is perfect...Isn't this pretty?Let's take a closer look at that yummy, chippy old door over there in the left hand corner.We found this at a great little seaside shop in Pawley's Island, SC.Drool worthy...don't you think???  Of course I told her it didn't look good in there and she should give it to me....But, she didn't fall for it!  LOL!When you have a place at the Beach, Shore Birds are all the rage in home decor, so this one fits in perfectly.She found this canvas print at Kirkland's.My Sister is so talented and she has such an eye for detail.  She has truly made her beach home a little piece of Paradise for her and her family.She's bringing this little Sweetie with her next time...~~hugs~~Sissie[...]

Can't quite get it right....


I swear, sometimes I think something is just plain wrong with me!  How in the world did this...turn into this...Well I'll tell you how.  It's my obsession with trying to decide what works best in this huge kitchen family room living area.  It's not easy I tell ya.  I last blogged about the hutch found at Habitat then painted it gray/blue, which meant the top of the sideboard had to be painted the same color.  Then all the beach elements were added.  Pretty yes, but it just didn't look right in a mostly neutral room.  So.  Drag the hutch top to the garage, buy some paint and proceed to make changes. First I started repainting the sideboard.I brushed on some darker paint and started wiping it off to give a distressed look.  I painted the top of it with the darker color and wiped it with the grain.  The result is a nice distressed look which actually softened the look.(pay no attention to the tag still on the might not make the cut!) The mirror was also a great find.  I love the silver leaf edges.  It just gives it a little glam and a nice sparkle. I then styled it with the metal gate that's been sitting in the closet, and shells, coral and candles.  I really like it.  For now.  But who knows what might happen next!Somebody stop me!!!!  Okay, seriously which one do you like best????Keep in mind that I do not have the color gray in this living area at all...that justifies the changes, right?????                                                   ~~hugs~~                                       Sissie[...]

Summer Destination....SEA.


This seems to be just about everyone's summer destination...And when you live next to the seashore...shells, coral, seaweed and all the elements of the ocean, will find a way into your home decor. This thrifted hutch top, painted with chalkpaint and added to the top of the sideboard became the perfect place to fill with seashore inspired goodies.The gold letters spelling out SEA add the perfect touch...I hope you enjoy your summer trip to the SEA.  Just remember to use lots of sun screen and don't wade too far out into the ocean.Or, you can be a fraidy cat like me and never venture out into the water!~~hugs~~Sissie[...]

Sissie's Shabby Cottage was looking a little too shabby...


Well with all of the events from last year and this year, Sissie's Shabby Cottage has been looking...well, a little too shabby.  Definitely it hasn't been looking chic, but more like tired.  So, it was time to give it a little bit of a face lift...Starting with the kitchen eating area I found my inspiration for the farmhouse table in the latest issue of Cottage White Magazine, page 60 featuring my exact table.Although I love those animal print chairs, I went with tufted back, linen chairs instead, (basically because I already had them!)Yep, the table is chunky and very heavy but I like it.Pay no attention to that gate propped against the wall.  I'm not sure what to do with it. The dark shutter was found at Kirkland's in their sale room.  It had a small chip but not enough to bother me!  Most of the other items are not new and have been moved from room to room until finally settling in one place.  Most likely, and you know what I mean, they will be moved again!I'm not sure how long the Farmhouse style will stay around but I like the mixture of the look with a more traditional decorating style that is more me.   I've been through the country look, the floral wallpaper, the southwestern theme, avocado green appliances, shag rugs, formal rooms and more and every time I always return to what I love.  We have all been influenced by what's trending, and that's okay, butI've learned from past decorating mistakes that it's always best to stay true to what feels right for you and your home.   Do you agree?                                                ~~hugs~~                                                 Sissie[...]

Meeting Baaaob!


