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Myko Bocek Studios

Updated: 2018-03-06T01:49:53.561-08:00


Adventures in Pompom Land!


I was very surprised when I received a total unexpected package in the mail a few days before Christmas from my lovely editor, Beth Sweet, from Lark Crafts. I was stunned to open it to find an advance copy of my book, Adventures in Pompom Land! Oh my goodness it looks so cute! Breathlessly, I eagerly turned each page to view the beautiful pictures. I am so thrilled with how it turned out! To have a dream realized is such an amazing feeling! I thank all of my wonderful friends and family that helped along the way. And also to you, dear reader and customers for all the loyal support! The book is already on and is available for pre-order as the book is not available until March. It's only $12.10 now.:)

Sweet Inspiration ~Still sweet and lovely after all these long years...


We were once dear friends...we played together everyday and my heart was filled with joy...where have you gone old friend? Do you ever think of me as I think often of you?



Hello! Wow, has it really been that long since my last post?! Time has sure flown by these past few months! I have been so busy with working, going to school, and working on the book that I have hardly had time to work on creating some little pompom animals. I have done a few custom orders and of course the animals to be featured in the book but my etsy shop has been bare as old mother's cupboard! So this past weekend I managed to make a few! I just love how the pink circus elephant turned out! Perfect for celebrating a special birthday! The little puppy turned out pretty cute too!;)

Pompom Land


Been so busy these past few months! Finally got the majority of the projects finished up to send over to Lark Crafts for the book! The title tentative title is Pompom Land.  Here is a pic of a few of the projects from the book!

My latest find!


I was so thrilled when I recently won this on ebay last month! It is a very rare Disney's Alice In Wonderland Make-Up Kit made by Hassenfeld Brothers in 1951. (Hassenfeld Bros. would later be known as Hasbro today). This piece is in wonderful condition. The perfume has evaporated long ago but the little bar of soap and talcum powder are still untouched!

(image) (image)

I can't imagine a little girl being able to resist playing with all of the wonderful little goodies in this set. It's kind of amazing that this set has remained intact in this condition for all these years! I really love antique vintage Disneyana and will have to share all of my other latest acquistions with you!

Making some Sew Cute cuties!


I finally had some time to make a couple of cuties the other day. I've been so busy with going back to school and family that I didn't have the time to work in my studio much for the past six months. But I did manage to make these little guys the other day!

New little Christmas Squirrels


I guess I should have made these little squirrels more fall themed but I couldn't help myself. I had picked up these three beautiful little mercury glass Christmas ornaments earlier in the year and was just dying to use them! I have been very busy creating this weekend and hope to get more cuties in my etsy shop as soon as possible!

New Halloween Cuties


I've been busy making cute little woolen pom pom Halloween cuties these past few weeks!  Here are some pictures of my favorites!  Last year I made one Halloween kitty!  Just one!  This year I decided to dedicate some time to create some new designs!

I hope they will be a success! ;)  If you would like to see more, please head on over to my etsy shop!

 (image) (image)

(image)  (image)

My Vintage Aquarium Mermaid Ornaments


I'm continuing with the sharing of some of the other things I collect.  Here are some pictures of the vintage mermaid aquarium ornaments I collect.  The ones I love the most were the ones made from the 1920's through the 1940's.  The quality differs from the extremely delicate German made ones to the mass produced ones made in Japan.  I've been collecting these for around ten years but rarely find them in antique shops.  Most of these were found on ebay.  My favorites would be the one that sits on the snail and the one that sits on the seahorse.:)  I also have some antique fish bowls and aquariums that I display a few in.

I also collect the little castles and other aquarium pieces.  When my kids were little, I would drag them to antique shops with me.  Sometimes they would be bored and to make it fun I would reward whoever found an aquarium piece with a dollar.  I laugh because they had such sharp little eyes and they would be able to spot them when I couldn't.  They would be so happy to find one.  Maybe perhaps because they could view the booths from a different angle.:)  So I have strong memories attached with many of these as I can remember who found it and how proud they were.