His name is Baaaob.  We ran into each other in a local shop.  He kept staring at me and I felt sorry for I picked him up and promised to take him home with me.  I told him he could live out the rest of his life on my wall, (well maybe not the rest of his life, because you know how we Bloggers are known to change our decorating minds on a frequent basis...baaaa). He seems very happy on the wall.  I noticed that he opened his left eye, wasn't like that before.  
I think he's going to be happy.

Spring Renewal, Meeting a Blogger Friend and Recovering


Spring is probably one of the prettiest seasons of all.  Everything is coming to life...renewal...rebirth...hope...reawakening.  A time tocultivate, plant new beginnings and strengthen belief in ourselves.  Maybe somewhere along the road of family illness, sadness and worry I lost myself and I'll never be the same again. Which turned out not to be such a bad thing because I also found out some new things about myself.I've been shaking out the cobwebs and throwing open the windows to newness and fresh beginnings for me and my family.I find myself rethinking my priorities and putting God and my family first.I thought that I always had, but when you go through a difficult period in your life, you find yourself taking can either become bitter or choose to become stronger and better.When you are in "worry" mode, you forget everything else.  So, I'm trying to find things that make me smile.  Like my love for collecting brown transferware.  This might seem like a trivial thing and unimportant, but it's important for mental health to do what makes you happy. My little shop space was put on the back burner too.  But now, I'm slowly getting it back together.I even managed to go to the Vintage Market Days of Charleston a few weeks ago with my Sister and our friend Sarah.Sarah has RA and needs a little help in her wheelchair, but it sure didn't stop her from shopping!  They are both a joy and a delight and I'm so glad to have them in my life.(don't know about that crazy photo bomber in the background) And,  I got to meet, none other than, Donna, the famous blogger and creator of  This gal can take any piece of junk and make you want it!!!!  And she is a sweet little Southern Belle.  If you haven't visited her blog, then I suggest you do.  You'll love her!So, this is me picking up some of the pieces and moving on.Remember...Nothing is promised to us and bad things don't always just happen to other people.So hug someone you love today and give them a compliment.You just might make their day.Happy Spring!!~~hugs~~Sissie[...]

The Loss of a Son.


"So there is this boy.  He stole my heart.  He calls me Mom..."Today I am asking all you prayer warriors to pray for Ginger who lost her son, Jeremy just this past week.  Many of you remember Ginger from her blog called Glitter and Roses.  Jeremy Becker.  January 22, 1978 - April 11, 2017I can't even begin to imagine what she is going through right now.  I just can't.  But I can ask for your thoughts and prayers that you might reach out to her and offer some comfort.Her son, Jeremy has been sick for a long time.  He suffered with UC.  Ginger told me that his illness was severe and he had not been responding to treatments.  Ginger and I truly connected as Moms with sons suffering from UC/Crohn's.  We both know the pain of not being able to help them and the constant worry that never goes away.  Ginger told Jeremy about my son and I told Jeff about Jeremy.  Both of them truly understood the other's struggles. Both of them so young.Here is Ginger's tribute to her son Jeremy... A Celebration of Life for Jeremy Douglas Becker, age 39, of Waukomis, is 1:00 pm, Friday, April 14, 2017 at Ladusau-Evans Funeral Home Chapel, with Pastor Abraham Wright officiating. Burial will follow in Waukomis Cemetery. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Ladusau-Evans Funeral Home. Jeremy Douglas Becker, was born in Enid, OK., January 22, 1978 to Ginger (Goodwin) Becker Engler and Doug Becker, and passed away April 11, 2017 after a long illness. Jeremy attended Waukomis Schools and was active in band as a drummer, played baseball, football and basketball. He was always joking and making us laugh. Jeremy was a very loving, considerate person and had a heart for helping others. He loved protecting our environment and had a love for all animals. He loved family holidays, Christmas being his favorite as we gathered together. He always made sure to have that special gift for each person.Jeremy was baptized at the age of 11 at Waukomis Christian Church and was a child of God.HE ADORED HIS SISTER Tammy and loved his mom and stepdad Bob with an unending love.He never missed sending his Mom a heartfelt card or gift for each holiday which melted her heart.Jeremy was an avid OU football fan and enjoyed watching each game but his biggest enjoyment was traveling to big concerts of his favorite bands. He enjoyed drawing, painting and photography, and excelled in it. He had advanced skills in electronics but due to his illness was unable to put his skills to work in the business world.He is preceded in death by his maternal grandfather, Glen Goodwin, and paternal grandmother Wanda Becker.Jeremy is survived by his mom Ginger Engler, and stepdad, Bob Engler; of Enid; dad Doug Becker, of Waukomis; sister Tammy Neal and husband James, of Enid; maternal grandmother Mary Donaldson of Enid; paternal grandfather Arthur Becker, of Enid; as well as many uncles, aunts and cousins and nieces. In lieu of flowers, Jeremy expressed that he would like for donations in his memory to be made to a struggling Crohn’s/Ulcerative Colitis patient. Memorials may be made to Diana Wise % Jeffrey Wise, a patient of Crohn’s Disease, with Ladusau-Evans Funeral Home serving as custodian of the funds. Condolences may be made and services viewed online at www.ladusauevans.comPlease join me in sending love and condolences to Ginger and her family.  She needs to know that she and her son are not forgotten and that we all feel her sorrow.  You can leave your comments here and I'll make sure that she gets them.  You will also find her on FB.                                          Thank you.    [...]

Spring Things...


Well hello there.  I'm so glad you stopped by to see me today.  Don't you just love this time of year when everywhere you look you see touches of green grass, budding trees and blooming flowers.  The shops are full of bunnies, spring bouquets, lovely wreaths, baby chicks, sheep and little lambs, all enticing you to make something pretty.  Then there are the garden centers with newflowers, plants, trees and shrubs beckoning you to get your hands in some dirt and start planting flowers and herbs.  Ahhh...Spring!So here's a few Spring Vignettes that I've created and I can't wait to see what all of you are showing on your blogs.I've had this old wooden box forevvaah... It's falling apart but I just keep filling it with stuff and making it purdee. Sometimes just simple greenery will do.I don't know about you but I love faux flowers and this time of the year has me putting together arrangements all over the house.I share a love for little sheep and lambs with Debra creator of the blog, Common Ground.  Go over to her blog and check out her Spring Decor.This little guy prompted me to create a Springtime vignette for the kitchen table.  Of course he had to bring his friends along...Nothing goes better with little sheep than brown transfer ware.Of course it wouldn't be Spring without a chicken and some eggs... And a bird cage full of flowers and a nest...For those of you that have asked about my son Jeff, he's doing a little better.  He's on his new medicine and we are hoping and praying it will keep the Crohns under control.  Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers and support.Okay, that's it for now.  I hope to not be so long between posts so until next time....                                            ~~hugs~~                                             Sissie[...]

About that Homeless Person Standing at the Stop Light...


Ever have those days when you can't seem to do anything right?  You know when your hair just looks awful, your jeans are too tight and you leave the house without your cellphone????  You feel agitated with yourself.  And then you drive down the street and see a homeless person, wearing a sign asking for money right there at the stop light.   You think to yourself, is that person just scamming people or are they really in need, or perhaps, are they an Angel testing you.  I choose to think it's a test from God to see if you are willing to help others in need.  So, I always give them whatever I happen to have in my wallet and say a little prayer of thanks for all the Blessings in my life.What do you do when you see them.  Do you think they are really angels placed in your sight, or do you think they are running a scam?  I'm not talking about all of them, I'm just talking about the one that is placed right in your sight.  What do you do?Anyway, nuff said about that.  I shopped the house to create this corner where nothing ever seems to work.Then created some Bunny Cloches for the shop.  My poor shop space has been so neglected since the beginning of my son's illness. Also my Blog has been neglected too.  I'm sure I've lost readers, and can't say that I blame them.  But if you are still hanging in with me, then I say thank you for the support.Speaking of my son, again, I want to thank all of you dear ones that have supported his long journey with Crohns.  Jeff's Go Fund Me Account. has helped with some of his medical bills and for that we are so thankful.  Although the bills are still stacking up and we have not reached our goal, we have faith that we will get through this. If you would like to read Jeff's story just click on Jeff's Go Fund Me above.  Again, thank you all so much.                                              ~~hugs~~                                    Sissie[...]