I'm a collector of "things"...How bout you? :)


Sorry folks that I haven't been posting on here much!  I usually post on my fan page on facebook now...  But!  I did want to share with you my new hobby other than making woolen pom pom animals.:)  Collecting!  I love to collect all kinds of eclectic things.  Mostly old toys, games, and books.  For some reason I am just drawn to them like a moth to a flame.  Every time I go to an antique shop my eyes are automatically drawn to old cute vintage toys.  I've liked old antique toys even when I was a kid.  Never mind if they are scuffed or a bit rusty.  To me, that just adds to their charm.   I love the story of the Velveteen Rabbit and I am enchanted with the idea that toys have "souls" and I like to reflect on their history.  I like to imagine who played with them and if they were loved...  (weird, I know!:)  Right now, I'm obsessed with collecting tiny vintage celluloid charms from the 1930's and 1940's.  They were mostly found in gum ball machines or were premiums attached to cigar boxes, liquor, or even on bags of bread.  I've amassed quite a collection so far and I keep adding more each week.  Lord, help me!  Here are some pictures of my collection so far!  I like finding the vintage celluloid chain necklaces too.  I plan to fill each one with charms I've selected specifically for it.


So what do you collect?  Feel free to post and share!  I love connecting with fellow collectors.:)

Elephants on Parade


(image) I recently just finished this new design of another baby circus elephant! This time I made the little cutie balancing on a circus ball that I needle felted with lavender and pink roving.  I created the parasol from a cocktail umbrella that I added a bit of pink trim too.  I really like how this one turned out and I think it's one of the best pieces I've made to date!;)

I began looking up vintage circus images online and came across the cutest vintage chick and bunny circus postcard and was then inspired to create this little cute circus bunny.  I envisioned it with the chick riding on its back just like in the postcard but the first chick didn't turn out to my liking so I am starting fresh.  I plan to add it later.

There is a whole line of these postcards (Thanks for sharing that with me Patricia from who was sweet enough to share with me some of the other designs!  (I went on ebay and was able to snag a couple!)

My little baby circus elephant


I wanted to share with you my latest version of a baby circus elephant I just finished recently.:)  She is larger than the other elephants I've made.  It's much cuter in person than these pictures can capture.  Or maybe it's my camera?  I swear since moving to Arizona my picture taking quality has gone down hill.  I blame it on the lighting!   LOL!:)  Even though it's much sunnier here in Arizona the way my rooms are situated I can't take advantage of it.  All the rooms are dark and shadowy, which is great during the summer to help block the intense sunlight but not so good for picture taking.  I have a makeshift light box but I noticed the pictures have a cool blue tint to them that I then have to correct in my photo editing software.  Anyway, I digress!  Here are some of the pictures of the elephant!;)

I love how the balloon turned out.  In the past I tried a needle felted balloon but it would be heavy and difficult to look like it was floating.  I gave it some thought and decided to use a vintage mercury glass Christmas ornament as the balloon instead.  Now it actually appears to be floating and it doesn't weigh down the elephants trunk.

My New Project!


For the past year I've been itching to try my hand at teddy bear making.  This month I am finally giving it a go.  I purchased some mohair and some supplies online and they all trickled in over the last few weeks.   I made my first bear yesterday...sadly I can not share a picture of it with you.  "Why?" You ask!!?  Because, I am too embarrassed to show just how ugly it turned out, LOL!  I had to go back to the drawing board and revise my first design.  And I must say the second one is turning out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.;)  I ran out of time tonight to continue working on the rest of her but   here is a picture of her little face so far!
I can see how addicting teddy bear making can be!  I can't wait to start making a whole menagerie of cute animals!  Practice makes perfect! ;)

New pink and blue bunnies!


I have been wanting to create some pastel animals other than chicks for a while now.  I would try to find matching shades of colors in roving, wool, and felt without much success as each manufacturer has its own dye colors and so I could never get them to match up.  I finally gave hand dyeing wool a try!  And I'm in love!  Why didn't I try this sooner?!!! I really love how the the colors turned out.  Much softer muted shades that are reminiscent of vintage goods.  Here are a few pictures of my pink and blue Easter bunnies I recently finished!  I can't wait to dye some more!

Lil' Miss Pretty Kitty!