Architectural Salvage...Love it or Not???


When I say Architectural Salvage, do you say "YES PLEASE!"I can name a big bunch of bloggers that love it and have been known to travel near and far just to find the perfect piece.  My Sister and I traveled about two hours to a great shop in Wilmington, NC called The Vintage Marketplace.  There we found lots of great stuff but this architectural piece was and is, the pièce de ré·sis·tance! The shopkeeper told us a little about the history of this piece of salvage.  It seems it was rescued from an old Historical District Mansion that was being torn down and the shop was lucky enough to grab up some pieces.  Did I mention there were two pieces of this trim??? One for Sister and one for me!For now it resides on top of a table in my entryway.  It's so heavy that I'm not sure if I will ever hang it.  Sister has been on the hunt for a great cow picture and here's what she found at Joss and Main.Once again I want to thank you all for your prayers, well wishes, notes to me and for the visits and support for my son Jeff's Go Fund Me Page.  I can't thank you enough.  Jeff still has a very long way to go, but we are making a little more progress everyday.  Again, I thank you with all my heart helping to keep me focused and letting me know that we are not in this alone.  💑 I'm so grateful.                                          ~~hugs~~                                 Sissie[...]

A big thank you to all my Blogging Friends!


My dear sweet blogging friends I cannot write this without tears filling my eyes.  I am just overwhelmed by your kindness and support for my Son Jeff and his struggle to survive Crohns disease. So many of you have so graciously supported his Go Fund Me Page and your generosity and kindness have left me speechless. He still has a very long road ahead and our faith is remaining strong.  If you'd like to share Jeff's story, then I'd like to thank you in advance.  And a special thanks to so many of you bloggers that have already shared.  I don't have much to share on my blog except this one spot in my entryway that always makes me smile.Maybe it's too early for Bunnies, but I couldn't resist putting these out just a little early.I hope that I can get back to blogging on a more regular basis, but don't think I've forgotten about you.  Believe me, when times are tough,  I know that I can find beauty and happiness reading your beautiful blogs.                                           ~~hugs~~                                SissieMy son Jeff's story can be found here.  Thank you for your support.[...]

My son Jeff's, Go Fund Me Story and Nana Diana


I am just blown away by the support and love that Diana, aka, Nana Diana has shown to me and my son, Jeff.  When she saw Jeff's story on GoFund Me, she immediately posted it on her blog to spread the word.Already, so many of her followers are showing their support and love.I'm totally blown away.  I have no words.  I only have tears that fill my eyes just knowing that so many of you are reaching out to help. There is a special place in heaven for Nana Diana.She says she is no Angel, but I think she is.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I'll never be able to repay your kindness.Here is what she wrote....SISSIE'S SHABBY COTTAGE- HER SON'S STORY AND A PRAYER & SUPPORT REQUESTI know that MANY of you bloggersknow and loveSissie's Shabby Cottage Blog.She is a beautiful person inside and out.Did you know that her name was Diana?Sissie's Shabby Cottage Blog.She is a beautiful person inside and out.Did you know that her name was Diana?Yep!  She and I are bonded that way.Anyway,many of you also know thatHER SON-JEFF-has been terribly ill.He has needed full-time care and thathas fallen to Sissie.They are at their wit's end.Not only physically and emotionally but also, sadly,FINANCIALLY.I have NEVER DONE THIS before.I have never sent out a plea for anyone for fundingbut, as a blog sister,I feel I have to share Sissie's Son's Story.You never would guess, looking at her blog that there is so much heartache buried there,would you?They need help in a BIG WAY!What has happened there is too muchfor any one of us to help-BUT if we can all help JUST A LITTLE BIT---well, mountains come out of molehillsand PENNIES MAKE DOLLARS.Please go read his story.If you can't donate a cent-don't worry about it...could you PRAY for him/them?If you are not a pray-er...please send upHEALING THOUGHTS.Sissie- Just to say- God bless you and strengthen you-You can and will do this because,like many of us,you are a MOM that loves her child.GO HERE TO JEFF'S GO FUND ME PAGEJeff's Go Fund Me Story~~hugs~~Sissie[...]

Moving on from hurricane Matthew and Sale in my Etsy Shop.


I'm so thankful to say that we survived hurricane Matthew.  It's been a rough few weeks and many of our neighbors did not fair as well.  There has been destruction all around us and many lost loved ones and their homes.   We are now picking up the pieces and moving on.  If you have a second please say a little prayer for those that are still feeling the aftermath. I'm posting today to let you know about a sale in my Etsy Shop.Use promo code SAVEMORE and receive $10.  off your order. Be sure and check new Jeanne d'Arc styles and the ever popular Angel Wings.  Come on over and check out what's new!Everyone have a good weekend and stay safe!!!                                             ~~hugs~~                                             Sissie[...]

My new Shop Space...


Hi Everyone!  I think it's about time I get back here on the old blog and do some updating.  I've been busy moving my shop space into our shop's newly designed "Boutique."  If you have a few minutes to spare I'd love for you to check out my new shop and give me your thoughts.I have expanded my clothing line to include Jeanne d'Arc and other lovely Boho, Romantic style clothing.I've also added a few small painted furniture pieces, painted Angel Wings and JDL lace angel wings.  Mirrors, frames and lots of shabby chic stuff.  The "Boutique" also includes Estate and Fine Jewelry.New Jeanne d'Arc styles also available in my Etsy.So there you have first attempt at creating a special Boutique space that I hope brings something that my customers will love.  Cross your fingers for me that it will be a success.Okay, I'm off to see what you've been up too.  Hope you are enjoying the beginning of Fall.I'm joining the party at Coastal Charm's Show and Share. Join us over there for some big inspiration.                                               ~~hugs~~                                                 Sissie[...]

A tour of my Sista's new Beach Condo.


Welcome to my Sista, Kim's new beach condo. And yes, she really is that tanned!!!The long awaited post on my Sista's Beach Condo is here!!! Just purchased in July, the bare bones of the condo have quickly morphed into a cozy beach get-away.   So, now she will just be five minutes away from me and will be here more often.  Makes me so happy!My Sister, Kim had a vision of just how she wanted her new place to look, so when she asked for my input, I was immediately on-board! She was going for a combination beach with a farm house vibe. If you think this sounds impossible, just wait and see! Her accent colors are Annie Sloan chalk paint in duck egg blue with creams and grays and touches of coral in the Master.  So, with her inspiration and ideas we were off to scour the fleas, the thrifts, and the small local shops. As a result she managed to get the entire condo done on a budget.  And here are the results of our efforts...As we go along here I'll try and give you information on some of the items.  The little table was a thrift store find and was painted with Annie Sloan Chalk paint.   The wooden sign is from Home Goods.Okay, let's step into the living space.  The living area is a living room, dining room combination.  If you are worried about the blank wall above the sofa, don't, because it's patiently awaiting a commissioned art piece.  The artwork will be created by her son's artist girlfriend.  Can't wait to show it to you.The sofa is from Rooms to Go.  If you haven't been to this store, then head on over.  I think you'll be impressed with the styles and the quality.  I don't think she'll mind me telling you that it was under $700.  The coffee table with baskets and the side tables were found at a consignment store. The wicker chair came from her home. The wire lamp was a sale priced deal from Pier1.  She has since changed out this lamp to a larger one.  I'll show you later.The Chair was found at Joss&Main and most of the artwork and accessories were purchased at Home Goods, TJ Maxx and small local shops.The table and wrought iron chairs were found at a local shop and were move in ready.  You're not going to believe the price on the chandelier.....wait for it....under $40.!!!!  All she did was add some of those magnetic crystals found at Hobby Lobby!!!  Looks like a million bucks...don't ya think????Would you believe that our junkin, pickin Brother found this pretty side table for $20.!!!  All she did was add the pretty knobs.  The old window and the tobacco basket are perfect! These pieces were found at small local shops.  The Happy Place sign on reclaimed barnwood is her creation.  Just a reminder that we should all shop local and help out small business.Let's take a look on the other side of the room.  This gorgeous tv console/dresser was found already painted and stenciled in a nearby local shop. It is beautifully repurposed and was affordable!  The clock and script print were found at HobLob and other accessories found at various local shops. The reclaimed wooden bench she brought with her.  The beach basket was found at a local store and created by a local artist.  The embroidered blue burlap pillow is another creation by a local crafter specializing in monograms.  Fish pillow and throw found at local shops.The barnwood hanger was created by Mr. Kim.  It's perfect for hanging beach towels and coats.  The straw hat is Jeanne d'Arc, the straw bag from a thrift store and[...]