I just finished this little kitten in a pink dress today.  I had picked up the cute vintage doll dress at an antique shop a few months ago.  It was sitting all forlorn amongst a pile of other doll clothes odd and ends.  I had started off making a bunny actually, but while waiting for the ears to dry decided to go with a kitten instead.:)  When I was younger we lived on a farm with dozens of farm cats.  One of the cats my sister and I named, Little Miss Friend Cat.  (I don't know why exactly)  But that is what came back to me as I made this one.  My sister and I loved all the cats and kittens and wanted to bring them all inside but my parents wouldn't allow it!  We only had one or two house cats, the rest had to tough it outside.  I have fond memories of my sister and I finding the newest litter of baby kittens in the straw barn and we would sit in there for hours just playing with them.  LOL, the momma cats hated it though, as they would then go hide them elsewhere after we left!

Love Is In The Air...or Gazebo!


I had created this pretty pastel gazebo a month or so ago.  I kept changing the little cuties that were in it but it never seemed quite right.  So yesterday I made two sweet little kissing mice to place inside and now I think it is just right.:)

New Easter Bunnies!


I've been working on chicks so much the past few days that today I decided to switch back to bunnies!  I just love bunnies, don't you?:)  I created these three with an Easter theme.  They are wearing their Easter bonnets which I fashioned from vintage millinery flowers.  I made little dresses for them out of vintage lace trim and material.  I have them standing on wool felt that sandwich a thin wood disk.

New little Easter Chicks


Today I worked on creating some cute little Easter chicks inspired by vintage chenille chicks of days gone by.  These little cuties would be sure to brighten someones Easter basket this spring!:)

Finished these little sweeties!


I finished these little sweeties today.  I've been working on them the last few days.  I found the loveliest vintage material at an antique shop last month and I used it to create the little dresses they are wearing.

What a lovely store!


I just wanted to share with you this lovely little shop called Crown & Crumpet Tea Room!  It's located in San Fransisco, CA and is just the cutest little shop ever!

Amy Dean the shop owner recently purchased a couple pieces of mine and she has contacted me to ask if I would like to sell some of my cuties in her lovely shop!  I'm very excited as I think this would be a wonderful opportunity!   I wish it were closer to me!  I would so be shopping there everyday I think! :)

Busy Working On New Pieces


I hope all of you had a great Christmas this year.:)  This year was very different for us.  Now that we live in Arizona it just doesn't feel the same.  It was very quiet for us, as we are now all far away from family.  I think also because the kids are all seemed more sedated.
I have had some days off from work and I've been using it to make some new pieces.  I need to go get some more supplies tomorrow!

Penelope the Circus Bunny!


I just finished this cute piece and wanted to show you how it turned out.  A customer wanted a birthday cake topper for her daughter that loves bunnies and her party is going with a vintage French circus theme and she asked me to create something. 

Voila!  It's a tightrope walking circus bunny!:) 

My Cute Little Mouse Diorama


I've been playing around with this idea in my head for a while but just got around to making it today.  It's a little mouse reading a book under a mushroom on a little tuffet.  I am going to add a butterfly and more flowers etc...  I'm loving how its turning out so far!

I just wanted to share this with you all.:)


Do you remember the pictures I shared with you of the woodsy cake topper I created a few months ago?  The one with the little cute bunny and brown bear?  Well, the bride was so sweet to share with me some photos of her beautiful wedding!  I've created many wedding cake toppers but she was the first to share with me some photos.  I was so happy to see them.  It makes my heart swell with pride to see one of my creations included on such a special day!:)

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat


This silly tune has been stuck in my head for days now.  It's something the Mr. sings during the holiday...he said it's from a song he learned in gradeschool for the Christmas program. 

I made a few more cuties over the past few days.  I did a couple of snowgirls like the one that got featured in the Better Homes & Gardens Holiday craft issue.  And I made a cute standing teddy bear and a cute wee little mouse riding in a vintage sleigh.  I want to make more but SOMEBODY wants to go to the hockey game tonight.  The Phoenix Coyotes play his all time favorite team the Pittsburg Penguins.  They only come to Arizona once the whole season so we are going to go see them play tonight.  Hey!  Maybe I'll take my bag of yarn with me so I can work on things while watching the game...I wonder if he would be really annoyed with that?!  LOL!  I tried to talk him into going alone but he kept insisting I go with...ugh!:(

Anyway, here are some pics of the little cuties I finished!:)