Sista's New Beach Condo and Some Changes to my Home Decor!!!


It's been an exciting week here at Sissie's Shabby Cottage and I can't wait to tell you all about it.  My Sister Kim and her husband bought a condo here at the Beach!!!!!  I can hardly contain my excitement!!!!  It's not their permanent home but it means she will be here more often.  Her condo is just five minutes from my home and that sure beats eight hours away.  Needless to say, we have been very busy shopping and decorating on a budget!  We've scoured the thrifts, the antique shops and of course, our favorite stores.Here's a little peek...Her sofa arrives next week so I'll be sure and take photos for a new blog post.  I'm excited to show and tell how we did it all on a budget!  You won't want to miss it.Meanwhile, back at the ranch....  I've been busy adding to this corner again.  This time with a lace covered mannequin that I discovered at Home Goods.  Just had to have understand...Sister and I found these great script signs and of course, what one sister wants, so does the other...The same thing goes for side chairs.  She accidentally ordered two of these from Joss & Main, so I naturally had to take one off her hands.I also added a few things to this entryway table.  It all started with the cute bunny picture from Home Goods and yet another touch of corral with some silk flowers.So there you have it.    Be sure and check back soon to see my Sista's new beach are going to love it!!                                           ~~hugs~~                                            Sissie [...]

Creating a few things, and Angry Beavers!


Hi everyone!  I hope that you are enjoying your summer.  It's a little hot and humid here at the beach but that's pretty much the norm. But, it's never too hot to create something new.  A few months ago I found this bicycle wheel at a nearby thrift store.  I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I painted it white and added some "instant ancestor" cards and white glittered clothes pins....for a funky memo holder. I hung it on the laundry room wall rack to get a better photo.It's not for everyone, but never-the-less, fun.The next project is a metal mailbox container filled with faux lavender and embellished with two birds and a rosette. My blogging friend Linda (A la Carte), whom I've known since I first started blogging over 8 years ago, sent me all of these pretty vintage gloves.  They belonged to her Mother and Grandmother and she didn't want to throw them out.  Instead she sent them to me!!!!  I just can't thank her enough.  I had a few in my shop space on display, so the ones she sent me helped to fill up this vintage lace lingerie/jewelry bag.  Thank you Linda!!! I showed this canvas painting before, but I can't resist showing it again.  Everytime I walk into the entryway and see this entire vignette, I can't help but smile.  Love it!The basket holding the faux flowers was a great find at HobbyLobby.  When the faux flowers go on sale I just buy a few more of the little roses and prop them in the basket.  Hopefully before long, I'll fill it up!Now I have a little story to tell you.  We have been in our new home about three years now and as you know, new construction means lots of landscaping that can be very pricey.  We planted two trees the first year we moved in and just this last month, we ordered a third tree to be planted in the center.  While waiting on the landscaper to arrive, I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the porch and this is what I saw !!!#$%^&#This is what was left of our maple tree!!!A beaver family decided to use it for their house.  Can you believe it!  So as the landscaper was putting in the new tree, we had to order another.  We now have all the tree trunks encased with wire to deter the little varmints!!!  I can't believe I used to think they were cute little things!Well, sorry for the long post and sorry for not posting more often, but you know how it goes.  I'm off to check out what you've got on your blog.  Happy 4th Everyone!                                         ~~hugs~~                                 Sissie[...]

A new dressed up mannequin.


Well, I swore I would never sell her, but someone made an offer I couldn't resist!  So now, I'm in the process of creating another pretty mannequin.This one is a smaller bust mannequin that has seen it's better days.  I painted it then started adding the pretty stuff.First, a crocheted piece of lace, a rosette created from an old doily, and then I used the head band from a vintage bridal veil to simulate a crown.  Next I added a cameo brooch and a large dried flower. I found some wings at Hobby Lobby to give her an angelic look.Her skirt was created from the same vintage bridal veil.She's heading to the booth to take center stage.I'll probably add some white lights underneath the skirt for display.I'm not sure she can upstage her predecessor, but she's gonna give it a try!Hope you like her.Enjoy your summer. ~~hugs~~Sissie[...]

New China Cabinet and JDL!!!


Thanks for all your helpful comments on my painted hutch.  You are the best when it comes to feedback and suggestions.  So, the majority said, "NO!"  So, I removed it and replaced it.My entryway extends to an open dining room.  So the perfect place for this piece is the entryway.This is a pretty piece from the Bob Timberlake design made by Lexington furntiture.  Lucky me, bought it from another vendor that had it in her booth. I am going to rearrange it on the inside and combine the white plates with the transfer ware.  I think I put too much white on the top shelf but I couldn't wait to show it to all of you.I've been trying out a touch of the color, soft coral.  I think I'm liking it, for now.  Who knows what color I'll use next.  I think I'm I suffer from "color fear."On the other side of the cabinet I placed a wingback chair and hung the gold mirror.  For now, I like it.  For now.Before:Thank you all so much!!!Switching gears, here's a look at the newest style from Jeanne d'Arc Living.  I'll have it in my Etsy Shop today. This one is too pretty for words.  The lace and the slip underneath are enough to make you just want to hang it on the wall and keep it forever.Okay, that's it for now.  What do you think of the new cabinet?                                             ~~hugs~~                                              Sissie[...]

Not sure about this one???


You know how sometimes you change something in your home, but that little voice inside your already overcrowded head says, um, not sure about this?
I bought this vintage hutch with the intentions of painting it and selling it in my booth.  I used Faux Real Mineral Paint in the color "cream," waxed it with dark brown and added some pretty knobs.

 Then I remembered my collection of brown transfer ware that had no place to call home.  

 Of course that meant moving everything that used to be in this spot, including taking down the wall decor.
Now, after all the moving around I'm still not sure if I like it!  
So, what's a blogger to do???  Just ask her blogger buds what they think, right?  So, what do you think?  Keep it, move it, sell it????



Faux Flowers add happiness to you decor


Just a little something to freshen up the blog today.  I know many of you frown on faux flowers but I think they brighten up my home when fresh ones aren't available or affordable.
I had several stems inside the closet so when I found this cute basket at HL, I decided just to throw them in and see what happened.  This sits on one of the tables in my entryway.
 My dining room table, which is seldom ever used, is a great place to add some faux flowers.  I love the cotton stems.
Okay, that's my short and sweet post for today.  Hope you are enjoying the Spring weather.